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Very small update/part I know I’m sorry I’ve been very busy and stressed lately working on other projects so I kinda forgot how to draw the two (ಥ﹏ಥ). Please forgive me. 

Oooo but spring break is coming so I will be able to post the next part in two weeks (hopefully) it will be longer, I promise. 

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Headcanon: @coredesignixandnekonee

By the way I named this comic, “Not Funny”. Get it? Cuz I’m not funny. (._.) 

Self-portraits are Not my thing, but for whatever reason I felt compelled to draw one just for the sake of having drawn one, I guess? Looks pretty wonky all around, partly because drawing (I think my eyes are at a different slant to the rest of my face, whoops) and partly because my face, but it is a thing.

Yes, that ridiculous, creepy level of distortion in my glasses is true to life. I have very strong glasses.

How To Restitch An Alpacasso Mouth: A Tutorial

Hey! Today I’m going to teach you how to restitch an Alpacasso mouth. This is useful to know if you have an older alpaca whose mouth stitching has become loose from wear and tear, wasn’t stitched properly in the first place, or simply if you don’t like your alpaca’s current mouth stitching and think you could do a better job! Sloppy mouth stitching personally drives me nuts so it was either learn how to do this or keep buying more of the same alpaca in hopes of getting one with a better mouth. Obviously, I opted for the former. But anyways, let’s just get right to it!

*Disclaimer: By making this tutorial I am not saying that this is the only way to restitch an Alpacasso mouth and I am not responsible for any personal mishaps or failure. Attempt this only at your own discretion.

Things You Will Need:

1. An alpacasso in need of a makeover

2. A seam ripper

3. Embroidery thread (in the color of your choice)

4. Crafting needle

5. Scissors (not pictured, whoops!)

6. Paper (optional)

7. Pen or pencil (optional)

Step 1:

*Disclaimer: You will NEED to open a seam for this. Sorry I don’t know of any way around this but if you do please let me know!! Also keep in mind that this is not the same way Amuse stitches the original mouths! I’ve tried doing it their way, but whenever I attempted it the little loop that holds the thread at the bottom middle point of the mouth always seemed to get compromised if I stitched it too close (which you have to do if you don’t want that snaggletooth look). Please do not move on with the tutorial unless you are okay with this variation.

Alright, so you will need to open a seam and create a hole big enough to stick your hand into so that you can fish the needle and thread back and forth through the muzzle. I suggest using a seam ripper to cut open the seam going down along the back, it is the easiest and least offensive way to get access to the mouth. 

Step 2: 

Next you will need to remove some stuffing so that your thread doesn’t get completely caught in it and also to make the actual stitching easier. 

Here is a picture of what the muzzle looks from the inside. Pull out at least half of the mouth stuffing through that little hole, but not all of it!! You CAN do this without any stuffing inside the muzzle if you’re concerned about your thread getting stuck in the poly-fil or would like to tie off your thread as closely as possible, however, keeping the muzzle semi-stuffed makes sewing the mouth design a lot easier (there is less chance of an uneven mouth). 

Step 3: 

The last step before we get to stitching is to remove the original mouth! Just use a pair of scissors to cut through the middle of each section and pull out the thread (the top left piece will need to be pulled out from the inside because of the knot).

lol so disturbing 

Step 4 (optional):

It is a good idea to practice your design beforehand and see what it will look like on your alpaca before you permanently sew it on. In order to do this you will need to draw your design out onto a piece of paper and then cut it out (around the lines) and place it on top of the muzzle. I don’t suggest drawing directly onto the fabric because it will compromise the end result, so this is the best way to figure out placement. Secondly, do some test runs on a scrap piece of fabric (I have a picture tutorial on how to do this at the end of this post). 

Step 5:

**Before we begin stitching, I wanted to mention that embroidery thread is made up of 6 individual pieces. I find that to be a bit too thick in comparison to the original Alpacasso mouth so I pull out two strands and use 4 individual pieces instead, but how many strands you use is completely up to your preference!

Now to begin, get your needle and thread ready by making a knot on one end - I wrap it around my finger to create a thicker knot (you can look up tutorials on how to do this) - and then start by fishing it through from inside (always through the little hole in the muzzle) at the top left point of the nose. 

Then take the thread and measure out your next point by pulling it straight across like this:

Once you’ve picked where you want your nose to end, take your needle and stitch it back through the hole in the muzzle to the other side. Then take it back through the hole once more (always through the little hole in the muzzle!!!), make a stitch at the bottom of the middle line of the mouth, and pull it out to the front like so: 

Now take your needle and go underneath the thread of the nose FROM THE TOP. Here is an example:

You can pull the thread down until you get your desired shape and then stitch it through to the other side in the same way as before. You end up with something like this:

Your next stitch will be from the inside, out at the farthest left point of the mouth (my bad, I must have forgotten to take a picture of this). You will then move onto the next point of the mouth which is the second most left point a little farther down from the previous stitch.

(dat pose)

You can get an idea of how the left side of the mouth will look by pricking the needle through the fabric at the second point and pulling it up to the bottom of the middle line. If you are satisfied, stitch it through to the other side. Here is what you should have so far:

The next stitch will be from the inside, out through the bottom of the middle line. DO NOT stitch it through the same hole that you made in your third stitch, but directly underneath. It should look like this: 

Then finish the line by stitching it through the same hole you made in the stitch before.

Sorry I skipped another picture!! You’ll then stitch from the inside, out through the farthest right point of the mouth. 

Then simply repeat the steps you did for the left side to finish off the right side.


Once you’ve stitched your thread through the last point, pull it out through the small hole in the muzzle and tie it off with a knot! Don’t worry about there being a lot of extra thread, once you restuff the muzzle it will keep your design from unraveling. Now all you have to do is restuff the rest of your alpaca and use a blind stitch to close up the hole you made on the back (preferably with white embroidery thread) and then you’re done!

Step 6:

Show off your mouth stitching skills!

LOL don’t mind him looking like a monkey. I didn’t stuff his head right so his left eye looks wonky but it’s okay, he’s my experiment alpaca (◎ヮ◎)

Thanks for reading!! If you have any questions or suggestions feel free to message me!

Mouth Stitching Steps (extra):

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Laugh It Up (Wade Wilson x Reader)

Wade Wilson proves to need his muzzle outside of the bedroom when a night out with your friends goes awry…

Warnings: Language (I mean, it’s Wade Wilson.)

Word Count:1205

“This should go without saying, but since you’re actually eight years old,” I said before turning to look him straight in the eye, “please be on your best behavior.”

“Oooh, I love it when you play mommy. If I’m not does this mean I get a spanking?” He bent a little to poke his butt at me. Couldn’t say that I was very surprised; telling Wade Wilson to behave was like telling water not to be wet.

I rolled my eyes. “By best behavior I mean I’d like to still have friends by the end of this dinner. I think you can handle that.”

“Ugh, sounds boring. C’mon, mommy, make me wanna be a good boy.”

“Fine. If you behave tonight I’ll let you do that thing you’ve been wanting to try in bed.” I looked at him with a raised brow.

He gasped. “You mean…”

I nodded. “Yup.”

“You swear?”

“Are you gonna go easy on ‘em?” I held out my pinky for him to pinky promise.

“I will go easier than me in a whorehouse.” He hooked his pinky with mine, and on that agreement, we headed into the restaurant for what would hopefully be a nice night of dinner and drinks with my friends.

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I’m sorry but I just found a really fluffy jumper and I feel somewhat cute today bye ;w;