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Un Cadeau dans la Poche

Nick Amaro 


“I’ve been waiting all night to get my hands on you. It’s not ending this quickly.”

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Not requested but suggested by @amaroforpresident in our first ever encounter on tumblr and wowie look how long it’s been

(2.0K words)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: NSFW (smut), cursing, vagina-owning reader, teasing, mention of going under cover

“You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted this,” Nick breathed against your neck. He hooked an arm around your waist and drew your body flush against his, nipping at your skin. He swallowed. “How badly I’ve wanted you.”

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I got an evil goat.

Nick Bateman and I went on a date to a petting zoo. We walked around, petting all of the animals but then I saw a goat and started freaking out because I wanted one so bad. That’s when Nick looked at me and gave me a goofy grin and said, “Do you want the goat?” I just nodded profusely and then he went up to the person who owned all of the animals and bought me the goat. I was so excited that I rode the entire way home with the goat in my lap. Sadly, the goat ended up trying to kill us all with its evil plans to rue the world… oh well, at least I had a goat for a while.

I bet there’s one day Nick is driving with Bram and Simon and the black eyed peas come on the radio and Simon gives Nick the most horrified look from the rear view mirror and Nick has the biggest shit eating grin on his face. Simon immediately starts threatening Nick that he’s going to tell Abby every weird detail of their childhood and Nick goes, “you have nothing, Spier.” And they argue until Bram finally says, “If this is about Nick’s bar mitzvah… Leah told me.“

Simon hates his friends.

Nick Amaro / Strange Bedfellows (Part One)

Part Two

As per @yesthemaggot‘s request: 
Prompt: Imagine if you were Nick’s childhood best friend, and you meet Sonny who you end up kissing and falling in love with, leaving Nick with unresolved feelings for you. But then, months later, you show up at Nick’s door, crying that Sonny had cheated on you. 

Wooo! This was fun to write. I started writing this and immediately realized this was going to be waaaaay too long to be one fic, so I split into parts. I’m still working on part two at the moment, but I hope to have it out later tonight. Enjoy! 

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House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page.

Warning death of minor characters and violence in this fic

To Loki’s great joy, she was everything he had read of and more, born in a war-torn region, she lost her father and brother young to fighting and her mother to the stress of it all. Angry and never willing to accept her lot, Rebecca fought authority and ran from every care facility and home she was kept in, what made it all the more amusing was the angrier she became, the more her gifts developed. In the end, she was able to evade capture, fleeing to America and starting a life there, until S.H.I.E.L.D. found her that was. She had just wanted a normal life, job, home and perhaps someone to care for, but Nick Fury caught her scent and had agents hound her. She stated their deaths had been in her self-defence, but she was overpowered and caught, before being sentenced to a fate worse than death, eternal darkness in ice. Loki swore that together, he would aid her to elude capture once more, and once their revenge was completed, he would bring her far away from Midgard, as he called it, and to a place where she would be able to have such dreams of a life free and her own.

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Ticking Time Bomb Ch.1

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Swearing

** Malyutka (Russian for Little One)


Steve and You aren’t close to being the same, you’re a ticking time bomb with an attitude to match your wild hair. A spy and a history with Nat, you aren’t open to many if anyone.  But going under cover with Mr. America could change everything for you, who knows what lies under all that anger, hostility, cold attitude and brightly colored hair.

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‘Snap’… ‘pop’… ‘sigh’… ‘snap’… ‘snap’ …

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Love at First Arrest

“Hands behind your back, John,” Nick says, “You know the drill.”

Hancock grins at the cop even as he sways on his feet. “I wanna … get to know–to–t’know your drill.”

Nick gives a loud, world-weary sigh. As incredibly grateful as he is that everyone on the force knows to call him to come take care of John, he gets so much shit for it. Why does he have to be so stupid in love with this idiot?

“And your heart too,” Hancock adds, sobering up a bit. “Like, I wanna see your dick–I bet it’s so pretty, and you pro’ly spank real good … mmhm … uh, but your smile too!”

Nick tries to fight against a blush and sound stern. “John.”

“And your eyes.” Hancock takes an unsteady step closer to poke Nick in the chest. “Ya got pretty eyes. An’a–and a blush. Are your nipples that pink?”

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A New Beginning

Helloooo! Back at it with the imagines.

Based on: Hiia could u make one where a homeschooled girl finally gets to high school in freshman year and idk I’ll leave it up to u😊 anyways that would be kool thanks!

Except in this imagine, she’ll be an incoming junior.

“I’m screwed,” I muttered to myself when I dropped my textbooks in the hallway. It had been one month into school and I still felt like I did not belong in a place such as this. I felt comfortable with a private tutor, where I am not judged by my appearances or social life. 

Once I had finished picking up the books, I balanced them in one arm and slung my backpack on my shoulder with the other. With a heaving sigh, I headed to my locker to deposit the books. 

Again, I couldn’t open my locker. It’s getting embarrassing that I need to constantly ask for help, but it’s extremely difficult, for some reason. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I tried my locker combination for the fourth time and failed. I let out a soft grunt and awaited the three periods and lunch before the school day ended. I slumped my shoulders and tried once more, failing again. 

“Need some help?” I heard a voice ask. I knew who he was. He was Nick Robinson, actor in the fall and all-star athlete in the winter and spring. Everyone knew about Nick. It was like he had his own red carpet to walk on. Nobody said anything particularly bad about him and I had no reason to judge Nick. He’s tall, a little lanky, and extremely charming. Defeated, I nodded and stepped aside, telling him my combination and watched as he opened it with ease.

“You make it look easy,” I said as I put my books in the locker. He chuckled.

“It’s my fourth year doing it. Rough day?” He looked at me with such concern, to which I shrugged and closed it shut. 

“I guess so. Not really my year, either.” He looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say. “I should get going…” I trailed off, not knowing what to do. I started walking past Nick until he stopped me.

“Wait, what class do you have?” 

“Art II.”

“Perfect,” he said with a smile. “I have ceramics. It’s in the same hallway. I’ll walk you.” I didn’t exactly complain.

