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Un Cadeau dans la Poche

Nick Amaro 


“I’ve been waiting all night to get my hands on you. It’s not ending this quickly.”

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Not requested but suggested by @amaroforpresident in our first ever encounter on tumblr and wowie look how long it’s been

(2.0K words)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: NSFW (smut), cursing, vagina-owning reader, teasing, mention of going under cover

“You don’t know how badly I’ve wanted this,” Nick breathed against your neck. He hooked an arm around your waist and drew your body flush against his, nipping at your skin. He swallowed. “How badly I’ve wanted you.”

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House of Cards in the Wind

TITLE: House of Cards in the Wind


AUTHOR: wolfpawn

ORIGINAL IMAGINE: Imagine you were a powerful villain who was captured by S.H.I.E.L.D. and put in Cryogenic storage because there was no other way to deal with you. After doing some research, Loki learned about you and became obsessed. So much, that he looked for you and woke you up, knowing that you’d seek revenge and he would be more than willing to help.

RATING: Teen and Up

NOTES/WARNINGS: This story is the result of an imagine I saw on another blog theartofimagining13. The credit for the imagine goes to the author on that page.

Warning death of minor characters and violence in this fic

To Loki’s great joy, she was everything he had read of and more, born in a war-torn region, she lost her father and brother young to fighting and her mother to the stress of it all. Angry and never willing to accept her lot, Rebecca fought authority and ran from every care facility and home she was kept in, what made it all the more amusing was the angrier she became, the more her gifts developed. In the end, she was able to evade capture, fleeing to America and starting a life there, until S.H.I.E.L.D. found her that was. She had just wanted a normal life, job, home and perhaps someone to care for, but Nick Fury caught her scent and had agents hound her. She stated their deaths had been in her self-defence, but she was overpowered and caught, before being sentenced to a fate worse than death, eternal darkness in ice. Loki swore that together, he would aid her to elude capture once more, and once their revenge was completed, he would bring her far away from Midgard, as he called it, and to a place where she would be able to have such dreams of a life free and her own.

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Ticking Time Bomb Ch.1

Pairing: Steve x Reader

Warning: Swearing

** Malyutka (Russian for Little One)


Steve and You aren’t close to being the same, you’re a ticking time bomb with an attitude to match your wild hair. A spy and a history with Nat, you aren’t open to many if anyone.  But going under cover with Mr. America could change everything for you, who knows what lies under all that anger, hostility, cold attitude and brightly colored hair.

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‘Snap’… ‘pop’… ‘sigh’… ‘snap’… ‘snap’ …

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I bet there’s one day Nick is driving with Bram and Simon and the black eyed peas come on the radio and Simon gives Nick the most horrified look from the rear view mirror and Nick has the biggest shit eating grin on his face. Simon immediately starts threatening Nick that he’s going to tell Abby every weird detail of their childhood and Nick goes, “you have nothing, Spier.” And they argue until Bram finally says, “If this is about Nick’s bar mitzvah… Leah told me.“

Simon hates his friends.

Random Nonsense Fluff - April 28th, 2017 - Wildehopps ZPD Office - 9:30pm
  • <p> <b><p></b> <b>Nick:</b> *yawning obnoxiously*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *doing some paperwork* ....<p/><b>Nick:</b> *yawning louder, stretching his arms right in her face*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *coughs once, goes back to the paperwork*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *sighs heavily, leans back in his chair* Maaaaan I am bushed. Such a buuuuusy day.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *puts some paper in a folder, pauses and goes back to work*<p/><b>Nick:</b> It would sure be nice to go home... And cuddle with a certain fluffy bunny... *smirking*<p/><b>Judy:</b> *glances up at him, goes back to the paperwork*<p/><b>Nick:</b> *gets up out of his chair, goes behind Judy's chair and plays with one of her ears* C'mon Carrots...please? We have tomorrow to do paperwork...<p/><b>Judy:</b> *sighs and pulls her ear out of his paw* Tomorrow we're on patrol. We won't have time for paperwork. Look, Nick you can go home. I'll just meet you there when I finish.<p/><b>Nick:</b> *puts his paws on top of the paperwork* And leave you here by yourself? Not gonna happen. How about we take the stuff home? You can work there.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *spins her chair around and looks up at him*....You promise not to bother me?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *grins and crosses his heart* I promise. As long as you promise an extra long cuddle when you're done.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *laughs* Fine. You are just awful.<p/><b>Nick:</b> *shoving paperwork into a folder* Yeahhhh but you love me.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *pulling on her jacket and grabbing the keys* Eh... Debatable. Haven't decided yet.<p/><b>Nick:</b> Oh really? *opening the door of the office, letting her leave first* That's not what you said last night.<p/><b>Judy:</b> *punches his stomach as she walks past* We didn't even do anything last night, Slick. Remember?<p/><b>Nick:</b> *wincing*... You hit like a bunny.<p/></p><p/></p>
A New Beginning

Helloooo! Back at it with the imagines.

Based on: Hiia could u make one where a homeschooled girl finally gets to high school in freshman year and idk I’ll leave it up to u😊 anyways that would be kool thanks!

Except in this imagine, she’ll be an incoming junior.

“I’m screwed,” I muttered to myself when I dropped my textbooks in the hallway. It had been one month into school and I still felt like I did not belong in a place such as this. I felt comfortable with a private tutor, where I am not judged by my appearances or social life. 

Once I had finished picking up the books, I balanced them in one arm and slung my backpack on my shoulder with the other. With a heaving sigh, I headed to my locker to deposit the books. 

Again, I couldn’t open my locker. It’s getting embarrassing that I need to constantly ask for help, but it’s extremely difficult, for some reason. I could feel my cheeks heat up as I tried my locker combination for the fourth time and failed. I let out a soft grunt and awaited the three periods and lunch before the school day ended. I slumped my shoulders and tried once more, failing again. 

“Need some help?” I heard a voice ask. I knew who he was. He was Nick Robinson, actor in the fall and all-star athlete in the winter and spring. Everyone knew about Nick. It was like he had his own red carpet to walk on. Nobody said anything particularly bad about him and I had no reason to judge Nick. He’s tall, a little lanky, and extremely charming. Defeated, I nodded and stepped aside, telling him my combination and watched as he opened it with ease.

“You make it look easy,” I said as I put my books in the locker. He chuckled.

“It’s my fourth year doing it. Rough day?” He looked at me with such concern, to which I shrugged and closed it shut. 

“I guess so. Not really my year, either.” He looked at me as if he didn’t know what to say. “I should get going…” I trailed off, not knowing what to do. I started walking past Nick until he stopped me.

“Wait, what class do you have?” 

“Art II.”

“Perfect,” he said with a smile. “I have ceramics. It’s in the same hallway. I’ll walk you.” I didn’t exactly complain.

“You know, I’ve seen you around campus in the past month but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you before. Are you new?” He asked. 

“Yeah, this is my first year here.”

“That’s cool. Where did you go before you moved?”

“I was homeschooled.”

“That must be fun, picking your own times to learn and all.” I shrugged.

“I guess so. I didn’t really have this type of learning environment. My friends are my neighbors or people my mom brings over from work.” 

“Well, if it means anything, I’m glad you’re here.” I looked at Nick and grinned. 

“Thanks, Nick. This is me,” I said. Inches before dipping into the classroom, Nick stopped me again.

“I think it’s only fair that I know your name if you know mine.” I grinned.

“I’m Y/N.”

“It’s nice to meet you, Y/N.”

The hour past by pretty slowly and then lunch rolled around. I decided to get my textbooks on my way to class and try to snag an empty table before people filled them up and I would be left with nowhere to sit and no one to sit with. I waited in line to grab a lunch. The tables were already getting packed and I silently told myself I would have to start preparing my own lunches. Once I grabbed my food, I scoped the lunchroom to see if there was any where I could sit. 

“Hey, Y/N, over here!” Nick shouted. I let out a deep breath and silently thanked him. 

“Hey there, Nick,” I said as I approached him. He scooted over and I sat down next to him.

“These are my friends Tammy, Alison, Bryant, Zeke, and Oliver. Guys, this is Y/N,” he introduced. I let out a small smile and gave them a shy wave. 

“Nice to meet you, babe!” Tammy ejected. 

“Nick tells us you’re new to Amarillo. How are you liking it?” Oliver asked. 

“It’s a nice scene. I enjoy the atmosphere surrounding the school.” I shrugged.

“Anyone giving you a hard time?” Alison asked. 

“I guess so. I mean, no one talks to me, exactly,” I replied. 

“That’s going to change right now.” Alison smiled and I returned one.

“She’s in Art II,” Nick began. “That must mean she’s really good at being all artistic.”

“Holy shit. Art II is pretty much the biggest step any artist can take. Ms. Strauss can work any student’s ass off,” said Zeke. “I would know. I took Art I and died the first day.”

“I like it a lot. She challenges me. Plus, we don’t really have many tasks. she gives us five assignments to complete before the semester ends and gives us three lessons a week. It’s weird but fascinating.” 

“You sound like an expert,” said Nick. I grinned. He put his arm around me and pulled me into his chest to which, by the way, I wanted to stay in his arms forever. It’s a weird thought, considering I met this guy an hour ago. One can only read so many romance novels without knowing what having a boyfriend feels like and suddenly be held like that.

“So what are your interests, Nick?” I asked when I noticed his other friends were busy conversing with each other. I knew his answer, but I wanted to hear him talk.

“I really love acting. I plan to pursue it in college. I got the lead in the fall play, which you should see!” I nodded. “But other than that, I love soccer and track. I’ve been doing both all my life and I don’t think I could imagine my life without it. But, acting takes my heart.” 

“It’s good that you know what you love.” 

“I’m comfortable around you, Y/N,” he confessed. I raised my eyebrow. “I don’t want to freak you out, or anything. You’re just, I don’t know, a breath of fresh air.” 

“Why’s that?”

“College applications are around the corner and everyone’s expecting me to do something big and go for the gold. I don’t want to sound stuck up when I say people pay attention to me.” 

“Not at all. I’ve definitely noticed that.” Nick looked at his food and then back at me. 

“I think we’re going to get along just fine,” he said. I grinned. The bell rang and every body in the lunchroom stood up. 

“I’ll see you soon!” Nick shouted over the noise. He didn’t leave before kissing my cheek, leaving me in a flustered mess with my cheeks pink and my body frozen. This was a new beginning.

Love at First Arrest

“Hands behind your back, John,” Nick says, “You know the drill.”

Hancock grins at the cop even as he sways on his feet. “I wanna … get to know–to–t’know your drill.”

Nick gives a loud, world-weary sigh. As incredibly grateful as he is that everyone on the force knows to call him to come take care of John, he gets so much shit for it. Why does he have to be so stupid in love with this idiot?

“And your heart too,” Hancock adds, sobering up a bit. “Like, I wanna see your dick–I bet it’s so pretty, and you pro’ly spank real good … mmhm … uh, but your smile too!”

Nick tries to fight against a blush and sound stern. “John.”

“And your eyes.” Hancock takes an unsteady step closer to poke Nick in the chest. “Ya got pretty eyes. An’a–and a blush. Are your nipples that pink?”

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A love potion

Fandom: Grimm
Character(s): Nick, Monroe, reader and guest appearance from Hank
Warning(s): Swearing most likely
Requested by: Anon- Could you do a Grimm one-shot where the reader is working on a case with Nick to stop a unknown wesen. Nick almost gets the wesen but it ends up spraying him with some substance, which makes Nick fall in love with the first person he sees and that’s the reader. While Monroe helps them figure out a cure, the reader gets to put up with a very affectionate Nick even when they’re at work. After Nick’s cured it turns out that he actually does like her and she starts liking him. Lots of fluff please.
Writer: Asteria
Word count:3,080
A/N:  I hope you like it, tell me what you think, also really hoping you don’t mind that it’s long.

You and Nick ran through the massive abandoned church, you both had your guns raised and your flash lights turned on to see in the deep dark corners of the church, the two of you were after an unknown Wesen that had just randomly appeared out of no where, it seemed no one seemed to have remember seeing it before and it wasn’t in Nick’s journal, so the two of you had to be ultra careful with this one.

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“Wait, what?” Judy asked, confused.

Nick looked down at the rabbit. “I said, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.”

“Wait,” she repeated, looking at Nick, then back at you. “You have a girlfriend?”

The fox grinned. “Sure do, bunny. Why’re you so surprised?”

“Maybe it’s because you’ve never even mentioned being in a relationship, during the entire time we’ve known each other.”

Nick rolled his eyes, patting Judy on the head. “Maybe it’s because you never asked. Anyway, Y/n, this is my friend and ZPD partner, Lieutenant Judy Hopps.”

You smiled at Judy, holding out your paw. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Same,” Judy answered, shaking your outstretched hand. “So, how much did Nick pay you to do this?”

Nick rolled his eyes, glaring at the rabbit.

“He didn’t pay me anything,” you laughed. “I’m his actual girlfriend.”

Judy gaped for moment, before shaking her head. “I need some… time to process this,” she murmured, walking out of the room.

As you watched Judy exit the room, Nick wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to you head. 

“That went well,” you chuckled. 

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so i've been re-reading I had Rather (tbh i read it like once a month because im obsessed) and then i found ur tag with like extra stuff and you mentioned a WEDDING and i've been filling my mind with so many happy thoughts of them sorting their shit out and being together forever but Question: who proposes cause like both of them seem to have the same paranoia for being turned down i cant imagine it would be easy

I think it would be Louis. It’s Louis who is spectacularly cheesy and likes to do big blow out romantic gestures, and I think he’ll get to a point in that verse where he’s like, okay, this is who I want to spend the rest of my life with, and this is how that happens in relationships: you get married. He’s quite rigid in his understanding of those kinds of things, I think. It’s Nick who’s already accepted a long time ago that the chances of him ever falling out of love with Louis are fairly spectacularly slim, and he knows that this is the long term for him. He’s cautious of mentioning it to Louis, because Louis can be so terribly scared of what he’s feeling, but he’s in this for the very, very long haul. So Louis knows that it has to be him, that he has to be the one to ask, because he knows from bitter (and perfect) experience that Nick is terribly, terribly careful with him when it comes to things like this.

