look at olitz just look at them

some thoughts and facts about 601

So this morning (because I’m on the other side of the globe) I watched the premiere. 

Anyway, this is some kind of a review, thoughts, gifs, etc; all mixed up about 601. Let’s see:

1. This is one of the greatest episodes I’ve watched in a long time. I was not a fan of 5B and this premiere has really made the difference. The plot was intriguing and it remembered about the old days: the good old days.

2. Poor Frankie Vargas. I wanted him to win and I had the feeling that he could win as well (you feel me, @lauraquarium ). But when I saw this:

I had the feeling that something BAD was about to happen. I don’t know, I saw this victory too quickly and in the Scandalverse you never know until the very end of the episode. Again, POOR FRANKIE.

3. Fitz and Olivia. This is, in my opinion, the scene that summarizes the episode for them:

Fitz going after Olivia. They are in friendship mode on. I like it, I mean, it’s a good start if we want them back together someday (if Shonda let’s that happen, of course). OLITZ IS FAR FROM OVER

4. Jake Ballard. I don’t care where he is or what he does if it is a normal episode. But in this episode Frankie Vargas was killed.

So “Where’s Jake?” could be answered with: killing Frankie Vargas, maybe?. He was with Fitz in the room but all is possible here. Well, I’m sure we will know in a few weeks but Jake is one of the options on the table.

5. Survival of the Fittest. Mellie has lost. And what really scares me is the way Olivia takes this lost. 

First, she calms Mellie but then:

Papa Pope might be right about Cyrus but I’m SO tired of this relationship.

After listening Papa Pope she goes back to the White House and is again that Olivia Pope hungry for power (bye white hat). She is still controlled by Rowan. 

And next: even if Mellie says she doesn’t want to run anymore, she NEEDS to run because she can’t keep herself from power because she is addicted to it.

6. Actor Cyrus Beene. This scene really broke me and not because Cyrus just saw a shooting. This broke me because this shows how far a person can go just to have power. Cyrus is capable of doing this, of course. He is a political monster. Look at this:

7. I laughed at this:

8. So, we have a wedding soon, I suppose:

9. Susan Ross and Lizzie Bear were not in the episode and that doesn’t make sense, unless the flashbacks of 602 explain this. Something must have happened to them, I guess. I hope not to Susan, though. I love her so much, just look at this:

Susan is a national treasure

Feel free to share your thoughts :)

anonymous asked:

I've been looking for a fic and I don't know if I'm just not looking hard enough or if it's deleted. But basically Fitz and Olivia know each other because their daughters are best friends and they get closer because their daughters go on a school trip together and theirs an accident, but then it turns out no one was seriously hurt and later on Fitz invites Olivia and her daughter to go on a summer vacation with them. If you can find it that'd be awesome!

Hi Anon,

This sounds like It Happens When You Least Expect It by @bytesthedust

Tony and Kerry, ok I see you now...

Let me start off by saying while I will readily admit that my primary reason for watching Scandal is and always has been because of Olitz I have never until very recently (the last few days) entertained much thought about Tony and Kerry’s off screen relationship.  I mean I always gave Kerry Washington the side eye when she said she didn’t enjoy making love scenes with Tony and I always thought that there was a strong mutual attraction but I guess I didn’t really give it much thought about where things were going with them off screen.  That changed a few days ago.

Just to give you some background, since Olitz was the major draw for me on Scandal and since we all know that nothing substantial has been going on with that story really since Season 2 I had basically given up the show after Olivia threw that ring in Fitz’s face.  I certainly haven’t been keeping up with the Scandal press circuit much.  When I saw on Twitter everyone going crazy about the Scandal Finale I of course watched the finale and rewatched, and rewatched, and rewatched…*you get my point* that Olitz ending scene.  In one episode I was hooked back into Scandal and more importantly Olitz.

Well y’all I’ve been on vacation the last couple weeks and had more time to catch up on the Scandal cast interviews and can I just say that I saw some things that have me looking at Tony and Kerry with new eyes now (Tony and Kerry I see you…).

