look at my slightly embarrassed face

John grabbed my cover and held it so close to his eyes that I thought his nose would pierce it. And for the first time I spotted a slightly sheepish look on his face, as if he felt embarrassed that a stranger noticed his short-sightedness. And, apparently, he wasn’t prepared for me confronting him with this question. It only took John a second to switch back to the nonchalant, grumpy rocker and he said in a tight-lipped manner: ‘Go to Stuart… He’s the arty one.’ 

That was my first contact with the lads, and to be precise, it was already the first step towards John’s phone call, which wasn’t until six years later, when he asked me in the early summer of 1966: ‘Any idea for our next album cover?’

[Klaus Voormann, on broaching the subject of album cover design with John in Hamburg, 1960. From Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon.]

Genesis Publications has announced a Grammy Anniversary edition of Klaus Voormann’s book, Revolver 50: Birth of an Icon, limited to 450 copies. Klaus won a Grammy Award for the artwork on 2nd March 1967, the first of its kind for a rock album. 

Pic: Klaus Voormann


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You sighed as you walked into the Avengers building. Rubbing your head, you wished you had gotten a hat on the way over. If your friends didn’t like your newly shaved head, your coworkers probably wouldn’t either.

“Hey, Y/N,” Bucky greeted as he walked by. Though, he did a double-take. “Oh, your hair’s gone.”

Your face went red in embarrassment. Why did he have to notice and put it that way? “Yeah, I had an urge to shave it,” you told him, again rubbing your hand on the top of your head. You were so not used to feeling skin there.

“You don’t look very happy about that,” Bucky pointed out with a slightly tilted head.

“Yeah, my friends didn’t react well,” you admitted with a sigh.

“Don’t listen to them. You look adorable.” Bucky spoke in a firm tone.

“I what?” you asked, just to make sure you heard correctly.

Now it was Bucky’s turn to blush. “I said your haircut is cute on you,” he reiterated.

You smiled a little. “You think so?” you asked.

Bucky nodded. “I mean, you were cute before, too. Now it’s just a different cute, and I should probably go see what it was that Steve wanted.” He turned to leave, but you jogged over, giving Bucky a quick hug from behind.

“Thank you, really,” you thanked. “I was really close to buying a wig until my hair grew back out, but if you’re being honest…”

Bucky smiled and pat the top of your head. “You’re honestly adorable. Don’t worry about it, alright?”

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HI can I request a Suga x Fem s/o walking him home after practice and making him blush in front of his teammates? Or just any suga sap really I love my boy so much

I just wrote this and I lost it and I’m sad because I liked how it had turned out so it's a bit shorter than it originally was :(  

“You know you really are adorable~” you smile, as you see your boyfriend walking out of the gym with his teammates a bit behind him.

“W-what?” he looks at you, a bit confused, but also slightly embarrassed. “But I’m all sweaty right now…”

“I know but you just look so cute with your flushed cheeks~” you took his face in your hands and patted his cheeks gently. “It just show how hard you’ve been working. I like it~”

Suga face reddened even more when he knew that his friends had probably had heard you and when Daichi and Ennoshita chuckled that had just confirmed it for him. But he didn’t really mind it, it had only caught him off guard for a moment.

“Go and get dressed. I wanna walk home with you.” you hands fall to your side and you smile at him- a smile that he swears makes his knees go weak every single time. The only thing he can do is grin back at you and nod before going up to the clubroom with everyone else to change.

“She’s a keeper.” Daichi says to his best friend as he puts on his shirt. “We all really like her and can tell how happy she makes you.”

“Yeah!” Nishinoya pipes up. “And she’s really nice and pretty too!”

Koushi chuckles, quickly putting on the rest of his clothes and grabbing his bag. “She’s not going anywhere, I plan to hold onto her for a long time.” his eyes are looking to the floor, smiling softly to himself. He says his goodbyes to everyone before making his way back down to you, hoping he didn’t keep you waiting for too long.

“Hi Koushi~” you take his hand in yours and he greets you with a small kiss on the cheek and the two of you start the short walk to your house. “You know you really are adorable when you blush~” you say to him just because you have a good feeling that if you say it again, he’ll blush. Lo and behold, he does.

“I wasn’t blushing… My cheeks were just flushed from practice…” he mumbles to himself, another blush creeping up on him sneakily. You liked being the one making him blush since it was usually the other way around for you. But it was a nice change to see him like this.

“Sure sure, whatever you say~” you tease him, giggling and swinging your hands between each other lightly. “Sorry if I embarrassed you though, I didn’t mean to, it just kind of slipped out.”

He shakes his head, a quick way of telling you that it was fine and no harm was done. “You know the team really likes you. Daichi said that you were a keeper,” Suga says, “and Nishinoya said that you were really nice and pretty. You’re nice and all, but pretty?” he looks ahead, knowing that your eyes were on him and probably narrowing at him. So before you could retort, he speaks up again and looks down at you. “Pretty is an understatement. You’re the most beautiful person that I’ve ever been able to lay eyes on, and no one can top you. Except for me.” you can tell that the last part wasn’t exactly mean for looks, especially when you see the small smirk that he’s wearing.

“Koushi!” It was your turn to blush, you face getting hotter when you understood what he meant.

He laughed softly before continuing. “I’m serious though. You’re stunning-absolutely beautiful and I’m lucky that you even like me as much as I like you because I never thought that you would. I’m lucky that I get to call you mine; I’m lucky that someone as beautiful as you wants to be with me. ”

“You keep saying that you’re lucky. Luck has nothing to do with it Koushi. I like you because you’re you and you’re perfect in every way possible. I’m glad that I get to call you my boyfriend and I’m glad that we’re together.” you rest your head on his shoulder, squeezing his hand tighter. “…and I love you.”