“You know, I’ve seen you around campus in the past month but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. Are you new?” He asked. 

“Yeah, this is my first year here.”

“That’s cool. Where did you go before you moved?”

“I was homeschooled.”

“That must be fun, picking your own times to learn and all.” I shrugged.

“I guess so. I didn’t really have this type of learning environment. My friends are my neighbors or people my mom brings over from work.” 

“Well, if it means anything, I’m glad you’re here.” I looked at Nick and grinned. 

“Thanks, Nick. This is me,” I said. Inches before dipping into the classroom, Nick stopped me again.

“I think it’s only fair that I know your name if you know mine.” I grinned.

“I’m Y/N.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”

The hour past by pretty slowly and then lunch rolled around. I decided to get my textbooks on my way to class and try to snag an empty table before people filled them up and I would be left with nowhere to sit and no one to sit with. I waited in line to grab a lunch. The tables were already getting packed and I silently told myself I would have to start preparing my own lunches. Once I grabbed my food, I scoped the lunchroom to see if there was any where I could sit. 

“Hey, Y/N, over here!” Nick shouted. I let out a deep breath and silently thanked him. 

“Hey there, Nick,” I said as I approached him. He scooted over and I sat down next to him.

“These are my friends Tammy, Alison, Bryant, Zeke, and Oliver. Guys, this is Y/N,” he introduced. I let out a small smile and gave them a shy wave. 

“Nice to meet you, babe!” Tammy ejected. 

“Nick tells us you’re new to Amarillo. How are you liking it?” Oliver asked. 

“It’s a nice scene. I enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the school.” I shrugged.

“Anyone giving you a hard time?” Alison asked. 

“I guess so. I mean, no one talks to me, exactly,” I replied. 

“That’s going to change right now.” Alison smiled and I returned one.

“She’s in Art II,” Nick began. “That must mean she’s really good at being all artistic.”

“Holy shit. Art II is pretty much the biggest step any artist can take. Ms. Strauss can work any student’s ass off,” said Zeke. “I would know. I took Art I and died the first day.”

“I like it a lot. She challenges me. Plus, we don’t really have many tasks. she gives us five assignments to complete before the semester ends and gives us three lessons a week. It’s weird but fascinating.” 

“You sound like an expert,” said Nick. I grinned. He put his arm around me and pulled me into his chest to which, by the way, I wanted to stay in his arms forever. It’s a weird thought, considering I met this guy an hour ago. One can only read so many romance novels without knowing what having a boyfriend feels like and suddenly be held like that.

“So what are your interests, Nick?” I asked when I noticed his other friends were busy conversing with each other. I knew his answer, but I wanted to hear him talk.

“I really love acting. I plan to pursue it in college. I got the lead in the fall play, which you should see!” I nodded. “But other than that, I love soccer and track. I’ve been doing both all my life and I don’t think I could imagine my life without it. But, acting takes my heart.” 

“It’s good that you know what you love.” 

“I’m comfortable around you, Y/N,” he confessed. I raised my eyebrow. “I don’t want to freak you out, or anything. You’re just, I don’t know, a breath of fresh air.” 

“Why’s that?”

“College applications are around the corner and everyone’s expecting me to do something big and go for the gold. I don’t want to sound stuck up when I say people pay attention to me.” 

“Not at all. I’ve definitely noticed that.” Nick looked at his food and then back at me. 

“I think we’re going to get along just fine,” he said. I grinned. The bell rang and every body in the lunchroom stood up. 

“I’ll see you soon!” Nick shouted over the noise. He didn’t leave before kissing my cheek, leaving me in a flustered mess with my cheeks pink and my body frozen. This was a new beginning.


“Wait, what?” Judy asked, confused.

Nick looked down at the rabbit. “I said, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.”

“Wait,” she repeated, looking at Nick, then back at you. “You have a girlfriend?”

The fox grinned. “Sure do, bunny. Why’re you so surprised?”

“Maybe it’s because you’ve never even mentioned being in a relationship, during the entire time we’ve known each other.”

Nick rolled his eyes, patting Judy on the head. “Maybe it’s because you never asked. Anyway, Y/n, this is my friend and ZPD partner, Lieutenant Judy Hopps.”

You smiled at Judy, holding out your paw. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Same,” Judy answered, shaking your outstretched hand. “So, how much did Nick pay you to do this?”

Nick rolled his eyes, glaring at the rabbit.

“He didn’t pay me anything,” you laughed. “I’m his actual girlfriend.”

Judy gaped for moment, before shaking her head. “I need some… time to process this,” she murmured, walking out of the room.

As you watched Judy exit the room, Nick wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to you head. 

“That went well,” you chuckled. 

Random Nonsense Fluff - April 28th, 2017 - Wildehopps ZPD Office - 9:30pm
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Nick:</b> *yawning obnoxiously*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *doing some paperwork* ....<p/><b>Nick:</b> *yawning louder, stretching his arms right in her face*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *coughs once, goes back to the paperwork*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *sighs heavily, leans back in his chair* Maaaaan I am bushed. Such a buuuuusy day.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *puts some paper in a folder, pauses and goes back to work*<p/><b>Nick:</b> It would sure be nice to go home... And cuddle with a certain fluffy bunny... *smirking*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *glances up at him, goes back to the paperwork*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *gets up out of his chair, goes behind Judy's chair and plays with one of her ears* C'mon Carrots...please? We have tomorrow to do paperwork...<p/><b>Judy:</b> *sighs and pulls her ear out of his paw* Tomorrow we're on patrol. We won't have time for paperwork. Look, Nick you can go home. I'll just meet you there when I finish.<p/><b>Nick:</b> *puts his paws on top of the paperwork* And leave you here by yourself? Not gonna happen. How about we take the stuff home? You can work there.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *spins her chair around and looks up at him*....You promise not to bother me?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *grins and crosses his heart* I promise. As long as you promise an extra long cuddle when you're done.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *laughs* Fine. You are just awful.<p/><b>Nick:</b> *shoving paperwork into a folder* Yeahhhh but you love me.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *pulling on her jacket and grabbing the keys* Eh... Debatable. Haven't decided yet.<p/><b>Nick:</b> Oh really? *opening the door of the office, letting her leave first* That's not what you said last night.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *punches his stomach as she walks past* We didn't even do anything last night, Slick. Remember?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *wincing*... You hit like a bunny.<p/></p><p/></p>
Training A Grimm

Pairing : Nick Burkhardt x Reader

Summary : Imagine helping Monroe train Nick in the woods.

