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Bucky Barnes x Reader

Summary: Bucky remembers how he fell in love with Reader.

Word Count:1,499

Warnings: None

A/N: Autumn is the best, until you miss the smell of honeysuckle so bad that you include it in a fic… Italics are flashbacks :) Hope you will like this one.

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Bucky sat on a hard pew with his arms crossed over his chest. He forced his mind to concentrate on his thoughts and remembered the first time he saw you.


“You’re gonna like her,” Steve told Bucky as he opened the door to the facility. “Don’t get fooled by her pretty face, she’s as dangerous as a snake.”

Bucky puffed out a laugh as he followed Steve into the kitchen. When Steve opened the door a thick, grey smoke billowed up from the stove. They couldn’t see much, but heard you cough. Steve swung the window open and the smoke gradually disappeared.

“Thanks,” You smiled, fanning your face with your hand. “Mixed up Celsius and Fahrenheit. Hey, you’re the new guy!” You beamed when you saw Bucky. “Wanna eat some burnt cake? I made it for you.” You snickered, pushing the evil-looking cake forward.

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Let’s make a baby part 12 D|H

A/N: Hello everybody. This is part 12 of the LMAB series. The last chapter was really intense, you can finally relax now. You can find all other parts on my masterlist

BUT WAIT! It’s not a normal Friday. Today is a very special day. It’s my BIRTHDAY. (OHHHOOO) I’m now 17. Special thanks to my mum. May your day be filled with happiness and flowers in honour of my birth. 💕💕 

I didn’t mind that his clothes were still dripping wet as he wrapped his arms around me. He pulled me towards his chest and pressed me against his beating heart. I was close enough to hear the fast rhythm. Sometimes life is funny. Five minutes ago I was sure that I had lost the love of my life. Now he was my fiancé. Dan gently ran his cold hands over my big baby bump as if he was greeting Boo. His/Her dad was finally back, the family was reunited. Life is bittersweet. It being sweet wouldn’t be interesting enough. It being bitter would be too sad. So it just decided to be both sometimes. We all just have to hang in there long enough to get to the good part.

Dan slid the beautiful ring onto my finger. His whole face lit up while doing that. His mouth was framed by his incredibly cute dimples and the brown in his eyes was melting like chocolate. We were going to get married. A summer wedding would be great, right ? There was this strange feeling in my chest. It was ineffable. But if you imagine thousands of little bees buzzing inside of you, you get an idea. I guess, life was as sweet as honey right now.  

We stood there for a while just to enjoy being close to each other again. I took in his familiar scent and the way his body felt against mine. ‘Mrs. Y/N Howell.’ I repeated in my head over and over again. That simple phrase sent chills down my spine and made goosebumps appear all over my skin.

“Why are you smiling ?” Dan asked curiously.

“I’m just glad to have you back, Mr. Howell.” I spoke and pressed a kiss onto his pink lips.

Phil appeared in the doorway. We both had totally forgotten about him. He was now not only carrying some towels, but also a bottle of champagne and 3 glasses.

“Congratulations.” he cheered happily and gave us a bone crashing hug. He had gotten his best friend back that night.

“Green would look nice.” Dan suggested.  

He was pushing a shopping cart in front of him with one hand, the other was holding mine.  

“Anything but the stereotypical pink or blue.” I said and examined the different shades of green they had.

Since Boo’s arrival was close we had to make sure that everything was ready. We actually wanted to do that a month ago, but because of those complications we had to postpone.

“I found a lovely cradle.” Dan’s mum happily exclaimed when she returned from her stroll through the shop. My in laws had decided to visit us here in London for a couple of days. When they heard that Dan proposed they had to see us as soon as possible. At first, I was a bit mad at his mum. The last time I saw her she literally wanted to tear me and her son apart, but as soon as she heard about the marriage and saw my bump she was filled with pure excitement and bliss. She turned into one of the nicest people I know, Phil being the nicest of course. For our new family’s sake I forgave her.

We returned home with a ton of new things. It was actually nice to have them here to help with everything.

Since I couldn’t do a lot of work, I took some rest while they painted Boo’s room green.

“Done” Dan shouted and I got up from the sofa as quickly as I could to see their masterpiece.

It was really pretty. The colour made the whole room look friendlier and lighter.

Dan looked at me with a satisfied grin. He was wearing some old clothes that he had already stained with paint.

“It’s perfect. Thank you.” I said while pecking his lips.

Suddenly Dan pulled away with an annoyed groan.

“Adrian !” he shouted angrily after he had turned around to face his teenage brother.

