look at my weird shaped finger

How to Hand

A lot of people ask me how I make my hands, and thus the need for this tutorial arises!

(note, this comes from lots of research, other tutorials, and looking at my own hands)

1:Get your base down, which for the purpose of this tutorial is in orange and is a basic rectangleish shape.

2: See those cirlces and that triangle? That’s where your fingers and thumb go. Let’s go ahead and first define the knuckles and go ahead with the thumb (because it’s easy)

3: Now to add the fingers! Remember that each finger has three parts and thus (depending on how skinny your hands are) need definition. For the sake of this tutorial I am drawing my own hand and so my fingers are kinda spindly.

Looks kinda weird and crooked? That’s perfect, because no hand is going to be perfect like in anime or whatever. Now let’s try a side angle!

1: Remember the weird rectangle? That’s actually a 3d shape and should be treated as such. Your hands curve and bend depending on what their doing, so remember to translate that in your base.

2: Add your fingers! Remember that all of these things are 3d and if they look too close together, they probably are.

It’s all about trial and error. Something not looking right? Maybe try a different angle or maybe reposition your fingers!

Overprotective // Ian x Reader

requested by @slytherinbedwithme


You and Ian had been having a thing behind your brother’s, Joji, back. You kept it a secret just because you knew that Joji would get very protective over you and wouldn’t let you date Ian.

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Thoughts of the Future (Don’t Scare Me at All) // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: FLOOF

Words: 1.8k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: none

Summary: Dan and Phil babysit Miles one night during Playlist Live. Inevitably, the two have a conversation regarding the future, including building their own family.

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She’s Dreaming Ch. 2

Pairing: Reader x Chanyeol

Genre: Fluff, intimacy, mature content.

Word Count: 4195

Description: After waking up with love bites from the first dream where you and Chanyeol met, you fall asleep thinking of him, and find him in your dream again. A dream full of colors, bright lights, and deep adoration.

Chapter 1 Here

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Sailor Moon Vol 1 Manga Cover (2003)  - Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon (1992)

Sailor Moon Crystal S1 (2014) - Sailor Moon Crystal S3 (2016)

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Those cuddling head canons were so good!! Can I request Ushijima ones too? Preferably when its super cold and a tiny bed? Unless you've already done it thanks haha 💖

  • he loves it when you hug him from behind (oh i just realised how dodgy that sounded, but, guess what i’m keeping it in) but if he rolls over u will be squished
  • both of you wear fluffy socks when you cuddle, theres no reason for it, you both just like fluffy socks
  • cuddling in a tiny bed means you will be lying on top of this man
  • for ushijima wakatoshi, the brilliant japan, my husband, the captain of shiratorizawa, is literally a space heater
  • but you still wear his jersey to bed bc it’s really cold
  • small kisses to your head and hairline
  • tracing shapes on toshi’s abdomen
  • watching movies in bed and almost falling asleep halfway through your marathon of all Tolkien based films
  • headcanon: ushiwaka is definitely a Tolkien and Lewis fan, just saying
  • sometimes he’l lean down and rest his head on your chest and, though it looks hilarious, you love running your fingers through his hair
  • really weird conversations. some examples include;
  • “hey, toshi, nya~” “stop” “nyaa~” “i will push you out of the bed” “you’ll never take me nya-live!~” “why”
  • “y/n, do you think cats have feelings?” “yeah, why?” “because they just push shit off of tables with no remorse, i just want to give them love” ‘u okay buddy” “noooo”
  • “aw, that’s a cute seal!” “that’s an otter” “well… that’s a cool pelican” “that’s a stork” “what are you? a botanist?” “zoologist” “UGH”
  • 10/10 always a fun times and adorable ushiwaka
Questions I'd ask the companions
  • Cait: where the fook did yar accent cohm frohm?
  • Codsworth: why r u shaped like a metal friend?
  • Curie: Does this mole look weird to you?
  • Danse: why ya wanna look like a metal garbage can all the time?
  • Deacon: why u always lyinnn
  • Dogmeat: WHO'S A GOOD BOY
  • Hancock: why do you just wanna fucking cosplay all the time? Don't you get bored???
  • MacCready: how the fuck dare you call someone someone a mungo??????!?!?!
  • Nick: if ur such a good detective, how many fingers am I holding up behind my back??
  • Piper: where you get all these sweet treats?
  • Preston: will there ever be an end to these missions. ... asking for a friend.
  • Strong: big guy, what u see up there???
  • X6-88: so, like, are you Into fancy lads snack cakes?

