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headcanons for liam dunbar having a crush on you?

  • Liam getting nervous around you all the time
  • Cheesy jokes just to make you laugh
  • Glancing over at you from across the room and quickly looking away when you catch him
  • Being protective over you
  • Getting jealous easily when you’re talking to other people
  • Going out of his way to buy you your favourite sweets/cookies/muffins
  • Sitting with you at lunch and asking how your day was
  • Listening to you ramble on and on with a smile because he could listen to you talk all day
  • Helping you study and going to you for help when he needs you to tutor him
  • Standing up for you and defending you
  • Scoring a goal in Lacrosse and looking for you in the crowd because he wants to impress you

 yes, i’m going to talk about sebaek again. yay!

Am I the only one who just loves how Sehun and Baekhyun look together? Like Sehun is just so tall and he always looks incredibly stable and protective. It’s visible at airports and in crowds mostly. Baekhyun always looks so safe beside him. 








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Gom+Kagami realizing they're in love with their s/o please??

First request on here >< I hope this is okay because I wasn’t sure how to tackle this exactly x: But I hope you like it!

Kuroko: His lips twitch into a small smile when his eyes meet yours. Despite how worried he had been at having lost you among the crowd at the amusement park, he can’t help the surge of surprise and happiness coursing through his veins when you had come up behind him and tapped him on the shoulder. In your hands are two cups, drinks you had gone to buy when he had let it slip he was thirsty, and you offer one out to him. One sip is all it takes for him to know that you had gotten him a vanilla milkshake and his heart skips a beat. “How did you manage to find me, (f/n)-chan?”

“I just looked for you in the crowd. It’s not that hard to find you, Tetsu-kun.”

That’s the first time anyone has ever told him that. Due to his lack of presence, most people have a hard time finding him, or noticing him for that matter, but you never did. This crowd had made it hard for Kuroko to find you, but you had located him with no problems. A comfortable warmth creeps through him and the longer he looks at you, the faster his heart seems to beat. It dawns on him that somewhere along the line, he had fallen head over heels for you, and seeing you smile at him right now, he’s certain that he’s in love with you.

Kagami: You and Kagami have exchanged ‘I love you’s quite a few times in the past, but it isn’t until now that he realizes the true meaning behind the words. The orange basketball is thrown your way and you start dribbling, running towards Kagami and the hoop. Utilizing your speed and what the redhead had taught you, you try to dodge when Kagami tries to steal the ball. His fingers graze the ball and it starts bouncing away from you. You’re not fast enough though and Kagami ends up getting it, easily shooting it through the hoop. This has been going on for the past hour, and no matter what you try to do you’ve never managed to shoot as basket. It’s clear you’re both getting tired but you still refuse to give up. Determination shines in your eyes when Kagami throws you the ball again.

Sports were never your strong suit though you had an interest in it. When you two started dating, you had asked Kagami to teach you to play basketball. He hadn’t thought much of it and had agreed but this was more than he had expected. A grin overtakes his lips as you aim for the basket, this time from the free throw line. Unfortunately for you, the ball hits the backboard and rebounds. A frustrated groan leaves you but you merely ask Kagami to give you the ball again. No matter how many times you fail, you always keep on trying. Watching you learn the ropes of his favourite sport warms Kagami’s heart. “Hey (f/n),” he calls out to you just as you’re about to attempt another basket from the free throw line. “I love you.”

Kise: He’s dated quite a lot of people before but this feeling bubbling up inside of him is something he’s never felt before. Kise’s used to his fangirls fighting for his attention and to his past dates to be around him quite often so when you make yourself scarce and only text him a few times a day, Kise can’t help but feel perplexed. You always greet him cheerfully at school and chatter happily with him at lunch but before and after school, he is the one that has to find you. Sometimes you wait for him after basketball practice to walk home together while other times, Kise only gets a message from you wishing him the best at his photo shoots. He often gets reminders from you about upcoming tests and sometimes when you ask him to meet you at the library, where you two have a study date.

“Why are you often not around, (l/n)-cchi?” Kise asks you in the midst of a study session.

“I know you’re busy with modelling and basketball. I don’t want to bother you,” you reply before leaning over to check his work. You answer puzzles him. None of the people he had previously dated had ever been like this so Kise isn’t sure how to process it all but it’s clear from your actions that you care a lot about him. Your little messages always brighten his day and makes him smile. Every time he sees you waiting for him lifts his spirits and being around you makes him happier than he’s ever remembered being.

“You’re not a bother, (l/n)-cchi!” he protests and you merely smile at him, acknowledging his comment before you point out his mistakes, explaining to him what he did wrong and what he should do to arrive at the correct answer. Kise is surprised by your lack of a response but hearing you explaining the work to him, he finds his thoughts drifting, to you, to everything you did in the past for him, to the strange bubbling concoction of emotions within him. You make him feel like he’s never felt towards someone before. This must be love.

