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you’re like the thing that makes the universe explode

“Kid, the only people who don’t know that you like Suvi are people who haven’t met you and Suvi.” 

Sara Ryder hasn’t slept in a while. It makes for strange, albeit honest, conversations. ~1200 words, heavily featuring Drack.

“Scott has this theory,” Sara says, “about doorways.”

Drack looks at her sideways, a little like she’s lost her mind. Maybe she has - she’s been awake since yesterday, possibly the day before. She’s forgotten. It all blends together in a haze of code, coffee, and pie anyway.

“Yeah?” he says, poking at the tray of biscuits he’s just pulled out of the oven. Seemingly unsatisfied with the poke, he slides the tray back in, grumbling about shoddy Initiative tech.

Sara brings her legs up onto the bench and crosses her ankles. “You know, between me and Gil, we could fix the temperature control on that.”

“Then I wouldn’t get to complain,” he says, setting the timer for another five minutes.  

She shrugs - she can’t fault him for that logic - and takes a slow sip of her coffee. She’s probably long hit maximum saturation of caffeine in her bloodstream, but decaf tastes funny. “Open offer.”

He turns around and leans back against the counter. “So. Doorways.”

“Doorways,” she says. “Scott has a theory that our brains have evolved to subconsciously associate doorways with change. So if you’re stuck on something, just leave the room. Tech, email, crappy mood, whatever. Your brain automatically switches gears when you leave the room.”

“Huh,” Drack grunts. “That also why you guys walk into places and ask everyone else why you showed up?”

“Probably.” She takes another sip. “Anyway. He read an article when we were kids, and never shut up about it. I’d be banging my head against a problem, and he’d just ‘leave the room, Sara,’” she lilts her voice upward in a mockery of his deep baritone. “Never fucking worked.”

Drack crosses his arms. “And doorways are what’s keeping you up?”

“Oh,” Sara says, “no.” She glances at the door: still shut. “I have a crush on Suvi,” she says, as evenly and plainly as if she were mentioning the rain on Havarl. Because she does. A big one. And that, far more than fixing her twitchy assault turret, is what’s kept her awake since yesterday, possibly the day before.

He snorts. “No kidding.”

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Random Scene #9

(Rip’s first meeting with Felicity and Cisco. Any mistakes found in this story will be blamed on the flu.)

“Oh, wow,” said Felicity, her wide eyes roving up and down Rip as she took him in. “He’s totally like a British, time travelling, space cowboy, isn’t he?” She turned to Ray and Sara. “Why didn’t you guys tell us?”

The pair exchanged bemused looks.

“Uh,” Sara said, uncertainly. “We wanted it to be a surprise?”

Cisco, his own eyes equally focused on Rip, nodded. “He’s like a combination of Captain Malcolm Reynolds and the Doctor from Doctor Who.”

Felicity slapped his arm. “Exactly!”

Rip, who had been somewhat taken aback by the pair’s exuberant scrutiny, gazed from one to the other feeling rather baffled. “I’m sorry. What are you talking about?”

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Watching 2:14 and I had a realization. Felicity wasn't jealous of Sara because she was with oliver, she was insecure because of Sara's fighting ability, not being the physically weak link in the team. When felicity tells Diggle, after Tockman cyber attack the lair, that it wasn't about Sara and oliver but about her role on the team, what she's supposed to do. I have a feeling that Felicity knew why that coupling happened and knew it was a matter of time before it fizzled.

I agree that Felicity wasn’t jealous of Sara because of Oliver but because she was afraid she was being replaced.

What a lot of people forget to do in that part of the season is look at Oliver’s behavior towards Felicity after Sara arrives. He becomes churlish and snappy with her. He says things to her with a nasty edge or doesn’t talk to her at all. A few times he snapped out things to Felicity in a way that even had Sara giving him a hard look because Oliver is a guy who can only concentrate on one thing at a time to the elimination of everything else. 

It’s his biggest weakness actually. Oliver, from day one, has always let his personal life cloud his judgement. Based on his pattern of behavior and his increased hostility towards her, Felicity knew he was gearing up to replace her with Sara. I honestly believe that some part of Oliver was preparing for that.

I’m sure he convinced himself that what they do is too dangerous and, unlike Felicity, Sara could take care of himself. Eventually, had the pattern continued, Oliver would’ve kicked Felicity off the team and told her to handle things at QC instead. He would’ve done it to protect her but the end result would be Sara taking her place which is why Felicity did what she did. She wanted to prove to him that she could be valuable too.