You grinned as you watched Nick walk into the clearing and took the opportunity to run at him, jumping on his back. You growled at him as he realised it was you. You shifted back into your human form and giggled down at him. Nick tickled your rib-cage and you squealed as you fell to the side, Nick hovering over you as he continued to tickle you.

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so i've been re-reading I had Rather (tbh i read it like once a month because im obsessed) and then i found ur tag with like extra stuff and you mentioned a WEDDING and i've been filling my mind with so many happy thoughts of them sorting their shit out and being together forever but Question: who proposes cause like both of them seem to have the same paranoia for being turned down i cant imagine it would be easy

I think it would be Louis. It’s Louis who is spectacularly cheesy and likes to do big blow out romantic gestures, and I think he’ll get to a point in that verse where he’s like, okay, this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with, and this is how that happens in relationships: you get married. He’s quite rigid in his understanding of those kinds of things, I think. It’s Nick who’s already accepted a long time ago that the chances of him ever falling out of love with Louis are fairly spectacularly slim, and he knows that this is the long term for him. He’s cautious of mentioning it to Louis, because Louis can be so terribly scared of what he’s feeling, but he’s in this for the very, very long haul. So Louis knows that it has to be him, that he has to be the one to ask, because he knows from bitter (and perfect) experience that Nick is terribly, terribly careful with him when it comes to things like this.

So it’s Louis who has to ask, and it’s Louis who has to have conversations with Harry about whether he thinks Nick will say yes or not, because nobody makes Louis more scared than Nick, Nick who he’s so desperately in love with that sometimes it makes his chest hurt. But they’re still so careful with each other in front of other people; sometimes people have to ask if they’re still together because they can be together and barely touch each other, barely talk. To other people their relationship still seems fragile, even if in private it’s got the kind of roots that will take a lifetime to untangle, they’re so fiercely entwined.

Louis knows that Nick loves a party, and loves having everyone he loves together, but he can’t imagine being brave enough to declare how he feels in front of everyone. He’s still fucked up, even though he tries not to be. He buys a ring anyway, and makes sure that Nick has the evening free after his birthday, the night after his party, and studies recipes so that he knows what he’s cooking for Nick’s birthday meal.

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Back to normal

Nick looks at Jess with a grin. “It’s like this whole mess never even happened.”

Jess frowns. “Well, it did happen. And you were miserable for three months because of what Caroline did. Now suddenly you’re on her good side? And you’re just going to jump back into her arms?”

Nick straightens up and sets his hands on his hips. “I’m sorry, I don’t think I remember asking you for your opinion, Jessica.”

“I just think that this is all happening really fast,” she says, her eyes narrowing as she crosses her arms over her chest.

“This is what was supposed to happen all along,” he bites back. “Me and Caroline. It’s what I want. I’m happy.”

“Less than three weeks ago she gave you her wedding ring and told you that she was seeing someone else. Three weeks ago. Surely not that much has changed since then.”

In Another World: chapter 17 coming soon!

Wilde Hoops: A Savage Lover

Part 1

Judy and Nick walked into the apartment, exhausted from another hard day of work at the ZPD.

“Ugh…” Nick groaned. “My back is killing me.” Judy looked at his with a tired grin. “You can say that again.” Nick shook his head and walked into the restroom with another groan. Judy sat her hat onto the table and flopped onto the couch, sighing and closing her eyes. “Another successful day of making the world a better place!” She said to herself.

“Hey, Whiskers…” Nick asked. Judy could tell he was uncomfortable. She opened her eyes and figured out why, gasping and flushing. Nick stood outside the bathroom door, shirtless. She blushed and covered her mouth. She could see every muscle on his chest, his fur glistening with water. “Would you mind… rubbing this on my back?” He asked with a flush, holding up a bottle of lotion “My doctor prescribed it for me…” Judy flushed and hummed.

“Come on, Judy…” Nick pleaded with puppy eyes. “Alright…” Judy sighed with uncertainty. “C'mere.” She patted at her lap. Nick walked over and sat in her lap with a flop. “Here…” He said, handing her the lotion. “Back and Limb Pain Relief” Judy read. “Couldn’t have a shorter name?” She joked. Nick groaned in pain.

“Sorry…” Judy sighed. Then she noticed his back, and gasped. Nick’s back was covered in old scars, barely noticeable with the fur grown over them. “Nick…” She said quietly. With a determined scowl she opened the lotion. “W-wait!” Nick said. “Doc said you need gloves if your gonna do it.” He handed her plastic gloves. Judy put them on and squirted some of the lotion onto her paws. Then she started rubbing it onto his back, being careful to spread it all across his back. Nick sighed in audible relief. “Oh yea.” He said.

“That’s working wonders.” Judy smiled, but she noticed a scent in the air that made her blood run cold. “Nick… what’s in this lotion?” She calmly asked. “I have no idea.” Nick replied. “Do you smell that?” She asked. Nick sniffed the air. “Night Howlers? But the new mayor banned those in Zootopia. He said. Judy smelled her gloves. “Nick it’s in the lotion!” She exclaimed. She carefully slipped of the gloves and threw them aside. Nick jumped up. “No! That can’t!-” He grabbed the lotion from Judy.

“Night Howler?! This must be half the lotion!” He threw it in the trash. “How?”
“Was your doctor a goat?” Judy asked desperately. “No, but he might of sympathized with Bellwether!” Nick said, his breathing getting hoarse. “Nick, you can control it!” Judy exclaimed, backing away. “Th-this isn’t the incident with Bellwether!” Nick said, falling to his knees. “G-go! Just go to the hospital and get the antidote! Get help!”

“Nick!” Judy exclaimed. “You’ll be ok!”, she said, rushing for the door. She went to open the door, but it was jammed. She grabbed it and tried forcing it, and she heard Nick growling behind her.

