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Wedding Date - Jughead Jones

Pairing : Jughead Jones x Reader

Word Count : 1,013

Warnings : none

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Sitting at a round table, you were admiring the view in front of you. Your older sister, happily dancing with her newly wedded husband.

“Isn’t this beautiful?” you asked your long-timed boyfriend, Jughead Jones the third, who was sitting right next to you. The usual beanie who was normally on his head, was nowhere to be seen. His raven locks gave him the cute, boyish look that you loved. You were kind of glad that he had tried to dress formally for the celebration. He looked down and smirked before answering,

“Is that a trick question?” You playfully nudged him in his side, knowing he was messing with you.

“You’re supposed to say yes!” He chuckled at you and took your hand in his, bringing warmth and a fuzzy feeling in your stomach. Even though you guys had been dating for already a few years, he always had the same effect on you.

“She is pretty, but you’re pulchritudinous.” You raised your eyebrows, giving him a puzzled look. Jughead had that way of coming up with words you’d never heard before. He was a box full of surprises.

“English, please?” He sweetly laughed at your confused expression and replied,

“It basically means that you are a delight for my eyes.” The blood rushed to your cheeks, probably giving you a small pink tint. Your boyfriend could feel your embarrassment and tried lighting up the mood,

“Don’t be shy (y/n). You are the most alluring and divine creature I’ve ever seen.” A smile crept up your face as Jughead said those words to you.

“Well, you’re pretty foxy yourself.”

“Foxy?” Jughead said back dazed and amused by your new vocabulary.

“Yeah, foxy! It means artful, cunning, knowing- which I personally think describes you perfectly.” You explained. At this moment, something seemed to shine in his blue orbs. He leaned towards you, for only you to hear,

“Have I ever told you that I love you?” You gazed back at him.

“Only every day.”

A dorky smile appeared on him as you kissed his cheek. The next minutes had passed in a comfortable silence, both of you appreciating your surroundings. You and your sister’s friends had token hours to decorate the backyard for the wedding.

Usually you weren’t the arts and craft type but you loved your sister fondly and would do anything for her on this special day. Fairy lights we’re hanging on trees and across the dance floor. All the tables had a bouquet of sunflowers in a translucent vase. Balloons were scattered everywhere across the floor. You had also tried some diys from pinterest but didn’t really get an interesting ending. In other words, they turned out horribly. An enticing tune was playing in the background which you were quietly humming.

Seeing your sister like that made you so happy. It made you think about your future with Jughead. If you two would ever get married. As you were lost in your thoughts, you hadn’t noticed your boyfriend getting up, and offering you his hand for you to take.

“Will you give me this dance?” Your boyfriend asked. The music had turned to a slow song. One of your favourites. You smiled and him and gladly took his hand.

“Of course.” Hand in hand, you and your boyfriend made your way to the dance floor where other couples were starting to appear. Jughead placed his hands on your waist and yours gently rested on his shoulders. The two of you were lightly moving to the rhythm of the romantic sway. You looked up, your gaze meeting his.

“Have you ever thought about us? Like, in the future us?” His eyebrows furrowed and peeked at the sky, thinking before saying,

“Sometimes.” He answered, “I like to think of us being together after school. Going to college would be fun. Maybe settling down after?” You bet your bottom lip.

“Yeah I’d like that…” You trailed off, “And what about after? What would you want? Would you want… this?” You asked motioning to the world around you.

“You mean the wedding?” You nodded, “I wouldn’t mind calling you wifey and being your hubby.” You both laughed and grinned and his comment. “Wouldn’t it bother your parents though? I know your dad isn’t very fond of me.”

“My dad isn’t the one who’s going to be deciding who I’m going to spend the rest and most of my days with. Besides, my dad’s moving to Arizona in the next month or so. It’ll only be me and my mom. You know she cares about you.” I said back.

“I’m sorry about your dad. I know you two don’t have the best of relationship right now, but just try to make the best out of the time you two have left together.” Jughead knew that your parents had separated when you were only a child. You couldn’t clearly remember how they announced it but every time you thought about it, your heart ached. Your boyfriend continued, “On the good side, since your sister is moving out, doesn’t it mean that there’s going to be more place for me?” You teasingly hit him,

“Oh shut it you oaf”

He smirked and pressed his forehead against yours. His icy blue eyes piercing into your (y/e/c) ones.

“To answer that question of yours, yes, I’d like you to be my wife someday.” He titled his head forward and his damp lips met yours. The kiss was sweet but passionate. It probably would’ve lasted longer if you two hadn’t been in public. Or to be more precise, to your sister’s wedding. Just when you two parted away, your sister came up to you with a smile bigger than ever,

“Hey love birds, looks like you two are next.” With that, she walked away and left you a giggling mess in your boyfriend’s arms. Jughead smugly smirked at you.

“Can you at least promise me one thing

“Depends what.”

