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blind dates are lame- h.s imagine

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“When was the last time you went on a proper date?” Jeff asked Harry. The two of them were sitting across the room from another tossing a hacky sack to each other.

Harry caught the sack and stopped to think for a little bit, “Mmm. I think the last time was back in December.” He threw the sack back over to Jeff.

Jeff sat up on the couch with wide eyes. “Mate! That’s over six months!” Harry laughed while getting up and heading over to the kitchen, “It’s not that big of a deal, really. I’ve just haven’t been interested.

Jeff followed his friend and sat on the counter. “Well now’s the perfect time to start dating. You’ve finished your album. You don’t start tour for a couple of months. You can give your right hand a bit of a break.”

“My right han-..” Harry glanced down. “Oh. Yeah. My right hand.”

Jeff laughed and hopped off the counter and grabbed the water bottle Harry had in his hand. “Listen, I know the perfect girl. Met her down at the bookstore. Her name’s Y/N. Really down to earth kind of girl. Reckon you guys will get along great.”

Harry looked at Jeff with a worried look on his face. “I didn’t know you knew how to read.”

Jeff glared at Harry while Harry laughed softly, “Mate, I’m just not interested in dating right now. Wanna focus on the album. Wanna focus on the tour.”

“Yeah but one date wouldn’t hurt would it? I’ll visit her tomorrow. Tell her you’re interested.”

Harry scratched the back of his neck while leaning against the kitchen island. “I don’t know. Blind dates are kind of..lame aren’t they?”

“Yeah but you’re lame yourself so why not?”


The bell ringing against the door caused you to look up from the book you were reading behind the cash register. “Hey Jeff! Need to pick up some more journals?” You smiled at your new friend. While Jeff was in town, Harry texted him and asked if he could bring more empty journals. Harry claims he was in the “writing mood.” With a huff of annoyance, Jeff eventually agreed and found a family owned bookstore not to far from where he was. He went in and met Y/N who was honestly a breath of fresh air. She was sweet and charming. She was everything Harry needed in a girl.

“Hey Y/N! No, I’m fine. I came in to talk to you actually.” Jeff connected his hands together and placed them on the counter, as if he was in some kind of business deal.

Y/N dog eared the page she was reading and squinted her eyes slightly at Jeff. “What do you want?”

“Y/N, Y/N, Y/N” Jeff sighed. Y/N laughed and crossed her arms and looked at the tall man in front of her.

Jeff gave her a smile and opened his mouth and then closed it. Y/N raised her eyebrow at him. “Y/N, Y/N, Y/N”…

“Get on with it!” Y/N chuckled.

Jeff chuckled himself, “Alright! Alright. How would you feel about going on a date with this guy I know? Really nice. Sweet. Easy on the eyes…”

Y/N placed her hand on her chin and pretended to ponder about the idea of being set up. “Pass.”

Jeff clapped his hands together, “Great! He can pick you up at your place or you guys could meet- Wait. Pass? Why not!”

Y/N walked out from behind the counter and picked up a pile of books that needed to be put away. “I don’t know. The idea of a blind date seems kind of lame.” Jeff quickly followed her and grabbed the books from her arms. “Why does everyone think it’s so lame! You’re lame!” Y/N gave Jeff a look as she put a book onto the shelf. Jeff gave her a sheepish smile, “Sorry that was crude of me. What I mean to say is it’s not lame! I find it rather cute. And what if you guys end up getting married. You can say ‘My dearest friend, the noblest man I know, the most handsome guy that walked on this Earth; set me and your father up’ to your children.” Jeff was shaking his head while staring into the distance, thinking about how much of a hero he’ll look to everyone for setting up the perfect couple.

Y/N snapped her fingers in front of Jeff’s face, “Jeff!”

Jeff quickly came back to Earth and looked at Y/N, “So what do you say?”

Y/N sighed while grabbing the books he was holding back into her arms. “I-..”

“Great! I’ll text you the details!” Jeff shouted while running out of the store before you could object.

Y/N was sitting at the bar of the hotel lobby Jeff texted you to meet Harry at. Being put on a blind date by someone you just met and didn’t even know the last name of required a little alcohol help.

“Gin and tonic, please” a voice called out to the bartender. The stranger sighed and ran his hair through his hair.

You chuckled softly while staring at your wine glass. “Rough night?”

The stranger and looked down at the rings on his hands, “I uh. I don’t know yet. Maybe.”

