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You’re Cute

Can request a Simon d scenario where he jokes around and teases you (not smut) and you get annoyed then he apologises. Thanks

Enjoy ~

Simon D x Reader - angst/fluff

“You’ll be alone forever!” that was the 12th joke Kiseok had made today and to be honest it was getting annoying. Kiseok and I had been friends for a while now and we’d joke and tease each other often but today was not a good day. 

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GOM + kagami in an argument with their s/o and out of nowhere their s/o gets really frustrated because the guy won't let them talk so they just start shouting/cursing in their native language (which is not Japanese) to be heard over them.

Kuroko—Be ready for his expressions. That would be the only moment he would show confusion because he literally would have no idea what his partner is saying. He knows they didn’t grow up in Japan and though he wanted to hear them speak in their native language, he certainly didn’t expect them to speak when they were in the middle of an argument. The argument alone was pretty stupid, he had to agree, but for some reason he found his partner talking in another language pretty satisfying, which only made him want to learn it as well.

Kise—would just stare at them in surprise and confusion before he would ask what they said. If he didn’t receive the satisfying answer, he would pester them until they would start speaking more in their native language, Kise beaming in front of them and even if his partner would curse, he would just smile. At the end he would just pull them in a tight hug and say they sounded really hot. Lots of kisses as apology later on.

Midorima—Confusion. He would be so confused that he would just…freeze. “What did you say?” He would keep asking because it made him feel uncomfortable, but at the same time he would be glad because it was the first time they shared their native language with him. He would never admit it that he wanted to hear them speak and he certainly wouldn’t mind if they did more often. Of course not because of an argument.

Aomine—His expression would be funny to see. One moment he was angry and the next he looked like a lost puppy that just lost his owner. It would make his partner laugh because he just looks so cute even though he doesn’t like being called cute. He actually wouldn’t mind if they said it in their native language because then only he would know the word. He would end up really smug.

Murasakibara—would be annoyed because the argument would drain his energy. He never likes fighting over something stupid, especially over snacks, but he just might do it on purpose just to hear his partner speak their language. He always found it amusing—no one will ever know that—how their “switch” completely turned off from Japanese as they started talking in frustrated voice. Growing bored with their talking, he would just pull them on his lap and kiss them to shut them up. He wouldn’t mind hearing more of their native words even if he has no idea what they’re talking about.

Akashi—He would know the moment their brows furrow or any kind of other ministration that they will “switch” to their language. He alone would feel frustrated, because he just wants to know what they’re saying. He will definitely take some classes even if by learning through internet because the next time they argue and they start talking in their native language he will be sure to say those three words to catch them off guard.

Kagami—Such frustrated guy. Not that he ended up in an argument with his partner, they even started talking in their native language! Sometimes it could just add more fuel to the fire while other times he would just stare at them in confusion before saying “fuck it” in his head and kissed them. He hated arguments and not knowing what his partner is saying, a kiss is definitely a way to shut both up and forget everything.

Jimin dating a foreign girl would be like [PART2]:

Heyooo~ it’s me! ^_^ Have fun reading it! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think! ♥ 


Your arguments would be like:

*Well let’s say you two facing some ‘different cultural relationship problems’.*

  • You two would literally yell at each other. He is a short-tempered man and well you are not a shy girl who backs off when the boyfriend shows his angry side. He would somehow start raising his voice, so you would look at him, anger growing inside of you and think *well if you can raise your voice I can too, actually I can yell pretty loud bc I am used to talk loud anyways*. So you would raise your voice as well he would be a little surprised with your sudden outburst but this wouldn’t stop him from getting mad. When you’re mad a few words would leave your lips in your own language which are not maybe the love words you would say. But he doesn’t mind bc his busan satoori is coming out as well. So you would understand each other like 80%. And let’s face it when you say something in your language he would Google it and search if he can find out what you just said. So you two are now mad af and yelling so loud that your neighbors would hear you clearly. You know him being short tempered his is a Busan man after all, so you would try to go and let you both some space but he would hold your wrist and stop you from running away, he doesn’t likes things undone, he would want to finish this argument. You would say him to let go, exhaustion clearly to hear from your trembling voice. He would pull you back to him your back tossing into his chest, he would hug you tightly and apologize bc he just yelled at you, he would blame himself and overthink it, how could he yell at you like this?. You would turn around and face him, he would look at you in shock tears silently streaming down your face, but not bc you are mad or something but knowing him blaming himself, overthink it would hurt you most. You would pull him to you and whisper, him to stop blaming himself. He would silently hug you and nod at your words.