“That we’ll at least have nine kids.” You chuckled and wondered how you got the chance to have such an amazing boyfriend.

YOU’RE HERE (Jughead Jones x Reader)

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It was a difficult situation. Betty, Archie, and Veronica each had their own motives behind why they broke into FP’s trailer. 

Betty, being a loyal friend to you decided to make sure you were safe from your best friends dad. Especially since you had begun to get closer to Jug. If FP really murdered Jason, who knew who he had next on his hitlist? 

Archie, being a loyal friend to Juggie wanted to make sure he was safe too. The redheaded boy already spent years watching his best friend be torn apart by his deadbeat dad. The last thing he wanted was to see Jughead break again. 

And Veronica Lodge? Who knew the mysteries that were still centered around her father? Curiosity had gotten the better of her. The need to know if her father organised the death of Jason Blossom was like an itch on her skin, burning to be scratched. 

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Tease (Derek Hale x Reader)

Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Derek Hale x Reader
Request: Yes, by @g0back2bed

Warnings: smutttttttttttttttttttttttt, curse words probably
Word Count: 1,087


(I meaaaaaan look at himmmmm hes gonna kill me hes so hot ily baby marry me pls)

The buzzing coming from the front pocket of my pants would not stop. I knew what it was, my sexually frustrated girlfriend I had left at home was sending me messages non stop.

I had an important meeting to attend and I couldn’t pay attention with her constant bothering.

I looked around the room full of men who kept talking and talking, when I noticed none of them we’re looking at me I grabbed my phone and unlocked it; only to see several text messages from Y/N. I smiled a little, that girl never stopped until she got what she wanted.

Hey, when are you coming home?
I miss you, get here soon
Did you see where I left my panties from last night?
Derek come on, where did you put them
I’m getting cold down there.

I chuckled and quickly typed a reply

I may or may not have them here with me in my suit pocket.

You little bitch, I found them.
How did they get to the chandelier?

Can you please stop? You made me laugh and now my “business buddies” think I’m crazy

You know, you should be nicer to me, after all I am the reason you’re in a good mood every morning, and every night ;)

And I am the reason we’re not living under a bridge, so please let me work.

I finally locked my phone and placed it on the table, a good five minutes passed before it started buzzing again. Now, I had caught everyone’s attention and they all looked at me with piercing eyes. I cleared my throat before speaking.

“I’m sorry, it’s my doctor. I have an appointment later” it was the best excuse I could come up with, everyone waited for a second and remained silent. Then one of them nodded and the guy that was previously speaking continued talking.

When are you cumming home?? :(
I’m lonely and horny. That’s not a good combination
I know you hate it when I use a vibrator
But my pussy’s so wet
I remembered what we did last night, I’m pretty sure someone heard me
I mean who fucks their girlfriend on the rooftop of his company building?
Then we got home, and you couldn’t wait to get to the bedroom. You fucked me against the front door.
And in the kitchen counter. Then in the hallways, and finally our bed.
I’m getting so wet just by remembering
You want to know what I’m doing?

By this point, the meeting was long forgotten and I had a growing bulge inside my pants. I started typing a message but a voice caught my attention.

“Mr. Hale?” I looked up from my phone to meet several eyes looking at me.

“I’m sorry, could you repeat that please?” I said trying to focus on what they were saying. After the guy finished his speech I gave a quick answer to his question and the meeting continued. I turned my attention to my phone again.

What are you doing?

Didn’t you have an “important meeting?

Shut up and tell me what you’re doing

I’m touching my pussy.
And I picture your fingers going in and out of me instead of mine
Wanna see?


Y/N has sent a picture
It’s very wet, you should be here
I just grabbed my vibrator
It’s on and it feels so good
I can’t wait until you get home and fuck me into oblivion
I want your cock inside of me. Filling me and stretching my tight little pussy

You want that?
You want my hard cock inside your pussy?
You want me to eat you out and put my fingers inside your pussy?


Tell me more. What else do you want?

I want your tongue


God my ass wants attention too

Show me

Y/N has sent a picture

Put your middle and index fingers inside your pussy and show me

Y/N has sent a picture
It feels so good, I can’t stop

Don’t stop, are you cuming?

I’m almost there
I want your cock inside my ass
And your tongue on my nipples
And your fingers in my pussy, playing with my clit
God, I want you.

Keep doing that. Keep touching yourself and think it’s me. I’m on my way

By this point I didn’t care about the stupid meeting, I had other priorities. I stood up from my chair and again, all eyes were on me.

“Is everything okay, Mr. Hale?” one man asked.

“Yes. I have to go, I have a hot girlfriend waiting for me at home” I smiled and walked out of the meeting room straight to the elevator. Once I got down to the garage I walked to my car and started the engine. The drive home was fast, since I was in such a hurry to get there. I took several shortcuts to avoid traffic and luckily I got home in under ten minutes.

