look at pete omg

“Let’s hear it for America’s sweethearts. But I must confess, I’m in love with my own sins.” 

The quality of the gif got completely killed for some reason and idk how to fix it…. But reblog/like if you can

I asked them to look angry at the camera, and afterward Patrick told me he didn’t know if he looked angry enough. 


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(lol, I like that minion dressed as a mod on the corner right XD)

The Minions might be fascinated from Pete’s brutal smashing of guitars and speakers.

//Plus Minions Movie Sountrack is cool! These include The Who’s ‘My Generation’ (omg my Wholigan feels, I can’t…)
… And bonus points if everyone notice Herb almost a Pete look-alike.

Requested by: @theprocrastinatingqueen