look at my precious baby otp


The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.

She’s so beautiful, and the fact that she’s still shy around Stiles makes this look even more precious. They’re so in love. Lydia finally has that “can’t breathe until your with him” boyfriend, and I’m so happy for her. She deserves so much, and she deserves a love like Stiles gives her. Stiles deserves Lydia as well. They’re so perfect for each other, and im so happy we got to see their story play out to this moment. This look from Lydia is perfect, and Holland is so unbelievably gorgeous.


So, tell me. Think a girl would fall for that? 

Just as long as it’s the one standing in front of you. 


「 東京喰種 」
❞ Moon Trace ❞

Okay, I know, this is a very, very long Tokyo Ghoul post, but it is necessary to the whole idea. Sorry for causing any inconvenience; every time, I’m working on a “Touken”; it’s gonna be deep, haha. Finally I have my precious babies back on my blog. ♥


❶ The whole post is build around parallelism, same perspective and posing.
❷ In the middle of the post when Touka and Kaneki are looking at each other, you switch between the perspective and parallel representations of Kaneki or Touka. (It took me forever, lol.)
❸ I guess, I cleaned, edited and rearranged almost 100 images for the whole concept. This is so crazy.
The song was my inspiration.

My fav ship(s) (part 1)

DESTIEL (Dean Winchester + Castiel) 

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They’re so cute…

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LOOK AT THEM…just adorable…

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boyfriend material (just sayin’)

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They say before you start a war,
You better know what you’re fighting for.
Well, baby, you are all that I adore.
If love is what you need, a soldier I will be.

I’m an angel with a shotgun,
Fighting ‘til the war’s won,
I don’t care if heaven won’t take me back.
I’ll throw away my faith, babe, just to keep you safe.
Don’t you know you’re everything I have?
And I wanna live, not just survive tonight.

(Angel With A Shotgun)

Honestly how many times to you think Shiro spent awake being unable to sleep? Someone gotta look after him.

I drew this for @phospenumbra, I hope this cheers you up a bit after these past few weeks <3 Thank you so much @fstriker for helping me with colors, shadows and everything, really.