look at nick's grin


“Wait, what?” Judy asked, confused.

Nick looked down at the rabbit. “I said, this is my girlfriend, Y/n.”

“Wait,” she repeated, looking at Nick, then back at you. “You have a girlfriend?”

The fox grinned. “Sure do, bunny. Why’re you so surprised?”

“Maybe it’s because you’ve never even mentioned being in a relationship, during the entire time we’ve known each other.”

Nick rolled his eyes, patting Judy on the head. “Maybe it’s because you never asked. Anyway, Y/n, this is my friend and ZPD partner, Lieutenant Judy Hopps.”

You smiled at Judy, holding out your paw. “It’s nice to finally meet you.”

“Same,” Judy answered, shaking your outstretched hand. “So, how much did Nick pay you to do this?”

Nick rolled his eyes, glaring at the rabbit.

“He didn’t pay me anything,” you laughed. “I’m his actual girlfriend.”

Judy gaped for moment, before shaking her head. “I need some… time to process this,” she murmured, walking out of the room.

As you watched Judy exit the room, Nick wrapped an arm around your shoulders, pressing a kiss to you head. 

“That went well,” you chuckled. 


                                                    that summer
                                                                       we fed our hearts on dust.

Wilde Hopps Short (not really) ‘Savage Lover’

Judy and Nick walked into the apartment, exhausted from another hard day of work at the ZPD.

 "Ugh…“ Nick groaned. “My back is killing me.” Judy looked at his with a tired grin. “You can say that again.”  Nick shook his head and walked into the restroom with another groan. Judy sat her hat onto the table and flopped onto the couch, sighing and closing her eyes. “Another successful say of making the world a better place!” She said to herself.

 "Hey, Whiskers…“ Nick asked. Judy could tell he was uncomfortable. She opened her eyes and figured out why, gasping and flushing. Nick stood outside the bathroom door, shirtless. She blushed and covered her mouth. She could see every muscle on his chest, his fur glistening with water. "Would you mind… rubbing this on my back?” He asked with a flush, holding up a bottle of lotion “My doctor prescribed it for me…” Judy flushed and hummed. “Come on, Judy…” Nick pleaded with puppy eyes.

 "Alright…“ Judy sighed with uncertainty. "C'mere.” She patted at her lap. Nick walked over and sat in her lap with a flop. “Here…” He said, handing her the lotion. “Back and Limb Pain Relief” Judy read. “Couldn’t have a shorter name?” She joked. Nick groaned in pain.

 "Sorry…“ Judy sighed. Then she noticed his back, and gasped. Nick’s back was covered in old scars, barely noticeable with the fur grown over them. "Nick…” She said quietly. With a determined scowl she opened the lotion. “W-wait!” Nick said. “Doc said you need gloves if your gonna do it.” He handed her plastic gloves. Judy put them on and squirted some of the lotion onto her paws. Then she started rubbing it onto his back, being careful to spread it all across his back. Nick sighed in audible relief. “Oh yea.” He said.

 "That’s working wonders.“ Judy smiled, but she noticed a scent in the air that made her blood run cold. "Nick… what’s in this lotion?” She calmly asked. “I have no idea.” Nick replied. “Do you smell that?” She asked. Nick sniffed the air. “Night Howlers? But the new mayor banned those in Zootopia.  He said. Judy smelled her gloves. "Nick it’s in the lotion!” She exclaimed. She carefully slipped of the gloves and threw them aside. Nick jumped up. “No! That can’t!-” He grabbed the lotion from Judy. “Night Howler?! This must be half the lotion!” He threw it in the trash. “How?”

 "Was your doctor a goat?“ Judy asked desperately. "No, but he might of sympathized with Bellwether!” Nick said, his breathing getting hoarse. “Nick, you can control it!” Judy exclaimed, backing away. “Th-this isn’t the incident with Bellwether!” Nick said, falling to his knees. “G-go! Just go to the hospital and get the antidote! Get help!” “Nick!” Judy exclaimed. “You’ll be ok!”, she said, rushing for the door. She went to open the door, but it was jammed. She grabbed it and tried forcing it, and she heard Nick growling behind her.