Sugawara felt like his heart was going to explode out of his chest because of how fast it had started to beat. But he couldn’t have been happier than in that very moment. “I love you too. More than you’ll ever know.”

GOT7 Reaction to YOU Walking in on them NAKED {Requested}

“Omg i loved your bts one so can i ask for “Got7 reaction to you walking in on them” pleaseeee”

Here you go anon! :)

Mark: “Well this is awkward… can you hand me my towel please? Some things shouldn’t be seen, and DON’T tell me that I shouldn’t be embarrassed just because my dad already posted pictures of my tiny rooster!”

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Jaebum: “This must be shocking for you. Just when you thought I couldn’t possibly get any hotter, my sexy, svelte and smooth physique comes an WHAMS you in the face…You’re welcome….You should feel honored! Hey don’t cover your eyes!! Don’t laugh either I’m serious!”

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Jackson: “Oh Mah Gawd!! Leave! I’m naked but um first can you tell me if I look handsome because this muscle is slightly bigger than the other and I don’t know if that’s strange…it’s not? Cool ..Oh mah Gawd now leaveeeee!!”

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Junior: “Hey while you’re running away in shock you can at least say ‘Thank You!!’ Jeez you’re acting like you didn’t just get visually blessed. I swear some people are so ungrateful.”

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BamBam: “….You weren’t expecting this was you? You know what they say, ‘BIG things come in small packages’. hey don’t roll your eyes! Come back! I wasn’t done!!”

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Yugyeom: “I’m going to close my eyes and pretend this never happened…please don’t be still standing there when I open them and please, let us never speak of this again. It’s better that way.”

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Harry/Pansy: “I feel you staring at my ass as I walk away, Potter.” said Pansy, smugly for @weasleyismyking540

“No, I wouldn’tI wasn’tYou” Harry spluttered, his face reddening in embarrassment at being caught even though he hadn’t meant to stare.

“It’s all right,” Pansy replied, her smug smile turning into a leer as she eyed Harry from his unruly black hair to his slightly scuffed shoes. “You can look all you wantfor a price.”

Harry gulped, feeling like he’d been caught in a trap, and even though he could see the mechanism that had ensnared him, he still didn’t want to get away.

“Dinner. Tonight. Pick me up at 7.”

As she sauntered off, Harry couldn’t help but feel he’d unfairly won a top prize.

Send me a ship and a sentence and I’ll write the next five (or more)!

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hey so like i'm a big fan of your blog and i just wanted to say that I LOVE YOU BABY. LOOK HOW GOOD YOUR BLOGS DOING YOU FUCKING BEAUTIFUL CHILD. WOWOW. anyway. yh. love you dildo brien

*Smothers with blanket and laughs awkwardly*

Aha… Nothing to see here… *Whispers under breath* Oh my god, shut up, you’re so embarrassing… Mads I will block you…

*Blushes slightly and hides face* But thanks babe ^_^

*Gives respectable pat on the head* Now go and study.

Alright, I’m desperate. Will delete this once I get an answer.

Does anyone know where I can find a video in which Jack does an impression of Mark while they are recording with each other?
What I can say about it from my terrible memory is that it might’ve been on Mark’s channel and that it was a game involving face-cam. I can’t remember the game at all. I also know that it’s slightly recent so not probably older than a year? I’m very confused and have been looking for this video for hours. Oh! I also know that Jack does the laugh impression and it causes Mark to laugh; showing just how good the impression is and embarrassing Mark a bit.



some pics of me in the 8th grade from 2007/8. only slightly embarrassed by that last one, my attempt @ the pop punk/emo look at a school dance. I can’t believe I was a cheerleader & featured in the yearbook’s fashion page reppin that Aeropostale 😂 that third pic… I had written a rap/cheer about orchestra & a group of friends & I preformed the thing at one of our recitals 😅

Lilies and Zeppelin: Part 12

Previous Parts

Pairing: Punk!Dean/Reader

Tags: HS AU, Dean deserves the word, Sam is a blessing, John’s dead.

Warnings: abuse mention, injury description

Words: 3331 

Note: s/o to my amazing beta: @hellsqveen xoxo

@codependentlys, @havntedean, @wedancedwithdeath, @iamgingersavage, @jessyackles, @ddean

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Getting your period (Bokuto + fem s/o)

You get your period while staying over at your boyfriend, Bokuto’s place.

___-chan? Babe? Sweetheart.” You frowned a bit at the feeling of your shoulder being shook. 

“Mmmm.” You buried your face further in your pillow, not wanting to deal with your hyper-active boyfriend. 

“Baby, um, I think that time of the month came while you were asleep.” And at that moment, your eyes sprung open. You looked at your boyfriend’s slightly blushed face and then down on the sheets beneath you. Your boyfriend’s perfectly blue plaid sheets has now been stained with red. You surprised him when you shot up from the bed and sprinted to the bathroom. You shut the door behind you and just stood there, embarrassed. 

“Oh my god.” You sighed to yourself as you sat down on the toilet, covering your face with your hands. You felt so embarrassed, you weren’t sure how you would face your boyfriend after this. You two had only been dating for over a month, so you didn’t think you would have to deal with an accident like this already. 

How am I supposed to get out of this bathroom? Did I even bring any tampons? I thought my period wasn’t coming till next week? 

Your thoughts were interrupted by a light knock on the door. 

“___? A-are you okay?” Somehow you knew he was scratching his head and fumbling with his fingers. 

“Yeah, I’m fine, just embarrassed.” You admitted. 

“Don’t be embarrassed, ___-chan. I completely understand.”

