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I DON'T KNOW BUT I'M PRETTY SURE THE TEARS ON MY FACE AREN'T FROM EATING SPICY FOOD BUT IT'S FROM LOOKING AT THE SECOND PART OF YOUR GEM AU BECAUSE HOLY IS THE AU AMAZING. Anyways, enough with me, I have a question. In this AU, will the squad have the same names like in the anime (Mikaela, Yuu, Shinoa,..) or will they have the names of their gems (Azurite, Emerald, Titanite,...)? Or will this be like "Hit the Diamond' where their names from the anime will be used as a human persona?

!!!!!! AAAA!! I’m smiling so much!! Thank you!!!

I’m calling the characters by their gem names!! But oH gosh…impersonating their actual names with that particular episode…I’D DIE that’s a good one,,, baseball AU but with a gem twist end me

I really wanted to share with the followers of this blog something special that happened to me. I went on my first trip with my girlfriend this past weekend where she surprised me with this cake during a dinner at our hotel. I was overwhelmed with happiness and shock because it was not something I expected.

The waiter asked us what the occasion was and my girlfriend replied it had been her birthday a week prior and then he asked why I looked so happy and surprised. Trust me guys, my face was burning and I had tears in my eyes. My girlfriend just said I had really wanted birthday cake but I’m pretty sure the waiter was onto us.

Let me say this, a year ago, I was in a deep depression and in a relationship with someone who gave me deep anxiety and made me feel like I was playing a role that I would never be able to fulfill. Now here I am a year later, an out lesbian in a relationship with a woman who loves and accepts me. I never thought I’d get here and I always see messages in the inbox from girls and women worried they won’t find love, especially love with a woman but I’m here to tell you, you could be at the lowest point of your life and in no time at all, you’ll find yourself in love with someone who realizes how special and deserving of love you are! This is for all my sapphic children looking for happiness and love, you’ll get there. And I can’t wait to hear all about it:)

-Mom Em

And I hated her. She was the devil wrapped in a pretty package. She was the lie waiting to be told. The tear waiting to be cried. I hated her telling me yes, and meaning no. I hated the way she hugged me, and looked above my shoulder for someone else. I hated the way she smiled at me, and laughed behind my back. I hated everything about her, because I loved her so much.

Ok so since we’ve all been through a lot of shit in the last few days let me just share this with you. 

I’m a librarian, i really love my job and my co-workers are pretty rad but today i almost broke down in tears because of one of them. 

One of the ladies I work with is a 70-ish year old woman who looks like your typical grandma. Today she walked in and she was livid and it was pouring off her. But she’s pleasant to everyone as always. About an hour into work she finally starts the conversation I desperately needed people to start. 

She’s terrified and she’s so angry at the election results and she just starts letting everything out. She’s so angry that we have someone so awful heading to office. Someone who is “ He’s such an awful - unspeakable racist and misogynist. How did we let this happen?” She just goes on to say every little bit of frustrating thing that I’ve wanted to scream at the world for the past few days. I’m shaking in my little corner sorting library materials and it keeps echoing in my head “Thank you, just thank you so much I have to say this to her.” She keeps going and it’s dead silent in the back where we are as she’s just demanding how we cold elect someone who makes people fear for their lives, who inspired KKK victory rallies. Then she said something that broke my heart. 

All those protests I went to, all those rallies and all the phone calls and the doorbells I rang and all for what when I have to see this again at this age?” 

That hurts, that we could take a lifetime of progress away from someone who fought for it. That she has to worry that the future she tried to make better for her kids and grand kids is going to be destroyed right in front of her eyes. 

So yes, a few moments later i kicked my shyness in the ass enough to ( kinda in front of all our coworkers) just say “Thank you, thank you so so much I’ve been trying to say this for days” The look on her face, she just hugged me right away and asked a little surprised “You feel like this too?”  

Now if that wasn’t enough to almost make me cry, she came up to me a little while later and said that with all that’s been going on. “This is the worst election of my life.”  But here’s the thing she could just hang it all up and let this happen. Say she’s too old for this. She’s not doing that. She’s doing what she can. She told me she’s already figured out her new years resolution, and a part of it is she’s going to write to Elizabeth Warren and tell her that if she wants to run, then she’s got her support. We talked about that for a bit then I brought up how it’s so great to hear this from her because recently all I’ve been hearing is “Millennials are all so spoiled they’re just protesting because they don’t know how to lose.” And listen then my lovely co worker, in the most determined voice said :

I know people are giving you grief and hate but listen to me, millennials are the future here, you outnumber the baby boomers and you will turn this around. All of you are going to change this and it’s going to get better I promise.

