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Need a Ride? I'll Come Running

Warning: Vandalism is really the worst thing in here i think.
Notes: I got this request (ohmtoonz gangster au) from an anon on Tumblr SO long ago and I tried my hardest to finish it. Hopefully everyone’ll like it ;w; - <3 Crest
Pairings: Ohmtoonz

“What the fuck are you doing to my car?!”

Luke and Jonathan both whipped their heads up in shock when an unfamiliar voice screamed out at them. They both jumped away from the battered car with the broken windows immediately as if that would convince the new arrival that they had nothing to do with the destruction of his car.

It didn’t.

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The tattoo expo

wordcount: 2k ish

warnings: swearing

notes: slightly rushed because I really wanted to post something. ao3 here

Luke had an attraction to tattoos. It was something about the way it seemed to bring peoples skin to life, the swirls and patterns marked into their skin giving a glimpse into the heart of the person they were a part of. Whether they were well planned out or just a spur of the moment thing, they were like an open window into a part of their life. There was an intoxicating beauty to art that someone found worthy to permanently add to their body.

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You’re the Only Ones that I Need                  Word Count: 1817

Evan stretched and yawned lightly. He turned to his side, expecting his arms to hit another body but he was instead met with empty blankets that were still a little warm. Of course, Ohm had already gotten up. He was probably downstairs, maybe in the kitchen, or living room. Before Evan could investigate his theory though, a warm arm draped across his side.

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Chapter 1: The Beginnings of Batowl

Hello! And before you ask, no, we haven’t finished with Good Night Calls. This was just a side project for me to get into that turned into something bigger. Thank You @johnlockedslashprincess for giving me the guts to write it.
Like I said, this was going to be a one shot, however, because it is very personal to me I kind of fell too far into it!
When I was watching Delirious, I realised he has a lot of ‘problems’ a lot like myself which stems from having Dyslexia, so I just wanted to write a fan fiction to show that being dyslexic is a actual problem, and not just something people say to get out of shit.
Thanks dudes, SexualPizzaBox aka Weetiebel.

Red paint dripped down the leg of the table, mixed with feathers and glitter. Evan dipped his hands into it, smearing it along as the coldness bit beneath his fingernails. He had lost his scissors among the red and was blindly trying to fish them out, not realising they had fallen onto the floor.

“Evan!” Tyler yelled, coming up behind him. He too was covered in paint which he had plastered onto his now completely ruined clothing. A light pink had found its way into his hair and onto his face.

“Yes, Ty-Ty?”

“Have you finished? Look what I made!” He smiled goofily, holding up what looked to be a cut out pig mask, painted pink and red, with pompoms placed in random locations.

“Hey, sweet!” Evan called, grinning back at his best friend. “Look at mine.” He pointed to a different table where his laid on a neat layer of newspaper, setting to dry.

“Wow Evan, that’s pretty cool, is it a chicken?”

“No! It’s a red owl.”

“Oh.” Tyler chuckled, trying not to wheeze as Evan pouted; his chubby filled cheeks puffing out slightly. “Well, it looks great… I wonder who else is done?”

“Brock is, Brian isn’t, but Brock’s helping him and Anthony is helping someone I don’t know…”


“Yeah, Scotty I think.”

Tyler winced a little, staring at Anthony and Scotty who were playing with the black and white paint, turning it to grey. “Maybe we should go make more friends like Anthony is Evan. We don’t want to not have any new friends here. Then it’ll feel just like kindergarten, but we ain’t at kindergarten! We are now at school!”

“But I wanna go back to kindergarten, I hate school and I hate science.” Evan sighed, following Tyler’s view.

“At least this is kinda like silly stuff, I can’t wait to show everyone my mask!” Tyler grinned, waving over to Anthony who had caught him staring. “Let’s go introduce ourselves!”

“Nah, I don’t wanna. Can’t we wait, Ty-Ty?” But Tyler was already walking over towards Anthony and smiling at Scotty. “Okay then…” Evan sat down next to his mask, staring at it. Did it really look like a chicken?

Evan spun to see a slightly tanned boy with dark hair and gleaming blue eyes. He had a big smile planted on his face, with a tooth missing from the front.

“Um, hi there.”

“Nice mask.” The boy said, scrunching up his nose as he tried to make his smile wider. “Is it a birdman?”

“An owl.”

“Batman likes owls.” The boy mumbled to himself but still keeping eye contact. “That’s pretty cool, is that your bestest thing?”

“Yeah.” Evan continued to look up at the boy who was stained in blue. “How about yours?”

“It’s a raccoon!” The other boy sung, lifting it from the table beside him. “I got the black thingies and everything.”

“It looks like a cat gone wrong.” Evan giggled, causing the other boy to frown.

“No! It’s a raccoon! Why’s everyone sayin’ that!” He exclaimed, looking down at it in wonder about why people saw it as a cat when it was clear as day a raccoon.

“Why is it blue then?”

“Why is yours red?”

“Because it’s the best colour.” Evan said, playing with a feather that was firmly stuck onto his mask.

“Nu-uh blue is the bestest colour ever to live.” The other boy blurted out loudly, causing some of their classmates to look over.

“Jonathan, keep your voice down. Have you finished?”

“Yes, Mrs.” The boy said shyly back to the teacher, embarrassed to have been called out.

“Has everyone finished their masks?” She mumbled, watching all the children nod in agreement. “Okay then, let’s have a look.”

Brock had showed his off first, it was an eagle with black and white spots like a cow. Secondly, Brian came up, but only when he was holding Brock’s hand, showing what appeared to be a robot horse; with hair grips glued along the face to give it the metal look. Anthony came up with Scotty as they had stuck their masks together to make a massive four eyed panda which the teacher didn’t seem too happy with. They only smiled at each other though, making their way back down to their table.

Then, if Evan remembered correctly, Jonathan came up, stating it was definitely a raccoon and not a cat, but Tyler kept calling it a cat anyway. Tyler came next, showing off his pig with the random pompoms and some kid at the back saying it looked like a dying pig. Then that kid came up, showing off a monkey and saying how no one could state it was a monkey without being racist towards him.

Again, the teacher was not amused.

Finally, Evan came up, making up a story about how his owl got hit by a car and that’s why it was red. He could see Jonathan laughing the whole time which filled him with a confidence he had never felt before.

“Okay, is that everyone?” The teacher said. Nobody responded so she assumed so. “Time for a break then, you can all go out and play with them.”

Evan stood high and mighty on the jungle gym wearing his bright red owl mask. “Just call me super owlman!”

“I think it should be batowl.” Jonathan mumbled. Evan hadn’t even seen him sitting next to him, drinking a carton of orange juice. “Why?”

“Because Batman likes owls! You could be his super duper side-person-kick thingy.” He exclaimed.

Tyler, who Evan normally played with, looked towards him and raised an eyebrow. “Who dis?”

“This is Jonathan, I met him in class. You told me to meet new people.” Evan mumbled, taking his mask off and lowering himself down to sit next to Jonathan.

“Oh, okay, hi, I’m Tyler.”

“Hi. Just call me Batcoon!” Jonathan laughed strangely, causing Evan to laugh too.

“You should be the bad guy!”

“What? Why?” He pouted, now causing Tyler to grin.

“Your laugh sounds like a crazy person.” Evan snorted, making Jonathan chuckle lightly.

Before they could continue, a stranger came over. “Hey, Jo, what you up too? I was looking for you!”

“Just saving the damn world from death and doom.” Jonathan sung, biting hard into a ham sandwich. The other kid laughed before looking around.

“Hey, where is Luke and Ryan? They said their lesson would be over by now.”

Jonathan shrugged, now looking towards Evan, who frowned at him. “This is Marcel.” He mumbled, pointing to the stranger. “He’s my bud.”

“Hey, losers!” Someone called from behind Evan, he turned around to see an older boy climbing the wrong way up the jungle gym, and another one walking around tutting. “You’re going to hurt yourself doing that, buddy.”

“Don’t fret, mama, I’ve got this!” The boy climbing jumped down, hitting the floor with a tingling sensation running up his legs. He winced, jumping around like he had pins and needles.

“Told you.” The one walking towards Marcel said, watching the other as he hobbled in pain.

“Nah, it’s all good! I’m not hurt.”

Jonathan laughed, wide eyes looking toward the one hopping around. He thought it was hilarious.

Evan watched him, amused by the way his face lit up, though Jonathan felt it and spun to meet his eyes.

“They’re Luke and Ryan. Luke’s the one on the floor.” He laughed again causing Luke to give him a glare.

“Laugh it up, little man. Luke’s going to get you.” Ryan jeered.

Jonathan screamed in excitement, scaring Evan, and jumped onto the floor, running as Luke got up and started chasing him.

Tyler stole his spot, looking towards his open lunchbox. “He left it, it’s mine now.”

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10691808/chapters/23678331

Rainbow Six Siege: Ohmtoonz Edition [2]

Chapter: 2/3

Part one: [x]

Luke, by any means, is not stressed. He’s not. Maybe he gets mini heart attacks when his phone rings and their wedding planner says “Hey, so you know the venues you guys picked? They’re all booked”, or when the cake designer texts “I don’t want you to panic Luke, but the cake is going to have to be pushed off for a bit, we’re getting bombarded with orders and don’t have the time right now. We’ll get to it though, don’t worry” .

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Omegaverse Pt. 2

The delta’s lips twitched upwards in a smile as he stepped from his apartment in a white tank top with blue dots which dashed across the clean fabric. His eyes were brighter than the sun itself, reflecting an imaginary sea of fresh water.

The air seemed fresher than usual, no humidity and no smoke drifting through the clouds. He deemed this to be a beautiful day. “Jonathan! Let’s go, you mother fucker!” A nearby Alpha smirked as he got the shorter brunette’s attention.

