look at ryeo

//Dude, the Korean kings were so hot like, man and I just-


Yeah okay but, on the other hand, the Hwarang were super cute and…

… at least the Queens were like, super models and-




有缘无分 (yǒu yuán wú fèn) -  “have fate without destiny” refers to couples who were fated to c o m e together, but not destined to s t a y together


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah


“I never thought I’d receive this great award, Hallyu Star Award. The Korean Wave wasn’t formed solely by a single actor or actress. This popular phenomenon was possible thanks to the viewers in Korea, directors, writers and staff who work day and night, and foreigner fans of Korean dramas. I don’t know if I really deserve this award. Still, I am very thankful. […] As all the actors and actresses here know, we’re acting in such favourable circumstances. Although it’s not easy to understand and embrace another country’s culture, many foreigners love our culture. Their love really touches my heart every day. I wish I can continue working as an actor especially for them.”

Lee Joon Gi (Hallyu Star Award)
SBS Drama Awards 2016