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Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Warning(s)?: Fluff for everyone!! And the mention of male gentiles (Flash’s nickname for Parker)

Word Count: 1708. I kind of got into this one XD

A/N: Am I late to this trend? Probably, but who cares! I was in the mood to write something fluffy so I decided to write something fluffy. It’s called supply and demand :D

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Number One

Peter, after observing your body sprawled on the floor, laughed wholeheartedly as a smile tugging at the corner of his lips, observing your sleepiness state as you pretended to do ‘snow angels’ on his floor.

Why you were at this apartment? Well, it was simple. While your parents were away on a business trip you were too scared to sleep alone in your own apartment so Peter volunteered to take you in for a couple of days…

…but he didn’t things would escalate to this.

“Peter! Look at my snow angels!” Continuing to mess up his rug a little bit with the constant moving of both your arms and legs, the male couldn’t help but conceal a laugh at how embarrassing this moment was.

Let’s hope he won’t text Ned about this in the morning.

As his concealed laughs turned into light snickers, he noticed your energy deplete from your body as you awkwardly stopped the moving of both your arms and legs. Completely drained, you stopped making ‘snow angels’ and cuddled into the uncomfortable rug, too lazy to move to the bed just inches away from you which caused Peter to smile charmingly at your now ‘asleep’ body.

Technically you were half-asleep, but he didn’t mind because he was already admiring you.

As you cuddled more into the now messed up rug, Peter couldn’t help but cock his head and observe you; completely intrigued by the way you made yourself comfy on a hard floor.

It may have been completely simple but to Peter it was fascinating, especially how you made something as negative as sleeping on a hard, uncomfortable rug to something as positive as looking completely peaceful, inside and out. 

Just the way your body curved in the dim light caused a light pink dust to dance across his cheeks, forcing him to turn his head to ‘observe’ an old lamp fetched out of a dumpster – but he couldn’t keep his eyes on that old piece of dirt for too long.

Every single time he tried to remove his gaze from your physique it always happened to wonder back to your beautiful face.

Your hair was swiped on the floor, static causing small strands of your hair to go up which left you with childlike features; something Peter completely loved about you. Your eyes were now closed while your lips were pulled in a tight line, giving you the appearance of a sleeping small infant which caused Peter to blossom even more as he glanced over your gentle features, trying to figure out why he was acting like this.

Peter has always been around you for years now, you guys technically grew up together, but he never looked at you like this…

…like a complete angel.

His cheeks were now a pigmented red as he observed your define features – cheesy, I know – but at this very moment he noticed something different about you. The slight rising of your chest as you breathed caused his chest to clench tightly. The light beating of your heart pounded against his ear drums, causing a light smile to spread across his face.

Right now he was looking at you in a different light – literally – and he was completely loving it.

“What am I going to do with you?” His usual smile plastered on his face as he swiftly jumped off his top bunk, making sure he didn’t disturb you as he gently grabbed your frail body and pulled you in his arms. His gentle facial features close to your own before he placed a gentle kiss on your forehead, causing you to bury your face into his defined chest which Peter adored completely.

Too afraid to wake you up, Peter leaned against the cold metal of his bunkbed before he placed you securely on his lap, his arms grabbing a blanket on his bottom bunk before he placed it over the two of you – his arms securely placed around your back as he pulled you closer to his chest to give you more warmth in the chilly room.

I could get used to this. He thought as he leaned against the metal bar, closing his eyes as you breathed lightly against his chest.

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I love sugar daddy Bucky! Steve probably has a huge collection of stuffed animals that daddy bought him to keep Steve company while daddy has to go on missions.

A/N: I got carried away. Sorry dear anon xD Also, for @yamikurama who wanted multiple orgasms (I think?), I kind of touch on it here but got carried away with the rest of the prompt! 

Days without Bucky were awful.

Steve didn’t know what to do with himself. He was happy that Bucky was a part of the Avengers, he was. But that meant he wanted to go on every mission with Bucky, which wasn’t possible. Fury needed him to stay put at the Compound to deal with officials that would be coming in to see how things were going with the remaining Hydra bases.

Seen as Steve had just come home from a pretty big mission, Fury sent Bucky and Sam on the next, which meant Steve was left to deal with the officials with Clint and Natasha.

Currently, he was sat in his and Bucky’s room, clutching at one of the many teddies Bucky had bought him. He could feel it coming on. Slipping away. The edges of his sight blurred and the light sensation had already taken hold of him. But it wasn’t good. It wasn’t like floating. Because Bucky wasn’t there. Instead, he felt like he was falling

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Healing (Charoix/Akko family AU)

Croix drew out a long breath as she got home. She closed the door behind her, and was met with nothing but darkness. She didn’t expect anything else, after all, Akko was still a child and she couldn’t stay awake to this hour and Chariot…

Chariot was another story.

Croix opened her bedroom’s door to find her wife and daughter sleeping together. Chariot’s arm gently rested on their little angel, who smiled and her sleep. The purple haired witch couldn’t keep the smile off her face, but it faded when she glanced at the red head. She lied on her bed, and wrapped an arm around Chariot’s wait, but she was surprised when her wife leaned back and interlocked their fingers.

“Did I wake you up?” She asked.

“No.” Chariot answered, sounding very tired. It hurt Croix to see her in such a state. Her lover was distressed and she did not know what to do. She spent many nights holding her while she cried over the dream that she lost. “How was your day?” The red head asked.

“It could have been better.” It could have been better if she knew that her wife was fine, but she wasn’t and that thought kept her anxious all the time.

“I’m sorry.” Chariot apologized, as if hearing the woman’s train of thoughts. “I’m causing you so much trouble…”

Croix frowned and made her turn to face her. The sight of tears in those red eyes caused her so much pain.

“No, you’re not. I love you Chariot, and I’ll do anything for you. Those witches are the ones who caused this, they’re the ones they hurt you.” She said, trying not to let her anger take over, and instead she focused on the love she felt towards Chariot. She kissed her, and when she pulled away, there was a small smile on her wife’s lips. “I can always teach them a lesson if you want. I have an army waiting to attack.” She said, causing Chariot to laugh. Oh, how much she loved the sound of her laughter, it was like a melody, a blessing to her ears. “I wasn’t joking.”

Of course she wasn’t. She really had an army of roombas ready to attack.

When she woke up in the morning, she was surprised to see only Akko beside her, and for a moment, she panicked and went to look for her.

She smelled something coming from the kitchen and headed towards it to find Chariot preparing breakfast. It was the first time she left her bed for weeks.

A smile found its way to Croix’s face as she walked towards her wife and hugged her from behind. The action took Chariot by surprise, but then she smiled and turned to look at her.

“Good morning.” Chariot said, smiling.

“Good morning.” Croix said with the biggest grin. “I must admit I’m surprised to see you here…”

“You have been taking care of me while all I did was cry and sleep… and while I know I can never shine again, it made me realize that I still have something more important. My family.” Chariot admitted, staring lovingly at Croix. She hasn’t fully recovered from what happened, but she was healing, and that was all that mattered. She leaned up to kiss her, to love her, in the hopes of giving her even a fraction of the care and affection that Croix gave her. Her hands found their way to the purple haired witch’s neck, while the latter brought her closer to her.

But they both pulled away when Akko walked in, rubbing her sleepy eyes. She looked at her mothers then grinned and raised her hands into the air. “Mommy is cooking today! Yay!”

“You make it sound as if you hate my cooking, little angel…” Croix pouted, while Chariot who was still in her arms laughed at her reaction.

As long as she had them, she can heal.

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hi bby!! i was wondering if you still write for SPN? if so would you be willing to write an angel family fic with fledgling!cas being a little pest and not wanting to go to sleep, and big brothers gabe & luci work together trying to tire him out with tickles so that they can put him to bed? your fics are some of my favourites ever! :)

Uuuugggghhhhhhh I’ve written soooo many like this but the idea is always so damn cute so I can’t turn it down dammit! Also thank you for liking my stuff!