And on que the both of you looked at each other properly. Harry gasped. You were surely the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. Your eyes were instantly wide. Harry Styles was the beautiful man you were going on a date with. Surely he was just in the neighborhood. 

Suddenly Harry felt like he needed to explain his every move to you. “I uh..I’m just waiting for my blind date to arrive but I’m a bit nervous.”

Y/N chuckled at Harry’s words. “Are you Harry?” You quickly scolded yourself in your head and blushed. Of course he was. 

Harry laughed at your mental face palm look on your face and nodded. “Are you, Y/N?”

You gave Harry a small smile and nodded, “I am.”

Harry quickly gave himself a high-five in his head for getting to spend the privilege of getting to be on a date with someone as beautiful as you.

The bartender came over and placed Harry’s drink in front of him. Harry gave him a quick thank you and proceeded to look at you. He smiled and placed his hand out towards the restaurant on the other side of the hotel. “Should we get this blind date started?”

You chuckled and nodded your head. “We shall.” You picked up your things and stood up.

Harry gestured you to go first, “After you.”

As you started to walk away, Harry quickly took his drink and gulped it down. He hissed at the burning alcohol and jogged after you.

You threw your head back in laughter and held your stomach while Harry was laughing pretty loudly himself. “How did you not notice you had a brown stair on your white pants!” You managed to get out in between laughs.

Harry held his hands out in defense, “I thought everyone was staring because they wanted to talk to me! And! I thought they were thinking ‘Wow. How stylish of him to wear those white pants!’”

Y/N finally settled down and wiped a tear from her eyes from laughing so much, “Well it’s good to know my date has such high confidence in himself.”

Harry looked down at his empty plate and chuckled softly, “It is.”

You gave him a smile to which he returned. Suddenly your waiter walked up to you guys, interrupting you guys from admiring one another. “Was there anything else I can do for you guys?”

Harry quickly gave him his credit card. “Go ahead and charge it.” You quickly tried to grab your wallet from your purse, “Here let me.”

Harry shook his head at you. “It’s fine, Y/N.” He then gave a nod to the waiter.

“Harry, you didn’t even look at the bill. Let me at least help.” You said while taking out your credit card. Harry reached over and grabbed your hand, “I got it, love.” Your heart melted at the pet name and both yours and Harry’s hands tinged from one another.

Not wanting the date to end, you and Harry decided to walk to your apartment that was about two blocks away. The whole time getting to know each other more and telling each other incredibly funny stories. Finally the two of you ended up at the front of your door. You turned and looked at Harry who was already smiling down at you. “I had a great time, Harry.”

Harry nodded his head, “I did too.” The two of you started leaning in when Harry was the one that finally brought his lips to yours. You smiled into the kiss and wrapped your arms around your neck. When the both of you pulled away, Harry rested his forehead against yours. “I usually don’t have the first kiss until the third date..” You whispered. Harry smiled, “Guess we’ll have to have another date then. You smiled and nodded, this time you were the one to kiss him first.

With one last kiss and the promise of another date, Harry left and you walked into your apartment. Both of you had the same smile and the same thought in your head, “Have to thank Jeff for that.”

Maybe blind dates weren’t that lame after all.

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Pairing: Lin x Reader

Requested?: Yep! Taylor requested this quite a while ago and I finally finished it! (you dug your own grave, twin)

Prompt: “This is my official request for you to write a fic based on those tags.” aka Lin takes you out to the Opera for date night but, he looks ridiculously good in a tuxedo and it’s all you can think about.

Warnings: public sex, biting, unprotected sex, Lin in a suit

Words: 2.9k+ (literally like 20 words from 3,000; holy shit)

A/N: Welp, my first Lin imagine and it is smut. Oh well! Thank you again to @helplesslylins , @diggs4life and @tempfixeliza for reading this damn thing like 3 times and encouraging me to post! Enjoy it you sinners!

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It was one of those rare times when Lin was not running from country to country working on projects. He was there when you woke up in the morning and actually listened when you asked him to stay in bed for a few more minutes. You learned to cherish these times and take advantage of it, so when you suggested a “night on the town” Lin was on a mission to find the best thing out there.

“Do you mean casual dress? Or an all out black tie affair?” Lin asked, looking up from his computer as you entered the bedroom.

“Uh, well, black tie! It’s been awhile since we got all fancy.” You replied after some thought, laying next to him and raising a brow as he quickly minimized his window.

“It’s a surprise.” He stressed, kissing your forehead. “Don’t give me that lip.”

You sighed, getting off the bed and heading to the door.