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I stim when I'm at work (pet shop!!) by making like that "call me" shape with my hands, like index, middle and ring fingers curled up and thumb and pinky out, and I shake my hand like jazz hands and curl my thumb and pinky in and out quickly, I've had a few people look at me weird but I just pretend that it's my thinking motions (which isn't technically a lie?) and omg working at a pet shop is good for some stims, bird sounds, fluffy buns, BIRD SEED 👌👌 and mopping and hoovering is good too!

omg i do that too!
and AHHH nice

How about a Quiggle remake?

I have been thinking… Why do I feel so repulsed to Quiggles?

So I decided to point out the good and bad things about them:

Most of their appearence is adorable, but there are a few things that spoil it, imo. I find their hands too big and open, the chubby finger tips are cute but the entire finger is kinda weird. The eyes jumping out of their head and that big creepy smile are a big no. Mix that with no visible eyelids and they have this killer look on their faces.

We want a friendly look, right? Killer look is no good.

So I decided to fix a few things and make good use of their good features!

Take a look at those not-so-round-and-scary eyes! The anime shinies!!

Or maybe you are into full voluptuous lips~

I believe their shapes are still recognizable, but help me fix it up~

A loveletter to myself.

I’ve never been the girl with the flawless skin. I have bruises and scars, strech marks, dark and red spots. I have often dark circles around my eyes and my hair looks like a mess of its own living curls. My fingers are short, my eyebrows are in no perfect shape. I’m feeling like my nose is askant, that I have too much hair on my arms. I don’t have a thigh gap, nor thin hips or a strong showing collarbone. I can’t sing, I swear to often, I’m clumsy as hell and I have a weird humour. I’m a lazy human being who eats too much sometimes, who’s afraid of butterflies and relationships. I can be an egoistic, a little coward and sometimes too loud. But that’s okay. All of this is okay. I’m not one of these girls you can find on tumblr pictures, on weheartit or in any model card index. I’m made of stars, a unique soul who carries around a body for living. I want to treat this body how it deserves, and I want to love this soul endlessly. Because I know that my appearance, my flaws and all my mistakes are ephemeral and they do not matter in the end. 

charlie stupidhands

so charlie hasn’t been wearing his shirt lately

because i hate putting it on him

because of his stupid hands

look at this stupid shape!

i mean seriously

it’s not like he can make a fist and just cooperate

nooooooo, this has to be a whole “don’t break my stupid fingers” sort of deal whenever he gets dressed

so sometimes things have to get a little weird

for propriety’s sake.

better.  hands and all!

no, just stop it, you just can’t do it.  just own up to it.  you little jerk.

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can i request a school!au scenario where you're the new girl at school and some of the students bully you and senior!jin comes to your aid and you two become close?

WARNING: everything I know about the Korean school system comes from watching the drama ‘School 2015.’ Which is probably why I struggled to make this non-drama-y. (Also, while I was working on this in the drafts, the ‘read more’ function was being a lil shit, so let me know if it’s not working for you guys! <3 Plus I dyed my hair a little bit red. Lemme know if u wanna see it ;P)    -Avery

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Seokjin - Worth It (Fluff/Slight Angst)

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Vongola + Belphegor + Fran when they see their crush making a snowman that looks like them?

Sorry some of these are longer while others are short ><

TSUNA: Tsuna blushed when he saw his crush making a snowman that looked like him. To save himself from becoming more embarrassed and in order to make sure his crush didn’t get embarrassed, he ducked behind a fence and covered his mouth as he grinned from ear to ear.

GOKUDERA: Gokudera let out a little yelp when he saw the snowman his crush was building. It looked like him. His crush turned at the sound of his cry and immediately turned bright red when their eyes met. Gokudera spluttered out a string of incoherent words. “Is that…Why does it…me? I don’t…? I’m sorry!” he managed before dashing away, beyond embarrassed that he had made a fool out of himself in front of them.

YAMAMOTO: Yamamoto smiled when he saw the snowman his crush was making. He continuned down the street, whistling a jaunty toon, and when his crush noticed him, they quickly stepped in front of the snowman. All Yamamoto did was give them a wink before walking on down the street.

