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Let’s Be 17


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“Shawn! I’m here!” You call walking into your own apartment. 

He’s been hiding here. Needed a break from the studio and wanted to spend his time off with you. 

“Kitchen.” He calls back. You walk into your kitchen, taking in a whiff of what he’s cooking. “Hey Beautiful.” He says turning and looking at you.

“Hey.” You say setting your purse and keys on the counter next to the mail he checked for you. “Did you check my mail?”

“Yeah, also went grocery shopping.” 

“Wow thank you.” You say looking over at him. 

Wait, did he call you beautiful?

You and Shawn have been best friends for years, since high school. Everyone has always that you two were more than friends, but it’s never gotten to that point. 

Although you want it to be something more, you just never say anything because he never looks at you that way, but maybe he is. 

“Dinner?” He asks starting to dish up your plate.

“Thank you.” You say as he hands the plate to you. He follows as you take a seat at the table. “What do you want to drink?” 

“Water’s fine.”

“Okay.” You say getting up and grabbing him a water bottle. “Shawn.” You say making him look at you. You toss the bottle and he catches it. 

“Nice throw.” He grins at you. 

You open the fridge and gasp as you see the fridge stocked full of all of your favorites. You then quickly look through the cabinets, jammed pack full off the snacks you could think of.

“Shawn.” You say standing in the middle of the kitchen, with all the cabinet doors open. 

“Hmm?” He says looking over at you, mouth full of food.

“I didn’t have enough in my grocery fund for this. How did you get all of this?”

“I paid.” He shrugs. 

“No, I’ll pay you back.” You say starting to go to your purse, praying you have cash in your wallet.

“Don’t worry about it, let’s be honest I’m gonna eat it all while I’m here anyway.” He says getting up and making you go sit at the table. 

“I don’t know, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so much food in my cabinets before.” 

“Okay then we can eat it together.” He chuckles as you take a bite of the steak he has made.

“Holy shit Shawn.” You say with a mouthful. 

“What?” He says looking up concerned.

“This is delicious.” You say taking another bite.

“Christ, Y/n you scared me. I thought it was terrible or something.”

“No, this is amazing.” 

You go back for seconds, and he smiles as you eat faster than him.

“You good?” He asks as you take the last bite.

“So much better.” You giggle.

“Glad to know I’m a good cook.”

“The best.” You smile at him. 


“What do you want to do tonight?”

“Do you remember when we were kids and we would have an annual movie night?”

“Every Friday.” You nod at him.

“Can we do that? Watch all the old movies we used to watch, eat all the popcorn we can, have root beer floats?” 

“That sounds so fun.” You say sitting up straighter.

“I know, I just want to be 17 years olds again.” 

“Then let’s do it. Tonight, we’re 17.” 


You’ve changed into old pajama’s, finding one of Shawn’s old hockey shirts. You put it on, amazed that it still fits. 

You meet him in the living room where he is putting blankets and pillows all over the ground, moving the coffee table off to the side. 

“Hey.” You say noticing how good he looks in his grey sweats. 

“Oh my god, where did you find that.”

“In my old box from high school, we’re 17 right?”

“Right.” He grins. “You know I liked seeing you wearing that while we were in high school, and I love seeing you wearing that now.” 

“Love?” You quirk a brow, smirking at him. 

“Yeah.” He nods as you both sit on the on ocean of blankets he’s created.

“What are we watching first?” You say looking at the stack of old movies he got out. For once, not using Netflix.

“We always watched ‘Mean Girls’ first.” He says opening the movie case and sticking it into his laptop. 

“Oh my god, I haven’t watched this in years.”

“See this was a good idea.” He says laying back on all the pillows. You sit there and look around, wondering where you’re supposed to lay. “Lay down.” He says pulling your arm. You land on his chest and he wraps an arm around you. You don’t even think about it, you just cuddle further into him and inhale his calming scent. 

The first movie ends and you both decide it’s time for root beer floats.

“I forgot how relaxing it was the be 17.” You say as he opens the freezer to grab the ice cream. 

“I’m glad we did this, this right here is what I miss most when I’m on tour.”

“What? Root Beer Floats?” You giggle as you pour the soda into the the cups he’s scooped ice cream into. 

“Ha.” He says taking a bit of ice cream and swiping it on your nose. You scrunch your face and he laughs at you. “No, I miss this. I miss you.”

“You miss me?” You tease further.

“Shh, you know I miss you and I know you miss me.” He says grabbing a napkin and cleaning off the ice cream from your face. 

“But it’s worth it right?” You say, wondering if this night has a secret meaning to it.

“Yeah, but there are days that I wonder if I made the right choice. You know, giving up my high school career, my teenage years for this. It just feels like I can’t be where I feel I need to be.” 

“But Shawn you are so amazing, you do so much in for your job. It was so worth it, high school sucked. I would have much rather have been traveling the world with you.” 

“I wish you were there too.” He says playing with the spoon in his cup. 

“This is getting very serious Mendes, do I need to be worried?”

He laughs and looks up at you, that twinkle in his eye back.

“You don’t call me by my last name anymore.” He says, making you look at him. 

“I feel like that’s all people like about you. That your Shawn Mendes, so I stopped calling you Mendes because that’s the popular part. I want Shawn, I know Shawn.”

“You have Shawn.” He nods, his hand slips across the counter and takes yours. You look at his hand and how it holds yours. 

“Shawn?” You say looking up. 

“I just want to be 17 again.” He whispers.

“Why?” You ask, wanting to get to the root of where this is coming from.

“That way I can go back and fix the mistakes I made.”

“What mistakes?” You say squeezing his hand. He looks at your hands and then back at your eyes. 

“Not getting you.”

“You have me Shawn.”

“Not the way I want you.” 

“What does that mean?” You say standing up and running your fingers through your hair, hand letting go of his.

“Y/n.” He says standing in front of you. “Can I do something?”


He leans in and kisses you. It’s good, it’s a good soft kiss. His hands hold your face, and yours hold his torso. You clutch his shirt and kiss back. 