When I stepped inside the house there wasn’t a single sound. I went to my bedroom and found it empty. The bed sheets were messy, and Y/N’s panties were laying on the ground, then I heard a soft moan coming from the bathroom. I took off my coat and threw it somewhere in the room.

I opened the door slowly, careful not to make a sound, 

Y/N was in the shower, water falling from the shower head to her beautiful naked body. Her back was resting against the wall, her eyes closed and head tilted upwards; bottom lip between her teeth. Hands playing with herself.

I started taking off my clothes, but my eyes never left her body. I was being extra careful, I didn’t want to be caught. Once I stripped myself, I took my hard shift and pumped it a few times. I opened the crystal door and walked into the shower. Y/N’s back was facing me, so I wrapped my arms around her waist and pulled her towards me. My hands traveling down to her pussy to continue what she had started.

“I didn’t think you’d actually come” she said resting her back against my chest.

“I had to come, I couldn’t leave you all hot, horny and lonely.” I said moving one of my fingers and sliding it into her pussy. “Now, let’s make some new memories for you to remember while I’m gone”


: Bucky X Steve X Reader

Summary: The reader is an Avenger and has a hard time dealing with the aftermath of a mission. Bucky is there to save her and bring her back from the darkness of her mind.

Warnings: sadness, angst, smut, cursing

A/N: Hey y’all I’m finally back after a hella long break. This is my first time writing smut so please tell me if it’s awful! Also I tagged some of my favorite blogs at the bottom. I hope this is okay but if you want to be removed just let me know :) Feedback is always welcome! 

I don’t remember walking of the jet or walking through the Avengers Tower in the direction of my room, everything was a blur. We had just gotten back from a mission that went terribly wrong, lives on both sides had been lost or jeopardized and it was all my fault. The weight of everything that had occurred over the last twenty four hours started to sink in and I could feel my heart breaking. My best friend, Sam, was gravely injured and no one, not even the doctors, believe that he will pull out of it. Coldness seeped through my body. I walked into the bathroom that was attached to my bedroom and turned the shower on as hot as it would go. My clothes where striped from my body and I crawled into the bathtub. Any energy I had left was gone, so I couldn’t bring myself to stand up, instead I tucked my knees under my chin and sat down in the cold bathtub. The drastic change in temperatures sent chills down my spine.

Time passed, I’m not sure how much time but the fog that once covered the mirror and clung to the air was now gone and the water was freezing cold. A banging from somewhere in the distance brought me out of the daze that covered my brain. The banging became louder and more constant before voice were added to the mix. It was like my brain couldn’t focus on everything happening at once so my body instinctively curled into a tight ball in the bottom of the tub.


“Y/N open the door!”


“Y/N open it or I’m breaking it down!”

It took a few moments for my brain to realize that there were two voices coming from outside of the bathroom door not just one. Somehow the tone of the two voices yelling through the bathroom door signaled something in my brain and brought me out of the fog long enough to realize it was Steve and Bucky. My mind could not comprehend what was happening. Why were they outside of my door? Why were they going to break it down? My mind told me to yell out that I was fine instead I sat still like a statue under the cold water that was streaming down my body.


“Okay, Y/N we’re coming in!” Bucky yelled

Not even the crash from the door being broken off of its hinges and thrown across the room cleared the fog that was encasing my mind.

“Shit!” a voice called out, I think it was Bucky.

The cold stream of water stopped falling on me and another voice broke through.

“I’ll grab towels,”Steve said before footsteps walked out of the room. A face dropped into my vision, blue eyes searching my face.

‘Y/N, what’s wrong baby?”

My eyes met his and my body began to shake. How can you tell someone that you killed their best friend? What kind of monster have I become? I didn’t have the energy to speak or move so I just laid there. Warmth spread across my body and in an instant I was floating, no I was being carried.

“I got ya doll. I’m right here.” Bucky whispered into my hair as he carried me from the bathroom.

“Is she okay?” Steve whispered as I was placed on something soft.

“I don’t know. She won’t say anything.” Bucky replied.

“Should I get Nat or Bruce? You know she’s close to Nat.” Steve asked

I wanted to talk to them I wanted to yell out “No!”, no I don’t want Bruce. I don’t want Nat. I don’t know what I want, what I need. My brain was running a million miles a minute and it wasn’t long before I was pulled back into my own demons.

I was recruited by the Avengers about a year ago, I wasn’t like most of them I didn’t have any superpowers all I had was my fighting and sharp shooting skills. After being recruited I formed a tight bond with the rest of the crew. It was rough at first because I didn’t want to get close to anyone, but I couldn’t resist Nats wittiness or Steve and Bucky’s gentleness. It only took the team a few weeks to break through the hard exterior I had placed around me, once they did they all became my family.