RYOHEI: Ryohei flushed a dark red when he saw that his crush was building a snowman that looked like him. He ended up covering his whole face as he walked past his crush’s front yard, crashing into a lamppost in the process. As he apologized profusely, his crush simply giggled. He looked pretty adorable saying sorry to a lamppost while stumbling around trying to leave.

TYL! LAMBO: The minute Lambo saw his crush building a snowman that looked like him, he sauntered on over towards them. “So,” he started, leaning casually against the fence that surrounded their front yard. “Is that supposed to be me?” His crush blushed and he smirked. “I guess I got my answer.” As he turned on his heel, he slipped on a patch of ice, a little screech escaping his mouth as he fell. His crush immediately rushed over to see if he was okay and saw poor Lambo rubbing his head, tears threatening to spill. “Lambo! Are you okay?” He looked up, cheeks red with embarrassment and eyes watering. He sniffed once before standing up and sprinting away. As he wiped his eyes, he swore he could never look his crush in the eye again.

HIBARI: Hibari smiled to himself when he saw his crush building a snowman that resembled him. As he passed their house, they noticed him walking by and scrambled to cover up what they were building. Hibari’s eyes met theirs and he only smirked at them before continuing on. He left his crush behind with a growing blush and swelled heart.

MUKURO: “Kufufu~” Mukuro’s signature laugh rang out through his crush’s front yard as he appeared in the walkway. “My dear ____-chan,” he smirked. “Is this supposed to look like me?” His crush blushed madly and stared at the ground. “Hmmm?” He slowly approached them and used his fingers to lift their chin. Their eyes met and his crush couldn’t return his gaze. Mukuro backed up and carefully inspected the snowman. “It does look like me, but try a little harder to fix my hair.” He flicked the weird pineapple-shaped clump of snow before he disappeared again, leaving his crush open mouthed.

CHROME: Chrome let out a little gasp when she saw the snowman her crush was making. She quickly covered her mouth when she realized her crush had heard her and ducked behind a bush so she wouldn’t be found. Her crush looked around before giving up and going back to add the finishing touches on their snowman. Chrome flushed a light pink before standing up, smiling a little as she watched her crush hum and complete the snowman that looked like her.

BELPHEGOR: “You forgot the crown,” Bel chuckled as he swooped down next to his crush and slung his crown over the snowman’s head. His crush blushed bright red as he grinned widely at them. “Did you really think I wouldn’t see this?”

FRAN: Fran poked his crush on the shoulder. They turned and when they saw him, they gave a little squeak. “Oi, ____-san,” he said, poking their shoulder again. “Is that supposed to be me?” he asked, pointing at the snowman they were building. His crush blushed and turned back to the snowman. “So what if it is?” they answered, clearly flustered. Fran cocked his head to one side before peering closely at the snowman. “It needs a frog hood,” he decided, pulling off his own and slapping it on the snowman’s head. “Perfect,” he announced, giving the creation a thumbs up. His crush giggled before two knives whizzed past both of their heads. “Froggy, what have I told you about taking that hood off?” Fran snatched the hood back and placed it on his own head before dashing away. “What do you mean Bel-senpai? I never took my hood off?”

the devil’s advocate #5

chapter 5: live in your world, play in ours
: M for mature content
summary: The devil’s younger brother is sent to earth, ready to wreak havoc - but he didn’t reckon he’d end up in a small flat, greeted by the shocked faces of a speechless inventor and his blonde neighbour. But they can’t let the tea get cold over such a little inconvenience, can they? So the devil stays for tea - and maybe a little longer.

Yay! nanowrimo is going quite well!! I already have next week’s chap almost done! :> Thanks for your support and comments! ^o^

read: Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | more | on ff.net

“How did you get into my flat?!”

Natsu shrugged. “As if it’s hard,” he informed her before picking up the cucumber piece. A single, golden hair clung to it. He plucked it off before popping the piece into his mouth, and Lucy watched him do so in horror.

The sudden shock had driven the sleep right out of her, but now she found herself wishing that she was indeed still dreaming.

“Get out,” she finally managed, voice laced with cold anger.

“But I like your place, Lucy,” Natsu said, pulling his (dirty, no doubt) feet up onto her bed. “Besides, you haven’t answered my question.”

“What question?” she all but hissed, mind too preoccupied with the thought of black imprints on her pristine white sheets.