You revel in the fact that this is finally happening. You’ve been wanting this to happen for so long and it beats all the dreams you had about this happening. 

He pulls away and you both stand there in shock for a second. He stares into your eyes, his darting back and forth between yours trying to read what you are feeling in that situation. 

“Y/n?” He asks, a little scared of what you have to say. 

“Yeah?” You say, swallowing.

“How was that?” He says looking down, trying to hide the fact that he can’t take it if you were to say it was not okay. 

You dip your head and kiss him again. He’s shocked but kisses back, deeper than before. You lean up to reach him easier, and this time you tug at his curls. He bends a little and holds your hips so he can hoist you up onto the counter. 

“Wait Shawn.” You say pulling away breathless.

“Hmm?” He says. 

“I don’t want to go to fast.”

“Me either.” 

“So we take it slow.” You nod at him.

“Does that mean I can still kiss you? Because that’s the best kiss I’ve ever had.” 

You blush at his words and shake your head while looking down. 

“Yeah we can still kiss.”

“Good because I don’t think I’m gonna be able to stop kissing you.” 

“Shh.” You blush, pushing his face away. He grins, proud that he can make you blush. He leans in again and kisses you, pulling you close. 

This time you take a step further, forgetting what you had just said about going slow. You run your tongue across his bottom lip and he opens his mouth and your tongues fight for dominance. 

When you pull away for air he smiles really wide.

“Okay, that was the best kiss I’ve ever had.” He says making you giggle, hiding yourself in his chest.

“Okay Casanova, what movie are we watching next.”

“Can we still be 17?” He asks looking over at the blankets.

“Yeah why?”

“Good, because 17 year old Shawn would totally make out with you while we watch the next movie.” 

You giggle and blush an even deeper shade of pink as he smirks at you. 

“Well then what movies are we making out to?”

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Hi there! 2 questions, if you have time lol who do you think had more chemistry, Ross & Rachel or Monica & Chandler? :) and what are the couples you think have the best chemistry in GoT?

These are interesting questions.

The “Friends” question is interesting because to me, Ross and Rachel are chemistry

That’s basically what their relationship is

it’s about the angst

the will-they-won’t-they

the longing gazes

It’s purely chemistry, which the list Ross makes when he compares Rachel to Julie proves because in the con column for Julie he simply writes “She’s not Rachel” so because of that, because their entire dynamic is based in them having a chemistry that doesn’t go away, I think it’s hard for any couple to have more chemistry than them.

Whereas with Monica and Chandler before they got together, it’s not that they had this intense chemistry that made their pairing make sense, it’s that they had dynamic, they had moments

they had an intimacy that showed how close they were because when Chandler wants to please Kathy, for instance, it’s Monica who tells him what to do and when Monica laments not having a boyfriend, Chandler is like I don’t know why because you’re amazing

so that when they actually do get together, it’s like well yeah because you two were working towards each other for a long time so you just fit

which doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry because they do, in order to fit, in order to make a relationship like that sell, you need to have chemistry with your partner but like I keep saying because I think their relationship is rooted more in dynamic than in chemistry, I think Mondler wins substance while Rosschel wins chemistry.

For Game of Thrones.

Now, you all know how I am about gazes so for me, Missandei and Grey Worm win because they communicate so much through how they look at each other because for a long time that’s all they did, they expressed how they felt about one another through how they looked at each other and that takes good chemistry

so that when they finally hook up, it’s all those gazes in that hook up

Jonsa isn’t a “couple” but the reason for my preoccupation with them is their chemistry, it’s quiet yet intense and palpable and there’s just this charge between them that makes every scene non platonic

like they make my heart beat fast.

I really hate Daeneyrs, I really do, but she and Drogo had some, like, intense chemistry, I can’t even lie about it

It’s funny I liked Robb and Talisa and I loved Jon and Ygritte (and I love that Kit and Rose are getting married!) but their onscreen chemistry isn’t as palpable as these examples, like Ygritte and Jon have moments where it’s like Kit and Rose shine through so it looks really genuine:

but that’s kind of it.

Shae and Tyrion were another couple I liked and the way that went sideways had me like what in all the fucks? but again, not palpable chemistry.

No Control | Chapter Thirty-Five


Micky Bennett: college student, loyal friend, aspiring nurse, One Direction fan, Harry Styles enthusiast. Her best friend, Trevor, wins tickets to a show in New Jersey with meet and greet passes. Micky expects a quick photo op with the boys and a great night at the concert with her best friend. What she gets a whole lot more than she bargained for.

To read previous chapters, you can go here.

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“Harry!” I shriek in laughter, swatting his hand away. He’s been stealing my frozen yogurt for the past twenty minutes, and I’ve had enough of it.

“Just one more spoonful, love,” he begs with his own chuckle. He’s persistently trying to wiggle his spoon around my parrying hand, some melted bits of frozen yogurt dripping from the tip.

“You’ve already eaten most of my bowl!” I protest, cheeks hurting from how much smiling I’ve done tonight. “And now you’re dripping everywhere!” I motion to my wrist that now has drops of his chocolate yogurt all over it from trying to fight him off. 

“I’ll buy you another one,” he promises, grabbing at my wrist.

“I don’t want another one! I wanted this one that I painstak—” My sentence cuts off in a gasp as his lips press to the inside of my wrist, his warm tongue dragging along my pulse point as he cleans up the mess he’s made. He’s looking into my eyes as he does it, his own heavy-lidded. It’s much too sexual for us having been giggling at each other only a moment before and being very much in public just outside the shoppe. There’s been no paparazzi that I can see, but that doesn’t mean there’s not eager fans with their phones just waiting for us to do something scandalous. And the way Harry’s looking at me now can be filed under that classification.

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First Follow Forever!

May 26, 2017

Sometime at the early hours of the day I reached and surpassed 1,000 followers. Since I’m still a major noob to this website, I’m not entirely sure what a follow forever is, but I think you just list a whole bunch of mutuals you adore, etc. So, well, that’s what I’m going to do. 

