look at that cute pout

Jungkook: You should wear my jacket

Jimin: Why?

Jungkook: You look cold

Jimin: *suspiciously puts on oversized jacket*

Jungkook: *starts giggling*

Jimin: What?

Jungkook: *still giggling* You…look like a marshmallow.

Jimin: *pouts*

Jungkook: A cute marshmallow



  • *221B*
  • Sherlock: *sitting in his chair; hands clasped* I have to tell you something.
  • Rosamund: *sitting in her dad's old chair; eating a cookie* Yeah?
  • Sherlock: *awkward* Um, well, for a while, I've been...on my own here.
  • Rosamund: *nods* I know. That's okay, Uncle Sherlock.
  • Sherlock: *smiles* I know. It's okay if that changes, too *pauses* would you be okay if that changes?
  • Rosamund: *confused* Changes how?
  • Sherlock: *clears his throat* I've asked someone to live with me. Someone very special, very close to me *affectionate* someone I love *smiles* and they've accepted.
  • Rosamund: *grins* Is it Aunt Molly?
  • Sherlock: *frowns* How do you know that?
  • Rosamund: *giggles* Oh, Uncle Sherlock...you didn't think that was a SECRET, did you?
  • Sherlock: ...
In the AU when Galra!Keith learn that Altean!Lance is the prince

(Just a tiny scene i had in my head.XD might end up drawing it.:))





Galra! Keith- I… I WAS BUSY! I don’t follow the news that much, its normally just a bunch of gossip!! AND I DIDN’T TOUGHT THE PRINCE WOULD BE THE KIND TO GO FLIRTING AROUND LIKE THAT!

Altean! Lance - FIRSTLY, I DON’T “FLIRT AROUND” AND SECONDLY , YOU….er….you looked cute thats all. *pout*

Galra! Keith- WELL….erm…i tought it was kinda cute that you said you where the prince when you…hrm…flirted…with me….

Altean! Lance- ….

Galra! Keith-….

You’re so cute when you pout like that// SHAWN MENDES

Overview: Shawn tries to take a photo of Y/n but she isn’t having it

Requested: nope

“Smile,” Shawn laughs holding his phone up to take a photo of me. 

“No!” I squeak, quickly hiding my face behind my hands.

“Y/n,” Shawn whines and I look at him from in between my fingers.

“I look like a drowned rat today Shawn.” I tell him, yet he continues to take a photo. Letting my hands fall I lunge at him, intent on getting his phone. “Give me that,” I grumble, my body falling across Shawn’s. He falls back on the couch and I crawl on top of him reaching for the phone he holds up above his head as laughs continue to escape him.

“Stop laughing,” I try to say but his laughter is infectious and soon I’m laughing with him.

“See you look beautiful!” Shawn says proudly, turning his phone to see a picture of me laughing on his screen.

“Delete that,” I say, my smile falling and a blank look covering my face.

“Nope,” Shawn pokes his tongue out at me and I glare at him playfully.

I reach for the phone again yet he just holds it above his head causing me to climb further up his body.  Shawn still seems to be able to hold it farther out then what I can reach and I fall back pouting. 

“Shawn, please,” I beg, extending the e in please. 

“Ooh, don’t move, you look so cute when you pout like that,” Shawn quickly brings his phone forward, taking a picture again. I roll my eyes, climbing off him and sitting back on the couch, arms folded across my chest.

“Very nice, yes,” Shawn comments not looking away from his screen.

I don’t reply, ignoring his presence. 

“Y/n?” Shawn asks, noticing I was unhappy. I continue to ignore him.

“Baby,” He says sliding closer to me on the couch. “Are you mad at me?” He whispers, his forefinger running along my jaw then to under my chin, turning my head to look at him. I avoid his eyes, instead staring at his hair, the brown locks looking extra soft today.

“Don’t be mad,” he says, kissing me softly on the tip of my nose, heat rushing to my cheeks at his actions. “Please,” he then kisses my jaw, “Y/n” then my lips.

