look at rin smiling at nitori

Free! as parents.


“Come on kid it’s like one in the morning.” He would he a good dad but hate being on the night shift.


He would be a really good father. Making his kid happy would be his goal.


“Rei, can you put our child down for one moment?” “No… Look at what we made! They are the most beautiful thing in the world!” He would be so happy and so proud.


He would be a child himself, Pretending to be a monster and chasing his kid down the hall would be his signature move when it came to playtime. 

Gou/ Kou: 

She would probably spoil that child rotten but teach them to be kind and loving. Lots of hugs and kisses as well!


“Babe! How do you get it to stop crying!?” He would get pretty upset when it would start crying.


He would want to teach the kid new things and show them the world!




“Hey honey look what I can do!” “ Momotarou!!” The gif kinda explains it.


He would never really hold the baby because he would be scared to drop them but little things like the child holding his thumb or finger is worth it.


“Haiya baby.” He would be quiet and gentle, all the while smiling like a happy dork.

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Congrats on this blog I love it! So...I was thinking about Samezuka and Iwatobi reactions of their sweetheart touching (or slaping xD) their butts hehe sorry I couldn't resist the idea makes me laugh so much!


Haruka: Feeling the light slap on his bottom he jumps some and blushes, turning to his partner. When he sees them laughing he just looks away out of embarrassment.

Makoto: Giving a small yelp he sets a hand on the spot they smacked and turns to them in shock. When his partner gives him a wink his face heats up and all he can do is stutter his words out.

Nagisa: Not expecting it at all he gives a small squeak and jumps, turning to them. When his partner starts to laugh he can’t help, but laugh also.

Rei: Letting out a flustered and loud yelp he spins to his partner with deep red cheeks. When they start laughing he stutters while he asks what the slap was for.

Rin: Almost yelling out of shock, he knocks it down to just a startled noise. With his cheeks burning he looks at his partner as they smile almost innocently. He avoids their eyes and thinks of a way to get them back later.

Sousuke: Jerking and letting out a grunt he straightens and immediately looks down at his partner. When they smirk at him he waits until they are distracted and gives them a small pinch back, snickering at their shocked expression.

Nitori: He gasps deeply and covers his mouth with a red face. Seeing their cheeky grin he wonders what had gotten into them. He scolds them and tries to get his face to cool down.

Momotarou: His partner jumps at his high-pitched noise he made. Blushing deeply at his partners laughter he tries to be mad and scold them, but he can’t help but laugh with them.

Seijuurou: Letting out a small yelp he them starts to laugh. He’d slip his hand into their back pocket and pull them close, kissing their temple and grinning at their blushing face.

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Aomine + Midorima + Kagami (knb) + Jean (snk) and Rin (free!) their reaction to their s/o doing parkour and jumping through/off a really high ledge or wall to get into practice or class or something? Thanks bae~ Have fun with your blog!

Thank you anon-sama, I love your creativity!! Happy reading:)

Aomine Daiki: Jumping off the high ledge in school uniform? That obviously meant a panty flash. As Aomine opens the door to the rooftop to skip yet another class, he is greeted by a flash of red before you safely land on two feet in front of him. You blow away a strand of hair on your face before turning around to look back, smug grin conveying your proud achievement. Aomine raises an eyebrow and smirks back at you.

“Impressive. But strawberry panty isn’t really my type?” He says, before finding his regular place on the rooftop, leaving you bright red and clutching your skirt in embarrassment. 

Midorima Shintarou: Only a couple of minutes left before the gate closes and both you and Shintarou were running side by side. Few feet before the destination, you suddenly stop and face the school’s brick wall, causing Shintarou to turn. Taking a few steps back, you run toward it directly and jump to push off the wall with your right foot and easily reach the top. His eyes widen and mouth opens, and he drops his lucky item poetry anthology as well as his schoolbag. You safely land on the other side as he hurriedly gathers his belongings from the ground and run to the gate, which is, of course closed at that point. 

“Not fair-nanodayo….”