There was a cheeky grin plastered onto the young boys face. His hands were still green because he had thrown some paint at the back of his brother’s head only seconds before. I couldn’t hold back a laugh as Dan ran his hands through his now partially green hair.

“I now know who definitely won’t be the child’s godfather.” he said with an evil glare.

Adrian’s face fell and he pleadingly looked at me with puppy dog eyes.

“Come on, Dan.”Adrian whined. “I’m sorry, but that was an opportunity that I had to take.”

My fiancé sternly shook his head and literally had his younger brother begging at his feet.

“Remember when you broke the TV and blamed it on me? You still owe me !” Adrian tried to argument.

“I certainly do, but you convinced mum and dad that it was my fault and I got punished twice as hard for lying.” Dan retorted.

I grinned, yes that did definitely sound like my fiancé’s earlier life.

“Well, I feel like that never really happened. You most probably just dreamed that or something.” Adrian said and chuckled nervously.

“And Y/N loves me because I’m cute and she is totally on my side.” he added confidently.

“That may be true. But I will have a hard time trying to convince Daniel.” I laughed.

It took us two days to completely set up Boo’s room. Dan’s mum was currently cooking dinner and it smelled amazing. Me and Dan stood in the finished room. The cradle was set up, the walls were painted. We already had hundreds of toys and Dan’s mum had also given us a little teddy bear, just like the one he had gotten from his grandma when he was born. We lovingly looked at the new room, all the work we had done. I wrapped my arms around Dan’s waist and his chin rested on top of my head.  

“I love you.” he whispered as he softly kissed my forehead.  

With that month 8 ended and the final spurt was ahead of us.

Drunk - Theo Raeken

summary: Reader is drunk at a party and Theo tries to take care of her
pairing: Theo Raeken x reader

warning: drinking, alcohol (drunk reader)

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“Another shot!” Someone called as the small glasses were refilled with alcohol, everyone was putting their drinks high and emptying it up.

You felt how the liquid was burning down your throat for a second, it warmed up your whole body. Your head was already aching and you definitely could  say that you had too many drinks that night. Massaging your temples wasn’t making anything better, the alcohol had indeed it’s effect on you.

“Y/n are you okay?” A familiar voice asked while the figure tried to help you to stand straight. You took a glimpse at the person as you realised who it was.

“Don’t touch me Theo you are not going to kill me.” You hissed while trying to get out of his grip. He started to laugh because of your comment, still holding your drunk body.

  “Well, maybe not today.” He whisperd and leaned down your ear, his lips ghosting above your neck. You heart started to race, you always had a thing for him but you knew for sure that he was the bad guy, always up to no good. The alcohol was mixing up your mind, you couldn’t think straight and he knew that for sure.

 "I’ll bring you home.“ Theo stated and grabbed your arm.

“HELP he’s trying to hurt me Sti-”

“Can you please shut up and let me help you.” A groan left his mouth as he took a step closer to you, shutting the gap between your bodys. Although you were drunk, he still had a effect on you. You breath almost hitched caused by his presence. 

“You are ruining the fun!”

“Y/n don’t be stupid, I think you had enough fun for today, let’s get out of here.” He sighed in frustration, but somehow managed to get you out off the crowded house, bumping here and there against teens that tried to have a good time. Without even questioning anything, you let him lead you to his car. He really did struggle to keep you by his side because you tried to run away everytime.

“It’s freeeezing, Theo oh god I think I’m going to be harder than ice soon.” You cried out, earning a laughter from him.

“Y/n are you hitting on me?”

“Whait whaaat no.” You mumbled taking a deep breath.

“You know that’s always the moment when the guy has to give the girl his jacket.” Theo stated, removing his jacket and gently placed it over your shoulder.

You suddenly stopped and looked at the sky, it was pitch black with little stars on it, but no sight of the moon. You let out a cry; “SOMEONE STOLE THE MOON.” The tears wear already forming in your eyes as he began to laugh, he softly patted your back and tried to calm you down.
“Shhh, it was me, sorry.”

 "Wow how evil of you.“ You slurred out, giving him a angry glare. Theo shook his head, while a cheeky grin was plastered on his face.
“Didn’t hear that for the first time.”

He opend the car door for you and got in the drivers side. After that he carfully tried to put your seat belt on while barely brushing your legs with his fingers  as you began to scream again.
 "Don’t touch me there I have a boyfriend.“

  “Sorry won’t happened again.” He said trying to hold back his laughter, throwing his hands up in defence.
  “And who would that be?“
“Well his name is Theo, but he get’s angry really quick, he will beat your ass for sure.”