“Shut up, ya bitch!” Jonathan declared, his arms crossing as he fought against the arm dragging him towards the car, “I am TRYING to enjoy the scenery, you fucker.”

“I don’t care, we need to fuel ourselves up with fucking coffee and then get you to work before you lose your paycheck a third time this month.” The alpha snickered as  Jonathan groaned.

“Fine, Luke, fine.”

Luke smirked victoriously and held the door open for the Delta, who snarled at him and hopped inside. “Just as challenging as ever.” Luke chuckled, heading to the driver’s side.

As the pair drove to their favorite coffee shop, they stopped by a friend’s house to gather him up before he fled off on a walking spree to work. “We’re driving you from now on, get the hell in.”

The bunny Omega only sighed and crossed his arms but hung his head and hopped in. “This place isn’t safe for us, Ryan. You know that.” Jonathan cracked a smile to him, “And look at the bright side, we get coffee from Evan’s every day!”

Ryan just sighed and nodded his head, “Evan and I aren’t on… ahem.. agreeable terms though.”

“Then fix your shit and get it all done and over with.” Luke pushed, a small smirk falling on his features as his tone was broad and demanding.

Ryan flinched and hung his head again, “Right.”

Jonathan frowned and sighed but watched as they parked on the side of the road near the coffee cafe Evan owned. A bright smile beamed on his features as he clicked open the door much to the Alpha’s protests. He skipped from the car door, slamming it closed all the way, to the entrance of his date’s cafe.

“Jonathan. Behave, or else,” said Luke, his eyes glaring harshly into the rebellious spine of his delta friend.

Jonathan snarled, “Or what? You gonna claim me and destroy my pride like every other omega,” he sent an apologetic glance briefly at Ryan before glaring at Luke once more, “I don’t think so, alpha boy. Go fuck you and your stupid fucking role.”

Luke flinched as his friend spoke harshly at him. “Jonathan, what the hell is your fucking issue? Ever since you met this Evan douche, you’ve been hitting me in the face with your rebellion, you little fucking piece of shit.”

“Shut the hell up, Luke, geez.” Jonathan frowned, turning to open the door of the cafe with a brighter smile of pride and joy, “Evaaay-bear!”

Ryan watched the angered alpha click open the door and watch him step out, “Th-thanks, Luke..”

“No problem, Ryan. Go inside, I’ll be in after a walk. Can you order me a French Vanilla cappuccino?”

Ryan nodded, “I’ll pay for it.”

Luke nodded thanks and walked down the road some, disappearing around a corner with a somewhat ashamed look on his face. He knew Jonathan responded darkly towards alphas ever since his brother was destructed by one.

Ryan followed Jonathan deeper into the cafe, up to the cash register counter. A bright grin was on Jonathan’s face as he rang the bell and waited for his date to appear from the back entrance. But instead of Evan, a replacement was there.

“U-Um… where is Evan Fong?”

“The owner? He’ll be back in some minutes.”

“H-How long?”

“Probably ten minutes. What can I get for you this morning?”

Jonathan stammered, “Evan knows my usual. I’m afraid you don’t.”

“Oh. Is it a special thing? A unique kind of order that he makes special, maybe?” The young American smiled at the still shorter one.

This guy was a delta like Jonathan but his smell was off like he was already claimed by a beta or an alpha… “Yeah. You can take Ryan’s order though.” Jonathan nodded off to Ryan, a weird thought in his head as he went to sit down.

Ryan nodded slowly and recited Luke’s order first before beginning to order his own. “You’re a cute Omega, who’s your alpha?” The delta at the counter sent a sly grin to Ryan who flustered at the comment and looked at the man in silence.

“I-I… Excuse me?” Ryan asked with severe confusion, “My Alpha?”

The cashier beamed even more at this, “You’re not claimed yet? Or marked? Why is there an alpha smell on you then? A friend, perhaps?”

Ryan frowned, “Yes. A friend. And no, I am not going to be claimed by anyone.”

Jonathan hopped up from his seat, “Whatcha ordering, Ryan?”

“A coconut vanilla mocha. They’re the greatest.”

Jonathan smirked at the cashier, “Nice, bet it’ll taste great, right?”

“Yeah. It’s a great drink for beauties like yourselves.” The Delta smirked at Jonathan as well, catching the boy’s chin with his finger and pressing a kiss to his neck sharply.

Jonathan hissed and slapped the man, “Make our order before I call up my lover and make you work without a salary.”

“Your lover can’t do that to me, you slutty trashbin.” The Delta snarled at Jonathan.

Jonathan snarled back at him, a clear glare of hatred towards the other, “You’re the one smelling like ten other alphas and betas!”

Just then, the door opened sharply behind them and in walked a familiar scent. “Fong, what took you so long?!” Jonathan demanded, turning to meet a very pissed off gaze.

“What the fuck are you doing here, Jonathan?”

Jonathan flinched, “W-What? For my coffee, of course. Only you know my usual. Besides, we still have our date tonight, remember?”

Evan sighed and pinched the bridge of his nose, “Did you not get my text, Jonathan?”

Jonathan shook his head, “It broke.”

“I told you there was a rapist around my cafe, he’s trying to find omegas, betas, deltas, even alphas to fuck. You have to get out of here.”

The cashier flinched at this and spoke out swiftly, “That’s why I was called in to cover for your sorry ass, Evan?!”

“Yeah, mother fucker. Get back to work before I call in Craig.”

The cashier flinched and shivered, “R-Right.”

As their coffees were fixed by one cashier, Evan swiftly made Jonathan’s cup and gave it to him. “Get out of here and don’t return until I call you back okay? We can go on our date but I’ll come pick you up later on tonight.”

Jonathan nodded, kissing the other’s lips, “Thanks for caring for my safety, Evan.”

Evan smiled softly and nodded. JJonathan frowned suddenly, “But you know I can protect myself, even if that fucker’s got a gun. I’ll fucking destroy him.”

“It’s actually a she-alpha.” Evan shook his head softly, “Luke is the one who found her fucking a beta senseless. He reported it to me yesterday after he dropped you off at work.”

“Alright. I love you, come visit me, you know where I live. You be careful.” Jonathan smiled at him, sharing a deep kiss with Evan quickly.

Their lips connected swiftly, their tongues meeting in the middle to dance and rub against one another to get familiar before pulling away as the door swung open once more.

Evan nodded at Jonathan as Luke retrieved his coffee from the cashier, “I love you too, Jonathan.”

Jonathan smiled as he heard his name roll off those perfect lips. He nodded his bye and left quickly, hopping into the car with Ryan following close behind. Luke entered his driver’s seat and waved at Evan who disappeared into his own car.

“That mother fucker better stay safe working here.”

How You Fell In Love With Me - Chapter 1

A/N: So, my brain came up with another idea. Thanks creative brain. Anyways, just as a heads up a lot of stuff is going to repeat. I’m not going to write all of the novel within this fic; that’s a little too much work. But the italics is Bryce’s book, while the normal is dialogue between characters in the real world. Sorry if it gets confusing.


Chapter 1: Peeking Interest

Bryce was glad he found a blanket. It probably wasn’t as fuzzy as it used to be and there was obvious evidence that a dog had gotten to it, hence why it was in the trash. However, it stood looked long enough to cover the entirety of the 20-something’s 6'3" body. Though the thought of whether he’d use it for cover or warmth lingered in the back of his mind. He would think about it later. Right now, he simply crossed his fingers that there was another blanket in the other dumpster.

He was not expecting to find a person.

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Princess Part 14 - Badboy! Calum

Part 1

Part 13



School is dull compared to the last few days. You had heard a rumor that Calum was wasted in a bar the night you rejected him. You could tell how ‘broken up’ he was about it. Note the sarcasm. Calum was probably having the time of his life, hooking up with girls and drinking whatever he could get his hands on.

Adam has been really nice to you. It’s been good to rekindle your friendship, but it would’ve been better under different circumstances. You sit with him and his friends at lunch, but never miss the glares coming from Calum’s table. You assume they are directed towards you, but they have yet to make eye contact with you.

Calum huddles at his table, shrinking his shoulders in together, trying to look as small as possible. It’s nothing like how he used to sit. He used to sit upright and strong, as if he expected and knew that everybody was watching him and enjoyed it. Now, he looking like he wants to be hidden away. His friends, Luke, Ashton, and Michael, are often leaning in towards him, talking quietly. You don’t put much thought into these actions though.

Focusing your attention back at the table, you can see Adam and his friends, Ryan and Kevin talking excitedly, probably about some sports game. You catch Kevin staring at you.

“Why you looking at him?” He mouths to you. You quickly shrug you shoulders, unsure of what to say. Kevin and Ryan became quick friends with you and knew what had happened with Calum.

Kevin gives you a quick pity grin before returning to his conversation with Ryan and Adam.

You walk into your maths class the next day and sit down in your regular seat. Calum sits four seats away, staring out the window to avoid eye contact. You spend the whole class staring at him, hoping to catch his eye though. He must have felt your gaze on his back, because he never turned around, except for a quick glance when he left the class.

Summer calls you a bitch on a daily basis, and you wish that somebody you knew was in that class to defend you. You couldn’t exactly do it yourself. Today she called you a whore though, and she doesn’t think you would fight back, so it was a shock to her and the teacher when you throw the first punch to the girl next to her.

Suspended for a week.

It’s a long week.

You hope that Calum is proud of you for defending yourself.


Chapter 5: Stupid Smile

Evan got off the plane, scanning the airport as he looked for piercing blue eyes from the crowd.

“Where’s he meeting us?” Georgia said, trying to follow her partners eyes, but failing.

“He said somewhere in here. The guy’s never been very good with detail.”

This caused Georgia to laugh. Evan had said so much about Jon. So much. She knew how much he wanted her to meet him, and how much he wanted to see him.

“I think that’s him.” Evan said, frowning slightly.