Kagami Taiga: When you first suggest that you can get to the class faster than him, he laughs out loud. When you bet him a club sandwich for lunch, he is serious enough to give you a chance. At the end of the countdown, however, when you run not toward the rooftop door with him, but in the opposite direction, he stops in his track and looks back. 

“Haaaaahhhh??” He yells in confusion as you prepare to jump towards the seemingly awaiting death. He runs back as fast as he can but you are already in mid air. Contrary to his worry, you land with a roll on the rooftop of the adjacent school building, coming up on one knee and finishing your move clean. Kagami gawks at you as you turn to look at him, flashing him a victory sign and running into the building. 

Jean Kirstein: At first he would tail you around day after day, asking you to show him more moves. To stop his nagging, you allow him a full taste of real parkour, from simple flips to vaulting and mantling. He watches in admiration and amazement as his eyes follow your swift movements here and there. 

The next day, he calls you out to the park and brags about his own parkour skills that he acquired overnight. You urge him to show you, and he attempts a back flip, surprisingly landing on two feet, though wobbling, with swinging his hands wildly to not lose balance. Eventually he settles down, and sniffs as he looks up. “Heh, how’s that?”

Rin Matsuoka: Rin walks into the school ground alone, earphones on and humming with excitement at having a friendly match against Iwatobi after school. Nitori rushes to his side, greeting him with a big smile. 

“Eh? ________-san is not with you this morning?” He looks at your empty sides, and even behind, genuinely surprised at your absence. Without giving him a reply, he grins, revealing his shark teeth, then just points up. At his cue, you drop from the nearby wall with a forward flip, landing on both feet and with your hands straight out. Then you two walk on ever so naturally, leaving Nitori with a gaped mouth. 

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"Cool..." She murmured. Her eyes are practically sparkling from watching the Samesuka swimming team doing their usual practices. There's one particular swimmer that catches her attention and that is Matsuoka Rin. From what she witnessed, she can see how serious he is when it comes to that sport. Peering through the window of the gym that looks towards the pools, she couldn't help to smile.

                              —— » [ @hananotsuki ]

♒ — Rin managed to finish his laps before climginb out of the pool, heading to grab his towel from Nitori before being informed of the team’s progress. He frowned as his kouhai handed him the clipboard, looking over at the times of each swimmer and some had managed to improve, but others…not so much. The redhead sighed before turning to call out a few of the guys, giving them instructions on how to work on their techniques before sending them back into the pool.

As he wondered about, he noticed someone by the window that he didn’t recognized; a visitor? Was someone here expecting a family member or something? He approached the window before opening the door next to it, he peeked his head out.

           “Can I help you with something? Are you looking for someone? If you are, you will have to wait a bit, we’re in the middle of practice unless its an emergency.”

//jfkdlsajfld sorry for the delay

Momotori Week: Kisses

Ahh, okay, so I’m just behind now and doing things out of order. I’m still going to finish these prompts, damn it, but I guess I’m just a couple days… late. Whoops.

Anyway, I’m bringing in some silliness, featuring Gou! I never write from Gou’s perspective. I would like to do that more. 



Momotori Week: Prompt 6: Kisses or Cuddles

It’s Not Gay If You’re Trying to Pick Up Chicks

It was kind of a joke—and kind of not—when Gou told Momotarou she had a thing for boys kissing boys.

So she was a bit shocked to find Momo and Ai making out at the mall.

Like what was that about?

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Rintori + aquarium date headcanons

For my the sweetest waifu bear Lola-chan @miyakuli :* Hope you will enjoy baby bear :D

1. For their anniversary Rin and Nitori decided to go for some cute date, and Rin knew how Nitori wants to go to new opened aquarium so they went for their sweet aquarium date. :D Aquarium was super big and full of attractions. :D 

2. Nitori was the most interested in… sharks, tho he wasn’t sure why ;) because of resemblance to his beloved senpai of course. ;) . He was looking at them soo happily. :D Rin knew it was absurd but when Nitori was all fascinated staring at sharks and saying how amazing sharks are he was… kind of jealous? Buhahah more like he wanted his attention. So haha when he lost his patience he whispered to Nitori’s eras “Don’t make THIS  shark waiting anymore, because you will get eaten, Ai” and brushed his neck by teeth. :D and then kissed all blushed and smiling Nitori. :D 

3. They both were happily watching small baby seals. :D How cute and sweet they are and tehhe by coincidence they started the theme of babies overall. :D And how they want to have super big family in the future. 