Midorima: His eyes flicker nervously when Midorima runs into you outside his usual antique shop. He had tried avoiding you the whole day, not wanting anything bad to happen to either of you since according to Oha Asa, your sign and Cancers today will encounter misfortune if found together. That hadn’t stopped you from chasing after Midorima when you spotted him after school though. He had easily lost you since he could run faster than you but somehow you had managed to find him again.

“Stop running away from me, Shin-chan!” you exclaim before any words can leave Midorima. Trying to catch your breath, you reach into your school bag and pull out a small frog keychain with googly eyes. “Here. Your lucky item of the day, right? You’ve been looking for this?”

He has, but how did you know that? Midorima had spent all his time before and after school looking for one while avoiding you, just in case fate decided to be cruel to him. He knows you don’t follow Oha Asa at all though, so how did you know? You extend your hand out to him, giving him the small trinket and he takes it, your fingers brushing against his as a result. His cheeks instantly flare up as a blush overtakes his face.

“Now that you have your lucky item, can you stop trying to run from me?” you ask with a slight pout.

Midorima can’t help but stare at your face at hearing your words. A feeling of warmth overtakes him, sending shivers along his arms. You chased after him just to give him his lucky item, the keychain that he hasn’t been able to find anywhere. You did all that just so he won’t have to fear being around you. The realization smacks into him like a wave as a small smile forms on his lips. You’re always doing unexpected things for him, surprising him, and Midorima can’t help but think I love you.

Aomine: The bright sunlight streaming in from the windows wakes Aomine up. Morning had passed a long time ago and it’s already late afternoon. He’s tempted to close his eyes again and go back to sleep but when he notices that your pillow, instead of you, is the only thing in his arms, he slowly sits up and sees that you’re nowhere in sight. Your clothes are still strewn around the floor though, a clear reminder of last night’s events, and seeing that makes him smirk. Sitting up in bed, he’s about to call out to you when a delicious scent wafts towards him from the kitchen. Since you’re not in bed with him and it’s already so late in the day, Aomine decides to get out of bed and heads to find you.

Before rounding the corner and into the kitchen, he can already hear you humming to yourself. A knowing smile overtakes his lips as he looks into the room. You’re standing in front of the stove, most likely cooking up something delicious as a late lunch, swaying along to the music you had put on. The only thing you’re wearing is one of his shirts. Every time you move, the top slips down your shoulder just a bit, revealing more of your tempting skin. Instead of walking into the kitchen to wrap his arms around you, Aomine watches you for a while longer. This was possibly the third or fourth time that you’ve stayed over at his place for the night and it’s definitely the first time he’s seen you in his kitchen, wearing nothing but his shirt. His heart seems to skip a beat as his eyes remain glued to your figure, watching as you fry something in the frying pan. Everything just seems so right like this and he doesn’t want this scene to ever disappear. Warmth blossoms in his chest, flooding his body, and with each second that passes while his eyes linger on you, he finds himself thinking that he’s lucky to have you, and that somehow, he has fallen in love with you.

Murasakibara: He can’t help but groan and attempt to curl up into a ball while clutching his stomach. Never had he felt this terrible before and he wishes that it’ll go away as soon as possible. Rolling over on his bed, Murasakibara just can’t make himself comfortable enough to fall asleep. “(L/n)-chin, it hurts,” he complains to you, tiredness and annoyance etched on his facial expression.

“This is why I told you not to eat all those bags of expired chips,” you remind your purple haired boyfriend, softly combing your fingers through his hair. “Food poisoning isn’t fun.”

He frowns but doesn’t say anything, letting the feeling of your fingers trailing down his scalp relax him. When Murasakibara hadn’t shown up at school, you had made your way over to his house as soon as classes had ended, and you’ve been by his side ever since, trying to make him feel comfortable. It wasn’t pleasant to see your boyfriend feeling unwell but besides just being here with him, there’s not much you can do. It’s up to time and his body to deal with this. You continue running your fingers through his silky purple tresses as you tell him about what he had missed at school. Murasakibara is barely listening to anything you’re saying though, too distracted by the soothing touch of your hand and the pain in his stomach.