“But I ruined your sheets.” You felt tears coming, partly from actually ruining his sheets, but also because you could feel the cramps coming.

“Baby, don’t worry about the sheets, I don’t care about those, I care about you.” Now you actually felt a tear roll down your cheek.

“Do you need anything?” 

“I need a tampon. Could you please hand me my bag? I think I have some in there.” You sat there feeling like the luckiest girl in the world to have him as your boyfriend. You were smiling at your self, probably looking like a fool.

“Can I come in?” He knocked once more, after a few moments.

You looked at your state, and your eyes widen. He’s about to see you like this. You swallowed hard, feeling like you had no choice.

“Yeah, you can come in.” You bit your lip and just waited for this to get over with.

But when Bokuto opened the door, he had one hand holding your bag and the other over his eyes. He was holding out the bag in front of him, and you took it from him.

“Um, I figured you wouldn’t want me to see, so I covered my eyes.” He quickly explained.

“Yes, thank you, Bokuto, you’re the best.” You let out a relieved sigh.

You watched as his mouth formed a grin before exiting the bathroom. 

You opened your bag to grab a tampon from your emergency pouch, but the first thing you saw was one of your boyfriend’s boxers and his sweatpants. You felt your heart flutter, and you bit your lip to try and not smile too big. You quickly changed and cleaned yourself up before exiting the bathroom. When you got out, you could see that he already changed his sheets and he was now in front of his t.v, setting up a movie. 

“___! Are you feeling okay? Did you get the boxers in the bag?” He ran up to you, running his hands up and down your arm.

“Yes, Bokuto, I got your striped boxers.” You smiled, getting on the tips of your toes to give him a kiss on the lips. You felt him smile into the kiss as he cupped your cheeks.

“I have your favourite movie set up! And I wasn’t sure if you wanted pizza for breakfast so I waited for you to come out before ordering.” His eyes lit up and he took your hand and guided you to the freshly made bed. 

“I think pizza for breakfast sounds amazing right now.” You laid down on the bed while he turned on the movie and grabbed his phone. You held out your arms to him, signaling him to cuddle with you. He happily obliged, allowing you to wrap yourself around him. You took his hand in yours, planting chaste kisses on it. 

“I love you, Bokuto.” You finally rested your head against his chest, and you feel him give you a kiss on the top of your head.

“I love you too, ___-san.”

‘Lady and The Tramp’ It With Me

A/N: Prompt: Anything Miles tbh !!!! S A M E- I need more Miles

Pairing: Mile L. x Reader

Word Count: 878

Warning(s): Nah

Summary: Mile and You go on a lunch date…

Working diligently on the most recent RT Short, you hadn’t realized that your lunch had come and gone. It wasn’t until you feel your stomach howl hunger pangs that you look at the clock and curse to yourself.

“What’s wrong?”

You jump slightly and look behind you to find Miles poking his head in your office, a Twizzlers hanging out from between his teeth. Sighing, you turn to face him and you have to refrain from swooning when you first see him. There was something undeniably attractive about his carefree scruffy vibe. Sadly, the reality of your life came crashing back. You wrap your jacket around yourself, finding your starring embarrassing, even though he didn’t notice.

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Hide’s about to kiss Kaneki for the first time so Kaneki closes his eyes, tilts his head to the side slightly, holds his breath and waits expectantly. BUt Hide stops to watching all that happen and dying from the cuteness of it all. Kaneki opens his eyes, sees Hide fighting back a smile and feels embarrassed. Kaneki complains and looks like he’s going to run away so Hide presses (read: attacks) small kisses all over his face until Kaneki goes to push Hide away because it’s ticklish and they’re both laughing. 

Lose Ourselves

Waking up was strange. At first I expected to see the light walls of my room- like I said, that’s what I expected. I was instead greeted by the dark, blue walls. Which reminded me that I was in fact, not in my own room; which was organised and clean and girly- but I was in Stiles’ room.

I was in Stiles’ bed.


With an equally as naked Stiles snuggled up behind me, his arm resting heavily on my waist, his face buried into my neck allowing me to hear the ridiculous snores- louder than usual at their proximity to my ear- and his erection pressing firmly into my butt. His morning wood was poking me, and I knew I should probably be embarrassed about that or angry or something- but flattered and slightly turned on, probably isn’t what I should be feeling. I looked at the clock that was situated on his bed-side table and realised, that he needed to wake up soon if we both wanted to get to school soon and on time. I tried to lift his arm and wriggles away from him, but my movements just seemed to make him pull me closer as he let out groan into my neck.  I bit my lip to try and stifle a giggle, I felt Stiles rub himself more against me. Pressing harder into my but, until suddenly he stopped moving all together. He wasn’t even breathing, as far as I could tell.

“Stiles? You okay there buddy?” I asked, my voice hoarse from being over-used last night. I wasn’t sure he’d heard me, he made no motion or noise to acknowledge my question. I took a deep breath and wondered if I should ask again- thought just as I was about to repeat my words; I felt him slowly run his hand up and down my waist. His finger traced over my shoulder and up my neck, before poking me in the cheek.

“Hey! What’s with the poking dude?” I called, trying to wriggle away from his prodding and poking finger.

“You’re really real.. like last night wasn’t just some crazy awesome, kinda want it to be recurring dream?” Stiles stated as he poked me one last time in the stomach, almost for good measure. I finally managed to roll over and laugh at him and his ridiculous outbursts, I nodded as I finally turned to face him- his expression was priceless. His coffee coloured eyes were wide as was his mouth, which almost made me cringe. Cause morning breath. I’m pretty sure mine was just as bad, but still. Kind of ruined the mood I was in previously.