So it’s Louis who has to ask, and it’s Louis who has to have conversations with Harry about whether he thinks Nick will say yes or not, because nobody makes Louis more scared than Nick, Nick who he’s so desperately in love with that sometimes it makes his chest hurt. But they’re still so careful with each other in front of other people; sometimes people have to ask if they’re still together because they can be together and barely touch each other, barely talk. To other people their relationship still seems fragile, even if in private it’s got the kind of roots that will take a lifetime to untangle, they’re so fiercely entwined.

Louis knows that Nick loves a party, and loves having everyone he loves together, but he can’t imagine being brave enough to declare how he feels in front of everyone. He’s still fucked up, even though he tries not to be. He buys a ring anyway, and makes sure that Nick has the evening free after his birthday, the night after his party, and studies recipes so that he knows what he’s cooking for Nick’s birthday meal.

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Wilde Hoops: A Savage Lover

Part 1

Judy and Nick walked into the apartment, exhausted from another hard day of work at the ZPD.

“Ugh…” Nick groaned. “My back is killing me.” Judy looked at his with a tired grin. “You can say that again.” Nick shook his head and walked into the restroom with another groan. Judy sat her hat onto the table and flopped onto the couch, sighing and closing her eyes. “Another successful day of making the world a better place!” She said to herself.

“Hey, Whiskers…” Nick asked. Judy could tell he was uncomfortable. She opened her eyes and figured out why, gasping and flushing. Nick stood outside the bathroom door, shirtless. She blushed and covered her mouth. She could see every muscle on his chest, his fur glistening with water. “Would you mind… rubbing this on my back?” He asked with a flush, holding up a bottle of lotion “My doctor prescribed it for me…” Judy flushed and hummed.

“Come on, Judy…” Nick pleaded with puppy eyes. “Alright…” Judy sighed with uncertainty. “C'mere.” She patted at her lap. Nick walked over and sat in her lap with a flop. “Here…” He said, handing her the lotion. “Back and Limb Pain Relief” Judy read. “Couldn’t have a shorter name?” She joked. Nick groaned in pain.

“Sorry…” Judy sighed. Then she noticed his back, and gasped. Nick’s back was covered in old scars, barely noticeable with the fur grown over them. “Nick…” She said quietly. With a determined scowl she opened the lotion. “W-wait!” Nick said. “Doc said you need gloves if your gonna do it.” He handed her plastic gloves. Judy put them on and squirted some of the lotion onto her paws. Then she started rubbing it onto his back, being careful to spread it all across his back. Nick sighed in audible relief. “Oh yea.” He said.

“That’s working wonders.” Judy smiled, but she noticed a scent in the air that made her blood run cold. “Nick… what’s in this lotion?” She calmly asked. “I have no idea.” Nick replied. “Do you smell that?” She asked. Nick sniffed the air. “Night Howlers? But the new mayor banned those in Zootopia. He said. Judy smelled her gloves. “Nick it’s in the lotion!” She exclaimed. She carefully slipped of the gloves and threw them aside. Nick jumped up. “No! That can’t!-” He grabbed the lotion from Judy.

“Night Howler?! This must be half the lotion!” He threw it in the trash. “How?”
“Was your doctor a goat?” Judy asked desperately. “No, but he might of sympathized with Bellwether!” Nick said, his breathing getting hoarse. “Nick, you can control it!” Judy exclaimed, backing away. “Th-this isn’t the incident with Bellwether!” Nick said, falling to his knees. “G-go! Just go to the hospital and get the antidote! Get help!”

“Nick!” Judy exclaimed. “You’ll be ok!”, she said, rushing for the door. She went to open the door, but it was jammed. She grabbed it and tried forcing it, and she heard Nick growling behind her.

“H-hang in there, Nick!” She said nervously. Then she remembered. A few weeks ago, she was given a vial of the antidote by the new mayor, ‘in case your Fox friend goes savage’ he had said. She was going to throw it out, but decided otherwise, in case they encountered a savage criminal. The vial was in the fridge. There was a swoosh of air, and Judy dived out of the way as Nick slammed into the door, snarling. She turned and saw his eyes gleaming dangerously.
“NICK!” She gasped. He snarled and jumped at her. She ducked under him and jumped to her feet as he crashed into the floor, jumping and scrambling to get a grip on the slippery floor. Nick stood in between her and the fridge.
“Nick-” She started, but he rushed her, knocking her to the floor and snapping at her neck. She blocked his muzzle with her paws and kicked him away, but before she could recover he was on top of her again, growling and snarling. She had to use all her strength to keep his sharp teeth away from her. His claws dug into her as his paws pinned her down. He lunged at her face, barely missing ripping a chunk of her cheek of thanks to her quickly pushing his jaw away. Quite suddenly, Nick ceased his attack, visibly confused and smelling at the air.

Judy wondered for a quick moment what he was doing, but realized, she had to be covered in his scent. Nick was a very pawsy and affectionate partner and roommate, to say at the least, and they had spent many a night snuggling with one another in bed. Two days ago, he asked if he could ‘mark’ her. “It’s just to tell other guys… that you’re taken…” Nick had said nervously. “We’ve only had four dates.” Judy told him. “That’s a major step in our relationship….” “It’s up to you…” He told her. In the end she had agreed, and he nuzzled her with his cheek, covering her in a special scent from a gland in is cheek cells.

Her thoughts were interrupted by Nick gently nosing at her face with obvious anger and confusion. This was obviously prey, but it was marked as his mate! He shook his head, growling in confusion. He was at a loss, naturally He would have eaten the rabbit… but the rabbit was his lover? It WAS female. Judy was paralyzed as Nick studied her with his sharp, gleaming eyes. His beautiful emerald eyes. She couldn’t help look at them. Nick snarled, and she eeped, shutting her eyes. She felt something lapping at her neck. something wet. She opened her eyes to see Nick licking her neck. She let out a nervous laugh.

She gasped as he bit into her neck. She grimaced and waited for him to pierce her skin, but it never happened, instead he let go, lapping gently at the bite marks before biting at her neck again. She didn’t know what he was doing, but she enjoyed it greatly, and couldn’t help moaning and shuddering.

Nick let go of her neck and studied her. She clearly enjoyed his love bites, and that was odd coming from a prey animal. He decided, against his better judgement, that if the bunny was his mate, there was really nothing he could do about it. He nudged her face and licked it again.

Judy blushed as Nick licked her, his body keeping her pinned to the ground. “N-Nick..” She pleaded. He growled and gently bit her nose. It was obvious then he wasn’t going to let her go. She lay there with him, pinned for half an hour, with him licking and nuzzling her, until finally he fell asleep.

She crawled out from under him and snuck over to the fridge, trying to wake her limbs, She carefully opened the fridge, grateful the light was broken, and grabbed the vial. She tiptoed back to him, and she injected it into his arm.Nick awoke with a yelp, and Judy jumped back. He turned to her, but before he could do anything he passed out, slumping to the floor. Judy grabbed a blanket and covered him up, sighing. “He’s going to have one heck of a story from me tomorrow.”


      Nick awoke with a groan, pushing himself up. He felt a blanket slip off his back. He rubbed his head, moaning softly. “Wh-wha-?” He started, but then it all came flooding back. Judy rubbed some lotion onto her back that had Night Howler infused in it. He tried getting her to leave… and then nothing. He couldn’t remember anything else that happened. “Is she okay?!” Nick panicked. “Did she get out?!” He looked around frantically and realized he was still in her apartment. “Is she still alive?!” His eyes widened in surprise when he saw the scratches all over the floor.

      “CARROTS!” He called out. He ran through the living room. “JUDY!!” He ran towards the bedroom only to have the door open and Judy smack right into his chest. “NICK!” She exclaimed, staggering. “JUDY!!!” He exclaimed, grabbing her and lifting her up in a tight hug. “Are you ok?!” He gently placed her down. “Are you hurt? Where are you bleeding?! Oh my god, did I bite you?! Ar-”

      “Nick!” Judy exclaimed. “Look at me!” She cupped his cheeks in her paws and looked into his glimmering eyes. “I’m fine!” Nick looked at her, and he broke. He slumped to his knees, and he just let it all out. He cried, and he let the tears flow. The thought of Judy getting hurt, and at HIS hand, was unbearable. “Nick…” Judy sighed. “Nick, you goof, what’s wrong?” She got on one knee and laid a paw on his shoulder. He quickly wrapped her in his arms, crying quietly. “Judy…” That was all he managed to get out in-between cries.

      “Oh, you foxes….” She sighed. “So emotional.” Nick stopped, sniffling, and starting laughing. “J-Judy…” He hiccuped. “You sly bunny!” Judy laughed as Nick stood up. “Y-you’re okay!” He exclaimed. “Nick, I’m fine!” Judy told him. “So you managed to-” He stopped, peering intently at her. “Wh-what is it?” Judy asked. “I did hurt you , didn’t I?!” Nick accused. “Look at your neck! There are marks all over it!” “Nick, It’s not what you think it is!” Nick backed away from her. “I hurt you, I-I’m a mons-” Judy walked up to Nick and pounded his chest. “Don’t you DARE call yourself a monster! You’re not! You’re a fox, and you’re MY fox!” Nick’s eyes widened in surprise as he let out a whimper. “Nick.” Judy said gently. “They’re love bites.”

      “What??” Nick questioned. “Look.” Judy told him. Nick walked over and and cupped her jaw in his paw, lifting her head up. All over her neck, there were pink spots. Where his teeth must have ripped through her fur and marred her skin. “Love bites..?” He questioned. “Y-yea.” Judy replied. “Judy, what happened when I went savage?” Nick calmly asked. “Well… a multitude of things….” Judy whispered. “Just start at the beginning…” Nick reassured her. “Well, you attacked me…” Judy started. Nick winced. “You attacked me, and… and.. it was bad; but then you stopped.” “G-go on.” Nick sighed.

      “You stopped attacking me, and you…. you started sniffing me.” Judy quivered. “I must have been covered in your scent.” “Your thick, musky scent.” She thought to herself. “And… and then I started giving you.. those love bites.” Nick finished. “Y-yep.” Judy stated. “D-did they hurt?"Nick inquired. "Yea…” Judy responded. “They still hurt?” Nick wondered. “A little…” Judy answered. Before Judy could do anything Nick had grabbed her and pinned her to the floor, sitting on her stomach. “N-Nick?!” She gasped. He put a finger to her lips. “Relax.” He told her. She squirmed a little as her lay his body across hers, trailing his long tail up and down her sides. “Wh-what are you-” She started, but was quickly interrupted when Nick started licking her neck. She shivered in pleasure. He pulled away and smacked his lips.

    “I will admit you are very tasty..” He growled, a seductive grin forming on his face. Judy struggled. “Nicholas Wilde, now is NOT the tiIII-” She moaned as he started to suck gently at he neck. She shuddered and moaned as he continued this, sucking her neck and running his wet tongue across it. Judy shuddered.   “Aaah.” That was all she could manage to say as he ravished her neck. He ran his tongue up her neck towards her cheek, and Judy moved her head to the side and they kissed. He ran his tongue across her lips, asking for entrance. She opened up her mouth, and he explored her wet cavern with his tongue. Judy moaned, her back arching sharply. 

Nick growled, running his hands down her body, until they stopped at her yoga pants. Judy gasped and slapped them away. Nick growled and tried it again., This time she pulled away and slapped his face. “N-n-no!” She gasped, blushing profusely. “Ack!” Nick choked, landing on his back. “J-Judy, I-I didn’t mean t-to do that!” “Nick, it’s fine.” Judy puffed. “So… this means we’re good?” Nick casually asked. Judy grinned and slapped his shoulder. “Y-you’re so… Frisky…” She sighed.

Zootopia: Wild Times

by @nickwildeandjudyhoppsaremyotp​ and @zootopiahustle

Nick Wilde woke up at 5:00 am and smiled. Today was the day. He and Judy get the day off and they get to visit the best amusement park in all of Zootopia, Wild Times. Nick got out of bed and got dressed. He then drove by a doughnut place and brought some doughnuts and coffee. Soon he arrived at Judy’s apartment and he knocked on the door. “Hey Carrots,” Nick said. “Are you awake?”

Judy stumbled out of bed, struggling to respond. After getting herself somewhat together and into some clean clothes, she answered the door, stretching. “Mm? Oh hi Nick. Good morning!”

“Morning Judy,” Nick said smiling. “I brought some doughnuts and coffee. Want some?” He asked as he showed Judy the box of doughnuts.

Judy took the box smiling.
“Of course! Thanks Nick. I bet you’re excited for us having the day off.”

“You know it Carrots,” Nick said chuckling. Nick handed Judy a doughnut and her coffee. He then began eating a strawberry doughnut and drinking his coffee. “What do you think of the coffee and doughnut?” He asked.

Judy tried to speak through her mouthful of doughnut, but decided against it and awkwardly gave her partner a thumbs up with a smile.

Nick smiled as he finished his doughnut. “I’m glad you like it,” he said. “What do you want to do first when we get to Wild Times?”

Judy tapped her chin thoughtfully as she finished her doughnut. “Hm… I think we should do some exciting roller coasters! You know? Get our day off to a rousing start.”

“Sounds great,” Nick said “I love the roller coasters there. You ready to go, Carrots?”

“Yup!” Judy grinned, stretching.

“Alright then,” Nick said chuckling. “Let’s go” he exited the apartment and went to his car.

Following him, Judy couldn’t help but imagine herself and her partner at the top of a huge Ferris Wheel, laughing and pointing out what they saw. Shaking herself from her daydream, she reminded herself that if she thought about what the day could be like, she’d never actually enjoy what the day was.

Nick smiled and started to drive. In about 45 minutes they arrived outside of a large theme park. “Is this your first time here Carrots?” Nick asked as he parked the car.

Judy unbuckled her seat belt, somewhat distracted as she looked out of the window at the park. “Huh? Oh um… Yeah actually. I’ve heard of it before, though.”

“I’ve only been here once,” Nick said as he for out of the car. They crossed the parking lot and gave a ticket taker their tickets. The fox and bunny entered the park. “Seeing as how you want to go on a roller coaster first do you want to go on the best one?” Nick asked.