“Okay then I should back off before this Theo guy kills me.” He played along with a smirk on his lips.

You nodded in agreement, not fully aware of what just left your mouth. Your eyes slowly felt shut caused by the energy that had left you. After a while you were woken up by arms that were wrapped around your body, his grip was tight and secure around you. Theo somehow figured to open the door while still carring you around.
“Where’s your room?” He asked, seeming a little bit lost in your house.

“Woah not so fast Raeken, at least take me on a date first.”
“Well you never let me.” He remarked and layed you down on the sofa in the living room.

“Yes, it’s because I hate you Theo.”

“That’s the alcohol that’s speaking right now Y/n.” He said smirking, knowing that you weren’t telling the truth. He then slowly leaned down and gave you a tender kiss on the lips. Your skin was suddenly heating up and your heart skipped like crazy. In the moment his lips touched yours you could already feel how your body sobered up, but before you could say anything he was gone, leaving you very confused but happy, wondering why he did all of that.

A/n: Long time no see guys lol and happy new year! I thought about posting  the imagines that I wrote a long time ago, should I?


Wearing His Hoodie

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Stiles x Reader
Warnings: N/A
Writer: thatgirlwholikestowritestories
Summary/Request: Continuation of Crush On His Hoodie: Slightly inspired by (X): You and Stiles have your first date!

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azunya-senpai: Fluffy first kisses with the boys, please? (´∩。• ᵕ •。∩`) ♡

(Yahoo~! My goodness, this was a request from long loooong ago. I’m so sorry! I made it as short and simple and sweet as I could. Hope everyone enjoys!)



You saw the blond casually sleeping in bed, earphones plugged into his head as usual. You grinned and plopped beside him. He grunted and hugged you like a pillow.

“(Y/N)?” He yawned. “So noisy. Do you even know what time it is?” You looked at your watch. “Shu,” you lifted your eyebrows, “it’s eleven in the morning. You’re probably the only person in the world who’s still sleeping!” You giggled.

The lazy boy didn’t reply. He simply continued on sleeping without a single care in the world. “Can you please get up, Sleeping Beauty?” You teased. “Let’s go before the witch discovers that your True Love is here!”

“Why don’t you kiss Sleeping Beauty before the evil arrives, Prince.” He hinted with closed eyes and a cheeky smirk. You blushed at his suggestion. You’ve never kissed him before.

Hiding your insecurities, your face came closer to his. You hesitantly stopped when you were a mere breath away. He was so handsome. You didn’t know why he stuck with you. He could have any woman he wanted fall down to his feet if he wished.

Surprising both you and him, he was the one that sealed the kiss. He propped his body on one arm and placed his impatient lips on yours. It was light and feathery. It felt gentle and loving. It was sweet and familiar. You never wanted it to end.

You nestled yourself into the blond’s embrace, lying on the bed. You found that his sleepiness was contagious. Soon, you were resting contentedly in his arms; the memory of your first kiss still lingering in his and your thoughts.



You were reading a cheesy, cliché romance book. Of course, you weren’t really interested in that stuff. You just wanted to laugh and criticize whatever unrealistic thing that was written down. You knew none of that would ever happen in real life.

Much to your astonishment, you actually found yourself enjoying the plot. It was very different from the life you were living. You knew Reiji would never be like those perfect heroes that would profess and demonstrate their unconditional love to the world.

Speak of the devil, there he was in all his cold intellectual glory. You smiled. “Hello, Reiji. What book are you searching for?” You watched as he skimmed through the shelves of the school’s library.

“I’m searching for a Geometry book for our project,” he responded distractedly, “the teacher wants us to use a specific tome for reference.” You set down your freakishly pink volume and decided to help him.

Your eyes wandered upwards. You beamed triumphantly when you finally saw what the two of you were looking for. You climbed on top of one of the lower shelves for leverage since you couldn’t exactly reach it.

As though fate was following the steps of those cliché romances, you unceremoniously fell down. Unluckily for you, you didn’t plummet to the floor. You were sheepishly on top of your bespectacled lover as he glared beneath you.

Unabashedly, you stared into his brilliant red eyes. His glasses were now nowhere in sight. Neither of you could move or utter a sound. His lips looked so welcoming; so delicious. Somehow, you knew that he felt the same way about you.

You didn’t know what compelled you to do it. It felt devilishly good. You were both heatedly kissing in the library. You closed your eyes and moaned in ecstasy. The dark haired boy gently caressed your flushed cheeks as he grazed your lips with his warm tongue.