And maybe it feels like we’re taking some bizarre time loop into the history, or we’re falling into a dystopian movie but damnit we’re not going out without a fight. I’m not gonna lie down and let them walk all over the rights we fought for.

 Not today, not tomorrow not ever. 

It feels like its so few against the world. I promise you it’s not. it’s so many against the few in false power. 

funny story

i once went on a date with a guy. it started of really fairytale-like, he “picked me up at 8” and everything, told me I looked pretty (my hair was baaad back then). anyway, we went to the movies to watch the hunger games 2 or something. i’m a bit of an emotional person, and I don’t like that because I’m afraid people think I’m a dramaqueen (i’m not making that up, i won second place in the “biggest dramaqueen award” 2014 yearbook), so i decided that no matter what, i wouldn’t cry. so there we were, watching the movie, me fighting back my tears. finally the lights went back on and I was so excited that i didnt cry. then, i heard a sobbing noise from the seat next to me. it was my date. tears running down his face. after a few weeks we decided we didn’t fit together. i see him walking down the street every now and then, the winner of the 2015’s biggest dramaqueen award

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Thank you for your enthusiastic approval! I’m really glad that my work can make you this happy, seriously.

As a side note, I get anonymous compliments pretty frequently (and I feel like an ass even typing that) and I generally don’t respond to them because it would turn my blog into a long stream of self-congratulations. I have to choose between not acknowledging nice anonymous messages vs putting them all on blast like, “look how much praise I’m getting.” Neither is a great option. If you sent me a nice anonymous message, know that I DID read it and appreciate it, I just don’t want to spend a lot of time reblogging people telling me how great I am. Thanks for reading and understanding.

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Ive been following you since youre BTSxNaruto crossover days and I gotta say you've improved a lot! I don't know if I've ever said this before about your art, but I love the way you do lines. Like in your recent VMin art, the way you lined their hair and faces makes everything look so soft and pretty :3

After opening this message, I literally stopped what I was doing, placed my iPod down, got my lazy ass up, opened my laptop, logged on tumblr, and respond to you properly because HOT DAMN, I shed a tear when I read this! This is by far the most endearing message I have gotten so far. I wasn’t expecting this at all, I honestly am boiling in happiness as I am writing this to you. First of all, thank you so much! I WILL CONTINUE THE NARUTOXBTS AU! I plan on drawing it all out after my finals. I honestly am too overworked with the amount of stuff I have to study. But nonetheless, I will draw it all out. I hope to make it slightly longer and worth reading. Any who, you like the way I do lines? Haha, I don’t fancy my line art at all, or the way I color. To me, it looks so unprofessional! But thank you. It’s really nice hearing this kind of feedback! I don’t get this very often! 

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When you suffer addiction it never truly leaves, 
you can see it all around, everywhere so perfectly,
IN his voice, in her eyes,
 In his tracks and in her lies
Like on Halloween their face they hide covered up by their disguise

You’ll see it in your loved ones, that’s the worst,
To see them gambling with the devil, fuck it hurts,
They’re looking for a good time, a fix whatever it may be,
But I’ve said those same things, and seen the worst of this disease,

I gave up everything for this sickness, why?
Because when i though of death its what made me feel alive,
The tears were blocked, the pounds were lost,
More than just money! my whole life it  cost,

So pretty on the eyes, destructive at the touch,
I’ll never shoot it, what a lie, I fell in love with the rush,
I’m a junkie, a low life and it’s all because I’m sick,
I never thought my life would have ever come to this

I just wanted to be happy, who cares if I get high,
That’s the lie I told myself damn near a thousand times,
Happiness was gone so was the pleasure I once felt,
I needed it to feel alive, that’s when i knew I needed help

But did I get it? Of course not, just another shot,
A couple grams in a single hit? Why not?
Its crazy, almost impossible to believe,
That someone would give up everything and end up the streets,