For me the thing that got me looking at them differently was the video from Paley fest when Bellamy and Tony interrupted Kerry’s interview.  First thing that made me say what the…was the way Kerry looked when she said “Hi” to Tony like I know this man didn’t just walk by without speaking to me.  Then I saw the look on Tony’s face when he kissed her on the cheek and hugged her, I mean the man’s face visibly changed like he had the biggest treasure in his arms.  That’s the moment where I said OMG there is something much more there.  You can’t make up those reactions.

Thanks to some helpful Olitzers on twitter who I’d been following for some time but had no idea they stayed up to date on all things Terry I’ve gone back and watched the other Paley fest videos and the famous NAACP awards video and some past tweets between the two.  I’ve also read several blind items to which some I believe and some I’m not sure I believe.  Bottom line is yes I think Tony and Kerry are in some sort of romantic relationship.  The exact nature of that relationship only they know and it is their business to tell or not tell the public. I do think there is mutual love, respect, passion, and friendship between them in that relationship.

This helps me understand why that Olitz pairing has resonated with me so much.  I mean I have never seen so much chemistry in a TV pairing ever.  I think both Kerry and Tony are phenomenal actors AND I think to top that off they are bringing a little extra bit of themselves and their off screen chemistry to the role.

Kerry and Tony, I see you.  Congratulations as it looks like the two of you may have found something that most of us only hope for in a lifetime.  I’m truly happy for you both.  Thanks for giving us this awesome couple Olitz and I wish the two of you nothing but more love, respect, and passion to last a lifetime!

Here’s a little companion post to go along with this edit. It is probably my favorite Photoshop project that I’ve done and also the most time consuming. I hope you guys like it.

I’m dead again. I’m Tumbling from Sheol right now! Look at this! Look at them! Look at how happy they look and just…this is yes. This is YAAASSS. I am DEAD. Not only will Fitz get to see his Livvie in an awesome gown again, he’ll actually get to touch her this time and just…the smiles, the peace within their eyes, just…just…yes. I am Trumpetnista, I am a Gladiator in a Hoodie, and I approve of this message.  Bring on all the good ass Olitz. BRING IT! WE’VE EARNED IT!

Scandal Review: In The Bubble, Episode 403

Three weeks in, and I’m still enjoying watching Scandal and watching Olivia Gladiate. I have trust issues though, so I have no doubt that there is fuckery up ahead. 

What I Hated

Jake. Always Jake. That will never change I’m afraid. I’m forever watching his scenes with this look on my face:

I really wish I could get over my hatred for him, but it’s not happening. Every damned scene had me feeling like this…

Especially when he had the sheer audacity to try to pimp Quinn out to Charlie. Like, seriously? 

OK, enough about him. What else did I hate?

Oh there was way too much Mellie again. But then I’m of the school of thought that believes that a one minute of dialog from Mellie is one minute too freaking much. 

I did feel awkward for her when she was going all CSI in front of the FBI, the CIA, and God knows who else in that room, and then was told that they already knew that the Killer Cliff Bride woman hadn’t  intentionally killed her husband. Yeah, that was a little embarrassing;


External image

At least we didn’t get to see her lie in her crusty drawers on Jerry’s grave again. She needs to get over this death already, nobody else on Scandal is allowed to grieve for more than one episode, and this is the third episode where she’s being all affected by her son’s death. We get it, you feel guilty, blah, blah, blah.  But up until season three, you couldn’t give a fig about any of your kids, including your new born, so bitch put some clean underwear on, flat iron your hair, put some deodorant on, and stop wearing on my last nerve. I much preferred this version of your character, back when the writers weren’t trying to make people like you.

Olivia slamming Catherine against the wall:

You know this was Shonda’s way of of getting back at everybody who had a problem with Olivia getting wall-slammed by Jake. What she still doesn’t seem to get is that the violence per se wasn’t the problem, it was the fact that it was ignored by the writers and just never addressed in any way.

What I Liked

Like I said, another really solid episode, that managed to ramp up the action without making me wonder what the hell the writers were smoking.

What I really loved was how everybody had their own thing going on. Even David Rosen was interesting this episode, and God knows that doesn’t happen all that often.

