look at our angels

  • “i cant believe you got us kicked out of another coven, dude, you gotta quit stepping on peoples familiars”
  • “you know, when i signed up for this expedition to finish this spell you didnt say we’d be trecking through the bitter wilderness with candles and creatures chasing us, what the fuck, dude”
  • “im a newbie witch and this is my first ritual and i was all excited to see herbs and salts and boiling cauldrons not tHIS JESUS CHRIST—THATS ALOT OF BLOOD
  • “for the last time, you cant have a tiger as your familiar” 
  • “look theres a reason why we do our rituals in private, things can get out of hand and sometimes we spit up blood, its not like we mean to do it. knock next time.”
  • “and, when that happens dont go around scaring the living shit out of people, jesus stacy, this is why people think we’re satanic”
  • “okay look, im as commitied to this lifestyle as anyone else but do you not see how expensive this shit is? and where the hell am i going to find a sabertooth fang? what, do i have to rob a museum??”
  • “we’re gonna rob a museum. c’mon it’ll be easy, we have our spellbook. we won’t get caught”
  • “so you’re saying you broke into the museum to steal a sabertooth fang and a thigh bone from an extinct bird…for a luck spell?/ yes, officer.”
  • “you hexed me because i made fun of the way you eat so now my tastebuds hate everything i put in my mouth and so I’m either gonna starve or eat this shit you call chocolate, i hate you so much”
  • “youre this sweet looking cutie that i always see walking through the outdoor department looking for flowers, and you always ask if you can check everything out here, which happens to be a lot of bloody meat and candles and knives and….you know my mother always told me the devil would look like an angel”
  • “you convinced me that our last apartment was haunted by throwing drawers open and breaking glasses whenever i came home, but it turns out you just didnt like the neighbors and wanted an excuse to move”
  • “you stumbled across my alter and before i could scare the everliving shit out of you to keep your mouth shut, you turned around, scoffed, and bragged that yours looked so much better”
  • “cmon babe you know i hate it when you tell the future, you stop breathing and you freeze up and your eyes literally roll to the back—STOP IT EW I HATE U SO MUCH––UGH QUIT LAUGHING YOU SHIT”
  • “my dreams…when i see people, it says who they truly are
    • and what does it say about me
      • it says youre a lying bitch for stealing my sandalwood incense from Nepal, stacy, my tarantula saw you come in my room—give it back”
Emotional over Got7 (..again)

I wanna express my thanks to these 7 boys, while I know they prob won’t see it here, I wanna share how I feel. 

Im Jaebum, greatest leader aha I know we put a lot of pressure on you just by calling you by such a seemingly harmless nickname. I wanna thank you for always encouraging and caring for the members and by extension teaching me to be more aware of my surroundings and notice when those around me are off. I think I’ve became a better friend and someone others can look up to with your help. At the same time also teaching me that it’s okay to be a total goof and bummie (lol Jaebummie Bummie, get it?? i love puns) as long as you know when to be serious again. Ps I love when you go all If you do era on us with the hard dancing XD

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Park Jinyoung (aka the boy who changed his stage name thrice now aka Got7′s omma). This half of JJP taught me it was okay to get frustrated and let people around me know, so that I didn’t bottle up my annoyances and so that others didn’t walk all over me. I found inspiration in the way he moms everyone but is still their friend, it takes courage to yell at those around you and i admire that he is able to do so without hesitation. Jinyoung is so chic nowadays (looking so handsome oppa) I’ve totally noticed him more (not that I didn’t before). Park Jinyoung helped me to naturally perform both selfish and selfless actions because while it feels good to help others, sometimes you have to help yourself. JINYOUNG I LOVE YOUR SONGS BOY, KEEP SLAYING but stop pushing everyone to like it lol we already do your actions are pointless