The mission we just returned from was supposed to be a simple one; get in, destroy and get out. Nothing was supposed to go wrong but it did. Sam, Clint and I were tasked with covering all the entrances and exits of the building, nothing was supposed to go in and nothing was supposed to come out. The rest of the team had cleared the inside of the building and we all were just waiting on the signal that we could return to the plane and get out of that hell hole. Sam and I had been joking and not paying much attention, thinking that everything was cleared when we were ambushed. A team of five others jumped us, bullets were flying and kicks were being thrown. Sam and I quickly got rid of four of them before Sam engaged in hand-to-hand combat with the last one. At first it looked like Sam was going to dispose of him easily then the masked man placed a gun to Sam’s head while putting him in a choke hold. Everything seemed to stop all around me and all I was I either take the masked man out or he was going to kill Sam.

My eyes met Sam’s before I took a deep breath, steadied my gun at the masked man and pulled the trigger. In an instant the man moved Sam in front of him and I watched as the bullet pierced Sam’s chest. A scream left my mouth and before I could control my emotions I lunged at the masked man and tackled him, sending us both crashing to the ground. His hands gripped at my arms and he tried to flip me under him but I had better leverage. My knee connected with his groin and his grip slipped, giving me the chance to throw all my weight into a punch directly at his nose. A sickening crunch filled the air before blood started pooling out of the masked mans face. I wasn’t done, it was like a haze filled my mind and all I wanted was blood. I unholstered my gun and pointed it right between the masked man’s eyes before thoughtlessly pulling the trigger. His last breath escaped his lips before the life left his eyes.

A whimper escaped my lips and I was pulled from the fog that encased my mind by a hand stroking my hair and a pair of lips resting against my forehead.

“Doll. Doll, please come back to us.”  Bucky’s lips whispered as they showered my face with kisses. Another hand was rubbing my back while another was placed gently on my thigh.

“We’re here for you Y/N and we’re not leaving.” Steve’s voice said from behind me. Another whimper escaped my lips as I thought of the blood gushing from Sam’s chest. My eyes searched for Bucky and once they met his eyes the floodgate of emotions couldn’t be stopped.

“It’s my fault. Sam was shot because of me. I did it.” my voice cracked out. It didn’t even sound like me and it felt like someone else was speaking. Bucky’s grip on my head tightened as he lifted my face up so he could look me in the eyes.

“None of it was your fault. It was an accident no one blames you Y/N.”  Bucky said.

“I shot the gun. I watched the bullet rip apart his chest. It is my fault. If he dies I won’t be able to live with myself.” I croaked out as the flood gate broke sending tear streaming down my face.  

“Y/N, no one thinks any different of you. We have the best doctors working on him, he will be fine. It was touch and go in the beginning but he’s gonna be okay.” Steve said as he rubbed my back in a comforting manner.

“Y/N, the team loves you just the same. Steve loves you just the same. I love you just the same. It’s going to take a lot more than this to make us stop loving you.” Bucky chimed in.

I sat up in the bed with my back to Steve, what if Bucky and him are right? If Sam is actually going to make it a miracle must have happened. Before I could stop myself my arms wrapped around Bucky’s neck and I straddled his legs, trying to get as close as I could. Tears fell from my eyes and soaked into the material of Bucky’s shirt. Sobs wracked my body and I felt Steve shift closer before his hand continued to rub my back. Coos and sweat word fell from the two boys lips as their hands burned paths across my skin.

Minutes or hours later the sobs echoing from my chest began to calm down and my tears began to dry. My heart was still heavy but I had cried all that my body would allow. I lifted my head off of Bucky’s shoulder and looked into his blue eyes. My body urged me to bend down those few inches separating us and to connect our lips but my mind cautioned me, if I took this step I would never be able to take it back, if this went wrong there would be nothing but destruction left in its path. My mind also craved silence, it craved something other than the hatred i have subjected it to the last countless hours. Mybody was achingly cold, it begged for me to soak up Bucky’s warmth. My resolve snapped and I quickly ducked my head down crashing my lips into Bucky’s.

His lips were everything I ever thought they would be. They were soft and smooth which was nothing like his hands, those were rough and calloused against my skin. I eventually broke away and looked into his searching eyes.

“Please.” I begged.

“We can’t, doll. You are emotionally unstable, this isn’t going to help.” Bucky pleaded.

“Please, I need this. I need comfort. I need a distraction. Please, Bucky”

Steve cleared his throat next to us which drew my attention to the blonde haired man.

“I’m just going to leave you to it, Buck” Steve said as he started to get up from the bed. Before I could comprehend what I was doing my hand shot out and grabbed Steve’s wrist.

“Please stay.” I begged.

His eyes met mine as a look of shock danced across his face. I couldn’t see the look on Bucky’s face but he must have been okay with it because in the next moment  Steve was crawling across the bed to where I was sitting on Bucky’s lap. Bucky’s hand gripped my face and turned it to look at him before his lips crashed into mine. His lips were sweet like honey sprinkled with salt from the tears I shed.  I was so lost in the kiss between Bucky and I that I was startled when warm hands gripped my sides. Steve’s hands started out stroking my sides before they slipped under my shirt. The feel of his warm hands against my ice cold skin brought a whimper from my lips which urged Steve even closer to me.