“Shawn,” I grumble pulling back, continuing to look away.

“You talked!” a grin appears on his face. 

“Only because you were annoying me,” I mumble trying not to smile.

“You love me,” he says confidently. I turn to look at him and he points at me, grinning.

“Stop,” I laugh pushing his shoulder lightly and he laughs, his arms springing to wrap around my body, pulling us closer together. 

“Shawn- get off me, you’re heavy,” I say, my face pressed into his shoulder as his whole body collapses onto mine. 



Can’t stop it.

Originally posted by yourpinkpill

Word Count: 2.4k

Genre: Fluff Smut/ Smut

A/N; I’m sorry for grammar errors, and that this one shit is shit. This was just something I wanted to post because I feel sad for not posting anything for my followes. 

“Jungkook, I’m grounded. I can’t go out with you or even go out of the house,” I said through the phone letting out a sigh from being grounded on a Saturday night. In fact, I was grounded for a whole week only because of one incident that happened last Saturday. 

The fact that I went out partying real hard last Saturday coming home all drunk and with a dress quite revealing in their opinion, but I didn’t get laid something that would be awful for both my mom and brother. I’m not the type of girl, who loves having sex with multiple guys at the same time. That’s just nasty in my opinion. This is my punishment no going out with friends, partying or even talk to people for a whole week. Unfair, I got safely home last Saturday and didn’t have a stretch on me. I was totally fine and I didn’t get into any trouble on my way home because someone was already taking care of me. 

“Just sneak out, I’m horny. Namjoon and all the older ones instead of Jimin and Taehyung are out on a trip. Jimin and Taehyung have their girlfriends here, so why can’t you come as well?”

“You know that we’re not even together. This was one mistake that turned into something. Namjoon is going to freak out if he finds out or in fact he’s going to get mad,” I said with a slightly worried tone, afraid that people would found out about our secret relationship. People all around the boys know that they have sex, but they don’t know who the girls are. The only ones in the group that have officially come out with their girlfriends are Jimin and Taehyung. The rest of the boys are either in a secret relationship or just have sex with a girl they found attractive. “It was a good mistake, so please come over”

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Being in a polygamous relationship with Tom Holland and Harrison Osterfield would include

Originally posted by starkquinzel

  • your parents being shocked and feeling weird, at the beginning 
  • watching them while they’re working out 
  • them pulling out poses whenever they catch you staring
  • always spoiling you with gifts
  • traveling together 
  • weekly movie nights
  • fighting about what movie to watch
  • you always end up being the winner
  • them pouting and looking cute af 
  • you being the one in the middle every time you cuddle   
  • silly pics 
  • always posting pretty pictures of you on Insta
  • with cute little captions
  • them being possessive over you
  • always needing to have some kind of physical contact with you
  • Tommy likes holding your hand
  • Haz prefers having his arm around your waist
  • both of them being very protective of you, as well (Like no one can flirt or touch you (especially in an intimately way) or worse hurt you) (Honestly I feel bad for the ones that hurt you… They would knock him down, and if it was a girl hurting you… They would be pretty rude) 
  • sometimes they will compete against each other (even tho you love both) 
  • listening to music together (after a lot of arguing because of the different music tastes) 
  • making lovey-dovey playlists for each other
  • skinny dipping
  • playing video games together (or just watching them) 
  • whenever you’re playing with them, they always lose so that you’ll be happy
  • you being the price every time they’re playing against each other 
  • It may end up with the three of you 
  • taking bubble baths together
  • eskimo kisses
  • knowing their twitter passwords and tweeting random stuff from their accounts
  • fangirling over celebrities together
  • “OMG i’d so make out with Chris Evans!”
  • “same”
  • reading fanfics together whenever you’re bored
  • food fights
  • adopting a parrot together
  • naming it RDJ
  • teaching it to speak
  • “RDJ, say “a$$hole”
  • their families adoring you
  • hanging out with their moms 
  • taking sneaky pics of your boyfriends when they’re asleep
  • them looking after you when you’re feeling down
  • the making out sessions can either be really sweet and soft or really rough and hot
  • it could be a make out session with just one of them or with both 
  • normally with both of them it gets heat really fast 
  • the sex is mind blowing
  • you receive more than you give (and be ready for not be able to walk properly in the next few days) 
  • none of you three can be quiet
  • having sex with music playing in the background (normally chose by the boys)
  • when one of them is away it’s okay for the other two have sex
  • whoever is away, always wants to know how it was (so he/she can be better)
  • and because it may turn them on • Teasing them when you’re away   
  • with really sexy skype calls (it would drive them insane!) 
  • sexy pics 