“Don’t wanna! Don’t wanna!” little Castiel thrashed on his bed, looking up at his two older brothers. 

“Little Castiel,” Lucifer sighed, trying to tuck the fledgeling in, “Angels like you have to get their rest so they can grow up big and strong. Even Gabriel and I need our sleep.”

Castiel pouted his lower lip, “Luci, I’m not sleepy…”

Gabriel chimed in, sitting cross-legged on Castiel’s bed, “Cassie, Cassie… not even a little sleepy?”

Castiel shook his head and crawled into Gabriel’s lap, curling up and staring up at him. Gabriel smiled softly, totally succumbing to Castiel’s adorable gaze. 

“What should we do about this, Lucifer?”

“I do not know, brother Gabriel,” he combed his fingers through Castiel’s dark hair, “Do you know, Cassie?”

Castiel smiled softly and he giggled, “Plahay!”

“Play? You wanna play, little guy?” Gabriel lifted Castiel up and nuzzled his face into the chubby tummy. The fledgeling squealed and kicked his legs, bursting out into laughter.


Lucifer grinned, “Oh, I think I have the idea now. Set him down, Gabe.”

Once Castiel was laid down between the brothers, Lucifer wiggled his fingers in the air, “It’s perfect. You get to play and we get to tire you out!” 

Castiel gasped, his blue eyes widening before he was lost in cute laughter, squeaking and kicking and flailing as Gabriel and Lucifer took him apart with playful tickles. Fingers wiggled on his tummy, thighs, and little feet. 

And the elder archangels soon had a little sleeping angel on their hands, able to tuck him in and wish him a peaceful slumber. 

Yotogi Holic {Joint Review}

Hello everyone~ 
I am back with another review but this time with a slightly new twist. Due to the fact that some drama CDs aren’t just all about plot but more for that mune-kyun factor(REJET I AM LOOKING AT YOU), I felt it would be easier to do joint reviews rather than individual short ones.

Mune-kyun level: 5/5 (I AM GIVING THIS A 5 OUT OF 5 PEOPLE.)

R-18?: I wished.

Craziness level: 0/5 

Dummy-head mic?: Rejet ALWAYS uses dummy-head mics.

Short description about this series:
Yotogi Holic is aimed to be CD that helps you be able to sleep properly at night for those who have troubles doing that. This series revolves around the sextuplets from the Yotogi family (GETTING POPULAR AFTER OSOMATSU-SAN I SEE) being in charge of making you sleep in every volume. (All of them are third years in your school, while you are a year one student, correct me if I am wrong:’))

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*Points at the screen.* “Such a goddess, Look at her sleep aw. So adorable. The cuteness level is over 9000.” *Sees that her band mates are going to try and wake her up.*  “Why do this to such angel. She works so hard why do this. I hope you have a restless night.”


*Clicks on video* “The fuck is this. Oh shit she looks cuddly, her bed looks so comfortable. Can i just sleep next to her. I’m honestly very tired, i just want to sleep and being next to her would be a plus.” *See’s what the others are planning to do.* “This is going to end badly. Oh no are they going to… That’s mistake number one. Now they are going to pour the wat- Never mind they dead.


*Clicks on the video all excited* “YES MY QUEENS POSTED. Okay but where is my bae. Like i love all of you but here is my mother. OH SHIT THERE SHE IS, BLESS ME WITH YOUR APPEARANCE QUEEN.” *Claps loudly* “YOU DO YOU BABE YESSSS!!” *Notices what’s going on* “Wait are these basic ass bitches trying to attack my queen? GET READY TO FIGHT MEEEE.” *in the video they start messing with her* “WAIT TILL I FIND YALL, WHY DISTURB  HER BEAUTY SLEEP LIKE THAT. THIS WHY THE REST OF YOU UGLY.”


*Looking at the screen intently* “They are all very good looking, i feel like my eyes have been blessed. Wait, why is the-” *Mouth opens* “Look at her sexy ass. Damn, i need to myself a girl like that. no no that won’t do…. I need to find her.” *Sees the rest of the girls trying to mess with her and giggles a bit.* “Adorable.”


*Tilts head* “Okay, so it’s a dark room and- WOAH” *Jumps back a little from the sudden appearance of the sleepy female idols.“So pretty.” *blushes and hides his face in his hands.* “I’ve never seen someone so angelic. I think i’m in love.” *The girls start hitting jimin’s bias with pillows* “Aw they woke her up she looks so cute. look at her bare face. thats natural beauty to me.” *Drools a bit* 


*Giggling at the screen* “Are they really going to?”*Sees them getting ready to attack his bias* “I could come up with something better than that!” *Chuckles at his bias’ reaction* “She’s still cute after being surprised attacked. Now she had to prank them back! It could be a full on prank war.” *Thinks* “I should write this down so i can use it on the boys!” *High fives himself before running off to get a pen and paper.*   


*Humming as the video starts* “Wait why did the hyungs make me watch th-”  *His bias appears on the screen* “Woah.” *His eyes honestly turn into hearts* “I-i think she looks nice.” *Jimin and Rap Monster mocking him in the background* “It looks like her friends want to mess with her?” *Tilts head slightly focusing on the events on the screen and laughing when the video shows his bias being awoken* 

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Ok so you reblogged a pic of a little girl looking at the mannequins shoes...but what if that was lawless with angel-chans shoes?? Like he has a thing for the black boots.

I didn’t know if this was an au ask or not. But when I started thinking about Lawless having A THING for black boots I was like:

“Yeah, Licht wears black boots….”

then my brain was like, “But WAIT! Do you know who ELSE wears BLACK BOOTS?!?!?!


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yeah….. ^^’ I am sorry anon. *dies*

(that post I reblogged btw)

Being Sleepy With Little

Little: *wiggles more and yawns*

Daddy: Babycakes, are you tired? *plays with little’s hair*

Little: Nuuuuu!

Daddy: Are you lying to daddy?

Little: …no-

Daddy: Angel *says in a stern voice while giving “the look”*

Little: *looks away and pouts* Not sleepy!

Daddy: Little princes need their sleep too~

Little: Am not sleepy!

Daddy: You won’t nappy even if daddy naps with you~?

Little: Nu! I wan spend time wiff daddy!

Daddy: *Grins* Alright, my sweet prince

Little: Yayyyy!!!
The Lucky One

Table of Contents 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15

Chapter 13. Omma

For the next few days, Sehun and you routinely checked up on Youngwoo, who was rapidly gaining weight.  His tiny arms and legs grew plump and smooth.  Though he still had a long way from being released from the ICU, it comforted you to watch his body grow stronger.

Youngwoo wiggled his tiny feet around in the cubicle as if responding to your light taps on the plastic barrier.  His eyes fully opened, staring back at you and then at his father. 

“________ssi, I think Youngwoo is healthy enough to be held,” the nurse informed.

With a gasp, your eyes twinkled as you beamed at the idea.

“Really?” you asked and she nodded.

Behind you, Sehun placed his palms onto your shoulders, and shook them excitedly.  His eyes curved as he smiled brightly. 

Carefully, the nurse lifted Youngwoo out of the box.  He squirmed around from the unfamiliar movements.  Instinctively, you moved forward with your arms held out.  The moment his newborn skin touched yours, he stopped crying, instead he stared straight into your eyes, making a cute “heh” sound.  You felt your heart turn into mush. 

Sehun bent down and planted a kiss on the baby’s forehead. 

“Young-ie, this is Omma and I am Appa,” Sehun introduced cutely. 

Rocking your son in your arms, you brought his tiny head up to your lips.  You’re pleasantly surprised when his infant hands reached out and touched your cheek. 

Your arms grew weak.  Actually, your whole body felt weak, like ice melting on top of a burning stove.  But it felt so good, so heavenly and surreal.  Like being lifted off your feet, floating across an endless sky.  Or comparable to the times when your lover laid his lips against yours.  Or the times he teased you by softly blowing into your ears. 

