look at that chinstrap


it was a different world then.

  • me: nash grier and his friends are ok
  • nash: hay look at my eyes
  • taylor: hi I wear bandanas and look attractive
  • jake: wassup i have a deep voice and somehow look good with this chinstrap beard
  • cameron: i have a beautiful body...yah know im just beautiful
  • matt: helo im just cute
  • carter: hei thur im asian and amazing
  • j gilinsky: ...i am sex on legs
  • j johnson: im also cute
  • me: ...
  • me: ...
  • me: ...well fuck

alymckinley  asked:

Why do we never see old Kyoshi? We see Aang and Roku at the age when they died, but Kyoshi looks the same as when she killed Chin. What up with that?

Didn’t Kyoshi also live for like, over 200 years? Maybe Avatars appear however they want. And I dunno, Aang and his studly chinstrap do not look 66 to me. I think Roku may have just liked the silver-fox look.