“H-hang in there, Nick!” She said nervously. Then she remembered. A few weeks ago, she was given a vial of the antidote by the new mayor, ‘in case your Fox friend goes savage’ he had said. She was going to throw it out, but decided otherwise, in case they encountered a savage criminal. The vial was in the fridge. There was a swoosh of air, and Judy dived out of the way as Nick slammed into the door, snarling. She turned and saw his eyes gleaming dangerously.
“NICK!” She gasped. He snarled and jumped at her. She ducked under him and jumped to her feet as he crashed into the floor, jumping and scrambling to get a grip on the slippery floor. Nick stood in between her and the fridge.
“Nick-” She started, but he rushed her, knocking her to the floor and snapping at her neck. She blocked his muzzle with her paws and kicked him away, but before she could recover he was on top of her again, growling and snarling. She had to use all her strength to keep his sharp teeth away from her. His claws dug into her as his paws pinned her down. He lunged at her face, barely missing ripping a chunk of her cheek of thanks to her quickly pushing his jaw away. Quite suddenly, Nick ceased his attack, visibly confused and smelling at the air.

Judy wondered for a quick moment what he was doing, but realized, she had to be covered in his scent. Nick was a very pawsy and affectionate partner and roommate, to say at the least, and they had spent many a night snuggling with one another in bed. Two days ago, he asked if he could ‘mark’ her. “It’s just to tell other guys… that you’re taken…” Nick had said nervously. “We’ve only had four dates.” Judy told him. “That’s a major step in our relationship….” “It’s up to you…” He told her. In the end she had agreed, and he nuzzled her with his cheek, covering her in a special scent from a gland in is cheek cells.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Nick gently nosing at her face with obvious anger and confusion. This was obviously prey, but it was marked as his mate! He shook his head, growling in confusion. He was at a loss, naturally He would have eaten the rabbit… but the rabbit was his lover? It WAS female. Judy was paralyzed as Nick studied her with his sharp, gleaming eyes. His beautiful emerald eyes. She couldn’t help look at them. Nick snarled, and she eeped, shutting her eyes. She felt something lapping at her neck. something wet. She opened her eyes to see Nick licking her neck. She let out a nervous laugh.

She gasped as he bit into her neck. She grimaced and waited for him to pierce her skin, but it never happened, instead he let go, lapping gently at the bite marks before biting at her neck again. She didn’t know what he was doing, but she enjoyed it greatly, and couldn’t help moaning and shuddering.

Nick let go of her neck and studied her. She clearly enjoyed his love bites, and that was odd coming from a prey animal. He decided, against his better judgement, that if the bunny was his mate, there was really nothing he could do about it. He nudged her face and licked it again.

Judy blushed as Nick licked her, his body keeping her pinned to the ground. “N-Nick..” She pleaded. He growled and gently bit her nose. It was obvious then he wasn’t going to let her go. She lay there with him, pinned for half an hour, with him licking and nuzzling her, until finally he fell asleep.

She crawled out from under him and snuck over to the fridge, trying to wake her limbs, She carefully opened the fridge, grateful the light was broken, and grabbed the vial. She tiptoed back to him, and she injected it into his arm.Nick awoke with a yelp, and Judy jumped back. He turned to her, but before he could do anything he passed out, slumping to the floor. Judy grabbed a blanket and covered him up, sighing. “He’s going to have one heck of a story from me tomorrow.”


      Nick awoke with a groan, pushing himself up. He felt a blanket slip off his back. He rubbed his head, moaning softly. “Wh-wha-?” He started, but then it all came flooding back. Judy rubbed some lotion onto her back that had Night Howler infused in it. He tried getting her to leave… and then nothing. He couldn’t remember anything else that happened. “Is she okay?!” Nick panicked. “Did she get out?!” He looked around frantically and realized he was still in her apartment. “Is she still alive?!” His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the scratches all over the floor.

      “CARROTS!” He called out. He ran through the living room. “JUDY!!” He ran towards the bedroom only to have the door open and Judy smack right into his chest. “NICK!” She exclaimed, staggering. “JUDY!!!” He exclaimed, grabbing her and lifting her up in a tight hug. “Are you ok?!” He gently placed her down. “Are you hurt? Where are you bleeding?! Oh my god, did I bite you?! Ar-”

      “Nick!” Judy exclaimed. “Look at me!” She cupped his cheeks in her paws and looked into his glimmering eyes. “I’m fine!” Nick looked at her, and he broke. He slumped to his knees, and he just let it all out. He cried, and he let the tears flow. The thought of Judy getting hurt, and at HIS hand, was unbearable. “Nick…” Judy sighed. “Nick, you goof, what’s wrong?” She got on one knee and laid a paw on his shoulder. He quickly wrapped her in his arms, crying quietly. “Judy…” That was all he managed to get out in-between cries.

      “Oh, you foxes….” She sighed. “So emotional.” Nick stopped, sniffling, and starting laughing. “J-Judy…” He hiccuped. “You sly bunny!” Judy laughed as Nick stood up. “Y-you’re okay!” He exclaimed. “Nick, I’m fine!” Judy told him. “So you managed to-” He stopped, peering intently at her. “Wh-what is it?” Judy asked. “I did hurt you , didn’t I?!” Nick accused. “Look at your neck! There are marks all over it!” “Nick, It’s not what you think it is!” Nick backed away from her. “I hurt you, I-I’m a mons-” Judy walked up to Nick and pounded his chest. “Don’t you DARE call yourself a monster! You’re not! You’re a fox, and you’re MY fox!” Nick’s eyes widened in surprise as he let out a whimper. “Nick.” Judy said gently. “They’re love bites.”

      “What??” Nick questioned. “Look.” Judy told him. Nick walked over and and cupped her jaw in his paw, lifting her head up. All over her neck, there were pink spots. Where his teeth must have ripped through her fur and marred her skin. “Love bites..?” He questioned. “Y-yea.” Judy replied. “Judy, what happened when I went savage?” Nick calmly asked. “Well… a multitude of things….” Judy whispered. “Just start at the beginning…” Nick reassured her. “Well, you attacked me…” Judy started. Nick winced. “You attacked me, and… and.. it was bad; but then you stopped.” “G-go on.” Nick sighed.

