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12 with Tim and Damian?

End of semester papers, always a joy. Truly, the only proper way to spend a solid six hours in front of a computer screen trying in vain to think of some way to artfully write about the key themes in a book you barely read without it sounding like utter bs. And such was the way that Tim had just spent those six hours, though the only progress he had to show for it was a few measly paragraphs. But it still seemed like a good place to take a break and get some food, since he hadn’t eaten in the entire time he was working. After a quick stretch, Tim headed to the kitchen and saw that Damian was also perusing the cabinets for a snack. Damian glanced over at him before saying “Drake, you look like you just crawled out of hell and wrestled a bear.” Tim frowned “Thanks, I try my hardest.” Damian let out a mirthful scoff “ Clearly your efforts aren’t feasible. Honestly I doubt you even try on anything.” This was met with a dry, humorless laugh from Tim “And yet I seem to get fairly good results for someone who apparently ‘doesn’t try’.” Damian opened his mouth to spit out a comeback when Tim held up his hand in mixed defeat and anger “Please, stop.” Damian blinked, confused as to why Tim hadn’t tried to insult him or anything. “Listen, Damian, I am tired. I have worked for six consecutive hours on a paper that I don’ t care about but have to do because otherwise I won’t pass this class. And on top of that, I have work to do for about seven other classes that is just as, if not more, difficult than my term paper. If you want to insult how I look right now, fine I don’t even care. But I would like to see you be able to pull off like 5 AP classes and have extra curricular activities and an outside life while still somehow managing to look like you’re not half dead. Okay? Thanks.” With that Tim grabbed an armful of food and retreated back into his den-like room, leaving Damian standing in the kitchen looking completely stunned. The joys of a life as a student were really something he had to look forward to.

Post 3x08 - On the subject of Iris's crush on Oliver...
  • Barry: Iris?
  • Iris: *distractedly writing article* Hmm?
  • Barry: Am I...hot?
  • Iris: *stops & looks up, stunned & confused for a few seconds* Are you hot? What does that mean?
  • Barry: *shrugs & walks towards her, collapsing on the opposite of the couch she's sitting on* I mean...if someone asked you how to describe me, would you say I was hot? How would you...describe my level of...attractive...ness?
  • Iris: *starts to grin & closes her laptop* Where is this coming from?
  • Barry: *stretches arm across the back of the couch but doesn't meet her eyes* I don't know... When we were just friends, sometimes you said I was cute. You've said I was handsome since we've been dating, but... You've never called me HOT.
  • Iris: *smiles adoringly at him when he finally meets her gaze* You know I find you attractive, Bear. *digs her toes into his pant leg*
  • Barry: No, I know that... It's just, when Oliver-
  • Iris: *laughs* Oh BEAR.
  • Barry: *blushes fiercely & can't look at her*
  • Iris: *crawls over to him, straddles him & kisses him*
  • Barry: *pulls away a moment to catch his breath* Iris-
  • Iris: *puts a finger over his lips so he stops talking* I find you very, VERY hot.
Bear Crawls - YouTube
“What I remember about Klebold. He was tall, like 6’4 and he dressed really weird. combat boots, sunglasses, kmfdm shirts. I remember not knowing what kmfdm was. He was awkward looking, kind of unnattractive I guess.

I remember the teacher making him do bear crawls for being late to class constantly.

We played this no rules dodge ball game. It was just every man for himself, with like 50 or 60 kids. Him and this really scrawny kid were last and the scrawny kid beat him. for some reason I won’t forget that.“


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write something with lots of hugs and kisses and cuddles? lol

“What the hell is this!” Dean blurts out with a chuckle.

“It’s my pajama,” Castiel answers with a frown. His pajama consists of Dean’s old Metallica t-shirt which he left in Cas’ apartment once and Cas claimed it his own, and a pair of flannel pants in soft blue with a pattern of little cartoon bees on them. As a cherry on top he’s wearing bright pink fuzzy socks.

“You look like a teddy bear. Soft and cuddly,” Dean comments as Cas crawls onto the bed.

“I’m not soft and cuddly. I’m fierce and powerful,” Ca protests.

“Of course,” Dean hums wrapping his arms around his boyfriend, pulling him on top of himself.

“But you’re also soft and cuddly. It’s not contradictory.” He nuzzles at Cas’ neck, making him huff out a laugh.

“Alright then,” Cas kisses Dean’s temple. “I’m a fierce cuddle-monster.”

Dean bursts into laugher, burying his face in Cas’ shoulder. Cas smiles softly and pulls him closer, they are lying side by side now, limbs intertwined.

When Dean finally stops laughing, Cas catches his lips in a long and slow kiss.

“Are you really gonna leave the socks on?” Dean mutters against his lips.

“Yes, they’re warm and comfy,” Cas answers, rubbing his socked foot against Dean’s calf. Dean hums contently, changing his opinion about the socks, kissing Cas again.