“Why do you sleep with food on your face?” he repeated, reaching out a curious finger to touch her yoghurt covered face. Needless to say, it never reached its destination - Lucy made sure of that. “You look like a ghost!”

“That’s a beauty mask!” she whined as she slapped his hand away, “And it’s not supposed to be eaten!”

“And here I was thinking I was doing you a favour all this time.”

“All this time?!” Lucy shot up, almost bumping heads with him as she scooted closer. “Natsu, how many times have you been here?!”

“Oh, just a few,” he shrugged, a sly little smile playing around his lips. “You really shouldn’t waste food like that, you know. It’s not gonna make you prettier.”

The pillow smacked against his head before he knew it, and he yelped in surprise when she slammed it again.

“Rude!” she called as she continued smacking him off the bed, “Get out! Get out!”

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Where/ how do you get arm socks? ((I want to go rp as Aradia later in life, but I don't want to get paint everywhere.

Ya gotta make em! :0 It can take a few hours and it’s a pain in the butt but it’s VERY much worth it. You can hand sew them but if you have a machine then use that cause it’ll save you SO much time.

Here’s a tutorial on how to make them and unless you manage to find the perfect pair of tights somewhere else (Target used to carry gray tights but not anymore) I’d recommend you get your tights from We Love Colors. They also carry gloves if you really don’t want to make them, but I bought a pair and honestly they’re really gross. They’re kinda shiny metallic and the seams are incredibly noticeable (there’s also a seam going around the base of the thumb) and the fingers don’t conform to the shape of your fingers. If you’re fine with that then by all means get them but I’m extremely picky and didn’t like them at all.

Make sure the get the microfiber ones, the normal ones look grody.

Here’s what the microfiber ones look like ^^^

That’s what the normal ones look like ^^^ The microfiber ones look so much better; the normal ones are more see-through and the holes are very obvious.

I use the light gray ones cause it matches my paint perfectly, but if you still have some Ben Nye ghoul gray or something equally as dark laying around then the gray ones will be better. It all depends on your paint

Side by side comparison OF We Love Color’s light gray and dark gray tights 

But yeah the tutorial has everything you need to know. I also waited until my tights were sewn to make the nails because I found that sizing the nails when the tights were on my hands meant having nails that were slightly bigger than what you’d need if you had no tights on. The tights make your fingers wider and having tiny nails on them looks weird so wait to fit your nails. Just shape and paint them how you want and glue em on and you’re ready to go c:

I don’t headcanon troll nails as pointy but they look better on armsocks if they’re pointy to me, so I went ahead and made them pointy. I added gradients (the yellow is nail polish) with the same acrylic paint I use for my horns cause I thought it looked nice. I spent a good while making the tights as snug as possible on my fingers and I also made them when my nails were short. When my nails get long the tights kinda sit on the tips of my fingers weird so keep in mind when making them how long your actual finger nails are.

If you decide to make armsocks then rock on yo (and good luck)

Her First Time (Luke) (Smut)

So we got two requests for this so thanks guys :) sorry this has taken so long :/ - Taylor

Y/N’s POV:

It had been a perfect date. Dinner, walking in the park, everything you would want in a date but of course all of our dates were like that. Luke and I had been dating for a couple of months and I couldn’t be happier. So once we got back to my house, we dressed into sweats and watched a random movie that was on TV. My parents were away for the weekend and trusted me with the house. Neither of us were really too into the movie. We were just cuddling and talking about nothing important when we started to kiss. It then turned into a heated make out session and then I was straddling Luke. This sort of thing wasn’t uncommon and this was usually as far as it would go. I was still a virgin but tonight it felt different. I wanted to take it farther. I wanted Luke. He didn’t seem too phased by the making out but when I started to grind on him he seemed hesitant and pulled away.

“Don’t get me wrong. I’m loving what you’re doing but what are you doing?” He said with swollen lips.

“I need you. I’m ready.” I said before crashing my lips onto his again and continued to grind into him. Once again he pulled away.

“A-are you sure? I can wait. I don’t want you to feel like you have to do this.” He said, obviously searching my face for any uncertainty.

“Positive. I trust you.” I nodded and that seemed to enough for him as he flipped us over and took control. That was good because being the virgin that I am, I have no idea what I’m doing. We continued to make out and he could feel how stiff I was, he immediately stopped.