Judy looked around, practically vibrating with excitement. “I want to go on all of them at the same time! But which one is best?”

Nick pointed to a large roller coaster that encircled the park. “That is,” Nick said with a smirk. “It’s called Saber Tooth Mountain. Wanna go on it?”

Judy stared up at the ride in awe. “Go…on that…? Um… O-Of course!”

“You OK Carrots?” Nick asked. “Are you afraid of heights?”

Judy bit her lip to keep from screaming at the thought of getting stuck at the very top of the ride. It just seemed so…far away…
“What? Ha! Noooooo. I’m fine.”

Nick smiled and grabbed Judy’s paw and ran towards the coaster. Soon they were at the front of the line and Nick hopped into the coaster saving a seat for Judy. Come on Carrots!“ Nick said with a smirk. “You’ll love it!”

Judy, forcing herself to smile, hopped in next to Nick. Still trying to seem nonchalant, she fidgeted. “So… Is this one pretty rough?”

“Not really,” Nick said. Soon the safety bar raised down. Nick held on to them tightly,not knowing he grabbed Judy’s paw as well. The roller coaster zoomed off and Nick laughed loudly.

Judy gasped and held her eyes shut at first, but once she felt Nick’s paw on hers and realized that she wasn’t dead yet, she opened one eye. The rush of adrenaline was enough to make her open both eyes and start enjoying the ride. She screamed with joy and also a little bit of fear.

The coaster went way up into the sky and then quickly went down. Nick hollered with joy. The view of the park was amazing and Nick loved it. He looked ahead and saw a few loops. “HANG ON CARROTS!” Nick laughed.

Judy grinned and screamed with joy as the coaster raced on its track, her paw clutching the safety bar as hard as she could. The adrenaline rush was unlike anything she’d ever experienced before.

Eventually the ride ended and Nick stepped off, realizing he holding onto Judy’s paw the whole time. “What did you think Judy?” Nick asked laughing.

Judy grinned and bounced on her toes. “That was awesome!!! It was…and then we…and the loops… And it just… That was awesome!!!” Realizing her paw was fitting snugly in Nick’s, her cheeks burned red. “O-Oh um… I…”

Nick blushed and let go of Judy’s paw. “Sorry Carrots. What ride do you want to go on next?” Nick asked trying to sound relaxed.

Judy’s paw felt cold without Nick’s, but she forced her feelings down and smiled. “Um… The bumper cars look fun.”

Nick tried to stop to stop blushing. “Follow me,” Nick said as he grabbed Judy’s paw again and ran with her to the bumper cars Nick jumped into a green bumper car. “You ready Carrots?” Nick asked laughing.

Her heart jumped when Nick grabbed her paw, but she laughed anyway and hopped into an orange bumper car. “The question is, are you?” Judy grinned.

Nick laughed and the bumper cars began moving. Nick drove his car and bumped into other cars. He then saw Judy and bumped his car into Judy’s car.

Judy grinned and swerved her car back to bump into Nick, smirking. “Ha!” She sped off after some other cars, laughing the whole way.

Nick laughed as Judy bumped into him and he began bumping into other cars. Eventually the ride ended and it was revealed that the animal with the most points was… Judy.

Judy finished her laughing fit and looked up at the score. “Huh? I…I won? Really? Awesome!” She grinned, bouncing.

Nick smiled at Judy. He always over seeing her happy. An employee came over and gave Judy a large stuffed toy of a bear. “Great job out there Carrots,” Nick said. “I’d say the winner should choose the next ride. Where do you want to go next?”

Judy nuzzled her prize, smiling brightly. “Hm… What other rides are great?”

Nick looked around the area. “Well I’m this area there’s the Ferris Wheel, this log flume ride called Waterfall Canyon, and…” Nick blushed heavily and stopped talking when he noticed the tunnel of love.

Judy felt her heart jump as she noticed what he was looking at. “O-Oh uh… We could… Go on that. We could make fun of the lovey-dovey couples! I mean… If you want to. Besides, the lines are really long for everything else…”

Nick laughed trying to act natural and nodded. “Sure thing Carrots,” Nick said. “Anything you want.” Nick walked over to the line for the Tunnel of Love and waited.

Judy blushed softly, cuddling her stuffed animal as they waited in line. She struggled to remain calm, but her heart was pounding so hard she felt the whole world could hear it.

Soon the duo were at the front of the line and a heart shape boat floated up to them. Nick stepped into the boat and extended his paw to Judy. “You ready Carrots?” Nick asked, blushing.

Judy nodded, taking his paw gently and stepping in. “As ready as I’ll ever be…”

The boat slowly drifted into the tunnel. The tunnel was dimly lit by pink lights in the shape of hearts. Nick whistled in amazement. “Whoa it’s actually pretty in here.” Nick said smiling.

Judy smiled, looking around. “Yeah…it is. Well, I guess it would kind of have to be…”

“Yeah,” Nick said. “Hey Carrots, have I ever told you how glad I am that I have you in my life?”

Judy blushed softly and smiled. “Well…once or twice…”

Nick smiled and placed his paw around Judy’s paw. “I mean it Judy,” Nick said, unable to stop blushing. “My life became so much better when I met you. Carrots I-” but Nick cut himself off.

Judy jumped a little at his touch, and found that she couldn’t stop blushing either. “W-What is it, Nick?” Her heart was pounding and she was sure that her ears were bright red, but she just had to know what he wanted to say.

Nick looked at Judy and took a deep breath. “I love you Judy,” he said. “I’ve loved you for a long time now,” 

Judy felt her heart jump and she smiled, squeezing his paw gently. “You do…? I…I…I love you too Nick. I realized that a while ago…I just…didn’t know how to tell you…” 

Nick felt his heart jump as well. He gently pulled Judy close to him and he kissed her, not wanting to let go of her. Judy smiled, feeling as if her heart would burst at any moment. His kisses were like candy, and she’d never experienced this kind of joy before.  “So does this mean we’re a couple now?” He asked in between the kiss. 

 “I guess it does. Heh. I definitely didn’t see this coming when I got up this morning…” She giggled. 

“Neither did I,” Nick said, chuckling. Soon the ride ended and the couple got out of the boat. Nick held Judy’s paw. “So where do you want to go next?“Nick asked as he kissed her cheek. 

Judy giggled and squirmed a bit, not yet used to the idea of having a fox boyfriend. “What about that log ride?” She pointed at it, her giddy smile stuck to her face.

Nick smiled and took Judy’s paw and ran with her to the ride. The line for the ride was short and soon they stepped into a boat shaped like a log. Nick stepped in with Judy. Soon the log began to move. “Hang on Carrots!” Nick laughed 

Judy laughed, holding onto Nick’s paw tightly. “Trust me, I am!” She grinned. 

The of flume climbed a current of way that was ascending into the sky. Soon the current descended back to the ground and the boat went faster, causing a massive splash getting the couple soaking wet. Nick was laughing the whole time.

Judy laughed when the water practically drowned them, shaking the water from her fur afterwards. “That was so cool! Freezing cold, but cool!” She giggled, water dripping from her ears. 

Nick smiled and wrapped his arms around Judy to try to warm her up. “This place also has a water park by the way,” Nick said. “Wanna go there later?” 

Judy nestled into his arms and smiled contentedly.
“That sounds like fun. I was wanting to get in a pool anyway.”

“Great,” Nick said. “You’ll love it the pool is beautiful. But first would you like to go on the Ferris Wheel? The view is gorgeous.” 

Judy nodded. “I love Ferris Wheels! Let’s go.” 

Nick smiled and held onto Judy’s paw and walked over to the Ferris Wheel. There wasn’t a line to it so the couple got to get in it pretty quickly. They stepped into the passenger car and the Ferris Wheel began to slowly move. Soon they could see the whole park. “What do you think Judy?” Nick asked as he kissed her cheek. 

Judy blushed, smiled, and leaned against him. “I think its gorgeous… Just amazing.” She thought about how usually she wasn’t great with heights, but right now everything seemed a-okay. 

Nick smiled “I’m glad you like it Judy,” he said. “But the view isn’t as beautiful as you.” Nick winked at Judy. 

Judy laughed and elbowed him gently. “You’re such a dork sometimes…” 

Nick chuckled. “Yeah but I’m your dork,” he said. Nick then kissed Judy as their car reached the top and stopped to let other passengers on. 

Judy just giggled into the kiss and kissed him back. It was hard not to feel at least a little overwhelmed by the sweet, romantic atmosphere, mixed with her sheer happiness. Forcing herself not to scream her joy to the world, she settled for squeezing her fox’s paw. 

Nick squeezed back. Soon they were back on the ground. And Nick led Judy to the Waterpark. The Waterpark looked like something out of a dream. There were waterfalls, replicas of pirate ships and at the deepest end was what looked like a large, ancient castle. “Ready to go swimming Carrots?” Nick asked, smiling. 

Judy bounced up and down, grinning. “I’ve never been more ready! Just look at all that water!” 

Nick smiled at Judy as he walked off and went to change into his swimming trunks. Soon Nick came back and jumped into the pool. He dove up and looked at Judy. “Come on in Carrots,” Nick said. “The water is perfect.”

Judy went and changed into her swimsuit, then hopped in the pool. The water really was perfect.

“If you think this is cool you should see what’s it like underwater,” Nick said as he put on a pair of goggles. He then gave Judy a pair of goggles and dove beneath the water.

Judy laughed and slipped on the goggles. She dove down into the water, and grinned. The water was completely clear, and she could see Nick smiling from where she was.

Nick waved at her and swam over to the wall of the pool, revealing a beautiful mural of ocean life. Nick looked over at Judy and smiled as if to ask what she thought of it. 

Judy swam closer to it and looked at the mural. She caught his eye and grinned. She nodded and gave him a thumbs up. 

Nick smiled and swam over to Judy. He grabbed her paw and pointed to an underwater tunnel. He looked at the tunnel and then back to Judy as if to ask if she wants to go in it. 

Judy blinked, hesitated, then smiled and nodded, squeezing his paw slightly. 

Nick swam with Judy through the tunnel. Once they were in the tunnel they swam up to a large secret air pocket that made it look like they outside at night. “What do you think Carrots?” Nick asked as he caught his breath and put his goggles in his head. 

Judy looked around, her mouth slightly open in awe. “This is…wow…” 

Nick smiled at Judy and swam up to her. “I’m so glad you like it Carrots,” Nick said as he kissed her. “So I take it you’re enjoying the day?”

Judy smiled and nuzzled right under his chin. “I love this day… Mostly because I’m with you…” 

Nick smiled. “I also love today Carrots ” Nick said. “Because I get to be with you.” Suddenly the simulation began showing shooting stars. Nick kissed Judy’s head as he watched the simulation.

Judy let herself relax against him, her eyes locked on the simulation. “Oh wow… Its so…wow…” 

Nick nodded in agreement. “Hey Judy mind if I ask you a question?“he asked 

Judy looked over at Nick, blushing softly. “What is it, Nick?” 

“When did you realize you had a crush on me?” He asked with a smile and a wink.

Judy laughed uncomfortably, tugging an ear softly. “Well um… A few weeks after we partnered up… I just kinda looked at you and I…I thought you were attractive…” 

Nick blushed. “Why thank you Carrots,” he said as he kissed Judy passionately. 

Judy felt her heart pounding in her chest, and a warm tingly feeling spread from her toes to the top of her head. She pulled away giggling, slightly out of breath. “You’re throwing me off, Nick…” 

“Sorry Carrots,” he laughed. He didn’t realize that he began wagging his tail and accidentally splashed Judy gently.

Judy noticed his wagging and laughed when he splashed her. “You alright there, Slick?” 

Nick noticed that his tail was wagging and blushed. “Sorry about that Carrots,” he chuckled. “I just guess I’m happy to see you happy.” 

Judy grinned and tapped his nose. “That’s alright. I’m happy you’re happy too. So… Now what?” She asked, looking around. 

“Wanna go back to the main part of the pool?” Nick asked as he slid his goggles back on.

Judy nodded, clearing her goggles and making sure they were on comfortably. “Yup!”

Nick smiled and took Judy by the paw and dove underwater. Soon they were back in the main part of the pool. “Hey this place has this awesome water slide,” Nick said. “Wanna go on that?

Judy shook the water from her face and slid off the goggles. “Sounds like fun! Lead the way!” 

Nick stepped out of the pool with Judy and walked her to large waterside that spiraled around the tower it was connected to. Eventually they got to the top of the tower and an employee gave them a large water tube to sit in. “You two ready?” The employee ask. “I am,” Nick said. “How about you Carrot?” 

Judy took a deep breath and nodded. “Yup! Let’s do this!” She forced a grin, when in all actuality her heart was pounding and her hands were trembling. 

The employee pushed the tube and the began to go down the slide. “WOOHOO!” Nick yelled as he raised his paws in the air. 

Judy screamed in fear at first, unsure whether or not she liked the ride. A few seconds later, she found herself listening to Nick’s joyful cries and started laughing and yelling herself. 

Eventually the tube was close to the bottom and as it hit the water, causing a large splash, Nick kissed Judy.

Judy gasped in pleasant surprise, the tips of her ears turning bright red. 

Nick noticed Judy’s gasp and smiled. “What did you think of the ride Carrots?” Nick asked. 

Judy giggled and grinned. “It was really fun! Especially the end.” She smirked, then playfully punched his arm before scooting out of reach.

Nick laughed. “I’m glad you liked it Carrots,” Nick said with a wink. He hopped out of the tube and went back into the pool.

Judy laughed and slid back into the pool, shuddering a little. 

Nick swam over to Judy. “You feeling alright Carrots?” He asked 

Judy nodded, a bit confused. “Of course I am… Maybe a bit cold…” 

Nick swam over and wrapped his tail around Judy. “How does that feel Judy?” Nick asked as he kissed her “Do you feel warmer?” 

Judy giggled softly, curling into him. “Mmhm. Much warmer. How did you know what to do?” 

Nick smiled. “I just guessed,” Nick said as he nuzzled Judy and kissed her again. 

Judy grinned and kissed him back, humming softly. “You know me so well already.” 

“I guess I do,” Nick said chuckling softly. “I’m glad to see you happy.” 