When the two of you suddenly realized what you were doing, you both jumped. His hair was alluringly messy while your face was a shade of guilty red. Before you could speak, he picked up the forgotten book from the floor and glanced at you.

You stared once more into his crimson orbs; unbelieving of what happened. Prior to his escape, he gave you one more thing. One more thing to make you think that this whole day was just a dream.

He gave you one of his rare genuine smiles.

Reiji left. You stared at your book in wonder. “Maybe,” you whispers, “cheesy books like these aren’t so unrealistic as I thought.”



“Ore-sama has probably kissed a thousand girls before you ever came, Chichinashi!” The redhead proudly boasted.

“Really? Then Ore-sama probably has a thousand STDs,” you joked. You both were bantering again. You smirked as he gaped at you like a fish.

“Oi! No one must insult the great me!” He held his chin up high in the clouds. Ayato smirked confidently. “Ne, Chichinashi! Have you ever kissed anyone?”

You lost your cool composure. “W-what?” You glared at him. “So what if I haven’t, hmm? It’s not like it’s the end of the world or anything!” You defensively spat out. He laughed mockingly.

“Ha! You probably haven’t!” He stuck his tongue out. “You’re probably terrible, aren’t you? You aren’t worthy of Ore-sama’s fantastic kisses!” You kicked him hard.

“Oh yeah?!” You shouted. “If you’re so great, why don’t you prove it to me right here?” You challenged him. You happily smiled as he looked taken aback.

He roughly yet carefully grabbed your shoulders. “Fine!” The conceited boy indignantly called. You staggered as he slammed his lips onto yours. You gasped as you were suddenly pulled into a passionate kiss.

Ayato wasn’t lying when he said that his kisses were amazing. It started off strong and inquisitive. Seeing who would back out first. It eventually ended in a game of cat and mouse. Your tongues were fighting for dominance; you both wanted to see who would win. You both wanted to know who was the better kisser.

Eventually, you gasped for breath. You were actually shivering from his unbeatable intensity. Ayato’s sharp green eyes were still looking at you hungrily. It was no secret. The two of you wanted more.

“So Chichinashi over here knows how to make out? I never would’ve thought of it!” The redhead teased. He looked down at you, waiting for your answer.

You smirked. “I never knew you could think,” you teased before you pulled his messy tie to you. You giggled excitedly as Ayato engulfed you in another heated session.

Ouma Kokichi - Character Speculation

I’ve been feeling kinda dried out a bit for writing fics, so, I took a lil break, and, instead of writing a fic, I thought I’d show my speculations for my all-time fave SHSL Supreme Ruler, Ouma Kokichi 0u0 I’m just gonna talk about how I see this character, and how I see him being in the game. ^u^

More under cut if you’re interested 0u0

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yogslion  asked:

Apparently I had u followed you? Haha never mind. Anyway, who's your favourite/least favourite character(s) to draw?

Spontaneous following is always welcome here ;D

Onto the question; the answer is always changing with the amount of practice I get of each as I tend to get more comfortable with each character and their little quirks. 

The only character I have particular trouble with is Honeydew because, well, I’ve never really drawn dwarves before. Their proportions next to every other character throws me off. It probably doesn’t help his soft pudgy features is usually seen next to Xephos’s more angular ones.

Currently my favorites are the Dr Lalnable Duncan Jones ‘s (technically all three Lalna’s go by that name so i get to have all three as my favorite!). They are all drawn more or less the same way with a few tweeks here and there.

Lalna (or “Duncan” as we know him) is all childlike (for the most part) so I have fun giving him pouty or cheeky little faces that is usually made even more childish by that spikey/floofy mop of hair.

Lalnable is a hammy psychopath so I get to draw all the fun evil expressions with him, varying between calm menace to manic grinning/laughing.

and Lal is the lovely medium between the two expression wise, however his default expression tends to lean on the more sympathetic or reserved side. He always looks so much older/wiser then his two clones…

Mr. Courtney Part. 3 (SMUT WARNING)

Read this on AO3 here.
Read Part. 1 here.
Read Part. 2 here.
Word Count: 3205
So a ton of people have been requesting updates and multiple parts since I started the first one, which was initially supposed to be a one shot but oh my god this is my favourite thing to write. I think this is the best part yet, it’s definitely the longest I have ever done, so I hope you enjoy it!

You walked through the empty hallway of your school, clutching your books under your arm. It was morning and for the first time that month, you were extremely early - so you decided to check if Jai was in his classroom yet. As you walked towards his blue door, you thought you had heard him whispering and laughing. You quietly approached his room and peered through the small glass window, he wasn’t alone and suddenly you felt a pang of jealousy hit you. It was hard to make out what they were saying and their body language towards each other made you even more jealous, maybe even frustrated.