this was a tiny collab between the amazing and beautiful @we-all-have-a-psychopath and i. hope you enjoyed it!

Liveshow (Dan x Reader)

Character: Dan Howell (danisnotonfire)

Fandom: Phandom/Youtubers

Categories: Reader Insert, Female!Reader

Title: Liveshow

A/N: I got this idea from this post, from the @imaginedanandphil blog, which is really good! :D Also, written in Dan’s POV!!

Summary: Dan is in the middle of a liveshow when Y/N randomly decides to be loud on the other room and distracts him. Until she ends up joining him, with unexpected results.

For fuck’s sake. Y/N was being so loud in the other room, she was probably playing a game and having a rage fest because of it. Or fangirling about something. One thing or the other. Maybe even both, something to do with feels.

But since I was in the middle of a liveshow and couldn’t exactly do much at that moment, I resolved to just roll my eyes and grin at the camera with a resigned chuckle.

“Y/N is being so noisy” It was kind of distracting to hear her, even if I tried to focus on the people on the chat. “Rude…”

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BTS Reaction: S/O Used To Be Wild As A Teen


Originally posted by jiyoongis

His eyes grew wide as you told him war stories of your teen years. He never would’ve imagined you being such a rebel, seeing how you were now. There was a tiny part of him that was bothered by the underage drinking and smoking you told him you used to do, but he loved you dearly so he easily let it slide.

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When you and Haechan kiss for the first time

Thanks so much for requesting! ^^ I absolutely loved writing this >< I hope you like this and if not, please tell me what I could have done differently~

i swear this boy is the worst bias list wrecker ever, please save me from this sweet, awesome, savage, TALENTED AF, savage, cute, HANDSOME AF, awkward boy T-T why has he grown up so fasttttttttt ><

Words: 1361

Fluff that will either make you squeal or just… cringe

Requested by anon ♥

Originally posted by haenyan

“Admit it,” you poked Donghyuck’s side with your finger. “Your heart fluttered a little, didn’t it?”

“I don’t think you are cute,” he stayed stubborn even though you kept poking him with your finger. “It’s time to face the truth _____.”

You looked at him - who was just staring at his phone - for a bit before turning away from him, crossing your arms and letting out a sigh.

You two were on a date that really wasn’t a date since you two just ended up staying home. You were sitting on the sofa side by side and for the past hour you had been trying to make him smile by doing aegyo. It hadn’t been a success as it had only resulted in him throwing his savage lines at you which he usually did.

Donghyuck lifted his gaze from his phone’s screen and glanced at you. You had your back turned towards him and you still had your arms crossed. He couldn’t help but chuckle silently at your behavior. In fact, the past hour had been pretty hard for him. Just to tease you, he had not reacted to your aegyo at all even though it made him want to giggle.

“Are you angry?” he asked and you felt his chin land on your shoulder.

You stayed silent.

“What? Are you giving me the silent treatment?” he asked, pouting.

Without a word you shook his chin off your shoulder. This made him slightly worried.

“You aren’t really angry at me, are you?” he asked, just to make sure.

“And if I am?”