But first I just wanted to voice my thoughts, which may be a bit difficult because even though I am a writer, I have a lot of trouble expressing my emotions, thoughts, and feelings. So please, bear with me!

 As someone who has been writing since the young grade of second, I just - I can not believe I have ended up here. Posting my work on a social media platform for the world to see, with more than one thousand followers. This is amazing, and I never once thought I’d accomplish something as big as this.

Words cannot convey - they can not be fathomed or formulated to express just how grateful I am to everyone who decided to give me and my work’s a chance. Whether you’re a silent reader, a one time reader, a writing account, a BTS fan or not - I thank you. It’s because of  all of you that I have and am able to grow as a person. I look forward to the future. 

I adore and love everyone one of you, whether we’ve spoken once, thirty times, or not at all. Know that I am rooting for you! 

Here is to what’s to come!

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the one where y/n and the Dunkirk boys are back to their regular lives but that doesn’t stop them from popping up in each other’s mentions. Or from being boys.
@TGlynnCarney: look a bit like my nan here.

That was the tweet that started a spitfire, of course the boys had to tease her about any photo that seemed trendy to others but seemed… well stupid to them. It was a photo from a photo shoot she did a while back with grey hair and black roots. And tom was charming as ever to start the conversation.

@y/n: @TGlynnCarney, reckon your nan has good taste then, can’t say the same thing for grandsons but ya know 😜

that got her phone blowing up with the rest of the boys.

@BarryKeoghan: oooooo she got ye there mate! 😂 nice on y/n!

@JALowden: play nice boys and trolls

@y/n: are you calling me a troll!? @JALowden!?

@JALowden: never! 😉

@aneurinBarnard: looks like I showed at the nick of time, what’re we makin’ fun of y/n for this time? 😏

@y/n: you all are MEAN boys!

@BarryKeoghan: men darlin’

@y/n: my ass men, y'all act like a bunch of twats!

@TGlynnCarney: you’ve got a nice bum though 😉

@aneurinBarnard: to be fair it looks like you started it

@y/n: I can’t believe you’d take the heathens side!

@JALowden: oh come on dear you know we love you 💋

@y/n: byyyyeeeeee losers 👋❤️

@JALowden: you think she’s gone?

@aneurinBarnard: let’s hope

@y/n: I saw that.

Our love will never die

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Warnings: not really

Pairing: Thorin x reader

you can listen the song here 


You watched silently as Dwalin was desperately trying to get through to Thorin. The sickness had clouded Thorin´s judgment completely and he could not see what he had become or what was important anymore. All he could think about was the gold that was lying around the halls and he was determined that nobody could get their hands on it. As Thorin shouted at his oldest friend and threatening to sever his head if Dwalin disobeyed his orders you closed your eyes and slipped away to have some time alone. You loved Thorin, you really did but right now the emotions that ran through you like a tidal wave were suffocating you.

You found one of the empty chambers when you were walking around the upper floors searching a place you could rest. Everyone was on edge because of Thorin, Fili and Kili were incredulous how this could have happened to their uncle. Thorin was always someone they respected and wanted to impress and now….he was something they didn´t even recognized anymore. Sighing you flopped down on the stone floor and looked up to the ceiling. If only there was some kind of way to snap him out of it….but what?

You of course could ask if the dwarves would agree to shove the gold down to the bottomless pit down in the mines, that would work…or not….it would make Thorin even madder, if that was even possible and let´s not forget it would take forever so, scratch that idea. There´s has to be a way…

You let your mind drift back to the time when you discovered that you were actually in Middle-earth, you weren´t from this world originally. One minute you were in your room organizing your wardrobe and the next minute you were in middle of the forest. You had blinked several times and turned around to look at your wardrobe only to see that it wasn´t there anymore….what the heck?? Was your closet some sort of secret gateway to Narnia or something? You had no clue where you were, all you did know that you were in the forest nothing but sweatpants, toptank, sneakers on you and you still were holding your favorite black leather jacket on your hands….not exactly the type of clothing you would wear when going on a hike. Just my luck, you thought as you started to walk forward putting the jacket on you, it was getting little chilly.

  It wasn´t long when you found a road and you were glad that you didn´t have to stumble upon every root and rock you didn´t see on time. You looked on your right and left trying to figure out which way you should go, when you saw a stranger walking toward you. Staring at the man who was approaching you your eyes widened. No way! You would recognize that outfit anywhere! He was Gandalf…Gandalf the Grey! And that would mean only one thing, you were in Middle-Earth! Bloody hell!

“ummm….Pardon me, sir….” you started raising your hands showing that you didn´t have any weapons and that your manner of an approach was a friendly one. Gandalf stopped in his tracks and lifted his gaze to your eyes and smiled warmly. “There you are my dear friend. I was getting worried that I would not find you in time.” wizard said with low and warm voice leaning against his staff. What? You couldn´t find your voice when hearing that and you didn´t know how to react to that either. He was expecting you? Or was he the one who summoned you into this world in the first place? Well…that would explain a lot actually, like how your closet was suddenly connected with a fantasy world you have only read ever since you were a kid. But it didn´t explain why you were here. “I know you have lot of questions but let´s be on our way, I can explain on the way. And you need more proper clothing. Come dear.”  Gandalf ushered you to move and so there you were, walking toward The Shire to meet Bilbo Baggins and the dwarves.

It would seem that because you never felt like you belonged to your world, you had always  felt that there was this empty void in your heart, in your very soul, like you weren´t complete somehow, that feeling  had made it possible to the wizard make that connection between your world and this one. And you were about to discover why you had felt that way.

When you had layed your eyes on the dwarf king first time, time had froze around you. You didn´t hear anything, you didn´t saw anything else but him who stared at you with those deep sapphire blue eyes of his and his gaze was definitely entrenching deep into your soul and your breath got caught into your throat. “And who is this Gandalf?” That voice, that deep baritone, honey dripping, alluring voice of his….you wanted to moan but somehow managed to press it down and turned your gaze to look at the wizard who chuckled knowingly and glanced at your way. “This is Y/N. She will be our sixteenth member of our company. She is quite skilled with the bow and arrows.” Gandalf answered before you could. Seriously? Well, you had quite few lessons in archery back in home but wouldn´t say you were skilled. Wizards….Thorin seem to be satisfied with the answer because all he did was nodding his head and turned around and walked into the dining area where everyone else was waiting for him.