“Shit, Y/N. I’m so sorry. I knew you weren’t ready. We can just keep watching TV. Thats fine.” He said as he started to lift himself off me.

“No. I just don’t know what to do.” I said as I pulled him back down.

“Oh, well that in that case.” He said before he crashed his lips onto mine again. He grabbed my hands that were awkwardly sitting beside us and put them behind his neck. I pulled him down closer and he deepened the kiss.

He lifted me up a little in order to pull off my top. After it was discarded somewhere in the room, I immediately covered myself up out of habit. He grabbed my arms and pulled them away from my chest. He looked at my boobs and I saw his eyes grow darker.

“You’re probably not into dirty talk or anything but I just have to say that I was not expecting those under your shirts.” he said shamelessly staring at my chest. “They’re beautiful,” he said as he kneaded them through my bra, and I let out a moan, and he looked up into my eyes, “you’re beautiful.” He said before crashing his lips onto mine once again. It was full of love and passion and I was loving every second of this.

“You next.” I said quietly against his lips. He sat back and pulled his shirt off. My breathing stopped for a second, even though I had seen him shirtless before it never seemed to amaze me. He brought his lips back down to mine as my hands ran over his torso, tracing over each muscle.

I felt him move his hands under my thighs and lift me up, my arms immediately moving to his neck to keep myself steady. Somehow we did this without disconnecting our lips. He moved through the house and landed on my bed. He started kiss down my jaw and onto my neck, immediately finding my sweet spot that he was well aware of. I moaned and arched my back and he took the opportunity to unclip my bra and take it off. Man that was swift. He continued to kiss down my body whispering things to me.

“You’re sure?” I just moaned in response. I needed him.

“Positive?” He said continuing to kiss down my stomach.

“Yes, Luke, get on with it.” I practically yelled at him. He quickly discarded of both of our sweats leaving Luke in his boxers and me in my panties. He began to rub my clit through my panties and I let out a moan. Surprisingly, I heard him moan and I only then realised the tent that had formed in his boxers.

He pulled down my panties and continued his assault. He then pulled down his own boxers and I looked at his length. Jesus he was massive. He seemed to see me eyeing him and chuckled.

“Luke, I don’t think it will fit.” I said still looking at him.

He looked at himself and back at me. “Don’t worry babe. it will be fine. But it will hurt. Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Yes, please, just shove it in me.” Alright. Maybe I shouldn’t try dirty talk.

He chuckled and looked at me in the eyes, bringing his face up to mine. “How about you leave the talking to me?” I just nodded because he once again began to rub my clit.

“Baby, you’re so wet.” He said as he stuck a finger in. I moaned out of both pain and pleasure. This was such a weird feeling. He began to move in and out of me when suddenly I felt cold down there. He had removed his hand and was going to pick up his pants.

“Are you leaving?” I asked worried. Oh god is there something wrong with me. He just chuckled and looked at me pulling a silver packet out of his pocket. My mouth fell into an ‘o’ shape when I saw his tear the condom packet open.

He slid it on and got on top of me again.

“This is going to hurt,” he repeated again “let me know if you want me to stop and I will.”

He put his tip at my entrance. He slowly pushed into me. I had never felt this amount of pain and pleasure all out once and yelled out because of the pain. He continued to push into me inch by inch when he has filled me up. He just stayed there not moving. I immediately noticed his hesitation.

“Move.” I said as the pain started to fade and pleasure was replaced.

He started to move his hips and thrust into me. I honestly couldn’t explain the feeling. It was like Luke and I were bonding in a way that no one else could.

“You’re so tight.” He moaned as his increased his speed.

“Yeah, well you’d expect that.” I laughed and it turned into moaned. He chucked and once again increased his pace. Soon the only sound in the room was the slapping of skin and the moans of pleasure.

“Oh my god!” I yell as he hits a spot in me sending waves of pleasure through my body.

“Found it.” he said half to himself. He picked up his speed and continued to  hit that spot and I was soon undone. I uncontrollably clenched around him and felt him spill into the condom.

He rode out both of our highs and pulled out to lie next to me. He discarded the condom and pulled the blanket over us. We just cuddled, not saying a thing to one another. As I started to drift off to sleep Luke whispered in my ear.

“I’m glad I was your first.”

“So am I.” I whispered back before falling into a deep sleep.