You held your breath.  A tickling sensation instigated on your chest and unknowingly your pulse quieted and your breathing evened. 

It amazed you how someone you barely just met, had so much effect on you.  You were in love.  Not the infatuation kind of love, but the kind that you could not control.  The kind that flowed through every pore of your skin, through each vein in your body.  There was nothing – nothing in the entire world you would love more than the little miracle that slept peacefully in your arms. 

His beautiful lips curved upward, causing Sehun and you to giggle in delight.  You kissed his button nose. 

“He really looks like his father,” the nurse commented and Sehun wiggled his eyebrows proudly. 

You lovingly elbowed your fiancé in the stomach at his silliness.  But you had to admit, she was absolutely correct.  From Youngwoo’s gorgeous half-moon eyes, to his defined nose, and chiseled lips – everything about him resembled his father.  It was as if someone had simply Xeroxed a miniature copy of Sehun. 

“You’re going to be a heart breaker, just like your dad, aren’t you?” you joked, giving your fiancé the side eye as your lower lips protruded outward.

Rubbing the back of his neck, Sehun sheepishly laughed in response. 


After a few more minutes, the nurse returned and said, “He’s still fragile, so he needs to go back into the cubicle now”.

With one last kiss from Omma and Appa, you hesitantly handed the little sleeping angel back to the nurse. 






“Did you sleep well?” Sehun asked with his arms wrapped around your waist. 

You turned around in bed to look at him, “When did you get here?”

“I snuck in last night.  But then I got a little sleepy so I caved in,” he answered, burying his head into one of the pillows.

You slid your fingers through his messy hair. 

“The doctors are going to yell at you,” you half joked, sniffing in Sehun’s cologne. 

He looked up from the pillow and asked, “For what?  For sleeping in bed with my wife?”

“Tsk.  No, for sneaking in past the visiting hours,” you replied, slapping his arm. 

Pulling you closer to him, he whispered, “Shh…stop talking so loud or I’ll get caught.  Go back to sleep”.

“Buft Eh caont,” you said, muffled against Sehun’s chest. 

“What?” he asked, repositioning so that you weren’t suffocating in his embrace.

“I said, ‘I can’t fall back asleep’,” you repeated, trying to look at his eyes but because his grip on you was so tight, all you could see was his sharp jawline. 

“Why?” he asked, drawing circles on your back with his finger.

“Because a Pabo came onto my bed and hugged me from behind, in the middle of the night,” you joked.

“Should I leave then?” Sehun pretended to get off the bed but you pulled him back down.

“No.  No, stay with me,” you pouted and Sehun laughed with satisfaction. 

“But that Pabo wants you to sleep well,” he reasoned, playing with a strand of your hair. 

With your arms around the back of his neck, you pulled him close so that your foreheads were against each other.

Closing your eyes, you confessed, “Actually, I can’t sleep because I’m still so excited about getting to hold Youngwoo.  I want to see him again”.

You fiancé laughed at your clinginess and gave you a light peck on your lips. 

“My Silly Penguin, you have a lifetime to hold him.  Now, go to sleep,” he instructed, pulling you into his chest again.

But…I don’t have a…lifetime.

However, perhaps Sehun’s cologne was lined with diphenhydramine or perhaps it was the warmth of his body, but you felt intoxicated and so secured.  Therefore, slowly you drifted into deep slumber. 


A few hours later, Sehun fed you some congee and a sandwich, despite you telling him that you could do it yourself.  You practically inhaled the food, overly excited that as soon as you finished, you would be able to hold your little boy again. 

“I have a surprise for you,” Sehun mischievously informed as he wiped the corner of your lip with the back of his hand. 

Raising your brow at him, you replied, “I smell something fishy.  What is it?”

He zipped his lip teasingly and you rolled your eyes.  With one last gulp, you finished your meal.  Immediately, you held out your arms and legs, moving them up and down childishly for Sehun to carry you onto the wheelchair.  Of course, you knew that by now, you were able to walk on your own but what girl would pass up an opportunity to cuddle with her man? 

Sehun gladly picked you up and said, “Peguin, I think I’m feeding you too much.  You got heavier”. 

Pretending to be insulted, you gasped and clunked his head with your fist. 

“Just kidding, Babe.  Just kidding.  You’re actually as light as a feather,” he chuckled, retreating his previous statement. 

“Reeeeeally?” you asked in a low tone and Sehun nodded in reassurance so you bluntly stated, “Well then, guess we don’t need the wheelchair today”.

He swayed you around in his arms and you giggled into his chest.

“We can do that too,” he agreed, heading for the door with you in his arms.

“No.  No.  I was just kidding.  Actually, I can walk by myself,” you patted his shoulder to tell him to let you down but he kept going. 

So you relaxed in his arms.  Looking up, you admired his milky, smooth skin, his perfectly craved jawline, his drool worthy collarbone.  You always knew he was handsome – you knew from all those years of memorizing his features from afar, but today he was exceptionally manly. 

“You’re daydreaming while staring at me again,” he looked down at you momentarily as he walked. 

“N-no.  No, I wasn’t,” you lied, flustered from being caught red-handed. 

“You were.  But I would too if my husband was so handsome,” he said, wiggling his eyebrows.

You hit him on the chest and joked, “I’m gonna throw up”.

As he turned the corner, he leaned forward, pretending to drop you.  You squirmed and held tightly onto his neck.  Laughing, he thrust you up to re-adjust his hold.  However, as he caught you, you turned your face around and your lips accidentally met his.  Your eyes widened and you turned away, not sure why your cheeks were burning up.  It wasn’t like you’ve never kissed him before.  You turned to Sehun again.  His face completely amused by the incident.  Punching his arm, you tried to wipe the smug off his face but he was too proud.  Instead, he bent his neck and kissed you fervently. 

At first, you whimpered into the kiss, but slowly the whimpers became moans.  You kissed back just as passionately.  With you still in his arms, Sehun turned so that your back was against a glass wall.  Automatically, you wrapped your legs around his hips. 

“Ahem,” someone cleared her throat. 

You two broke from the kiss.  A nurse crossed her arms and shook her head unapprovingly at you.  She lifted her finger and pointed to her left, where a group of young patients sat in a circle.  You looked up at the sign that read “Children’s Department” and gasped.  Immediately, your legs released its hold around Sehun and you tapped on his shoulder to let you down.

Embarrassed, Sehun and you bowed your head apologetically.  He took your hand and you guys ran off to avoid any further humiliation.  Midway to the ICU, while still running, Sehun broke out in a fit of laughter.  You slapped his arm.

“Tsk.  What are you laughing at?  That was mortifying,” you said, but couldn’t control yourself from laughing along.           

Abruptly, Sehun stopped in his tracks at an empty hall. 

Cupping your face into his hands, he gazed into your eyes.  Your heart pounded and you began to wonder if he knew hypnosis.

“I love you,” he said and leaned in to kiss you but you placed your hand onto his cheeks to stop him.

“I love you too,” you sweetly replied then reminded, “But our little boy is waiting for us”.  Plus, that surprise Sehun promised was tempting you.   

Sehun threw his head back in disappointment but nodded.  You laced your hand into his and dragged him off to the Intensive Care Unit.

With a giggle, you swung the door open in anticipation. 

Your smile dropped immediately. 

A woman in her around her early forties, dressed in a velvet dress, stood before you.  Happily, she rocked Youngwoo back and forth in her arms. 

Don’t breathe.

“Omunim,” Sehun greeted.

You let go of his hand. 

On reflex, you darted over to the woman and forcefully snatched Youngwoo out of her arms, startling her and Sehun.  Youngwoo started to wail from the brute force. 

“________ah, what are you…” Sehun’s voice trailed. 

An excruciating pain spread across your thighs but you ignored it. 

