look at that adorable face

Her opinion always matters!

This scene at The Time Vault is really charming for me (1x20; The Trap)

They just find out who Gideon is (well kind of) and Barry’s first reaction is to look at Caitlin  and her face is just adorable.

May be I’m reading to much in to the scene but in my opinion this lets us know how much Barry has learned to trust in Caitlin, he knows that no matter what she will always have his back, he is searching for her reassurance, something to let him know that what’s in front of him is real, he could turn for Cisco but he choose Caitlin.


xwiidow asked:

"Mom, I am running away to Aunt Laura till *college* if mother continues this!" (because I want Maria dealing with a teenage daughter, OK?)

Maria tried really hard to hide the smile that was ghosting on her lips, the look on her face was adorable still given her age. “Whoa calm down, before you hightail it tell me what she’s done” 


glad you guys are back. we missed you so much, our dorky kings♥