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Ever Going To Catch Me?

***Hi :) Can you do one where you and Derek are fighting and he accidentally hurts you. Thanks so much, I love your blog 💜***

I took this in a little different direction

“Is that all you got Sourwolf?” You breath with a smile. The last half an hour had consisted basically of a game of cat and mouse through the loft. Ducking, weaving, jumping over couches and practicing hand-to-hand combat, that sort of thing. You had hardly worked up a sweat, days like these you totally appreciated the perks of being a werewolf.

“I’m just going easy on you.” He grunts as he throws a punch your way and you bend back so far that it would seem like you’re auditioning for a role in The Matrix. 

“You? Going easy on me? You know it’s the other way around right?” You smirk as he grunts at the impact of your fist to his stomach. You’re the same age as Derek but you’ve had more experience fighting than him. 

“Is that what you call beating me up?” He laughs. He comes at you and you turn from him and jump over the couch. He stays on the other side.

“Ever going to catch me Hale?” You ask, faking left and he follows your movement but you’re already going right.

You hear a smile in his voice when he replies. “I hope so.”

You can’t help but smile as well, but then there’s a weight on you and you fall onto the ground.

You turn around to look up at a smirking Derek. You move to straighten out your leg and cry out in pain. He immediately looks worried and moves closer towards you.

“(y/n)! Are you okay?” He asks.

Another evil smirk lights your face as you swipe his legs from under him with your “injured” leg. He falls next to you and you prop yourself up on one elbow. 

“Do you always fall for girls that easily?” You ask with a cheeky smile.

“Only ones as beautiful as you.” He replies and you smile as you lean over a kiss him on the lips.

Idle Hands

Warnings: smut/ swearing

Member: Harry

side note: of course the first imagine i post has smut, dammit

You were out for dinner with Harry, Gemma and his parents. It was an elegant and expensive looking restaurant but Harry wanted to have a nice family dinner while he was in town.

Of course, knowing Harry and the look he gave you when you met him at the door in your little black dress, you knew that even though his family was sitting across from the two of you that he was going to try something.

At first it was innocent. A hand on your knee, a light squeeze, a few circles rubbed on the outside of your thigh. You didn’t think anything of it. You were engrossed in a conversation with Gemma.

His fingers tapped a few times before his hand slid further up your leg, slightly pushing at the hem of your dress. By now you were noticing. You placed a hand over his and tried to push it away but it wouldn’t budge. Frustrated you gave him a warning look, earning a dimply smirk from him.

As you ate dinner his hand returned to where it had been, his fingers twisting the hem of your dress. His hand slipped under the fabric. 

“Harry,” you whispered.

“(Y/N),” he whispered back. 

“Don’t you dare.”

“You’ve been a bad girl, (Y/N). Teasing me with that dress all night has given me a big problem.” He was whispering in your ear and his hot breath against your neck was making you shiver. 

You leaned closer to him with your hand almost touching his big problem. “You deserve it,” you smirked, kissing where his jaw met his neck before pulling away.

After dinner, while everyone was ordering dessert you felt Harry’s hand move higher, until his fingers were brushing lace. You gave him one more warning look that you knew he wouldn’t listen to.

His long fingers began to rub you over your panties. You sat up straight and bit into your hand to muffle any moans that might slip past your lips.

He pushed your panties to the side and continued to rub, knowing you hated to be teased. He slowly inserted a finger into your warmth, making you squirm with need.

“You’re so wet,” he mumbled, then he chucked “and so eager,” when you bucked your hips slightly against his hand.

He added another finger and began to pump, hitting your spot over and over again. A small moan escaped your lips which you covered with a yawn.

Harry sped up with the cheekiest of grins on his face. His parents were arguing with Gemma and weren’t paying any attention to the two of you.

“Harry,” you squeaked. You were close and if his fingers went any faster or any deeper you’d be a moaning mess, not caring who saw or heard. 

His thumb started circling your clit again, his fingers curling inside your dripping heat. 

Harry leaned over so his lips brushed your ear. “Be a good girl, sweetheart, and cum for me.”

You couldn’t control it. You came violently on his fingers, gripping the table with one hand and muffling your moans with the other. 

He didn’t stop there. Harry continued to pump and circle while you came, not letting you come down from your high until he thought your “punishment” for the night had been met.

Harry slowly lifted his fingers to his mouth, keeping his green eyes, which seemed to darken with lust, on you. He sucked each finger clean before smiling and saying, “best dessert I’ve ever had.” The cheeky bastard then turned to his family as if nothing had happened and entered their conversation.