3. They met  there for a moment… Makoto and Haru :D Who also were there on date. Tho… Makoto later was really regretting that he approved aquarium as place of his and Haru’s date…. because Haru had all this sparkly eyes when he saw water so Makoto needed to check Haru will not ran away from him and will not jump into fish or animals aquariums. :D Rin and Nitori met Mako and Haru exactly in such moment when Haru was running to water and Mako was running behind him with “haruuuuuuuuuuu-chaaaaaaaaan stooooop!!” . :D

4. Rin really had to admit he really loved design of this aquarium tehhehe :D because it had many many cozy places when Rin could sneak kisses from Nitori. :D And ahhhh of course they spent almost all date holding hands because Rin was worried Nitori will get lost Yeah sure. :D 

5. After watching all attractions they went to restaurant in aquarium complex, and Rin even was feeding by Nitori by spoon. Nitori really wanted him to try his ice cream dessert that much he completely forgot his boyfriend doesn’t like sweet food. But Nitori was so excited and wanted to share that Rin ate this with appetite and he really had to admit it was the sweetest and delicious ice cream he ever eat not that he even noticed its flavor buahah he just enjoyed the fact of being feeding by his cute Nitori. :D 

6. As souvenirs after date Rin bought for Nitori shark and duck cuddly toys- they are now in special place on Nitori’s desk. :D  He specially tries to have always clean desk for them because he treasures them a lot :D as everything from Rin. :D

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I had a horrible night at work. Can I suggest a prompt where Omega!Nitori is pregnant but doesn't want to tell Rin for fear that the news will keep him from following his dream to swim at the Olympics, but Rin finds out and he cant wait 2 be a papa?

I’m sorry this took so long, I was caught up in a school project. I’m sorry you had a bad night, I hope my fic will help.

Something was wrong. Even Momotarou, ever dense but kindhearted Momo, could tell something was off with their captain. Nitori spent less and less time actually swimming, though he still came to every practice and coached everyone. He still smiled brightly and encouraged each team member whole heartedly but his eyes were tired and his slender shoulders settled wearily.

Momo had been forced to switch rooms when Nitori had become a third year, though he was now only across the hall rooming with another second year. Nitori had scored a room to himself since he was now a mated omega who went through heats regularly. He knew for a fact though that Nitori was almost constantly sick. He’d heard Nitori trying to console some of the boys who lived in the room closest to where Nitori’s bathroom was located. Apparently the boys had heard him vomiting and were worried. The pale boy tried to brush it off as a stomach bug but Momotarou knew it was something else.

He tried not to feel like he was tattling as he dialed a familiar number. He was really only doing this for Nitori’s own good. He tried to reassure himself as he waited for someone to pick up. It only took a few more rings for the telltale click to make him aware that someone had answered.

“What is it Momo?” A grouchy but slightly fond voice questioned. Momotarou felt warmth fill his chest at the sound of the familiar voice rang in his ears, the warmth vanished as he remembered the circumstances of his call.

“Rin-senpai, something’s wrong.”


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The Iwatobi and , what's Rin's school called again, boys when their baby is born. Some fluffy stuff please with cream, sprinkles and a cherry on top?

Of course! You can even have an extra scoop of ice cream on top since you asked so politely, my wonderful dear anon!