You smiled at that memory, although Thorin didn´t deny your presens in the company, he had been distant at first as if he couldn´t determined if were you really that valuable to this guest as Gandalf kept saying to him. But as time has passed and the many dangers you faced, he had to admit that you were valuable addition in this journey. You had saved his life more than once and in Rivendell he had finally approached you and you two had talked about anything and everything. Thorin had then confessed his feelings toward you and you had learned that the feeling you always had in your chest was in fact the deep bond and love toward him, he was your One, your soul had always yearned to be with him. It made perfect sense now. And so it was that Thorin asked your permission to court you and by the time you left Rivendell, in your hair there was very complex and very beautiful courting braid with his beads in it.

But now it felt like time a long ago when Thorin had been loving and gentle toward you. Now all he could think about was gold and jewellery, and that wretched arkenstone. Good thing Bilbo had found it and hidden it from everyone. You knew how this was suppose to end but who says it had end like that….Suddenly you remembered a certain song from your world and thought about it for a minute. Well, it was worth the shot. If it worked, you would be able to hold your beloved in your arms once again before barging into battle but if it didn´t….oh well, you had a good life, no regrets etc. Sighing you got up and walked out the chamber starting to search that stubborn king.

Thorin was in the gallery of the Kings pacing around and cursing under his breath in khuzdul. You kept yourself hidden behind one of the columns watching him before you took deep breath. Here goes for nothing. Good thing about this place, it echoed so Thorin would have hard time to pin point where the voice would come from…or so you hoped. You started to sing softly little quiet but still loud enough Thorin to hear you.

“Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
My love will never die
Over waves and deep in the blue
I will give up my heart for you
Ten long years I´ll wait to go by
My love will never die”

Thorin jerked his head up when he heard your singing. He turned around several times trying to figure out where did that soft and gentle voice was coming from. There was something about that tone that was alluring to him. But then it dropped low and powerfull and it shook Thorin to his very core. Like someone was grapping tight his soul and tried to wake him from a nightmare. While you sang, you walked past several columns keeping eye on him. This might just work after all.

“Come, my love be one with the sea
Rule with me for eternity
Drown all dreams so mercilessly
And leave their souls to me
Play the song you sang long ago
And wherever to storm may blow
You will find the key to my heart
We´ll never ne apart”

Thorin was shaking and was grapping his head into his hands. That voice kept gripping his soul and no matter how desperately he tried get away from it, it wasn´t working. He couldn´t get away. He lifted his hazy gaze just in time to see you emerging from behind the column intense, almost dangerous look on your face. Your voice was deep yet captivating at the same time  and it kept Thorin´s whole body frozen on the spot where he was standing while it shook violently. It was almost like wild, caged animal trying to get away from it´s captor.

“Wild and strong you can´t be contained
Never bound nor ever chained
Wounds you caused will never mend
And you will never end”

You approached Thorin steadily watching as he struggled to keep his feet under him. He started to walk backwards keeping his head between his hands moaning like he was in pain. For a second you were temped to stop but you could see that it was working. Thorin felt his back making contact with the pilar behind him and he fell to his knees sobbing. He could feel his mind starting to clear from the sickness. Then he felt your hand on his hair as you brushed the hair from his face and leaned forward placing your lips near Thorin´s ear as your voice wasn´t more than a whisper now.

“Cruel and cold like winds on the sea
Will you ever return to me
Hear my voice sing with the tide
Our love will never die…”

Thorin broke down completely and in his desperate state he grapped your waist pulling you into his lap and buried his face into your hair. “Amrâlimê…I´m sorry…I´m so sorry….” he whispered hoarsely against your neck. You closed your eyes and wrapped your arms around him feeling utterly drained but at the same time very much relieved. He was back, your lover, your One was back and you could feel your own tears starting to fall on to your cheeks. As you two sat there, just holding each other you knew that the time was running out, Thorin would have to lead his company to the battle and it wasn´t certain if you could follow him this time but for now you just wanted to enjoy this little time you had left. After all, no matter what was going to happen, your love would never die.

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*Isaac Lahey* Wolf In The Woods

Isaac Lahey X Girl

Requested:  No

Plot: Ash goes for a run in the woods until she spots finds a wolf following her.

Word Count: 1,207

A/N: Not my gif, I found this idea kind of cute, but I didn’t know which werewolf to pick. So here’s another Isaac Imagines, hope you like this.

The feeing of being watched crawled into skin. Wind whipped my hair harshly as I turned around. Getting startled by a grey flicker of movement behind a red cedar tree. My eyes widened while fear travel up my spine, my breath hitched.

“Hello?” I called, my voice echoing through the woods. Reaching the ear range of anything out there. I waited a few minutes in silence for anything in response. A movement or even a real reply.

Nothing came, I furrowed my eyebrows having a feeling that something was out there. Someone lurking or an animal observing me curiously. I was scared wondering if it could be anything dangerous. Also I was curious what was out there watching me. Or even if there was something out there.

I took in a silent breathe, before I turned back around swiftly on one foot. Continuing my walk with silent thoughts, hoping I’d hear something. I sighed in relief after not hearing anything for awhile. Letting my attention focus on the curvy branched of the tree. Trying to memorize the smooth twists and turns of the gigantic tree.

Goosebumps surfaced my skin as the feeling of being watched came back. I forced my attention on the tree, resisting the urge to look for the eyes that stalked me.

The force too strong to at least be cautious about my surrounding. My right foot got  caught  quickly by a big tree root. Knocking me from under my feet, my hands trying to break my fall but, it was too late. I was on the forest floor in seconds with an ugly grunt.

“Great.” I mumbled, propping myself up on my elbows. Blowing my dirt covered hair out of my face. Giving me a glance at a similar grey blur that I just seen Twenty minutes ago. But this one bigger from how close it was, definitely an animal.