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Mark Tuan (My Bias <3) My little angel, our youngest looking eldest, ilysm and I just want to squish and protect you. You show your vulnerable side to Ahgase so much but I know that you can be tough as well. I always worry about you because you are so far from Papa Tuan, and I see your insecurity with speaking korean and that encouraged me in my languages as well. Because I’m in the same boat with Cantonese and Viet. I really wanted to fight Doni and Cony from Weekly idol, you can’t ask an American to say something in english and not expect the freaking American pronunciation of it -.- .  I learned a bit of my aegyo from you (lmaoo) and I love following your cute antics (If you can’t scream over them, bowl them over with cuteness) I might just be biased but I love how you rap and dance, it’s just the right amount of sticking with the actual dance and Mark Flair. (And his voice is so fucking deep ughhhh i cantttttt) (I acknowledge Yugyeom as our dancer of the group lol) I think Mark is so brave for being in Korea and becoming so successful, I think all idols are so brave for giving up so much to achieve their dreams

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Wang Jackson, Wang Jia er, Wang Puppy, you totally brought me to Got7 at first. It wasn’t your variety skills( Tho that was pretty magnetic as well) it was actually the fact that this kpop boy spoke both English and Cantonese. (thats right, i’m attracted to languages) It made me super happy to see both in the kpop scene, and although Jackson obviously wasn’t the only canto/english speaker there, he pulled me in first. Jackson tries so super hard and puts in 105% into everything he does. I feel so bad and appreciate him so much. Please don’t put your health at risk for the sake of entertaining others. The world can go on a while without you if it meant you’re here longer. </3 The boy also taught me to completely let go and be wild (so to speak) I wouldn’t have had the experiences and happiness I do today if I hadn’t let go of my inhibitions sometimes

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Choi Youngjae my little sweet sunshine! ahem ik you’re a little perv you little scheme -.- BUT I LOVE YOU FOR THAT TOO. thank you for hiding it so well that it took me being a fan for almost a year to find out. I think mystery makes finding out more precious cus it means you’re that much deeper into the fandom. Youngjae my cheery little bubble that never got discouraged even when you didn’t get a lot of lines despite being the main vocal. 2Jae/JJP/Markjae? (T.T IDKKK) I love watching you laugh at everything, it’s so nice seeing others appreciate the dorkiness that makes up got7 on camera (i mean sure the staff too but they don’t always apppeeaaarrr)

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BAMMMIEEEEE um ah uh yeah (hehe mamamoo) Kumpimook Bhawakul ( i reallly hope i spelt that correctly) You’re the public perv and dab master. You follow up on too many trends and I love/hate you for it. I can’t help but laugh at your rediculousness at this point. Thank you for teaching me to do what I want without caring about the judgment of others. You little fashionista, so cute, ily. Bambam i notice myself responding to his english whenever i watch videos with it lmao (dont judge me >.<) 

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Kim Yugyeom YUGYEOMMIEEEE (Yugy-yummmyyyyy) MAH BOY IS SO. FREAKING. CUTE! I just wanna hug you and never let go, I feel like I can get a bear hug from this Giant maknae and just swim in it. You never let life (or the hyung’s bullying) take you down, you face everything with a smile (or at least a devious smirk, little devil) I always notice when you’re about to do something bad and zero in on it But i can never fault you for it cus you’re so. damn. cute. This is gonna be my downfall ugh. I got a few tendencies and mannerisms from you (like we all prob did from each member of got7) I admire your ability to dance so well (HIT THE STAGE BABY) I’m so proud of you

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I think this is the end of it? Ty to anyone who read this long lol I just went on a longggg rant to share my feelings. Got7 just taught me it was okay to do anything and everything and reach for the stars, ty boys for existing <3

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When we look with our spiritual sight, it is possible to see that the angels truly are everywhere. You are eternally connected to heaven and innately anchored to everything, rather than your angels working ‘for you’, they work ‘from you’, existing as extensions of your own ancient soul, the voice of guidance, so angels can never really leave, they are only a thought or heartbeat away. You are one with God’s love, and angelic love transcends every threshold and frequency, it is more powerful than hell, demons, and human corruption. Ringing in the ears, synchronicities or ‘meaningful coincidences’, consistent numbers that make themselves known to you, flashes of white lights, these are all ways our angels remind us they are side by side. Angels can appear in any way you have been taught or bought up with, as they reflect what we find safest and most pure.