Drugs, they really are that great,
“ gonna try it once” that’s your first mistake,
Then come the heart breaks, stealing and dishonesty,
 try and convince the  world “I swear there’s nothing wrong with me”

Flicking out the air, as your biting on the tourniquet,
The needle in your vein and you hope that your not missing it,
Woooah, you feel it in your throat, what a rush,
It’s the greatest thing I’ve ever felt, holy fuck

I learned to cook, I learned to sell, Honestly did pretty well,
But I was working for the devil handing tickets out to hell,
Swell, profiting from what tore me apart,
Spreading a disease and breaking families hearts,

Remember these words, please remember what I say,
Because drugs are everywhere and will find you someday,
Drugs tell us lies, but addiction is real,
It’s a scary life to live in which you never truly heal.

Everywhere I go and everything I see,
Is a constant reminder of who I used to be, the life that I led the demons in my head, I  listend to  the words my father once said,
Son you can do whatever you wanna do just do your best,
I wanted to do meth and I became a pro,
Used it every way everyday, still some things I will never want yo let you know,

I lost hope, gave in lost some more, I’m fighting everyday like I’m stuck at war,
Sometimes I get hit but I get back on my feet, it’ll never be over kuz it can’t be beat, it’s apart of me, it’ll always be, until the death of me I’ll suffer all my life probably. There’s nothing wrong with me, God already knows what’s next, I know he’ll lead me to what’ he feels is best

—  Lyrics - “Suffering”
My Immortal (T0G Edition)

Hi my name is Aelin Ash’ryver Galathynius Celaena Sardothien and I have long gold hair with blonde streaks and white tips that reaches my mid-back and gold blue eyes like limpid tears and a lot of people tell me I look like Elena Havilliard (AN: if u don’t know who she is get da hell out of here!). I’m related to Rowan Whitethorn and I’m glad I am because he’s a major fucking hottie. I’m a fae but my ears are normal and pretty. I have pale white skin. I’m also an assassin, and I used to go to a an assassin’s guild called The Assassin’s Guild in Rifthold where I was the best one (I was sixteen). I’m amazing (in case you couldn’t tell) and I wear mostly pretty clothes. I love dress stores and I buy all my clothes from there. For example today I was wearing a black corset with matching lace around it and a black skirt, with a gold dragon on it and black combat boots. I was wearing red lipstick, white foundation, black eyeliner and gold eye shadow. I was walking outside Rifthold. It was snowing and raining so there was no sun, which I was rutting mad about. A lot of idiots and harlots stared at me. I threw fire at them and burned them alive. 

If you’re looking for an ereri fic, this post is your answer

i’m reading an ereri fic called ‘Undercover Lover’ by SimplyTsundere and guys, omg, i fucking cry every evening while i read every single chapter because the feels are hitting me very very very hard. That fic deserves more and more attention in my opinion.

So if you want to take a look (believe me it’s worth it)  here  there’s the link.

What can i say? Good luck and prepare yourself for some pretty pain and an ocean of tears.

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For how long am I allowed to feel sick before
I have to recognize that I am feeling sad?
The day carves my bones into a reminder
of what comfort must feel like, the hollowness,
the warmth from inside something empty.
I don’t want to earn any other rights, any other
ways of growing older and growing tired
and sleeping when you can,
because most of the time, you can’t.
The sun must have looked so pretty, so bright,
in spite of my cold feet, of the goose bumps
that put my skin at attention of the rain.
This time, it’s not just the fever, the headache,
the exhaustion from trying too hard.
The emptiness has turned into vacuum.
It’s not that I just don’t feel satisfied, anymore,
it’s that frustration has begun to tear apart
all else.
—  I’m just going through a hard time
A walkthrough on how I make my contained themes! Part 1: What is a contained theme?

updated November 12th 2015

Whazzup! This is Aoibara, the mun of amxthystus here! Today, I am here to teach you how to make a contained theme!

So click the read moar if you wanna learn something new today!

What is a contained theme?

Contained themes are a new trend on tumblr, especially on the RP side. It can take many tears and sweats to make one, but once you make one, it is rewarding. Why? Because contained themes often do not exactly like one another, and are pretty much a one of a kind-ish theme just suited to all your needs and fancy!