Jon looked different.

He was wearing a beanie over short dark hair. His jaw had got more defined and so had his high cheekbones. His eyes were still a piercing blue but were held down by dark bags. His arms were covered in fresh ink that Evan hadn’t seen before and he had new piercings. One on his eyebrow, another in the centre just below his bottom lip and a load more ear piercings.

Basically, he looked fucking hot.

Jon caught his eye.

“Hey, Jo, long time no see.” Evan cried, pulling him into a hug before the other had a chance to say anything. He had grown taller too, now he towered above Evan’s height. It was weird.

“Hey, man!” Jon exclaimed excitedly. It was Jon. It was his best friend. But Evan couldn’t help but still feel this tingly nervousness in his stomach. “Everyone’s dying to see ya! Oh, and you must be Tylor, I’ve heard a lot about you.”

“It’s Georgia.”

“Shit.” Jon looked sheepishly at her. “That was the last one.”

Evan started to laugh, which didn’t look good when Georgia frowned at him.

“I told you he had a bad memory.”

“No, I don’t!”

“Well, for pointless shit you don’t, but important things just go in one ear and out the other, I swear!” Evan laughed harder.

Jon pouted slightly, looking towards Georgia.

“Sorry…” He mumbled, staring intensely at her.

She smirked, grinning. “Hey, don’t worry about it. At least Evans having a good time.” She punched his arm lightly.

“Anyway, let’s find the others. They should be at my house.”

The ride back was strange. They had caught a taxi back to Jon’s and it was a mostly silent one. Evan wasn’t sure what had gotten into the pair that hadn’t seen each other for a year, but he couldn’t bring himself to speak. He didn’t have the courage to ask his best friend how he was, about his piercings and tattoos, about school. His bottled excitement was stuck in his gut and he couldn’t force a sound out. Jon was silent too, was he tired? Sad? Evan wasn’t too sure. He had never seen Jon so out of focus from his giggly nature.

Jon sat next to him, his eyes darting towards Evan ever so often almost in encouragement. He didn’t know what to say to Evan either, somehow scared he would stutter his way through even though he knew Evan wouldn’t judge him. It was a weird feeling. He had almost gained enough confidence to speak before the taxi driver stopped, ushering them out onto the street in front of his house.

It was quiet as they entered the house, before Evan heard the muffled laugh of who he guessed was Lui, and then the hush of Tyler and David. It was them. It was all his friends. Yeah, he had made friends who liked him for the quiet side he had. But these guys were different. They knew him.

“Welcome home!” They all shouted, jumping out from behind Jon’s sofa and from his kitchen. Evan started to laugh as David missed his queue, jumping and falling over the sofa.

“Hey, man!” Tyler sung, bringing his friend into a big hug. He had shot up since last year and now towered above Evan as Jon did.

The rest hadn’t changed at all though. The only differences were that Luke and Ryan had both grown bulky beards, Craig and Marcel had been to the gym and Anthony had new ink just as Jon had. But it was them.

He greeted each person, one by one in their own unique ways. Some hugs, some high fives and some handshakes, in the ironic way of course. He really did feel at home.

“Why you’ll welcoming me home? This isn’t even my house.” Evan smirked.

“It might as well have been, you two were always around each other’s.” Tyler pointed out, grinning. This made everyone laugh. It was weird how they all fell back into place again. All but one.

He could feel Jon staring. He needed to get used to him again. The intense stares were making his spine tingle. Was it different or was he just weak to it after not seeing him?

He turned to catch the blue orbs in his. Jon was laughing along but watching him. He didn’t break eye contact as others would if they were caught staring though. He kept it, smirking.

‘What?’ Evan mouthed, causing Jon to shrug. Only then did he break the stare, his eyes going towards Lui who seemed to be up jumping on his sofa.

“So Evan, how’s life been?” Ryan mumbled over the sound of shitty speakers.

“Good, man.”

“So I’m guessing this is the lucky lady then?” Ryan said, catching Georgia’s eye.

Ryan was about Evan’s height, with brown hair and beard, and a freckled face. His eyes seemed to be some sort of hazel mix, which were soft. She could tell he was a charmer just by the eyes. They were beautiful.

Evan turned his head, almost surprised to see Georgia there. To be perfectly honest, he had become so overwhelmed from the past, he had forgotten she had been by his side. He felt a wave of guilt pour over him. He wasn’t normally this ungentlemanly.

“Yes!” He exclaimed, Ryan raising an eyebrow at his sudden loudness. “It’s more like I’m the lucky guy though.” He slipped in subtly causing Georgia to giggle.

Ryan rolled his eyes, smiling.

“It’s good to have you back.” Ryan stated.

“It’s good to be back.” Evan replied, grinning as he watched Ryan’s eyes dart to Jon who was talking to Brock and Brian. “How’s he been?” Evan asked and Ryan’s eyes shot back to him, his lips humming before answering.

“To be honest with you Evan.” He responded, keeping his eyes on Evan. “Not so good. It’s been bad not having you here. He’s really felt it the worst.”

Evan bit his lip, looking at Georgia when she gripped his arm. She looked up to him with an emotion he couldn’t quite read.

“How bad?”

Ryan sighed, now looking away and towards Luke who seemed to be coming over. “Well, his mom’s in a bad way at the moment. He’s trying to look after her as his sister’s left. It’s affected his grades and he’s convinced he hasn’t passed this year as well as the dyslexia. They still haven’t given him help for it. You were his only help. I would help him but he said he doesn’t want it, so I left it.” Ryan paused for a second as Luke came over, tucking his arm around him.

“Alright, sugar tits.” Luke laughed, pushing into his friend slightly. Ryan frowned, staring at him.


“I’m being serious here and you’re calling me sugar tits.” Ryan replied, still pressing against him. “I’m talking about Jon.”

“Oh, and how he rejected you?” Luke smirked.

“He rejected you too, you idiot.”

“Oh yeah.”

Evan coughed, causing the two to look at him. “Anything else? I need to know this stuff, Ryan. He hasn’t asked me for help either or said anything about family shit to me. Why’s he being all secretive?”

“I don’t know. He’s locked all of us out since last year.” This time it was Luke to speak. He was now watching Jon. He could feel Ryan’s gaze on him though making him smile.

“You should talk to him.” Ryan stated, watching Luke’s grin grow.

Evan nodded, looking towards Georgia who frowned. “Could you stay here, G? I really need to-”

“I get it.” She said smoothly, the voice didn’t match her face though as it was still frowning at him. “Go on, I’ll stay here with these two handsome gentlemen.”

Evan felt his heart ping slightly. Of course she was joking, but it felt real. “Okay.” He mumbled monotone making his way towards Jon. “Look after her, guys.”

“Sure man.” Luke said, still cuddled up with Ryan who clicked his tongue as Luke put his head on his shoulder.

Jon could feel the force come up behind him as it brushed his back. Hands came down over his eyes as he stood talking to Brock and Brian about who they thought was the worst teacher at school.

“Guess who.”

He instantly knew it was Evan. His voice was deep and husky as he whispered, hot breath hitting his neck.

He was so close.

“Is it… Santa?” Jon joked. He heard Evan huff in disbelief at the childish choice.

“No! Guess again.” Evan mumbled, his voice just as childish as he verbally made his pout know. Jon’s laugh caused his hands to vibrate. He had missed his laugh so much.

“It’s that damn chicken-uh-owlman.”

Evan started to laugh, moving his hands from the other man’s face. He hadn’t just missed his laugh, no, he had missed all of him. Every little thing. From his dimpled smile to the silly stuttering.

“Chickenman! It’s batowl, you bitch.”

“I forgot, okay!” Jon exclaimed back, smiling. Evan grinned.

Brock laughed, causing Evan to jump. He had forgotten they were even there.

“Hey man, can I take this handsome man for a second? I need to interrogate him.” Evan asked. Jon lifted an eyebrow at him, his stupid grin still planted on his face.

“Go for it. I already have a handsome man here.” Brock laughed, bumping into Brian who snorted.

“What do you want me for, Evan?” Jon now asked seriously when they had gone up stairs into his mom’s room; that actually had a door.

Evan loved the way he said his name. It was endearing.

“I just wanted to see how you have been.”


“Truthfully.” Evan said, turning to stare back at the eyes which were piercing him. Evan could feel his face start to flush as he watched the teeth grind on Jon’s abused lip with Jon humming into it slightly.

“Like I always say, it’s shit without you here.” Jon sighed, watching Evans eyes soften. He loved the shape of his eyes, the rich brown that was so warm it could light a fire, the crinkles as he smiled and the way they were so kind and caring when they looked at you. There was no intensity about them, they were just soft and calming.

“You know you should’ve asked me for help.”

“Well… I didn’t want to disturb you.”

“What? Disturb me? From what?”

Jon paused for a second, his hands curling into each other.

“Well from like other friends, and like, studying and things. You wouldn’t reply for like hours anyway, so I assumed you were busy.”

“Jo, I’m never too busy if you need help. I would have sat down and stopped everything if I knew you needed me. I thought you were busy too.”

“How could I be busy? Doing what?” Jon mumbled, remember the nights he’d let the time tick for hours without realising it as he waited. He didn’t know what for. Maybe something that would make him stop thinking?

Evan shrugged. “You have a life outside of me. I assumed you were out with the gang or something. But they said you have been to yourself.”


“And I don’t want you to be. It’s bad to keep shit to yourself and to bottle stuff up, Jo. You know it. Tell me what’s up.”

“The sky.” Jon smirked jokingly. Evan didn’t laugh though, and gave him such a stern look he actually thought he had pissed him off.

“It’s the ceiling actually, get it right, you idiot.” Evan smiled, bumping against Jon’s shoulder lightly, causing a giggle from Jon.

“Alright, alright, the damn ceilin’ then.” Jon muttered, starting to lay back, feet dangling from the bed.