Originally posted by its-kaaaaatie808


Haru had been so nervous, so much so that his leg couldn’t stop shaking and that he no longer paid any attention to the crushing pain in the hand that was offering support to his partner. He didn’t think he had been so nervous in his entire life. But then it was all over and he was the first thing they saw, staring with cool blue eyes. He wasn’t sure what it was, but Haru suddenly felt peaceful, any ounce of worry leaving his body.

“I can’t believe your’re finally here.”


Originally posted by fandomdeluxe

The sweetest smile graced his lips when he held them in his arms for the first time. It was so surreal that he was holding them close to him, hoping that his heartbeat was steady enough to soothe them. Makoto almost couldn’t believe that this was actually happening, it felt as if it could be a dream, but looking down at their sleeping face, he knew that this was real and he couldn’t be more happy.

“I’m so glad to finally see you.”


Originally posted by miyakuli

Throughout the hours leading up to the birth, Nagisa was his usual self; his spirits were high and he was as bubbly and lively as always, after all, he had to keep up the morale of the doctors and his own partner. He had been so excited to finally meet his newborn baby and when they opened their eyes and gazed back at him with eyes just like his own, he couldn’t help but let the tears begin to fall.

“H-hey, it’s great to meet you at last.”


Originally posted by shigino

Everything hit him all at once, different emotions washing over him at the same time: joy, fear, uncertainty, pride, it was almost too much to handle. But Rei certainly wasn’t going to give up now, especially not now. When he saw their face, he knew he couldn’t wait to see a smile grace their features: he knew it would be the most beautiful thing he would have ever seen.



Originally posted by kiljayden

Surprisingly, Rin didn’t cry… well at first anyway. When the nurse gently laid the wrapped-up bundle into his arms, he felt like he couldn’t breathe. He had been waiting for this moments for months and before he knew it, the first flood of tears rolled down his cheeks and splashed onto his baby’s face, making it scrunch up in surprise. It wouldn’t be too long before the newborn would join in with Rin’s crying.

“Heh, looks like you’re not the only baby here.” 


Originally posted by maskedtears

He had been so incredibly tense throughout the whole labour; it had taken longer than they had anticipated and his partner was just as exhausted as he was. After what seemed forever, he finally heard it: the faint wails of their baby echoed of the hospital walls. Sousuke’s heart began to race as he saw them, his child, and smiled out of both relief and complete joy.

“Welcome to the family.”


Originally posted by moeizumi

He knew that he was going to be a father soon - that much was obvious and had been for months. However, it wasn’t until he held his baby in his arms that it finally clicked in Aii’s head exactly what was happening. He was a father now. Panic started to wash over him, but it was soon replaced with an uncertain confidence, looking down at their small and delicate face. It’d be hard at first, but Aii was certain that he could do this.

“I’m going to be the best father ever, I promise!”


Originally posted by strikereurika

A big grin formed on his lips, the corners of his mouth pulling wide as he saw them. Momo was itching to hold them, almost too eager that his partner had to ask him to calm down. Fidgeting, he craned his neck to get a glimpse of them with the doctors and gazed in awe when they were brought over to him at last. He looked down at them still smiling, and he was certain that they had smiled back at him too.

“Ahh look ____! They smiled at me!”


Originally posted by detectiveoceanwaves

Sei’s eyes lit up immediately and it felt as if his heart skipped several beats. He didn’t think had had been so elated in his entire life: right before him was his baby, his own child that he was going to raise and take care of. This moment was beyond precious. He couldn’t take his eyes off his newborn as they were wrapped in a blanket and soothed by the nurses. Sei couldn’t wait to start this new chapter of his life.

“Welcome to the world, kiddo!”


Fandom: Free! Iwatobi Swim Club

Pairing(s): Matsuoka Rin/Nitori Aiichirou

Summary: Rin, who was already struggling with his feelings for Nitori, doesn’t know how to deal when Nitori suddenly starts to spend a great deal of time with a boy who is too close to him to be ‘just’ a friend.

Word Count: 6020

Warnings: None.