No one has taken care of him like this since he was a kid, when his parents or siblings would be the one caring for him when he got sick. It felt more comforting and soothing to have you be here instead. Murasakibara finds his eyes closing, his conscious drifting away as sleep slowly tugs him toward dreamland. He can still hear your voice though it’s hard to make out the individual words that you’re saying and he strains toward your hand, shifting in his bed so that he can be closer to you. Your presence has a calming effect on him, or maybe it’s just his imagination that the pain has lessened, but either way, he wants you to remain here. No one else has ever been of such comfort to him and he doesn’t want this to go away. “(L/n)-chin,” his drowsy voice calls out to you, “Stay here with me.” He wants you to always be by his side. He wants you to always care for him. He wants you to love him like how he’s come to love you.

Akashi: Watching you trotting around the field on one of the mares the Akashi family owns with a smile on your face, Akashi can’t help but let his eyes widen slightly at the sight. The quickening of his heart and the sudden blooming feeling of warmth deep inside of him confirms his suspicions, making his lips curve upwards into a smile. Pulling on the reins to urge Yukimaru towards you, he ends up riding beside you. You had been stumbling with the reins in the past, often confusing your mare as to what you wanted her to do but now you seem like a natural in the saddle, having barely any problems changing from a trot to a canter and then to a gallop. His smile only widens when you turn in his direction, your own lips matching his in how happy you look.

You look like the humanized form of perfection, sitting atop your mare like that. Urging Yukimaru into a gallop, Akashi takes off, dashing past you, but you easily catch up to him in a few short moments. The wind is fanning your hair out behind you and the setting sun is lighting your face perfectly. Everything about you at that moment makes you seem to shine even more brightly than you usually do, and Akashi can’t help but stare at you as your horses continue around the field. None of the people he’s met before or dated have ever come close to you. None of them had been capable of riding like you, none of them look as beautiful as you do, and none of them has ever made Akashi feel as breathless as you do. The tingles along his arms, the increased pulsing of his heart, the new light in which he sees you in, all of them are clear signs telling him that he’s in love with you. And he welcomes it all.

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An imagine where the reader gets hit on at a bar despite her protest and then Reid steps in pretending to be her boyfriend so the guy will leave her alone? Also, I love your writing so much

hope you like it and thank you so much love :D

After a busy week of hard work, the team decided to relax and head out to their favourite bar, looking for fun, good music and drinks. It wasn’t too crowded but it wasn’t empty either, and everyone got off to their own thing: Morgan and Garcia were dancing it up in the weirdest way, Hotch and Rossi sat together engaging in conversation, JJ and Will shared loving glances and kisses, and you and Reid sat at the bar waiting for your drinks.

You were laughing at Morgan and Garcia’s dance moves and how happy they looked, getting everyone’s attention and even some encouraging cheers. As you sipped your drink you felt someone tap your shoulder and turned around to find a tall, broad, blonde haired guy looking you up and down.

“Um.. can I help you?” you asked, he didn’t seem friendly at all.

“I hope so, baby. Can I buy you a drink?” he suggested, getting closer and closer to you but you shook your head.

“Already have one but thank you.” you politely declined but the guy wouldn’t take the hint.

“You wanna get out of here? I’d love to help you out of that dress, the heat seems to be getting to you.” you met only even minutes ago and you already disliked him greatly.

“I’m here with my friends, actually. You know there’s plenty of other women here, I’m sure one of would love to go with you.” you wanted him to leave and quickly.

“None of their are as hot as yo-”

Reid interrupted him, waving briefly. “Hi!” The other guy seemed confused and you quietly laughed to yourself.

“Can I help you, pal?” his tone seemed threatening but little did he know you could knock him to the ground with just one move.

“Yes, actually. You could begin by leaving my girlfriend alone.“ you felt Reid’d arm wrap around your waist as he stood next to you. You knew he was just trying to help you but you couldn’t help the blush that adorned your cheeks because of what he said. “Second, you need to stop objectifying women. Once the objectification is successful and a man views a woman as nothing more than property, it opens the door to abuse. If men view women as beings without feelings, as dehumanized and defenseless entities, the leap to physical violence is not so great. The woman ceases to have any sense of autonomy or self-determination; she is merely a tool for the man’s purposes. He sees her as interchangeable with his other possessions, and there are no boundaries to his use of the objects he owns. He begins to view her as someone whose feelings do not need to be taken into account. If his needs are not met, there is confrontation, then violence.” he rambled and you prayed it was enough for the guy to leave you alone.

It seemed to have worked as the guy set his drink down and hurried to the other side of the room. You turned to Reid and gave him a smile.

“You’re amazing, you know that? Thank you.” you said sincerely, he simply shook his head.

“It was the least I could do, that guy was really getting on my nerves. What is it with sexually aroused men and bars? It’s like they feel the need to socially express their desires without taking the woman’s dignity into account. Getting them drunk to increase their chances of taking them home. Ridiculous.” you couldn’t help but agree to everything the young man said.