“Hey, you still haven’t answered me seriously. Don’t start going to sleep!”

“I’m not,” Jon replied softly, watching Evan join him on his back. “I can still hear you.”

“Then tell me. What is up? What’s been wrong? Tell me everything you haven’t in the last year.”

Jon hummed as he thought. Turning his head to see Evan watching him, giving him a small smile. He had missed that smile.

He exhaled loudly before telling Evan everything he could remember, he found it hard to get into words as he stuttered, his brain not cooperating with him.

He told him about how he was already behind a year and had made a new friend in class called Bryce who helped him through the day, how his mum was getting worse as she laid in her bedroom for hours without a word, how he hadn’t seen his dad this year, how his sister had found dealing with their mum too much and left, how sometimes he’d lay there like his mum and think whether he meant anything, how he got called gay for the purple sheet, and how Tyler and Craig beat the shit out of that guy, how he missed being little again, how he missed having a door and how he missed Evan. God, he had missed Evan.

Evan laid and listened, with Jon actually at one point stopping to check if he hadn’t fallen asleep, he was that quiet. But he was awake, listening to the strain in his friend’s voice, the way he laughed after pain and the way he began to hold himself. He hadn’t seen him so hurt before without him unable to do anything. It hurt him too. He was useless.

“And you know, I really have missed you big, big, big time. Like massive. God I have missed you.” Jon said gently. His eyes darted over to meet Evan’s.

“You have no idea how much I wanted to sit at your old house and play video games with you, whilst eating oreos and milk, and having your dad bring us up more dinner than we could eat! He cooked such awesome shit. And your mum, walking in on us laughing and doing that smiley tutting thing she’d do. And your sis’ calling us to play Mario Kart downstairs with her when she didn’t have her own friends over.” Jon mumbled, his voice barely audible over the loud music downstairs. “I just miss you and your family being here.”

Evan clicked his tongue, coming to sit up but keeping the stare. “Well guess what?”


“I haven’t missed you at all.” He smirked, Jon hitting him lightly.

“You bitch, I pour my heart out and you shit all over it.”

Evan laughed lightly, coming to embrace his friend, inhaling the scent he hadn’t smelt for over a year.

“Of course I missed you, you idiot.” He whispered deeply causing Jon to shuffle against him. “I really have. I miss your stupid laugh, and remarks, and stuttering, and the way you have to use your hands to explain things, and the way you smile, that sounds so gay, but I do man, and the way you have to laugh at everything and the way you talk to yourself to get motivated before doing something, and just like every retarded thing you do. You just make me laugh so much, and it was so quiet without you, and I never want anything to be so quiet ever again.” Evan exhaled harshly, Jon looking somewhat astonished that Evan had said something so sweet about him.

“Wow, you should be a damn rapper with those skills.”

“What?!” Evan exclaimed before laughing. There he was, there was his best friend.

“What you guys doing up here? Making out? Come on Evan, this is your freaking party man!” Tyler remarked as he found the two in the bedroom together.

Evan huffed, getting up off the bed. He wished he had been making out up here rather than pouring his heart out. It had made him tired.

Evan led Jon down the stairs as they followed Tyler. They hadn’t realised they had been up there for a solid hour. Everyone else was hammered apart from the pair, and Luke who didn’t drink.

“Let’s get this party started bitches! I found them upstairs having sex in the bedroom.” Tyler sang making everyone ‘ooo’ in surprise.

Evan tutted.

“We were talking about shit, you bitch.” He laughed. Tyler was a dick sometimes, but that’s why they were friends.

Tyler smirked, looking over to Georgia who looked annoyed. “Chill your tits, women, I’m joking. No finger poppin’ each others asshole’s tonight.”

“Evan, I think I’m going to leave.” She mumbled into his ear. He frowned.


“I don’t fit in here, Evan, and it’s not like you have any interest in me right now, you didn’t even defend me then.”

“He was joking-”

“Why did I even come? I thought this was going to be a nice holiday for the two of us, and just me meeting a couple of your childhood friends who would go quicker than come. But no, they’re all over you like some stupid kids. Especially fucking Jon-”

“Oi.” Evan gave her a stern look. “You wanted to come, so I said yes. I didn’t invite you to. And they’re my friends, I haven’t seen them in a year and you’re getting on me for being clingy to them and vice versa?” He huffed in annoyance. “Says you who is clinging to me. Go make some friends or something.”

Evan had never been so bitter in his life. The silent bicker caused only a few turned heads. Only when she stormed off did everyone look over.

“What’s going on?” It was Brock to come over, his face flushed with alcohol.

“Nothing, she just wanted to go home.”

Brock hummed, looking towards the door.

“And not come back?”

“Something like that.” Evan shrugged. He whipped out his phone as he tried to call her.

“Georgia, where are you?”

“Evan, fuck off okay? You know what? Fuck off forever, you stupid cunt. I have had enough of you talking to your friends like they’re more to you than I am.” She was crying hard on the other end as the wind crackled the connection and the alcohol slurred her words.

“G, they’re my friends. You can’t compare them to you.”

“I am and I will. I’m getting the next flight back up country, and delete me off your contracts. I don’t want my new boyfriend to think we have anything between us. Bye forever, asshole.” And with that the phone went dead. Evan brought it down slowly and stared at it. What the fuck had just happened?

Everything had happened so fast.


“More like fucking dumped, jeez.” Evan mumbled, he wasn’t sure what he felt.

It hurt.

“Hey, what’s up, w-what’s wrong?” Jon said, coming over with the drink he had grabbed. “Do you want me to get you a drink?”

“He just got dumped.” Brock replied, watching Evan’s face. It didn’t show anything and yet Jon seemed to realise something was up.

“Wanna talk about it, Ev?” Jon asked, lightly touching Evan’s forearm. He shook his head gently before staring at his best friend.
Without another word he grabbed the drink Jon was holding and within a swig it was gone.

“Oi bitch, that was mine! I asked you if you wanted one!” Jon exclaimed causing Evan to giggle.

“It’s mine in my belly now, bitch, come get it if you want it!”

Jon chuckled his high excited giggle which Evan felt like he hadn’t heard since they were little. It was hyperactive, like he was ready to start running away from him, like he had done with Luke so many years ago.

He wasn’t going to let one woman ruin a night he wanted to remember as being the best reunion ever.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10691808/chapters/23781867

Dazed that there is a sun.

Hello! I’ve decided to start posting some stories on here, most likely fan related, and anyways I hope you enjoy this Ohmtoonz!

He’s not sure what lead to this, strapped in Luke’s car going nearly 80mph down a back road in New Mexico with Luke’s music so loud it seemed to electrify the air, setting something in him off with every beat that reverberated throughout his soul. He could blame it on the conversation that sparked everything a little over a day ago, but it feels more meaningful than that. He pushes that thought down in time for when Luke nudges him, leaning forward to turn down the radio.

“You okay there, Ohm, you look a little spaced out.” There’s a slight smirk playing on his lips, and yet Ryan can tell they’re thinking the same thing, only he seems to be the one going to say something.

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The Puppet Master

Based off of fanart done by @king-draws. Enjoy!

Pairing: Brohm


“Guys! Guys! I got an idea,” Jonathan grinned. Ryan sighed and rolled his eyes as Luke’s eyes lit up.

“Ooh! What is it this time?” Luke asked.

“Is it going to be as bad as the last one?” Jonathan glared at Ryan before quickly going back to his idea.

“Alright alright alright, so, you guys know that weird creepy house in that one creepy forest, right?” Both Luke an Ryan nodded their heads. “Well, some say it’s haunted and whatnot, but,” he paused for effect, “I say we prove them wrong!”

“And how would we do that, exactly?” Ryan asked, already not liking where this was going.

“We should spend the night in the house!”

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Ohmtoonz |Word-Count: 1,160+

Prompt: “‘Is that a knife in your shoulder?’ ‘Or maybe I’m just happy to see you?’ ‘Nope, that’s a knife.’ ‘But I am happy to see you.’” - @eyesxsewnxopenx & ya classic Gang AU.

(WARNING: Slight gore.)

“Ryan?” Luke looked at his boyfriend, and fellow ‘club’ member, his eyebrows furrowed in concern. There looked to be an object sticking out of his shoulder, but for all he knew it could’ve been the dumb ass novelty armor Ryan insisted on buying because it looked “Dope as shit”, it was impossible to tell though.

From the way his boyfriend moved slowly with small howls of pain, it couldn’t be good, he knew that much.

“What’s up, sweet ass?” The tone that Ryan always used when something simply wasn’t right. Luke had learned that over the years of knowing him.

“Is… Is that a knife in your shoulder?” Luke stepped closer to inspect the blood soaked black chest armor he had under his, also blood soaked, button up shirt. He wondered if it was his own blood or someone else’s. He traced the object with his eyes, but nothing seemed to click.

“Or am I just happy to see you?” Ryan let out a dry laugh as the two walked out to their shared car, parked in the back of a sketchy run-down building.

Luke stepped a bit closer, narrowing his eyes in concentration with a promise of, “Just a second, stay still. Then we’ll go home.” He studied the markings on said object, eyes widening when everything suddenly made sense. It looked to be a hunting knife of some sort, but the blade was buried to the hilt in Ryan’s shoulder.

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ossyreret-blog  asked:


Book: Perks of Being A Wallflower
Starter: The policemen found me pale blue and asleep.
Ship: OhmToonz (why not?)

Why did he feel this way? Why did he.. have these feelings for his friend? And why.. Did he feel so lowly about himself?
‘I’m pathetic’
That’s what he always told himself. And ohm was starting to believe the stuff he told himself but. Cartoonz told him to stop with all this shit. “Look Ryan I care about you.. I love you even. Why. Do you do these things to yourself? Why won’t you let me help you”

Why didn’t he let him help? “I don’t wanna hurt you when I leave.”
He kept his distance from the one he loves in hope of not bringing him down with him. “Luke. I love you so much.”
That couldn’t stop how he felt about him though. “Then don’t give up.. on us.” Luke says as he holds Ohms hands.

