look at our angels

I am with you on a living room floor, drifting,
with streetlights burning our skin an orange glow.
You look like an angel and I couldn’t teach myself to exist
inside this body, but
I want to be vital.               I want to put my hands on your hips.

I thought I could teach myself how to feel like the earth
- dirty and wholesome.        I want to love something
                                       without chasing God into its ribcage.
I want to love something without looking for its insides.

I am with you on a rooftop above the smog of the city
with smoke curling around our toes, watching lights dance in the distance.
My hands keep begging me to burn them clean.
I don’t feel very wholesome.

Yes, there is blood on my hands. It’s yours.
I only wanted to be vital,                  but I couldn’t love you
without rummaging through your guts for something sacred.
Yes, I still look at you through the bathroom mirror,  through the silky dark,
haloed in the dingy bedroom lamplight.
                                              You are burning me out, take your bloodied clothes and go.

I am with you on a rooftop above the smog of the city,
and there are no lights left in the distance.
                                                  I couldn’t teach myself to love tolerably. You left all your bloodied shirts in the hall.



I ran 16 by myself on Saturday on the LRT. It’s a great trail through the western suburbs, skirting the frozen southern shores of Lake Minnetonka. It’s a great trail and is plowed down to a thin packed snow base.

On Sunday I returned to the LRT again, this time with Beth and two of our friends. Beth looks like a snow angel right? It was cold again (5f) but I was warm with just a layer of smartwool, a short sleeve dri-fit shirt and my jacket. We celebrated with YoYo donuts.

Last picture is a bonus Scout the Beagle picture. Every Beagle likes to sleep under a blanket right?


When senpai is even more powerful than you anticipated ( @jisunshines )

L… Liefe…. you literally only said kind words…. why are you assuming you’re ‘out of line’…… you angel child you…. Your bab is a mighty opponent, @krazehkai…….

I used “you(r sona)” there bc I’m… using our fatesonas in this comic…. and I didn’t know which way it would sound smarter lmao….. she didn’t call me cute, just Ronya, but I was afraid it’d would be left unclear if I didn’t specify???? So take that clumsy excuse lmao

I’ll keep you forever 7

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A/N: more angsty stuff

Word: 2,547


Cas wasted no time in returning back home. When he appeared into living room of the bunker both Sam and Dean looked up at him clearly surprised

“Hey its our favorite angel. Decided to grace us with your holy presence?”

Dean asked with a smirk but froze seeing how beat up Cas looked.

“Dude are you ok?”

Cas nodded.

“I’m fine. I’ve looked worse now where is Ava?”

Sam and Dean exchanged glances.

“She went out with some of her college friends but we are good.”

Sam stated. Cas sighed running a hand through his hair.

“You let her go out without one of you?! Really? Where is Rosie?”

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