      “You stopped attacking me, and you…. you started sniffing me.” Judy quivered. “I must have been covered in your scent.” “Your thick, musky scent.” She thought to herself. “And… and then I started giving you.. those love bites.” Nick finished. “Y-yep.” Judy stated. “D-did they hurt?"Nick inquired. "Yea…” Judy responded. “They still hurt?” Nick wondered. “A little…” Judy answered. Before Judy could do anything Nick had grabbed her and pinned her to the floor, sitting on her stomach. “N-Nick?!” She gasped. He put a finger to her lips. “Relax.” He told her. She squirmed a little as her lay his body across hers, trailing his long tail up and down her sides. “Wh-what are you-” She started, but was quickly interrupted when Nick started licking her neck. She shivered in pleasure. He pulled away and smacked his lips.

    “I will admit you are very tasty..” He growled, a seductive grin forming on his face. Judy struggled. “Nicholas Wilde, now is NOT the tiIII-” She moaned as he started to suck gently at he neck. She shuddered and moaned as he continued this, sucking her neck and running his wet tongue across it. Judy shuddered.   “Aaah.” That was all she could manage to say as he ravished her neck. He ran his tongue up her neck towards her cheek, and Judy moved her head to the side and they kissed. He ran his tongue across her lips, asking for entrance. She opened up her mouth, and he explored her wet cavern with his tongue. Judy moaned, her back arching sharply. 

Nick growled, running his hands down her body, until they stopped at her yoga pants. Judy gasped and slapped them away. Nick growled and tried it again., This time she pulled away and slapped his face. “N-n-no!” She gasped, blushing profusely. “Ack!” Nick choked, landing on his back. “J-Judy, I-I didn’t mean t-to do that!” “Nick, it’s fine.” Judy puffed. “So… this means we’re good?” Nick casually asked. Judy grinned and slapped his shoulder. “Y-you’re so… Frisky…” She sighed.


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DEAR GOD YOUR TAGS!!! Lmao the gloves are off #sorry but they should fuck tonight #why is tonight different from any other night?

ok, since you asked. imagine, harry coming back to nick’s in that suit, all pumped and happy after the premiere, with how great it all went. nick answers the door still wearing his suit too, cause he let himself stay out longer than usually, and just came back. when nick closes the door they look at each for a moment.
‘so how did it go moviestar?’ nick asks.
‘good. it went good’ harry tries to hide his grin but he fails miserably.
he looks at nick properly then. 'looking nice’.
'not so bad yourself moviestar’
'is that gonna be my new nickname now?’ harry asks amused.
'idk. it’s not my fault ur so fucking good in everything you do’ nick says.
and then harry remembers what nick told him right after he’d seen the movie. how earnest he was, and he just… nick looks so fucking hot in that suit. he wants to take it off him. he needs to kiss him. now. so he does.
(and then there’s hot snogging right there against the door and fucking on the couch cause the bedroom was too far, you know typical stuff)

Young, Dumb and Full of (You Know)

Rating: T
Summary: Griffin wants to try out the ‘punk lifestyle’ and Nick, well, he tries his best to go along with it.
Notes: Happy Birthday, Scarykin!
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“So, I was thinkin’,” Griffin said, pulling a bag out from under Nick’s
bed. “We should have some fun tonight! Get a little… you know…

“mm…hm….” Nick hummed slowly, watching his boyfriend with a strange
precision. Something about this didn’t… bode well. Griffin
dumped the contents of the bag onto his bed, which all looked suspiciously
like a pile of… clothes?

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I decided to give a Nick Imagine a go, I write imagines for heaps of other people on other accounts I own, so I hope you guys like it!

“I had a really good time tonight, Nick.” You smile walking up the front steps to your front door.

He grins licking his lips looking down at you. “So did I.” He says softly, the only light came from your front door porch, but it was enough to see the perfect details of Nick’s face. “We should you know do it again?” He blushes scratching the back of his neck.

“I’d like that.” You smile, he takes a step closer the distance between you two being close to none as one of his hands makes it’s way to your cheek, pushing away a strand of hair behind your ear.

Your heartbeat fastens as Nick slowly leans down, his lips pushing to yours. Your hands travel up his chest as his other hand cups your other cheek.

Pulling away, you look up to Nick, his grin wide as he leans in again to steal a quick kiss. “We should do that again as well” he chuckles as you let out a quiet laugh.

“I wouldn’t mind that either.” You smile.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asks. Nodding your head he shoots you a wink, pecking your cheek to then let go of your hands and to walk down the steps and back to his car. Leaving you to think of the kiss you had shared just minutes ago.

Zootopia: Wild Times

by @nickwildeandjudyhoppsaremyotp​ and @zootopiahustle

Nick Wilde woke up at 5:00 am and smiled. Today was the day. He and Judy get the day off and they get to visit the best amusement park in all of Zootopia, Wild Times. Nick got out of bed and got dressed. He then drove by a doughnut place and brought some doughnuts and coffee. Soon he arrived at Judy’s apartment and he knocked on the door. “Hey Carrots,” Nick said. “Are you awake?”

Judy stumbled out of bed, struggling to respond. After getting herself somewhat together and into some clean clothes, she answered the door, stretching. “Mm? Oh hi Nick. Good morning!”

“Morning Judy,” Nick said smiling. “I brought some doughnuts and coffee. Want some?” He asked as he showed Judy the box of doughnuts.

Judy took the box smiling.
“Of course! Thanks Nick. I bet you’re excited for us having the day off.”

“You know it Carrots,” Nick said chuckling. Nick handed Judy a doughnut and her coffee. He then began eating a strawberry doughnut and drinking his coffee. “What do you think of the coffee and doughnut?” He asked.

Judy tried to speak through her mouthful of doughnut, but decided against it and awkwardly gave her partner a thumbs up with a smile.

Nick smiled as he finished his doughnut. “I’m glad you like it,” he said. “What do you want to do first when we get to Wild Times?”

