look at that crowd

inspiration ♡ jonghyun
lyrics by: jonghyun
translation: shineetalks
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be quiet.
i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy.
(inspiration) i’m so dizzy.

don’t open your eyes,
there’s no harm, there’s nothing.
in truth, i’m feeling it for the first time too.
struck by a convulsion in my senses.

how many were there before me?
you should carve it in your memory.
break it.

i get dizzy when i look at you.
my mind gets crowded
when i hold you in my arms too.

be quiet.
i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy.
i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy.

a lot of inspiration is needed. (x8)

the moment those eyes open to start
and meet endless chaos.
you, me our roles are unclear.
it doesn’t matter who is first
i have to take the lead in the end.
my lead (inspiration).

be quiet.
i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy.
i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy.

i get dizzy when i look at you.
my mind gets crowded
when i hold you in my arms too.

i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy, i’m so dizzy.

It was like walking into the room and having to do a scene with Taraji [Henson]. You can never really prepare for these moments, when they’re so big. I’m on the pop-up [platform], you’re crouched down, but let me tell you, I looked up and I looked down really fast because I’d seen, like, a fourth of the crowd and it was packed. And I was like, ‘No, no I can’t do this!’ And then they’re pushing me, ‘Yeah, it’s your time, go!’ I stand up and the energy of 60,000 people—her fans are so welcoming, they go crazy for anything. The energy I got from being on stage was such a confirmation, like I have to do this every day of my life. It’s a high.
—  Serayah on performing with Taylor on the 1989 Tour (x)

sometimes i think about the way Kelley looks at Christen  & ?????

i want to fucking die

guess who’s eyes she was searching for ??? 

Imagine Jared introducing you to Suicide Squad’s cast

Requested by Nikola
Words: 1,548
Triggers/Warnings: Explicit language

I walk around in the crowded room, looking at the many costumes and paraphernalia used in many superhero movies. The comic fans are currently freaking out with Suicide Squad’s cast passing by in a line after the panel’s wrap.

I see many cosplayers, including kids, who are the cutest ones. A little Joker runs by me and I follow him with my eyes, a smile playing on my lips, that’s when I see Jared passing in the line. He doesn’t see me, too busy with his phone recording his fans. A smile is on his face and I feel even more in love with him.

The cast goes to the signing table and I stay walking around, waiting for my boyfriend. It has been a whole week since we saw each other and I was craving for his touch. After putting Jared in a car in the way to the airport, Emma messages me, looking for me to go back with them to LA.

We wouldn’t go in the same car to avoid drawing unnecessary attention we both didn’t want. Jared was very private with his personal life and I didn’t want my face in gossip magazines and hate from stupid girls.

“Hi babe, how are you?” Emma greets me and I hug her in response.

“Tired of work, nothing unusual,” I chuckle and give a step to look at her. “How about you?”

She gives me a smile and locks her arm in mine, leading me to the car waiting. “In a hurry!” Emma sighs but opens a huge smile. “You know, I always go back to be Jared’s assistant in these occasions.”

I smile gratefully to the guy opening the car door for us. “He trusts you more than anybody else,” I say to her, sliding in the car. “Maybe not more than Shan and Constance, but still…” I shrug and smile at her.

“Even you?” Emma gives me a surprised look.

“Yes, of course, a LOT more than me,” I assure her and she smiles at me.

“That’s why I love you,” She hugs me and look back at her buzzing phone.

We make a small talk during the short ride to the airport when she’s not too busy answering an e-mail. When the airport is already in sight, my phone rings and I see Constance’s name on the screen along with a photo of her. I answer her with a cheerful mood, I’ve never had a “mother-in-law” like her before, she is so sweet and I absolutely love her.

The car gets into the airport and is directed to a private landing are, where the driver pulls over. Emma gets down first and I tell her I was on my way. Constance realizes that I have to go and says she’ll call me back, but I promise to go to her place as soon as Jared clear his agenda.

“Hey Emma, where’s she?” I hear Jared’s voice as I climb the stairs of the private jet.

“I’m right here,” I say and look up only to realize that he’s at the door.