“Why are you here?!” you growled, holding Youngwoo close to your chest to protect him from the monster in front of you. 

The woman looked sadly at you but your expression remained cold and unforgiving. 

“I called her here, ________ah,” Sehun confessed.

His eyes looked back and forth from you to your mother, puzzled at the situation.  Patting your son’s back to stop him from crying, you turned around and glared at your fiancé. 

“I thought it would be appropriate to let Omunim meet her grandson…” he cautiously added.

“This was your surprise?!” you howled angrily at him, “I am absolutely speechless, Oh Sehun!”

Baffled by the volume of your voice, he squeezed your shoulder to calm you down but you flung his hand away angrily.  Youngwoo’s cries heightened from the chaos.  You relaxed and soften your voice, stroking his back to quiet his sobs. 

“I think I should go now,” the woman murmured with her head hung.

She retrieved her purse from a chair and walked pass you to the door.  You shivered at the close proximately but don’t move to stop her.  However, to your dismay, Sehun turned to run after her.  Instantly, you grabbed his arm to stop him.

“________ _________” he called you by your full name and said through his gritted teeth, “That woman is your mother”.    

Hugging Youngwoo close to your shaking body, you sniffled back tears.  Sehun narrowed his eyes at you but softened upon seeing the glistening liquid that swamped your orbs. 

In a much lower volume he asked, “Is there something I don’t know?”

You looked up at him.  Wrinkles formed on his forehead but his eyes were sincere.  It took every last bit of energy, not to throw yourself into his arms, sobbing.  Instead, you ignored your fiancé.  You were not angry.  No, of course not.  But you were so upset at him for inviting your mother – that monster to meet your innocent Youngwoo. 

Cradling your baby, you quietly spoke through your tears, “Sorry, My Young-ie, did Omma scare you?” 

“Jagiya…”Sehun placed his hand on your shoulder. 

You looked up to blink back tears. 

Your legs wobbled. 

“Mommy, won’t let anyone hurt you,” you kissed Youngwoo’s tiny forehead and sighed in relief as his cries subsided. 

It felt like thousands of needles stabbed your fingertips.

Sehun held your shaking hands, supporting your hold on Youngwoo.  His eyebrows furrowed and his fist clenched as he tried to analyze what happened. 

You’re disappointed in me too, aren’t you? 

You slipped your hand away so that Youngwoo was completely in his father’s arms.  Without a word, you slowly walked to the door, your expression blank. 

“Jagiya…” Sehun called out.

“Don’t follow me,” you whispered without turning around.   

Your sobs echoed down the empty halls. 


That night you showered in the dark, afraid that if you turned on the lights, you would see the scars on your calf, the permanent discoloration of your ribs, and the crisscrossed marks on your back.  But even though you couldn’t see, it didn’t mean you couldn’t feel because as each droplet of water splashed against your wounded skin, you winced in pain.  You screamed in agony, kicking the water at your feet.

Sehun knocked on the door and called, “Jagiya…”

You slid down the shower, letting your tears blend with the stream of water. 

As soon as you came out of the bathroom, Sehun was by your side with towels in his hand.  Taking your hand tenderly, he guided you to sit on a chair.  You don’t look at him and he doesn’t force you to.  Lovingly, he placed the towel over your head and rung out the water from your dripping hair. 

“We better dry your hair up or My Penguin will get sick,” he sweetly remarked, stroking your neck along the way.

The more patient he was with you, the more it hurt.  Your lips quivered.

Seeing that your hands were shaking, he rubbed against them to warm them up before bringing them to his lips.

You burst into tears.  Immediately, your head was against his chest.  With, shaking shoulders and a heaving chest, you cried your heart out.  You cried out of fear.  You cried out of anger.  You cried for all those years you spent crying.  For all those years you held your breath thinking that by doing so, you would stop being punished.  You cried…just like that little girl…

You slept in a fetal position, holding your breath as you shook uncontrollably.  Your fiancé helplessly wrapped his arms around you, spooning you from behind.  He buried his face into the crook of your neck. 

“I’m here.  No one will hurt you,” he coaxed. 




The moment you woke up in the morning, Sehun was already awake and seated at the end of the bed.  Dark rings formed under his eyes.  You swallowed in guilt. 

“Hey…” he greeted timidly. 

You replied with a small smile and he sighed in relief.  Filled with guilt and remorse for giving him the silent treatment last night, you took the initiative and intertwined your fingers through his.

Whatever happened yesterday was clearly not his fault.  He did everything a perfect son-in-law and husband would do.  You couldn’t blame him for something he didn’t know. 

You opened your mouth to apologize, but seeing his mischievous grin, you closed it shut.  Wiggling his eyebrows idiotically, he looked from left to right as if to make sure no one was around.

“Jagiya, guess what I snuck in today?” he whispered into your ear. 

Your eyes lit up, “No way…”.

He nodded proudly, reaching under the bed to reveal a box wrapped in a plastic bag.  Even though it was unopened five feet away from you, you could already smell the delicious aroma.  Giggling, you excitedly helped Sehun untie the knot. 

Fried chicken wings. 

“Mmmm,” you exclaimed just looking at it. 

Cheerfully, you chowed down.  The fatty goodness of BBQ sauce and honey mixed together perfectly in your mouth.  As you chewed, crunching noises encircled the place.  Beside you, Sehun watched intently and sighed in relief seeing your spirits lifted. 

“So you aren’t mad at me anymore?” he asked. 

Briefly, you paused your binging to look at your fiancé.     

With the shake of your head, you sincerely replied, “No.  I was never mad at you.  I should actually apologize for taking my anger out on you…”

Your head cowered and you fidgeted with a plastic strand that dangled from the bag that encased your food.  He pulled your oily hands into his.  You flinched, not wanting to get his hands dirty, but he tightened his grip. 

“Is there something you want to tell me?” his eyes gazed straight into your soul. 

“I…” you tried to start but the fear inside of you sewed your mouth shut.

“________ah, we’re going to be husband and wife soon.  Let’s not keep any secrets from each other,” he sincerely encouraged. 

The scar on your calf throbbed.  For a moment, you genuinely wondered if the wound had reopened with gushing blood.  But you shook your head, reminding yourself that it had been so long, the injury obviously had completely sealed up.

Sehun squeezed your hands.  You stared at him, your mouth automatically opening; ready to spill out your deepest secret.  However, your plans were spoiled by the creaking of the door.      

With widened eyes, you glared at the female intruder.  She stood by the door with a flask in her hands.  Immediately, your fiancé stood up and bowed. 

“Omunim,” he greeted. 

You tugged at Sehun’s sleeve and gave him a look as if to ask, “Did you invite her again?!”.  He simply shook his head, “No”.

“Oh Sehun-ssi, can you let my daughter and I have a private conversation?” your mother asked. 

He looked at you and you violently shook your head, clinging onto his sleeve.  However, to your disappointment, he squeezed your hand and removed it from his. 

“Don’t worry, I’ll be right outside,” he reassured.

With a pat on your head, he bowed again to your mother before exiting the room.

Pabo Sehun!  Pabo. 

As soon as he was gone, your mother stepped forward and closed in at the end of your bed.  Reflexively, you recoiled, bringing the blanket over you as if to create a shield.  Your body began to shudder in fear. 

“Aigoo!  Fried chicken is bad for you!  You shouldn’t be eating such fatty foods, like this, right after giving birth,” you heard her voice speak. 

A clunking sound of metal hitting against metal startled you, making you jump back in horror.  The noise was replaced by the sound of pouring liquid.  You peeped your head out curiously.  The woman was pouring soup from her flask into a bowl. 

You eyed her cautiously as she sat down on the chair, previously occupied by Sehun.  She scooped a spoonful of soup and blew on it. 

Don’t breathe.

“After giving birth, you need to replenish your body with coix seed seaweed soup,” she explained and placed the spoon near your lips. 