Call upon them, and they will be there, everything outside love is an illusion and your angels will reunite you with your souls divinity which pours with wisdom, illumination, inspiration and joy -


“In mystical traditions, it is one’s own readiness that makes experiences exoteric or esoteric.

The secret isn’t that you’re not being told.

The secret is that you’re not able to hear.” —  Ram Dass

A Place to Call Home pt 8


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 5,007

Warnings: language

A/N: The part you’ve all been waiting for is here!! I have to apologize though, it’s not edited because I just finished it and wanted to get it up for you guys tonight. I have to thank @writing-obrien for helping me brainstorm and @thelittlestkitsune for reassuring me that it wasn’t crap. I will get it edited and update it once I do, but for now, here is part 8 of APTCH, I hope you like it!

UPDATE: This has now been edited thanks to the wonderful Lau ( @thelittlestkitsune) and I decided to change the gif to one more fitting even though it may kinda be a spoiler lol. 

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It takes Dean about five seconds after his first kiss with Castiel to decide that they should start to share a room together from now on.

“Are you sure?” Castiel asks. His smile is tentative, yet so hopeful, and Dean can’t help reveling in the sight.

“Of course I’m sure,” Dean states, pulling Castiel even closer until their breaths are mingled and it’s absolutely impossible to tell them apart. “Your trench coat will look awesome in my closet.”

Castiel cups Dean’s cheek while looking at him with the fondest expression the hunter has ever seen before.

“It will look awesome in our closet,” the angel corrects in a low and still so powerful voice.

Dean’s insides start to tingle pleasantly and he presses a soft kiss onto the corner of Castiel’s mouth. “Yeah, it sure as hell will.”

Undisclosed Desires (part 11)

Words: 3.6k

Summary: You and Castiel discuss where your relationship stands.

Warnings: Probably spoilers here… smut (dom/Sub elements, oral sex on female, multiple orgasms, Enochian handcuffs, ) lots of feels.

A/N: Enochian translations at the end. Constructive feedback is always appreciated. If you’d like to be added to my master tag list, send me an ask or DM.


You woke up slowly in the dark motel room, you must have been asleep for hours. When you started to stretch, you felt your blanket twitch.

You heard a deep chuckle next to you. “It’s not a blanket.”

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Angelic Halloween

gif is not mine

Title: Angelic Halloween

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word count: 1,290

Warnings: fluff

A/N: This is another fic I wrote a LONG time ago, probably one of the first ones I ever wrote. So I hope you all enjoy this! I love you all so much!!

It was a few hours before trick-or-treating began.  You took your costume out of the bag, laying it across the bed.  Sam and Dean were out on a hunt, just a simple salt and burn.  You were left at the bunker, but you weren’t upset about it.  For it was Halloween, and you had the perfect costume.  Sure, you were in a bunker and there was nowhere to really go trick-or-treating, but that didn’t mean you couldn’t have fun and dress up.

You planned on watching scary movies and eating candy all night.  You had picked out an angel costume because it wasn’t too revealing and you had always wanted to wear a pair of wings.  You slipped on the white silky dress that only went a little past your knees.  You were short so the costume was a little longer than it was meant to be.  You put on the wings and the halo, straightening it a bit.

You looked in the mirror that you had in your room, assessing how the costume looked.  You were happy with it.  As you folded your clothes you had worn earlier; the sound of wings fluttering was a pleasant surprise.  You turned around, wearing a proud grin as you put your hands on your hips.  “What do you think Cas,” you asked.