“I’ll try”

That was a week ago. He said he would try to stay strong. They went on dates and kissed in the rain. They did all that cheesy couple shit and Ohm smiled.

But Cartoonz had no idea. He still felt… Depressed.

It started snowing. Ohm was just talking a stroll through the neighborhood. He had on a very thin jacket. That could barely block the cold from him. The snow started getting more and more Intense. His feet soon stopped walking. He could feel the numbness running up his legs.

He lost feeling in his feet.. legs. It slowly made its way to his arms and hands. He collapses into the ground. Laying in the snow as he looks up at the sky.

“Is this it?.. Is this how I go out huh?”

Before that question could be answered everything went black.

‘The Policemen found me pale blue and asleep’
Ohms eyes soon open and he sees that he is in a hospital bed. Cartoonz was sitting right there next to him. “What the fuck were you thinking?”

Ohm just smiles weakly. “I.. I’m sorry.”

Cuddle Bunny (OhmLirious)


Genre: Fluff


Jonathan was never the type for affection no matter what anyone said. Whenever his girlfriend or boyfriend broke up with him it’d be because they said “You weren’t affectionate enough” or “Did you even love me? Because your words had no meaning if you didn’t act” then he’d be left alone. After a while Jonathan just got used to it all so whenever a relationship ended in ‘heartbreak’ he’d only just walk home and worry about it later. Sure he’d try begging them back but it never worked because he was ‘emotionless’ to everyone except himself. He didn’t hate affection it was that he was terrible at giving it, very awkward and couldn’t help but worry if he was doing something wrong. If it was kissing he’d wondered if his feelings were being shown, if he was cuddling he’d worry if the other person was comfortable or not, if it was hugging he’d worry if he was crushing the other or being too light. No matter what it was he could never get over his inability to cuddle.

Then came along Ryan. Now Ryan was a very affectionate person who actually preferred actions over words. He’d kiss in public, nudge the other’s leg under the table at dinner, hold hands whenever and wherever, cuddle the other if they could, hug when sharing ‘hellos’ and hug when sharing ‘goodbyes’- Pretty much he was the affection god and Jonathan loved him. He loved him so much that he was afraid of fucking up. So when it came to the day of the two having their fifth date Jonathan had to at least be slapped across the face twice by his best friend, Luke, who was not only getting his outfit together but pulling his act together.

“Just…Go with the flow is all I can say,” Luke started speaking after slapping Jonathan the third time, the younger male rubbing his slightly red cheek. He sat back down on his neatly made bed in only his blue boxers while Luke went through his drawers. They had only about two more hours before the love of his life would be knocking on that door with his luscious voice, stunning amber eyes and messy dark brown hair that would flop around when he walked. “If he holds your hand then hold it back, if he kisses you kiss him back, if he leads you home and starts fucking you-”

“Luke!” Jonathan screeched out, his face now a bright red. The bearded male wiggled his eyebrows before tossing a black and blue checkered button up shirt to Jonathan along with some black skinny jeans. He then proceeded to go the closet, peering inside. Outside the blue sky was now slowly turning multiple hues of orange, yellow and even a bit of pink. “We aren’t going out…”

“Then where are you- Oh, now aren’t you romantic~” Luke teased, wiggling his eyebrows some more while making that face to the blushing younger male on the bed who was struggling with the tight pants. “Well then just put on some sappy romance movies or scary movies and try cuddling up with him. Make sure to make good food because one way to a man’s heart if through his stomach-”

“I’m a guy too Luke.”

“Really?” He gasped, slapping his cheeks with fake surprise. “I never knew,” Even though the mood was a bit tense and Jonathan couldn’t relax that made him laugh, throwing his head back and odd sounding laughs coming out. Most would just stare at this odd laugh but Luke, knowing him for over fifteen years, just laughed alongside him like the friend he was. “Now I suggest you get your bitchass into the kitchen and start your cooking while I finish up the outfit.” Jonathan nodded then rushed downstairs, mentally making a note to repay Luke sometime later. After cooking, with help from Luke and the occasional distraction from his dog, Jonathan froze when he heard his doorbell go off. Luke gave him some thumbs up before ditching through the back door so there would be some unneeded questions.

After tugging down on his blue and black checkered shirt he then moved to the front door. Jonathan felt his hands starting to sweat a little so he wiped them on his pants, unlocked the door and swung it open. No words were shared between the twos but that didn’t hold Ryan back from enveloping Jonathan into a giant bear hug, happy laughs falling of those perfect lips of his. The black haired male stood there, frozen in his spot. After remembering what Luke said to him he slowly snaked his arms around Ryan’s waist, holding him close while feeling the warmth radiate off his boyfriend. Ryan moved back from the hug, a smile tugging of the corners of his mouth while those amber eyes of his sparkled with love and happiness as the light from the house made his eyes seem a bit greenish. Jonathan unconsciously tucked a few strands of his dark brown hair behind his ear then led him inside, the two hand in hand with fingers intertwined.

“So what are we doing tonight, hmm?” Ryan asked, his voice lacing with slight playfulness.

“I thinking dinner first ‘cause I need some food,” that made his slightly older boyfriend laugh his deep chuckle that still sent shivers down Jonathan’s spine. He glanced back behind him before stopping in front of his tan couch that had his dog, Rocky, just looking up at Ryan with tired eyes before rolling over so that there was some room for him to sit. Jonathan left to the kitchen, glancing back in the living room to see the brunette scratch and pet the dog who just sleepily laid his head in the male’s lap. Even though Rocky wasn’t old he still acted twice his age which is probably just a trick to manipulate those with a soft heart for dogs and it definitely was working. Jonathan walked back in with two bowls of spaghetti, setting them on the table then getting the movies ready. “I’m not the best at cooking and I know it’s not date material-”

“Jon, it’s perfect now get that movie ready so you can stop worrying,” Ryan interrupted his worried boyfriend, already eating the food and not even bothering to wait until the movie started. A smile was already appearing on the pale male’s face, sitting on the couch while Rocky ran off with his tail wagging cheerfully when he saw a cat poke it’s head in through the open window inside the kitchen. There was some barks until the movie started and the living room was filled with noise coming from the TV and munching of food. Neither of them spoke because no words were needed in that moment, enjoying the silence between them only to comment at certain parts. When they finished eating, Jonathan washed the dishes and brought back a tub of ice cream for them to share it was when he started to freak out again. They had finished the first movie and was now on the second one called Notting Hill. Jonathan was focused on the movie that when Ryan scooted closer so their legs hit he didn’t notice until he felt a hand lay on his thigh. Quickly, his head jerked to the side only to see Ryan focus on the movie with a small smile on his face.

Even though Jonathan couldn’t see himself he could had swore he was tomato red so he looked away, biting his bottom lip and scolding himself for being so afraid and awkward. “Go with the flow is all I can say.” He remembered Luke saying as a breath he didn’t know he was holding just fell out of his slightly parted lips. Jonathan faced forward once again with his sky blue eyes reflecting the TV then, without hesitation, slipped an arm around Ryan’s waist to pull the male closer. He could feel him tense up a bit from surprise only to relax a few seconds later. Jonathan tightly closed his eyes, heart pounding against his chest while endless thoughts were racing through his brain, each one making his heart weigh down more. By the time the second movie ended he had let go of Ryan and moved till he was pressed up against the armrest, knees pulled to his chest and chin resting on top of them with his arms wrapped around his legs. The third movie started with a sigh from the male on the other cushion. Jonathan raised his head only to let out a high pitch squeak. He was now being pinned down to the couch, Ryan hovering above him with one hand holding his wrists back and Jonathan’s legs in between the brunette’s. His he wasn’t blushing then most definitely he was a deep red in the face with wide eyes and slightly parted lips. “Now are we going to cuddle?” He questioned and Jonathan could had swore his heart skipped a beat. Ryan’s voice was just so goddamn sexy when he spoke like this it made Jonathan melt in his spot.

“I-I…I-I’m worried.” Jonathan blurted out, tilting his head to the side so he didn’t have to keep eye contact with those alluring amber eyes.

“Worried about what? That I’m going to reject you? I would never do that-”

“That I’m going to do something wrong!” He exclaimed, turning his head back and narrowing his eyes. Ryan stared back at him, eyes widening slightly and mouth open to speak but Jonathan beat him to the chase. “I always fuck up when hugging, my kisses can’t show my emotions, when I cuddle the other person gets uncomfortable- Everything I do it unsatisfying to the other but when you do it my heart skips a beat, my stomachs flips, my breath hitches and I can feel the warmth spread onto my face. You’re just…Too perfect.” Jonathan then turned his head to the side again, panting a bit from speaking so fast. He was surprised when he felt a hand gingerly grab his cheek before his head was moved back so he was making eye contact with the male above him. Before Jonathan could even question or speak again Ryan had leaned forward, their lips connecting into a gentle kiss. The blue eyed male blinked multiple times, too shocked and afraid to do anything. After awhile he just melted away into the kiss, Ryan unpinning his hands so he could wrap his arms around the taller male’s smooth skin. He was now lifting his back up a bit off the couch, eyes closed and head tilted to the side as he tried so hard to remember each part of Ryan’s lips.

“See…Nothing to worry about…” Ryan whispered out in between the kiss, pushing Jonathan back against the couch and the kiss getting a bit more rougher. The two then pulled away for air, Jonathan erupting into happy little giggles that were soon followed by deep chuckles from above. “I don’t care what your ex’s said because I’m not them and I say you are just perfect.” He nuzzled his head into the crook of Jonathan’s neck, giving little playful nips that wouldn’t leave marks but at least send the message to the submissive male underneath that he loved him.