“Fine, fine! Get to planning, I expect to be dazzled!”

And a week later, Lin told you to clear your schedule for Friday night.

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Albus and Scorpius are the kind of couple who actually go to library to study or do homework. Like, really. Scorpius absolutely loves reading, and Albus doesn’t mind at all going with him.

Of course there are the occasional little touches - both reach for the same book, and their hands brush slightly. Or Scorpius needs a haircut so bad because a certain blonde lock keeps falling on his face, and it’s really distracting, so Albus puts that lock behind Scorpius’ ear without warning.

And the smiles. They look up at the same time, and it’s brilliant. (Sometimes Scorpius does this half smile-half smirk thing that makes Albus blush so much)

God, these boys are so beautiful and soft and pure. And so gay for each other.

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How would the boys react to Candy in her prom dress? (Being that they finally can date out in the open, amber isn't mean as much etc. All the drama is over)

Mmmm one thing i love about prom is how lit everyone looks just woW. Prom headcanons are too short so i’ll add some things they would do at prom. i wanna also add some songs that the boys and Candy would dance to bc i’m extra like that. I also added some dresses bc, again, i’m extra like that and so y’all don’t ask



Reaction to her dress: Honestly, Nathaniel would be in awe. He would probably stop in his tracks, for a moment, then smile. Thinking as if Candy just can’t stop being beautiful, she always is. Tad cliche, but those are his thoughts. Being the prince charming we all know he is, he’d give Candy a complement; “It’s as if I can’t believe how beautiful you can be,” Nath would kiss her, before he takes her by her hand and leads her to prom.

Song: Janet Jackson - Doesn’t Really Matter.

  • Honestly, has one of the best suits in prom.
  • Back of his mind he’s sweating bullets he doesn’t wanna touch the dance floor
  • On the look out for the other guys, he honestly should just chill for a second.
  • Lets Candy have her space if she wants, but is usually behind her
  • Drinks some punch,, about one or two drinks
  • If Candy’s off with her friends, Nath would chill around his own - preferably Armin or Kentin.
  • Melody tries to make a move on him but he’s just “Melody…Could you please just not?
  • Though he’s not annoyed, he looks annoyed - with his infamous “natural look of displeasure”.
  • That one guy that will go to a party and want to leave an hour later.
  • Won’t dance - he might if Candy wants to, though.
  • A slow dancer, definitely - he’s not some boogie kind of guy.
  • Avoids the buffet and every single sweet on the table, doesn’t know who or who didn’t touch all over it.
  • Raised his own money to buy his suit and tie.
  • The closest thing he’s went to eating something sweet, was a dark chocolate covered strawberry.
  • Such a romantic on the dance floor, he’s the; charming dancer.
  • Gets very tired, he’s not a party kind of guy.
  • Thought the prom would be more formal.
  • Complements the other students outfits, likes seeing different styles.
  • Dances with everyone - he’s not getting on the dance floor alone.
  • Seriously, this song has no rhythm - how do they expect everyone to dance to it?
  • Obviously, the two end up being the prom king and queen.


Reaction to her dress: Oh yes Castiel would be looking up down and all around. Maybe not all around - but you get my drift. He’d put his hand on his hip and give Candy such a big smirk “And I thought I looked good tonight.” he’s only half-joking.

He knows he looks good too - just not as good as Candy. Wraps his arms around her waist and gives her a very deep kiss, before opening the door for her to prom.

Song: Bruno Mars - That’s What I Like.

  • Came for Candy, there’s no way he came by himself.
  • Has his ponytail up, it’s a rare sight to see with other students - except Lysander, that’s normal.
  • Would have his arm around Candy the whole time.
  • Candy’s gonna have to lead bc inside, he’s lost on what to do here.
  • Would show off Candy if she’d let him.
  • Kinda eats from the buffet but doesn’t really care for it.
  • Obviously if Candy to talk with her friends, there’s no doubt he’s talking to Lysander.
  • Drops a complement or two to his friends about their outfits, thinks they’re cool.
  • No one can tell him he can’t have punch, cause he’s having enough to be satisfied and enough not to get drunk.
  • Doesn’t know how to dance ?? Like what is dancing anyway-
  • Isn’t dancing Candy might have to drag him.
  • Proud of his choice with his suit, might wear it to special occasions more than this one.
  • Always has that red drinking cup in his hand.
  • Amber could try to flaunt her outfit around he and Candy, but he’d honestly ignore her.
  • Doesn’t waste his breath on anyone he doesn’t like, it’s supposed to be a good night.
  • Sits down when it’s time to dance like - he’s not gonna move, he’ll drink and watch.
  • If Candy somehow managed to get him on the floor ??
  • Honestly, if you didn’t come here, then I wouldn’t be here.
  • Likes the DJ’s music, probably recognizes some of the songs.
  • This boy can tango, his mom probably danced that way and he caught onto it.
  • Acts a tad kinky when they dance together just to get a reaction.