There was a brief silence during which he got up and came to stand in front of you. He crouched down in front of you and looked at you with the most adorable puppy eyes ever.

“Are you sure you can be mad at this face?” he asked, not letting go of his usual behavior.

You held in your smile and turned away. He moved again to be in front of you. He sat down in front of you on the sofa and you looked at him expressionlessly. He pouted.

“You are mind-blowingly cute,” he said with a cute tone.

“I am?” you asked.

He nodded enthusiastically. “Of course.”

You doubted his word. “You don’t sound like you mean it.”

He let out a whiny sound. Then he put his arm around your shoulders and pulled you closer so that you were leaning on to him. That resulted in a silence. You wrapped your arms around him and hugged him with a small smile on your lips.

This kind of situations were very common between the two of you. You would have a playful “fight” and then it would end in a sudden silence. You both knew it was all just for fun so you never took the things you said during those “fights” seriously. And, if the other went too far you’d just say it and it would be resolved quickly.

“______,” he called your name while playing with your hair.

“Hmm?” you hummed, listening to his heartbeat.

“Did you change your shampoo?”

“No, but I’m wearing a new body mist,” you said and looked up at him.

“Hmm,” he hummed. “It’s a little weird.”

“You think?” you straightened up, letting go of him. He just looked at you when you tried to smell yourself. “It’s not that different from my old one though,” you mumbled.

“It’s not a bad scent,” he chuckled at your reaction. “It’s just… new. I’ll have to get used to it.”

You went closer to him and leaned on him again but this time his arm wasn’t around you. He opened his phone. You snatched it away from him.

“Hey,” he said and you giggled, getting up from the sofa with the phone in your hands. “Bring it back!” he whined.

“Come get it,” you showed your tongue at him.

“I don’t want to,” he whined, too lazy to get up from the sofa. He reached his arms towards you. “I’ll cuddle with you if you come here.”

You stopped for a second to think about the offer. “Nah,” you turned it down with a smile.

“Then…” he thought about what would make you give his phone back to him. “A kiss?”

You blushed at the mention of a kiss. You two had been dating for a while now and before you started dating, you were close friends which explains how close you two were around each other despite having dated for only a little while. However, you two had never kissed before. Holding hands and hugging weren’t a big deal for you two anymore but kissing… Even the thought of it made both of you blush a little.

“What are you talking about?” you asked, a little flustered.

“What?” he asked, a little flustered too.

“I don’t want our first kiss to happen like that,” you said before walking back over to the sofa and giving him the phone. “Take your phone back.”

He took the phone and you sat down beside him.

“I’ll just settle with cuddling,” you said and leaned on him. He laughed a little and leaned on you.

You two stayed like that for a while. He talked briefly about how his day had been and you did the same after he had finished. He played with your fingers the whole time. He smiled when you spoke, though you didn’t notice him partly because you were so used to seeing him smile but mostly because you were too busy explaining about your not so exciting day.

“You did?” was the only time he interrupted you. You had told him about slipping on your way home since the roads were covered in ice.

You nodded. “I had the hardest time trying to get up, you know? It took me like five minutes before I could stand again.”

“Did it hurt that much?” he asked, a hint of worry in his voice.

You shook your head. “No, it was just so darn slippery. I couldn’t get up even though I kept trying.”

He chuckled. “I’m sad I couldn’t witness that. It was probably hilarious.”

You scoffed.

“So, how did you manage to get up in the end?” he questioned, looking at you for the first time during the conversation.

“This amazingly handsome young man offered a helping hand,” you said and poked your tongue out. “He was really handsome.”

“Are you sure your eyes weren’t playing tricks on you?” he looked at you, amused.

“Now that I think about it, I think it was just an old man passing by mumbling something about how youngsters these days can’t even walk anymore.”

He burst out laughing.

“It was embarrassing!” you whined.

“Sorry, it just sounds really hilarious,” he laughed. “I would have helped you up immediately if I had been there with you.”