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au where rin is like a ten foot long shark merman and nitori is a human who comes to his most frequent habitat area to watch him and take study notes

then one day nitori accidentally falls in the water

gou initially thinks they should try seeing if he tastes good but rin get all protective and makes sure he’s breathing alright and everything.

and then nitori gets all surprised and meek when it turns out rin knows decent japanese and asks if he’s alright.

when nitori responds with a yes rin smiles and says he’s kinda cute.

nitori gets all flustered while gou just looks at rin while thinking “Omfg, you big sofite. You think that shrimpy human is cute?  Pfft, whatever. he doesn’t even have big muscles. He’s probably too stringy to eat.”

cue seijuurou coming with nitori the next day and gou getting all embarrassed about the nice new redheaded human watching her while rin is like “HUMANS AREN’T EVER CUTE, EH?”


nitori asking rin questions for research but they end up getting off topic and talking about their favorite kinds of seafood and shit.

gou stuttering and getting embarrassed when sei asks her questions (even though nitori said he should wait a while to build up her trust) because she doesn’t speak japanese quite as well and he’s rly cute

Imagine Rin and Ai running to each other in the morning when they come out of their dorm rooms and just smiling and changing good mornings and morning kisses and someone sees them and yells “Get a room!” at them. And Rin and Ai just turn to look at the guy with their are you kidding me -faces and then the guy is just like “Oh yeah. Right. You had a room..”

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Iwatobi + Samezuka finding out that their significant other got them exactly what they wanted.


Makoto: His eyes light up right away, and he laughs happily while holding his partner close to his chest. “Thank you! Thank you so much, I’m so happy!” He says over and over while kissing their cheeks.

Haruka: It’s a quiet kind of happiness he feels, but it’s obvious from the way his face drops a little from astonishment. He turns to his partner with sparkling eyes. “How did you know?" 

Nagisa: "Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” He doesn’t try to hide his excitement, and hugs his present to his chest tightly while rocking back and forth. “___-chan, you’re the best! Thank you!" 

Rei: He actually gets a little teary-eyed because he’s just so moved. Normally he doesn’t just blurt out what he wants, so his partner must have noticed just by being attentive. "Thank you so much!” He hugs them.

Rin: He’d look just like a nine-year-old again, grinning without even stopping it and a gleam in his eye. “Whoa! You actually got it for me?” He slings an arm around them and nuzzles their hair happily. “Thanks.”

Sousuke: He’d need to stare in shock for a moment because he hadn’t even said he needed anything to begin with. All he does is pet their hair and smile affectionately at them. “Thanks a lot. Really.”

Nitori: His heart would thump a little faster in his chest, unable to stop himself from smiling widely. “___-san, you didn’t need to! For me? Really?” He gets extremely emotional and squeezes them into a tight hug.

Seijuurou: For some reason he’d feel immensely proud, and ruffle their hair while laughing. “You really are too smart, y'know that? I thought it was a secret!” He keeps rambling on about how great they are and kissing them.

Momotarou: It’d feel like a visit from Santa all over again, what with his most-wanted gift and a galaxy sparkling in his eyes. “Whoaaaaaaaaaa! You seriously got it for me? Seriously?” He locks them in a fierce hug and showers them with kisses. “Thanks, thanks, thanks!" 

If It Shines

Pairings: Tachibana Makoto/Yamazaki Sousuke, slight Nanase Haruka/Matsuoka Rin
Rating: M
Words: ~1500
Tags: The Pocky Game, Fluff, Teasing, First Kiss

Summary: Makoto has his head pressed against the window, eyes on the scenery passing by with a pocky stick dangling from between his teeth. 

Sousuke really can’t help himself.

AO3 link

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Over-Energetic || [Rin/Sousuke/Nitori/Momo]

Summary: Mikoshiba Momotarou is a ball of energy and he’s driving everyone on the Samezuka swim team up the wall. Luckily, his friends know exactly how to tire him out.

Heyyyyyyy, my very first entry into the tickling fanfic community! Requested by wigglywormy, hope you like it!