Reaction to her dress: Lysander be in awe for a few seconds, but give the most prettiest smile to her. Such a pure warm smile, it needs to be put into a frame. Lys would kiss her before saying anything about her dress.

You’re just getting more and more beautiful everyday, Candy.” probably kisses her another time, but a little more gentle. Obviously, he’d open the door for her and lead her in.

Song: Kucka - Honey (Medasin Remix).

  • Nathaniel can wear all of the suits he wants, but Lysander is always gonna be the best dressed.
  • Looks like his hair is a bit more fluffy and curlier tonight.
  • Had to fight the urge not to wear a top hat that night, thinks he would look out of place if he did.
  • The best dressed out of everyone, he slays everyone in the room.
  • Looks very content about everything, doesn’t seem uneasy around all the people.
  • Doesn’t like the flashy lights, probably rolled his eyes because of the “extra-ness”.
  • Hangs around Candy, she’d be in charge - he’d want for her to be happy first.
  • Misses cuddles,,
  • Glances at Candy every now and then, was teased by Rosalya.
  • Wouldn’t mind dancing, but would prefer to do it when everyone else was on the floor.
  • Is actually SHY to complement her as he usually does. Gdi Candy Lysbaby can’t with this,,
  • Engages in conversations with other students, takes it as a “joyous occasion to talk to peers”.
  • Formal and kind to most of the students, probably serves some students their punch.
  • Honestly has been teased by Castiel as well for blushing around Candy lmao
  • Would ask Candy if she’d like to dance, she wouldn’t need to drag him making her job easiER
  • Loves seeing different styles on the students, thinks it’s interesting to see what they can come up with.
  • A lot more observant of the prom room rather than he is verbal with anyone else tbh.
  • Tried some pastry tarts from the buffet ?? And he fell in love with them.
  • Is the; charming dancer, we all saw this coming.


Reaction to her dress: Let’s be real, Armin would be very forward about Candy’s looks. Had a surprised expression on his face, that turns into that sexy smile of his.

Wow…! You’re looking super hot tonight,” adding onto his sentence, “Not like you aren’t everyday, anyway.” He’d give her a deep kiss, that lasts a bit longer than usual. He’d open the door and let her in and let the party begin!

Song: Daft Punk - One More Time.

  • Considers the prom more as a “party” than it is a “prom”.
  • Candy would have to explain the slight difference in it, bc he’ll ask about it.
  • …Basically the boring version of a party and everyone dances?
  • Alexy had to pick out his outfit, there’s no way that Armin was gonna pick out a suit on his own.
  • Doesn’t drink, he doesn’t like how people get drunk or have hangovers - sounds like it sucks. Nor does he want one tbh
  • That one guy that starts a dance fight just for shits and giggles.
  • Dances like a dork just to embarrass Candy, but he can boogie
  • So, Sweetness, what did you think of my cool moves back there?” knows he was dancing like an idiot.
  • Doesn’t really look at the other students outfits, they’re just outfits.
  • Pretty impressed with the decor of the area, glances here and there - thinks it’s pretty fancy for some highschoolers.
  • Such a picky eater when it comes to the buffet - takes years to make a decision on what he wants.
  • Actually likes his outfit, thinks he looks good - looked at himself once or twice in a mirror.
  • Didn’t leave his PSP behind, he played with it in the car - it’s resting in his tux pocket.
  • Still wearing his beanie some suit that Alexy picked out won’t stop him.
  • Won’t hesitate to give her a quick kiss on the cheek if she’s leaving or if he’s leaving.
  • Is the “boogie down” dancer, likes spinning Candy around when they dance.
  • Always ends the dance, spinning Candy around, and catching her from behind with a smile. He loves that move and he loves doing it.


Reaction to her dress: Pfft - Kentin is easily flustered, that’s for sure. Would almost tumble, but maintain himself. He’d try not to be super awkward checking Candy out, managing to say “You….You look absolutely stunning,” gives her a sweet kiss. He’d hold her hand, entering prom the same time she does.

Song: The Isley Brothers - For The Love Of You.