You smiled at his words and he noticed. Without even thinking about it, he leaned closer and pressed his warm, soft lips against yours. You were frozen to place and he pulled away after a bit.

You could only stare at him, surprised.

“I definitely just did that,” he felt giddy about it.

You couldn’t form words. The feeling of his lips on yours lingered on your lips.

“_____?” he called your name after you had been silent for a bit.

“Oh, sorry,” you awkwardly gave a laugh.

“Are you okay?” he asked and only now you noticed that he was blushing quite a bit. You on the other hand felt like your face was red as a tomato.

“Yeah, I’m okay,” you said and looked away, feeling shy to look at him.

“This shyness doesn’t suit you,” he whined since he was used to the you who was very comfortable around him. “Did I ruin the mood?”

“No, no, no,” you shook your head. “I just… didn’t expect that.”

“Same here,” he chuckled a little. “Was it bad for a first kiss?”

You shook your head. “It was nice.”

You both felt a little shy and just started giggling. The giggling continued until Donghyuck leaned in to give you another quick peck on the lips.

Versace on the Floor (pt. 2)

Jimin x you

After a night of partying and spilled drinks lead to royal heir Park Jimin entering your life, he’s insistent on making it hard for you to get rid of him.

Pt. 2/5, rated K for Kill me, Jimin

Oh, baby, look what you’ve done to me
Look what you’ve done now
I’ll never leave if you keep holding me this way

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A new friend

can you please do a reaction to you surprising them with a new dog?

[Gifs do not belong to me, all credit goes to the rightful owners]


Originally posted by bangthebae

Namjoon would honestly be in shock. Ok well not in total shock but taken a back just a bit. He’d walk in the quiet apartment expecting to just get some rest but then he’d here you laughing from the room. Curiosity strikes him and he kinda rushes to the room not sure what to expect, but when he opens the door ans sees you playing with a random dog he’s not sure what to think. “Uh, y/n?” Simultaneously you and the dog turn your heads to look up at your confused boyfriend. You stare at him and the dog and back at him again. “Surprise?” *cue awkward jazz hands* Namjoon stares for a moment, still trying to comprehend what’s happening. “Babe, you know we can’t have a dog,” “Awe but look at him,” you held the dogs face in your hands. “He’s so cute and plus I thought it be great to have one you know, me, you and him, one happy little family.” He can’t help but smile by what you said and the fact the dog was now trying to practically climb on him. “Well when you put it that way…ok we can keep him.”


Originally posted by xxjoohoney

Jin wouldn’t know what to do at the moment when coming home to find your little surprise. Or big shall I say. He just doesn’t know what to think and since he’s too caught up in his thoughts he doesn’t notice the large dog getting ready to pounce on him. “AHHH,” your head perks from the sound of your boyfriends scream and you scurry out of the room a little worried for what could of happened. You find him on he floor laughing  with your new friend on top of him licking his face vigorously and you laugh at the two. “Surprise babe,” you laugh. The dog would hear you and run over to you finally letting jin have time to catch his breath. “Y/n when did- how-” he’d continue to laugh. “So do you like her?” you giggle. “Yes but she scared me a little,” he lets out a long and loud sigh before turning his head to look at the dog. “Ah, but she’s so cute.”


Originally posted by mn-yg

He wouldn’t be so hyped about it at first. Yoongi would probably think that it’d be a little more trouble some to have a dog around since you two are busy most of the time. But after getting used to his new furry friend within the first few hours he’s had him he wouldn’t want to part with it. “I see you two are getting along,” you say from behind yoongi, who is cradling the puppy in his arms. He spins looking at you a bit flustered “he’s really cute ok,” he pouts a little. “Don’t judge me.”


Originally posted by btsleepy

Hobi would actually be pretty excited when he sees that you got a dog. He’d get all giddy and feel a warm inside when begins to play with it. The dog would probably become his new bestfriend. “AH look at you you’re so fluffy!” he ruffles the dogs head. “I take it you like her?” “How could I not she’s cute!” The dog would begin to jump on it’s hind legs wanting to play more with hobi and he would explode with joy. “I am going to love you forever.”