Judy smiled, burying herself deeper in his arms. “Its always nice to see you happy too, Nick…” 

“Hey Carrots,” Nick said. “You ready to eat lunch?”

Judy thought for a moment, then nodded and smiled. “Now that I think about it, I am kinda hungry. 

Nick smiled and dove underwater. He shortly doves up so that Judy was riding on his back. He began swimming out of the pool with Judy on his back. “What would you like to eat Carrots?” He asked, laughing.

Judy giggled and blushed, holding onto him tightly. “Hmm… I’m kinda craving some kind of carnival food…” 

Nick arrive at the edge of the pool and climbed out. He began walking to a food court. “How do pretzels sound?“Nick asked. “And maybe some ice cream.” 

Judy grinned and hummed with happiness. “That sounds great! Especially the ice cream!” 

Nick smiled and ordered their food. Nick paid the cashier and handed Judy a pretzel. Nick took a bit out of his and began eating. “What kind of ice cream do you want Carrots?” Nick asked.

Judy bounced around a bit as she ate, then pointed at the cookies and cream ice cream. “Mm!” 

Nick was almost done with his pretzel and smiled. “I love that kind too Carrots,” he said. Nick ordered two cookies and cream ice creams and gave one to Judy as he paid the cashier. Nick finished his pretzel and began eating his ice cream. He held Judy’s paw. “How does it taste Judy?” Nick asked. 

Judy smiled at him, not knowing she had ice cream on her nose. “It’s really delicious! This is the best cookies and cream I’ve had in a while. I wonder how they do it?” 

Nick smiled at Judy at kissed her nose. "You had ice cream on it,” he said. He did not realize he had some in his nose as well. 

Judy smirked and giggled. "I guess we both do.” She grinned, kissing his nose softly and blushing. “All better…” 

Nick laughed and blushed. “Thanks Carrots,” he said. When Nick finished his ice cream he looked at Judy. “Ready to go back into the pool? or do you want to go on more rides?”

Judy made sure her mouth was clean, then looked at him. “Isn’t there some saying about not swimming right after eating?” 

“Oh you’re right!” Nick exclaimed. “Thanks for reminding me Carrots.” Nick kissed Judy’s head.

Judy laughed and smiled. “You’re welcome, Nick. I had a feeling you didn’t want to get a cramp…” 

Nick smiled at Judy and sat down at the edge of the pool. “It’s a beautiful day huh Carrots?” Nick asked.

Judy splashed the water a bit with her feet, smiling wistfully. “Yeah it is… I think it hasn’t been this nice in a while.” 

“It’s even better now because I can spend the day with you,” Nick said kissing Judy. 

Judy giggled, smiling into the kiss. She didn’t care who saw her or what they thought. She and Nick were meant to be together. 

I decided to give a Nick Imagine a go, I write imagines for heaps of other people on other accounts I own, so I hope you guys like it!

“I had a really good time tonight, Nick.” You smile walking up the front steps to your front door.

He grins licking his lips looking down at you. “So did I.” He says softly, the only light came from your front door porch, but it was enough to see the perfect details of Nick’s face. “We should you know do it again?” He blushes scratching the back of his neck.

“I’d like that.” You smile, he takes a step closer the distance between you two being close to none as one of his hands makes it’s way to your cheek, pushing away a strand of hair behind your ear.

Your heartbeat fastens as Nick slowly leans down, his lips pushing to yours. Your hands travel up his chest as his other hand cups your other cheek.

Pulling away, you look up to Nick, his grin wide as he leans in again to steal a quick kiss. “We should do that again as well” he chuckles as you let out a quiet laugh.

“I wouldn’t mind that either.” You smile.

“I’ll see you tomorrow?” He asks. Nodding your head he shoots you a wink, pecking your cheek to then let go of your hands and to walk down the steps and back to his car. Leaving you to think of the kiss you had shared just minutes ago.

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How about Tyzane &amp; Nickels prompt? Double-date at a gay nightclub. I'm not sure which one out of the four of them would get the most possessive when his guy attracts a lot of attention.

When Nick turns around Kelly’s gone, how he managed to get lost in the crowd in the time it took Nick to grab their drinks was was beyond him.  Chances were he went back to join Ty and Zane at the tables but knowing Kelly he could just as easily be in the middle of the crowd dancing alone because he felt like it.

Their table is mysteriously empty when he gets back, assholes left him alone, tho they probably thought he and Kelly had snuck off somewhere. Which given their track record was an obvious assumption.

“Nicko!” Kelly yelled making his way back to the table, shirtless covered in glitter and to Nick’s shock, with bills and slips of paper all tucked into the waist of his jeans. What was even more appalling was that it looked like none of the bills were less than tens and the slips all had phone numbers on them.

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Zootopia Fan-story FINALE!!! Chapter 26 Tumblr Lonewolfwriter Re-blogging is welcome.

Note: Okay, So firstly merry Christmas to all, and if I don’t get on here, Happy New Year also. (May 2017 be a better year for all)

I was meant to upload this on Christmas as my present to all of you however it is called the silly season for a reason and I didn’t get around to it, so here is a belated gift to you lovely peeps.

This is an EXTREMELY LONG chapter and for that, forgive anything in the editing that flew under the radar, (I did re-read it several times on my days off) but I am sure I’ve missed some small things

This is the Finale and as promised if this gets some good replies, comments, reblogs Etc, I will write the rest of the happy ending that I have started.

I hope this chapter answers all the questions you lovely followers have, if not, I will be happy to answer anything people are not sure about.

Also just a shout out to a very awesome follower, who on Christmas opened up a present to receive my actual Novel Griphon: The Last Warwolf, I hope this brings as much joyful reading time for you as my fan story
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So as always without further Adieu I give you chapter 26 (the FINALE)
Zootopia Fanstory.


Nick sat at the large oak coffee table, he felt odd, fuzzy, the coffee table was situated in the middle of a small and cosy kitchen, he could see pictures of him and Judy hung all over the walls, pictures of them hugging, kissing, and some plain silly ones, like Nick giving her bunny ears.

“Where am I?” he thought to himself, looking around nervously and confused.
He couldn’t for the life of him remember how he got in this house or even where it came from and the pictures were slightly askew, he couldn’t tell how, he could just …. sense it, and regardless of all that his stomach ached and he felt sick.

Nicholas Wilde’s attention on the pictures and the strange surroundings, was soon broken as the overpowering scented fumes of a blueberry pie wafted pleasantly through the air grabbing his attention, and at the opposing end of the table was Judy.

She was dressed in a floral dress with her ears tied back, sporting an apron, she smiled at Nick before she leaned over, opening the oven door, placing small mitts on, she pulled out a dish; obviously where the mouth-watering smell was originating from.

She placed it on the table and cupped her paw over her mouth as she called out names, and although it was as if she yelled, Nick couldn’t hear a word leave her mouth, like a silent scream.

But as if she had spoken aloud two small pups ran into the room, to sit at the table, Nick’s heart melted as his eyebrows rose in pleasant surprise.

Nick gasped “I’m a father?”

Nick sat at the head of the table and one of his two kit dragged out a chair and sat on his right-hand side, looking up to him, the way someone looks up to their hero.

Without a thought, he reached his paw out cradling the closest one’s face, sliding from her ears down her crown, across her cheek and stopping with his paw cradling his daughter under her chin. Nick lost himself deep into her eyes, a velvety green, purple mixture.

He never thought he could love someone more than Judy, but he was wrong, oh so wrong.

The small foxy face he had just cradled in his hand, cuddled into his palm with a chime like giggle, she was so tiny and small. He felt tears silently run from his eyes. Her fur was soft and warm and reflected the bright orange of Nicks, as if they were one, she looked up at him with a crooked cheeky grin, a Nick Wilde grin.

Judy noticed him crying and put down the knife she was about to cut the pie with, walking over and wrapping her arms around him “What’s wrong sweetie?” she whispered in his ear cradling his face and making him look up to her.

Nicks paw softly falling from his daughter’s face, his attention turning to Judy.
Nick began to sob and Judy tightened her grip around his muzzle. Before whispering once more “What’s wrong?”

“I love you Judy Hopps” he explained wrapping his paws around her waist and letting them claw at the small of her back rubbing his tear drenched eyes over her arm and snuggling into her. Judy tightened her small arms around his head and pulled him in tight to her belly while patting his head.

“I love you to Nicholas Piberius Wilde” she whispered into the crown of his head “But I’m not Judy Hopps, I’m Judy Wilde, remember” She whispered in his ear, pulling his face up and kissing him softly on the cheek at the end of her sentence and pointing to the picture on the wall. He turned to see a picture of them on their wedding day, holding paw in paw at the end of the altar.

Nick sighed and took a breath as Judy gently let go of him, walking over to the blueberry pie cutting it into slices, however each time the knife she was using touched the chopping board beneath, the house shook as though caught in an earthquake, small bits of debris falling from the roof, Nick was nervous about the quakes however the others acted as if nothing was happening.

“What is that?” asked Nick holding firmly onto the table and looking up at the ceiling.

“What is what dad?” quizzed the young fox who sat beside him at the table.
“The tremors” he explained.

The little fox giggled and giggled “Silly puppa, you know what that is” she cried pouncing over the table into his lap and throwing her small arms around his neck in a tight hug, her body barely the size of Nicks chest.

The shaking had yet to cease and Nick grasped his daughter tight, snaking a paw over her head to protect her from the small debris collapsing from the ceiling.

As Judy loaded up the plates with the pie a loud beeping noise rang through the whole house, Nick struggled to grab his ears to protect himself from the almost deafening sound, simultaneously trying to cover his daughters’ ears also, however she seemed to only stare at him strangely as if wondering why he was covering her.

“What is that!” he cried confused, having to raise his voice to be heard over the noise.

Judy and his other kit stood around the table and had ceased all movement and shook their heads as if they couldn’t hear what he asked.

“WHAT IS THAT NOISE” he yelled, holding his ears and looking around the now shaking, loud house with a slither of distress.

Judy and the two Kits simply starred at him, and before his eyes they began to melt like wax candles in the heat of a flame, all colours running together as one.
“No, wait no!” he cried hugging his daughter tightly only to have her melt in his paws.

The seat he sat in was also melting and had become like glue holding him in place, he struggled to free himself only to become instantly exhausted.

He froze stiff as the house around him began to melt into darkness, the beeping noise getting louder and louder. He cried out loud screaming for help shutting his eyes tight scared of what was happening.

“HELP! HELP!” he cried, the world around him swirled like water down a drain, then darkens for only a fraction of a second.

When his eyes shot open he was blinded by light and a very subtle almost rhythmic beeping noise, his vision slowly came, but was blurred and there was two of everything; slowly his eyes adjusted. He coughed a little and realised his mouth was full of god knows what, he was disorientated and his nose stung with the strong smell of bleach that wafted around him. His chest was burning like a flame kindled brightly inside his ribcage.

He lay still for a moment gathering his bearings, his eyes shooting left and right, he was scared as he couldn’t move his body, and his vision was blurry, his mouth was dry and his whole body seemed to shake mercilessly as if he had just woken up from a heavy night drinking. Everything seemed clouded and dreamlike; much like a hangover.

When he had finally gathered his bearings; against immense pain, he looked up and to his left to see where the beeping noise was coming from.

Beside him was a small machine, each second or so it would beep with the same metronome as the one in the house, however it was quiet and rhythmic and not deafening at all. The room he was in smelt of stale air and bleach, he went to move when he realised he couldn’t, his heart rate increased as he began to freak out, the machine next to him increasing in pace as he began to squirm, his world was blurry and he couldn’t think straight but then a simple memory came back to him, the noise of a whisper “Try everything” and the sound of gun shots.

He took a breath and stopped moving just as a doctor came in and ran to the side of his bed, it was a Hare, “Mr Wilde, Mr Wilde lay still please, you have very extensive injuries”.

“Whher amm I” choked out nick through a mouth full of tubes.

“The hospital, you were shot, we lost you 3 times, but you kept fighting to get back”

The doctor fiddled with the machines and tubes a little before laying his paw on Nicks shoulder “You are very brave Mister Wilde, I will have one of the nurses come to check up on you soon”.

“Wait” gagged Nick “prease don go” he begged

The hare paused mid stride, considered Nicks request and turned walking back to Nick’s bed, pulling up a seat and sitting next to him.

“Wath happened? Asked Nick, unable to swivel his head to make eyes contact with the doctor.

“You were shot by your father…” answered the doctor matter of factly.

Nicks sat still for a moment trying to pry the memory of this happening however he could only picture the house, Judy and the young Kit. Then it hit him.

“Whers Joody?” he asked frantically; his eyes flashing around the room, he was sure she wouldn’t be far, the sound of his lung struggling to obtain air, making his sentence more of a wheeze.

The doctor went silent for a moment and then looked to the floor.


“I have other patients to attend to; a nurse will be in shortly, get some rest…”; The doctor had seen Judy once and gotten very little response from her.

With that the doctor left the room; just as he was at the door Nick called out.
“How long have I been here?” he choked

The doctor had his paw on the door and turned “You’ve been in a coma for 4 months”.

Silence lingered in the room apart from the machine feeding oxygen into Nick’s lungs and the constant beep of the machine letting all know; Nicholas Wilde was very much alive.

The doctor left and Nick lay silently, his eyes were heavy but he didn’t want to go back to sleep, he wanted to ask about Judy, he wanted to make sure she was safe and so he forced himself to stay awake, even though he was fighting against strong painkillers.

Nicks body was sore and his chest struggled heavily to take in air, the bullets he had taken ripped his innards apart. He lay very still focusing simply on his breath in and out.

4 Months earlier:

Maria woke up, she was woozy and felt sick, the effects of the morphine that gently dripped from a bag above her, the needle going into the middle of her arm taped on tight.

The last thing she remembered was being wheeled into surgery the previous night and watching Nick getting taken the opposite direction, blood covered sheets and several doctors working frantically to keep him alive.

“Oh, my head” she explained, closing her eyes and placing her paw to her temple applying slight pressure to try and stop her world from spinning.

