look at my tie dye shirt i made it last weekend


“You work at the cubicle next to me and you keep sending paper airplanes with messages on them you’re gonna get caught” AU

“Two Hogwarts prefects from different houses adding and taking away points from each other” AU

“We’re roommates yes there is red tape across the room don’t you dare step on my side” AU

“So, which tampons do you think are the best?” AU

“We need a new lead guitarist for our punk band but you are literally cotton candy what do we do with you?” AU

“I’m just gonna ignore your creepy bulletin board of River Song’s timeline okay” AU

“Yes I am a SuperWhoLockian and no I will not throw your body into a black hole or make your death look like a suicide shut up” AU

“Yo I like this punk patch on your jacket whoa you didn’t need to give it to me” AU

“The last bag of salt and vinegar Goldfish I need it for binge-watching you need it to study who needs it more?” AU

“We’re playing ToS and being called skypers even though we’ve never met wtf?” AU

“The Classic: Two people whom hate each other must play the two romantic leads in the play” AU

“Both of our online dates were no shows wanna jet?” AU


“I’m not afraid of scary movies so I fell asleep quite easily on the couch oh my head drifted on your lap sorry” AU

“Yo go listen to July Talk yeah I’m talking to you person reading this post JULY TALK GO” AU

“We’re both on the bus and you’re listening to the Murder on the Orient Express soundtrack on blast wtf???” AU


“Bro it’s my Aunt’s wedding next weekend and she expects me to have a date do you think you can pretend?” AU

“Whoa I meant to go into the really hyper masculine movie in the next theatre not this rom-com mess but hey it’s pretty good so far would you like some popcorn?” AU

“HALLOWEEN WOOOO’ ‘Babe it’s the middle of May’ ‘GET SPOOKY WITH IT’” AU

“We’re both in the kid’s pool with our little cousins oh geez we are WAY too old but hey you’re cute I’ll rally” AU


“Hey we both got Chocolate Frogs from the Wizarding World of Harry Potter wanna trade your Helga Hufflepuff for my Albus Dumbledore?” AU

“We’re in the same compartment on this train and you’re asleep it’s your stop next but you look so peaceful I don’t want to wake you up” AU

“Another Classic: We’re assassins hired to kill each other at this party but you’re pretty chill wanna dance?” AU

“No I do not want to learn that dance move it looks dangerous” AU

“You seriously want me to paint your nails okay then let’s do this shiitake mushroom” AU

“Could you write down your top ten favourite singers/bands for me please? Thanks wait these all say “My Chemical Romance” AU

“I’m a ghost hunter and you are the sassiest ghost I have ever met seriously find your chill” AU

“We’re still roommates and I know you always keep a can of cotton candy in your panty drawer what no I was getting the cotton candy not your panties” AU

“I can’t tie a tie for the life of me can you help me whoa you are way worse at this than I am” AU

“Okay I’ve never made a dip tye-dye shirt but I’m preeeetty sure this is not how you do it” AU

“Yes it is three am in the morning and I am running down the apartment halls yelling #LoveWins wearing rainbow stuff and playing Same Love wanna join me?” AU

“What do you mean this is your hoodie yes I found it in your room but it’s too comfy to be yours it’s mine” AU

“Could you not play My Heart Will Go On on your keyboard all the time?” AU

“Huh we’ve cosplayed as the same character wanna walk around yelling about paradoxes together?” AU

“Yes this Christmas sweater has the letter A on it no I am not A shut up Aria” AU


“Hey I just saw a post of AUs wanna act some of them out?” AU

Once again, credit me or not, I really don’t care! Have fun smol writers.


Soooo….Here’s a little fic to celebrate pride and all our wonderful queer SPN Characters. I tried to get as many flags an orientations in as I could.

Dean/Castiel, Bi!Dean, Ace!Cas, everyone is alive and gay college au. 5.1k words.

You can also read it on AO3


Dean does not expect to walk into an arts and crafts fair in his living room on Thursday. He had expected to get off work, come home and hang out with his roommates, and make dinner before his evening class. But no, that is apparently not in the cards today because…well, he doesn’t know why. Probably should get on that.

“What the hell?” Dean asks no one in particular. The sofa and chairs have been pushed to the edges of the room and the kitchen table and a card table have been pulled in and sit lined with what looks like cut up garbage bags as people sit around them and ignore Dean. “Anyone gonna fill me in?” he says a bit louder.

“Hey, Dean! We were worried you wouldn’t make the party!” Charlie chirps. Jumping up from her work station, she moves to hug him but stops herself, thankfully, since she’s wearing rubber gloves covered in…dye? And are those…white cotton shirts in a pile on the sofa?

“The…tie dye party?”

Amazingly, he hears Cas sigh from all the way across the room. “It’s been on the house google calendar for two weeks, Dean,” Cas says without looking up from his extremely interesting task of precisely folding a plain tee. Dean rolls his eye.

“Oh you mean the calendar you guys are obsessed with that I never look at,” Dean grouses.

“I told you I can set it up to send notifications on your phone,” Charlie shoots back. “It’s not our fault you’re so…analog.”

Cas’s friend Meg snickers from where she sits beside him. They’re next to another gal with dark hair who Dean’s seen hanging out with Cas before a few time but has never actually talked to him. Hannah maybe? He figured her for a girlfriend at one point, then he met Meg and revised. Then he got to know Meg and just…started suffering.

“Okay, I’ll try this again…” Dean says, tearing his eyes away from Cas’s tousled hair. “Why is it the summer of love in our living room?”

“We’re all making shirts for pride this weekend!” Charlie explains excitedly.

“P-pride?” Dean echoes, his brain having been reduced to that of a parrot. “As in the…the gay kind?”

“Well, technically the whole month of June is pride month,” Charlie explains helpfully. “Which you would know if you checked the google calendar. But this is for the parade on Sunday. We’re getting our flag on.”

“Sunday?” Dean’s stomach drops. “Sunday is father’s day.”

Charlie raises an eyebrow and Dean opens his mouth to explain, or more like ask if that means Charlie (and apparently everyone they know?) is going to be running around the house pride-ing it up on the one day his dad is visiting. And if he has to participate cause…well. Uncomfortable reasons. He got in enough trouble for opting into summer classes (like most of his geek friends) and staying in town in their rented house right by campus. This might by a bridge too far.

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