I kicked the covers from my body before turning round and smirking at an awe struck Stiles lying in bed staring at my obvious nakedness- I grabbed his arm and pulled him behind me to his bathroom. Where I proceeded to grab our toothbrushes and toothpaste before shoving his to him and beginning to brush my teeth; allowing me to get rid of the off-putting and dreaded morning breath, Stiles followed my movements almost in a trance, his eyes still trailing up and down my body, as if trying to figure out whether this was really happening or whether it was crazy awesome dream. Once our teeth were brushed, I turned to the shower; turning it on and letting the water warm up to a temperature which was just right. I looked over my shoulder to Stiles, still stood in the position I left him in.

“Are you gonna stand there and stare.. or are you gonna grab some towels and join me in here, cause we’re kinda running late..” I stated over my shoulder, smirking as he jumped into action and collected a pair of fluffy towels for us both to use once we were finished washing ourselves up. I stepped into the shower, sighing in relief as the water began to wash over my achy muscles- easing the soreness, I guess Stiles and I went pretty hard last night. I felt Stiles enter the shower behind me, I stepped back so I was resting against his chest- I could feel Stiles stiffen slightly before he lifted his arms to rest against my waist. I picked up the body wash and offered it to Stiles first; he gladly took it and dribbled some into his palms before he began to lather my body quite clumsily- I winced as he continued to try and wash me. I gently placed my hands on his and stopped his rushed movements- washing the suds from my body before returning the favour and lathering his body up with bubbly goodness.

I paid close attention to his broad chest, and gently washed his back being extra careful of the scratches that I had left on the pale skin of his back. Once he was all washed off, and all the suds had been rinsed away. I looked down to his obvious erection, which was standing tall and begging for my attention. The tip was red, and engorged- a dribble of pre-come leaking from the slit, looking oh so enticing. I could feel my lip being brought between my teeth of its own volition, and before either of us could really comprehend my movements. I’d dropped to my knees in front of him and placed a gentle kiss to the head. Stiles gasp rang out, almost louder than the sound of running water- I continued to pepper kisses all over the head, before gently poking my tongue out to taste him. He was slightly salty, but there was a tangy sweet undertone too- and it was anything but unpleasant. I slowly slipped my lips over his tip, suckling gently- testing the waters, his weak groan urged me to take more of him into my mouth. I slipped him further past my lips, inch by inch- teasing him as he slid mostly into my mouth, I hollowed my cheeks and sucked before pulling my head back and beginning to bob back up along his length as far as I could take him into my mouth- before he hit the back of my throat.  I pulled back and gently swirled my tongue around the head and slit, before pulling back even further and licking the prominent vein on the underside of his length.

I didn’t really know if he was enjoying my ministrations, until I heard his loud groan after I paid attention to that one vein, I felt him thrust slightly towards my mouth. I looked up at him through my lashes as I took him back into my mouth, suckling and hollowing out my cheeks as I bobbed my head- I watched as he looked down towards me, our eyes locking and his mouth dropping in awe. I let my lips pull into a smirk as I continued my work and dropped my right eye into a wink as I picked up my pace; I watched as he lifted his hands as if he was going to grip them into my hair, but half way through the motion it seemed like he changed his mind and just let his hands flap mid-way between gripping me the way we both wanted. I continued my actions and brought one hand to grip his hands, gently pulling them to the back of my head hoping he’d get the message- luckily he did, meshing his fingers between my soggy tresses and holding fast- the other hand I lifted and gently cupped his balls, rolling them in the palm of my hand. I could feel Stiles’ climax coming quickly, as he began to thrust quickly and more unevenly into my mouth- seeking his release quicker. His moans and groans and growls were loud and encouraging- echoing around the small bathroom, I almost thought the Sheriff would come and see what was happening; but then I reminded myself, he probably heard strange noises coming from Stiles’ room and bathroom almost on the daily. I mean he was a teenage boy, and we regularly hung out with were-creatures on a regular basis.

I felt Stiles’ hand grip my hair tighter, and I sensed his climax before I tasted his tangy load flow into my mouth, I swallowed as much of it as I could. Before pulling back and licking any drops I’d missed from the head of his sated length. He looked down to me, his eyes slightly glazed- but still hooded, the sheer amazement was plain to see from my current position; on my knees.

Once Stiles had let out a satisfied breath, he held his hands out for me to grasp- he easily pulled me to my feet again and then stretched his arm further back and shut off the shower. we quickly escaped its steamy confines an dried off quickly; Stiles collecting an outfit quickly and putting it on. I, on the other hand, struggled. I couldn’t turn up to school in the outfit I wore the day before, and I certainly couldn’t wear any of the other clothes of mine- as either being a slob or turning up in comfortable clothes would make Lydia despair at my lack of fashion sense.

Biting my lip, I made my way over to Stiles’ closet again. I looked through the jumble of sweats and comfy tees in a perfunctory fashion, sighing frustratedly. I knew for a fact that there was no time to drive all the way to mine and be able to get to school at a reasonable time. Muttering angrily to myself, I stared at Stiles’ clothes. Narrowing my eyes at a black suit jacket, it happened to be double breasted- and looked as though the Sheriff may have given it to him as a loaner; but Stiles being Stiles, had never given it back..

I grabbed the jacket, and my blouse from yesterday. Putting them both on, I looked in the mirror to see the outcome. It wasn’t too bad, buttoning up the jacket hid the blouse mostly- only allowing a small amount to peak through the collar; the blazer was huge on me, covering the necessities and ending just before my knee. Pulling on the uncomfortable heels from yesterday and doing some smudgey make-up- using the emergency kit Lydia insisted I take everywhere- I stared at my reflection once more giving myself a nod, it would do. I turned to look at Stiles, who seemed to be frozen half way through pulling on his tshirt- leaving him only half dressed. His face was concentrated, and his gaze was locked firmly on me- eyeing me as I put this make-shift outfit together. I threw my arms out to the side, as if to ask his opinion: a motion that he nodded quite jerkily to. We made our way downstairs grabbing a pop tart on the way before jumping into the waiting Jeep, the cruiser was missing allowing us to leave quickly and easily.