Before she could even speak a set of lips pressed to hers, while small paws grasped her ears tight and passionate, she pushed back returning the kiss at first, but soon Maria realised it was Jack, and gently pulled away, however his face lingered where it was a smile from ear to ear, his eyes shut in a moment of bliss his paws gently releasing her ears.

“Maria…” he sighed in joy

“Jack” she responded before throwing her paw behind his head and pulling him in against her lips their embrace was long awaited, passionate, Maria could feel Jacks paw tighten around hers and the pressure between their kiss was just right. 10 years in the making and the kiss was everything Jack hoped it would be.

They pulled away in a state of euphoric bliss when Maria felt a pain in her gut.
Then instantly everything hit her, the morphine playing no effect, her hand went to her belly that she realised she had been shot, it burnt and she squirmed as if she could move away from the aching pain.

“Stay still my love” cautioned Jack

“The…the” she choked.

“The baby’s fine” assured Jack placing one paw on Maria’s face and patting her paw with the his other as it sat atop her belly. His eye went hollow “The babies fine Maria” he repeated.

Maria didn’t like the sound of Jacks tone, and the look he held was even more concerning a deep furrow in his brow.

“Can I see…” Began Maria, before pausing; realising she didn’t even know what the sex of her kit was.

“Her” confirmed Jack realising why Maria was stumped for words “A very beautiful Baby girl” smiled Jack; however his eyes did not seem to follow the enthusiasm of his other facial features and stayed loomed with heaviness.

“You can see her” affirmed Jack walking to the machine next to Maria and pressing a big red button to call in the nurses.

A nurse walked in with a smile from ear to ear however it seemed easily fake “Good Morning Miss Savage” she greeted, hearing her real name caught Maria rather off guard.

“Good Morning Mr Savage” continued the nurse

“Hello” responded Jack politely.

The nurse looked over Judy, shining a light in her eyes and testing her reflexes before checking the stitches for any sign of infection.

“My baby, can I see my baby?” urged Maria, while the nurse looked her over.

The nurse sneered at Maria with slight disgust for only a second, but Maria caught it and was confused by her look, before the nurse then turned her eyes to Jack, awaiting his approval. He smiled and gave a simple nod.

The nurse leaving the room; heading to the new arrivals ward to get Maria’s kit.

“Maria” Began Jack grabbing her attention
“I’ve reinforced your cover as Judith Hopps every step of the way, neither of us broke our cover and for that reason, Tyrone Wilde was killed…and you got pregnant…I need you to understand that…”

Jack paused a moment and released Maria’s paw, and braced himself by biting hard on his knuckle as he was about to continue, the words like a razor through his nerve.

“My darling Maria you were pregnant… with the kit ….of one…. Nicholas Wilde…” he sighed deep at the end finishing with a brilliant, care filled smile.

Maria gasped and choked and her insides went hollow, tears streamed from her eyes and the more she saw the broken look on Jacks face and his intention to hide it behind happiness, the heavier her cry became, however he just turned smiling more “Congratulations” he choked in a breathless whisper.

Maria now realising why the nurse had given her a nasty look, she couldn’t imagine what the nurse must have been thinking.

“No Jack” stated Maria grabbing her stomach, “These should be yours…”
There was a deep and thought provoking silence before Jack replied.

“But they are not…” he smiled gently placing his paw on her stomach once more. Sitting on the edge of her bed.

Maria recalled the moment she had accepted the mission, she thought of her night with Nick, then her night with Jack, then her nights alone and the whole mission itself and felt disgusted in herself; how could Jack even look at her she thought.

Her paws trembled as they covered her eyes and she sobbed sitting up in her hospital bed.

“Maria what’s wrong?” asked Jack sitting at the edge of her bed. Jack gently prying her hands from her face.

“Jack …I…me and Nick…” she gasped horrified at her actions, struggling to catch a breath of air between her weeping.

“shh….shhh it’s okay….Maria, it’s okay…. You didn’t know” he explained forcing her to make eye contact with him “You fell deep into your alias….you are such a good officer….you were there for ten years, it was without a doubt something as bad as this was going to happen, we both knew” he comforted

She shook her head “I wasn’t that deep in cover” she sniffed “How can you even bare to look at me?” she said with a disgusted tone.

Jack reached into his pocket and pulled out a golden band, a band of gold he had protected with his heart for ten years, placing it on her finger, Marias eyes lingered on the ring and a flood of memories pierced her mind.

“Because you are my wife Maria, and I love you til death do us part…”

She threw her arms around Jack, and as they hugged the nursed walked in with a bundle in a blanket.

The nurse gently passed it to Maria before excusing herself.

Maria held the small fox in her arms, green eyes as shiny as emeralds; Jack looked down on the fox also placing his paw gently atop her forehead.

“She’s beautiful” complimented Jack.

There was a long silence as Maria starred into the baby’s eyes and could see the mixed features of herself and Nick plastered on the kits beautiful face.

“Maria my love, if you wish for us to go back to the way we were…you need to tell Nick… everything…” He explained a horrendous ultimatum.

Maria who was gently rocking the baby came to a halt, her eyes shifted from her kit, and locked with Jacks.


2 days later:

Maria was sitting in her bed recovering, she hadn’t seen Jack since the day she woke up, he had called and explained that there was a lot of paperwork due to everything that had happened, she heard her door handle turned and expected to see a doctor but instead was greeted by the stripy face of Savage.

Maria smiled but Jack held a concerned look, Maria went to speak and Jack simply shushed her putting a finger to his lips, gesturing his head to show he was not alone.

He then opened the door and in came Fray, who basically snarled at the sight of Maria and obviously couldn’t look Jack in the eyes.

“Hello ‘Judy’” spat Fray “I’m Fray, the medical officer from the ZPD” she introduced “As I’m sure you’re aware” she added in a whisper.

“I have just been informed by “YOUR” superiors to do a medical examination on you to make sure…”, fray gestured to Jack and Maria as she emphasised “your”.
Fray looked up from her clip board, part of which was covering the bottom half of her face, but Judy could tell fray was scorning her “…To make sure you return back from your alias, without too much trouble”

Maria didn’t know how to respond and so stayed quiet.

“Good” agreed Fray realising Maria wasn’t going to speak “let’s proceed, shall we? Officer, what is your name?” quizzed Fray looking to her clip board.

“Judith Laverne Hopps” she answered quickly.

Fray shook her head and scoffed, “Perhaps something more simple…. Who is this?” asked Fray pointing her pen to Jack before chewing on the end of it waiting in anticipation.

“Jack Savage…” answered Maria.

“Right…. And who is Jack to you”.

Jack shone Maria a bright smile, and Maria remembered the kiss at the ZPD, the one that sat perfectly on her lips, again she brushed her lips with her paw, before eyeing the gold band on her finger.

Her eyes began to water “He…he’s my husband…”

Fray smiled writing on her notepad “Just super for you” mocked Fray with a sarcastic thumbs up.

“Awesome work truly, Miss….” She pressed

“Savage…. Maria Savage…” answered Maria.

Fray turned to Jack, “This is good, basically there is a short disconnection, but most of her subconscious was at work… Judy…. sorry, Maria, you have been undercover for an extended period of time, I believe that you may be suffering from slight “dissociative identity disorder” amongst other things, it’s very common for officer in a prolonged roll of undercover rolls to suffer certain mental health disorders”

Fray paused clipping her pen to her clipboard and tucking it up under her arm “But you’ll be fine, and that’s all that matters right?” attacked Fray.

Maria went to protest when she caught Jack slightly shaking his paw left and right, a symbol for Maria to just let it go and so she conceded.

Fray took a breath, heading for the door, before stopping and looking at Maria once more “Nothing? You have nothing to say?” she growled.

Maria just shook her head confused and raised her shoulders submissively.
“What you have done is horrible, neither of you deserve to be standing” she jeered pointing at jack and Maria.

“Fray, I know what I did to Nick is unforgiveable…”

Fray’s attempts at a calm façade swept aside at the uttering of Maria’s words “NICK! NICK! That’s just the icing on the cake Rabbit! did you care at all for anyone? Do you really think you’re a police officer! So long as you get set up with everything you wanted everything should just be swell” she interrupted with a snarl and through her fury tears formed in her eyes. “Did you even care what this could do to other people…to me…”Judy was lost for words as Fray starred at her awaiting some sort of reply.

“I assume you know that Bogo didn’t wake” up she added finally, her face soaked with tears and riddled in anger. She then turned her attention to Jack, spewing venom “Congratulation to you. Chief Savage”. Without another word, she turned heading out the door, slamming it hard behind her.

Maria looked up to Jack who was rocking back and forth on his heels breathing in time, a slightly shaky fist in his pocket.

Just as Maria and Jack were about to exchange words Fray burst back in the door and Frisbee’d her clipboard onto Marias’ bed pointing at it as it landed.

“Just thought you should know, see the bottom there, its’ the doctors report on Nicks operation, he’s in a coma, died on the table several times, to save you…you of all people, you vile  thing and below that is the set guide and rehab he will have to pass to get his badge back, with a shattered vertebrae and part of both his lungs taken out, how do you think that’s going to work out for him?”

“I’ll get him a desk job” whispered Jack, choked by Frays words.

“Shut up Savage!” grilled Fray pointing her finger at him threateningly, her elbow high in the air, and her finger mere fractions from his face “You know that’s not the point…and when he finds out what makes you think he’ll want his badge?” Fray turned a cursing glare back to Judy… Maria… whoever the hell she was.

“You have ruined this foxes life, regardless of how this works out; don’t ever let that escape you Miss Savage, and what about Bogo, huh Jack? You gunna get him a desk job?” she asked glaring back to Savage.

Jack flicked his ears to the side preparing a witty comment, but before he could reply fray slapped him across the face putting his face to the side “Don’t even think about it” warned Fray again pointing a finger at him “I will kill you if you dare” threatened Fray.

Maria covered her mouth with her paws stunned at Fray’s actions; Jack slowly turned his face back to her and bit his tongue. Frays finger did not move from his face until she was satisfied her point was clear, and when she knew Jack was also wordless she took a deep breath composed herself and left the room, rubbing her paws under her eyes to wipe away her smeared excess eyeliner.

“Are you okay Jack?” choked Maria scared to speak.

Jack pulled out his new badge from the inner top pocket of his jacket, the same Badge Bogo use to sport on his shirt, the “chief badge”, he looked at it longingly, walked over to Maria kissed her on the forehead then went for the door.

“I have lots of paperwork to do my love and questions to answer, questions that have no worthy answers” he sighed his eyes looked to the ground defeated as he left.

2 weeks later:

Maria’s stitches had been removed and she was able to stand on her own with the slight help of a walking stick or frame, however she was going to the opposite wing of the hospital and requested a wheelchair to get there.She had got a nurse to give her the room number and location for one Nicholas Wilde.
It had taken her 15 minutes and 3 detours to find the room; however she knew exactly where it was, she just wished to waste time, she didn’t know what she was getting into and her nerves were on edge.

She got to the room and parked up her wheelchair at the front gently getting up and grabbing a walking stick. She opened the door and walked in, she didn’t know what she was going to do, she didn’t even know why she was going to see Nick. Before she even had Nick in view she could hear the beeping of machines and the sound of the oxygen machine dragging in air then pressing it into Nicks lunges.

She turned the corner and her paw began to shake, Nick lay in the bed, arms by his side, mid section wrapped in bandages that were slightly stained with blood and his mouth jammed with all sorts of tubes and wires and an IV dug in both his arms.

A doctor who stood above Nick looking at his machines and taking notes turned his attention when he heard the door open, he adjusted his glasses.

“May I help you?” asked the Hare

Maria shook her head, her eyes not leaving the still cold body of Nick and without a word she retreated from the room with shaky legs.

She was outside the door and fell against it, her ears drooping to the side “What have I done…” she whimpered before beginning the long arduous journey back to her room on the other side of the hospital, leaving the wheelchair behind, the image of Nick Wilde the only thing in her thoughts.

She was about at the end of the hall when the doctor ran from Nick’s room

“Miss!” He called, but Maria pretended not to hear and continued on her way.

“Miss!” he yelled again, still Maria refused to stop

Judy” he called out.

Maria stopped and a shiver shot up her spine; she turned and faked a smile.

“You are Judy, right?” asked the hare.

Maria thought hard “No I’m not” she thought, but intrigued as to why the doctor wanted to know she nodded

“Yes that’s right”.

“Wow, I heard the story, you’re the one he took the bullets for…” the doctor sighed and his eyes filled with reverence “He must really love you, even in his coma every now and again your name gets muttered”.

Maria’s words caught in her throat and with a simple nod she dismissed herself, leaving the doctor standing confused.

Maria walked all the way to the front of the hospital and when at the reception desk threw her arms over, “I wish to be discharged as soon as possible” she begged.

“Well we can’t just…” began the receptionist

“Now” snapped Maria interrupting her, her eyes like a mad woman “My husband is head of the ZPD as of now and I will be well looked after” she explained in desperation

The receptionist smile realising Her distress, “Who’s your doctor we will see what we can do”

Present day 2 days after waking:

Nick lay in his bed starring up at the ceiling, he had been awake for two days and had yet to get a clear answer from anyone about Judy, and had not seen anyone from the department, which hurt his feelings, he had left several messages on Judy’s phone and only got one reply.

“See you soon”

Which answered none of the million questions he had. He had also text Bogo to which he got no reply; Nick fearing perhaps he was also still in a coma.

Nick was doing “stretches” in his bed, which consisted of the nurse helping to move his arms, and legs to get muscle movement.

“Very good Nick, you’ve made a lot of progress in such a short time, now can you move your hand for me?”

Nick looked down at his hand with his eyes and shut them tightly, holding his breath tight and straining with all his might to make a fist. Several times he tried and then stopped panting, the machine helping him to breathe correctly.

The nurse could see the frustration on his face and simple shone him a encouraging smile “That’s Okay” comforted the nurse patting his cheek “All in good time”.

She replaced his IV bag before saying her goodbyes and heading to the next room, “I will see you the same time tomorrow Mr. Wilde” she stated as she left and Nick simply shined her a toothy grin, the only movement he could really do.

As the nurse opened the door Nick heard her talking to someone, “I think he’ll be happy to see you” he heard the nurse say. The other voice was also female and Nick could feel his tail underneath the sheets wishing desperately to wag in joy
“JUDY!” he thought.