Jimin spending the night at your place and sleeping together:

  •  You two would probably watch a movie, both lying on the sofa like he lies his head on your belly and wrapping his hands around you and you playing with his hair. [Jimin low key was in his past life a koala and he sure doesn’t want to let go his koala side] You sometimes wouldn’t understand everything what was going on in the movie but wouldn’t say a thing. When the movie ends you would talk about everything and anything lying at the same position.  You would talk like from your most embarrassing moments to his most hilarious memories. When he starts giggling too much, his voice would be all high peached and he would bury his face into your belly. You would laugh more bc you’re ticklish af. The conversation would turn into some deep shit and somehow you would end up sleeping. When he hears your regular heartbeat he would know your asleep. He would carry you into your room. In bed he is the big spoon, he loves burying his face into your neck and smell your beautiful skin. You two probably would wake up, him lying on the floor and you in the middle of your bed. Low key you kicked his ass from your single bed, he would make sure to buy a bigger bed tho.

You meeting the squad aka BTS:

  • One day Jimin would randomly call you and ask you to get ready, before you could even say a single word he would end the call. You would shrug it off and get ready. He would come and pick you up. You would ask him like 100 times where you both are going but he would say it’s a surprise. So after stopping in front of an apartment the reality would hit you in the face. He was bringing you to his apartment which he shares with his friends so you were probably about to meet his group of friend. He would smile from ear to ear, you just couldn’t stand his cuteness so you agreed anyways bc you’re curious af. He always told you stories about them nonstop it didn’t bother you at all bc they all sounded hilarious and Jimin was happy talking about them so was you bc his big grin never would leave his stupid cute face. 
  • You would take a deep breath before he unlocks the door and enters the dorm with you hand in hand. You could hear them laugh and talk about something but you would hesitate a little bit but Jimin would squeeze your hand and let you know that everything is okay that they would love you.
  • When you two enter the living room the boys would shut up immediately. You would face 5 boys looking at you two in amusement and a boy looking at you with big eyes, “he looks scared tho” was your first though about him. The other five looked like they were enjoying seeing you.
  • All of them would hug you and welcome you nicely. They would end up giving you silly nicknames bc your name is difficult for them to pronounce. Jimin would laugh all the time whenever the boys mispronouncing your name, you would just laugh. Each of them would probably end up giving you different nicknames. 
  • One of them called Tae Hyung would say that you are his new bff bc you’re hilarious af. Jimin would roll his eyes. He wouldn’t be jealous of his friends, he would be more amused seeing you struggling bc his friends are all protective about their lil chim.
  • So the boys would ask you many things but one question, *let’s say a question makes you very nervous* you would start talking in your mother tongue. They would all look at you like lost puppies and Jimin would laugh at their facial expressions and fall on the ground. After you realizing that you in fact was talking in your language you would hold both your hands in front of your face from embarrassement. 
  • Jimin would explain your nervous habit and they would all start laughing at your cuteness but this one guy called Jungkook would always look so scared and uncomfortable around you so when Jimin goes into the kitchen to bring some water you would go after him and ask him if Jungkook was alright. He would laugh at your question for a good three minutes. 
  • You: Jimin is Jungkook okay? I mean he looks like I am going to eat him or something.
  • Jimin: It’s not you y/n, don’t take it personal.
  • You: so what is it then?
  • Jimin: You gender and well maybe this is personal but you are a female being and as if it isn’t enough you are foreign.
  • *You two would laugh your asses of and low key Jimin being a devil Hyung, he would ask you to hand Jungkooks drink to him. You would agree.*
  • Kookie would be all shy and all his hyungs plus you would laugh at him, but when time passes he would be so comfortable  around you [in fact he would turn in to the memeguk] his hyungs would think you had some magic or something. You two literally would became partners in crime.

The next part will be about: you meeting his family |  him meeting your whole family and | your cousin is going to marry in your home country and  you’re her witness so you need a partner and guess who is going to be your partner?? ^^



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i also love waverly's face after she says she has travel checkers and then she looks at wynonna for validation lmao she does that expression a lot in season 1 it's so cute just a lost puppy

all shes ever wanted is her big sisters approval rip

Picture Perfect

A  “You’re a celebrity and I’m a paparazzo, sorry friend I have to take pictures of you to pay my rent next month” AU as requested by lenfaz for CS.

“I don’t suppose I could convince you not to post those?”

               Emma held out a handful of napkins and gave a wry grin at the man that accepted them.  He was ridiculously good looking – all messy black hair and brilliant blue eyes and scruff – even if he was covered in frothy white Frappuccino from his chest to his waistline.  

               Killian Jones was a feast for the eyes, even when he wasn’t at his best, and Emma looked down at her camera to check the pictures.  She caught him mid fall and in the aftermath, and they would make the perfect addition to some gossp rag’s They’re Just Like Us! column.  

               “Sorry,” she told him, content with how the pictures looked.  “But a girl’s gotta eat.”

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