Originally posted by bwipsul

Like hoseok jimin would be quite happy, but he’d try to hide the fact that’s he is when he sees you and a new companion sitting on your lap. He’ll act casual coming over to with a grin that begins to form when the pup starts to get up and reach for him. “Who’s this little fella?” he asks as he crouches down and scratches the pups head. “It’s our new friend,” you smile and pet the dog along with him. “He’s really cute huh?” Jimin continues to grin and nods a little. “Hi there buddy, so you wanna be my friend?” The pup barks a little then licks his face causing you and him to laugh. “I think this is going to be nice.”


Originally posted by jeonthegreat

Tae would be flipping thrilled to max when finds out you got a new dog. He loves dogs so damn much.  So expect this puppy to be really happy for the other. “Y/N I’m back!” “TAETAE,” you run to him excitedly and give him a quick kiss. “You’re here early?” “Yeah?” he seemed a little confused by your reaction. “I have something to show you.” You hold his hand and lead him to the living room and have him sit down. “What’s going on?” he’ll ask smiling at how excited you look to show him whatever it is you wanted to. You scramble to the door of the bathroom and let the dog walk out. When taehyung finally sees him he gasps so loud and hugs the dog immediately after it runs to him. “You got a dog?” you chuckle at his joyful expression. “Yeah, I thought it’d be cool to have one here with us.” “You got a dog, I can’t believe you got a dog OH I already love you SOO much!” he kisses the top of the dogs head and looks back to you. “Thank you!”


Originally posted by hohbi

He’d be happy about you getting a dog. The second he sees it he’d be like HELL YEAH and quickly get along with it to. “Hey y/n do you-” he stop in his tracks when he sees you sitting next to a random dog that laid half it’s body onto your lap. He points at it and looks at you “Who’s that?” “He’s our new dog.” Jungkook,s eyes widened a bit. “New dog? Ours?” you nod. He looks at the dog again. “YAY, come here boy!” The dog jumps from your lap and onto jungkook. “You’re going to be the coolest dog ever.”

Hope you liked it☺
Much love~💖

What Are Friends For? {Remus Lupin x Reader} *REQUESTED*

For you, anon! 3 requests down. 1 more to go!


Sunday afternoons with (Y/n) were mostly spent outdoors, trying to explore the secluded places around the school. (Y/n) did not mind this since she loved being away from all the drama in school and it was the only time she really gets to spend with her boyfriend, Remus Lupin, alone.  

She sat on the checkered blanket he had set up for their picnic by the lake while Remus lied down with his head on her lap.

“How are you today, love?” He smiled, looking up at his girl.

“Splendid, darling. What about you?”

“Good!” He chuckled, opening his mouth as she popped a tiny chocolate in his mouth. His lips closed around the tip of her finger, making her giggle.

“No biting!” She laughed, drawing back her hand and wiping it on her dress. Remus sat up and took a tiny chocolate as well, holding it between his fingers.

“Alright, now it’s your turn.” He smirked and as his hand came close to her lips, he suddenly popped it in his mouth at the last second. She frowned at him while he began to laugh.

“That’s not fair!” She whined.

“Again, again. But this time, close your eyes and open your mouth when I tell you to.”

(Y/n) raised her brow at him suspiciously. “You’re not gonna put a pebble in my mouth now, are you?”

“Of course not. Now close your eyes.”

She did as she was told and waited for his instruction. She wanted to keep one eye open to see what he was trying to do when she felt him kiss her lips lightly.

She opened her eyes and saw the smirk on his face.

“So where’s the chocolate?”

“Come on, you didn’t find that at least a bit sweet?”

“Well, I wasn’t able to taste anything. Maybe you should try again.”

“Now, you’re just playing with me.”