“Well, I’m glad my boyfriend is a real gentleman. Would my boyfriend like to go make fun of people’s dance moves? Or would my boyfriend like to be the center of my mocking?” you emphasized the word each time you said it, not being able to contain your smirk. You grabbed him by the hand and headed towards the others.

“I could get used to you calling me that.” Reid spoke up, holding your hand tighter in his.

“I think I could too.” and you spent the rest of the night by his side, falling into the same routine every time a guy asked you to dance. But at the end of the night, your boyfriend was the one to take you home.

In The Dark; Part. 2 - Jimin

Characters: Jimin X Reader
Rated: A for As promised

Part. 1

“It’ll be five dollars, please.”

The dark-haired boy looked in his wallet, searching for the remaining money. He searched on the front pocket, into the one on the side, but his fingers only touched at nothing. He gave the cashier an apologetic smile, his hands looking for any kind of money within his remaining pockets. He checked the one in his pants, the ones on his butt, he looked on the inside of his jacket – and even looked again on the inside of his wallet.

“I uh… I’m sorry…” The cashier already had her lips pinched, looking at the boy with a slight annoyed glance. It was never pleasant to prepare an order for nothing, even when the said customer was actually pretty cute. The boy mechanically looked around for any kind of help, his eyes only landing on the crowded coffee place with busy and sleepy people. The man standing right behind him exhaled loudly, his eyes landing impatiently on his watch. “I thought I had the change but I…” He tried to justify himself, but it wasn’t really helping at all, actually.

The fifteen year old didn’t said anything more, shooting another apologetic at the irritated cashier. “Here.” You couldn’t stand to witness the scene anymore. The boy did had the most sorry face he could give, and you fell a bit of a pity for him. He was really fluffly, with his excessive chubby cheeks, the dark fringed falling in front of his eyes and his innocent eyes. He was looking actually cute and fluffy wrapped around a huge scarf, and a red beanie stuck on his head that was protecting him from the cold snow outside.

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if you cut out the “… and you have saved us all” line from that one scene in mulan and went straight to the crowd bowing it would look like they all started worshipping her as some kind of god of destruction

You’re My Moon

Kurotsukki Week: Day 1- Visiting

The first time, he was nervous. Or was it hesitant? He wasn’t sure if he should even be there. What made him think that Kuroo actually wanted to spend time with him? And  what if spending more time with Kei just made him dislike him. There were few people who could handle large amounts of Tsukishima at once. Those people being Yamaguchi and his family. Why would Kei ever agree to this stupid idea of Kuroo coming to visit?

The train pulls up and he scans the crowd spilling from the train. Looking for raven black spiked hair, Kei wrung his hands together. And then there he was. Signature grin breaking out when Kuroo caught sight of him. It warmed Tsukki to see it. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea.

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Today, I fucked up... by reminding a bunch of disabled veterans that they'd never walk again

Okay so this happened a quite a few years ago when I was kind of a leader in my high-school choir. We were at this retirement home putting on a concert on Veterans Day with the band and orchestra. Now this concert was a big deal; lots of other retirement homes in the area bussed some of their old people to this one so they could watch it. On top of that, many veterans not in a retirement home showed up too.

As I looked into the crowd, I noticed lots of older people, most of whom were in wheelchairs; some people were missing appendages too. Now it was my turn to go up and announce the next song which was “You’ll Never Walk Alone”.

Now me, being really nervous in front of the big crowd, FU-ed a little bit because I announced the song as “You’ll Never Walk Again”. Immediately, I was booed and many canes and other old people items were thrown at me. Sorry to all the disabled people of the world :(

TLDR; Tried to cheer up a bunch of old people, ended up yelling that they’ll never walk again, got hit with old lady purses

21 Signs That You Have a Chance With Him

Humans are odd creatures who do not always say what they mean, nor mean what they say. That’s why actions definitely do speak louder than words. Want to know if someone you’ve met is interested in more than a casual relationship and is boyfriend material? Here is a checklist of things to look out for:

#1. He makes a lot of eye contact.

Looking at people when you talk to them is not just a sign of respect. Rather, it’s also a sign of interest. Does he look your way across a crowded room? If that’s the case, he is probably curious about you and wants to observe the things you do.

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When Taylor is performing and she looks out into the crowd she doesn’t just see us as a huge mass of people but instead she appreciates us as individuals and notices our unique signs and outfits and I think that’s pretty darn special.


The real writing is going to come from the reflective experience. When I get to go home to New York and sit in an apartment and think about how I felt…the excitement, the loneliness, the confusion, the anxiety, but also the overwhelming vindication in getting to do this and looking out into the crowd and seeing people singing along and stuff. I think that reflective process is going to be where most of my really good stuff comes from.