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All I want is to hold Keith and wrap him in a blanket, tell him it’s okay, let him cry, and then watch him kick alien ass. Love this precious boy.

Also we could start a protection squad for all the paladins, no?


how come in so many crafts, people have said “there are no ‘top’ standards!! just be you!! the craft is you and yours to create!!” but this never applied to art? every time someone sees an art piece not to their standards or taste, they immediately shut it down. i mean, how can you compare cartoonish style to manga style? simple style to complex style? pastel colours to dark dramatic colours? every one has their own way in art, the art we create resembles who we are, why are we compared then??

send me a topic to write a meta about my muse on

I might write anything from a paragraph to a whopping essay, but send me something you’ve noticed about my characterisation or just something you want to know about my muse and I will write what I can!

my least favorite thing is where I don’t intentionally procrastinate and instead just suddenly find out that I totally didn’t do the thing and it is now too late

I hate that thing

@dgraymanweek Day 1 || The Voice of Darkness

Who remembers those little D.Gray-Academy shorts from the 2006 anime aha

I am screaming rn
I just watched the dinosaur cry episode and-
“can we just talk about this?”
“sportacus, can we just sit down and talk?”
“I didn’t mean to scare you.”
“I’m sorry.”
Robbie says all of this in the episode when he mistakenly thinks he scared sportacus and I’m just- this just fuels my sportarobbie shipping even more.
He doesn’t even hate him that much, he just wants everyone to be lazy, that’s it.
You two just make a fuckin peace treaty and allow kids to go outside, exercise and play, while also eating occasional sweets, junk food and over sleeping. Then you can both get on and be gay together.

It’s done~! Man…I really want to play a Mario game with these two in it—but ‘Mario bros’ style. So instead of Mario and Luigi, it’s Peach and Daisy!

…I also just wanted to give them different outfits. ProbablybecauseIcan’timaginefightinginanythinglongwithoutstumbling.

  • who was the biggest star in the quidditch WORLD
  • and still went back to school because education is important
  • and goes to hogwarts and throws his name in to do some crazy fucked up tasks
  • even though he already HAS fame and fortune but just because he wants to prove he can do it
  • because he’s probably spent his whole life proving he can do things
    • because he’s an athlete and he’s quiet and he’s big and people probably just assume he isn’t very smart
    • but he is probably one of the hardest working people you’ll ever meet
  • and then he can have literally any girl (and probably some of the guys) that he wants when he gets to hogwarts
  • and he goes to the library - because as much as he is here for the triwizard tournament he also is not sacrificing the education that he is already sacrificing to get
  • and he sees this strange girl with large hair buried in a book
  • so he sits down
  • and he sits there and studies at her table and watches her study
  • and he can’t say her name right no matter how hard she tries but that’s okay because he keeps trying
  • because she’s patient with him and understanding that he is working across language barriers
  • and probably she helps him out when he finds books that are important but difficult to translate
  • and knowing hermione she probably starts learning bulgarian in her free time so he can have someone from hogwarts to talk to
  • and then he asks this strange brilliant bookish girl to the ball
  • because even though he could have everyone he values intelligence so highly but he also values hard work, and hermione has both coming out of her ears
  • and she turns up at the ball and shocks everyone with how beautiful she is
  • but viktor isn’t shocked, because he’s spent weeks in the library bent over books watching her pull her hair and bite her lip and he knows that she is beautiful
  • even without the dress
  • and when they realize that they aren’t going to work out as a couple (for a hundred different reasons)
  • viktor gives her his address and tells her to write
  • because as much as he has loved getting to date this strange bookish girl
  • he has loved getting to be her friend even more
  • and if you don’t think they were pen pals for the rest of their goddamn lives you have another thing coming

I have developed a habit where when a character in a book dies I just assume they’ll miraculously come back to life later before the end of the book.
Sometimes it happens. Most of the time it has not happened.