On the other hand, I think Felicity would’ve been happy had Sara and Ollie worked out. Yes, she had a crush but Felicity has intimacy issues and abandonment issues so Oliver and Sara making their relationship work, while painful, would’ve also taken a lot of pressure off her in a way. 

Felicity’s attitude is to enjoy the moment and release with love. She’s always remained friends with her exes because she can let go of the relationship without becoming bitter. It’s the reason she broke up with Oliver; because when he hurt her and she began feeling bitter she knew she had to move on because she didn’t want to become her mom. Her mother appears bubbly on the surface but inside she’s filled with a lot of resentment due to her ex. Felicity never wanted that to happen to her.

Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (Elton John Cover)

If I had to choose my absolute favourite cover Sara has ever done, I would say it’s probably Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. The original song was initially released in the 70s and it’s one of Elton’s most popular. Some consider it to be a classic of his. It is. 

Elton John considers this to be the best cover he’s heard, and I agree. I absolutely do.

So what makes this cover particularly special? Why should you care to listen to it?

1. She performs with a huge string orchestra. And it’s a gorgeous arrangement.

2. It showcases her singing/superwoman abilities 

3. I have to gasp for breath EVERY TIME at the ~3:08 mark. How someone can sing such a high note and remain on key is unbeknown to me. 

4. There’s a sweet old man sitting behind her, smiling throughout the entire thing. Literally. Smiling. The. Whole. Time.  

5. She plays her piano WITH the orchestra and it’s flawless.

6. She’s wearing polka-dots. I love polka dots. How can you not love polka dots?

7. When the strings play in unison with those beautiful high notes, hellooooooooo, shivers!!! It’s a breathtaking performance. I could listen to ~3:08 + forever. 

Sara has performed this many times in concert and considers Elton to be a major influence and inspiration to her.  

Turn Down the Heat - 21 (Leonard Snart Reader)

Part One Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven Part Eight  Part Nine Part Ten  Part Eleven Part Twelve  Part Thirteen Part Fourteen  Part Fifteen  Part Sixteen  Part Seventeen Part Eighteen  Part Nineteen  Part Twenty

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One week and no answers, but you were still here. Then things got exciting. Distress signals that lead to the moment of now being in a space battle, “Gideon report!”

“We have a haul breach.” She rattled off the deck area as you cursed turning to go fix it.

“Stay…put.” Len looked down at you, “Sara and I can handle it. You need to try and not get stressed.”

It was one of the theories that the more stressed you got the more you ‘jumped’, “Len are you serious? We’re in a fire fight!”

“Just stay…we got it.” He pointed at you taking off with Sara.

You rolled your eyes looking back to Ray, “Please tell me you got this.”

“Oh I got this…I think.” He muttered the last part.

“Dammit…” You held onto the center console looking at the damage reports, “Rip is going to get us killed…”

Kendra looked at you concerned, “Are you serious?”

“I hope not.” You looked at her before starting out of the bridge, “I really hope not…Gideon…status on the breach.”

“What Mr. Snart is doing is working, but it will not be a permanent fix.”

“Will it buy us the time we need?” You started to run.

“Calculations indicated a substantial amount of time.”

“Good.” You could see the room where the breach was at ahead of you. The light of the cold gun reflected off the walls. You sighed knowing you were going to get an ear full from Len when he saw you.

Then the door shut.

“No…” You rushed forward slamming your hands on the door, “No no! Gideon open the door.”

“There is a still a breach…safety measures won’t allow me to do so.”

“Len…” You looked inside as his face appeared in the window, “I’m going to get you out.”

“Y/N…” He looked at you, “You can’t worry about me…you have to relax.”

“Shut up!” You hit the door shaking your head, “I’m tired of losing you…I’m not…”

“Hey…” Looked at him through the window, “You’re not going to lose me. I’m too stubborn for that.”

“He’s right.” Sara smirked a little, “He’s an asshole. He doesn’t just disappear from people’s lives.”

Len glanced back at the assassin, “Gee…thanks.”

“I can’t get the door open.” You told him when he looked back at you, “The breach needs to be fixed.”

You watched him visibly shiver, “I know you and the others will figure it out.”

You stared up at him nodding, “I’m gonna get you out of there.”

He leaned his head against the window watching you run down the hall, “It’s going get a lot colder in here.”