When my hair fell back into my face I got up now realizing it was a wolf. Too fast I fell over the same root, falling on to my ass with a groan of weakness. At least my hair was out of my face. I breathed heavily as crawled backwards, my eyes glued to the wolf.

It had watching eyes, now I knew this was the creature stalking me earlier. Was this worth my life? I should of ran, god I am such a cat.

he stood proudly showing of his animal power, causing me to stop crawling desperately away from the animal. He didn’t walk towards me, kept his ground, watching me. Comfort resting in side my stomach, having a weird feeling he wouldn’t strike.

inching his paw in front of the other, finally deciding to move. Breathing heavily still as my muscles locked up vaguely . His light blue eyes began to gaze into my fluffy soul. Seeming so close to the eyes I look into everyday, but I can’t remember whose.

Every paw that hit the ground his massive body got lower until it was on the ground. Pulling himself towards as his claws entered the dirt, he stopped inches from my body. Looking up at me with apologies, resting his head on my black Nike shoe.

My breath calming to a normal rate as I observed him closely. ears perked up twitching in a direction of a small sound. Relaxed behavior, and hackles down. It reminded me of a giant but gentle dog.

I took in another breath, hesitantly reaching my hand out to him. Hoping I was taking all the signals in correctly. I closed my eyes still scared for his reaction. I felt his silky fur on my hand, finding he did it himself.

I opened my eyes to find him rubbing his head softly on my hand. Blue eyes  gone and cover by grey fur, squished as he pushed his head more into my hand. A smile spread onto my face as most muscles unlocked now by now. I sat up now letting my free hand glide through his silky fur.

Having my hands all over his fur made it feel familiar, like I’ve done it a billon times before. I couldn’t help but feel save with him.

  “That’s a beautiful necklace.” Allison commented with a sweet smile. Stiles, Scott, Lydia, and Isaac glanced at the bright red crystal decorating my collar bone.

A shy smile grew on my lips as Isaac gave me a knowing look, “Thanks,” I responded quickly. A knowing glint shone in Lydia’s green eyes as he looked at Isaac, “Where did you get it?” Lydia piped up just a few seconds later.

eyes of my collar bone and on me, interested in my answer. “Um. Isaac got it for me.” I said looking down at the picnic table we sat at outside in the school’s quad. My fingers picked at the silvers of wood sticking out, to try and distract my pink blush.

Both Scott and Stiles looked at Isaac if saying ‘I think I might use that’ and Isaac replied with a simple nod, I rolled my eyes at the boys’ silent communication that could of being clear to someone just walking by, and happened to hear the pervious conversation.

“Ash, what are you doing after school?” Scott piped up next, Becoming my saviour for the day and changing to subject. Lydia and Allison going into their own conversation as the boys waited for answer again

It never gave, “We’re busy.” Isaac said sly grabbing my hand from across the table. Stroking just above my knuckles softly, giving the guys a mischievous smirk. Now making the blush break from the clouds and appear onto my cheeks.

“Ash, I’ve always thought you were innocent.” Stiles commented catching the girls’ attention now. “I guess you were wrong.” Isaac said back with a proud smile.

I gasped standing up and reaching over the table. Smacking Isaac playfully on the chest before sitting back down, He looked a little taken back from my action. “Stop hinting that we’re having sex tonight, we’re watching a damn movie.” I shot at him, making the guys stare at him.

“Poor Isaac.” Allison whined in sarcasm, which made me and Lydia burst into laughter. Isaac drowned in bright red, making me giggle more.

The loud bell broke through the air cutting our laughing shot. Isaac sighed in relief. His blue eyes reminding me of the encounter with the grey wolves in the woods, realization hit me like a truck, there was no way-

The others started heading off towards the entrance on the school building. I quickly caught up with Isaac, yanking him away from the others. He held a face of bewilderment. “What?” He asked concern running behind his eyes.

I should of knowing the moment the wolf looked at me, with those beautiful blue eyes. The way he followed me through the woods, when I tripped he came right to me. Probably wondering if I’m okay?

He didn’t understand that he was protective of me, even in the shadows I can sense his werewolf ass.

“I know it was you.” I burst to the point.

“I have-” He looked a little panicked at first until tried covering it up.

“In the woods, you ruined my run.” 


Hair done, nails done, err'thing did!

Soooo been planning on this for a while. Initially intended to go grey, but my stylist managed to convince me to go a bit bolder with the colour, and this will supposedly fade into a metallic grey, so two looks in one! Woo!

The roots are a smokey-denim blue that fades into a pale periwinkle as it nears the ends. J'adore!!💙💙💙

a-fallen-little-pine-cone  asked:

Hi mom, it one of your many children Kath. Could I get a ship? Literally any one from anything (® or platonic) I'm female, she/her, and bi/ace. I'm currently auburn haired but you can see my lovely brown/blonde roots, and my eyes are a blue/grey. I'm really easy to tease, but I'm one of those people who fight back with dry wit(cough sarcasm) and I'm pretty stubborn. I've been told my resting face makes me look very sad constantly. I like baking and I hate being touched (hugged) without consent:)


I’m in the DC mood right now, teehee! 

Laughter and small talk filled the air as you sipped at your drink from your spot against the wall. Your teeth slightly grazed the surface of the crystalware in your hand and you grimaced. 

Prestigious folks all gathered at another one of Bruce Wayne’s gala. The younger people danced around underneath the beautiful chandeliers without a care in the world as they tried to impress one another while the older, business individuals gathered in tight circles to discuss future plans and deals. 

‘Where was she?’

Taking another glance around the massive room, you realized the eggplant-colored dress was nowhere to be seen.

“Every friggin time…” You muttered as you put your glass down and wedged your way politely through the crowd, making your way towards the grand staircase in hopes to get a better view from the mezzanine. Picking up the bottom of your dress, you wobbled up the stairs in your brand new heels (bad mistake), bumping into Dick on the way. 