The sudden proximately astonished you.  With a swift fling of your arms, you knocked the bowl of soup out of her hands.  It shattered against the marble floors with a loud “thud”. 

To your surprise, she was not angered by your actions.  Instead, she simply took another bowl from her bag and poured soup into it, as if nothing had happened.  Again, she blew the contents of the spoon and brought it to your lips.  Angered by her stunt, you knocked the bowl out of her hands again.  Some of the scorching soup splashed onto her face.  She winced and you thought she would finally get up to leave but she does not. 

“Why are you doing this?!” you asked impatiently.

“I’m doing it for your benefit,” she calmly replied, taking a tissue to wipe her face. 

With a bitter laugh you mimicked, “For my benefit?  When was it ever for my benefit?”

You glared at her and she was silent. 

“Was it for my benefit when I was five and you left me at the street corner for two days to elope with your then lover?!,” you wheezed for air then continued, “Was it for my benefit when you chased me with a metal rod just because you didn’t have enough money to buy more alcohol?!”

Your throat felt like a splitting pole due to all the crying last night.  You just wanted this to be over soon. 

Leave.  Just leave, please.

However, somewhere a little girl’s cries rung in your ears and you continued your accusations, “How about the time my small hands bled from picking up glass shards and all you did was walk away?”

She looked away from you in shame. 

“No?  Didn’t think so,” you said mockingly.

“I…” she finally spoke but you cut her short.

“How about the time…” your voice cracked and it felt like someone was strangling you but you forced yourself to say, “the time you paraded me around the neighborhood half naked”. 

You clenched your fist and gritted your teeth to stop yourself from crying. 

“Was that…for my benefit?” you asked tearfully. 

“That time…” she surprised you by responding, “That time was because Omma was scared.  I was scared because I didn’t want my daughter to make the same mistakes I did”.

Your cynical laughter blended with your sobs.

“I know I didn’t treat you well and I don’t want to make it sound as if I’m trying to justify the abuse I did to you,” she continued and you cut her short again.

“But that’s exactly what you’re trying to do!” you hollered, crying uncontrollably. 

“Omma was just sixteen when she gave birth to you, ________ah!” she exclaimed to get you to listen, “I clung onto and pleaded for your father to stay but he left as soon as you were born”.

You laughed and sobbed hysterically at the same time. 

“I was so young.  My own parents wouldn’t take me in unless I got an abortion,” she informed.

“AND why didn’t you?!  Why didn’t you?!” you yelled. 

“Because I couldn’t.  I couldn’t.  ________ah, you should understand now that you are a mother too,” she said. 

Blinking back tears, you tried to counter.  However, your mind flashbacked to the time you stupidly thought of getting rid of your little Youngwoo.  You cupped your face into your hands, crying in shame. 

“I worked three jobs and dropped out of school for you.  Because of the stress I bottled up, I ended up stupidly taking it out on you,” she reasoned. 

With clenched fists, you hit your chest several times to delude the heartache. 

“That time….when the fat,” she paused, when you glared at her, and corrected, “when the lady next door told me you were hanging around school with a jock, I panicked.  I thought you were going to repeat my mistakes.  Omma should have trusted you.  You would never do something so shameful”.

“But I did,” you said emotionlessly.

“What?” she scowled at you.

“I slept with him,” you spoke, your voice cold and distant. 

She climbed onto the bed, clawed into your shoulders, and shook them ferociously, “What did you just say?”

You looked straight into her eyes and raised your voice, “I slept with the boy”.

Because you always saw me as a disappointment anyway.

Your mother narrowed her eyes in disbelief.

“I slept with a man, who didn’t want me.  Just like you,” you gritted your teeth and bit into your gums.     

Her body slumped back, inconsolable by your confession.  You wondered why you weren’t happy – because you should be.  You should be. 

When she does not reply, you grabbed her shoulder, just like how she did with yours and bellowed, “Do you hear me?!  You were right!  I shamelessly slept with him.  He didn’t love me.  Are you happy now!??!”

She does not vocally respond, but her hands were bounded tightly into a fist and her eyes filled with fury. 

“Are you satisfied?  I even got pregnant with his baby.  Just like you,” you felt a tear drop as you finished your confession.    

A hard slap landed on your face and you glared at her.  Your cheeks pulsated at the unsympathetic blow.  She stormed out of the room. 

You screamed in anguish and swung your arms, knocking down the flask of soup.  A trail of steam flowed onto the air as it hit the icy floor. 

Is she dying or am I?

Great.  You just took out your opponent to realize that it was a suicidal move and that you were bleeding profusely yourself.


Hastily, Sehun ran into the room.  As soon as he witnessed your break down, he automatically pulled your shaking body into his.  Several times, you pushed him away, but his hold only tightened. 

“Sehun-ah…” you wailed. 

He stroked your hair and comforted, “Shh…It’s okay.  I’m here.  I know now.  I know”.         

You wailed loudly.  Your vocal cord threatened to split under the intense pressure.  Lovingly, your fiancé kissed your forehead to get you to calm down.  You hiccuped from crying so hard. 

“I’m here.  I won’t let anyone hurt you,” he promised and you clung onto him for the rest of the night. 



A few days later, after visiting your adorable son, you shooed Sehun home to get some rest.  Sharing your burdens with him had taken a toll.  He looked so haggard and worn out, as if he had aged ten years in a week. 

However, without him, your afternoon dragged.  The baby was asleep so you definitely didn’t want to wake him up from his sweet dream.  So instead, you took out your tablet to admire the pictures Sehun took of Youngwoo.  One you especially liked was of Sehun and Youngwoo, nose against nose.  It was just absolutely heart warming.  You tapped a few buttons and changed it as your background image. 

A knock on the door interrupted your undivided attention.  The nurse came in with an envelope in her hands. 

“A lady left this at the front desk for you,” she informed, handing you the envelope. 

You opened it.  Within it was a check.  Your eyes widened in horror.

“Where is she now?!” you frantically asked the nurse.

She shrugged but answered, “I actually think she just left”.

Immediately, you flipped your covers and ran out of the room, ignoring the nurse’s pleas for you to be careful. 

A dent appeared on the envelope as you clenched your fist, impatiently waiting for the elevator.  When the doors do not open within a minute, you scampered to the stairs.  Sprinting down, you cursed at your unstable legs.  On the second floor, you hit your calf to loosen the debilitating cramp. 

As you reached the lobby floor, you hastily swung the door.  In the distance, a wealthy woman was entering her car. 

“Wait!” you shouted loudly. 

The woman turned around shunned by the deafening volume of your holler.  Your heart raced as you close in on her.    

Recognizing you, she laughed and taunted, “Was the amount not enough?”

Do you want people to think we are beggars?

Biting your tongue, you held the check – envelope and all – and just like last time, shredded it into pieces in front of her. 

She clapped her hands mockingly then cleared her throat, “So what is it that you want?”

“I told you before.  I will keep my promise regardless.  Just let me watch my son healthy enough to not be caged in a small box at the ICU.  Please,” you begged, exhausted.       

With a disgusted expression, she eyed you from head to toe and jeered, “Very well then”.

With that, she turned around and got into her car.  You turned to leave as well but as soon as you do, she called out to you.

Rolling down the car window, she spoke, “I almost forgot to congratulate you for surviving that car crash.  Tsk.  Tsk.  Tsk.  You may not be so lucky next time”.

She drove away as you stood there paralyzed from shock.  Your weak legs caved in, and you fell onto the pavement.  Blood oozed from your palm. 

Slowly, you trudged back into the hospital.  You unknowingly arrived at the ICU.  Youngwoo was still sleeping soundlessly, oblivious to what his mother had just gone through.  However, seeing him at peace comforted you. 