First, I will teach you the basics of how a contained theme looks like, using my examples, as well as comparison of which theme to use to make your own theme! So, we won’t be doing any actual heavy duty coding or whatnot as I want to make this simple for everybody and to explain what a contained theme has usually!

The Anatomy of a Contained theme

Alright. Lets take a look at some contained themes, and lets see what we can see which are similar.

Sooooo, Aya, what do you see similar there in these four themes I have made so far? ovo

~ -writes them down in fancy handwriting-

  • Each have their own image background, with a ‘box’ to contain the theme.
  • Descriptions are preferably placed in the ribbon tabs.
  • Most links are jumbled, in a form of a symbol, and have hoverover titles.

Yep! What my muse, Ayanami said was the pretty much the basic of the basic anatomy of a contained theme! well i actually taught him this and that so yeah Now I will explain why each of the similarities are for. And you can also look at my page to play around and learn how a contained theme is like!:

  • The background is each unique, and not done by the color sliders of the theme. So, basically, you will need an image editing program like Photoshop or GIMP! If you don’t want to pay lotsa money for Photoshop then I highly recommend GIMP as it is what I would call the freeware ver of Photoshop!
  • Descriptions are often not in the description box we see in the customization option when we do our themes, and are usually in the html code using tabs. If the description is directly on the background, it often doesn’t blend well which is why we use ribbon tabs to make it visually appealing. The ribbon tabs by dxrkthemes is the most popular, and it is my favorite to use as the font is rather easy to read and most easiest to customize! Oh and the size for the text is really reasonable.
  • I usually jumble the links because first, it is funner and it gives me more freedom to match the links with my themes, and second, alot of the contained theme codes I have used often have limited amount of links, and I tend to have at least 6 links. So I highly recommend you practice and learn how to jumble links in this tutorial by unseenmockingjay!

So…There are so many contained theme codes? Which one to use?

And that is a good question! I have so far used the contained theme codes by Octomoosey and fastcst, and have edited my own hollywhood theme! I will lay out each one of the themes, and describe their difficulty of editing, and pros and cons!

Octomoosey Theme #36

Difficulty: Easy

Pros: This is the code I would refer to if you have difficulty editing codes, or just don’t feel ready to go wild with the html. Octomoosey also has a tutorial on how to set your container and everything properly in the theme description.

Cons: The font-awesome symbols can sometimes have the symbols you aren’t looking for, and can be a bit limited. So if you want to use your own text symbols, you would need to tinker with the code a bit there.

fastcst theme

Difficulty: Medium

Pros: When you feel ready enough to touch the codes, this is the code you can start using. fastcst has alot of explanation on their FAQ about the code, as well as explanation in the code itself. So, it is a good starting ground when you want to tinker with the html!

Cons: Not friendly for popup boxes. This is the reason why I switched my theme to a hollywhood theme, because if you try to put popup boxes, it will only show the portion of the popup, matching with the size of the theme and pretty much screws everything up. Idk how to exactly explain it but next time I will get a visual explanation on what happens.

hollywhood theme

Difficulty: Hard

Pros: Hollywhood themes are simple, so they become incredibly easy to edit, like adding values to edit your quote posts, tags, etc. easily. Hollywhood theme #30 400px and #52 are the most often edited codes. I use #52. I will make a tutorial on how to edit a hollywhood theme in the future for this chain of tutorials.

Cons: This isn’t very beginner friendly unfortunately, because you will be spending 99.9% of your time in the html area rather than the customization area. So basically, you will need to know where to touch when you want to make a Hollywhood contained theme. Also, I noticed alot of people struggle coding with the pagination to stay in place and not slip out when the screen is bigger or smaller. (Actually, if anyone has an answer to this issue, please inform me as I am having issues as well.)


Soooo that is all for today, and I will teach ya guys how to make an appealing background image for your contained theme next!

I hope this will give you an idea on what kind of theme you want, and I hope some will find this tutorial useful!

If you have any comments, con crit, go ahead and drop one by reblogging, fanmailing or asking me. The only rule is no anon hate!