  • Wasn’t ready for so many people to be in the same room, he’s not very extroverted.
  • Follows Candy around, not very sure what to do.
  • Ok but he’s glanced at Candy LOADS of times and still isn’t over her beauty tbh.
  • Got teased by Alexy and then double teased with Armin, tag team teasers.
  • Drinks the punch somewhat, two or three cups of it, he just likes the fruit.
  • Lives at the buffet, helps around and takes some pastries - gives some to Candy.
  • Tried to give Candy a piece of his cake and got it on her face,, he felt bad but - Candy ate it anyways.
  • Surprisingly, the best dancer on the floor…only if he wasn’t so awkward to the idea of being in front of everyone else,,
  • Feels like he looks good tonight, glad he does too.
  • Super blushy when he dances with Candy like now he has a closeup ?? Candy would have to tell him it’s “alright” and it’s “okay”, he knows it is but - he’s just timid about it all.
  • Likes spinning Candy around and catching her, probably kissed her.
  • The type of dance he’d do is “swing” basically the retro version of the waltz, with spinning.
  • Thinks his suit is basic but figures it’d be classy to wear.
  • Always straightens out his tux, he doesn’t want it to be wrinkly
  • I remember when we had a prom in middle school, it was nothing like this.”
  • Likes slow dancing, has his head resting in Candy’s neck and holds her close by her waist.
  • If Candy was his dance at their middle school prom, he’d bring it up like “It’s funny how we grew up, doing this again”.
  • If not, then he’s timid to it but alright - now that they’re together.

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Today at work (I work in a shop) I had a customer who had a triangle tattooed on his arm. He cought me looking at it and I said "nice tattoo" and smiled. He immediately looked at me rainbow bracelet and said "thanks. Your bracelet is cool too" and i swear I never felt closer to anyone before.

awww. this is beautiful, babe 😍

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dad more wolf gang au please!

Taehyung doesn’t remember their first meeting.

Yoongi could never forget it.

Yoongi’s wolf never wanted to forget it.

The way deep brown doe eyes lit up with excitement as a little boy, not much older than six years old, ran up to the too large creature on the streets with a smile so bright it put the sun to shame. The wolf side of Yoongi always whined quietly as it thought back to the way the little boy had giggled and gently raised his hand to run small fingers through its midnight black fur, ignoring the way the creature growled in warning.

No one had ever touched him so softly before.

It was as if the little boy thought the wolf was the most beautiful thing on the entire planet. Nothing like the sneers and horrified looks it had been used to. No one, not even Yoongi’s own parents, shone with the same love as the little boy had when he happily, loudly, squealed out;


Yoongi doesn’t remember their second meeting.

Taehyung remembers it every night.

The younger remembers the way he’d been so lonely, walking to an empty home, as he thought of the money he didn’t have for food and what he could maybe steal to help him make ends meet. Taehyung would always think back to the familiar growls he’d heard and the longing that filled his heart as it sung to his soul when he slowly approached the black mass curled up at the base of a nearby tree. 

The wolf had been injured badly, deep gashes tearing at it’s legs and snout, but also seemed to be healing itself slowly. 

The then fifteen year old had no idea what to do to help so he did the only thing he could think of. The boy slowly reached out a hand to let the wolf sniff at it slowly. When he’d been sure the creature wouldn’t attack he tossed down his bag and sat next to it all night as the creature slept, making sure the wolf knew it wasn’t alone, making sure Taehyung himself knew he was also no longer alone. 

“Your wolf loved me from the moment it met me”

Taehyung’s voice laces with the night in a playful dance as he wings his and Yoongi’s locked hands together between them and the elder rolls his eyes, his cheeks only slightly pink at the boy’s teasing.

“It’s an animal, Taehyung.” Yoongi sighs out. “It doesn’t understand love.”

Taehyung stops to frown at Yoongi. He wasn’t dumb, of course, the younger understood the two sides of his soul partner. Taehyung knew there was Yoongi, human and filled with annoyance that simmered into love for him, and then there was The Shadow. There’s was the wolf side of the elder that was nothing but a wild beast hell bent on ripping the throats of anyone that pissed it off. Yoongi had constantly explained The Shadow had no feelings besides anger, rage, and bloodlust but the younger knew better.

Taehyung had seen other emotions years back when he’d been walking through the woods near his home and stumbled across the large injured creature.

Taehyung had seen hope, he’d seen warmth, he’d seen trust as he gently kneeled before the whining creature with an outstretched hand and a whispered “Puppy”.