Judy tapped her chin thoughtfully as she finished her doughnut. “Hm… I think we should do some exciting roller coasters! You know? Get our day off to a rousing start.”

“Sounds great,” Nick said “I love the roller coasters there. You ready to go, Carrots?”

“Yup!” Judy grinned, stretching.

“Alright then,” Nick said chuckling. “Let’s go” he exited the apartment and went to his car.

Following him, Judy couldn’t help but imagine herself and her partner at the top of a huge Ferris Wheel, laughing and pointing out what they saw. Shaking herself from her daydream, she reminded herself that if she thought about what the day could be like, she’d never actually enjoy what the day was.

Nick smiled and started to drive. In about 45 minutes they arrived outside of a large theme park. “Is this your first time here Carrots?” Nick asked as he parked the car.

Judy unbuckled her seat belt, somewhat distracted as she looked out of the window at the park. “Huh? Oh um… Yeah actually. I’ve heard of it before, though.”

“I’ve only been here once,” Nick said as he for out of the car. They crossed the parking lot and gave a ticket taker their tickets. The fox and bunny entered the park. “Seeing as how you want to go on a roller coaster first do you want to go on the best one?” Nick asked.

Judy looked around, practically vibrating with excitement. “I want to go on all of them at the same time! But which one is best?”

Nick pointed to a large roller coaster that encircled the park. “That is,” Nick said with a smirk. “It’s called Saber Tooth Mountain. Wanna go on it?”

Judy stared up at the ride in awe. “Go…on that…? Um… O-Of course!”

“You OK Carrots?” Nick asked. “Are you afraid of heights?”

Judy bit her lip to keep from screaming at the thought of getting stuck at the very top of the ride. It just seemed so…far away…
“What? Ha! Noooooo. I’m fine.”

Nick smiled and grabbed Judy’s paw and ran towards the coaster. Soon they were at the front of the line and Nick hopped into the coaster saving a seat for Judy. Come on Carrots!“ Nick said with a smirk. “You’ll love it!”

Judy, forcing herself to smile, hopped in next to Nick. Still trying to seem nonchalant, she fidgeted. “So… Is this one pretty rough?”

“Not really,” Nick said. Soon the safety bar raised down. Nick held on to them tightly,not knowing he grabbed Judy’s paw as well. The roller coaster zoomed off and Nick laughed loudly.

Judy gasped and held her eyes shut at first, but once she felt Nick’s paw on hers and realized that she wasn’t dead yet, she opened one eye. The rush of adrenaline was enough to make her open both eyes and start enjoying the ride. She screamed with joy and also a little bit of fear.

The coaster went way up into the sky and then quickly went down. Nick hollered with joy. The view of the park was amazing and Nick loved it. He looked ahead and saw a few loops. “HANG ON CARROTS!” Nick laughed.

Judy grinned and screamed with joy as the coaster raced on its track, her paw clutching the safety bar as hard as she could. The adrenaline rush was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

Eventually the ride ended and Nick stepped off, realizing he holding onto Judy’s paw the whole time. “What did you think Judy?” Nick asked laughing.

Judy grinned and bounced on her toes. “That was awesome!!! It was…and then we…and the loops… And it just… That was awesome!!!” Realizing her paw was fitting snugly in Nick’s, her cheeks burned red. “O-Oh um… I…”

Nick blushed and let go of Judy’s paw. “Sorry Carrots. What ride do you want to go on next?” Nick asked trying to sound relaxed.

Judy’s paw felt cold without Nick’s, but she forced her feelings down and smiled. “Um… The bumper cars look fun.”

Nick tried to stop to stop blushing. “Follow me,” Nick said as he grabbed Judy’s paw again and ran with her to the bumper cars Nick jumped into a green bumper car. “You ready Carrots?” Nick asked laughing.

Her heart jumped when Nick grabbed her paw, but she laughed anyway and hopped into an orange bumper car. “The question is, are you?” Judy grinned.

Nick laughed and the bumper cars began moving. Nick drove his car and bumped into other cars. He then saw Judy and bumped his car into Judy’s car.

Judy grinned and swerved her car back to bump into Nick, smirking. “Ha!” She sped off after some other cars, laughing the whole way.

Nick laughed as Judy bumped into him and he began bumping into other cars. Eventually the ride ended and it was revealed that the animal with the most points was… Judy.

Judy finished her laughing fit and looked up at the score. “Huh? I…I won? Really? Awesome!” She grinned, bouncing.

Nick smiled at Judy. He always over seeing her happy. An employee came over and gave Judy a large stuffed toy of a bear. “Great job out there Carrots,” Nick said. “I’d say the winner should choose the next ride. Where do you want to go next?”

Judy nuzzled her prize, smiling brightly. “Hm… What other rides are great?”

Nick looked around the area. “Well I’m this area there’s the Ferris Wheel, this log flume ride called Waterfall Canyon, and…” Nick blushed heavily and stopped talking when he noticed the tunnel of love.

Judy felt her heart jump as she noticed what he was looking at. “O-Oh uh… We could… Go on that. We could make fun of the lovey-dovey couples! I mean… If you want to. Besides, the lines are really long for everything else…”

Nick laughed trying to act natural and nodded. “Sure thing Carrots,” Nick said. “Anything you want.” Nick walked over to the line for the Tunnel of Love and waited.

Judy blushed softly, cuddling her stuffed animal as they waited in line. She struggled to remain calm, but her heart was pounding so hard she felt the whole world could hear it.

Soon the duo were at the front of the line and a heart shape boat floated up to them. Nick stepped into the boat and extended his paw to Judy. “You ready Carrots?” Nick asked, blushing.

Judy nodded, taking his paw gently and stepping in. “As ready as I’ll ever be…”

The boat slowly drifted into the tunnel. The tunnel was dimly lit by pink lights in the shape of hearts. Nick whistled in amazement. “Whoa it’s actually pretty in here.” Nick said smiling.

Judy smiled, looking around. “Yeah…it is. Well, I guess it would kind of have to be…”

“Yeah,” Nick said. “Hey Carrots, have I ever told you how glad I am that I have you in my life?”