But the talking stopped and a Lynx walked inside.

“Fray?” stated Nick, confusion in his tone and although confused he was also just happy to see a familiar face.

“Hello Nicholas, how are you?” she quizzed sitting at the end of his bed.
Nick didn’t reply he just look around sarcastically at the apparatus surrounding him then raised an eyebrow with a chuckle.

“I thought as much, sorry, just habit to ask” she admitted “How about your rehab?”  

Nick rolled his eyes.

“Like that huh? That sucks”.

“houws evryon at da station?” Struggled Nick.

Frays eyes went hollow “I wouldn’t know Nick” she explained pulling one of his legs out from under the blanket and began massaging his paw, “I quiet…”

Nicks eyes opened wide “whry?”

Fray sighed and shut her eyes to stop the tears “Bogo didn’t survive Nick…”

The pit in Nicks stomach twisted in a tight knot, and he didn’t know what to say but if he could he would have wrap Fray in a hug, he knew that deep down she loved Bogo and felt responsible for his safety.

“You ruved him didn yu?” asked Nick through the tubes in his mouth, although he knew the answer.

Fray’s paws stopped massaging Nick’s foot and she nodded “Very much so and that’s why I quiet…nothing left for me at the ZPD, just sad memories… so now I’m going to open my own GP” she explained starting to massage his paw again.

Nick smiled as best he could “Maybre I can com and get treatment frwom yu” he chuckled.

“I would like to see you more Nick…Bogo had nothing but nice things to say about you all the time”.

Fray stopped massaging his foot again and moved her lips to his forehead kissing him; she then looked deep into his eyes “but GP’s can’t fix hearts Nick” she explained caressing his face in her paw.

Before Nick could even contemplate what that could mean Fray had gone, leaving him yet again alone.

2 days later:

Nick sat in his bed, he was now able to lift his head; barely, his paws however were still far from being able to be moved, he looked around as John, his new dedicated nurse, decorated his room with Christmas decorations and although they were nice, nothing could bring his spirits up, he was lonely, lonelier then when he was actually alone living under a bridge.

“Never thought that getting friends would make you feel more lonely” he chuckled to himself watching the news report of tundra town exploding snow all over Zootopia even over Sahara square, something that had not happened in 40 years.

“Have you heard from anyone at the ZPD?” he asked sadly, and a little reluctantly as it seemed the more he asked about them the less and less answers he would receive in response.

John, the snow leopard nurse, who Nick had found out, was going for his doctorate, turned to him “I haven’t heard anything, but I can find out for you?”

John was able to understand Nick’s muffles perfectly, even with a mouth full of tubes; as he had worked in a hospital for as long as he could remember.

Nick smiled “That would be great pal” he sighed, having been promised in those exact words previously by other doctors and nurses, but trusting his new found friendship would actually bring something to fruition .

“How’s it looking outside big guy?” asked Nick unable to see outside as John was in the way

John pulled the curtain a little with his finger; “Well, I think winter is coming” he explained scanning across the snow outside the window. “You have any plans?” asked John politely turning back to Nick while he tried to untangle some tinsel, the curtain falling back into place.

“Oh you know, thought I’d go for a run” Jested Nick, becoming quiet good friends with John

“God I hate tinsel…” he grumbled.

“It’s not all that bad” explained Nick trying not to laugh before he got another joke out “I would help …but my hands are a little stiff” he laughed.

John gave him a smile, that was followed by a disapproving look “Don’t do that Nick, you’ll be back to yourself soon… it’s only been 4 days”.

Nick shone a false grin, knowing full well what his body was going through, and the damage that the bullets had done to his innards.

“John…” began Nick.

“Yes Mr Wilde?”

“I know you’re not a fully fledge doctor yet, but what’s your prognosis, do you think I’ll ever be 100%?”

John who was hanging up mistletoe stopped frozen, he took a breath preparing to tell Nick the truth, the first person since he woke up to do so, When the door handle cranked, and opened.

“Thank god” thought John, saved by the door.

Nick and John looked on in anticipation, the first thing either saw was a giant bouquet of flowers then Fangmyer’s face poke through. He was dressed in his blue uniform; however his shirt had an orange high-Vis over it.

“FANGMYER!” cried Nick wishing he could jump up and run to hug him.

“NICK!” cried Fangmyer running over to the bed and reefing him up off the bed for a hug.

“Hey there big fella, gentle now” interrupted John worried he may hurt Nick.

Nick pressed his muzzle into Fangmyer, the only way he could hug him back, Fangmyer held him tight for only a few moment until he lay him back down on the bed .

“How you feeling asked Fangmyer” sitting with one leg crossed over the other on the edge of Nicks bed.

“Good, exhausted for someone who does nothing all day” Nick paused a moment and his eyes held hurt “What took you so long?” he asked gloomily.

Fangmyer grabbed the Hi-Vis vest flicking it at Nick “I’m on parking duty… well actually it’s kind of probation…” he confirmed, although he looked more mad then sad about it.

“What! What for?” asked Nick.

“I found something out…I couldn’t help myself…” snarled Fangmyer. “Anyway, long story short Jacks the new acting chief…”

“Yeah I heard” interrupted Nick rolling his eyes, his thoughts lingering on the late Bogo for only a moment before Fangmyer continued.

“…And he also has a black eye to go along with it” finished Fangmyer with a chuckle.

Nick hooted with laughter “Why’d you do that for?” asked Nick surprised that Fangmyer would break rank, and knowing how much it actually took to get Fangmyer angry.

There was a long silence and Fangmyer looked as though he swallowed razors.

“You… don’t …“he paused thinking of how to structure the next sentence.
“She hasn’t come to see you yet, has she?” he scoffed in disbelief.

“Judy?” confirmed Nick

“Yeah ‘Judy’” confirmed Fangmyer, washing his tongue around like saying her name left a bad taste in his mouth.

“No, but I wish she would, I feel like I’ve done something wrong…”

Fangmyer grabbed each of Nicks shoulder in his giant paw “You have done nothing wrong Nicholas Wilde, you are a true hero of the ZPD, you should have been the one to take Bogo’s place”.

“Pfft, no way, just a sly fox remember?”

Fangmyer smiled and gave a fake chuckle, and his pager went off, Fangmyer sighed “Duty calls… 100 tickets…” he explained.

“You’ll come back wont you?” asked Nick.

Fangmyer scruffed the hair in-between his ears “Mate, I’ve put in a transfer to be your personal trainer for Rehab!”

Nick grinned from ear to ear “That’s the best news I’ve heard since waking up!”

Fangmyer gave him a smirk “Don’t think its gunna be fun, I’ll have you walking in no time” he chortled.

Nick sighed long and hard laughing out his nose, “I look forward to it!”

“If I don’t see you Merry Christmas Nicky”

“Merry Christmas Fangmyer”  

Fangmyer left the room and John followed close behind him.

“Excuse me sir” called out John.

Fangmyer turned with a welcoming smile.

“Sir, I’m John, I’m Nicks nurse…”

“Nice to meet you, Fangmyer” greeted Fangmyer holding out his paw
John shook his paw and continued

“Sir, there is a very real chance that Nick may never walk again; I’m not saying it’s impossible, but it’s not going to be easy”.

“Nothing worthwhile is easy, but Nick is worth my while, I’m not giving up on him, I’m not going to be like them”.

John had a very good feeling deep in his gut, this is the kind of person Nick needed, he reach his paw out once again “I hope to see more of you Fangmyer, Nick really could use someone like you around”.

“I’ll be here, please look after him”

“Of course, why wouldn’t I?” replied John a little confused by the concerning glare that hid behind Fangmyer smile as they shook hands.

“I now know the kind of Mammals Nick let’s get close to him, I’m just hoping you’re not one of them”

Fangmyer’s Pager went off, he let go of John’s hand to silence its rhythmic beeping before leaving without another word.

2 weeks later:

John gently held a paw on Nick’s chest while the other slowly pulled the tubes one after another from Nick’s throat, he gagged several times and strings of saliva mixed with blood came out with them.

“Easy buddy easy, just let it go, don’t tense up” explained John as he continued his extraction.

After a few minutes the end of the tube came out and Nick took in a deep breath, coughing in fits as his lungs adjusted to working on their own.

John quickly placed a mask over Nicks muzzle and mouth and Nick breathed in, the pure oxygen from the canister making it easier for his lungs to operate.

“Thanks, big guy” chuckled Nick through the mask, tapping Johns arm in relief, although he was in obvious discomfort and it took him great effort to simply move his hands at all.

“Well done Nicky, you took that like a champion” complimented John as he gently bagged and binned the used-up tube.

“I’ve been shot three times, that was nothing” chuckled Nick taking a deep breath as speaking seemed to wind him.


Nick lay in his bed starring out the window the sun cut through the curtains and onto his eyes making them shine a vivid green.

“three…two …one…”

The door opened and in came John with a tray full of food “Hey John” smiled Nick without moving his sight from the window.

“Good Morning Nick, Merry Christmas eve!” he chortled with glee
John placed the tray on Nicks lap and turned to grab a chair, ready to help feed him as he did every day, but as he grabbed the chair and turned back; Nick was sitting up cutting his food and eating like normal.

John was shocked stiff for a moment before Nick turned with a grin and a fork full of food “It is a very Merry Christmas eve! Want a bite?”

“By God Nick your, your!!!” exploded John lost for words

“Not a completely useless mammal?” finished Nick shoving the food in his mouth.

“Eating, moving, all on your own” he corrected ecstatically.

John sat on the edge of the bed and raised his paw in a high five position and after a moment of struggling to raise his paw that high, Nick slapped his paw against Johns.

“Well done Nick”.

“Thanks, but that’s the easy part…. I still can’t move or feel my paws” he explained looking down the blankets to his feet.

John looked down also before he looked back up at Nick and flicked his wrist “Ah, don’t sweat it, Fangmyer will fix that!”

Nick feigned an enthusiastic smile “Yeah…of coarse…” his sentence trailing off as he shoved pancake into his gob.

There was silence when Nick finished swallowing and piped up “John… have you heard from Judy?” he asked his fork prepared with another bite of food, millimetres from his mouth.

John sighed, he hated being the bearer of bad news.

“No Nick, nothing”.

Nick shovelled the food in his gob “You’d think that if someone took a bullet or three for you, you could at least make the effort to see them” grumbled Nick with a mouth full of pancake.

“I’ll get them to contact her again” promised John, “I better get back to my rounds, I’m so happy you can use your paws Nick” John walked over to the table and threw a remote across the room onto Nick bed.

“Now you can actually watch what you want and not what I choose” chuckled John walking out of the room.  

Nick smiled pointing the remote at the television with one paw while the other put food in his mouth.

“No” he grumbled with a mouth full of food unimpressed by the channel “No…no…no. ah now here some hard-hitting TV”.

A crime show played on the TV and Nick sat mesmerised eating his food trying to guess who the bad guy was before the end of the episode.

He chose it was the badger and by the end of the episode, he was correct.

“Tsk, still got it” he spoke smugly aloud to himself, before stretching his paw above his head and leaning back to sleep some more.

Christmas Day:

Nick awoke the next morning, the creaking of his room door, starling him to life, he stretched his arms above his head.

“Morning John! What’s for breakfast today?” he asked through a yawn and closed eyes.

There was no answer and Nicks eyes opened to be greeted with a set of violet eyes, heavens eyes, Judy’s eyes. Nicks legs, that he couldn’t even feel, went weak and he felt air catch in his throat, but it had nothing to do with the fact he only had one and a half lungs.

“Judy…” he sighed lovingly tiling his head to take in her picturesque beauty. All anger about her not visiting sooner was run from his mind, when he saw her.

She was in her work uniform and she had yet to say anything.

“New boss got you working too much, like Fangmyer?” Jested Nick.

His joke feel flat as Jack walked in behind her gently taking her paw in his, squeezing it to give her strength, her eyes looking back at him for only a second before returning to Nick.

Nick chuckled nervously “Hey, mind letting my girl go slick? I thought we had already been through this?” Joked Nick; however, there was a tinge of jealous seriousness in his sentence.

Maria turned back to Jack and put her ear right to his ear “How do I do this?” she asked her paw suddenly shaking in Jacks grasp and her voice almost cracking.

Jack sighed, his eyes holding Nicks seriously “As best as you can” he explained to Maria but his attention was on Nick.

“Hey come on guys, that’s seriously enough, if this is a joke you have me, I’m jealous okay?” he admitted raising his paws above his head in joke submission, however they didn’t remove their paws from one another and neither face held any form of jest.

Nicks hands slowly dropped into his lap and he was beginning to feel embarrassed as if there was something he was missing.

“Judy what’s wrong?” asked Nick with a cock of his head.

Maria sat with her mouth open but no words were coming out.

Jack waited and waited, but neither spoke and so he took a step forward
“Maria” he corrected, “Her name is Maria”

Nick looked to Jack as if he was on crazy pills “What the hell are you talking about Savage?”

“My name is Maria” intervened ‘Judy’ standing forward, her voice however was almost a whisper.

“What?” Asked Nick still confused

“I said my names Maria” repeated ‘Judy’ a little louder.  

“What…what are you guys?” before Nick could finish; Judy placed a rather hefty folder on his bed retreating quickly as if Nick’s bed was poisonous and she couldn’t be close to it.

He stopped his sentence struggling to lean forward and pick up the file packed folder, he finally got it in his grasp and flicked it open.

Silence lingered like it always did before tragedy, like before a shooting at a hostage situation or the moments before a bomb went off.

Nick looked up from the folder “What is this?” asked Nick, his voice straining. He asked, but he knew what a case file was.

“A case file” explained Maria looking to the cold tiles, Tyrone Wilde’s case file, and everything to go along with it”.

“But, but, but it says here “Alias: Judith Laverne Hopps”” read Nick out loud following the sentence with his paw across the paper.

“I don’t understand?” repeated Nick, his eyes pleading for a simple straight answer.

Jack pinched the bridge of his nose “There is no Judy Hopps” he explained bluntly.