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Long Distance with Jimin

And now it is time for the first member of the maknae line, half of the Busan line, the other half of Yoonmin, our angel who looked s o fucking good with the pink hair cotton candy!chim was one of my faves it was so cute while it lasted, he always looks so good tbh, Park Jimin aka chim chim

  • So this series is gonna be about a long distance relationship (ldr for short) with the boys, this post is gonna more focused on the online relationship aspect but it’ll still be ldr!!
  • This is gonna involve youtuber!Jimin (here) to sum it up, he has a channel where he uploads anything he wants, covers, dances, vlogs, tags, just anything he’s in the mood for that day
  • So the story of how you two meet is that you meet over social media (youtube) you see one of his dance videos, mention how much you loved it in one of your videos, the subscribers tell Jimin and then shit just goes from there
  • He’d already been a fan of your channel and you loved his so the two of you start talking online and he’s s o friendly and sweet and you two get to know each other really well
  • The first two months of your relationship is long distance until you two can finally meet up
  • At first everything is platonic, you’re considering doing a collab together or just meeting up but you’re both too busy to fly out at first bc college and you’d need to figure out where you’d stay if you did fly out to see him
  • Like would you stay with him??? Is that okay with him?? Or should you find a good hotel nearby? Is that something you ask him, you don’t know what approach to take to it so you save it for when it comes up
  • But then things start getting more flirty bc chim can be a lil flirt when he wants to be, he’s shy and smol and cute but he goes from shy giggles and looking away to avoid people’s gazes to ripping his shirt off
  • So at first, he’s just being friendly, asking how your day’s going, what video you’re filming/editing, what your favorite movies are bc he wants to get to know you and you do the same with him
  • And slowly but surely, more flirty lines start up like he asks about your ideal first date, what you look for in a significant other and he starts telling you about his crush and it’s pretty obvious he’s trying to hint at you being the crush
  • “Actually, my crush kinda looks like you haha how ironic right??”
  • “Oh hey my crush has that same necklace what a small world”
  • He eventually gathers up the courage to Facetime/Skype you and ask you out and he has this whole date planned out in his head, he wants to fly out to see you and have the first date in person and he wants to explore your city with you
  • You say yes when he asks and he gets s o happy, you know that smile Jimin gets where it’s all teeth and most of the time he laughs and his eyes are so bright his entire face is just lit up and it’s so precious, that’s the smile he gets
  • You two were gonna meet up either way but the date is an extreme bonus
  • He sends you clips of his journey on snapchat, packing up his bag for the week he’ll be with you, heading to the airport with kook driving him, the both of them singing in the car on the way over, Jimin in the plane bc he plans to take a nap the entire time and wants to let you know that so you don’t text him and get !!! when he doesn’t respond
  • But he was lowkey up all night editing and packing and was way too excited to go to sleep how does one sleep when such exciting things are going on
  • You pick him up at the airport bc he obviously doesn’t have a car/ride in your city yet and he also doesn’t know his way around and you’re in awe at how handsome he is in person, cameras don’t do him justice tbh
  • He gives you a hug and it definitely lasts longer than a “friend” hug but he also doesn’t wanna make you feel uncomfortable bc you two had just met so he doesn’t stay in the hug as long as he would’ve liked to
  • It feels so comfortable with him like there is that first hour where you two are figuring each other like how close you can sit near each other without the other being uncomfortable, how affectionate you can be with each other, stuff like that
  • But Jimin’s a really affectionate person so it doesn’t take too long before he’s hugging you and laying his head or chin on your shoulder or leaning on you when he laughs and the relationship feels really natural, nothing is rushed or forced, everything happens at its own pace
  • You two spend the week together and he’s so much sweeter than you could’ve ever expected and he makes you laugh a lot and he’s always so giggly and smiley which makes you giggly and smiley and you both wish he could stay longer but he’s got school to go back to
  • The goodbye hug lasts a l o t longer than the first hug did and you can see how much more comfortable you two are with each other
  • My head canon is that Jimin is a nuzzler when he hugs people like you know how some people bury their face/nose in the other person’s hair or neck or shoulder, that’s Jimin all the way
  • His hugs are really tight and warm and just overall lovely and he would make such a great cuddler don’t even get me started on this shit
  • You promise to fly over to him in a couple weeks so it’s not gonna be too long until you two can see each other again but you’re in that honeymoon stage where you wanna talk to them and see them as often as you can so going long distance after you two just started to figure each other out is ouch
  • He leaves one of his favorite rings with you so you have something of his to wear and he gets one of your necklaces so you two have lowkey couple items
  • Jimin makes sure he calls/texts you everyday and he never ever (e v e r) forgets the good morning/night texts
  • There are so many nights where you two stay up way too late texting each other and you’re both smiling at your phones and Jungkook keeps teasing Jimin about it bc that’s the job of a best friend
  • He is a king of selfies, even his “ugly” selfies are cute like how he makes the weirdest angles that should not make anyone look good actually look really nice is beyond me I don’t get it I’m fully convinced he’s a secret model
  • He sends tons of selfies bc he wants you to know he’s thinking about you and he sends lots of pictures with Jungkook’s dog bc two puppies in one shot that’s a good deal
  • He also takes lots of pictures with the rabbit Tae gets and that’s equally as cute bc he keeps calling her his niece and he sends this one clip of her hopping around and you can hear his giggle in the background
  • Skype sessions with chim though, he’s in one of his really huge hoodies and he’s got a snack bc your Skype/Facetime sessions normally last a couple hours
  • The two of you will do anything from watching the same movie at the same time so you can watch it together to just talking to listening to music together to eating meals together, it’s always really chilled out but it’s nice to be able to spend that time together
  • He gets s o excited when you tell him you’re flying over, he just about cries bc he’s so so so happy
  • He makes sure his apartment looks cute before you get there bc the last he wants is for you to walk in and see a pair of his boxers on the bed
  • He’s just really excited and kook and tae are officially in charge of teasing him about it but they’re of course excited and happy for him
  • He buys a bouquet of your favorite flowers to greet you with and some sweets and he has this whole day planned for you bc he’s so ready to show you around Busan
  • “I’m on my way to the airport, I’ll be waiting!!!! I wore the shirt from my last video, you said it was cute, don’t worry I washed it”
  • “Jimin, my plane hasn’t even taken off yet”
  • “Well tell the pilot to hurry, I gotta hold my bby asap”