“I’m just saying, you should probably pay more attention to your diet if you want to be an Olympic swimmer. You’ve got a lot of gaps in your micronutrients.”

Rin squinted and looked at the chart Rei had prepared based on a three-day dietary recall. While Rin was helping the bespectacled lad with his swimming, Rei had offered his own advice in sports nutrition in return. “There’s so much going on in this chart I don’t even know where to begin.“

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How would the Samezuka (Free!) boys react seeing their girlfriend wearing their sport jacket?

Sorry but I’m not going to be using she/her pronouns. :( My rule is only gender neutral pronouns.

Rin: “I-Is that my jacket?” S.O turned their head to face Rin.

“Oh, yeah. It was pretty cold today I found your jacket.” Rin couldn’t help but smile at you. You looked extremely adorable in his over sized jacket.The sleeves were longer than your arms and the jacket went below you butt which gave him a reason to stare at your backside. He walks up to you and wraps his arms around your waist.

“You’re so adorable, do you want me to order one for you?”

Nitori: Just seeing you in his jacket made him the happiest person in the world. He has always seen you borrow his clothes but seeing you in his jacket just gave him butterflies in his stomach.

“Y-You look so adorable!” S/O’s was red as a tomato. Nitori was about to explode from you just being so cute. At the end, he asks you to always were his jacket. 

Momo: I mean the boy went insane. He kept on giving you compliments and would always stare at you. 

“S/O! K-Kawaii~” Momo placed kisses all over your face and neck. The boy was acting like a dog when he see’s his owner. “Always wear my jacket for me! Here, you can keep it!" 

"Momo its okay! I just couldn’t find my jacket so I grabbed yours.” S/O leaned over to him and gave him a soft kiss. Momo pretty much lost it. He would still keep complimenting you and continued to kiss you all over your face.

Sousuke: Once the competiton was over, you ran down from the stands to greet your boyfriend. 

“Sousuke~!” He turned his head to see you running over but wait..is that his jacket? Sousuke tightly hugs you and spins you around a few times.

“S/O, is that my jacket?" 

"Yeah, sorry. I wore it today so I can come and cheer you on.” You smiled. Oh my, he was happy. Maybe a little bit too happy. Sousuke hugs you again and gives you a kiss on the lips. 

“I love you." 

Seijuro:  I mean, you would think he would be more calm than his brother but no. The boy see’s you in his jacket once and he’s already thinking about marriage. 

"S/O, marry me!” He tightly holds your hands. All you could really do is laugh. He let go of your hands and hugged you. “Take my jacket! Keep it forever! Take all of my shirts! Everything!” He reached to the point where he offered his own boxers. He knew he was going overboard but he had a reason. He really loved you and seeing you wearing the jacket made him feel like you were supporting him.

I tried lmfao

((Sure! Here it is! <3))


Nitori was glaring at the alarm clock like hypnotized. 3:00 AM. 3:01. 3:02. Every minute felt like a thousand years.

‘’That’s one huge…Cinnamon roll…Nitori-senpai…Look!’’

‘’Huh? What did you say, Mikoshiba?’’

But the red haired boy was only talking in his sleep.

Nitori sighed for the millionth time that night. He was in bed too, but he couldn’t sleep…All he could do was toss and turn. Look at the alarm clock. Toss and turn again.

He’d tried every trick on the book already: He even tried hugging his pillow, trying to imagine it was Rin. Heck, the pillow still smelled like him…It should have worked!

But no. That pillow wasn’t warm enough…It didn’t hugged him back and more importantly…It didn’t whisper anything in his ear or gave him goodnight kisses.

Nitori was really frustrated. Even knowing they were just steps away, he felt so lonely…

He took out his phone from under his pillow and for a moment he just stared at the screen.

‘’Would it be ok if I send him a message?…No, but we said goodnight hours ago…What if I wake him up?’’

Suddenly and while he was thinking that, the phone vibrated and fell on his chest, scaring the hell out of him.

‘’Ouch! Shi…A message? It’s from senpai!’’