“That’s not true.” The younger sticks his tongue out at the elder. “He loved me, why else would he have imprinted on me when I was a little boy?

Yoongi smirks playfully.

“Maybe because he knew you were an annoying little shit that would join a gang by accident and need someone to constantly save your ass.”


(I know there isn’t a bunch of gang related stuff in this but i needed to get some backstory out on them so yeah pls forgive if you wanted something really gang like i’ll try and do more soon!)

Kit sighed and let his head fall back with a thump. “Why do you care what I do?”
“I’m a Shadowhunter. We help people.”
“Now you’re lying,” said Kit, with conviction.                                           Ty smiled. It was a genuine, light-up-your-face-type smile, and it made Kit remember the first time he’d met Ty. Ty hadn’t been sitting on him then, but he had been holding a dagger to Kit’s throat. Kit had looked at him and forgotten the knife and thought, Beautiful. Beautiful like all the Shadowhunters were beautiful, like moonlight shearing off the edges of broken glass: lovely and deadly.
—  Lord of Shadows, Cassandra Clare

Merlin Memory Month. Prompt Day 10, Path III- Emotion/Mood: Conflicted.

Arthur wakes up slowly, feeling affection bubbling up in his heart.

Opening his eyes, he sees Merlin propped up on his elbow, staring at him. ‘He’s beautiful,’ Arthur smiles, warm and content. It takes him a moment to realize it’s not his own thought.

Merlin notices the look of confusion on his face, and jerks away. Arthur suddenly feel empty, alone, like someone just took away a part of him.


Conflict; Anticipation; Guilt.

“I am so sorry,” Merlin whispers- Gods, what have I done- looking away. “I didn’t mean for it to happen.”

“For what?”

“… Initiating a bond.”

(on ao3)

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JonDami wedding fluff , Dick crying in the background because HIS BABY IS GETTING MARRIED, also the Superdads can give a toast on the reception or something like that.

You are a wonderful person for requesting this. I wasn’t able to fit in the Superdads without it being too long or feeling forced, so sorry about that! ^^’ But hope you enjoy!

It’s a beautiful day outside. The sun’s shining, flowers are booking blooming, and Jon stands at the alter, waiting for his groom.

The music starts, and Jon turns his eyes to see Damian walking with Bruce on his arm, carrying a bouquet of scarlet roses with electric green tossed in.

Jon can’t breath because Damian’s wearing a pure white suit, a tie that matches Jon’s and a smirk that melts into a smile as he steps up to stand in front of Jon.

Everyone sits, and Damian and Jon look at each other, gripping each other hands as they tune out the priest.

They only stop when he says, “And now, the to-bes have vows that they have written themselves.”

Damian goes first, just as he wanted, months ago, and Jon let’s him. “Something old,” He touches the sword that rests against the alter-it’s his grandfather’s sword, Jon knows. It’s old, and Damian wanted something from his mother’s side. Jon couldn’t deny him.

“Something new.” Damian gently pats the bracelet on his wrist. “Something borrowed,” Here, he runs his fingers over the handkerchief in his breast pocket-it’s Alfred’s.

“And something blue.” Damian shakes his flowers, the single bright blue rose standing out. “Jon, Beloved, I love you. I haven’t said it as often as I should, and I don’t think I ever will. But,” Damian takes a breath. “I’m saying it here and now. I love you more than anyone in the world.“


Damian scoffs. “Shut up, Todd. He’s joining the family.” Jon laughs a bit at that.

“But. Jon, I want to be there for you. And that’s what I’m going to do.” With that, Damian shuts his mouth, and Jon really wants his kiss his cheek.

“Dami,” He says instead. “I’ve known you since we were ten and still sidekicks, and I was still trying to learn to learn how to be Superboy. We’ve gone through a lot since those times-” Jon reaches up to brush Damian’s hair away from a scar earned saving Jon’s life when he was eighteen. “And though sometimes I want both of us to just give up being superheroes, I know that won’t happen. So I swear that I’ll always be there, and I don’t care if we’re fighting for our lives or just sitting on the couch. I want to be there for everything, and I promise I will be.”

Damian smiles, and he discretely blinks away tears. Jon grins back.

The next few minutes pass in a blur, and nothing exists beside Damian and him. But then the priest says, “Do you, Jonathan Samuel Kent, take Damian Wayne to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Jon nods. “I do.”

“And do you, Damian Wayne, take Jonathan Samuel Kent to be your lawfully wedded husband?”

