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Well...i am thinking about tsukkiyama where tsukishima associates yama's freckles with constelations and because he is touching his skin so lightly yama turns into a giggly mess while tsukki just watches satisfied lol

Yamaguchi climbs off the train and immediately looks around, gripping the straps of his bag anxiously as he scans the crowd of people. Luckily, the person he’s looking for is tall enough to be easily spotted, and Yamaguchi grins as he worms his way through the crowd over to the tall blonde leaning against a pillar idly.

Tsukishima huffs out a breath of air when Yamaguchi barrels into him, wrapping his arms around the taller boy’s waist and nudging his jawline with the tip of his nose, warm from the toasty claustrophobic air on the train. Tsukishima rolls his eyes but his lips twitch idly on a smile as he pushes Yamaguchi back just enough to tilt his chin up for a quick kiss.

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6, ColdAtom? :D (or coldwave i don't mind)

6. Undercover in a gay bar

I must admit, I never got this trope. I just don’t get it! This may be because when I go to bars, I tend to go with friends, we get drinks, and then we sit and chat in our corner.  Dance clubs are something different, of course, but still, you get a drink and then you sort of hover awkwardly, maybe go dance in the crowd, but either way no one’s looking at you unless they want to hit on you. Gay clubs are…basically the same?

Like, I’m not gay, but I lived three blocks away from Christopher Street in NYC for a while there, which for non-NYC people is where Stonewall is and that’s the least gay part of that street, and as a result ALL the nearby bars are gay bars. I have been to my fair share of gay bars. Nobody notices. Nobody. There is not a “kiss your same-sex friend in order to prove your cred” requirement. You do not have to hang all over someone. You can, in fact, just go and order a drink. People may assume you’re gay by the virtue of the fact that you’re there, or at least that you’re not going to get upset if they try to hit on you, but if you’re there and you’re standing within a foot of someone who you speak to regularly, they will assume you are there with that person and leave you alone.

Bar etiquette is bar etiquette everywhere, if you get what I mean.

Also, this trope sort of relies on people being willing to hang all over each other without knowing if the other person’s interested, and if you’re going to do that, you may as well go full on fake-dating. I dunno. I guess I just don’t like bars enough.


Coldatom undercover at a gay bar:

“So you want me to pretend to be gay to get into this club?” Ray says, frowning. “I mean, I am gay. Well, I’m bi. But that’s kinda gay. Like, if you use it as an umbrella term, which admittedly I’ve heard some people don’t like – LGBT is obviously more technically correct, but I know for a fact that a bunch of people still call same sex marriage ‘gay marriage’, so is it a term that should be used exclusively for homosexual men or is it more of a broader naming convention? I guess you could always use queer, but no one ever says ‘queer marriage’ –”

“Thank you for that scintillating and yet totally unnecessary left turn into queer studies 101, thank you, Raymond,” Len drawls. “Since we’re talking about breaking into an undercover gay gentleman’s club in 1880s London, though, I think you ought to aim for something a little more discreet, huh? Given that it’s still illegal and will be for the next century.”

“Which is why I propose that you go as well, Mr. Snart,” Rip says. “You have experience with criminal enterprises –”

“Yes, and you’re actually from the 1880s,” Len shoots back. “Why don’t you go?”

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I'm loving all the older pics you're posting. I had forgotten how naturally beautiful Hayley is.

Thank you! I love seeing them too. It gives me hope as a young artist that it’s possible to make great art and get where you wanna be if you just work at it to look at the old pictures of them with smaller crowds with younger faces. 

Concept: After Beyonce’s performance at the VMA’s, she’s standing there on stage. The lights dim, a single spotlight shines on her. She says into the mic:

“And now, ladies and gentlemen, something…wonderful.”

*crowd cheers, Beyonce smiles and looks on*

“A performance, by someone who has changed the way we hear, feel, and experience pop music.”

*crowd cheering becomes louder*

“An artist that I am very lucky I am able to call a friend, please give it up for Miss CARLY RAE JEPSEN!”

*crowd cheering becomes deafening and the opening note of Run Away With Me blares as we see the silhouette of the angel of pop herself*

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The shy blue yordle approached slowly the other blue yordle, she found it kind of funny that they share a similar fur color and just look at the tips of their ears! Funny coicidence she thought. "I just wanted to say if you need help with preparing or cleaning after the soup together I would gladly help!" She nervously un-burried her lower face half from the cape she is always wearing. "You know since I am pretty new around here, I tought it's a good way to show I'm not a weirdo.."

