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His Clothes


You screamed at him as he swooped you into his arms. He was absolutely drunk, but to be fair, so were you.

“I love you so very much,” he slurred into your ear. You chuckled and planted a kiss on his cheek.

“Thank you for taking me to the Brits very much,”

“Anything for you,” he looked around the after party and frowned. “I think I wanna go home now.”

“Me too,” Soon you both stepped out into the fresh, cold air, feeling ecstatic.

“Oh man, it’s bloody freezing out here,” he marveled.

“You’re telling me! You have a nice coat. I’m wearing no sleeves!” You protested, goosebumps littering your skin.

“Oh, my bad, I’m being such a poor gentleman,” he started to tug off his suit jacket.

“Liam, that’s not what I meant-”

“I don’t care,” he said abruptly, slipping the coat onto you. You grinned sheepishly.

“You’re the best,” you pecked him on the lips.

“I know,” he rubbed his thumb on your cheek. “Let’s get out of here.”


You hummed sleepily and rolled over, bumping against something. Your eyes fluttered open to spot Harry’s bare back. You smiled softly and pressed a kiss to his back, closing your eyes again. A haunting thought dropped into your head.

“Oh shit,” you sat up quickly, and just as you suspected, you were naked.

“Hmm?” Harry stirred. You whipped out your phone from the bedside table.

“It’s ten! Fuck!” You threw off the bedsheets and grabbed the closest shirt to you, which happened to be Harry’s. “Oh shit,” his eyes widened and he sat up. “You have that interview at- at-”

“Yes! In thirty minutes!”

“Go! Go!” He flew out of bed and threw on his boxers. You tugged on your skinny jeans.

You both raced to the front door while you buttoned Harry’s white shirt. “Shoot, I’m sorry,” he kept murmuring.

“At least it’s a dress shirt, right? The black skinny jeans won’t be impressionable though.”

“Don’t worry about it, you look lovely.” He persisted. You gave him a look.

“I’m doing my makeup in the car. Drive me?”

“Yes ma'am,”

“Good. I have a brush in my car I think,”

“Perfect, let’s roll,” he snatched the car keys and shoved you out the door.


You sifted through the clothes on the bed. “Nope,” you sighed and then referred to the closet. “Nope, nope, no- aha!” You tugged out the shirt, grinning.

“He won’t mind,” you assured yourself, slipping into the shirt. You dawdled around the room before coming across his glasses. “Aw yes, this is cute,”

You chuckled to yourself as you made your way to the kitchen. “Niall!” You sung.

“Y/N!” He sung back. You walked through the doorway and struck a pose.

“How do I look?”

“‘Crazy mofos’…” He read.

“You never wear this thing anymore.”

“Yeah, well, I mean, I usually used to wear it with pants but I do like it without.” He said upon noticing your 'Kiss Me I’m Irish’ underwear.

“I’m stealing this forever.” You insisted.

“You still are a crazy fan underneath.”

“Since 2010 baby!” You shouted, strutting out of the room.

“Can I have my glasses back?” He called to you.

“Nope!” you yelped back. You heard the chair slide against the ground from the kitchen and you broke into a run, grinning wildly.


You gripped the rolled magazine in your hand, your knuckles almost white as you stomped into the kitchen where he sat. You shoved the magazine to his chest. He took it cautiously from your hands and started to read aloud.

“'Mystery Girl was spotted again! She was leaving Louis Tomlinson’s house Saturday morning. Coincidence? I think not! Look at the shirt she’s wearing–Look familiar anyone?’” His eyes grazed the side-by-side picture of the time when he wore the adidas jumper and the picture of you from Saturday morning in the same exact jumper. He looked back up, eyebrows furrowed in confusion.

“What does it matter? We could play this off in a million ways.” He protested.

“My aunt called me this morning and called me a slut and a golddigger. My aunt. I have about a zillion texts, half of them from my mum. Louis, this isn’t good. Ugh, this is what I get for hiding our relationship for this long!”