Damian doesn’t flinch or hesitate. “I do.”

“Then you may kiss the groom.”

Jon mutters, “Finally.” and pulls Damian close to seal their wedding.

Dick bursts into tears, everyone claps and everything Jon wants is in his arms.

Yeah, It’s the perfect day.

Dylan Confessing

“You’re so lame!”

“Cool than you though.”

“In your dreams dweeb”

You looked into Dylan’s joyful eyes and couldn’t contain your laughter. Dylan was in your living room goofing around and lipsyncing to the Spice Girls. He somehow manage to know a few words while most of the time he was just moving his lips and making fun faces. His dancing was terrible.

These were always the best times, even as children it was just a small tradition to have lipsync battles or just goof around in the living room. You remember when you both were little you would force your parents to watch you guys dance and goof around and tell you who won.

You looked at the tall skinny guy and saw only the beauty he possessed. He looked at you with his blue eyes and smiled. You got up from your seat and changed the song to the most cheesy song ever. “My heart will go on” Dylan was about to sit down but you grabbed his hand.

“C'mon we are doing a duet.”

“Oh I see you don’t want to lose”

“You’re gonna lose that prom date if I don’t teach you how to dance even alittle.”


You saw the confusion in his face and only laughed. Prom wasn’t till next year but you couldn’t find any other reason to get him to dance with you. You guided his hands to where they needed to be. His face was bright red and you could only smile. He wouldn’t look you in the eyes and just laughed at how nervous he was getting.

“Why are you so nervous Dyl? It’s just me.”

“Yea. But you are very uh..close to me”

“Oh c'mon nerd. Some people have their bodies touch, you are barely touching my hip.”

You laugh after you spoke when you notice his cheeks deepen into a bright red.

“It’s just different y/n”

You pulled his hand off you and stopped dancing.

“What’s wrong Dyl. You were just goofing off and laughing like 5 seconds ago.”


“C'mon spit it out nerd”

“Dancing with you isn’t the same as when we were children. Feelings change and mine’s for you have changed alot.”

“What do you mean”

“I can’t dance with you because you make me nervous and I fumble around you. You mean more than a friend to me.”

You could help but laugh because of how serious he was getting and how well it went with the song. He gave a blank expression and you realized he must have thought you were making fun of him. You deicided if we has actually trying to confess than it was worth a shot.

You pulled him into a kiss and felt how his lips went from tense to just following your lead. You couldn’t help from smiling mid kiss. You managed to kiss him right at the climax of the song and you also got to finally kiss him.

He smiled back and kissed you again. This time pulling you towards him. You both stood like for a short while till you heard the door knob turn.

“Hey guys. What’s going on in here?”

“ uh…you know. The.. Same old.”


Never been feelin’ so great about myself :)) Please when you think you look good, take hundreds of pictures of yourself, it doesn’t matter if you have to delete all of them except three photos, you need to know you that you look dAMN good and see it yourself for longer than just that day! embrace yourself and (start to) love yourself❣️

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2ps react to seeing their S/O on their wedding day

2p America: would literally start blushing and crying (what a softie?)
2p Canada: He would be frozen at how magnificent their S/O were. He’s definitely in love.
2p France: Couldn’t believe his eyes, and at the fact that he loves someone so beautiful.
2p England: He would literally start gushing and giggling at how beautiful they are- oh here comes the waterworks!
2p China: he would start laughing at how great they look and probably cry
2p Russia: for once you can actually are a big smile on his face.
2p Japan: see 2p Russia
2p Germany: This big ol’ softie will totally cry and compliment tf outta them!
2p Italy: Seriously, he’d stop and look at them moment only to realize how beautiful they truly are.
2p Romano: gasp and gush a lot
2p Prussia: Oh yeah, he’s definitely going to cry- he’s already crying.
2p Austria: He would just smile a lot and laugh, he’s too happy to be edgy at the moment

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In your opinion what was Harry's most beautiful look? I loved him in the pink polka dotted shirt and also the 1D grimmy interview from like 2015 I think? The one where he's typing in all of his answers on his phone! Like! The shirt didn't even matter he was just glowing and all smiles. That was the day it finally registered in my homosexual brain 'Wow Harry is the most beautiful' AND YES I'm fucking crying!

this is literally the hardest thing anyone could ever ask me to answer. 2014 harry will always have a huge place in my heart because thats when i properly fell in love with him and made my blog and accepted my fate. like this look is one of my all time faves 

and the time where harry braided his hair has such a special place in my heart even tho lou was annoying and tried to make it manly lmao

also horsens harry (rest in peace) is honestly imo the most ethereal he’s ever looked. like the long white shirt, the painted red nail, the bun and the long free flowing hair the jawline……..absolutely iconic 

also this absolutely incredible look i will never forget……i have this pic in a frame lmao

and then of course………another man. another man literally changed my entire life every image from that issue saved my life but personal faves include

in conclusion i love this bitch and everything he does and wears

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I saw a girl with a yellow hijaab today and I had to smile so wide cause I immediately thought of Sana's lovely one! The girl looked so pretty, too. Very beautiful. 💛

Hi, Anon!!!