On the drive, I texted Lydia and asked her to ‘Pretty please bring some black tights with her’. Her response was swift, and snippy as expected, though when Stiles and I pulled into a spot- Lydia was already waiting by the front entrance of the school holding the dark hosiery I’d requested. Once she saw what in was wearing, she raised her eyebrow in a questioning and frustrated manner- which only Lydia Martin seemed to be able to pull off.

Stiles seemed marginally more awkward than usual as we said our farewells before heading off to our separate classes. He couldn’t keep his eyes on my face, they kept wandering to my lips or even further down my body. At one point he leaned forward, before backing away quickly- his arms awkwardly hanging mid-way between us before he finally decided to wave in a jerky manner. Once he’d made his robotic farewell, I felt a delicate hand grasp my arm- the talon like nails pinching into the skin there- pulling me in the direction of the nearest bathroom. I was shoved gently towards a cubicle and handed the hosiery- I quickly pulled them on underneath the jacket as I continued to tug and pull at the fabric so it covered my legs properly I heard the distinct click-clack of Lydia’s heels- and then the slam of the bathroom door. I poked my head out of the cubicle to see that I was alone in the bathroom. I sighed and looked in the mirror. The girl staring back at me looked different; her eyes didn’t look tired and stressed, her lips were pulled into a faint smile, her cheeks were faintly blushed, her hair looked shinier and bouncy- over all the girl staring back at me looked different, in a good way. I turned my attention to the purpling splotches that were making an appearance on her neck- they were dark and ugly, but at the same time beautiful. Which seemed ridiculous; they were ugly because they were grotesque, but they were beautiful because of the memories of how they got there to begin with. I could almost still feel Stiles’ mouth biting and suckling on the skin- to create his own masterpieces upon the previously unmarred skin. I took in a deep breath as the previous nights actions and this mornings activities replayed like a movie inside my head.

The sounds Stiles made, the groans and moans were permanently etched into my memory and were echoing like a symphony. I bit my lip as I felt the familiar warmness drip to the centre of my body. I continued to remember the way Stiles had growled as he filled me and thrust himself into me- in a way that was almost too much, but not enough all at the same time. I was shocked out of my reverie as the bathroom door opened again and revealed Lydia- carrying an ostentatious necklace- followed by Allison and Cora. Allison looked mildly alarmed, Lydia looked pouty and frustrated and Cora looked confused as she walked towards me. She stood close in front of me- so close I felt overwhelmed and incredibly uncomfortable- before I knew what was happening, she’d stuck her head into my neck and sniffed- before rearing back and smirked.

“She’s definitely had sex. I can smell him on her, and the huge ass hickies are also a major give away.” Cora stated, looking over her shoulder- I turned my eyes to watch as Lydia smirked in response and Allison just looked even more alarmed.

“Stiles was exceptionally more awkward today.. That’s a mans jacket and the same blouse she was wearing yesterday…” Lydia announced in a calculating manner. I bit my lip, preparing myself for the inevitable admittance on my part. Lydia could drag any information out of anybody, it was only a matter of time before I spilled or she figured it out herself. I took a deep breathe ready to confess, but then I thought; it’s not a bad thing. It was incredible, Stiles was incredible. I frowned and opened my mouth to tell them, until Allison cut me off.

“You and Stiles? How was it? Was he good? Is he like half vampire or something?” Allison asked, she was curious- not judgemental. Lydia, looked just as intrigued, and Cora looked bored- before she gave a wave and left the room muttering something about ‘girly teenage drama’. I felt relieved. After answering her questions, both girls seemed sated and smiled happily. Lydia fastened the necklace around my neck before we continued on with our day; classes were boring as usual, but were brightened by the constant teasing and innuendo of my friends. I didn’t see Stiles until lunch, we were all sat at the table quite happily eating our lunches of choice- until my gaze was captured by Stiles’ hands. I was mesmerised by the way his hands seemed to dwarf the burger in them, his long and dextrous fingers gripping it. I watched as he lifted it to his mouth, his lips rosy- though not as plump and flushed as last night or this morning. I pulled my drink to my lips, trying to distract me from the images and thoughts flooding through my brain. Sipping at the drink, I felt eyes on me- looking around the table to find the culprit my gaze finally landed on Stiles. Who had his eyes locked firmly on me- he was watching my every move, jaw clenched and eyes dark as he shifted a little in his seat. I flicked my eyes around the table once more to see if anyone else was noticing our exchange- we were in the clear; although Scott seemed to be having a coughing fit and his eyes were wide as he glared at Stiles, I shook of his reaction and turned my attentions towards the frustrating brunette opposite me. I lifted my drink to my lips again, catching Stiles’ gaze- ensuring he was watching as I let my lips move gently up the straw, allowing some droplets to cling to my bottom lip before licking over it gently. I watched his gaze narrow in on the movement as he continued to shift in his seat, I quirked an eyebrow and nudged my foot towards his; gently jolting against his own before traveling up his leg, climbing high up his calf before sliding back down to his ankle. I continued this motion as I got back to eating my lunch- ignoring Stiles’ reactions and pretending all was well. My foot gently moved high up his leg, as I continued my ministrations until my foot was massaging against his hardening crotch. Stiles tried to cover a groan by coughing, Scott was looking increasingly uncomfortable with the whole situation. And Allison and Lydia were both smirking as Stiles abruptly jumped from his seat, grabbed his backpack and placed it strategically against his crotch- before grabbing my arm and yanking me from my own seat, he pulled me all the way from the cafeteria- continuing to pull me from the school.

