look at my tinhat

~non-tinhat louie blogroll~

i’ve seen a few people on my dash looking to follow louis blogs that don’t actively tinhat–aka blogs that support louis and everything about him including but not limited to his son, his girlfriend, his (potential & unconfirmed but totally happening) solo career, and who don’t automatically assume that everything he does is a stunt/forced by simon cowell :)

these are some of my faves along with suggestions from friends, feel free to add any if i have missed anyone!

@popunktommo @glorydayslouis @dearmrsawyer @gryffindortommo @polxrizc @hawkcycle @emphaticlouie @harrys-smiling-nipples @achillouis @adidastommo @freddiesvodkaaunt @liloasfrick @lilosass @lovinglylouis @louisloveslondon @teatimetommo @larrypottery @louienicks @golddustlouis @ladboyfreddie @louieforlouis