“Hey,” He put the magazine down, standing up to hold your arms. “Hey, listen, this is easily explainable, to your mum, your aunt, the paparatzzi. All we have to do is tell them we’ve been together for months now.”

“You’re forgetting why we’re secret in the first place.”

He sighed. “I know, but, Love, there isn’t much we can do anymore. I’ll make sure the rude fans won’t get in your head. Can you promise me you’ll do the same?” He asked, catching your gaze.

“…Okay… Okay.” You exhaled.

“Good.” He brought you into his arms. “We can do this.”

Soccer Masterpost - Niall

Welcome to my Niall Soccer Masterpost! This has been a long process to make. I do not own any of these pictures/gifs (they’re probably all from google). Anyways, I hope you enjoy this masterpost! <3 Rea

Niall and a quasi-rainbow to get the ball rolling (teehee)

Niall and Louis at Newcastle United:

Hot damn.

Yummy <3

A little Narry action for your enjoyment ;)

The gang @ Newcastle United:

Supporting his besties:

And playing like a pro:

Literally my favorite gif ever:

That right there…is a sex face :*

What a lovable goof:

I’ll give you a header, Nialler ;)

Good try, boys. Sorry you can’t bag all the goals and the babes like me. 


Soccer Yoga?

Now he looks like he’s playing B-Ball. This is FOOTBALL!

Another sex face?

I wish he would look at me like that. 

Nouis teamwork ;)

Hello, peasant. Watch the master carefully. 

Stop Harry, no swag for you. I’ve got it all.

I need some oxygen, don’t know about you guys…

Niall @ Wembleton:

Super sex face! <3

Those are some Irish shoes!

Oh, how I would like to be that shirt. Touching those beautiful lips:

Wow, look at that focus. So dedicated…to me ;)


This is my favorite gif ever. I had to put it in here twice. Sorry for your ovaries.

Aww! Poor Nialler! It’s okay, I’ll get you some ice and fix you up real good ;)

We’re so fancy, you already know:

Mr. Horan is very proper:

Once again, I wish he would look at me like he does soccer balls *sigh* 

Kiss my Irish arse, ball.

Mmmm what a jawline <3

Spread those legs, babe.

Getting a little up close and personal:

Oh, to be that ball…

I’ve said it twice before, HOT DAMN, CRAZY MOFO.

Making them look sillayyy:

Honestly, I don’t know who any of them are except for Niall… And isn’t he the only one who matters?

Hope you enjoyed! Let me know what you thought about this! Should I do more? Thnx, Rea <3 xxx

I’m sorry I can’t help it, look at these comments. I never go to this side of the fandom, I’m crying. I’m probably breaking the Tumblr code of etiquette for making fun of these people, but…oh well. I’m terrible at Tumblr etiquette. These are all from within one minute. Instagram is a crazy place.

neither of them are even harry or louis

but guys do you seriously think that thats louis and harry, im laughing of your stupidness lmao

Can u believe people think this is harry and Lou they don’t even have tatts

if I posted a picture of 2 girls it wouldn’t make me gay??

Guys harry is the one taking the photo it’s probably 2 of the band members

Guuyyss it isn’t Larry its so funny how ppl commenting larry and stuff like that while this is not ever harry and louiis lmfao


larry isn’t real you’re all dumb

Like it how everyone is like Larry! Maybe he’s trying to say its another man? You all just jump to Louis who is happily in A relationship. Maybe it’s just a metaphor for something. You don’t know.


For all we know he may mean tjat their outfits are strong. Aka on point.

that isn’t Larry lmao. Do you see any tattoos? NO. Harry has tattoos on the back of his arms. This isn’t Larry.

Maybe he’s talking about their outfits guys lol not everything he posts is about Larry or trying to hint at Larry…

Okay Larry is not real. Nobody understands Harry’s tweets and photos so…0 dramas, thanks.

I don’t believe this is a Larry picture. It’s not Louis and Harry in this picture, so I don’t understand why everyone is freaking out.

(I took their usernames off because I’m making fun of them and don’t want to embarrass anybody.)