He tugged me all the way to his car. He twisted me in his grip, until I was pushed up against the metallic door- the cool metal digging onto my back. His hands- his delicious hands, gripped securely onto my hips and pushed me further back into the baby blue and black vehicle behind me. His lips gently nuzzled into my neck, leaving barely there kisses over the purple and red splotches dotting my neck- he pressed his lips more firmly against the sweet spot, that lay just over my pulse point. I winced, gasping as the gentle kiss soon turned a bit less gentle; his teeth taking the turn nipping at the abused skin before sucking the sensitive patch into his mouth and suckling aggressively. I groaned partially as he was turning into some kind of ferocious sex-beast and partially because my neck was sensitive and it kind of hurt to have him being this rough with me after last night- I still ached, in the most delectable way. My hands flew to his wild hair- which he was growing out- and tugged, his lips left my neck with a soft pop- allowing me to breathe a sigh of relief as my neck was being given a rest for now.  I tugged on his hair until his lips met my own, pressing against each other with fervour, my tongue slipped out and kitten licked at his own lips until he opened his mouth to me. My tongue slid into his mouth and explored the crevices there, much like it had the night before- my fingers were winding in his hair and my tongue was winding around Stiles’ as we continued to kiss. One of his own hands lifted from my hip to graze up the side of my body brushing over the curve of my boob- before traveling towards my back. I was so lost in the kiss and Stiles, that I had no idea he had pulled me away from the car to open the door for me- his lips pulled back from my own, gently tugging on my bottom lip- biting and sucking it in between his own lips, before releasing it and letting it snap back against my teeth. I looked up at him with wide eyes, he gently pushed me towards the open door telling me to get in.

I hoisted myself up into the cab of the jeep, Stiles’ hands were placed on my but to lift me up- helping me into the high car, though I think he just wanted a good grope of back there, before slamming the door closed and making his way round to the drivers side. He started the car and began to drive from the car park, driving away from the school- and actually driving away from civilisation of the town and towards the emptiness of the forest surrounding our home. He abruptly pressed on the breaks, jolting me forwards slightly before turning off the car and removing the keys from the ignition. He jumped from the cab and beckoned me to follow him. I did as he gestured, following him around the car until we reached the back- he opened the door and roughly shoved me against the seat, I could feel my eyes widen; I wasn’t expecting this, though I wasn’t complaining either. My torso was resting against his upholstered seats, the bottom half of my body was still outside the vehicle- my feet firmly on the ground. I could feel him press himself against me, a small sigh escaping him- I bit my lip as he pulled back slightly, he shoved the bottom of the jacket up to my hips. I was bare and exposed to him, only my tights and underwear covering me up down there. His hands caressed over the silky material of the hosiery that covered my panties, before gliding to the waistband and tugging it down. I gasped as I heard a faint ripping sound.

“Oh shit! Sorry, I just.. I-I-I’m desperate for you. All I could think about was last night, and this morning.. I just wondered if I could- if we could do it, do it again.. like right now- cause I’m so hard right now I think I might explode and it’s your fault with the straw thing and the touching.. Gahh..” Stiles mumbled as his hands continued to brush over my undies. I bit my lip and nodded; through his ministrations- his rough and readiness, had made that ache more prominent between my legs, I could feel the wetness pooling in my panties- practically dripping from my core.

“Oh thanks god!” He muttered his face pressing into my back and shoulder, his hands gently moving in between my legs- brushing over the crotch of my panties. He let out a hiss, as his fingers made contact and pressed against the wetness there- teasing and touching gently. Before moving the material to the side and letting his fingers slip inside my folds- he probed around feeling his fingers become slick with my arousal, he gently rubbed the wetness all over my core- allowing me to feel how turned on I was. Our groans matched as he continued to stroke at my sensitivity, I felt one finger dip into my centre. Gently moving in and out- his thumb brushed over my clit, giving the delicate bundle of pleasure some attention too before slipping in another finger- allowing them to delve deeper and deeper within me. I couldn’t control myself as I ground down onto his hand- allowing them to reach deeper into me and brush over that coveted place within; cause pleasure to surge through my body, the knot that had formed in my  stomach became almost unbearably tight. Stiles continued his ministrations, adding another finger and pushing me swiftly towards that release which I was desperate for- if the sounds being released from my mouth were anything to go by. I faintly heard him unzip his pants and let them drop to the ground, I also heard the tear of a foil packet- I was so close at this point I was surprised I could hear anything at all but the blood pounding in my ears. I gasped- I was being nudged over that sacred edge, I was getting my much needed release, until Stiles pulled his fingers from me abruptly.

I whined, having lost the sensation of his fingers within me, but moaned so loudly and erotically- enough to out a porn star to shame- as I felt him enter me. He buried himself to the hilt, I could feel his balls resting firmly on my ass- his growl was load in my ear as he leaned over me to gain more leverage and access. I revelled in the feeling of being filled so thoroughly, Stiles ground himself against me- giving me that last needed nudge. I felt like I was exploding, that knot inside finally loosened- I was falling, and the pleasure surging through me was the only thing there to catch me. I could feel my inner most muscles tighten around Stiles, who also felt the result of my peak- his groan was loud, long, drawn out and oh so arousing. He continued to grind himself within me- prolonging the ecstasy I was surrounded by.