You took a deep shaky breath before an evil smirk you hid well crept onto your face. You pretended to drop your fork under the table. You muttered an apology before disappearing under the table cloth. You knowingly blew a hot breath of air on Harry's big problem, before grabbing your fork. When you stood up you placed your hand on Harry’s bulge, making sure to squeeze. 

The look he had on his face was priceless and you knew that he knew damn well that you were going to get your revenge on him before the night was up.

Wearing His Hoodie

***Could you do a follow up story to crush on his hoodie?? So you and stiles talk about everything and Scott is listening in telling Lydia and Allison everything? And it’s really fluffy :) You are one of my favorite blogs by the way and I hope you have/had an amazing day***

Crush On His Hoodie

I’m not so good at at fluff, so I apologize ahead because it’s not really fluff. And that is one of the best things I’ve heard aaaaah I’m a favorite yay! Made my day.

Also might of had a little inspiration from this

You tap your foot as you wait in the lounge room. Stiles will be here soon. You had agreed to go on a date with him yesterday after Allison and Lydia got you to confess you liked him. At the time, you didn’t know that Scott and Stiles were hiding out. The doorbell rings, you contemplate running back to your room and hiding under the bed, but instead you answer the door. 

Your nerves immediately fizzle away when you see Stiles standing there, holding out his hoodie. A smile takes over your face as you take it from him. You look down at it. 

“You remembered.” You smile up at him.

“How could I forget? I was sure if I showed up without it than you’d slam the door in my face.” He smirks. He’s evil. He knows you can’t resist that smirk. You narrow your eyes at him, jokingly. You pull the hoodie over your head. It’s soft and fluffy and it covers your hands, it’s- “Perfect.” He says what you were about to think.

“Curly fries?” You ask.

“Curly fries.” He affirms. He grabs your hand and leads you to the Jeep, where he opens the door for you.

“Oh my! What a gentleman!” You give him a cheeky grin and he looks away trying to hide his. It’s not long before your on the road heading to the diner. You look in the side mirror to check your hair when you notice something.

“Oh come on!” You exclaim, turning around to look out the back.

“What is it?” Stiles asks, looking in the rear view mirror. You squint, confirming your suspicions. You turn back around and rub your forehead in frustration.

“That’s Lydia’s car. They’re following us.” You explain. You were totally going to kick their asses. You look back again. “Oh my god, Scott’s there too. As soon as we get out of this car nothing we say is going to be private.” You groan. Stiles looks like he just had the greatest idea. He gives you a side glance and the smirk is back. 

“I’ve got a plan." 

You and Stiles walk into the diner hand in hand and you slide into a booth. The door bell rings again and you know it’s Lydia, Allison and Scott. You throw a quick look over at them. Is Scott wearing a fake mustache?  Stiles order some curly fries and you start talking. First it’s about the usual things you’d talk about on a first date and other things like the pack and all that.

Out of nowhere you ask. "Hey, do you still have those chains?”

“What, those ones I used on Scott?” He feigns confusion.

“Well, I say we put them to a more creative use.” You wink and proceed to whisper in his ear some very inappropriate things. You hear Scott start to choke on his drink and can’t help but smile. Stiles, although knowing it’s an act, looks flustered. Out of the corner of your eyes, you can see Scott telling Allison and Lydia what you said. Their jaws drop and eyes dart in your direction. Stiles signals the waitress.

“Can we get those fries to go?” His voice cracks. You eagerly drag Stiles back out of the diner and into his car. You speed away, and this time you’re not followed. You and Stiles fall into a laughing fit. Stiles pulls up outside of the reserve and pops open the door for you. You slide out

“Where are we going?” You ask, as he takes your hand in his.

“You’ll see.” Stiles leads you into the woods. He stops and looks up. You follow his gaze and your eyes meet a tree house. You look back at Stiles, a questioning look in your eye. He shrugs, self consciously. 

“I used to come out here a lot when my mom died. Go on up.” He gestures for you to go up the ladder, which you only just noticed. When you get up there you notice the view is beautiful.

You and Stiles sit next to each other, looking over Beacon Hills. Stiles looks over at you.

“I really like you, you know.” He whispers into your ear.

“Well, I really like your hoodies.” You wink and bump his shoulder.

“I think I like my hoodies better on you anyway.” He puts the hood over your face and pulls the string.

“Hey!” You laugh. “That’s not cool!” You just get the hood of when he kisses you. It’s soft and sweet. When you pull away, his hands slip from your face to your hands.

