look at olitz just look at them


This Olitz scene though? Look at Fitz’s face. Look at Olivia’s face. The VERY idea that she’s hurt makes him hurt. That hug though? That hand on the cheek though? That “Hi” though? That look though? This is “I watch for you. My whole life is you. I exist for you. My every feeling is controlled by the look on your face” manifested.

I’m dead again. I’m Tumbling from Sheol right now! Look at this! Look at them! Look at how happy they look and just…this is yes. This is YAAASSS. I am DEAD. Not only will Fitz get to see his Livvie in an awesome gown again, he’ll actually get to touch her this time and just…the smiles, the peace within their eyes, just…just…yes. I am Trumpetnista, I am a Gladiator in a Hoodie, and I approve of this message.  Bring on all the good ass Olitz. BRING IT! WE’VE EARNED IT!

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#Scandal - “Seven Fifty Two” sneak preview featuring Olivia & Fitz. Scandal returns on Thursday 4/25.

I love how this 50 sec #Scandal sneak preview^^ has bought out the BEST Gladiator analysis heating up Twitter & Tumblr. That is all! XO!


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