You realized that yes, you were deadly frightened by Minyoung’s mother.  However, a part of you understood why she despised you and wanted you dead.  She may not be the most innocent person but she was a good mother.  She bloodied her own hands to protect her daughter.  Deep down, you were slightly jealous that your mother would never be able to do that for you. 


a/n: I’m such a terrible person.  This story just keeps getting sadder and sadder. -cries a river-

Hope you guys enjoyed this chapter though.  I can’t believe there’s only two more chapters TAT it has been an amazing journey with you guys.  I love you <3 really.  

Let’s pray together that they have a happy ending.   

Haikyuu!!- You'll know what I mean once you see them
  • Hinata: Have you seen our setter!? He looks like a frowny umbrella!
  • Kageyama: Have you seen my dumbass? He looks like the fusion of Naruto...and Elmo.
  • Sugawara: Have you seen our Ace? He kind of looks like Jesus, if Jesus had terrible anxiety.
  • Daichi: Have you seen Sugawara? He looks like an angel person...Why are you looking at me like that?? ////
  • Tsukishima: Have you seen my friend Yamaguchi? He looks a little like a springer spaniel you just rescued from the pound. But...y'know, a person.
  • Yamaguchi: Have you seen Tsukki? He looks like Squidward, with glasses...D-Don't tell him I said that-!
  • Ennoshita: Have you seen Tanaka? He resembles a Komodo dragon. Like, a lot.
  • Tanaka: Have you seen our libero, Noya? He looks like the physical embodiment of the word 'Explosive'
  • Nishinoya: Have you seen Ennoshita anywhere? He looks kinda like Felix the cat -but all sleepy!

Imagine: You and Daryl enjoying the sound of an early morning thunderstorm from the safety of his home in Alexandria.


A roll of thunder made its way across the sky above the house, and lightening lit the room up briefly. Then, the sound of rain on the roof started slowly and sped up until it was pounding over your head. Another loud crack of thunder asserted itself.

You prop yourself up to look over your sleeping boyfriend and check the time. The clock on the nightstand read 6AM and you huff in frustration. You shouldn’t be up at 6AM.

You lay your head back down on Daryl’s chest and watch the lightening dance outside the window. At least you liked rain. A loud crack of thunder practically shook the house, and Daryl jolted awake.

“Y/N.” He called out in his confusion.

“Right here.” You say, rubbing reassuring circles into his chest.

He wraps his arms around you and pulls you closer. “It’s raining.” He mumbles as the storm continues to patter down loudly on the roof.

“Yeah.” You sigh. You were wide awake now.

“You OK?”

“Just tired. And the storm is making it hard to sleep.”

He pressed a kiss into your temple. “Then let’s not sleep.” He brushed the hair out of your face. “Tell me something I don’t know about you.”

This was Daryl’s favorite game to play. He loved the intimate moments when it was just you two, and every time you were alone, this was usually the first thing out of his mouth. Eventually, you were going to run out of things to tell him. “Well, when I was four years-old, I fell down some staurs and cracked my head open. I have a scar under my hair now.” You take his hand and guide it to the side of your skull, helping him to run his fingers through your hair until they rested on the long scar.

“Ouch.” Daryl muttered, continuing to rake his fingers soothingly through your locks.

“Your turn.”

“My mom gave me my vest.”


“Yeah. She called me her little angel when I was growing up. Then, when I got my first bike, it was her gift to me.”

“That’s so sweet.” You mumble. You were running your hand up and down his arm now, and the repetitive motion, combined with Daryl’s ministrations in your hair, was making you sleepy.

Thunder was rolling again, but fainter this time. You snuggled up closer, looking for warmth against the chill of the storm. “Y/N?”


“Would you maybe wanna marry me?”

The rain was the only sound in the room for a moment. You were shocked. Not because Daryl wanted to marry you, but that he even asked it. You were usually the initiator in the relationship; you’d been the one to ask him if he wanted to start dating, you’d been the first to initiate sex, and you’d assumed that if it did lead to marriage or a family, you’d be the first to bring that up, too. Daryl was waiting for an answer, but you didn’t have all the questions laid out yet.

Did you want to get married? Did you want to be Mrs. Dixon? Did you want to wear a ring and be known as and introduced to new people as ‘Daryl’s Wife’? Did you want to start thinking about kids and moving in with him and being a family? There was a lot to think about.

And yet, there was nothing to think about. Being with Daryl was effortless, and he wasn’t asking to change that. He was just asking to publicly declare that you were a unit; one mind and one body. And that’s something you already were, so declaring it outright would be more for others than for you. He also wasn’t asking for a family and kids, not that you wouldn’t say yes if he did, but the point was that he was only asking you to refer to yourself as his bride, not his girlfriend.

“You don’t have to answer if you’re not ready.” Daryl said. “It just came out of the blue like that, and I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be.” You say, inching up the bed to give him a kiss. “The answer is yes.”


“Yeah.” You kiss him again. “Let’s be married.”

His grip around your waist tightens as he rolls the two of you over to settle on top of you. “I love you so much.”

“I love you, too.”

He kisses you warmly and with a smile. The rain is starting to let up, but as the lightening dances off of your husband’s face while he showers your face and body with elated little kisses, you pray you’ll never have to leave this moment.

I went to bed early cause I’m not feeling well mentally or physically, and as soon as I crawled into bed, a massive thunderstorm broke out. So I thought I’d hunker down and write this little ditty.


#23 – Sleeping babies

#23 – Sleeping babies

Harry:It was a rare day when you had your husband home to enjoy some relaxing family time, even though most of the time those days ended up being the least bit relaxing. Finally Harry was home from touring and you could enjoy your children together. As the clock on the kitchen wall struck noon, you just then realized how quiet the Styles household had become. In your family, silence could mean only one of two things; someone was up to no good, or someone was sleepy. With a four year old and a six month old, silence was the one and only indicator that someone was up to some mischief. With wide eyes you rounded the corner and made your way into the lounge room where you had left Harry with your two babies. Peppa Pig was playing softly on the television, crayons on the floor, along with coloring in books and white sheets of paper that were now decorated with your son’s scribbles. You smiled, letting your eyes go further. Letting out a small gasp at the sight in front of you, a small smile plays on your lips. Harry enters the room, just behind you. He sounds slightly out of breath. “I was gone for two seconds I swear- I just had to ring Lou-” But he stops his excuses as soon as he sees what you are looking at. “Oh my…” He smiles, proudly looking down at the sight of his and yours first child – well fur child that is, your growing puppy Max. The sleepy pup lays on his side as his head rests on top of your little boy’s head, who’s protectively cradling his baby sister as the three of them snooze peacefully. This was truly something you or Harry had never witnessed. “Get the camera.” You whisper to your husband, careful as to not disturb your sleeping angels. When Harry returns with his digital camera, he can’t help but capture the special moment shared between your three little loves.

Louis: After spending the last six months caring for your two girls on your own, Louis was finally home from tour. He had missed his girls. Six months doesn’t seem that long, and it passed rather quickly, but your first daughter was only three, and your newest addition just arrived a month before Louis had to leave. You had your hands full with the two little girls while your husband was away, and Louis wanted to give you a much deserved break so without asking your opinion, he shoo’s you away for a day at the spa with Perrie and Sophia, promising he’d be able to manage the bubs all on his own… And though he’d never admit it to you, Harry was called for backup just an hour after you had left. You had told Louis about how your girls needed a nap during the day, otherwise they’d grow tired and cranky throughout the afternoon. Louis promised you he’d have them both down by noon. Harry snickered from across the room, watching as the clock ticked to 1:30 PM. “Y/N is going to have my arse for this, Harry.” Louis scolded, rocking the baby in his arms as she squirmed unhappily. Your toddler rested comfortably in Harry’s arms, her big blue eyes wide with energy. Louis sighed, angry with himself. What parent couldn’t put their own kids down for a nap? It was something so simple. Finally, your seven month old begins to settle, her eyes drooping as her father rocked her softly. Harry reenters the room minutes later, telling Lou that your oldest was nearly out as well. Louis smiles as he places the sleeping bub next to her big sister, the two seemingly off in dreamland. Louis thanks Harry for his helps and sends him on his way, and just as he waves goodbye and closes the door, after letting out a sigh of relief of course, faint giggling is heard down the corridor. “Shit.” Louis curses, making his way to where the girls were napping. Sure enough, both little beauties are awake, and your youngest is giggling and gurgling away as her big sister laughs and places sloppy kisses on her cheek. There was no possible way for Louis to be mad, just seeing them so happy made his heart swell. He snaps a picture quickly, but keeps it safe in his phone, never for you to see that your girls had skipped out on their nap.