What a first date.

Race (Dean Imagine)

i had to do research for this, as a lazy person i am mad. Anyway its bee a while since i posted but here’s another Dean one :) X

You were driving along the roads, windows open, the country breeze hitting you in the face. Your hair was blowing wild, and your ears were ringing with the sound of your favorite 80’s rock tape mixed with the grumbling of your engine of your brand new muscle car. You had been lusting after a super bee for so long. You’d been admiring muscle cars for a while, and your love growing for them when your boyfriend taught you more about his own. You wanted a bright yellow 1971 dodge super bee just for you. You were a hunter and travelled with Sam and Dean in the impala everywhere, having your own car was impractical as you’d have to follow them around ,but you didn’t care. The only other car you had was a scrapper of a smart car, which was your first one.
You pulled into Bobby’s, cruising up the drive way, turning your music down. Dean had his head buried in the hood of his car, his attention drew straight to you as you rolled up, parking right behind him.
“Hey!” You said with a grin, slowly walking up to dean, placing a small kiss on his lips, but keeping his hands away from you as they were covered in oil. You wiped away a smudge of oil from his face, making your thumb dirty, then stepped back from him, leaning against the passenger door of his car as he stood at the bonnet.
“What the hell is that?” he pointed his dirty hand to your new vehicle
“Thats my brand spanking new dodge super bee”
“its a rust bucket” he turned his face up
“Hey, it could use a little bit of work but its awesome as fuck”
“Um, no. This..” he shut the hood and lightly stroked his hand along it once
“This is awesome as fuck”
“My car is far better than your impala”
“Don’t listen to her baby” he said.
“Mines faster, nicer, hotter, cooler, works better” you listed, ignoring the comment he made to his car.
“Wanna bet?” he cockily asked
“Actually, i do. We race, up the road a bit. When i win, i get your nickel plated colt 1911 gun. If by some weird fluke that you win, you get anything of mine you want”
“I get to pick apart your car, and take the good things out of it, not that there are very many”
“Game on” you smiled
“She’s just fixed up, its obvious i’ll win, but lets do it anyway” he grinned cheekily, wiped his hands on his jeans, staining them forever, then got into his car.
You reversed out, and sped off down the road, you drove to this huge car park, where an old shopping centre was. No-one had stepped foot in the place since 1999 so there was no-one to car if you raced in the massive car park.
You stopped at parking space at the very back, Dean came a little while later, and rolled up five spaces away from you. You wound the window down
“To that bottom street light. You ready?” you shouted over.
“yes, are you?” he called back.
“Hell yeah! we count down at the same time?”
“yes, start driving on 0”
“3, 2” you said in sync “1,0” dean rushed through the numbers by himself, racing off without you.
“Prick” you mumbled as you floored it, and sped up, catching up with Dean in no time. You were neck and neck, he checked his rear view mirror looking for you, not realizing you had caught up so quickly
“Beep beep mother fucker” you laughed as you beeped the horn, picking up your speed. You were ahead of him, the front bumper of his car was roughly align your back passenger door.
You had your eyes on the road in front, but flicking back and checking over your shoulder to make sure Dean was still behind you, he was dangerously close to taking over, knowing your car had it and his didn’t, you slowed down ever so slightly, to make the race more interesting. He was right beside you, grinning, thinking he was going to win, it was cruel but as you raced up, coming towards the street light, you pushed your foot down on the accelerator and took over him. You sped past the street light first, winning the race.
“Woohoooo!” You shouted, punching the air with your hand out the window as you slowed down. You and dean both turned in different directions, as you were reaching the end of the parking lot.
You drove slowly back down the car park, ecstatic at your win. Dean, who was now about 20 spaces away after the turn, wasn’t so happy.
You circled back to the starting point, and parked in roughly the same spot. You pulled the keys out of the ignition, and jumped out of the car. Dean arrived just after, copying your actions.
“Yes!” You shouted, the race had given you with such an adrenalin rush, and winning filled you with a euphoric feeling.
“Fuck yeah” you said more quietly. Dean crossed his arms over his chest and leaned against his car.
“Aw Deany” you said, feeling sympathy for the race loser.
“How the hell did my impala lose to your car?” He asked, truly not understanding it was you and not the car.
“Because your impala didn’t have me driving” you smirked. You walked over to him and un-folded his arms.
“Don’t be grumpy” the side of your mouth smirked as you tried not to smile whilst consoling your boyfriend.
“Damn super bee” he scowled
“Damn super bee that you were looking forward to pulling apart” You smiled. You leaned in close to him, taking his hands and encouraging him to put them around your waist. You lay against him, and tilted your head up to look at him. He was still grumpy. You placed a small kiss on his bottom lip, practically his chin, as it was the only place you could reach without being on your tip toes. 