“Alright, whatever you say my little cuddle bunny.” Jonathan giggled out, glancing at the TV only to make a note how cheesy this was because the ones in the movie were kissing. He grabbed the remote, lazily turning off so he could run his hands through the soft dark brown locks of Ryan who was now just laying on top of him with their legs in a tangled mess.

“Cuddle bunny? Now that’s new,” Ryan chuckled out, the chuckle sending vibrations down Jonathan’s spine. He felt the male’s soft lips started kissing up his neck, pass his chin, kissing both his cheeks then hovering above his own lips. “I love it.”

“More than you love me?” Jonathan playfully pouted as Ryan’s amber irises danced with love, affection and playfulness.

“No, because I love you more than anything.” And with that he connected their lips once more into a passion filled kiss, Jonathan running his hands through the messy curls and Ryan running his hands up and down the male’s sides.

How Embarrassing! || Michael Clifford

aw, im in love with you, anon <3

Summary: Although you and Michael have been together for quite sometime, there was something embarrassing that you’ve never wanted to tell him. And he confronts it to you. 

I M A G I N E 

Today you were out buying food for the boys. Apparently they said that the tour bus was being cleaned out, so all you guys had to be out while that happened. And because the boys decided to use the time to be in the studio and practice, you decided to be nice and get the boys some pizza. 

“Thank you, come again!” The woman that worked at the pizza shop said, waving goodbye as you carried the very heavy boxes of pizza. Struggling to actually walk with balance, you giggled at yourself when you realize how much you’ve out-done yourself. You got them 5 boxes of pizza, cheesy bread, cookies, 3 liters of soda, and garlic bread. Luckily, the boys assigned one guard to always be by you when you went out to ensure protection from crazy fans. He held a few of the boxes for you. 

“Thanks again, Ryan,” you said sweetly to your personal security guard, Ryan. He smiled down at you, his sunglasses hiding his eyes (as usual) before looking straight once more. You giggled silently as the two of you walked your way back to the bus. The boys were to be back any second now, so you wanted to be ready with the pizza by then. By the time you got there, though, they beat you way to it.

“Hey, Y/N, what’s– holy fuck, is that pizza?” Ashton exclaimed, watching in adoration as you and Ryan came with the pizza. Nodding, you saw an excited Luke and Calum run and surround you, jumping with joy and hunger. You noticed that Michael didn’t even react. Placing the food items down on the table set up outside, you scout around the bus. 

“Thank you for the food, Y/N, you’re a saint!” Calum praised, his chubby cheeks shoved with pizza. You giggled as you watch the rest of the boys nod and eat happily. 

“Any time, babes!” You shout back as you walked to the back of the bus. You saw everyones things on the ground, noticing a box with your things on it. You thought that they cleared the beds as well. But you noticed that one thing was missing; your beloved teddy bear. You decided to push that thought aside as you went behind the bus to find Michael with his back turned to you.

“Mikey, what are you doing here?” You asked softly, smiling at your lanky boyfriend. Michael then turned around with a huge grin on his face. He turned around his entire boy to find your teddy bear in his hands. You then froze to see a picture stuck between the teddy bear and his thumb.

“I found this neatly on the top of your box, and it got me curious,” Michael began, making you blush madly. “And I’ve always noticed that you’ve never let any of us touch it or hold it. So I took the opportunity to hold it, and noticed how it always stood straight and never bent over like a normal teddy.”

“Michael, I–” you tried to stop him from talking as you were extremely embarrassed. But he wasn’t going to stop anytime soon. 

“I then noticed a custom-made zipper hidden on the neck of the bear behind all its ‘fur,’” Michael continued, amusement all over his face. “I checked it out and found photos. And I was in complete shock when I found this lovely thing.” He held up the photo that you dreaded the most but held onto the closest. 

A photo of you as a teenager with braces. 

“Michael…” you groaned, blushing while covering your face. You didn’t want him to see how flushed you were. You felt embarrassed and super shy. “How embarrassing!” You exclaimed in your hands. You then heard Michael boom with laughter, making you even more red. 

“Y/N, stop covering your face!” Michael cooed as he grabbed your hands and removed them from your face. You gave Michael a pout, seeing as he was looking at your complete red face. “Y/N, you were so cute with braces! Really! It’s absolutely adorable!” 

“No it’s not! I looked like a monster!” You wailed, your face refusing to look anything less than a tomato. But Michael wasn’t having it. He bent down, planted a kiss on your lips and smiled. 

“You were beautiful back then, and you’re beautiful now,” Michael says softly, cupping your cheeks in his large, calloused hands. He gave you another sweet kiss on the forehead, making you flush once more. His green eyes stared into yours, giving you a loving gaze. “I love you so much, Y/N. This photo just makes me love you even more than I already do.” 

“Really?” You asked quietly. Michael was practically glowing at you, refusing to break his gaze on you. 

“Really,” Michael whispered back, returning your teddy bear in your hand. “You’ve never looked like a monster. And even if you did, you’d probably be the most gorgeous monster I’ve ever seen.” You giggled at him, feeling completely loved. 

“I love you,” you whispered to him as you shared another sweet kiss on the lips. “Now c’mon,” you said, grabbing Michaels hand with your free hand. “I bought pizza, and I’m sure if we don’t go now, we’ll be left with crumbs.” Michael chuckled and nodded, following you to the food. 

“Ay!” Calum cheered when he saw you and Michael coming. “The food goddess is back with the red-haired doofus!” Everyone laughed as Michael dashed to the table. 

“Who you calling a doofus, ya Kiwi?” Michael countered as he grabbed 3 slices of pizza in his hand. “Oh, do you guys wanna see the best photo of Y/N?” Michael asked, smiling maniacally as he held the photo up. 

“Seriously?” You playfully groaned, feeling yourself go red again as the boys went insane over your photo. 

hope you liked this one, you guys! bless anon for bringing michael back around! send in requests, lovelies, you know how much i love them. they are my faves :))))) <3 

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anonymous asked:

You asked for prompts, and this one has been kicking around in my head for a while but I haven't gotten around to writing it. Del, Ohm, Bryce and Luke meeting as a group in real life for the first time at an amusement park :$ if they ever do meet I could easily see it being somewhere like that lol

Title: Amusement

Pairing: ok listen, I tried to keep pairings out of it, but them Brohm just kinda snuck in there and now it’s cemented in the fic…

Word Count: 2288

Rating: T

A/N: Ayyyy this took me way too long and I still haven’t started the other two prompts/requests I have:’) oh well. I know this isn’t great, but I tried to make it somewhat decent, so yeah, I apologize for the potato writing that has taken over my fics recently.



“It’s been an hour already. Where the fuck is he?”

Jonathan placed a hand on his friend’s shoulder, smiling lightly and shrugging, silently urging Luke to calm down.

“Maybe he got lost, Luke. I mean, we know this place like we know each other, but he’s never been here before.”

Luke brushed him off, hands on his hips as he stared at the gates, the laughter and screams drowned out by his annoyance.

“Yeah, well neither has Bryce, but he’s here on time.”

Bryce looked up from his phone, oblivious to the conversation until his name was mentioned.

He had been texting Ryan just five minutes ago, and the brunette had told him he was almost there, just stuck in traffic.

But, he forgot to tell the other two, which was probably why Luke was rolling his eyes out of annoyance and boredom.

He cleared his throat, looking up from his place on the bench and tapping Jon on his waist, who was standing with Luke.

“What’s up, Bryce?”

Bryce held up his phone with the text messages, making sure the older ones were hidden, no way he was sharing those ones, they were private.

“He’s stuck in traffic, there was a bad accident a couple cars ahead of him.”

Luke glanced at the screen before nodding, sighing as he sat himself down on the bench next to Bryce.

Bryce scooted over a little bit to give the bearded man room, and Luke smiled lightly in thanks.

Jonathon stayed standing, eyes scanning the crowd of people coming in, but realizing he didn’t have much to go off of.

Ryan gave them a picture, claiming he wanted them all to be at least a little bit surprised, and that was the reason he didn’t just use his webcam.

Jonathan knew he was looking for a brunette with hazel eyes and a well trimmed beard, but nothing else. He knew Ryan was slightly taller than him, but everything else was undetermined.

Of course, he could always ask Bryce, because they all knew he had seen him a couple times, for things better left unmentioned at the moment.

He looked down at the blonde, who was smiling at his phone while he read a message. Jonathon was tempted to read it, but he knew it was probably from Ryan, and didn’t want to intrude on their conversation.

That, and he didn’t really want to see whatever flirty text Ryan had sent Bryce this time.

The last time he peeked at Bryce’s phone, it had had to do with rabbits and heart eyes, and he was not about to get sucked up into that again.

It was no secret that the two men liked each other, but Bryce was hesitant to Ryan’s advances, the reason being that his family wasn’t too open towards Bryce dating guys.

Jonathon only knew this after a drunk night at Evan’s house with Bryce and Luke, (their designated driver for the evening) after Bryce had stumbled across the room stating how much he liked Ryan and that it sucked that his mom and dad were such homophobic hard asses.

He has also told them that he couldn’t wait to see Ryan the next week because he was supposed to come down to Georgia to see him and his cats.

Jonathan smiled at the old memory, shaking his head as he continued to scan the crowd for their friend.

He narrowed his eyes as he looked, but his searches came up empty, and he soon found himself distracted by thoughts.

His mind wandered to the planning period for this trip, which had been set up fora few weeks, maybe even a month, now that he thought about it.

Luke had brought it up while Jon was over at his house, asking if he thought it was a good idea.

Of course, the first thing that crossed Jon’s mind was showing his face to his two friends.

He had been wanting to show them for a while, and this trip would give him the perfect opportunity.