Liam: “C'mon baby, it’s time for a nap.” As soon as the words slipped from your husbands lips, your eyes went wide and your two year old daughters eyes welled with tears as she scrunched up her face displeasure. Liam begins to panic, not understanding why his daughter was now so distressed. It had been hard on all of you while Liam was away on tour. Your daughter had just turned two, and Liam felt horrible he was never really around. It was his first week home and adjusting to you and your baby’s routine was hard for him. He felt as if his daughter barley knew him, and when she didn’t seem to be accepting of him this time around, it nearly tore Liam’s heart in two. “It’s okay baby.” You coo, holding your sweet girl close as you swayed her back and fourth. Nap was not a word your little one enjoyed to hear, and saying it only seemed to make getting her to rest ten times harder. Liam stood back, watching your little girl cling to you he felt a pang of jealousy in his heart. Why couldn’t that be him? You catch Liam watching you, a look of hurt apparent on his face. “Just makes her anxious, Li.” You reassure. “It’s like she thinks I’m going to leave her while she sleeps or something.” You sigh quietly. “Like how I left?” He asks, eyes widening as he never really realized how just up and leaving the two of you could effect his little girl. You stay quiet, unable to find the right words. “C'mon.” You say, tugging his hand with your free one, your little girl still clung to your chest. Liam follows you into the bedroom, and he watches carefully as the two of you lay down and you pat his side of the bed. “Come have a rest babe. I think we all need it.” And Liam’s heart swells when he lays on his side across from you with your daughter in the middle. She’s clinging a teddy bear which is nearly as big as her. “She loves you, Liam.” You sigh, watching as your husband eyes his baby girl carefully. “I know.” He says truthfully, yet still unsure of his own words. By now, the tiny little girl you and Liam brought into this world is peacefully asleep, and cuddled closer to Liam, who was smiling brightly to have his baby so close once more. The three of you remain that way for a bit longer, you enjoying watching Liam feel close to his baby once more. As the two of you successfully sneak away without waking the sleeping toddler, Liam can’t get away without snapping a quick picture, something for him to post to the world, showing off his little angel.

Niall: You had told Niall not to go overboard with your son’s birthday present. Turning two is exciting for the little boy, yes, but Niall had a tendency to go overboard with gifts, and you didn’t want your baby turning spoiled. When Niall walked in with only one small box under his arm, you eyed him warily. Your husband gave you a cheeky smile and you narrowed your eyes as he called you and your son into the lounge room. Niall set down the small box, and suddenly something moved inside of it. Your eyes go wide. “Oh god, Niall. What have you bought him?” You question, a million possibilities running through your mind. “Settle petal.” He smiles back at you, earning another glare. Your little boy comes running into the lounge room, a goofy grin plastered onto his little face. Niall scoots the box closer to your son, who looks at it curiously. “Open it mate.” Niall urges, excitement evident in his tone. When your little boy opens the lid to the small box, you gasp. A tiny little black and tanned puppy peers out of the open box, and it was like your son had just met his long lost best friend. Those two played together all day, running down the halls after each other as your son bursts into a fit of giggles. “You did good Ni.” You say, patting your husbands chest and leaning in for a kiss. Niall is quick to wrap his arms around you, deepening the kiss just ever so slightly. The two of you stayed like that for what seemed like ages, just holding each other close, enjoying the peace and quiet. But soon enough you are wondering why it’s quiet, and what your son and his new mate are off doing. When you reach the lounge room, you can’t help but let out an ‘awe’ at the sight of your baby boy. He was cuddled up on the lounge his baby blanket underneath him, his new buddy snuggled close under his extended arm. Niall is already taking pictures as you back away to let your baby sleep. “We should just let the dog put him to bed from now on.” Niall jokes, earning a laugh.

Zayn: When you first brought your newborn son home from the hospital, your little girl was very suspicious. She was only two, still just a baby herself, but she was so independent, and unbelievably smart. You and Zayn had told her all about the baby that was growing in mummy’s belly, and how soon enough she would have a new baby brother. You had read all the books and talked to doctors, you and Zayn did all you could to prepare your daughter for the new arrival. When she was introduced to the new baby, she stayed quiet, not asking any questions at all, not curious a bit. Her sudden change in attitude worried both you and Zayn, but with a newborn to keep you busy, those worries were somewhat pushed away. Suddenly, all of your time was dedicated to your new son, it had to be. You didn’t think balancing your two children would be hard, but you were wrong. Your little girl had grown quiet over a period of time, and suddenly it hit you that you’d hardly heard a word from her all week. “Look at her, Zayn.” You sigh, feeling so utterly guilty as you watched your little girl from across the room. She was seated in a lounge much too big for her tiny frame, and she clung to Zayn’s iPad, it sitting like a little television in her lap. Zayn’s gaze follows yours and he then realizes that his little girl has been made a second priority. Guilt hits the pit of his stomach, hating to see how she’s had to grow used to being on her own. You watch as your husband makes his way over to his little girl, and she eyes him with her big doe eyes, as if she’s surprised to see him talking to her. Another pang of guilt hits you. But soon enough Zayn is nearing you, a smiling little girl on his hip. “I’m gonna take her with me for the afternoon. She can come see the guys with me and then maybe we will stop for ice cream?” He asks, watching as her little face lights up with glee. While your husband is out with your little girl, trying to make up for the past few weeks, you decide it’s time for your little boy to have a nap. He’s dressed in a similar outfit as your daughters, and you can’t help but smile. When you hear the front door creak open, you nearly have the baby asleep. Quiet foot steps make their way to the bedroom and you smile sweetly when you see your little girl cuddled up to her father, fast asleep on his shoulder. He lays her down on the bed softly, hoping to not wake her. Setting your little boy across from his sister, you and Zayn place pillows on the edges of your bed, as you do when you put them to sleep there. When you realize it’s nearly been an hour, you follow Zayn to go check on the pair, but you stop abruptly when you see what Zayn is smiling brightly at. Your little girl lay on her back, her arms slightly extended, and cuddled up in the crook of her tiny neck is her baby brother. You and your husband pull each other close, taking a moment to adore the sight in front of you, as it is a first. Zayn snaps a picture and makes it the background on his phone, hoping it’s not the last one he gets of your two children so close.

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what he loves about you (Luke/4)

5 Seconds of Summer preference/blurb: what he loves about you (Luke/4)

Luke: your height. 

Luke loved you height, it was one of his favorite things about you. He was so much taller than you, and would always make small comments about it, but not to the point where you got offended. And you also knew that he didn’t mean it in a negative way. One morning you woke up before him, which was unusual; normally Luke would wake up before you and wait for you to wake up so you could make breakfast together. Not today though. The bright rays of sunshine came floating through your big bedroom window, waking you up. You looked to your side and saw Luke still fast asleep. He looked so peaceful with his hair all over the place, and his lips slightly parted. You threw your legs over the bedside and placed your bare feet on the wooden floor. Seeing none of your own clothing in sight, you threw on Luke’s iconic red flannel. Since Luke was a long ass noodle, it was too big for you causing it to go past your bum. Tip toeing down the stairs, and into the kitchen you started looking around for breakfast. Since you were too lazy to make a proper breakfast, and Luke and you both knew that you sucked at cooking, you decided cereal was a great idea. You placed two glass bowls on a wooden food tray along with two spoons, and started searching for the box containing Luke’s favorite cereal. You opened the top cabinet, and there it was. Even though you knew that you had no chance in reaching it, you still attempted to. Standing on your toes, stretching your arm to the fullest, even jumping, you didn’t reach it. And while you were doing this, Luke had woken up, and noticed that you were not by his side anymore. Still half asleep he trudged down the stairs and into the kitchen. His eyes widening by the sight of his flannel that had slipped up a bit, flashing your almost bare bum. A smirk plastered on his face, he walked over to you and wrapped his long toned arms around you. His appearance gave you a slight fright, causing you to jump a little. “You need some help love?” His voice was raspy and deep, and the cause of the goosebumps that once again raised on your skin. “I know you place the box in the top cabinet on purpose” you said turning around in his arms, looking up at his sleepy but still angelic face. He looked down on you with his annoying little smirk and pulled you in for a kiss “that’s because I enjoy the view.”

