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Pocket Sized EXO

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poly-army: Can you do Pocket Size EXO? I love your blog!! ♡♡ Thank you and sorry for my English…

(Your English is absolutely fine!)



■ Chen sometimes gets lost in your front yard and your dog is the one to retrieve the tiny man when he’s lost in the “jungle”. He returns a few hours later covered in the slob of your English Bulldog.

■ Xiumin always trying to seduce you into doing things for him but with his smol physique and adorable face, he looks more cute than sexy anyway.

■ Lay is always wandering around your garden because he loves the flowers that grow there. He picks flowers for you everyday and gives them to you as gifts along with soft kisses to your cheek. 


■ You found Suho outside of your house one day when you saw a figure riding on the back of a dragon fly. You took him in when you found out he was a prince from his home planet which consisted of small people just like him. You quickly grew attached to him and he grew attached to you.

■ Sometimes Kai gets sad when you leave to go to work or class. You buy him talking toys and dolls to keep him occupied and avoid the feeling of being lonely.

■ Even when you lock door to keep Sehun from wandering into the bathroom, he’ll crawl under the opening in the door. He barely gets an eyeful when your clothes drop the floor and trap his tiny body in the pile of laundry.

■ Chanyeol loves candy, especially chocolate. You buy him fun sized Snickers all the time that usually takes him hours to finish but despite all your protests, he never stops until the candy is gone.

■ Kyungsoo’s favorite part of his day is cooking with you. You let him taste everything you prepare, holding the gigantic utensils to his small mouth and letting him taste. It sometimes has a bad ending when you tip the spoon too far and the contents spill all over him. Poor baby.

■ Baekhyun is a sneaky little guy. He knew how ticklish you were and it made it more fun for him when he was climbing up your legs. His tiny fingers sent shivers down your spine as you laughed, and honestly, your laugh was something he could listen to all day.



> [Suho] “X-Xiumin…”
> [Irene] “Sir Xiumin, please listen! It wasn’t Sir Junmyeon’s fault, we were both shot by love bullets! If anything, it was my fault for asking Sir Junmyeon to come to work before Valentine’s Day when he should’ve been with Prince Chen.”
> [Xiumin] “It doesn’t matter whose fault it was, the fact is that Prince Chen is more than upset and if word of this… incident gets out, you’re both finished. Irene, gather your belongings and leave through the back exit, and make sure no one sees you. If you hear any rumours going around, dispel them immediately, do you understand?”
> [Irene] “…Y-Yes, Sir Xiumin.”
> Xiumin sends Irene off before facing Suho with a look of pure contempt.
> [Xiumin] “And you. I trusted you, Junmyeon. We all trusted you with our beloved Prince, and all you had to do was make him happy.”
> [Suho] “S-Sir Xiumin, I swear I didn’t mean to–”
> [Xiumin] “I don’t care if you were the victim here, you still hurt Prince Chen in more ways you can imagine, and I will not let this go unpunished. Now, you are going to come with me and you will figure out a way to fix this, but just know that there is no ritual in existence that will save you from me.”