 "H-hang in there, Nick!“ She said nervously. Then she remembered. A few weeks ago, she was given a vial of the antidote by the new mayor, ‘in case your Fox friend goes savage’ he had said. She was going to throw it out, but decided otherwise, in case they encountered a savage criminal. The vial was in the fridge. There was a swoosh of air, and Judy dived out of the way as Nick slammed into the door, snarling. She turned and saw his eyes gleaming dangerously.

 "NICK!” She gasped. He snarled and jumped at her. She ducked under him and jumped to her feet as he crashed into the floor, jumping and scrambling to get a grip on the slippery floor. Nick stood in between her and the fridge.

 "Nick-“ She started,but he rushed her, knocking her to the floor and snapping at her neck. She blocked his muzzle with her paws and kicked him away, but before she could recover he was on top of her again, growling and snarling. She had to use all her strength to keep his sharp teeth away from her. His claws dug into her as his paws pinned her down. He lunged at her face, barely missing ripping a chunk of her cheek of thanks to her quickly pushing his jaw away. Quite suddenly, Nick ceased his attack, visibly confused and smelling at the air.

 Judy wondered for a quick moment what he was doing, but realized, she had to be covered in his scent. Nick was a very pawsy and affectionate partner and roommate, to say at the least, and they had spent many a night snuggling with one another in bed. Two days ago, he asked if he could ‘mark’ her. “It’s just to tell other guys… that you’re taken…” Nick had said nervously. “We’ve only had four dates.” Judy told him. “That’s a major step in our relationship….” “It’s up to you…” He told her. In the end she had agreed, and he nuzzled her with his cheek, covering her in a special scent from a gland in is cheek cells.

 Her thoughts were interrupted by Nick gently nosing at her face with obvious anger and confusion. This was obviously prey, but it was marked as his mate! He shook his head, growling in confusion. He was at a loss, naturally He would have eaten the rabbit… but the rabbit was his lover? It WAS female. Judy was paralyzed as Nick studied her with his sharp, gleaming eyes. His beautiful emerald eyes. She couldn’t help look at them. Nick snarled, and she eeped, shutting her eyes. She felt something lapping at her neck. something wet. She opened her eyes to see Nick licking her neck. She let out a nervous laugh. 

 She gasped as he bit into her neck. She grimaced and waited for him to pierce her skin, but it never happened, instead he let go, lapping gently at the bite marks before biting at her neck again. She didn’t know what he was doing, but she enjoyed it greatly, and couldn’t help moaning and shuddering.

 Nick let go of her neck and studied her. She clearly enjoyed his love bites, and that was odd coming from a prey animal. He decided, against his better judgement, that if the bunny was his mate, there was really nothing he could do about it. He nudged her face and licked it again.

 Judy blushed as Nick licked her, his body keeping her pinned to the ground. “N-Nick..” She pleaded. He growled and gently bit her nose. It was obvious then he wasn’t going to let her go. She lay there with him, pinned for half an hour, with him licking and nuzzling her, until finally he fell asleep.

 She crawled out from under him and snuck over to the fridge, trying to wake her limbs, She carefully opened the fridge, grateful the light was broken, and grabbed the vial. She tiptoed back to him, and she injected it into his arm.Nick awoke with a yelp, and Judy jumped back. He turned to her, but before he could do anything he passed out, slumping to the floor. Judy grabbed a blanket and covered him up, sighing. “He’s going to have one heck of a story from me tomorrow.”

By Organization for Transformative Works

From a prompt by @hoppinwildely

Judy knew it was courteous to wait, but she was so hungry, and the cucumbers had just the right amount of seasoning, and there was enough here that she ought to be able to stretch it out for the whole meeting.

Still, she was halfway through her salad before there was a touch of familiar presence at her side, and she looked over to see Nick Wilde grinning down at her progress.

“You said noon.”

Judy made a salad-muffled noise of surprise and protest and hopped off her patio seat to hug him hello. Nick raised his own food clear of her ears.

“Okay, Carrots. Okay. Not even going to let me eat my own lunch first?”

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