Nick went back to reading the file, “It says your name is Maria….” He paused and choked “Maria Savage…”

Maria didn’t reply she just nodded her body shaken with fear and disgust.
Nick saw the shiny band wrapped around her wedding finger and saw an identical one on Jacks paw, Nick lost his words and he looked around the room piecing it together slowly but surely, but the more he pieced it together the more his world fell apart.

“Who are you?” he finally asked

“An agent” she answered briefly “And Jacks wife”.

“I don’t get….”

“It was all fake” shouted Maria interrupting him with a moment of bravery, Nick’s innocent, stupidity making her feel so low, that her only defence was to lose her temper.

Nick swallowed hard, the small swallow, feeling as though he had a grapefruit slide down his throat.

“How much of it was fake?” asked Nick, his eyes half scrutinising, half trying to comprehend the words that came from Judy’s mouth, his ears unbelieving of the truth.

“Everything” she replied as sternly as her heart would allow.

“But what about you parents?” quizzed Nick

“They are my actual parent” confirmed Judy “They were in on everything, they knew about me and Jack and you”.

Nick thought about all the time he had been over for supper, and how they just played along, happy family, smiling right to his face.

“Did Bogo know?” quizzed Nick, stopping to think that perhaps not knowing would be better.

“He had no idea…” confirmed Maria

“It was all a set up, me meeting you in the ice cream parlour that first day was no accident… the missing mammal case was used to strengthen our…connection” she admitted.

Nick thought for only a moment before he shook his head side to side “I’m so stupid…” he admitted “It was all too perfect” he whispered thinking back on when they met, the speed at which Judy came back for him when they had their falling out and she had cried under the bridge, all the mission they had been on, the ease at which he had passed the academy of cadets and so perfectly got accepted into ZPD’s city centre precinct.

Every moment every subtle clue, every single second together flashed through his thoughts, everything was a set up, and as a con artist; in hindsight, Nick could see the set up perfectly.

“He will be at this ice cream parlour at this time with a fox named Finnick, doing a very dull hustle that he thinks is so clever, we have told the owner about his hustle, when he begins you must intervene.” Confirmed Dangar, unimpressed, pointing to the folder her had just handed Maria.

“Got it, how do I get his trust though?”

“This should work, but if not; by any means necessary, it probably won’t be easy being you’re the polar opposite of species, but I’m sure you will find a way, meanwhile Jack and I will be busy digging for clues ourselves”.

“We do have that missing mammals deal going on… perhaps we could use that as a catalyst to build trust with the fox, we would be able to kill two birds with one stone” affirmed Jack.

“Done. Get to it Hopps”.

Nick gently rubbed his paw over his throat, then the bullet wound on his chest then stopped remembering Judy’s touch on his skin.

“But… we made…” Nick looked at Jack a little embarrassed “We made love…” smiled Nick with a toothy, innocent grin remembering the night they spent intertwined in passionate love.

“We made a mistake” explained Judy interrupting his blissful thought, the smile running from Nicks face. Marias face as cold as granite.

“It was a falter in my self control as an undercover agent” she explained gently reaching back for Jacks paw, again squeezing it tight; then returning her attention to Nick

Nicks eyes widened and hurt ripped across his face, it was as if death itself pushed its cold paw through Nick’s chest and strangled his heart.

“No… that can’t be” whimpered Nick, his lip quivering as tears gently rolled down his cheeks, “Sly Fox, Dumb Bunny remember” pressed Nick pleading with his eyes for his Judy to remember.

“I don’t have amnesia Nick” she confirmed “I remember it all, but I also remember” ‘Judy’s’ false anger broken and she began crying also, turning to Jack “A loving husband who waited 10 years for me to come back…” she choked up looking at Jack who shot her a smile back, his eyes on the verge of tears also. “Maria Savage” she spoke out loud, confirming who she was proudly.

“And you are Nick Wilde… Just a fox” she added coldly, trying her best to convince herself that her heart wasn’t also being impaled.

“Just a fox” agreed Nick, his voice coming out as a squeak, sounding as though he had just got uppercut in the guts. “Was I just a job to you?” he added on in a choke.

They starred longingly at one another and Maria felt sick in the stomach, she felt sick at herself.

“I’m so sorry Nick” she sobbed while nodding and covering her mouth with her paw the look of defeat and complete obliteration in Nicks kind and innocent green eyes burnt her to the core. The green eyes of a fox who would literally have died for her.

Nick went to respond when Maria excused herself, running from the room.
The heartbreak in Nick’s eyes and the defeat of his soul making it unbearable for her to speak.

Nick watched as Judy ran away, his ears fell over his head, in that moment Nick would rather be beat down by Jack a million times and muzzled a million more, he wished he could call out the words that would bring Judy back, but there was no Judy, just a lie, just a target, a mark nothing more than a job and acting rolled into one.

Jack came forward as Nick lay almost catatonically, starring into a void, if ten years were wasted between Jack and Judy, what did Nick’s time account for, what did his love count for?

“All this time… all this time… I thought I was a hustler and a swindler, the con artist, but I really am just a dumb fox…”

There was a long moment of silence, so tense you could feel it eat at the flesh like acid.

Jack stood for a moment, looking behind his own eyes to find the right words; he chuckled raising his paws in boxing position and tapping his face gently “Here you can have a free shot if you like? Won’t even fight back, you can even out Fangmyer’s handy work” he offered, in a semi playful way; confused as to what to do.

Nick reached his paw out shakily and gently grabbed Jacks paws lowering them. Jack could see the look in Nicks eyes, a look he had never seen in his entire life, he had told people about dying family members, he had been to car wrecks and seen the bodies and families of such, but the look Nick held laid waste to those looks, this was no longer a mammal, this was a hollow prison for the consciousness of one Nicholas Wilde.

“Jack” choked Nick “I don’t want to hit you” his voice was coarse and straining as he held back a wave of emotion so mighty that if it were water and broke free, Zootopia would be called Atlantis.

Nick opened his mouth to speak, but choked up bad and a mere foxy whimper and whine was all that all escaped, he sniffed several times trying to stop himself crying. Jack was embarrassed for him and turned away to try and make it easier.

“I, uh, better go check on Judy” explained Jack pointing over his shoulder and leaving Nick alone in his hospital bed.

“You mean Maria…”

Jack stopped mid stride but did not look back to Nick “yes….yes I mean Maria”.

Nick sat in silence for a moment, and when he knew he was alone and neither would be back he cried like he never cried before, the crying of being muzzled was nothing.

“Nev…neevvv….nevver let them see…they…They get to you” he coughed out as he felt he was strangling through his emotional destruction. “Never let them see that they get to you”, “never let them see they get to you”, “never let them see they get to you” he repeated his mantra over and over, trying to convince himself.

A kiss brushed on nicks lips

“Stop!” he cried

A soft paw lay gently on his, high in a sky tram.


Waking up after his night with Judy and fuzzy feeling all over his body

“Stop, for god sake, stop” he cried begging his mind to stop.

The dream of Judy as his wife, all the reassurance she gave him whispered endlessly into his ear

“Just stop” his voice murmured defeated his body shook and he felt a vile urge to be sick travel up his throat, he felt like a crisp shell burning from a heat that didn’t exist.

Jack stopped on the other side of the door as he shut it behind him; his paw lingering on the handle, Fangmyer was sitting on a row of seats, starring at him from adjacent the door.

There was silence before Nick screamed at the top of his lungs unable to get the pain out of his body any other way. He shook his bed and scratched and clawed at the lightly laid sheets.

Fangmyer sat in a chair just outside Nicks room, the sound of his friend crying out making Fangmyer wince, his eyes wet with tears, he knew the pain all too well, he knew devastation, he shook his head at Jack disgusted to even look at him.

Jack straightened his jacket, nodded, agreeing that he was a disgrace before walking off down the hall.  

Nick stopped his screaming for a moment, and his thoughts went to every love movie him and Judy ever watched together.

Chase her

“No, this can’t be, I gotta chase her, I gotta get her, my dumb Bunny” he explained rocking to and fro until his bed fell over on the side and he hit the floor with a crash, biting his tongue a little as he hit the cold tiles.

The machines attached to Nick beeped frantically and the floor became slick with the liquid from his IV spilling everywhere.

He dragged himself across the cold tiles; one arm painfully over the other, he got to the door enduring all sorts of pain to reef himself high enough to reach the handle, he opened it.

Fangmyer turned seeing Nick on the ground. He ran down dropping to his level to help him, when Nick pushed him back

“Nick let me help you!” cried Fangmyer confused as to why Nick had pushed aside his assistance

Nick only hissed one sentence “You knew…”

Fangmyer stood up straight, all thought and emotion ran from his body, and Nicks eyes pierced deep into him, a look of betrayal.

“Nick, I…

Nick didn’t stop to hear it, he sniffed at the floor still dragging himself, he followed Judy’s scent like a hound. Doctors and nurses looking down on him with concern and confusion as he passed them, however he pushed away anyone who went to help.

He knew if he didn’t hurry he would miss her and so headed for the wall and used it to drag himself quicker, he then threw himself on a wheelchair and with as much strength as he could muster and began after Judy.

He finally came out into the waiting room and saw her at the other end, just about to walk out the exit.

“JU-“he began, she turned and from over her shoulder he saw it, Nicks jaw dropped and his heart emptied in his chest, the world moved in slow motion.

The cub starred deep into Nicks eyes, the moment felt like it had lasted a lifetime. But as quick as their eyes locked Jack had thrown his coat over Judy leading her outside, Judy and the Kit looking longingly back at Nick as Jack walked them out.

“My…My… kit…” Nicks breath shortened as his lungs pushed out the last of whatever energy and air they had and his eyes went dark, the world spun around him and he blacked out, the last image he saw was the kit reach her tiny arms back for him and the nurses and doctors in the area running to Nicks aid.

New Year’s Day:

Nick sat in his wheelchair, a catatonic stare that had not left is face since he awoke. Finnick sat on the chair opposite him his eyes were bloodshot behind his glasses and his ears drooped heavily over his head he had re read the paperwork in front of him several hundred times scrutinising with all his power to find a loop, only to come up short each and every time.

“Nick… I can’t get around this…” explained Finnick laying the paper down on the table and leaning back, throwing his arm over the spine of the chair he sat in and throwing his glasses off, they slid across the table before coming to a halt.

“That’s…my…kit….” replied Nick his eyes still starring into space.

“I know buddy, but whoever Jack and… Maria” he said her name with grotesque hatred and confusion “Whoever they work for has made this waterproof in court… and I know their lawyer, Nick he shits all over me…”

“I… don’t…care” said Nick in monotone.

Finnick went to reply when the door opened “You’re up” said the court attendant in a nasally voice.

Finnick sighed picking up his glasses and hanging them on his suit jacket pocket following Nick into the court room.

Nick wheeled his way into the room Finnick walking beside him each step of the way, Nick’s attention was taken when he saw his kit and while not watching his wheelchair got caught on one of the legs of a table, Nick and Finnick stopped both fiddling to free it.

Chuckles echoed the halls as the audience of the court watch Nick and Finnick struggle with the chair

“Order” blared the Judge.

Maria went to get up and walk over to help but as she went to stand Jack lay her paw on her lap, looked her dead in the eye and shook his head and Maria submitted sitting back down looking into her lap as she couldn’t stand to see Nick struggle.

Nick’s wheel finally came free and with grace he wheeled himself to the front of the court, ignoring the chuckles and jokes he could hear, Finnick standing beside him.

“All rise” ordered the Judge.

Everyone in the court room stood and more snickers could be heard through the audience of the court as Nick stayed sitting, obviously unable to stand.

Nick heard all the jokes they made and simply ignored it, his whole attention was focused only on one thing, convincing this court.

“Let’s begin” stated the judge sitting, everyone else following suite.

“State you name” ordered the Judge, a black bear who seemed truly unimpressed with life in general, or maybe just his job.

“Nick Piberius Wilde”.

“Your whole name sir” ordered the judge with a roll of his eyes.

Nick sighed but took a breath and continued “Nicholas Piberius Wilde”.

“Alright, proceed” stated the judge leaning over his counter to show he was listening.

On the other side of the court room sat Jack and Judy with Nicks kits playing in Jacks lap.

“Your Honour, that there” explained Nick pointing his paw “Is my kit, my cub”.

The Judge Nodded “Yes I’m aware, I can see the resemblance”.

“I am her biological father, the court orders issued to me, as lodged by Mr and Ms Savage, I can’t” he scoffed as if the order was a joke “I simply can’t agree to these terms” he explained holding up the paper scrunched up in his paw as if the paperwork was pure garbage.

“Mr Wilde, you don’t have a choice” explained the bear “These documents have been looked over with a fine tooth comb, they’re the directions that have been implemented”

“But your honour I don’t understand where this conclusion was made” explained Nick.

“It’s simple” shrugged the Judge, but stopped without continuing

“Do explain?” countered Nick “As I’m a little lost as to why my daughter is being kept form me”

“Do you really wish to go through this Mr Wilde” cautioned the Judge
Nick simply remained silent a symbol to proceed.

The bear sighed “Alright, you have never held a full-time job”.

“I worked for the ZPD” corrected Nick.

“This was not a job as stated by the new head of the ZPD you were only employed to help with an undercover case, and that most of the police courses you had passed were done so with the knowledge and help of the ZPD”

“Then they owe me the compensation”

“You were compensated, and that has nothing to do with this court hearing Nicholas Wilde”.

Nick fought through his entire armoury looking for something “I…”

“Your honour, he is disabled from the legs down, he can’t look after his daughter full time, she is with a respectable and loving family, two high tier ZPD officers, and that is how it needs to stay for the welfare of the child” interjected Marias and Jacks lawyer. “I mean do you even have a place at the moment?” continued the lawyer aiming his words at Nick.

Judy looked away she couldn’t do this, she couldn’t watch Nick picked apart and made a joke of in front of an entire court.

“Your honour, badgering my witness” snarled Finnick, helping where he could.

The Judge waved his hand to Jack and Marias lawyer a warning to cease, before turning his gaze to Nick “Do you have a place Mr Wilde?” asked the Judge remorsefully.

Nick sighed and he was on the verge of tears.

