look at my silly curious baby boy

Sheep Emoji Review

no one appreciates this animal like i do

Probably hiding evil intentions. excessively gradient; behind the fluff is pure evil. Still cute. 1/5

OUH BOY look at this cute boy. It’s fluffy, simple, excited, but its horns are bizarrely discolored. I still love him. 6/5

Strange Block Boi. Nice floppy ears. Kind of looks like a sheep-formed Nintendo cartridge. 3/5

Nice sheep-fie(sheep selfie) but my dude, you’ve gotta turn that frown around. Them ears look frowny boyah. 3/5

Look at this banana faced boy. I’m sure he’s kind, but he just looks… wrong. 2/5

HE’S SO HAPPY. Wonderful sheep-fie. deserves kissu. 4/5

Another million dollar sheep-fie!!! Small baby boy. 3/5

Detailed sheep boy. Nice but brooding. War-hero. 3/5

Simple, but cute.  Don’t stare too deep into their eyes. 3/5

Like the former, but slightly darker and it has been compressed horizontally in MSPaint. 2/5

Oh my god, don’t look at it. It’s gonna curse you with it’s piercing eyes and flushed, angery face. 1/5

LOOK AT IT. It’s so curious, so cute, yes! Cute. Wants to give a lil kissu. Very pure! 5/5