“Don’t worry Snart.” Sara smirked at him, “I’ll keep you warm.”

Once the ship was at a safe distance you helped Ray with his suit. It wasn’t made for space, but it would do in a pinch, “You’re not going to have a lot of time.”

“I know. I’ll work efficiently.” He smiled at you glancing at Kendra, “Can you give us a minute?”

You smiled and nodded, “Please hurry back.”

You walked down the hall quickly to the bridge. This was all going to hell. All you could do was wait now. You weren’t good at that game, “Gideon…anything from the other ship?”

“I’m afraid not.”

“Has Ray launched?” You put your hands on a chair and leaned forward.

“Yes…he’s approaching the breach now.”

“Good…good.” You moved around the chair and sat down. You shut your eyes as Kendra walked in. You listened to her talk to Ray keeping him motivated. You tried to go back down to talk to Len and Sara, but Len shooed you away.

You knew what he was doing…if he died…he didn’t want you to be there for it.

Your eyes snapped open when you heard Kendra calling to Ray getting no answer back. You were on her heels running toward the loading Bay. You stopped in the doorway watching her shake Ray’s body. It was awful to watch.

You felt his hands on your arms first as Rays gasped back to life. You turned into burying your face into Len’s chest. He was freezing, “Len…”

“We’re fine.” He whispered looking over at Kendra and Ray, “You kids need a moment?”

You smiled glancing at Sara walking into the room. A quick once over and the small victory was pushed aside. There was work to do.

“I’ve just received a message from the shuttle. It seems Mr. Rory as escaped capture and is on his way back to the Waverider now.”

Len smirked looking over at Sara, “Told you. Those pirates picked the wrong guy to mess with.”

As they walked down the hall everyone started asking questions. Valid questions. Questions that started to get you thinking, “Len…”

He looked at you and frowned, “I know…but I trust him.”

You nodded slowly as everyone stopped when Gideon announced that Mick was boarding now. You could feel the tension ripple over everyone as Mick entered the ship alone.

Len took a step forward toward his beaten friend, “You okay Mick?”

Mick stared at them all for a moment before turning his head slightly, “Boys! The ships all yours.”

Your stomached flipped as armed men boarded the Waverider. Len stared at him taking a protective stance in front of you, “What are you doing Mick?”

“Getting us home.” He responded roughly, “Are you in?”

“Len…” You whispered as he took a few steps forward pulling out his cold gun

“Yeah…” He glanced back at you “Time to choose a side, I guess”

His head swiveled back to Mick as he smirked raising the gun, “Chosen.”

“Bastard!” Mick shouted as everyone scrambled out of the way of his heat blast, “I’ll get the time drive!”

You managed to catch that and looked at Len, “I have to get to the engine room.”

“Y/N…you need to get some place-”

“Len…if he rips out the drive he could strand us for good or worse.” You told him.

He stared at you his eyes saying that he didn’t want you to be part of this at all, “Go…we’ll hold them off.”

You took off running. You knew this ship better than anyone and could get anywhere quickly. You skidded into the engine room breathing hard. You had to take the time drive offline before Mick got there.

“Shit…” You froze hearing him behind you. You looked back at him, “Move.”

“Mick…” You looked at him shaking your head, “You don’t want…”

“You don’t know what I want!” He shouted at you, “You’re part of the problem.”

You felt your fear creeping up on you as he got closer. You stood your ground pushing it down, “Mick, I can’t…let you do this.”

“Then I’ll remove you.” He raised his gun up toward.

“Hey!” Sara shouted from behind him, “Leave her alone.”

“Sara…” He looked back at her, “I like you…you got a lot of guts…So I’m only going to…”

The fight erupted and you turned toward the drive shutting the panel. With them dancing around you knew you wouldn’t be able to get it out slowly. You felt grab you by the hair yanking you back.

You struggled and felt him buckle sending your forward into the wall. You saw a flash in front of your eyes before you hit the ground. The burning sensation on your leg started to grow.

As your eyes snapped open you saw Mick and Sara fade away into a blur leaving you laying on the ground alone surrounded by the dark.

(uh so this is basically part one of the update today :D)


“Hey,” Y/N bumped their hand against Sara’s shoulder. Sara looked to where Y/N was pointing. A huge guy was harassing a small girl.
“And here I thought we were going to catch a break.”
Y/N shook their head before finishing off their drink, “Justice never takes a break. Come on.”
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