I also loved how pretty Olivia looked in last night’s show:

External image

Cyrus being taken for a ride by a $2500 hooker. Karma is a bitch, Cy, she is a bitch. 

Olivia reminding Jake that he can’t be busy because he doesn’t have a damned job. 

The case of the week wasn’t weak.

I liked it. I was a little disappointed that Catherine turned out to be such a douchey pedo, because I wanted her to be somebody that Liv could talk to, but alas, my poor baby is still very much alone. She doesn’t even really have Huck any more. Remember this?


Quinn in all her badassery. Baby Huck didn’t make me want to shoot her between the eyes this week.

I love how she took down Charlie, when he went for her. I have no idea when she had her Mortal Kombat training, but I am so here for it. Now can we get some of that training for Olivia?

Abby thinking she’d finally won over Fitz, then realizing that he was just trying to get intel about Olivia.

A lot of people seem to think that Fitz is going to make  move on Abby, but you know what I think, if those two do have a sexual contretemps, it won’t be Fitz who makes the move. It’ll be Abby.

Shonda knows that most people would never believe that Abby would do such a thing, being the moral center of the show and all (now that David has permanently handed in his white hat in exchange for The Black Hat of Power), what better way to shock viewers than to have Abby be the one who sticks her hands down Fitz’s crotch. After all, what does Olivia have that she doesn’t, right? Abby wants to be Liv so bad right now, I could totally see it happening. This is the year of Abby after all, and most viewers already like her, so Shonda won’t feel the overwhelming need to make her likable (as per Mellie). 

External image

I have to say though, that during that Fitz and Abby scene, I could tell that there was a part of her that wanted to know how her friend was. Abby and Fitz kinda looked desolate together. Olivia is their common bond. They both love her, and yet neither are on speaking terms with her right now. Oh well…

Huck telling Quinn “If you go missing again, I’ll look for you”

For a moment there, I almost forgot how much I hate these two crazy kids fornicatin’ with each other. 

Rowan nearly sticking a knife in Jake’s hand.

Man, nearlys aren’t really enough, but anything that puts Jake’s punk ass in mortal jeopardy, I’m ok with. If Mama Pope can chew her own wrist, I’d love to see Rowan slice off a few of Jake’s fingers. It’s a drama people, what could be more dramatic than that? I’ve heard that whipping brings in viewers too. Well, I’d watch…

The fact that it was Huck who woke up Olivia in the middle of the night and scared the bejesus out of her, and not Jake:

Jake being that dumb bitch who played his hand to Rowan too soon, even though he knows that Rowan would break his neck like a chicken and just carry on eating his food like there wasn’t a dead body on the same table as his gourmet meal.

In a perfect world, Rowan and Jake would kill each other next week. As it is, I’m guessing that if anybody dies, it’s going to be Rowan, because Joe Morton is the one with the Emmy. Regardless of which them dies, at least Olivia would have one less asshole in her life.

And finally, my little Olitz shipper heart, couldn’t help but be stirred by Fitz mourning the loss of Vermont. Oh Baby, all you need to do is to divorce your Ball and Chain, and then you’d be free to be with the love of your life, until then, 

So yeah, another really good episode, with the bonus of no touching between Olivia and her walking, talking vibrator.

Next week’s promo looks, exciting. It looks like we’re finally getting that Olivia and Fitz confrontation, although, personally, I think they should have kept them apart until at least the seventh episode of the season, seeing as the writers have done their best to sink the Olitz ship.

I just hope that Shonda and them don’t have them getting horizontal, or even kissing. I don’t want Fitz to be kissing Olivia unless he has his divorce papers clutched in his hand. Then they can get nasty all over my screen, and I’d be here for it. At least we know that their sex scenes wouldn’t look like this mess right here:

The case of the breast rub that didn’t actually happen. I’m still laughing nearly a  year later.

Meldrew, this is what a breast grab really looks like:

Show ‘em how it’s done Jamie and Claire!

And here’s another bonus Jamie-from-Outlander-looking-hot gif:

Oh yeahhhh!

Surfbort. Lol.