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A/N: i’m a day late but happy easter !! i’m still on a little hiatus but i thought i’d put out this jaebum drabble i wrote last night. it’s not the best thing i’ve written but i love jaebum too much to not post it, wHOops. ok byeeee.

inspired by the song: helplessly by tatiana manaois

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[jaebum x reader]

genre: drabble, little bit of fluff and angst (but barely)

word count: 839

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anonymous asked:

How'd Suga/Hoppie/Jin react if you freaked out because of the spider and asked them to kill it?

Suga - No words as he looked over your shoulder, eyeing the small spider that was ruining your day. With an expressionless face, he would kill the spider, no hesitation in his actions. He would look back at you when the job was done, patting your shoulder lightly before leaving the room. Badass.

Hobi / J - Hope - He would have an evil grin on his face as he grabbed a shoe and went all ape-shit on this spider, whacking at it, screaming at the spider, and laughing maniacally when the spider was dead. He would look down at the little dead spider and feel a little bad, hosting a small funeral soon after. Kindhearted boy im dead

Jin - I think this boy would be freaking out with you the first time he saw it. But his manly powers would kick in as soon as he saw that he could use the opportunity to get rid of his ‘princess’ title and change it into ‘King’. He would find a shoe and kill it, probably screaming and yelling as he did so. Talk about dork omg. 

- Darby