So naturally, he agreed, telling Luke that it was a great idea and that he would ask the other two tomorrow.

Fast forward to about a month later and here they were.

A sudden voice and Jonathan was brought out of his thoughts, excitement peaking and eyes searching for a body to accompany the words.

“Bryce, Jonathan, Luke, over here!!”

Jon turned his head to the left, noticing the waving figure with his gray t-shirt and black jeans, a smile on his face, pushing up his glasses while smiling widely.

Jonathan couldn’t help the smile that spread over his own features as he looked at the man, Ryan, waving at them.

Bryce was the first to leap up and run over, enveloping Ryan in a hug and spinning him around a bit, unaware of the people around them making weird faces at the display of affection.

Ryan laughed and held onto the taller male as he was spun around, hands gripping the back of Bryce’s shirt haphazardly.

Bryce was nuzzling his head in the crook of Ryan’s neck as he hugged him, and Jon smiled, finding the reaction incredibly cute.

He also found his legs carrying him to see one of his best friends, his own arms outstretched as he took in his friend’s appearance.

Ryan pushed Bryce back apologetically, welcoming the teddy lover into his arms, and Jonathan laughed against him, pulling away quickly, voice smooth and warm.

“Hey, man! Luke was about to kick your ass if you took any longer.”

“Yeah, i know. He texted me about eight times telling me to move my ass.”

Ryan looked past Jonathan’s shoulder to see the man himself, an eyebrow raised, arms crossed over his chest.

The brunette smiled sheepishly at Jonathan’s best friend, and he saw the cracking of Luke’s angry facade, replaced with a roll of his eyes and a small smile.

Jonathan pulled fully away from Ryan, dark locks slipping in front of his eyes, he subconsciously played with his lip ring as he looked behind him to the many rides and people crowding the area.

Luke extended his hand out to Ryan, who gladly took it, and pulled the masked gamer forward into one of those bro hugs he often gave Jonathan.

“About time, dickhead.”

Ryan smiled, pulling back and taking note of the way Bryce kept glancing at him with a contagious smile that left him wanting to catch more glimpses of the blonde.

“Sorry I took so long, Luke. Traffic was shit.”

Jonathan interrupted his glimpses though, when he held his arms out by his sides and motioned to the fun filled mass of activities and rides behind him.

“Enough meaningless greetings, guys. I wanna ride some fucking rides!”

The blue clad male smiled excitedly as he looked back at the roller coasters and haunted houses, bumper cars and ferris wheels, eyes lighting up at the rides that went upside down and looped around, screams and laughs emanating from what some would call death traps.

Jonathan glanced over at Bryce, who was scanning the area with sky blue eyes, checking out each ride with curiosity.

Bryce stared up at what was called the Mind Eraser, eyes widening and stomach dropping as he followed the roller coaster’s movement with his fearful gaze.

The seats were dangling from the top of the ride, looking like the kind in cars, so your feet were hanging and you were essentially upside down, compared to a normal roller coaster.

There were loops and rough turns, and to top it all off, it was right above a lake, which didn’t ease Bryce’s worried thoughts one bit.

He noticed Ryan looking at him with a smile and a laugh, and he narrowed his eyes, but ignored him, hoping and praying that none of the guys wanted to ride the terrifying contraption.

But, it just so happened that the Mind Eraser was number one on Jonathon’s list.

Bryce stared at Jonathan in disbelief as he babbled on about how they were all going on that ride first and that he would ride with Luke and Ryan would ride with Bryce.

He held up his hands in protest, glancing from the ride to Jonathan, shaking his head lightly at the idea.

“No. no way, that thing looks horrible.”

“Come on, Bryce. Don’t be such a bitch.” Luke chimed in, smiling, teasing the youngest male.

“Nuh uh. You guys can ride it, but I’m not going anywhere near that death trap.”

Jonathan huffed, rolling his eyes and looking to Ryan, who was smiling in amusement at Bryce’s obvious fear.

“If you don’t go, Ryan won’t have anyone to sit with.”

“Yeah, Bryce. Who am I gonna sit next to if you’re not there?”

Bryce crossed his arms over his chest, looking slightly annoyed, but mostly scared.

“You can sit with a stranger, I’m sure they’d love to hear you scream, Ryan.”

Ryan raised a brow at this, glancing at Luke and Jonathan, who already knew where this was headed, but didn’t try to stop the brunette from returning back with a smile and a quip.

“You know I only scream for you, Brycey.”

The look on Bryce’s face was priceless, and both Jonathan and Luke wished they had taken a picture of the blonde’s reaction.

He was blushing profusely, eyes wide, sputtering nonsense, trying to rebound from his current flustered state, but unable to make a comeback.

Ryan just chuckled deeply, standing a bit closer to Bryce, hand brushing against the taller male’s arm without much thought, but Jonathan noticed, and he stared, smiling lightly at the small display.

Ryan looked up at Bryce, who was trying to calm the blush that had truly taken over his face, and made a pleading face, accompanied with his hands folded together and his attractive voice that Bryce had a hard time saying no to.

“Please, Bryce? After, we can do whatever you want,” he paused, waggling his brows and smiling mischievously, “and I mean anything.”

Bryce pushed him lightly, sighing and rolling his eyes, unable to let the shorter male down. He pinched the bridge of his nose and looked back up at the ride before them, voice a little quiet compared to usual.

The others looked at him expectantly, Jonathan shifting his weight in between his feet, Luke tapping his finger against a gate, and Ryan biting his lip in anticipation.

“Anything I want?”

“Anything, Brycey.”


Jonathan made a sound of happiness, pulling Bryce along into the line before he could change his mind.

Luke and Ryan followed, Ryan grinning slightly at the look on Bryce’s face as he watched the ride, Luke glancing at the brunette next to him, smiling at the obvious affection.

He wondered when the two were gonna make out, because really, the time was right. It was taking a bit too long, in his opinion.

For months these two had talked about each other and flirted, standing up for one another against assholes, always concerned about the other if they weren’t playing with them.

All they ever did was talk to each other, and anyone who knew them knew that they were meant for each other.

But they were both too scared to make a move, obviously, since after Ryan’s Georgia visit, Bryce was still single.

To be honest, it was getting annoying, at least to Luke.

He and Jon had been talking for weeks about planning to get them together, but they never had the time or resources to do so.

But now? Now they were at a place perfect for spur of the moment kisses and starts of relationships.

And Luke had a plan.

He pulled out his phone, texting Jonathan a quick, “hey, set these 2 up w/ me?” And received a just as quick answer.

“dude fuck yea”

But, their plan didn’t even get past the texts, because Ryan was looking over Luke’s shoulder while he typed, and his immediate reaction was to narrow his eyes and push Luke none too lightly, giving him a warning look, the one he often gave Buddy when the dog was misbehaving.

Luke shrugged, smiling and pointing at Bryce, then his finger was against Ryan’s chest, eyebrows raised as at the silent gesture of ‘You and him are getting together’.

Ryan sighed, shaking his head and mouthing a silent “don’t push this on him” to Luke, which he was sure the bearded man could read.

But Luke waggled his brows and let Jon lead them up to the ride, pushing Ryan up so he was next to Bryce, the two getting on the ride first.

Jon smiled at them as they were strapped in, and for a split second he felt bad about forcing the blond on the ride, because his eyes went wide and his knuckles white from gripping the bars so hard.

But then Ryan was speaking to him and Bryce was suddenly laughing, any past resemblance of fear gone as soon as Ryan opened his mouth.

Jon smiled, glad that Ryan could do that. Make Bryce forget his fear and enjoy himself.

It was agonizing, watching the two from afar, who obviously felt something for each other but refused to acknowledge it.

It was painful seeing the two run circles around each other, never fully able to catch up and comprehend the fact that they were meant to be.

Jonathan couldn’t really grasp the idea that Ryan was really there, so he understood, sort of.

It felt like another video game, but this time it was real and he was really hanging out with them and enjoying life.

And he couldn’t wait to do it again and again.

Rivals (Calum)

So, this was requested like eons ago and it was a Calum request so I’m finally starting it. Have I mentioned how much I love gang au things? Cause I love them so much. Anyway, let me know what you think!

 “Boss, the new shipment is in.” Y/N looked up from her phone and gave a smile to the man hanging in the doorway, his tattooed arm visible in the low light.

 “Thanks, Ryan. I’ll be out there in a minute.” Y/N mumbled before looking back to her phone. The larger man nodded and disappeared down the hall. With a sigh, Y/N stood and slid her phone into her back pocket before making her way toward the shipment bay.

 “Is it all here?” Y/N asked as she watched two other men, Casey and Tyler, sift through the boxes of the shipment she had requested. Both men nodded before looking to Y/N. With a smile, she turned toward the very nervous delivery man. “I just want to triple check, it’s all here, right? All the boxes?”

 “Y-Yes ma’am.” The man nodded rapidly and Y/N clapped once with a smile covering her whole face.

 “Great! Tell your daughter I apologize that we can’t play like last time but I said hi.” Y/N waved goodbye and the man gulped before climbing into his truck hastily and peeled out of the shipment bay. “Follow him. I don’t trust him. And if he’s lying then you know what to do with his daughter.”

 “You got it, Boss.” Casey nodded and left with Tyler close behind. Y/N sighed and looked toward the boxes, glancing at Ryan who was standing nearby and eyeing the boxes.

 “I never understood the allure of hard drugs like these.” Y/N pouted at the boxes slightly before looking to Ryan who shrugged. “They really didn’t do anything for me.”

 “I guess you’re more on the club side of the business than the drugs.” Ryan suggested and Y/N nodded before walking back toward her office. Ryan followed and silently listened as she went on a bender about some dress that was falsely advertised somewhere.