“Hey have you seen, Steph, anywhere?” You huffed in annoyance as you dropped your dress and sent a forced smile his way. 

“Nope, have you seen, Dami?” You mirrored his head shake before you both chuckled before departing ways to find the missing members. Seemed like you were not the only one wanting to hide from all the rich gossip tonight. 

Leaning against the railing of the second floor, you scanned the crowd once again before heaving your thirteenth sigh this evening. 

‘She promised she wouldn’t leave you alone again.’

You were too caught up in thinking of all the possible reasons why Stephanie was missing in action when a man a couple years older than you, spoke up, “Why the sad look, babe?”

Your face quickly contorted into disgust at the pet name from the stranger as you slowly turned your attention to him. “I believe it is none of your concern.” 

The man chuckled as he sipped at the red wine in his glass, leaning against the marble column. “It is if there is a lonely girl in need of some company.” 

“I don’t need any, especially not from a prick like you.” Your glared daggers at him as you made an attempt to keep some distance between the two of you. 

The man pushed himself off the wall and wrapped an arm around you, pulling you close. Your fingers shook with anxiety as your mind blanked out. The stranger was hugging you. 

Before you could come up with a snarky comment, the arm was violent flipped off of you and the man yelped. “I believe she told you to mind your own business?” 

Your eyes shifted from the scared and angry man in front of you to Stephanie with her hands on her hips, looking like she was ready to rip his head off if need be. 

He quickly walked off, wine glass was long forgotten on the railing as he muttered under his breath. “Should have taken the hint the first time.” You chuckled as your hands brushed the spot his arms had been, before quirking your eyebrow at the blonde girl standing next to you, “Where have you been?” 

Stephanie gave you a cheeky smile as she straightened out her dress, “Look, I know I said I wasn’t going to leave you, again, at this stupid gala but Damian saw a cat outside the manor and asked me to help him catch it.” 

Stephanie had a sheepish look on her face and you side-eyed her, “It wasn’t a cat was it?”

“Nope, it was fucking raccoon.” Stephanie laughed as brushed off her hands. “This dress is itching me, feel like getting out of here and away from this rich snobs to make naked cupcakes?”

“I’m out of umbrellas.”

“Shopping and then naked cupcakes?” Stephanie stuck her tongue out slightly and you agreed instantly. She offered her arm out, and the two of you linked up and left. 

Growing out your hair takes time, there’s no denying it! But you’ve got to start somewhere right?
If you’re sick of your short hair and you don’t know what to do with it, or maybe you just want those long locks back you once had:

• Start with cutting down on all the heat! I’m not saying you should throw out all your curling irons or straighteners but if you want to grow out your hair at a faster rate, that’s what you have to do. Only use a curling iron or straightener on special occasions.
If you feel like you have to curl your hair every single day, having your hair in two French braids (or one braid) over night leaves you with soft waves in the morning! :)

• When showering, use lukewarm water or even cold water when rinsing out shampoo and conditioner.
(NOTE: Use the conditioner on your ends, NOT in the roots as it will weigh down your hair)
Using hot water on your hair is just as bad as using heat products! And since you probably wash your hair a lot with hot water, think of how much damage your hair has to go through. It’ll cause split ends so you’ll have to cut your hair and start all over again.

• When you get out of the shower do NOT use a hairbrush!!! Your hair is so fragile and so much more prone to breakage when it’s wet and using a hairbrush on your hair after showering will once again cause split ends and breakage. So instead of a hairbrush, use a WIDE TOOTH comb or a wooden brush!

• After showering it’s great to use an argan oil of some sort and massage it on your ends as it’ll soften up your hair and you could even run your fingers through your hair (with the oil) and it will make your hair more shiny as well!

• Now, when you’re growing out your hair you don’t want to shower your hair every single day, so maybe wash your hair every second day or three times a week. Now I know you’re all thinking ‘Ew! My hair will get so oily and disgusting!’ Yes, it will get oily and it will look kind of gross but that’s why you’ve got dry shampoo! Dry shampoo will be your new best friend for the next couple of months when growing out your hair! Just part your hair in sections and hold the bottle around 30cm from your hair and spray those roots! I’ve only tried batiste dry shampoo and they tend to look really grey/white when you spray it so make sure to massage it in really well! You don’t want to go out with the roots of your hair looking grey or white!

• I’m growing out my hair right now and it’s a pain in the ass tbh but it’s working, haha. I use a really good hair mask from Lee Stafford, it’s the ‘hair growth’ one and I personally think it’s amazing! I use a thickening hair shampoo and conditioner and with the hair mask it leaves my hair feeling much thicker, softer and it also smells really good.
Hope you guys liked this little hair tip on how to grow out your hair! :D Please send in requests if you have any and I’ll answer as fast as possible! Xx

Shawn Imagine (Family)

I haven’t done a Shawn Imagine in a while so Shawn it is :) flippingriermendes

Shawn Imagine

You were really excited today because today was the first day of Summer and your dad was driving you up to your annual summer camp. You loved summer camp not only because you got to see all of your camp friends but they had an amazing basketball court for a camp and you enjoyed running up and down the courts with the ball just dribbling and practicing shots. Basketball was a relaxation technique for you, yet sometimes it could be your worst enemy and it could make you lose focus. But that rarely happened.

*2 Hours Later*

You stepped out of the car and shut the passenger side door and ran to the trunk of the car to grab your duffle bags hurriedly.

“Take it easy kiddo, the camp isn’t going anywhere,” He says as he shuts the car door.

“Maybe not but time is of the essence,” You say with a smile before you run off to your cabin. When you reached the cabin you realized you were the first one there and you were actually a little happy about that, because now you could play basketball for a while. You chucked your duffles onto one of the bottom bunks, you were too lazy to have to climb onto the top every night. You opened up your bags and changed into basketball short, an old jersey and some tennis shoes. You then threw your hair into a high ponytail to avoid it falling into your face. You then grabbed your basketball that you took with you everywhere and made your way over to the gymnasium.