Hope you liked it, it’s my first so I really don’t know how it turned out lol 

Au: Luke the Ambulance Boy *Smut*

Finally! Spring break is here. No school for two whole weeks, no more annoying teachers,and no more waking up early. Even better my 18th birthday is today. My family surprises me with my favorite dinner and dessert. We all laugh and eat together, my parents give a speech about how they can’t believe their little angel is 18 and graduates next month. My older siblings say they’re proud of me and my accomplishments so far.

All that eating makes me sleepy so I took a nap. I woke up at 8pm with my best friend jumping on my bed screaming I had to get ready to party. “Nooo!” I whine. “Y/f/n you are coming we coordinated this party for you!” She fights “Fine!” I gruff out. Two hours of shaving, plucking and putting on make up are totally worth it. We look amazing, hot even.
We arrive and the party is full on swing, the club filled with friends and strangers. We dance the night away, having a blast and getting a shout out from the DJ.

All of a sudden a fight breaks and I’m caught in the middle of it. Kicks and punches thrown around. Glass shattering. The bouncer breaks up the fight and escorts me to the ambulance that they called to check me out, to verify I didn’t have a concussion.

The paramedic cleans my wound and what not, in the process of starting to clean my hip wound she gets called out. Five minutes later she comes back, telling me she has to leave with the other paramedics and that her partner will continue. Her partner, I assume, clears his/her throat. “Ms y/l/n?” A deep voice asks. I meet up to the strangers face only to be mesmerized by a pair of blue ocean eyes and blond hair. Is that a lip ring? I squint my eyes and look closer, that is most definitely a lip ring. It’s red, matches his uniform. White long sleeved dress shirt with red buttons, black pants and boots. “Ms. Lancaster told me there was one wound left to clean.” “Uh yeah it’s on my i uh um.” Smooth y/n real smooth. “Miss?” “My hip, it’s on my hip.” “Okay then, do you mind if I clean it?” “No.” “Well, I need you to lift up your dress, so um I can clean it.” I try to lift my dress up but wince in pain, it’s embarrassing enough I have to take off my dress in front of him so he can clean my wound. “Can you help me?” I mummer ashamed, I am pretty sure my cheeks are as red as my satin strapless dress. He moves forward, closing the doors freaking me out. “Don’t worry! I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you miss. It’s just that um, with me taking off your dress. To clean your wound! And um I don’t think you’ll like to be in your undergarments with people passing by plus it’s cold outside.” “Oh okay.” He goes around me, kneeling. He’s so tall that even though he’s kneeling and I’m sitting he towers me a little bit. I’d say for two or three inches. His hands grab my zipper, I flinch at their coldness. “Did I hurt you?!” He asks concerned. “No, no I’m sorry it’s just that your hands are a little bit cold.” “Oh I’m sorry.” “It’s um fine.” He unzips my dress, I can feel his hot breath on my neck and body heat radiating off. I feel like I’m in a one of those steamy romance novels you avoid at the book store because you don’t want to be seen buying or looking at them. I can see through the cabinet door inside the ambulance his concentrated face, eyebrows furrowed and his tongue sticking out a little bit. His sleeves rolled up, a tribal tattoo peeking out. I wonder how his lip ring would feel against my skin. Y/N! I mentally scold myself. Stop thinking inappropriate stuff about ambulance boy. “What?” “Excuse me?” “You just said ‘ambulance boy’.” “Oh. Um it’s just that um I don’t know your name.” “Hemmings or Luke if you like.” “Oh okay. Thanks.” He starts cleaning my wound. “This will sting a bit.” He takes out the piece of glass in hip, sprays disinfectant and finishes. “You’re lucky it didn’t cut in too deep. All you need is butterfly stitches. Make sure to put silicone on it so it doesn’t scar, just ask for it at your local pharmacy. It’d be an awesome scar though, the way it cut through looks like a lightening bolt.” He laughs, he hands me my dress and I step into it. He carefully zips it up. I clear my throat, “Thanks Luke. For attending my needs.” I say, he’s still behind me.

“Okay, so what I’m gonna do right now is completely and utterly crazy but you’re the most stunning girl I have seen in my 22 years of life and 2 of job experience and I’m pretty sure I will never see you again.” With that he turns me around and kisses me. In my life I have never felt a kiss so vibrant and tingling. I hate cliche, but I felt sparks all over my body. My tummy filled with butterflies and my lower region damped. I realized he has trapped me against the ambulance wall, his arms grabbing mine above me, he’s rough yet gentle. In a weird  twisted way. I feel alive and daring. He bites my lip asking for permission, which I grant. His hands searching, grabbing. His lips find my throat, my neck, my shoulders.… before I know it I’m straddling him, unbuttoning his shirt and undoing his belt. He takes them off and flips us over carefully. He re-unzips my dress and starts leaving trail of kisses down to my navel, he nips and bites it. Hands fondling with my breasts, forefinger and thumb pinching and pulling my nipples. His lip ring feeling beyond amazing.
My hands trailing his chest and V line, I reach for his boxers but he stops me. “We aim to take care of our patients miss, all their needs if necessary.” He smirks. He lays me down and slowly and teasingly takes off my panties, leaving kisses all over my body until his mouth reaches my clitoris. His tongue doesn’t hesitate on assaulting me, lavishing me.
Soon enough his fingers were entering me. I whimper, too much pleasure. I grip on his hair pushing him into me even more. He backs away a bit catching his breath, leaving feather-light kisses on my clit and lips. He kisses my inner thighs and aligns himself in front of me. He slowly enters me, stretching me. I should’ve told him I was a virgin. Compared to my friends stories, this boy knows what’s he’s doing.

He starts slowly and picks up his pace. Pleasures takes over me, I feel him. Every inch of him inside me. He switches positions and I moan loudly, “found it” he whispers. He keeps his pace, a weird feeling forms in my tummy. I bite my lip. “Luke..” “I know.” He looks down and notices what I assume are blood stains and not my wounds one. “Tsk tsk tsk. You’ve been a very bad girl Ms. Y/l/n. Not telling me you were a virgin. Lucky for you I know what I’m doing.” He switches positions, I’m on my knees my bum to his front. He slaps my ass cheek and enters me roughly. He goes faster and faster. Harder, I feel my insides explode and I come. He rides down both out highs. Bliss is all i feel. We collapse on the examination bed Luke me on top of me. He kisses my shoulder. I get up and get dressed. “Um” he clears his throat, “thanks.” I say awkwardly. “We aim to please Miss.” I step off the ambulance, knowing I should’t look back. It was just one night, never to see him again. Don’t look, don’t look I chant in my head. Yet I give into temptation and do. When I do, he’s looking back at me, pants and boots on. Leaning on his shoulder on the ambulances door. His tribal tattoo at it’s glory and his dog chain dangling off his chest. Half smile on his face. This is it. Now or never. Oh how I hate cliché, and it loves me. We meet up halfway and kiss.

Let’s just say I spent the rest of the night of my birthday in an ambulance and Mr. Hemmings got fired.