 “Honestly though, I hate having to take his kid constantly, but if he’d just give me the right amount of heroin and coke I wouldn’t have to!” Y/N grumbled and Ryan only nodded, shifting the slightest in his spot toward the door. “She is a cute kid, though.”

 “She is.” He added and mentally sighed, counting down the minutes before he could leave for the day.


 “You got the recording?” The four boys watched as the older gentleman placed the wire and recorded tape on the table in front of them. Michael carefully picked it up and inspected it, smiling when it passed the check.

 “I’ll warn you now, most of it is her complaining about clothes or something.” Ryan huffed as he placed his hands on his hips. “How much longer do I have to keep this shtick up? I’m getting tired of her whining.”

 “We’re planning an attack soon.” Calum explained but frowned as he looked toward his other friends. “Should we get more guys to go with us? She’s got good security and she’s known to be pretty violent herself.”

 “Maybe. We’re not trying to kill her, though. We just want her to give us the information for her drug imports then we kill her.” Ashton explained and couldn’t help the chuckle that escaped before looking back to Ryan with a serious look. “Soon, okay? Just wait it out a little longer bud.”

 “Alright, fine. I better get paid in full by the end of this. My wife really wants that Caribbean vacation.” Ryan huffed before turning and leaving the room that the four boys based their organization in. When the door closed, Ashton sighed as Calum chuckled along with Luke and Michael.

 “Why does he think he’s getting paid?” Luke sighed, pulling a cigarette from the pack that Calum was offering before lighting it and inhaling, leaning his head back before blowing the smoke back out again. “We are just going to kill him, right?”

 “Course. Why would we keep a double crosser who wears wires?” Michael pointed out before shrugging and glancing toward Ashton. “Why did we ask him to record her again?”

 “We need to know where the hell she’s getting these drugs. It’s putting us out of business.” Ashton explained before reaching forward and pressing play, partially grinding his teeth the whole time her annoying voice rambled on about useless things.

 “My guy in Brazil got these-”

 “Woah, what was that about Brazil?” Calum suddenly sat up, eyeing the small black device before scooping it up and quickly rewinding to hear it better.

 “My guy in Brazil got these from some prostitute from Chile. And she’s apart of the huge drug ring run by that one guy. What’s his name?”

 “Fernando or something, I thought.”

 “Yeah! That guy. Anyway, he’s originally from Columbia and they’re like, taught this shit from birth or something. I don’t know, I wasn’t very good in cultural shit in school. Let’s get these into the store room and I want my dealers brought into my office-”

 The room fell silent as Calum hit the stop button, eyes wide as he looked from one boy to another. He carefully set the device down, running his fingers through his hair, a nervous habit of his.

 “Shit, she’s dealing with the most dangerous drug ring in the world.” Luke pointed out as he nervously fiddled with his fingers. “We can’t compete at all! She’s getting the best stuff and-”

 “And what we need to do is go in there and take it. Force her to give us her supplies and contacts. Then we’ll have the best stuff.” Ashton cut Luke off with a glare as he leaned back, an easy looking smile coming onto his face as he looked toward Calum. “I say we go tomorrow night, do it fast and easy.”

 Michael nodded in agreement but Luke hung back and looked to Calum as he thought it through. Going through with it tomorrow night was risky, it could cause lots of problems and someone could be killed. But, Y/N wasn’t one to fight really, so she didn’t have many guys that would protect her. Getting in there and taking what they needed with minimal deaths sounded easier than actually doing it. But, Calum had made up his mind the minute he heard the recording of her annoying voice talking about shoes.

 “We’re going tomorrow night. Get any weapons and men that we’ll need. She’s not heavily guarded but she’s got skilled guys watching out for her.” Calum instructed and in a second, the room became a frenzy of movement as people began grabbing things for the next night.

 Calum sat back, a smug smile on his face as his genius plan played out in his head again and again.

Part 2?

When TV Shows are dying because technicalities


AND THEN SOMEONE COMES IN (On Twitter / Tumblr / Whatever) AND SAYS














Blank Space

Pairing: Luke x Y/n
Word Count: 2614
Requested: downunderirwin
Based On: Blank Space - Taylor Swift

A/N: I have struggled with this song, i’ve rewritten this three times because i literally do not know where to go with this song but this is the final version and i’m done there’s no fluff (ok slight fluff in the beginning) but it ends on a rough note so just be open ok and now i need to write something happy

now go read out of the woods it’s more fun and fluffy

saw you there and i thought, “oh my God, look at the face, you look like my next mistake. love’s a game, wanna play?”

“I’m here in our Los Angeles studio with New York’s very own, y/n y/l/n, promoting her new single, Shake It Off. Can we talk about what the song is about at all?” Ryan Seacrest asked. You swiveled in your chair, readjusting your headphones before leaning in close to your microphone. 

“I really think I just wanted to portray how the media sees me and that I just don’t care because it doesn’t really matter to me at all what they think. That’s what the song is really about.” You explained, finishing with a smile. Ryan nodded in understanding. 

“So you’re not a crazy ex-girlfriend who has to slash his tires when you get dumped?” Ryan questioned, obviously trying to get into some of your past relationships. “I know you had a pretty hard time a couple years ago when you split with Nick Jonas." 

You swallowed hard. "Yeah, I’ve never been that girl. Nick and I are still on pretty good terms though and he’s a really great friend.” You nodded, content with your answer. 

“So anybody you have your eye on? Are you looking? ‘Cause I know someone who’s been keeping an eye on you.” Ryan wiggled his eyebrows, trying to gauge your reaction. You felt your cheeks warm and you were hesitant to answer at first. 

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Request: Luke’s cousins

Anon request

Today, some of your boyfriend, Luke’s family is dropping off his little cousins for him to babysit and he asked, more like pleaded, you to come help him.

You were a bit nervous as you walked up to the door. There were supposed to be about five kids.

After knocking on the door, Luke’s face appeared when the door opened. He grabbed your hand to lead you downstairs where all the kids were hanging out.

“Okay, so there are Rachel and Melissa, who are in the bathroom, doing who knows what. They are 14 and 12, so they shouldn’t cause too much trouble. Then, playing video games is Ryan and Carter, who are 10 and 13. They are pretty cool…”

He was smiling the entire time while describing his cousins and you could tell even though he was reluctant, he really was happy to spend some time with them.

“…and last, but certainly not least, is Jeremy.”

As he said the little boy’s name, he was picking up a little boy with curly blond locks and bright blue eyes. He looked like a miniature Luke! He was so adorable.

“Jeremy is 7 and he loves to play with cars.”

He sets Jeremy back down on the ground, just as Ryan, or was it Carter? started calling Luke to go and play video games with them.

He looked over at you and silently pleaded with you to watch Jeremy while he played video games.

You rolled your eyes and chuckled, “Go for it.”

His smile grew almost too big for his face as he kissed your cheek and went over to play video games.

Chuckling to yourself, you sit down next to Jeremy and inspect the cars he had.

“An impala! Can I play with this one?”

You held up one of his cars and Jeremy looked up at you surprised.

“You wanna play with me?”

“Of course I do, little man.”

The smile on his face resembled Luke’s from when you said it was fine for him to go play video games. You chuckled to yourself at how much your boyfriend was like a kid.

After a while of playing with the cars, Jeremy stood up and took your hand, trying to help you stand up so he could lead you somewhere.

“Where are we going Jer?”

“I want to show you my jacket!”

“Okay, sure. Lead the way.”

He led you upstairs and to the coat rack, where an adorable small, black leather jacket was hung up.

“Is this yours?”

He shyly looked at you and nodded.

“This is so cool! I love leather jackets! I bet you look very handsome in it.”

“You’re very pretty, y/n.”

You smile at the adorable-ness of Jeremy and crouch to his level.

“That’s sweet of you to say, Jeremy.”

He smiles a crooked smile and you notice one of his front teeth are missing.

“So, you wanna help me bake cookies?”


After a good while of making sure the measurements are correct and letting Jeremy put everything in the bowl, you realise you have flour on your face and shirt.

Looking over at Jeremy, you notice the flour on his shirt and who knows what sticky substance is on his hands.

You mix everything up and put the mix on the cookie sheet, and put the cookies in the oven.

“Let’s get cleaned up, shall we?”

“Okay, but you still look pretty with white on your nose.”

This kid is a bit cheeky.

He takes after Luke so much.

As you were drying off Jeremy’s hands, Luke walks into the kitchen and gives you a goofy smile.

“I thought I smelled your cookies.”

He walked over to you and wrapped his arms around your waist from behind.


“Hey Jeremy, what’s up bud?”

“Y/n is my girlfriend now!”

You lifted your head and locked eyes with Jeremy who looked at you with a goofy smile on his face.

“Is she now?”

Luke looked down at your confused face and said, “I thought you were my girlfriend.”

You looked up at him in disbelief as he let go of your waist and dramatically left the room.

“Y/n, do you wanna play cars?”

“Yeah sure Jeremy, I will meet you downstairs.”


You hear his little pitter patter of feet leaving the kitchen and heading downstairs.

You take off your apron and walk into the room Luke exited in.

You saw him sitting on a couch on his phone, pouting.

He was seriously pouting.



He looks up from his phone and looks at you.

“What was that?”

He mumbled, “You’re giving him all the attention.”

A confused look crossed your face and then disbelief, once again, crossed your features.


Luke looked away from your face sheepishly.

You started walking over to him.

“Luke he’s, what, 7? You can’t seriously be jealous of your seven-year-old cousin?”

You sit down beside him on the couch, but he was still avoiding your eyes.

You grabbed his face and made him look at you.

You then leaned in and kissed him, really kissed him.

After a couple moments, you hear some squeals and a couple ‘grosses’.

You smiled into the kiss, knowing you were being watched. You look into Luke’s eyes and pull away.

“Don’t forget who I love,” you say as you walk towards the kids hiding behind the corner.

I loved writing this! Thanks for requesting!