When you got there you were surprised to see someone in there already. Usually you were the only one in the gym, usually everyone else was hanging out with friends or out shopping. But because this was the first year your camp was including guys as well (separate of course) you realized that more guys would be in the gym.

You observed his movements as he dribbled the ball up and down the court. You watched as he shot a couple of three pointers and you had to admit he was good. However you knew that you were just as good. You started dribbling your ball quite loudly and he turned round with a look of surprise on his face.

“Oh, hey,” He said with a wave as he held the ball in one of this hands.

“Hi, I’m y/n,” You say. You were on opposite ends of the court so it was a little weird shouting from one end to the other.

“I’m Shawn,” He said. “You play?” He questioned gesturing to the basketball you were holding.

“I guess you could say that,” You shrugged. You did more than just play but he didn’t have to know that. It’s better that your opponent underestimates you because then you have the element of surprise on your side.

“You wanna play?” He asks.

“Sure, and don’t go easy. I hate it when people do that,” You remark.

“Wouldn’t dream of it,” He says with a smile and your heart couldn’t help but melt a little bit. You set your ball on the bleachers since you were going to use his and the game began.

The game was pretty fair and the score was currently 16-16. He would shoot, you would block or  vice versa. You were a good match for each other and you were breathing heavily. The only thing that made you a bit happy was that Shawn was breathing heavily as well.

“Your pretty good,” He says in between breaths as he tried to advance but you blocked his path.

“Your not so bad yourself,” You say with a smirk as you quickly steal the ball and make your way down the court and shoot a two pointer. You knew it went in when you heard the swoosh sound of the net. Nothing but net you thought to yourself. It was a small encouragement and challenge you gave yourself. You tried as hard as possible to only get the net and not have the ball bounce off the rim because you felt that you were more lucky if it bounced in, but if it went straight in then you know that your accuracy is good.

“Y/N, I knew I would find you in here. I’m about to leave,” You heard you dad say from the entrance to the gym. You turned around and ran over to him and gave him a big hug.

“I’ll miss you but I will see you soon,” You say as you hug him tightly.

“I love you too,” He says back as he hugs you. When you two release each other you watch as he drives off before you return your attention back to Shawn.

“Your dad?” He asks.

“Yeah,” You say quietly still watching your car drive off, slowly disappearing into nothing.

“Is this your first time away from home?” He asks as he comes up behind you.

“No, but for me that doesn’t make it easier each time. I am very family oriented and I am so blessed and thankful for that but in a way it makes certain things harder, like letting go. I am fine with being on my own but I constantly worry about my family and not like the normal kid, in more of an unhealthy manner,” You say to him. Why are you telling him this?

“Wow, I understand your appreciation for family, I don’t know if we have the same family relationship but I care about them a lot,” He says quietly. You were now staring at the cloudy skies because the car had long disappeared.

“You aren’t wealthy until you have something money can’t buy,” You whispered quietly to yourself.

“Garth Brooks,” Shawn whispered back and you turned to him with a look of astonishment on your face.

“Yeah, you know him?” You ask.

“Not personally but yes,” He says with a smile and you laugh. “I remember when my mom first said that to me and I had no idea what she meant but now I understand.”

“Yeah as children there are so many things our brain is incapable of processing and it’s like the lightbulb just lights up everything and you are enlightened, literally,” You say with a chuckle.

“Shall we get back to playing?” Shawn suggests and you nod. You turn away from the doorway but one last time you look back at the grey skies.

“Family is like branches on a tree, we all grow in different directions, yet our roots remain as one.” You said in your head and then you went back to the center of the court.


I hope you like it….I don’t know if I did a good job.

Much Love

-simplicational’s queen

He’s Popular And You’re A Nerd Luke

Part 1.0  Part 1.1 Part Two Part 3.1 Part Four 

1st P.O.V

I lean up against my locker, watching as he walks by. Who’s he? Just Luke Hemmings, the most popular bad boy in the whole school. And I, the school nerd fell madly in love with that asshole. I know, I know, pathetic. But there’s a reason why people ‘fall’ in love. You can’t force yourself to do it. You just do it. You fall. And I fell. And I fell hard. He was in a band with his friends. They would perform in music class for projects, his angel voice soothing me. I sang a little, but nothing major. The last words he ever said to me was after I had to sing in class. I happened to sit next to him.

“You have an amazing voice” He whispered in my ear as I sat down. My cheeks burned, thank god my hair was covering my face. That was 8th year. He walked passed me, not even looking in my general direction. I pains me to watch as he looks at all of the other girls, but doesn’t even remember me. We used to be such close friends. But then freshmen year rolled around, and he ditch me for the populars. God I missed him. I fell for him in 6th year, and I fell deeper and deeper every second. The bell rang, telling us to go to class. Since freshmen year, we’ve had the same classes. I sat in the back corner, by the window. I always look out the window, daydreaming of a better place. First class was Math(s). That’s the only class where Luke sat next to me because his friends weren’t in the same math class with him. I always assumed that he only sat next to me was so he could ask me for the answers for the test. He’s changed a lot. And so have I. I ditched the cute girly clothes and started dressing more–punk. I wore band tees, flannels, converse, I had about 20 bracelets on each arm, I got a nose, eyebrow and lip piercing. I started wearing bigger glasses, and little makeup. I even started dying my hair. I started dressing like this in sophomore year. I tried dressing more like him to get him to notice me. Needless to say, my plan failed. But I felt a strange comfort in these clothing. So I sticked with it ever since. I’m currently wearing a Fall Out Boy tee, ripped black skinny keans, a choker, my black and white with black roses converse and an oversized plaid red and black flannel. My hair is currently a light grey color, with dark roots thrown up in a messy bun. I sat in my chair, Luke soon coming in after. The teacher started talking about shit I already knew, so I pulled out my phone and earbuds, listening to Sleeping With Sirens. I look out the window at the autumn sky. Minutes later, I feel a tap on my shoulder. I take out one earbud and look over to see Luke looking at me. I look at his desk and see a worksheet with one unanswered question.

“The answers 1975” I whisper after quickly reading over the question, looking back out the window, about to put my earbud back in until,

“No, that’s not what I was going to say, but thanks” He chuckles, writing it down before he forgot. I look into his eyes, confused.