“Oh. Wow.. Really? Like really, really?” I could hear Stiles mutter, huffing as I continued to contract around him, I was slowly coming down from my high- and I was desperate for more. Once I had completely come down from the intensity, Stiles pulled back and thrust back in slowly- as if trying to get used to the angle, in this position I could feel every ridge and vein- so I knew it must be just as intense for him. He thrust himself in and out of me slowly at first, gaining a steady pace- until finally I couldn’t take it anymore. That ball of nerves inside my stomach was growing tighter and tighter again- and I needed that final push. As Stiles pulled out almost to the tip, I slammed myself back onto him quickly and violently- moaning loudly as I did so, I moved myself forwards before ramming myself backwards into him just as quickly and ferociously. Stiles eventually got the message, and began pounding into me- one of his hands reached around my front and tweaked a nipple under my bra and blouse and the other slid between us to lightly rub at the nub of throbbing nerves between my legs, he gently rubbed the pads of his fingers against it- giving me that little bit extra I needed. And I was again moaning loudly, as I fell into bliss once more.

Stiles growled into my ear as he pulled himself even closer to me, pushing himself as far as he could go inside. I was constricting around him, my climax was rushing at me full force- making me weak in the knees, though thankfully Stiles’ arms being wrapped around me managed to keep me from falling.

“Oh my.. Fuuuuck! I’m not gonna last much longer- you’re so ummph” Stiles grunted out still thrusting and grinding- his rhythm had been completely forgotten and he was just ramming into me. Faster and harder than before- I was still over-sensitive from my previous two orgasms. So this one came as such a surprise; there was no build up, it just crashed over me like a wave-  flashing through me making my knees give out fully. I reached my hands up to grip onto the seats of the jeep to try and stay from collapsing to the ground- Stiles was now spilling himself into the condom, my walls compressing around him must’ve given him the edge he needed to reach his end. I felt him stay, buried to the hilt inside me- his chest was pressed firmly against my back, we were both trying to catch our breathes. Before I knew why or how it happened; I was giggling loudly into the seats, Stiles’ hearty chuckles soon joined in my laughter- and was only broken by the gentle kisses and nips he was leaving against my neck. We were so distracted; we didn’t hear another car pull up, nor did we hear someone exit said vehicle, and we certainly didn’t notice the clearing of a throat. We only realised we weren’t actually alone when we heard a familiar voice.

“Stiles? What are… Y/N.. What the..” The Sheriff asked, his voice showing how absolutely bewildered he was at this moment. I stiffened in my position, my body coiling tight- I was shocked and embarrassed beyond belief. We are being caught by his Dad. His Dad ! I hadn’t noticed that my body’s reaction to being caught had any effect on Stiles until I heard him groan in my ear… He was still inside me- and I had tensed up, everywhere. I watched as the Sheriff continued to look befuddled, until his eyes; caught sight of position, our straggled appearances and the fact that Stiles’ pants and boxers were around his ankles- my tights were held fast around my knees and my panties were shoved to the side not to mention that my borrowed jacket was jostled around my hips, completely exposing us and our previous actions. I could feel my face burning, I tried to gently pull my body from his- but Stiles was holding fast.

“D-d-Don’t move.. P-please. Just stay still a little..” Stiles whispered in a  needy manner in my ear. I felt him lift his head slightly- I assumed he was now looking at the Sheriff. “Hey err Dad, we uhh. We were..” He began, his brain was obviously trying to come up with a Stiles Stilinski special explanation- though he was blatantly drawing a blank.

“Just get dressed. And meet me back home. Both of you. And if you aren’t at the house in 5- I’m coming to look for you.” Sheriff said, I didn’t need to look at him to tell he was angry. This was probably the angriest I’d ever seen or see him, and I was absolutely petrified. I was dreading going to the Stilinski residence. I knew what was waiting for us there. A lecture, that would make me re-think any and all decisions I have made or will make in my entire life. And questions. Questions, that I had no answer to as of yet. Questions Stiles and I hadn’t even addressed between us yet. Questions, I’m not sure I was ready to face up to yet. One thing was for sure though, I was not going to enjoy what would happen at the Stilinski home.


I think this is possibly the most important video on the internet.

Just pause for a minute.
Listen to how soft, yet confident his voice is when he begins the interview.
Look at how cute - albeit slightly embarrassed- his smile is when his phone starts going off and how unhurried and soft his movements are when he gets his phone out of his pocket.
Look at the way his face changes quickly to turn privately peaceful and gentle when he looks at the screen and sees that his grandma is calling and how its almost instinctive that he decides to share the phonecall with everyone watching- because ‘OH MY GOD, its his grandma!! this is so exciting!!’.
Listen to how gentle and caring his tone is when he talks to her, and how when she asks if its okay to talk, he doesn’t even bat an eyelid before he says yes, smiling to himself when she begins to ask him about his birthday.
Look at how at ease he looks as he talks to her and how patient he is with her when she asks what day his birthday is and he has to repeat ‘February 2nd’ a gazillion times- but he doesn’t care because she is his grandma and he loves her more than anything.
Look at the way he is so eager to tell her what he’s doing that he tries ridiculously hard to explain the title ‘Jackpot’ to her so many times, until she becomes confused and begins to get frustrated and then at that point he takes the call off of speakerphone and his whole demeanour changes once again; its like there is no-one else there except him and his grandma and he becomes a young boy as he talks to her- he grins to himself and hangs off of every word she says, despite the fact she isn’t even actually there, because he wants to talk to her, wants to hear her voice.
Listen to how soft his voice is when he tells her he has to leave and the way his eyes are still crinkled as he listens to what she says, the slightly bittersweet way in which he ends the call, hanging up and putting his phone into his pocket with a sad smile. But then he looks back up at the camera and immediately turns back into idol rapper P.O

…And i think that that is the most important part about this video, the devastatingly obvious distinction between Idol and person (or grandson in this case), the way someone is so easily able to change from one identity to another simply because it is required of them, because that is how the industry works. And i’m not sure people realise enough that even if our idols showed us themselves being ‘100% them’ in front of the camera…there is still that other side to them that we most likely wont ever see because it is the side that their families and friends saw as they grew up- its a side only personal interaction and prolonged periods of time with them would bring out.