Sweet Surrender

For @doctorroseprompts “Reunion” prompt  I chose “The Idiot’s Lantern.” Also, since the last sentence gave me fits, it’s also for @timepetalsprompts Trope Bingo square “sentence that took ages to write.”  Thanks to @hellostarlight20 for looking this over.

The Doctor scanned the crowd of people reuniting with loved ones after the Wire ordeal.  He was pleased that so many people were happy, but even as he smiled at the reunions, he scanned the crowd for one particular face.  He felt as though he could finally start breathing again when he caught of a glimpse of pink satin.

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Tis a dream with in a dream (spencer x reader)

AN: so hi! Have a random story showing my love of edgar allan poe! Enjoy. Tagging @dontshootmespence cause why not

Sitting you waited as the guards checked the inmates, patting them down, you could see him, long mess of fizzy light brown hair, curls everywhere, his eyes were dead to anyone who looked at him, but you could see past it, you could see he was holding himself together with the broken facade of hollowed eyes and sunken features. It was his only way to stay sane it seemed. Fake it until we could get him out. He was dying you could see that. Dying to touch you, just a touch would be enough to ground him to reality. But no luck could be given.

Finally you saw him walk in his eyes finding yours with in seconds, a small spark lighting them. As he sat down you smiled
“Hello my beautiful wonder boy” his smile didn’t reach his eyes, it never did.
“Hey…hows it…hows everything coming along…” You sighed shrugging
“We are…we are working day and night and its killing me slowly when they hold me back from bashing some fucks head in…who could have…sorry…um so…i brought one of my favs today….lets make sure the brain inside the man i love will stay stuck together by his sheer intellect. Edgar allan poe. A dream with in a dream” spencer watched as you unfolded the slip of paper setting it on the table in front of you his eyes watching you as you cleared your throat.

“Take this kiss upon the brow!
And, in parting from you now,
Thus much let me avow —
You are not wrong, who deem
That my days have been a dream;
Yet if hope has flown away
In a night, or in a day,
In a vision, or in none,
Is it therefore the less gone?  
All that we see or seem
Is but a dream within a dream.
I stand amid the roar
Of a surf-tormented shore,
And I hold within my hand
Grains of the golden sand —
How few! yet how they creep
Through my fingers to the deep,
While I weep — while I weep!
O God! Can I not grasp 
Them with a tighter clasp?
O God! can I not save
One from the pitiless wave?
Is all that we see or seem
But a dream within a dream?”

Spencer smiled as you finished your voice the calm focus of his thoughts. Smiling at him you bit your lip
“I love you…so much…okay…and if it kills the fucks who did this…i won’t stop if its scratch i will bury the bastard so deep in a cell so dark no one will hear him…because they don’t hurt the person i care about…the only person i have left….we’ll get you out…i swear….i swear..” You heard the call as time was up. Spencer stood looking at you
“Remember this will all be but a dream with in a dream…” He nodded as the door closed leaving you staring at the door.

“It will all just be a dream with in a dream….”

*so i love edgar allan poe just yes.*


“It’s been real nice having you around kiddo, even for a short time.” said pappa, carefully driving down the newly snow covered road.

“Ja,” I agreed, “It’s been nice. Maybe we could do this again two weekends from now?”

“I would love that,” he said turning to me, smiling and  his eyes twinkling. He paused for a moment before looking out his window.

“Look at that beauty, Em. Why would you want to give that up?” he sighed with awe.

“Pappa…” I warned.



Here is a little photo shoot we did today at the request a follower. We enjoyed going out and finding an outfit that would look sophisticated, but still show off my wife’s beautiful body. We went wine shopping and to the adult toy store. The gentleman behind the counter had a very hard time keeping his eyes off my beautiful wife. He couldn’t stop smiling either…lol
More to follow, we took quite a few pictures. These are the ones I liked the best, I will post the ones she liked the best a little later.