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top media (andy + teen top + 100% + up10tion + park dongmin): awkward family photo collection

1. family photo where all the younger brothers are happy bc they’re still innocent but the older brothers have seen some shit (ft. papa andy in the middle. does anyone else think this looks like one of those historical dramas where the dad is gonna die but he has 22 sons who want a big portion of his inheritance and they’re gonna kill each other if they have to)

2. family photo after papa andy warned them to be more affectionate or he would give them all 9 pm curfews (ft. older brother ricky nearly strangling a terrified sunyoul in an attempt to show father just how affectionate he was, and bitto actually getting strangled)

3. big brother niel sucking up to their father and trying to convince him to buy him a new car. ricky is no longer choking sunyoullie but bitto is already half-dead

4. changjo is trying to escape. everybody is noticing. nobody is stopping him. 

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im watching law of the jungle sumatra and sungjae is actually doing well and its just how is this bin child managing so well??

he honestly make the wild looks fun… sungjae class…. kim byulman loves him so much he legit adopted our mucus snorting tadpole 😭👌🏻

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guys i’m soooo excited for series 9...

Like look how far our whouffaldi bbs have come. Look at these idiots in the beginning(s8) being all like…

and look at how they’re gonna be in S9…

S9 is gonna be GLORIOUS!! and I’m gonna enjoy every last bit of it…from first to finish…no matter what! NO MATTER WHAT! even if I’m bawling my eyes. so proud of these bbs. S9 hurry up already!