Honestly, If Jackson isn’t better by the 13th and the doctors definitely say that he is not fit for the comeback performance then I don’t want them to it. I worry because if Jackson goes out there on the biggest performance and passes out again or vomits, I know he will NEVER get over that. It just pains me to think this wonderful person who wants us igot7s to be healthy and happy is neglecting his health and happiness for us. Honestly, I cannot speak for everyone but I know the majority of us love Got7 and want them to be in the best condition mentally and physically when it comes to performing, events, fan meets and concerts. Speaking of which Jackson also does many shows and appearances in Korea and in Hong Kong so that is, even more, stress. We just want the best for our angel who always looks out for us so we should do the same for him. 

Just the Right Words

Characters: Servamp Kuro, Mahiru Shirota
Ship: KuroMahi
Summary: Mahiru was deaf and the only words they traded were written. But they were just the right words for Kuro. 

Requested by @jey-chan

Ch. 1 // Ch. 2

“Get out of the way!” Kuro screamed and the crowd parted for him. He knew that they must’ve thought that he was crazy but he didn’t care. His entire focus was on returning home. While he was in school Hyde, his brother, called him and told him that he needed to return home for an emergency.

Hyde was sick and home alone so Kuro’s mind raced with possibilities. What if Hyde’s flu had gotten worst? What if one of his other siblings were hurt? What if Hyde burned the house down?

People rushed out of his path. All, except one, a boy who was walking ahead of him. He didn’t move to dodge him even after Kuro screamed for him to. Kuro was running too fast to stop in time and he crashed into him. Instinctively, he tried to stop their fall with one hand and held onto the person protectively with his free arm.

He turned them so that he fell onto his back and the boy landed on top of him. Kuro grunted and sat up to check on the person. “Hey, you okay?”

He looked down at the person he ran into. He appeared to be dazed and stared up at him with wide, brown eyes. He began to fumble with something and touched his ears. Kuro thought he would be angry but he looked worried instead. “I’m sorry, but I really need to get home. If you’re not hurt, I’ll be going now.”

Kuro stood and pulled him to his feet. The boy kept his gaze to the ground, as if he was searching for something. When he looked up, his eyes caught on Kuro. He pointed to Kuro’s jacket and tried grab his hood. Kuro stepped back sharply and walked around him. “I’m sorry. If I ever see you again, I’ll make this up to you but I need to go home.”