I could feel the warmth from his chest against my back before his hands traveled even higher and his lips settled on the back of my neck. I broke apart from the kiss with Bucky as my back arched and a moan fell from my lips. Steve’s lips traveled across my shoulder blade before venturing into the side of my neck right below my ear. A gasp escaped my lips, I never knew kissing could be this good, this was enough of a distraction because I didn’t notice the towel covering me was gone until I felt Bucky’s metal hand pinch my nipple before it was quickly replaced with his warm mouth. The contrast from ice cold to warm and wet was startling and a sigh fell from my lips.

All the pleasure was building up and becoming too much. My pussy was throbbing with need and the boys were taking too much time getting there. Between Steve’s lips and teeth leaving love marks across my shoulders and neck and Bucky pulling my nipples with his fingers before soothing it with his talented mouth I needed to find a release. My hands settled on Bucky’s shoulders as I pulled myself free from his kiss and moved my leg to the other side of his making me  straddle his leg before I lowered myself onto it. Bucky’s hand moved from torturing my nipple to grasping the back of my head, urging my lips back to his. This time the kis was much deeper as Steve’s hands stroked broader paths across my skin. Before I could stop him Steve’s fingers found my most sensitive nub and began a slow rotation around it. I broke the kiss between Bucky and I as my breath came out in short puffs. My hips instinctively began to move back and forth against his jean clad leg, all the sensations becoming  overwhelming. Before I could protest Steve’s fingers were gone and he moved away from me.

“Put your arms around me baby girl,” Bucky urged

I quickly complied as Bucky’s hands gripped my thighs and lifted me off of his leg. He stood next to the bed as Steve pulled back the blankets and placed a pillow right where my head was going to go. Bucky slowly lowered me down until I was settled into the mattress. Both boys began shedding the clothes that were covering their bodies. Steve’s hands gripped at the back of his shirt, pulling it over his head before he threw it to the floor. Bucky already hard his shirt off so his hands moved to the button of his jeans. I noticed a trail of moisture where I had settled over his thigh and my inner goddess panted. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down his legs before kicking them off to a corner of the room. In the time it took Bucky to remove his jeans Steve had shredded all of his clothes and began to move toward the side of the bed where my head was. I looked down to see Bucky standing between my legs his eyes were grazing over my whole body leaving a blazing trail up my body before they finally landed on my eyes.

“You are so beautiful baby” he groaned out before he got down onto his knees, making himself eye level with my pussy. I knew what was coming but somehow all the air left my lungs as his tongue did one long stroke through my core. His eyes met mine and he smirked before leaning back down and encircling my clit with his lips. My brain went haywire and my hands fisted the sheets as a moan escaped. Steve moved closer to the bed and his legs straddled my face, leaving his dick hanging at the perfect angle for me to grasp onto it. The skin was smooth and creamy, I stroked it and as I reached the tip a drop of precum seeped out leaving me liking my lips and wondering what he tastes like. While I was admiring Steve’s dick it gave him plenty of time to develop a silent plan of attack with Bucky. Steve bent further over, the movement pushed his dick closer to me and leveled him with my tits. Steves mouth covered my left tit while his finger found my right one and pinched it just enough to leave my mouth hanging open. All the while Bucky kept his head buried between my thighs.

Feeling left out I guided Steves dick to my mouth, my lips closing around it and my tongue circling around it. His fingers stumbled and a curse fell from his lips but I didn’t stop. I loosened my jaw, tightened my lips and Steve just stopped moving. His chest was heaving with pants, all he could do was mutter praises.

“Fuck, baby girl” he swore as his eyes closed and his hips thrusted.

Bucky picked that moment to latch his lips onto my clit and I came undone, moans vibrated around Steve’s dick and he moves his hands to either side of my body. A few strokes later Steve whimpered, “Shit” before gently moved my hands from his dick and eased out of my mouth. Bucky stood as well and climbed up the bed so my legs were on either side of him and his dick was lined up with my center.

“You sure, doll?” he asked as his eyes bore into mine. “You can’t take this back, we can stop now.”

“Please don’t stop” I begged. I knew this is what I want. I’ve loved both of these men since I stepped into the Tower. Bucky reached down and held onto his dick as he slowly eased into me. By the time he settled to the hilt inside of me I could barely breathe. I’ve had sex before but nothing compared to this and I still had one more super-solider to play with. Bucky’s thrusts started out slow and by the time we both got comfortable moans filled the room. Bucky eased out of me and stood at the edge of the bed before slipping his hands under my hips and pulling me toward him so my ass was hanging off the bed.