Stay tuned for the next guide!

things I noticed in newsies that nobody asked for but I’m posting it anyway because it’s newsies

•the freaking overture had me in tears okay that’s how much I love this show
•at the very beginning Crutchie just had a sad look of defeat on his face while putting on his best and it broke me
•pretty sure Jack was giving Crutchie a massage when he was all “close your eyes” bc his hands were on crutchies shoulders so
•I just love Andy as Crutchie okay

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so i tore my acl and my meniscus in november, and i had surgery in december. the prognosis was terrifying, and i was looking at about six months of recovery time and an extremely painful surgery. for two weeks after surgery i was in pain all the time. i couldnt really sleep through the night because of it, and i needed help doing everything. i honestly felt pretty hopeless for a bit, but i pushed through physical therapy because i HAD TO get back to ballet

this picture was taken about four months after surgery. somehow i miraculously recovered wayyyyyy faster than expected. this doesnt really represent what i could do before my injury- like i look like a confused robot here- but it is a step forward. i am so thankful and so amazed. science is awesome. so moral of the story- you can do it even if it seems hopeless. you can kick ass. time passes way faster if you just stop panicking about it and keep working.

Daily preferences #67

“I’m just so ugly.” You burst into tears as you were struggling to pick up an outfit for your class photo that was planned for tomorrow. You let your hair fall in front of you face so your tears were hidden.

“Stop saying such things (Y/N)!” Jimin removed your hair.

“All the other girls are so fashionable and so pretty. The don’t have any pimple. They just look perfect and I just look so… dreadful.” Tears couldn’t stop falling from your eyes; giving you a blury vision.

“Shh. Please calm down ok?” Jimin pulled you into his arms and comforted you. “Out of all the girls in the world, you’re the one I find the most beautiful, ok? Please don’t feel insecure… I love you for who you are and I don’t want you to change a thing. I like your style, because it’s you and it’s original!”

“My acne… You can’t tell me you love it.” You were sobbing harder than ever.

“Listen. I know it’s hard for you to bear it everyday but it shouldn’t be so. It will disappear one day, don’t hide yourself because your face is covered with pimples. Just act as if they weren’t there cause it’s just a little detail that shouldn’t make you feel insecure. It’s just a little detail. I love you; regardless of these pimples.” He stared at you before hugging you tighter. “So please; I’m begging you to stop crying and smile instead. Be confident because I love you, and I hope I could make you love yourself.”

“Just smile the brightest on the picture so people will forget you have pimples.” He curled up your lips to draw a smile on your cheeks.


Even though this scene actually made me wonder whether Aramis had lost his brain along with his crucifix (Seriously dude? „Hey, that’s so rad that you’re down with us breaking up, too! Look at you crying tears of joy! Thank god I don’t need to have ruining your life on my conscience along with all the other treasonous shenanigans I’m up to!“), he was exceptionally pretty in it. So I forgive him for being stupid and merely hope it’s not becoming a permanent affliction. 

The reveal that Bill’s dimension is decaying has lent a new layer to his character. I mean, it’s still pretty evil of him to trick Ford into building a portal and then let a family tear itself apart just so he could escape from his own doom, but can any of us honestly say that we wouldn’t have been at least tempted to do the same?

How many chapters of history are filled with one civilization getting wiped out because a more advanced and ‘superior’ one moved in and wiped them out? Too many in my opinion, but it looks like Bill is doing something similar just on a grander scale. 

He doesn’t want to die and fade away in his own realm, so he’s going to elongate his life along with those trapped with him by feeding on our dimension. 

I don’t know, I’m just interested to learn more about Bill and more fully understand the lense that he sees our world through. 


I have so many thoughts on when Root and Shaw see each other again!1

I mean obviously Samaritan fucked her up pretty good! But you can also see in her face like Oh My God is that really her, and almost looks like Shaw has tears to like shes trying to fight against whatever is telling her to kill Root.

I think Root is just gonna be like “Your going to have to shoot me because theres no way I could ever hurt the woman I love, not now that I found you” and I think Shaw will have memories come back or hestitate for a second and John will knock her out and they will take her back to the sub station.

Cause I mean you really think John would let something happen to Root they have gotten pretty close even when Finch told John to leave Root be he was like nope no way. I mean of course he loves Shaw to but Root is like his annoying little sister and hes not going to let Shaw hurt her No WAY!!

I think Shaw maybe forgot some memories and I think shes gonna remember kissing Root and the way she feels about her. And I think shaw is gonna get mad and be like I hate that you make me feel this way and then they make love because it looks likes root and shaw having angry sex in season promo.