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Rintori + aquarium date headcanons

For my the sweetest waifu bear Lola-chan @miyakuli :* Hope you will enjoy baby bear :D

1. For their anniversary Rin and Nitori decided to go for some cute date, and Rin knew how Nitori wants to go to new opened aquarium so they went for their sweet aquarium date. :D Aquarium was super big and full of attractions. :D 

2. Nitori was the most interested in… sharks, tho he wasn’t sure why ;) because of resemblance to his beloved senpai of course. ;) . He was looking at them soo happily. :D Rin knew it was absurd but when Nitori was all fascinated staring at sharks and saying how amazing sharks are he was… kind of jealous? Buhahah more like he wanted his attention. So haha when he lost his patience he whispered to Nitori’s eras “Don’t make THIS  shark waiting anymore, because you will get eaten, Ai” and brushed his neck by teeth. :D and then kissed all blushed and smiling Nitori. :D 

3. They both were happily watching small baby seals. :D How cute and sweet they are and tehhe by coincidence they started the theme of babies overall. :D And how they want to have super big family in the future. 

3. They met  there for a moment… Makoto and Haru :D Who also were there on date. Tho… Makoto later was really regretting that he approved aquarium as place of his and Haru’s date…. because Haru had all this sparkly eyes when he saw water so Makoto needed to check Haru will not ran away from him and will not jump into fish or animals aquariums. :D Rin and Nitori met Mako and Haru exactly in such moment when Haru was running to water and Mako was running behind him with “haruuuuuuuuuuu-chaaaaaaaaan stooooop!!” . :D

4. Rin really had to admit he really loved design of this aquarium tehhehe :D because it had many many cozy places when Rin could sneak kisses from Nitori. :D And ahhhh of course they spent almost all date holding hands because Rin was worried Nitori will get lost Yeah sure. :D 

5. After watching all attractions they went to restaurant in aquarium complex, and Rin even was feeding by Nitori by spoon. Nitori really wanted him to try his ice cream dessert that much he completely forgot his boyfriend doesn’t like sweet food. But Nitori was so excited and wanted to share that Rin ate this with appetite and he really had to admit it was the sweetest and delicious ice cream he ever eat not that he even noticed its flavor buahah he just enjoyed the fact of being feeding by his cute Nitori. :D 

6. As souvenirs after date Rin bought for Nitori shark and duck cuddly toys- they are now in special place on Nitori’s desk. :D  He specially tries to have always clean desk for them because he treasures them a lot :D as everything from Rin. :D

Free! Character Ask Prompts

Haruka: Are you good at hiding your feelings?
Makoto: Would you ever smile at a stranger?
Nagisa: How did you and your best friend meet?
Rei: Have you ever liked someone you didn’t expect to?
Rin: Your trademark feature that people recognize you by?
Gou: Have you ever wanted to change your name?
Sosuke: Ever broken a bone or suffered a serious injury?
Nitori: Describe someone you look up to.
Seijuro: Your opinion on love at first sight?
Momotarou: How old were you when you had your first crush?
Amakata: Something you regret doing?
Kisumi: Do others consider you to be annoying?

A Day On The Beach

The day was almost dying, and although the weather was nice…The three boys had the beach for themselves. The air was pure, just as the water. A flock of seagulls was squawking and flying above their heads, looking for a place to sleep already.

‘‘Look, Nitori-senpai! This sea-shell is HUGE! OH! AND THAT’S A CRAB!!!’‘ Momo started running all over the shore to try and catch the crab.

Nitori and Rin were walking slowly a few steps behind, holding hands and barefoot. The sand felt soft and just warm enough under their feet.

Rin suddenly realized Nitori was smiling. ‘’What’s up, Ai?’’

‘‘Hehehe…It’s nothing…It’s just…For a moment there I felt like a parent. Momo behaves like a kid when we go to the beach.’‘ He answered.

‘‘…Look at you, talking as if you were any different…’‘ Rin teased.

‘‘HUH?! I do that too?!’‘

‘‘Only all the time?’‘ Rin grinned.

‘‘Give me just one example!’‘ Nitori pretended to be offended.

‘‘Earlier, you picked up and kept that starfish because, according to you, it looked like Staryu.’‘


Rin laughed like a maniac and his boyfriend pouted.
‘’Now you’ll see!’’ Nitori grabbed Rin by the arms.

‘’What are you trying to do?’’

‘’Fight you’’

They started wrestling. Rin wouldn’t stop laughing. ‘’I’m sorry…But I won’t let you win’’
‘’…I won’t give up!’’ They kept playing for a while and the couple didn’t stop until they both ended up in the sand. Rin was on top of Nitori and the two of them were breathing heavily.

‘‘Nitori-senpai, Rin-senpai!!! Just a friendly reminder it’s not allowed to have sex in public places, including beaches and…!’‘ Momo screamed from far, far away.

‘‘Shut up! Who’s having sex, idiot?!’‘ Rin yelled.

Then, it was Nitori’s turn to laugh like crazy.

‘‘I swear. Thank god we have the beach for ourselves. Our freaking son is annoying,’‘ Rin complained while lying on his back, beside his boyfriend.

There was a moment of silence.

Nitori took a deep breath while staring at the orange sky. ‘‘This is so nice.’‘


Nitori put his eyes on Rin and kept glaring for a long time.

‘’What are you doing?’‘ Rin asked.

‘‘Capturing this moment.’‘


‘’You know…You’ll be leaving soon…So I should cherish every second…’’

Rin understood right away.

‘‘…You’re so silly…’‘ Rin kissed his nose. ‘‘You shouldn’t capture anything. There will be so many moments in the future…Your harddisk will run out of space.’‘

Nitori giggled. ‘’I know. And it’ll only be one year, right?’’

‘’Mmmmm…What’s this? Usually it’s me the one saying that line to you…’’

‘’Hehe. See? I can be mature sometimes too.’’

‘’True…God, I can’t believe how lucky I am…’’

‘’I’m the one who’s lucky…’’

Rin and Nitori were about to kiss, when Momo screamed again.

‘’GUYS! LOOK! THIS SEASHELL LOOKS LIKE A VAGINA!!!’’ He ran to come closer to his senpais.

The couple laughed. ‘’Please, don’t capture that.’’ Rin whispered.

‘’Too late.’’ Nitori simply said.