Demi blinked as she approached, her ears perking up. She had already found the similarity in their ear tips rather amusing. No one she knew was like that unless they were a guy usually. “Thank you very much!” She mused happily, looking to the rest of the party. “With this crowd, my mother and I will need the help.” She admitted, before blinking and holding out her hand to the other yordle. “I’m Demi, by the way, it’s nice to meet you!”


1%: Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality

In curating 1%: Privilege in a Time of Global Inequality, Myles Little has tried to gather images that examine wealth globally and in many different ways. In his own words:

I selected a small number of polished, well-crafted, medium format photographs by some of today’s best photographers. I wanted to borrow the language of privilege and use it to observe and critique privilege.

Some of the images map out points in the world of affluence, such as education, leisure and healthcare (while avoiding clichés like fur coats and private jets). Other images are positioned outside the world of the 1%, looking back in. For example, one of Nina Berman’s images shows a crowd of hopefuls attending a church in the American South that teaches that Jesus wants us to be rich. Some images contain juxtapositions of class, such as Guillaume Bonn’s photo of maids in a wealthy Kenyan household. Still other images are more abstract, such as Sasha Bezzubov’s photo of a cloud of golden dust over a logging road in Gabon, which evokes for me the ephemeral nature of wealth.

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Seven facts everyone should know about Fi users


1. We are deeply passionate and sentimental but often prefer to come off as robotic to others as a defense mechanism. Yes, we can be stubborn at times because we believe we can manage our emotions on our own terms, similar to how Ti users don’t want to be told the various steps on how to make something work; they prefer to figure it out themselves.

2. If we open up to you, it’s a HUGE sign of trust. Don’t take this lightly or it may never happen again.

3. We may come off as high and mighty because we believe we’re unique, but we never implied that you’re not. We actually like people for who they are and also think that they are unique in their own way. If anything, we might look down on people who always go with the crowd and never tap into who they are at the core.

4. Empathy and sympathy are two very distinct concepts for us. The former comes to us naturally, the latter often feels forced and fake, which is why we might sound cold but we’re not. 

5. We DO like compliments, we just scan them thoroughly to analyze their authenticity. So don’t freak out if our eyes don’t light immediately when we receive them. If they are authentic, they will stick with us and hold great value.

6. Contrary to popular belief, our values are not stronger or more authentic then Fe users, they’re just more private and independent. (i.e This is what I believe but everyone around me doesn’t necessarily need to hear about it, let alone agree with it). And yes, if damaged, immature or under stress, we can definitely be lost and/or shallow. 

7. Actions will always prove their worth more than words, so don’t think we’re heartless because we don’t give sympathetic comments on Facebook statuses. We would much prefer to buy you a drink and hear about it from you first hand.

(Mod Note: these are from a lower-Fi user.)


Ok, firstly, speculation arose when a video of Lauren from last night during Big Bad Wolf (BBW) shows her smiling throughout the whole video and looking very happily at someone multiple times. Many are suggesting that this person is indeed Lucy Vives, since she is with Lauren right now, visiting her on tour. So naturally…I did a little research.

Here is Lucy on a band member’s snap (Ashlee Juno). She is wearing a jacket over a black croptop.

Ok, so maybe that’s not her in the snap, right? Wrong–here’s the video. You can even hear the band members chanting her name.


Next is a video of Gonna Get Better, which shows someone very much similar-looking to Lucy in the crowd. She is seated on the far right of the stage where Lauren coincidentally was doing her BBW routine on the chair and looking in that direction.

The person pictured is wearing a black croptop and you can even see a glimpse of her jacket’s sleeves from the AshleeJuno snap that has been partially taken off her shoulders.

Here’s a side-profile of this person’s face.


Finally, a very smiley Lauren. She had her eye on someone for sure. Now, if you have been following me for a minute, then you’ll now how I think that Lauren & Lucy are dating. Of course, many people can believe what they want, but for me there’s enough “proof” there.



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Imagine… Luke was at the airport heading off to the next location for the tour. As people began to crowd around him he looked back at you. He knew he was going to miss you like hell. Around all of these people….

You were the only one he was thinking about