“There ya go Steve, I couldn’t have all the fun” he smirked as he eased back into me and began thrusting as fast as he could.

Steve climbed on the bed and his mouth immediately settled on one of my nipples. Moans filled the air and I felt like I lost all sense of time and space. Steve started playing with my other nipple as his tongue teased the other and it send me over the edge with Bucky following close behind. Bucky thrusted a few more times before moaning and letting his head fall to my chest as he emptied himself inside of me. Once Bucky regained some energy he pushed himself off of me and eased his dick out of my pussy. I rolled over and through heavy eyelids looked at Steve with a sedated smile spreading across my face.

“You okay, love?” Steve asked as he brushed a strand of loose hair away from my face. All I could do was nod while Steve began rubbing my back. Bucky left the room to get cleaned up while Steve continued to pet me.

“But wait, you didn’t get to finish.” I said as our eyes met and his hand stopped moving.

“No I didn’t but there’s always a next time” he said as he winked at me and a blush crept up my face.

Bucky came back to the room wearing a pair of shorts and had a wet rag in his hand.

“Turnover, doll” he instructed.I did what was asked and Bucky moved my legs further apart before brushing the wet rag across my most sensitive areas. I had never had someone be so gentle with me afterwards but the feeling of having such a strong man cleaning up our mess is something all together. Bucky cleaned and dried me before Steve pulled me against his chest and pulled the blankets up around us. Bucky went back to the bathroom to dispose of the wet rag before he came back to the bedroom and crawled in next to me. Being surrounded by the two men has never made me feel safer and that was the first of many nights we shared together. Sam survived the attack and after a three month stint in rehab he was back in the skies fighting alongside us.

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Red Queen AU - Coriane Lives

Dowager Queen Coriane sat on the patio overlooking the royal gardens, a look of peacefulness overtaking her face. While the queen was still the simplistic beauty from her youth, her face held faint age lines and crows feet, showing off the love and laughter her life has held. Her chestnut hair held small streaks of grey, but her blue eyes still held their usual twinkle.

The twinkle in her eyes were caused by the scene in front of her. Her son, Tiberius Calore VII or Cal, was holding his three month old daughter as his wife, Mare Barrow, walked next to him. Mare’s face had a small, soft smile as her husband made baby talk at the bouncing baby girl in his arms. Ahead of them was their three year old son, Maven, who chased after a blue butterfly.

Dowager Queen Coriane’s smile turned sad as she thought of her grandson’s namesake, Maven Merandus. Maven Merandus was Elara Merandus’s son with an unknown father. Some suspected that the boy had been King Tiberius VI’s, due to Elara being cast out of the court shortly after Coriane’s pregnancy was announced. However, other elites disputed the king being the father due to his suspicion of Elara being at fault for Coriane’s past miscarriages and poor health, which had suddenly stopped when Elara had been excommunicated, which would have never given Elara time to get pregnant with the king’s child. With Elara gone, the kingdom of Norta grew and regained the lost ties to Piedmont and the Lakelands, resulting in peace. The queen, now free of the mental constraints from Elara, started trying to mend the gap between Silvers and Reds that the social hierarchy and war had caused. Slowly over the following twenty-two years, Norta began to mend and progress forward.

Unknown to everyone, Elara had taken the slight by the king hard and had tried to stage a coup when Cal was twenty-one and in the middle of the Selection. Elara had almost succeeded in putting her son on the throne since, unfortunately, King Tiberius VI had been killed and Cal was captured and set to be executed. However, Mare Barrow, a Red girl who had grown up in the slums outside of the summer palace, had stepped in and saved Cal from being killed with her hidden abilities. However, even a girl with the powers of lightning couldn’t hold up against the expertise of Elara.

Maven, who had been in love with the poor girl, couldn’t stand his mother killing Mare and sacrificed himself in order to save her, which resulted in Elara losing her mind in grief at the loss of her son. With her mind in disarray, Elara never saw the all consuming fire and lightning that diminished her to ash.

Afterwards, all of Norta had found out about the secret relationship between Cal and Marrow that almost brought upon an civil war from the Houses. In response to the Houses’s cries of uprising, Cal, now King Tiberius VII, announced that he and Mare had secretly married before the Divine Gods, and if the Houses’s wanted to rebel then they would be rebelling against the Gods that gave them their gifts. Coriane’s vocal mind control also helped a little when it came to convincing the Elders of the Houses of Divine smite. The Houses quickly quieted down after that. Nine months later little Maven was born, bringing joy to all in the kingdom.

“You feel it in the air, don’t you,” questioned Julien as he joined his sister on the patio.

“It’s been four years since Elara’s uprising, and Cal’s secret marriage announcement. And yet, I feel as if something wicked is still heading our way,” mused Coriane as she closed her eyes to enjoy the breeze.

“I feel as if we haven’t heard the last of that Evangeline girl,” muttered Julien. “She had the attitude as if she deserved to be queen.”