(Y/n) laughed at Remus who pretended to look angry, his arms crossed and his lips in a cute pout. She wrapped her arms around him and lied down on the blanket with him, watching the clouds move slowly. Remus pulled her closer to him, nuzzling his nose in her hair.

“You know, when I was a kid, I thought the cotton candy was stolen from the clouds.” She said, making him lift his head and look at her amusingly.

“Mm, you know what I think?”


“I think your parents stole the stars and placed them in your eyes.”  Remus smiled, twirling her hair around his finger. She snorted at his pick up line and rolled her eyes.

“Haha. Try again.”

“Hm, I think your parents stole the–”

“Seriously? What is it with my parents stealing things?” She grinned at him.

“Because you stole my heart, (Y/n).” Remus said with a straight face. (Y/n) watched him and tried to bite her lip to force herself from smiling but she could not take it. She chuckled and felt her cheeks blush at his words.

“That was very smooth, Lupin.”

He smiled and kissed her lips once more which she returned passionately. She gave him one last tiny peck before checking the time.

“Do you think we should go back?”

“Yeah, the boys might get suspicious already. I told them I was in the library and James might find out I’m not there.”

(Y/n) nodded understandably, beginning to pack away their things and the checkered blanket. Remus helped her out and the two walked together hand in hand before stopping at the front of one of the school’s entrance.

“Next week again?” He asked to which (Y/n) smiled and nodded again.

“Sunday. See you around, love.” She placed a kiss on his cheek and waved goodbye.

He blushed at the gesture and went back to the Gryffindor common room where his friends sat by the fire. James was the first to notice the smile on Remus’s face which he tried to hide.

“You look a little happy there, Moony. Did you find little red riding hood on her way to her granny’s house?”

“No, just the same red haired girl who won’t go out with you.” Remus countered, sitting on one of the empty chairs.

“Oooh, burn, Prongs!”

“Shut up, Padfoot.”

“I just went to the library to read,” Remus said, smiling once more as he pictured the smile on (Y/n)’s face and her beautiful (h/c) hair.

“Moony, you’re doing it again,” Peter said, watching his friend with amusement.

“Doing what?”

“You’re a bad liar, Moony. No, you’re a horrible liar.” Sirius teased.

“You’re fancying someone!” James smirked. “Come on, lovewolf. Who is it?”

“No one!”

“Oh, I think I know who it is! It’s (Y/n), isn’t it?” Peter said, bouncing on his chair excitedly.

“Wow, Peter. Thanks for ratting me out.” Remus rolled his eyes.

“So it is true!” James said. “You fancy her!”


“Have you snogged her yet?” Sirius asked. The question caught Remus off guard and without hesitation, he answered a loud “Yes” before realizing he had slipped his own secret. The boys snorted and laughed while Remus hid his blushing face with a pillow.

“Lovewolf, lovewolf!” James chanted, “Think we should name you that, instead!”

“Fuck off, Prongs.”

“Mind your language, swearwolf.”

“Maybe we should also call (Y/n) something. Like Mrs. Moony! Or Mrs. Lovewolf!”

“Can we stop with the lovewolf, please?” Remus complained from behind the pillow.

“Can’t quite hear you, Moony. What did you say?”

“I said, can we stop with the–”

“Oh, Remus! Where are thou Remus?” James said in a high pitched voice, ignoring his friend’s muttering. “Oh, yes! Remus! Right there!”

James started to moan loud, enough to be heard from outside. Sirius joined him and the two began to create random noises while Peter laughed at the two.  

“You two disgust me.” Remus removed his pillow and waited for the two to calm down from their antics. After sharing a last laugh, they stopped and sat on the chair where Remus was.

“So, I take it, you really love her?” James asked.

“Of course I do. I’m just worried how she’ll feel about our relationship now publicized.”

“Nobody knows excepts us, you know.” Sirius said.

“Well, you were moaning my name earlier so I’m pretty sure the whole castle knows by now.”