A smile appears on my face immediately and I give a peck on his lips before wrapping my arms around his neck. Jared chuckles and wraps his arms around my slim waist, giving me a tight hug.

“I was talking with your mom about…” I start to tell him but I stop when I let go of him and look at the others passengers on the jet. “Oh, hi.” I smile to the rest of the cast.

“Hello,” Everybody responds me and some of them even waves at me.

“This is my girlfriend guys,” Jared introduces me, resting a hand on my lower back and pushing me forward to the actors/actresses direction.

That was the first time I actually was meeting them because Jared didn’t want me around while playing the psychotic Joker.

“I didn’t even know you had a girlfriend,” Jai Courtney says with his sexy Australian accent.

I glance at Jared and he smirks, shrugging. “That’s the point.”

I start to greet each one of them with a hug, a handshake or a kiss on the cheek. A flight attendant announces that we’re going take off and asks for everyone takes a seat. Jared pulls me with him and we sit down, I start to get nervous fairly quickly and he realizes it, taking my hand and squeezing, a silent way that everything would be alright.

I hate flights and he knows it very well, but when the plane is steady in the sky and I can barely notice that we’re flying, I get okay. Only the takeoff and the landing that’s afflicts me.

“Do you want some champagne?” Will Smith looks at me, holding a bottle while he fills the others’ glasses.

I shake my head, smiling. “No, thanks, I don’t drink.”

“Why not? Are you vegan? Like Jared?” Margot Robbie asks me after taking a sip in the bubbly drink.

“No, not vegan, but vegetarian,” I shrug. “And I don’t appreciate the effect it does in the mind,”

“Isn’t it the same thing?” Adam Beach shakes his head, confused about vegetarians and vegans.

“No man, vegans are way more restricted with food,” Jay Hernandez explains to his co-star, who nods.

“So, what you do?” Karen Fukuhara looks at me with a smile.

“She’s a psychiatrist,” Joel Kinnaman answers for me and I smile at him.

We’ve met many times before and I already considers him as a friend. Since the filming, he and Jared started to really bond in a friendship.

“Oh! You’re his real Harley Quinn!” Margot chuckles at me and Jared.

I wrinkle my nose with the comparison. “I’m more like Poison Ivy,” I confess.

“Harley’s kinda best friend,” Margot nods.

“Yeah, she’s more interesting, more intelligent.” I look at Jared and his eyes are on me. “And she hates Joker,” I say, poking him playfully.

“Your relationship must be troubled.” Viola Davis chuckles.

“Nah! I’ve never seen Joker. Only you guys had this pleasure.” I make a face, smiling again.

“I’m actually afraid of her,” Jared says, stepping into the conversation. “She deals with much fucked up things and is this amazing.”

“Did you helped him to build the character?” Will asks, curious. “It was a very good damn job!” He praises Jared with a smile, looking at him.

“Thanks, man.” Jared smiles back at him.

“Well, I helped a little bit, telling him some stories about my patients, what’s in the public records, of course, answering all the billion questions he had…” I answer.

“Did you showed him videos from sessions?” Margot asks me. “Because I was truly scared sometimes.” And laughs.

“Only some that are a public record too. I can’t show this kind of stuff to other people, it’s unethical.” I explain and they nod. “But Jay really understood the concept,” I chuckle. “And I’m so sorry about the gifts, really. Especially you, Karen.” I look at her and she chuckles.

“It’s fine,” She shrugs off.

“Why especially Karen?” Jared asks me. “The Joker sent most terrific gifts to the others.”

“Jared, it’s the very first film she stars. And she had to deal with a maniac.” I give him a deadpanned look.

“Fair enough,” He agrees.

“How we did not meet you while filming?” Cara Delevingne looks at me with a frown.

“Yeah, we spent months filming and haven’t seen you on any occasion.” Adewale agrees.

“Well, that’s my fault,” Jared says. “I didn’t want her around the Joker.”

“Why? Do you think you could harm her?” Jai asks.

“Like I’ve said before, I’m actually afraid of her, but no, I don’t think I would harm her. I pretty sure she’d make me break from the character and I didn’t want that.” My boyfriend explains.

“Aw man, we should have brought you in the first day, then,” Will says, laughing loudly. “If we knew about your existence.”

