look at scott

Skittles things to think about: 

  • The song they’ve decided is their song. The one that, whenever it plays, Stiles gets a vague, warm look on his face, and Scott ducks his head because he knows precisely what he’s thinking about.
  • The little kindnesses they do for each other. The olives that magically appear on Scott’s plate, the post-it note reminder Stiles finds on one of his college binders, the warm towel Stiles leaves for Scott after his shower, the new T-shirt Scott buys because he knows Stiles will love it.
  • The way Stiles gently ruffles Scott’s hair in the morning to make his bed-head even more hilarious. How Scott records a night of Stiles’ sleep-talking and plays it for him while he’s scarfing down his cereal.
  • Late night showers together - both the sexy and the soft sensual kind, where it’s more about providing comfort than turning on, hands sliding over each other’s bodies, kneading into the tense muscles. Scott helping Stiles wash his hair, keeping the shampoo out of his eyes. Stiles tenderly loofahing Scott’s back.
  • The tentative plans they’ve made for the future - where they want to travel, the dog they’re going to adopt, the concerts, movies, plays, events they’re going to attend.