“Mr Wilde?” repeated the Judge.
“and no job?”
“and you can’t walk…”
Nick took a deep breath that caught in his throat and came in jumpy as he fought the need to cry “No…”

Finnick gently placed his paw on Nicks arms seeing him breaking all over.
“Then I have no choice but to uphold the…”

“But I have a heart” interrupted Nick, his voice strong and honest, much like the time he had stood up to Bogo for Judy, “and I would give her relentless love, I would never lie to her, or pretend to be someone I’m not, I would make sure she was never bashed or hurt, I would protect her… I would do everything to show her how to be a market citizen”

“You’re a con artist” snarled Marias lawyer cruelly, “A fox”

“No slander in my court” intervened the Judge.

Nick turned to the lawyer with a vicious snarl ripening across his jaws “and what is she?” asked Nick rhetorically pointing to the cub in Jacks lap “She isn’t a rabbit” he explained to their lawyer,  “She isn’t a rabbit is she” snapped Nick louder, looking over the lawyers shoulder, his attack now aimed at Jack.

Jack took a deep breath but didn’t look over to him. The cub was sitting up with a paw wrapped around each of Jacks forefingers using him to help her balance.

“That’s enough Mr Wilde” interrupted the judge grabbing his attention. “I’m sure you have a brilliant heart…” he agreed, but you only have half a lung and half a body, perhaps this order may be reviewed at a future time, when your more capable of being a guardian”

Nick went to protest and the Judge simply spoke over him.

“But as of now the court order stands, Nicholas Wilde, you will see your daughter every second weekend, at the discretion and under the supervision of Maria or Jack Savage”

Nick went to argue when the Judge brought down the hammer, the banging sound shattering Nicks soul.

“Court Dismissed”.  

Everyone stood and shuffled to leave the court, Maria looking back for only a second across the sea of animals, to see Nick hadn’t moved from his table at the front he sat with his eyes poised on one position in the room, his mouth hung open with a slight snivel escaping him.

Nick stayed stuck to his seat and when the place was empty excluding himself and Finnick Nick dropped his face onto the table into his folder arms crying like a baby, Finnick gently rubbed his back apologising over and over.

1 week later:

Nick lay in his bed waiting for Fangmyer, who had gotten the transfer to be Nick rehab assistant.

Nick hadn’t seen Fangmyer since the day he chased after Judy, he had no idea how their interactions would be, and although Nick was mad about the whole ordeal, he understood that even if Fangmyer had been the one to tell him, it wouldn’t have helped.

Nick had not spoken a word since the court hearing, not to John, he had ignored Finnick’s calls and simply wanted to get out of the hospital and away from everything that had a heartbeat as he seemed unable to connect with them as he was sure, he no longer had a heart.

The clock hit twelve and the door hand cranked opening, Fangmyer walked in, he sported a tank top and short pants and had a towel over his shoulders as though he was about to go to the gym.

He seemed ready for a good day’s work and without a word he ran over reefing Nick up into a hug.

“I’m sorry” he whispered in Nicks ear “I should have told you”.

Nick shrugged and nodded.

“I heard about the court …”

Nick placed his forefinger up and shut his eyes tight shaking his head rapidly, interrupting Fangmyer before he could finish and Fangmyer knew it meant not to even mention it. The very uttering of that debacle felt like a cold razor on Nicks open nerve.

Fangmyer tapped his shoulder twice and realising Nick was not in a talkative mood went and grabbed Wheelchair.

Nick and Fangmyer were meant to do an hour today, but Nick pushed on to two hours.

When Fangmyer had said “alright, that’s enough”, Nick continued to try and stand and walk, with or without Fangmyer’s help.

Nick used the parallel bars over and over determined to get his legs back so that he could walk far, far away.

Next day:

Fangmyer showed up at 12 on the dot as he did the day before and like the day before Nick pushed his one hour session into a two-hour session.

For the rest of the week whatever Fangmyer had planned, Nick had doubled it, pushing through all sorts of pain, sweat and inner torment.

6 days later:

Nick knew Fangmyer wouldn’t be in today, it had been two weeks since the court trial and was the first weekend he was able to see his kit, he had combed his fur and wheeled around on his chair all day to clean his room, even going down to the vending machine to grab a snack for his daughter, but while at the vending machine it hit him that he didn’t even know what his daughter liked or disliked, or even if she could eat solid food, in fact, he was completely clueless, he had not even been told a name yet and so wheeled himself back to his room his paw with a subtle shake the entire time.

He sat on his bed anxiously clawing at the bed, both because he was about to hold his daughter for the first time and because the entire time he would have to be in the company of Maria and Jack.

The clock on the wall read 8:37am, and really the courts hadn’t exactly told Nick a time that they must show up by and so he waited on his bed.

The clock read 10:30 am and still no one showed, however his anxiety had yet to cease.

John came in at twelve with Nicks lunch and left it on the table next to his bed taking away his last meal, that had barely been touched.

“Hey Nick, how you doing buddy?” tried John,

Nick simply ignored his greeting lost in his demented crumbling mind.

“I heard your seeing your daughter today?” tried John again.

Nick looked up irritated and wishing to be left alone he faked an enthusiastic smile and nodded.

“Well I hope it goes well for you mate” finished John, seeing the fake in Nicks response and feeling a little helpless to console him.

3:30pm and Jack walked in, Nick turned his attention almost instantly. However, he was alone. Nick gave him a confused and angry glare.

“Sorry Nick, Maria went bunny burrow earlier with the baby and when she went to return the train broke down. Maybe next time” promised Jack.

Nick ground his teeth realising there was nothing he could really and just nodded, turning and tucking himself into bed.

Jack excusing himself, shutting the door behind him.

Nick hugged his pillow and bit into the bed sheet, and lay silently crying.

The next week went much like the last, except Fangmyer had pushed Nick from 1 hour of training to 3 and as the previous weeks Nick doubled it turning his three-hour sessions into six hours, growling at anyone who came close to the parallel bars that he used extensively.

He ate the dust more times than anyone could count and each time he would, he would drag his ass back to the start of the parallel bars and with or without Fangmyer’s help he would repeat the whole thing over and over.

Each day by the end of the day, Nicks fur was dripping with sweat and every bone and muscle in his body ached, and he liked it that way, pain had become his only ally in the world and he clung to it like glue and the more his brain focused on his physical pain, the less it focused on the imaginary utopia “Judith Hopps” had tricked him into believing the world was.

Many times, through his arduous training his mind stopped to think of his father, 

I’m here to save you Nickie” Tyrone had explained

Nick now realised his father knew the truth, that he knew about Jack and Maria and that even if it killed him he was willing to come out of hiding for the betterment of his son.

The second week ended and Nick sat on his bed fur combed to the side, room cleaned. By 2:00pm he hadn’t heard anything and so reluctantly text Maria, who in his contacts was still under Judy.

“What time can I expect you?” text Nick

The message came back almost instantly

Problems today, Next time” is all he got.

He growled and threw his phone across the room with such force that it shattered to pieces against the wall.

The next day:

Fangmyer walked into the hospital waving at passers-by as everyone had come to know who he was, he got to Nicks room and cracked open the door.

“Morning Nick” he greeted, knowing he wouldn’t get a response.

However, the room Fangmyer entered was empty, Fangmyer went to the front desk.

“Excuse me” he began “Do you know where Nicholas Wilde is?” he asked the receptionist.

The receptionist held a concerned look “He should be in his room, officer” she replied, smashing at her keyboard.

John who had walked by heard them talking and stopped “He said he was heading to the roof for some fresh air before training” explained John.

Fangmyer’s gut dropped, “Where’s the closest elevator?” he barked at the receptionist.

The receptionist pointed down the hall and Fangmyer sprinted in a state of panic. John who stood confused for only a moment before continuing his rounds.

“No Nicky, god not this!” he cried to himself, scared that Nick had finally snapped and headed to the roof to finish what Maria and Jack had started, the killing of one Nicholas Wilde.

However, on his way to the elevator he ran past the fitness room and just happened to catch a red blur in his peripherals, he stopped and sighed a breath of relief, then a smile ripened across Fangmyer’s face, Nick was standing in the fitness studio, alone away from the bars and without any assistance. His legs were shaking but by god was he standing. Nick had heard the heavy footprints and looked up to see Fangmyer on the other side of the glass.

Fangmyer shone him a smile and thumbs up.

Nick went to take a step but simply collapsed to the floor his shaky legs giving out on him. Fangmyer racing to get inside and help him.

For the next week, Nick stood out of his bed for most the day trying to strengthen the unused muscles and joint in his legs sitting down for only 10 minutes at a time to rest before again standing, he hadn’t dared to take a step since his fall in the studio, but standing was becoming boring and so took a step only to fall flat.

The next day Nick awoke late as he had stayed up most of the night watching TV, it was 10:00 am when he woke and there was a gift-wrapped box at the end of his bed it was a rectangle about the length of Nicks leg and very thin. After stretching a moment, he leaned down the length of his body clawing the box up to him. He pulled away the wrapping paper and opened the box inside, there was paper stuffed in the box and a note atop the paper.

“Dear Nick,

You have come far in your training and Jack has re-allocated me back to parking duty, I think he must still be mad about the punch to the face, he had told everyone about the undercover O.P at a ZPD meeting, with a high up delegate named Dangar, some head honcho or rather.

Apparently, Maria faked her death after an incident involving your father and several other officers many years ago, and this Dangar guy had set up an extremely secretive undercover O.P. to catch him, that involved only the knowledge of Jack, Dangar and Maria, even higher ups were kept out of the loop. Although the bastards are being hailed as hero’s now. They think that measly compensation package they gave you makes up for the pain they have caused.

I must apologise, I should have told you, but, how could I? the last thing I; as a friend, ever wanted to do was put you in pain, but I see by not telling you, that I have caused pain regardless. I hope you can forgive me. Anyway, I hope this helps you get back on your feet. Your shout for coffee next time?

Love, your buddy Fangmyer”

Nick put the card down beside him on the bed and began to tear away the stuffing from the box, inside at the bottom of the box sat a very expensive wooden cane, he picked it up and examined it, the materials were fine and the craftsmanship was second to none.

He raised his eyebrows impressed and pulled his legs from the bed, he stood and used the cane to balance himself. He turned making his bed as best he could and then put one leg in front of the other, he stumbled the first two or three steps but then got the hang of it taking his time to walk to the front desk.

Nick was covered in sweat when he got to the front desk and fell onto it for support, placing his cane on the bench and starring at the receptionist placing down his I.D

“I wish to be discharged”.

The nurse gave Nick a form which he filled out from top to bottom, leaving the bottom line blank, where it said “Doctors signature.”

The nurse read the paper then wince “Sorry sir I can’t discharge you without a doctor’s signature”

John walked over from a seemingly angel like void and smiled putting his paw out for the clipboard, the nurse hesitantly handed it to him, he pulled a pen from his jacket pocket waving it over the paper and handing it back with a Signature “Doctors signature: John Snow” read the paperwork.

Nick looked to the clipboard shocked then to John, who flashed his knew I.D card, his doctors I.D card.

Nick smiled and pulled his cane from the bench shuffling over and wrapping his arms around John.

“Thank you” murmured Nick, the first words to leave his mouth since the court hearing.

“Please don’t be a stranger”.

It was 12 O clock and Nick was out the front of Jacks monolith apartment, knowing fair well that Maria had moved in with him.

He sat across the road on a park bench waiting to spot them, he was waiting almost an hour in the tundra town breeze when he saw, Jack and Maria approaching, both holding armfuls of presents with Nicks daughter following behind them playing in the snow.

Jack and Judy were both in thick coats with scarves on and Nicks daughter had cute bunny earmuff on that contrasted her brilliant red fur.

Nick got up with a smile, he took his first steps across the road he was going to intercept them at the door, he needed to meet his Kit she was so big now, but as he was halfway waddling across the street.

He heard the words

“Daddy wait” She giggled “Daddy wait for me!” cried Nicks daughter, however her words were not aimed at Nick, they were aimed at Jack who turned to her with a brilliant smile and laugh as she reached out for him as if asking him to carry her.

The tundra town breeze that only moment before felt inviting and kind, now held an icy touch to it and Nick swallowed his heart once more trying to growl angrily to stop the whimpering quiver of his lip, it was as if each time he ran into this set of rabbits he had to feel his world fall apart in some way or another.

Nicks eyes moistened and the cold wind made the tears burn his eyes, he wiped them quickly on his forearm, sniffling before he turned and shuffled off as fast as he could into the snow storm that blew.

“She’s happy, she’s better off without you complicating things, cripple
” snarled Nicks thoughts.

Maria was about to go inside when she felt something, eyes on her, she was about to enter the foyer of the apartment but stopped, the door shutting in front of her and she could have sworn she saw a fox in the reflection on the glass door, walking off into the snow, the last sight she saw when she turned however was a fuzzy red tail vanishing into the mist.

“Nick…” she sighed; frozen stiff in the cold blizzard of Tundra town.


I’ve been on-and-off re-reading the Hexworld series in preparation for Hexslayer and I’m really excited because I wanted to learn more about Nick ever since he’s been mentioned in the first short story and also because I adore grumpy heroes right

well I noticed that MacDougal, who is apparently the other hero, has actually been around since the first story (always for like one line :D) and every time someone mentions him they go ‘the young witch’ so he must be young and probably also look young??

so basically I’m grinning at the image of grumpy Nick not only meeting his witch (and definitely absolutely hating it) but said witch also being younger :DD

so basically what im saying is that I need Hexslayer right now this second


                                                    that summer
                                                                       we fed our hearts on dust.

Your World is Crazy (Natasha Romanoff x reader)

May I please request #22 (Your world is crazy) with Natasha Prompt- You and Natasha are old friends and roommates and she wants to recruit you after witnessing your mutant powers

You hadn’t seen Natasha Romanoff in years; not since the last day at SHIELD Academy when you packed your bags and said goodbye for the last time.  Despite being roommates and friends for so long, it was an impossibility to remain friends after that day, both of you leaving on separate missions that would pull you apart for too long.  You had convinced yourself that you would never see her again, but suddenly here you were, your team working with the Avengers, side by side to take down Hydra once and for all on the biggest mission anyone had ever been a part of.

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