The conversation keeps going about me for a while and they start to make little groups after I’m no longer the center of attention. Since I’m more acquainted with Joel, we start chatting and Jay Hernandez joins us, while the others are taking pictures.

Some minutes passes by and we’re announced about the landing and I’m clutching to the seat again. In the airport, the are many cars waiting for everyone and the cast splits, following the respective assistants. Emma, Jared, and I get into a black SUV in the way to Conan’s show.

Jared switches his t-shirt in the car into a Snoopy t-shirt and leaves the other. We talk in the way to Conan’s and I’m frustrated for Emma being there because I really want to kiss my boyfriend, but I’m too ashamed of her, even knowing she had seen way more that she was supposed to in years being his assistant and friend.

When we arrive at the studio, we’re met by everybody again and stay attached to Emma, watching the show on the backstage, seeing how my boyfriend is wanted by the women in the audience when the cast goes to the stage and he telling about random things while filming. I smile at him when his eyes met mine and Jared turns back at Conan after winking at me.

The seat was empty.

Lena looked frantically through the crowd of people sitting in the auditorium, scanning their faces for her mother. Her mother, who promised her daughter that if nothing else, she’d make it to Lenas school play. Her mother, who payed the twenty dollar ticket. Her mother, who claimed she loved how Lena looked in her reindeer costume as she dropped her off at rehearsals that morning. Her mother, who was supposed to be sitting in the front row, smiling and clapping like all the other parents.

Her mother, who lied and lied and lied and broke all her promises and still managed to shock and hurt Lena anyway.

Lena quit theater the next day.

I think there are lessons I’ve come to learn in retrospect, like not taking for granted the really small shows, which weren’t even my shows—just my turn to sing karaoke. Now I’m looking into a big crowd of people and I’m able to appreciate [those times] so much. You have to find balance between being in the moment and getting to where you want to be. You’ve got to appreciate where you are when you’re there.

He rubbed his lips together as he looked at the crowd. A slight chuckle left from his lips. “Excuse me y'all, I’m a little tipsy but I just had to say something.” He chuckled some more before sucking in his bottom lip. “But uh, I’ve known Onika or Nicki as y'all know her as, since I was 23 back on that Young Money bus. I used to try and bring her food all the time but she always took that shit and slammed the door in my face.” He laughed some more. “It took years but I was finally able to call her mine and now I’m grateful to call her my wife and the mother of my children. Me and little Aubrey couldn’t ask for a better spirit in our lives. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday to you, baby. Me and Aubrey made you something.” Directing his attention to the wide screen, he smiled as images and videos begin to play of Nicki when she was younger. The video transitioned into images and video of their baby girl from her birth to now which only caused him to smile widely.

At the end, it was a video of him and Aubrey sitting together. “Say happy birthday, mommy.” He told the baby to say. Instead, the baby murmured a bunch of gibberish and waved her hand happily with a smile on her face.

drinks and dance

Not that the Gryffindore common room was ever quiet, but it was definitely loud this night. He looked around as the crowd, most were having a good time, almost everyone was drinking and the enchanted instruments kept a stream of up-beat music playing. Fabian wasn’t a huge party-goer himself, in most occasions he was usually there to make sure Gideon kept enough wits about him to get home safely. But, they were at Hogwarts so he’d let his brother out of his sight to have his own fun. 

Fabian had been nursing a drink since he’d arrived and was no where near tipsy, he also had no plans of getting drunk. Party or not he had no wishes to wake up with a horrible hangover. Which he was sure to have if he started drinking at a marauders party. However, he was enjoying himself. Energy was high and music was loud. Not to mention a good portion of the upperclassman were present as missing a marauders party was social suicide to anyone who was anyone.

Fabian abandoned his drink in favour of dancing. Which was truly a travesty, as he tried to make up for his lack of rhythm with horrible dance moves. He didn’t much care, however. He was allowing himself a night of fun, and most were too drunk to judge him so he let himself enjoy the night before he’d have to get back to the end of year stresses. When someone else approached him he grinned broadly.

“Come to join me, have you?” Fabian pulled at their hands, trying to encourage them to come dance with him.