Saying that quickly, Kuro began to run home again. He heard someone running behind him and looked back to see that the boy was chasing him. Kuro didn’t know why he would chase him and he groaned. But he didn’t seem to be a fast runner and soon disappeared into the crowd.

Who was that guy? Kuro thought to himself but pushed the thought away. He ran back to his home and found a moving truck in front of his house. He ignored it and ran into his house. It was quiet but worry still filled him. “I’m here, Hyde! Who’s hurt? Where’s the fire?”

“It took you long enough!” Hyde screamed between sniffles from where he sat in front of a window. He was buried under blankets and sneezing profusely but he didn’t appear to be hurt. Hyde motioned to something in the window and Kuro stood next to him. “You see that dark haired guy? He looks like an angel! I think he’s our new neighbour. Can you send him something for me?”

“You called me back here to send your love letters?” Kuro rubbed his temple when Hyde held out a note to him. “I ran all the way from school! I thought something happened to you.”

“But, Kuro, it is an emergency! I can’t talk to him when I’m like this. He’ll think I’m weird or contagious or something. Anyways, you should be thanking me for getting you out of class. Can’t you help your sick brother?” Hyde pouted at him and Kuro sighed. He loved his siblings and couldn’t deny them much. So, he took the letter and said.

“I guess I’ll help you out since you did get me out of school. I’ll give this to him so get back to bed and rest. Wrath will yell at both of us if you get worse.” Kuro patted his shoulder before gently pushing Hyde towards his room.

Kuro walked outside and stared at the truck. He had to wonder about his new neighbour and hoped they wouldn’t be too troublesome. He approached the dark haired boy and called out to him. “Are you moving into the house next door? If you are, we’ll be neighbours.”

“I’m just helping my friend move in.” He answered. “He’s not here yet. Have you seen a guy with brown hair and eyes? He’s about this tall.”

“No, I just came home. This might be pointless because you’re not our neighbour but here. My brother wanted to talk to you but he’s a little tied up and can’t leave the house.” Kuro handed him the letter and received a doubtful look. Honestly, he couldn’t blame him. “I know my brother may seem a little forward but he’s a good guy. I’ll tell him you’re not our new neighbour but give him a chance.”

When Kuro would’ve turned away, he felt someone tackle him from behind. He struggled to keep himself from falling and looked over his shoulder at the person. It was the guy that he bumped into earlier. He was breathing heavily and looked frustrated. He held out a notebook and Kuro read the page, You have my hearing aid. Just stand still so I can get it.

His fingers brushed Kuro’s cheek when he reached into his hood and pulled out a hearing aid. Relief flooded his face when he placed the hearing aid in his ear. He wrote something in his notebook and held it out to him. Thank you. It fell when you bumped into me.

“Mahiru,” Licht tapped his shoulder to catch his attention. He spoke as he made signs with his hands, “Where were you? We were getting worried.”

Mahiru replied in sign language and explained their earlier encounter. He could feel Kuro’s eyes on him and knew that he was most likely confused. He turned to the first page of his notebook and handed it to Kuro. Hello, my name is Mahiru Shirota. I’m deaf so I use this notebook to talk. I can read lips and I have a hearing aid but please be patient with me.

Kuro didn’t know how to respond for a moment. Mahiru was accustomed to the hesitant expression Kuro gave him so he wasn’t offended. His friends were understanding and didn’t treat him differently.

“Stop staring at him like that. You’re making him uncomfortable.” Kuro felt someone kick him and turned to see Licht glaring at him. Licht barely gave him a glance before speaking to Mahiru in a moderate pace and signed. “It looks like this guy is your new neighbour. If he causes you any trouble, call me or Tetsu and we’ll deal with him for you.”

That’s okay, Licht! I’m sure he wasn’t trying to be rude. Mahiru signed quickly. He was grateful that his friends cared about him and wanted to help him transition to a new school but he didn’t want to worry them too much. I’ll be alright.