Nitori read the message eagerly and then they started texting.

RIN: Damn, I can’t sleep.

Nitori smiled, so happy he could die.

NITORI: Me neither…

RIN:  Sousuke snores.


Rin couldn’t know it, but Nitori was disappointed. He didn’t laugh as Rin had expected and instead, he just started complaining about his own new roommate.

NITORI: Mikoshiba talks in his sleep and moves way too much. It’s like an earthquake every five minutes.

RIN: Jeez…I wonder why I’m not surprised.

NITORI: …It’s torture.

RIN: Just kick his mattress and he’ll stop.

NITORI: I don’t mean that. This stupid bed is too big and uncomfortable without you. And it still smells like you. It’s driving me crazy. I can’t take it…

RIN: Ai. I’m literally just some steps away. If I drop my phone, you’ll fucking hear it. Don’t make this harder, please.

NITORI: I know…I’m sorry…I’m just tired…Good night.

RIN: …Ai?

But Nitori couldn’t do that anymore, so he turned off his phone. He had a lump in his throat and his eyes were starting to itch.

He didn’t want to make things more difficult…However, he needed to talk to Rin about it, because he needed to know he wasn’t the only one feeling that way. He needed to know he wasn’t the only one who cared.

Sometimes he just felt stupid…Like a kid throwing a tantrum…And Rin was being so rational about the whole situation…

Sure, deep down inside he knew that was just the mature way to act…But that kid just couldn’t help but wonder if Rin missed him at all.

…And that question killed him every time.

Nitori hugged his pillow again.

‘’Damn, I’m such an idiot…’’

‘’Yes, you are.’’

Nitori almost jumps off his skin.

Rin was standing there in the dark. He told him to hush and then he got in bed.

‘’Senpai! What are you doing here? If Mikoshiba wakes up…’’ Nitori whispered.

‘’Sousuke snores like a motherfucker.’’


Rin looked at him, this time with a serious expression.

‘’Are you still upset about the whole change of room thing?’’

Nitori remained silent for a few seconds. Then he sighed.



‘’I know, I’m an idiot. You don’t have to tell me.’’

The couple didn’t say anything else for a while.

Mikoshiba suddenly moved and the whole bunk shook.

‘’Mother of god…You weren’t exaggerating.’’ Rin commented.


Rin smiled at Nitori tenderly and then he ruffled his hair.

That encouraged Nitori to talk.

‘’Rin…It’s not about the room. I’m just scared…Because I’ve noticed…Time goes by so fast…Before you know it, everything changes…And I’m so happy right now with you…I’m afraid because I don’t want that to change…Do you understand?…Aren’t you afraid?’’

‘’No.’’ Rin answered without hesitation.

‘’…N-No? Then…It’s just me I guess…’’

Nitori tried to look away, but Rin grabbed his chin and wouldn’t let him.

‘’I’m not afraid because everything around us may change some day, but I know there will be at least one thing that will always stay the same. And it’s the most important one.’’

Nitori’s eyes started to pour tears. But he seemed relieved now.

Rin just let him cry, pulling him closer.

‘’Besides…Aren’t we always talking about that house we’ll buy some day, silly?’’

‘’The one with beaded door curtains and a pool?’’ Nitori smiled for the first time, between tears.

‘’…And a dog. A huge dog…Don’t forget that…’’

‘’Gou-san…I can’t eat any more cookies…I’m so full…Mmm…Ok, just one more…’’ Mikoshiba mumbled.

‘’…Or, maybe you’ll have to visit me in jail, because I’m killing every member of that family.’’ Rin said.

Nitori giggled at last and when Rin heard him, he smiled and kissed the boy’s lips.

‘’Don’t worry so much, ok? I love you. That’s why I know everything will be fine…’’

‘’You’re…You’re right!…’’ Nitori nodded, convinced.

‘’Now…Can I go to my room? It’d be trouble if that brat up there wakes up…’’

‘’…Nope…’’ Nitori cling to him shamelessly. ‘’Not until I fall asleep’’

‘’Fine, but fall asleep already…’’


Rin sighed.