“Then why are you talking to me?” I ask, taking my other earbud out, turning to face him. The teacher has left the room, all the students talking.

“I’m falling Maths, I was wondering if you could help tutor me. My mum said that if I don’t pull up my grades, I’d have to quit the band” He says, making the small little bit of hope that he’d actually want to be friends again vanish.

“Uh, yeah sure. When do you want to start?” I mutter, turning back.

“How about my place after school. My number is-”

“I know you number Luke. Last time I checked, it was 203-189-0429” I cut him off.

“Yeah…” He trails off, the teacher walks in.

“And in case you forgot,” I whisper.

“The name’s Y/N” I put my earbuds back in, looking back out the window.


I pull out my phone, walking out of the school building.

'Hey, what time do you want m over?’ I text Luke. Seconds later I get a text back.

'Who is this?’ My heart shatters as I read the text.

'Sorry, forgot you deleted my number for your GF, it’s Y/N’ I text back, not realizing how rude it sounded until after I sent it.

'How about now. Turn around’ I turn, Luke pulling up in his car. I walk over, getting into the passenger set. The drive to his house was quite, leaving me thinking abou away to say sorry. As soon as we reach his room, I finally say,

“Hey, sorry about the text, I didn’t mean for it so sound so rude” I whisper, not looking at him.

“It’s fine” He mutters, clearly not too happy with me.

“Really, I just forgot about freshmen year, and thought we were still friends and forgot that I was the only one who kept the number” I blurted out, without thinking, hurn flashing in his blue eyes.

“We aren’t friends anymore?” He asks, pissing me off.

“Seriously Luke!?” I snap.

“The last time you actually talked to me was 8th year ! You completely left me for the populars, forgetting all about me. Everyday I held onto a little bit of hope that you would talk to me, but every time you did, it was just asking me for the answer to a question. God, I was so desperate for our friendship back that I started dressing like you! I was trying to get you to at least remember me! But after realizing that that’s never going to happen, so I gave up entirely. I gave up on hope, our friendship, you! I don’t have any other friends Luke, you were the only one. And you left me to survive 4 lonely years in high school. So, to answer your question Luke, no, we are not friends anymore, you ignorant ass.” I yell, all of the anger locked up inside of me for years pooling all out at once. I grab my bag and left, leaving him standing there in his room, shocked and hurt.


“No… I’m not wearing… Root! Get off of me!” Shaw exclaims and tries to slap away the too jingly, too festive, too brightly red coloured hat that she tries to slip over her hair.

“Oh, come on, Sameen. It’s Christmas. There has to be some sense of festivity inside of you,” Root practically purs while tracing a finger along Shaw’s clenched jaw.

“I don’t like Christmas, or festivities,” she grumbles and takes off the hat before tossing it onto the kitchen counter, “but I do appreciate your outfit.”

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zephindles  asked:

I look very feminine, both in my face and in my body. What recommendations do you have for masculine makeup/downplaying curves?

I’m going to do some videos about this for people that prefer visuals, but that’ll have to wait until after DragonCon.

Let’s start with the body-ody-ody!

Binders are magical. Mine are from lesloveboat.com and are very comfy. I like that site because there is a handy comparison chart and the reviewers tend to mention their size along with their opinions so you can get a feel for how they perform. But there’s a lot of great binders out there, so don’t feel like you’ve gotta shop with them. Just know the cheap ones from ebay are gonna be just that; cheap. Don’t do tape or ace bandages. If you really can’t get a binder, get a tight sports bra and sew one layer of plain cotton over the front half, it won’t flatten as well, but it’ll still flatten and allow you to breath safely. When putting on the binder, it often helps to lay down and let gravity arrange your chest flat, then pull the binder on to lock it into place.

For the thighs and booty, you can get compression shorts, but I find even just wearing guy pants kinda flattens you out. I tend to only wear compression shorts with suits and other thinner fabric, because that’s when it’s more obvious.

You can also pad out the shoulders a bit, just add one or two pair of shoulderpads to the outside of the shoulder, but this is more for costumes, less for everyday. But widening the top half gives the illusion of a smaller bottom half (my constant struggle being a size small top and size large bottom).

Now for the face!

EYEBROWS! These make the biggest difference! Whenever I’m doing any male makeup, I always add to the brows under my real brows. Masculine brows tend to grow in significantly lower than feminine ones. I typically draw in individual hairs with a small paintbrush and some ben nye cream makeup, but that depends entirely on the character I’m doing.

Always wear eyeshadow primer because streaks and creasing are a dead giveaway you’re wearing makeup. I also pretty much always shade the entirety of my eye area up to the brow with a light grey-brown color, it helps make the eyes look a bit more inset and less bright-eyed. I also usually put mascara on just at the roots of my lashes, I don’t want big long lashes, but I do want to define my eye without it being obvious that’s what I’m doing. 

Lips are a hard one. If you go nude lipstick or concealer, it looks fake because masculine lips are not colorless, they’re just more mauve and cool tones than feminine lips which tend to be more red/pink/warm tones. So look for a color close to but cooler than your natural tone.

Most other contouring on the face depends on your face shape and the face shape you’re going for. I know that’s not helpful, but I’m a firm believer in not painting shapes. Your brain thinks it knows what a thing looks like so it tries to draw a generic man face, but it looks so much better when you pay attention to what a specific face is doing. Also, use a touch of blush, like a kinda natural blush, men’s faces are still alive and doing any contouring tends to kill the color a bit.

But, for a more masculine face, especially if it’s for every day, non costuming, I would caution you against using much in the way of foundation or contouring. Keep it super subtle, eyes pick up so much more than we give them credit for. Whatever you put on, blend a lot, then take a moment to rub it a bit with your hands to tone it down. When in doubt, take a picture of your face pre-makeup, then take pictures along the way and flip back and forth to see the actual difference. If you can’t tell you’re wearing makeup without checking the before and after pictures, then you’re doing well!

Hope this helps!