Kuro sat at his desk but kept glancing out the window to the neighbouring house. He was supposed to be studying but he couldn’t stop thinking of his new neighbour. He looked up from his textbook when he heard a tapping sound outside his window. Kuro looked up and was surprised to see the person that was filling his thoughts.

Mahiru stood in the window across from his and pressed his notebook against the glass for him to see. I’m sorry about Licht. He can be a little intense but he’s a nice guy. Let’s get along since we’re neighbours now.

Kuro took a spare piece of paper and wrote a reply. He made sure to make the lines thick so that Mahiru could read them. My name’s Kuro. You have the same uniform as me. Are you going to Servamp Academy too?

Mahiru smiled and nodded. He started to write something in his notebook and Kuro found himself waiting for his answer with mild curiosity. I won’t start attending classes until Monday. I just went to buy my uniform today. Is there anything I need to know for school? What are we learning right now? I don’t want to fall behind.

We’re all preparing for a school festival right now so we’re not doing much in class. Kuro answered him. Everyone’s excited about setting up a costume booth for the festival but it seems like a drag if you ask me. There’s so much to do like making the costume and backdrops. It’ll just be easier to buy a bunch of food and sell them. Of course, if my brother comes, we’ll be sold out after one of his orders.

His reply made Mahiru chuckle but Kuro looked exasperated. When he first met Kuro, he was running as if the dogs of hell were chasing him. Mahiru had the impression that Kuro was rather athletic but it seemed he was wrong. He wrote in his notebook and asked, You have a brother? I’m an only child so I’m a little jealous.

I have six brothers and one sister. They’re all younger than me and they can be a pain sometimes. Do you know how many times they interrupted my sleep? Kuro wrote. Mahiru found watching his expression more entertaining than his stories.

“Kuro! World End ate the cake I was saving!” Kuro heard Hugh cry from the kitchen.

Kuro sighed and turned away from the window to yell, “Wrath, they’re fighting again!”

Is something wrong? Mahiru asked with a concerned look.

My brother ate my other brother’s cake. I told you they could be troublesome.

Shouldn’t you go stop them if they’re fighting? Thinking simply, you’re the oldest and it’s your responsibility. Mahiru tapped the words with a stern expression. I still have things to unpack so you don’t need to worry about keeping me company. Go down and stop your brothers from fighting!

Fine, I’m going. You sound like a housewife, you know? Mahiru shook his head in denial and Kuro smiled to himself slightly. Mahiru waved to him before closing the curtain between them.

Mahiru stood in front of the class, slightly nervous as he held up his notebook for his class to read. While his hearing aid didn’t allow him to hear their whispers, he knew that they were talking about him. He scanned the class and was relieved to see Kuro in the class. Though it did annoy him that Kuro was sleeping.

The teacher tapped his shoulder and said. “Go sit behind the sleeping student.”

Mahiru nodded and went to sit behind Kuro. He gently poked Kuro’s back and tried to wake him. Kuro woke with an irritated groan and turned to face him. His eyes widened for a moment before Mahiru gently hit Kuro with his notebook. You’re in class so you shouldn’t be sleeping.

But we’re only picking out people’s duties for the costume booth. I’ll just take whatever’s left over and hope that it’s not too bad. Kuro wrote.

What jobs are still left? Mahiru asked and flipped to a new page for Kuro to write on. Once Kuro wrote all the duties left, Mahiru quickly added something above them. Mahiru’s eyes narrowed while he wrote so Kuro wondered what he was writing. Then he knocked on his desk and raised his hand. When the teacher turned to him, Mahiru held up the notebook.

Kuro and I volunteer to be in charge of costumer design, sewing, making photography backdrops and making flyers.

“What?” Kuro looked between Mahiru and his teacher. Unfortunately, the teacher was already writing his name under all the jobs. He quickly asked, “Why did you do that?”

Thinking simply, I’m qualified to do those things and I have free time. Also, this is your punishment for sleeping in class and trying to be avoid your responsibilities.

This is just part one. I was writing this but it was becoming longer than I expected so I decided to split it into two parts. Honestly, I was a little hesitant to take this request because I was afraid of being disrespectful unintentionally. I tried to do my research and wrote everything respectfully.