“Stop huffing” You kissed him again, this time standing up straighter and taller so you could reach his lips. Your hand slid from his back the whole way down the his ass, you pushed the teal colored jacket up, and put your hand on his bare back

“Wow” He said not realizing what you were doing. You gripped the gun from the back of his jeans, and took it out, then brought it round to you. You stood back a bit, but Dean still kept his arms on you, dropping them ever so slightly so they were on your hips.

“I believe this is mine” You smiled

“Yeah” He sighed.

“I’ll let you borrow it from time to time if it makes you feel better” Dean didn’t speak he kind of just looked at you, then a cheeky grin spread across his face. You knew he had either hatched an evil plan or he was about to say something he thought was hilarious but wasn’t really.

“Race to Bobby’s last one there has to cook dinner for the 4 of us” He let go of you and jumped into his car, driving away before you even had a chance to get back to your own. You just sighed happily to yourself, sure you had to cook dinner, you’d probably pick something up on the way home which is easier. But now you got to go for a long drive in your new car, that wasn’t going to be pulled apart by Dean, without worrying about anything in the world. You could drive all night and no-one could stop you, and that’s what you planned to do. You got in your car, blasted the tunes, and went for a long cruise, heading in no particular direction at all.

EXO Reacting To People Not Approaching You (GF) Because The Think You Look Scary

Based off personal experience. I have been called a lot of things that follow lol, whoops.

You are an EXO members girlfriend and you tell them that people at your work/college don’t approach you because you look like a rude, scary and dominating person.

Baekhyun: Innocently teases you about it when you tell him, pretending to be scared of you every time you enter the room or come out of the bathroom.

Chanyeol: Becomes a possessive puppy and is relieved that a lot of guys don’t approach you at college where he can’t be with you.

CY: At least this way I won’t have to worry about someone stealing you away from me, only I know your true beauty.

Chen: Like Baekhyun he would tease you. He would, however, switch to making you laugh quickly.

C: The people who think your are scary are absolute wimps. I mean look, you’re my personal clown.

*proceeds to attack you with markers and tries to draw mustaches and squiggles on your face.*

D.O: Kyungsoo is more of the type to be silently amused. He would wrap his arms around you from behind and pepper your cheeks with kisses.

KS: Don’t listen to them jagi, you’re beautiful.

If you’re still not amused, he’d try to make you laugh.

KS: Hey, we’d make a matching couple you know?

Kai: Jongin would be caught between confusion and awe. Why would people say that? Sure, your eyebrows were arched and all but it brought you eyes out; you looked great.

Kris: You’d lie in bed curled up on your side next to him and grumble about how the staff under you at work never came to you with their problems because they were scared of you. He’d nod along, pretending to listen until you whacked him on the arm.

You: Yifan, I heard them talking and they said that I looked like a murderer!

K: Who said what? Oh yeah, I thought the same thing the first time we met.

Lay: Yixing would be his sweet angelic self, giving you kisses and comforting you even if he sometimes did get a little scared of you when you got angry.

YX: Of course you don’t look like bad girl, baobei!

Lu Han: He would laugh at your misfortune until you sent him the death glare that sent your classmates scurrying away from you.

LH: AHAHAHAH- Oh okay no? Yeah, I’ll go uh, water the plants.

He’d pop his head into your bedroom later though.

LH: You know I was kidding, right baobei? If you looked scary I would never have found the courage to come talk to you, and eventually make you my beautiful girlfriend.

Sehun: He would be the ultimate sass master, and roll his eyes.

SH: Please, if you looked dominating do you think I would let you be seen with me in public? You can’t look like you control me! I am Oh Sehun.


S: Don’t listen to the haters jagi, you’re perfect the way you are. Even if your features are a little… intense.

Tao: Fashion Queen unleashed.

T: I told you not to wear those clothes with those six inch heels! And the dark makeup would throw anyone off. But did you listen to me? Noooo.

*gives you the sass hand*

Xiumin: He’d be his cheeky self.

XM: You don’t look scary, you just look hot. Like a prostitute.

You: *spit your drink everywhere*


XM: It’s a compliment jagiya *winks at you suggestively*

So I have been called a prostitute, a murderer, a bad girl, an evil girl, and have been said to have an intense face :3 I have half  a mind to upload a picture of myself lol.

Many thanks to @lulus-girl and @kpop-is-seriously-my-life for the tips and encouragement

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