Judy blushed softly and smiled. “Well…once or twice…”

Nick smiled and placed his paw around Judy’s paw. “I mean it Judy,” Nick said, unable to stop blushing. “My life became so much better when I met you. Carrots I-” but Nick cut himself off.

Judy jumped a little at his touch, and found that she couldn’t stop blushing either. “W-What is it, Nick?” Her heart was pounding and she was sure that her ears were bright red, but she just had to know what he wanted to say.

Nick looked at Judy and took a deep breath. “I love you Judy,” he said. “I’ve loved you for a long time now,” 

Judy felt her heart jump and she smiled, squeezing his paw gently. “You do…? I…I…I love you too Nick. I realized that a while ago…I just…didn’t know how to tell you…” 

Nick felt his heart jump as well. He gently pulled Judy close to him and he kissed her, not wanting to let go of her. Judy smiled, feeling as if her heart would burst at any moment. His kisses were like candy, and she’d never experienced this kind of joy before.  “So does this mean we’re a couple now?” He asked in between the kiss. 

 “I guess it does. Heh. I definitely didn’t see this coming when I got up this morning…” She giggled. 

“Neither did I,” Nick said, chuckling. Soon the ride ended and the couple got out of the boat. Nick held Judy’s paw. “So where do you want to go next?“Nick asked as he kissed her cheek. 

Judy giggled and squirmed a bit, not yet used to the idea of having a fox boyfriend. “What about that log ride?” She pointed at it, her giddy smile stuck to her face.

Nick smiled and took Judy’s paw and ran with her to the ride. The line for the ride was short and soon they stepped into a boat shaped like a log. Nick stepped in with Judy. Soon the log began to move. “Hang on Carrots!” Nick laughed 

Judy laughed, holding onto Nick’s paw tightly. “Trust me, I am!” She grinned. 

The of flume climbed a current of way that was ascending into the sky. Soon the current descended back to the ground and the boat went faster, causing a massive splash getting the couple soaking wet. Nick was laughing the whole time.

Judy laughed when the water practically drowned them, shaking the water from her fur afterwards. “That was so cool! Freezing cold, but cool!” She giggled, water dripping from her ears. 

Nick smiled and wrapped his arms around Judy to try to warm her up. “This place also has a water park by the way,” Nick said. “Wanna go there later?” 

Judy nestled into his arms and smiled contentedly.
“That sounds like fun. I was wanting to get in a pool anyway.”

“Great,” Nick said. “You’ll love it the pool is beautiful. But first would you like to go on the Ferris Wheel? The view is gorgeous.” 

Judy nodded. “I love Ferris Wheels! Let’s go.” 

Nick smiled and held onto Judy’s paw and walked over to the Ferris Wheel. There wasn’t a line to it so the couple got to get in it pretty quickly. They stepped into the passenger car and the Ferris Wheel began to slowly move. Soon they could see the whole park. “What do you think Judy?” Nick asked as he kissed her cheek. 

Judy blushed, smiled, and leaned against him. “I think its gorgeous… Just amazing.” She thought about how usually she wasn’t great with heights, but right now everything seemed a-okay. 

Nick smiled “I’m glad you like it Judy,” he said. “But the view isn’t as beautiful as you.” Nick winked at Judy. 

Judy laughed and elbowed him gently. “You’re such a dork sometimes…” 

Nick chuckled. “Yeah but I’m your dork,” he said. Nick then kissed Judy as their car reached the top and stopped to let other passengers on. 

Judy just giggled into the kiss and kissed him back. It was hard not to feel at least a little overwhelmed by the sweet, romantic atmosphere, mixed with her sheer happiness. Forcing herself not to scream her joy to the world, she settled for squeezing her fox’s paw. 

Nick squeezed back. Soon they were back on the ground. And Nick led Judy to the Waterpark. The Waterpark looked like something out of a dream. There were waterfalls, replicas of pirate ships and at the deepest end was what looked like a large, ancient castle. “Ready to go swimming Carrots?” Nick asked, smiling. 

Judy bounced up and down, grinning. “I’ve never been more ready! Just look at all that water!” 

Nick smiled at Judy as he walked off and went to change into his swimming trunks. Soon Nick came back and jumped into the pool. He dove up and looked at Judy. “Come on in Carrots,” Nick said. “The water is perfect.”

Judy went and changed into her swimsuit, then hopped in the pool. The water really was perfect.

“If you think this is cool you should see what’s it like underwater,” Nick said as he put on a pair of goggles. He then gave Judy a pair of goggles and dove beneath the water.

Judy laughed and slipped on the goggles. She dove down into the water, and grinned. The water was completely clear, and she could see Nick smiling from where she was.

Nick waved at her and swam over to the wall of the pool, revealing a beautiful mural of ocean life. Nick looked over at Judy and smiled as if to ask what she thought of it. 

Judy swam closer to it and looked at the mural. She caught his eye and grinned. She nodded and gave him a thumbs up. 

Nick smiled and swam over to Judy. He grabbed her paw and pointed to an underwater tunnel. He looked at the tunnel and then back to Judy as if to ask if she wants to go in it. 

Judy blinked, hesitated, then smiled and nodded, squeezing his paw slightly. 

Nick swam with Judy through the tunnel. Once they were in the tunnel they swam up to a large secret air pocket that made it look like they outside at night. “What do you think Carrots?” Nick asked as he caught his breath and put his goggles in his head. 

Judy looked around, her mouth slightly open in awe. “This is…wow…” 

Nick smiled at Judy and swam up to her. “I’m so glad you like it Carrots,” Nick said as he kissed her. “So I take it you’re enjoying the day?”

Judy smiled and nuzzled right under his chin. “I love this day… Mostly because I’m with you…” 

Nick smiled. “I also love today Carrots ” Nick said. “Because I get to be with you.” Suddenly the simulation began showing shooting stars. Nick kissed Judy’s head as he watched the simulation.

Judy let herself relax against him, her eyes locked on the simulation. “Oh wow… Its so…wow…” 

Nick nodded in agreement. “Hey Judy mind if I ask you a question?“he asked 

Judy looked over at Nick, blushing softly. “What is it, Nick?” 