“She was the best choice, both in skill and politics,” responded Coriane. “But my son is like his father. He followed his heart above else.”

“But as what risk? It’s too early in his reign for him to deal with another uprising. We have to appease Houses somehow,” retorted Julien, his normally honey brown eyes a dark bark color.

“I suggested Cal get rid of the Selection and arrange marriages for the girls that were slighted. I’ve arranged for Evangeline to marry a prince of Piedmont. Not one that will become king but one that will give her a little power. I also have people I trust who will keep an eye on her.”

“You can’t fight all of his battles, Cor. He has to make his own decisions,” Julien stated, slightly exasperated from the conversation that they have been having repeatedly over the last few months.

Coriane sighed and stood up. She looked over her shoulder at her brother, giving him a look that chilled him to the core, with her words piercing through his heart.

“I’ve lost too many children to lose Cal and my grandchildren. I won’t let anything take them from me.”

With those final words, Coriane left her brother to join her son and his family in the garden.

Dowager Queen Coriane had lived a hard life of court for her family, and she wasn’t about to die yet.

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Summary: You are a YouTuber who does material like PAINT. You and Dan are dating, soon you tell your fans along with Dan’s.

Ship: Dan x fem!Reader

Warning: fluff, angst, swearing, sarcasm, sass, etc.

Your P.O.V

I put my microphone away, rubbing the back of my tensed up neck. I’d been working on my latest video for hours on end. I finally finished it. It was my rendition of Enter Sandman by Metallica. I’m a YouTuber, and quite a big one. Not to boast or anything. I do music videos, kinda of like Jon Cozart. My latest one was a shit load of editing. I’m extremely diverse when it comes to musical instruments. In certain frames, I was positioned playing two different electric guitars, drums, and singing. My videos are very different. Sometimes I’m doing beautiful calm songs or hard rock and everything in-between.

People loved it. I guess that’s how I met my now current boyfriend, Dan Howell. He loved my personality off and on the camera. We soon became a thing. We didn’t live far from each other so, meeting up was relatively easy. I glance over my video once more, biting my lip down in concentration. My focus was peeled away when I heard a loud ding. A text from the one and only, Dan Howell. Every time I got a message from him, my heart soar. ‘How’s the video coming along, love?’ I shake my head, smiling to myself before typing back. ‘Pretty good. Should be out in a few minutes, love.’ A few seconds pass before he replies. ‘Is there any chance I can get a sneak peak? ;)’ I roll my eyes, laughing. ‘Sorry, no can do. But we can hang out and watch it together if you want?’ He replied, almost immediately. ‘Sounds wonderful, love. See you soon!’

God, he was adorable. I take a deep breath, watching again, for what felt like the millionth time before I click ‘POST’. Shutting off my computer, slipping on my jacket, I walk out the door and head over to Dan’s. ‘Be there in a few minutes, DON’T WATCH IT WITHOUT ME!’ Within seconds, my phone dings. ‘Ugh, fine. IT’S LIKE YOU KNOW?! DO YOU HAVE POWERS OR SOMETHING?!’ I laugh lightly. ‘I wish lol, here.’ I stumble up the stairs before making my way to the door. He opens it within seconds, smiling wide and bright. “C'MON, LET’S WATCH IT!” I roll my eyes, cheeks flushed. He adored my musical talent. Often showing me off to his friends for getting someone so diverse in such an art form like music itself. We plop down on the couch, slipping a blanket over our legs, he pulls out his computer. I look up the video, clicking on it. Dan’s overflowing with anticipation.

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I bite my lip to hide my discomfort. I hated watching myself sing and perform. Honestly, I didn’t think I was good enough. But that didn’t stop Dan from assuring me that, I was, in fact, good enough. The one good thing about me is that I’ve got an insane vocal range. It can vary to an alto, rarely reaching a soprano, but can go down to a tenor. If I try hard enough, I could probably reach baritone. So, when it came to the song, Enter Sandman by Metallica, it was easy to do his voice. I could, with a lot of practice, have a growly, sexy voice. So low, that it would sound like a man. In the video, I’m shot by multiple frames, one singing up close, two others on electric guitars and one on the drums. My makeup was pitch black, smokey and hot. My outfit was dark and somewhat scandalous. In one of my shots, specifically the one that focuses on my lip movements, I’m wearing a beanie with my hair tucked deep inside. Piercings sprinkled my ears. I’m not gonna lie, I look hot af.

I lean back, watching Dan as he watches me- well video me. The video begins, fog and smoke sprinkle the ground. The lighting, shots and frame make me very happy. It was perfect. It shows four different angles, one with me and my electric guitar, another with me singing, another with me playing the drums and the last playing a bass guitar. As soon as the song ends, Dan literally howls. “THAT WAS FUCKING AMAZING! MY GIRLFRIEND IS SO TALENTED!” I roll my eyes blushing. “Thanks. I didn’t think it was that good.” He scoffed, shoving the computer in my face. “Read ‘em and weep, love!” Dan motioned towards the comment section. I glance over them, smiling.