‘’I swear. You’re such a baby sometimes.’’

‘’I’m sorry.’’ But Nitori was smiling against his chest.

‘’But at least you don’t snore…’’

‘’Hehe…Senpai, so…You think I’m a better roommate than Yamazaki-san?’’

‘’Absolutely. You’re the best. That’s why I want you to be my roommate for the rest of my life, idiot…’’

‘’O…Ooh…That…Makes me… so happy…’’

It didn’t take long…Nitori started yawning and in a matter of minutes, he fell asleep…Holding Rin tight.


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iwatobi and samezukas reaction their partner grinding against them for the first time while making out


Makoto: The second he feels it, he breaks away from the kiss and tries to bite back his groan. His heart races even faster, and he hugs them tighter to him so hopefully they can’t see how red his face is. “Are… Are we going to…” He can’t finish.

Haruka: His eyes shoot open, thinking it must have been an accident until they start repeating the same action. It’s too much for him, and he pulls back and buries his face into their neck, holding them tight. “If… If you do something like that…”

Nagisa: He’d also be surprised at first, and he carefully takes his lips off his partner’s to look at them properly, graving their flushed face and half-lidded eyes into his memory. He cups their face in both hands. “___-chan… That’s not fair.”

Rei: He would be reluctant to have to stop kissing his partner, but too embarrassed to continue. Though he was already blushing before, it only seems to deepen when he sees how serious his partner looks. “_-___-san…”

Rin: He can’t stop himself from groaning into their mouth a little before having their lips part. They were sitting in his lap before, but it was like a spark had been ignited and he pushes them onto the bed with reddened cheeks. “We don’t have to if you don’t want to, but…" 

Sousuke: He’s surprised at the movements at first, but he can’t deny that their actions are sending shivers down his spine. So he also moves against them, continuing to kiss them deeply and hold them tighter to him. "Sorry… But I really want to do it today." 

Nitori: A squeak escapes his throat, feeling like a small shock had just run through his entire body. He blushes madly and looks away, covering his face with a hand and unable to control himself at this point. ”_-___-san, I won’t be able to hold back if you do that…“

Seijuurou: His partner would be able to feel the growing smirk on his lips, and he’d definitely reciprocate their actions one hundred percent. He enjoys seeing this more lewd side of them, and he’d pause to hold their face and smile with shining eyes. "You know… if it goes any farther, you’ll be responsible.”

Momotarou: He’d be so shocked at the sudden contact that he might fall backwards with his partner still sitting on his lap, and seeing them towering above him might make his ears go red and have to look away. “_-___… W-Wait, I want to try that again." 

future fic where everything is happy. because i do what i want.

(Also hey there’s this soumako fic that doesn’t show up on the tags because I fail. Go click it.)

It just felt right, somehow. Iwatobi and Samezuka has forged such a strong friendship in the past year that it was easy to imagine them doing the “Thank You” celebrations together. Makoto and Rin were great captains. Both teams wanted to celebrate that.

And also, Momo just really wanted to party. Nitori can’t stop him no matter what he does. Momo’s energy exceeds normality.

“Sousuke-senpai,” Nitori, ignoring Momotaro’s complaints about the small number of females in the list of attendees, strode over to Sousuke with a determined expression. He really was starting to look and sound like a captain. It was a great look on him. “Can you…” He took one deep breath. “Can you distract Tachibana-san?”

That was… unexpected. But in a way, it really shouldn’t have been. Nitori was artsy and was the brain of the operations. Momo knew how to party, knew how to make ones. Nagisa was in charge of food. Rei was in charge of stopping Nagisa from munching on the food, and also giving beautification advice on the party hall (the order was to do the exact opposite of Rei’s advice).

Haruka was in charge of distracting Rin. No, actually, it was more like they already had plans together even before the party plans were made.

That leaves Sousuke. And Sousuke hates being useless, so of course he agrees.

Wrong move?

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