“Even so, you think we won’t hex them if they say something?”

“Padfoot’s right. I think we should celebrate this and maybe next time, I can also join you with my future–”

“And nonexistent.”

“–wife!” James finished and glared at Sirius.

“We got your back, Moony!” Peter smiled, patting his friend’s shoulder. “Don’t worry about it.”

Remus shook his head with a smile and ran his fingers through his hair. Despite how idiotic and troublesome his friends could be, they were like his family and now that they know about his relationship with (Y/n), he couldn’t help but feel happy and satisfied with the people he cared most about.


CEO!Seventeen reaction when they surprise-visit you

(requested by anon: Hum I really liked your CEO au so if you’d be willing to do it for seventeen and got7 maybe… He surprises you at home, when you thought he was working, and fluff (or smut if you want wink wink). Idk if you write for all of the boys but if you don’t, just pick whatever unit you like. Thanks a lot) 

GOT7 version

warnings: none

As he got in the house you stood shook yet overjoyed for him coming home earlier


He pretended to have a calm posture but he started blushing until he couldn’t hold it back anymore. He started laughing so hard and you laughed back, running over to him. You wrapped your hands around his neck and nuzzled your nose against his before he kissed your forehead.


He started dancing seductively towards you. He bit his lip, making you blush even harder. „Oppa is home“ he said, still dancing towards you. You giggled at his cute statement and ran over to him, hugging him tightly only to be showered with kisses.


He was blushing so hard at your aegyo self. He knew you’d be very surprised but he never thought you’d be so happy and cute. „Ah seriously jagi“ he said with a chuckle while coming over to you. He kissed your cheek way too many times and you were a giggling mess.


He waved and winked at you while you were still in shock but it was replaced with happiness very quick. „Awh someone’s missed oppa“ he made a cute sound on „oppa“ and you turned into a cute, pink, giggly ball of happiness. You rushed over to him and kissed him all over the face.


He laughed at your cute reaction, swinging from side to side like a little kid. It was too cute too watch so you ran to him. He was already prepared for your attack so he caught you and spun you around.

S Coups

He was standing at the door, pure happiness showing on his face. „Hello“ he said spreading his arms wide open. You ran immediately over to him. He hugged you tightly with his strong arms, playing with your hair. „My princess“ he said cutely, making you giggle.


He was embarrassed but in a cute way. „Ah seriously“ he sighed and started laughing shortly after it. He covered his eyes and you came up to him quickly, moving his hand away. „Oppa don’t hide your blushy, cute self from me“ you giggled as he gave you a kiss.


He was happy just like you but he was lowkey about it. „Come to oppa“ he motioned you to come over with a smirk. You ran up to him immediately and hugged him tightly. He kissed your neck and jawline until he finally reached your lips.


He was calm and composed as usual but hew was still very happy. „Yes I’m home“ he waved and said that just to calm your hyperactive ass down. „You can come and hug oppa though, it’s not forbidden“ his love for you surfaced and it was enough for you to attack him with kisses.


He was very happy and he didn’t mind showing it. His smile was wide from ear to ear and it made you happy to see him like that. You came up to him and he picked you up, swinging you side to side softly.


He slowly reached his hand out towards you while playfully moving his fingers. It was an invitation for you to come closer although it was more like teasing. He stopped moving his fingers when his hand was reached out and you ran into his embrace. He kissed your forehead, moving down to leave kisses on your entire face.


He just looked at you cutely and a chuckle escaped his mouth. „Ah jagi“ he pouted and came over to you. You moved towards him too and hugged him tightly, touching and massaging his neck softly because you knew how happy yet tired he was.


His face lit up just like yours when he saw you. He waved from the door with a smile on his face. You were all blushed and ran quickly to him, hugging him. „I missed you“ he said softly while kissing your neck and nuzzling his nose against it, making you giggle.

xx did as promised, hope anon ain’t mad or anything.. sorry again for the extra long wait; keep requesting xx