“When did you realize you had a crush on me?” He asked with a smile and a wink.

Judy laughed uncomfortably, tugging an ear softly. “Well um… A few weeks after we partnered up… I just kinda looked at you and I…I thought you were attractive…” 

Nick blushed. “Why thank you Carrots,” he said as he kissed Judy passionately. 

Judy felt her heart pounding in her chest, and a warm tingly feeling spread from her toes to the top of her head. She pulled away giggling, slightly out of breath. “You’re throwing me off, Nick…” 

“Sorry Carrots,” he laughed. He didn’t realize that he began wagging his tail and accidentally splashed Judy gently.

Judy noticed his wagging and laughed when he splashed her. “You alright there, Slick?” 

Nick noticed that his tail was wagging and blushed. “Sorry about that Carrots,” he chuckled. “I just guess I’m happy to see you happy.” 

Judy grinned and tapped his nose. “That’s alright. I’m happy you’re happy too. So… Now what?” She asked, looking around. 

“Wanna go back to the main part of the pool?” Nick asked as he slid his goggles back on.

Judy nodded, clearing her goggles and making sure they were on comfortably. “Yup!”

Nick smiled and took Judy by the paw and dove underwater. Soon they were back in the main part of the pool. “Hey this place has this awesome water slide,” Nick said. “Wanna go on that?

Judy shook the water from her face and slid off the goggles. “Sounds like fun! Lead the way!” 

Nick stepped out of the pool with Judy and walked her to large waterside that spiraled around the tower it was connected to. Eventually they got to the top of the tower and an employee gave them a large water tube to sit in. “You two ready?” The employee ask. “I am,” Nick said. “How about you Carrot?” 

Judy took a deep breath and nodded. “Yup! Let’s do this!” She forced a grin, when in all actuality her heart was pounding and her hands were trembling. 

The employee pushed the tube and the began to go down the slide. “WOOHOO!” Nick yelled as he raised his paws in the air. 

Judy screamed in fear at first, unsure whether or not she liked the ride. A few seconds later, she found herself listening to Nick’s joyful cries and started laughing and yelling herself. 

Eventually the tube was close to the bottom and as it hit the water, causing a large splash, Nick kissed Judy.

Judy gasped in pleasant surprise, the tips of her ears turning bright red. 

Nick noticed Judy’s gasp and smiled. “What did you think of the ride Carrots?” Nick asked. 

Judy giggled and grinned. “It was really fun! Especially the end.” She smirked, then playfully punched his arm before scooting out of reach.

Nick laughed. “I’m glad you liked it Carrots,” Nick said with a wink. He hopped out of the tube and went back into the pool.

Judy laughed and slid back into the pool, shuddering a little. 

Nick swam over to Judy. “You feeling alright Carrots?” He asked 

Judy nodded, a bit confused. “Of course I am… Maybe a bit cold…” 

Nick swam over and wrapped his tail around Judy. “How does that feel Judy?” Nick asked as he kissed her “Do you feel warmer?” 

Judy giggled softly, curling into him. “Mmhm. Much warmer. How did you know what to do?” 

Nick smiled. “I just guessed,” Nick said as he nuzzled Judy and kissed her again. 

Judy grinned and kissed him back, humming softly. “You know me so well already.” 

“I guess I do,” Nick said chuckling softly. “I’m glad to see you happy.” 

Judy smiled, burying herself deeper in his arms. “Its always nice to see you happy too, Nick…” 

“Hey Carrots,” Nick said. “You ready to eat lunch?”

Judy thought for a moment, then nodded and smiled. “Now that I think about it, I am kinda hungry. 

Nick smiled and dove underwater. He shortly doves up so that Judy was riding on his back. He began swimming out of the pool with Judy on his back. “What would you like to eat Carrots?” He asked, laughing.

Judy giggled and blushed, holding onto him tightly. “Hmm… I’m kinda craving some kind of carnival food…” 

Nick arrive at the edge of the pool and climbed out. He began walking to a food court. “How do pretzels sound?“Nick asked. “And maybe some ice cream.” 

Judy grinned and hummed with happiness. “That sounds great! Especially the ice cream!” 

Nick smiled and ordered their food. Nick paid the cashier and handed Judy a pretzel. Nick took a bit out of his and began eating. “What kind of ice cream do you want Carrots?” Nick asked.

Judy bounced around a bit as she ate, then pointed at the cookies and cream ice cream. “Mm!” 

Nick was almost done with his pretzel and smiled. “I love that kind too Carrots,” he said. Nick ordered two cookies and cream ice creams and gave one to Judy as he paid the cashier. Nick finished his pretzel and began eating his ice cream. He held Judy’s paw. “How does it taste Judy?” Nick asked. 

Judy smiled at him, not knowing she had ice cream on her nose. “It’s really delicious! This is the best cookies and cream I’ve had in a while. I wonder how they do it?” 

Nick smiled at Judy at kissed her nose. "You had ice cream on it,” he said. He did not realize he had some in his nose as well. 

Judy smirked and giggled. "I guess we both do.” She grinned, kissing his nose softly and blushing. “All better…” 

Nick laughed and blushed. “Thanks Carrots,” he said. When Nick finished his ice cream he looked at Judy. “Ready to go back into the pool? or do you want to go on more rides?”

Judy made sure her mouth was clean, then looked at him. “Isn’t there some saying about not swimming right after eating?” 

“Oh you’re right!” Nick exclaimed. “Thanks for reminding me Carrots.” Nick kissed Judy’s head.

Judy laughed and smiled. “You’re welcome, Nick. I had a feeling you didn’t want to get a cramp…” 

Nick smiled at Judy and sat down at the edge of the pool. “It’s a beautiful day huh Carrots?” Nick asked.

Judy splashed the water a bit with her feet, smiling wistfully. “Yeah it is… I think it hasn’t been this nice in a while.” 

“It’s even better now because I can spend the day with you,” Nick said kissing Judy. 

Judy giggled, smiling into the kiss. She didn’t care who saw her or what they thought. She and Nick were meant to be together.