It’s the Pyo Jihoon vs. loveable goofball idol rapper P.O that we all know him as.

And for me, i’m not entirely sure whether that is beautiful or absolutely terrifying…

When Worlds Collide! [Koganei x Reader x Kikumaru]

Part 1
[Koganei Shinji vs. Kikumaru Eiji]

⋆ ⋆ ⋆

“So, vanilla?”

Koganei felt dumb for asking the obvious, stuffing his mouth with a spoonful of his own ice cream before looking away in embarrassment. He swallowed heavily, internally scolding himself for acting so out of character around you. Already, he could feel his fingers begin their nervous tick, twitching slightly and fiddling with his plastic spoon, his napkin, anything that he could get a hold on. It was a habit he had picked up only after meeting you. Glancing in your direction, he can feel the embarrassed blush painted on his face deepen when he notices your quirked smile. This date was a disaster.

“It is my favorite flavor,” you respond smoothly, stifling a short giggle behind your hand before you go for a spoonful of the delectable treat. “I’m glad you asked me to come get ice cream with you today, Koganei-kun.”

Perking up a bit, Koganei’s eyes widen in happy surprise at your statement. Subconsciously leaning toward you from his seat, he mutters out a quick, “Really?”

Laughing again at how excited he seemed to be, you responded with a, “Yes, really.” Koganei feels his heart melting at the sound of your laugh and his nerves seem to dissipate into the air as he relaxes in his seat. Maybe asking you out on an ice cream date wasn’t that much of a disaster after all. At least, that’s what he thinks until he hears you say, “It’s nice to go out with friends once in a while; especially on a hot day like this.”

He doesn’t let the disappointment show on his face, shoving another whopping spoonful of ice cream into his mouth to hide his true emotions. Koganei had expected as much, considering he had been flirting with you—or rather, trying—for nearly a month now and you had looked passed all his advances. Asking you out today had been his next step, but obviously you had once again taken it the wrong way. Maybe he should be more upfront with his feelings? That thought made Koganei’s nerves kick back in and his thumb began to tap against the table.

The thrum of your cellphone nearly startled him halfway to a heart attack and he jumps a bit as the vibrations make the table buzz. Quickly, you glance at the screen before picking up your phone to respond to the incoming text, apologizing for the interruption.

“If you need to go, I totally understand,” Koganei says when he notices your brows furrow. Really, he just wanted this disastrous date to end so he could start over another time. Maybe next time he’d actually invite you out to dinner. There’d be no way you could take that invitation as something between just friends, right?

“Oh no,” you respond, setting your phone down again. “It’s not a problem. It’s just my ex-boyfriend. He wanted to know if I was busy today.”

Your phone vibrates again and your screen lights up. Glancing down, Koganei is just in time to notice a picture of a redheaded male on your screen. He’s smiling widely, one hand thrown up in a peace sign while the other is pointing at a bandage on his cheek, a cute gesture that would look awkward if it were anyone else. Koganei feels a certain twinge in his chest when he realizes that you and your ex must be on pretty good terms to still be speaking with each other. Maybe you really had been out of his league to begin with.

“Hi Eiji,” you chirp, tone sweet as you answer the phone call you had been receiving. “Tennis? Today?”

The way you glance over at Koganei, almost as if asking permission, makes his heart clench more. He makes a gesture with his hands, telling you that you can go if you want to. When he glances away from your face, he has to fight hard to hold back the welling up emotions in his eyes.

“Sorry, Eiji.” Koganei can feel his heart racing as he hears your words. Looking up at you in surprise once more, he notices your quirked smile as you twirl a strand of your hair around your index finger. “I’m on a really nice date right now.”

The wink you send Koganei’s way has his heart fluttering uncontrollably and, for once, he starts to think he has a chance.

So I'm at the casino

and I sit down at a slot machine, put a twenty in and start playing this “Little Shop of Horrors” game. After a few spins the bonus game unlocks and all of a sudden I hear “FEED ME!”. The venus fly trap is on the screen eating all of the little icons and growing bigger and bigger and yelling out “FEEEED MEEE!”. This thing is getting louder and louder and I’m looking around feeling super embarrassed cause it might as well be yelling out “fuck me, suck me, lick me” in my case, but nobody seems to be phased. “Does anybody get this, do you hear what it’s saying, why aren’t you getting turned on!?” I’m thinking to myself, eyes jetting around the room hoping there has to be at least one other feedee or feeder in the casino to relate with. But no. I sat there slightly turned on, with a smile on my face and fed the machine another twenty.

but can you imagine going out to dinner with luke at a semi-fancy restaurant and there would be a piano a few tables away from you and you’d notice luke repeatedly glancing over at it before he’d finally get a look of determination on his face and standing up and you’d grab his hand, knowing what he was thinking, pleading “luke please don’t” bc you didn’t want him to embarrass you but he’d grin slightly before pulling his hand out of yours and walking over to the piano, tentatively playing a couple chords before clearing his voice and starting to serenade you and your face would be on fire from awkwardness as the whole restaurant stared at you as luke pointed you out and it would be both the most romantic and the most scary experience of your life but then when the crowd clapped at luke as he finished he would sit back down next to you and put his lips next to your ear and whisper “i just want the world to know you’re my princess”

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