              She is so sexy I’m gonna die!!!!!


                                                     She is so freaking talented, like holy shit.

“My beautiful, talented girlfriend.” Dan whispers into my ear as he nuzzles his face in the crook of my neck, kissing it. I glance back at them. “Think we should tell them?” He laid down on my lap, I run my fingers through his hair. “The fans? The world? Well, I mean we already told Phil, our friends and family. D’ya think we’re ready?” I shrugged, biting my lip. “I don’t know. I’m ready whenever you are.” He grinned, launching up to kiss me. “Than lets do it. Right now.” My eyes go wide. “Right now?!” Dan nodded, running across the room to grab his camera. I shake my head, laughing. I stand off to the side, writing down never have I ever’s. He sits down, grinning like a child. “Okay- so, I’ll do my normal introduction and then I’ll introduce you-” I nodded, smiling. He began as per usual.

“Hey guys! So, this has been a long time coming video and I can’t tell you how excited I am to be making it. There has been some speculation on who’ve I’ve supposedly been dating- most, if not all the people on the internet think I’m dating Phil- I’m sorry to burst your bubbles but I am not. So this video is about the person I am actually dating. I would like everyone to welcome my girlfriend- the one, the only, (Y/n) (Y/L/N)!!!” I take that as my cue to enter. I sit down next to him, smiling. “Hi…” Dan giggles. “Oh my god, look at you!! You’re blushing!” As he said that, I blushed even harder. “Stop it!! It’ll only get worse if you point it out!” He laughed, kissing my flushed cheeks and then the top of my head. I flushed even more.

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“Okay so, we’re gonna play, Never Have I Ever!” He grinned, grabbing the cards from my hand to shuffle. “Okay love, would you like to go first?” I nodded, taking a card only to swear under my breath. “Shit.. Okay, so never have I ever had a one night stand.” I put one of my fingers down and clap my hands together. Dan’s eyes go wide. “There’s a lot about you I don’t know, haha.” I bit my lip, laughing. “That’s a good thing, haha. Now you read.” We go back and forth for a little while before Dan finally ends the video. “Okay, and that’s a wrap! Thanks for watching! Click subscribe to be kept up to date on all my videos! I’ll be sure to put (Y/n)’s Youtube channel link in the description below. PLEASE go check out her channel! She’s incredibly talented! Honestly, I don’t know what I did to get a girl like her! Thanks guys! See you later!” I blush and shout before he turns off the camera. “By guys!”

“Stop showing me off! I’m really not that good.” He rolled his eyes, kissing me, passionately. “You are perfection. C’mon, help me edit this and we’ll post it together.” A few hours past before we finally finished the video. Dan decided to go on twitter to set out a tease for the fans. I do as well. I cuddle close to Dan, looking up at him. “You ready?” He nods, kissing me again. “I was born ready.” We click POST and wait. It takes a few minutes but within no time, the comments section is booming. Not to mention twitter. They were all so heartwarming. Mostly kind words. Some of course, were not that kind but I didn’t care. I was happy to be with Dan. I loved him.

(I hope you liked it)

“ I remember one night in late February you were driving home after we went out somewhere and the sun was setting and it had turned the sky a hundred different colors. I looked over at you from the passenger’s seat and saw the light hitting your face. The last bits of the sun was shining in your eyes, making every bright, piercing blue fleck sparkle individually. You saw that I was staring at you and you asked what I was looking at. I felt myself smile one of those massive, infinite smiles, and I answered you by telling you how you’re the most beautiful person I’ve ever set my eyes on. I don’t think I’ve ever spoken truer words to anyone before that night. ”

- from a much simpler time (n.b. 03/22/17)

The Last Breath

Summary : A mission goes horribly for the reader, and the team has to face the harsh reality.
Prompt “You can’t salvage any of me”
“You’ve got to let me go” 
(I don’t remember where I got this from but if you know who/where, do tell)

Word Count : 1,208.

Warnings : Death?? Violence. Angst. It’s also a lot bit shitty

A/N : so this is my first EVER fic that I post here. I originally had another one that I wanted to post as my first (because I’m a perfectionist and want my first writing be good), but this came to me in the middle of the night and I just had to do it. It’s weird because the other fic I originally wanted to post has been in my laptop since August last year. SO yeah. I hope it’s okay, and I would like to know what you think (cue the sound of crickets)

Do note that English is not my first language so any errors do tell me (: 

Here goes… 

You don’t remember how you got into this mess.

You don’t remember how a huge block of what used to be a wall had smashed you to the floor, immobilizing you from protecting yourself from the rubbles that followed when the building violently shook.

You don’t even remember hearing the blast of a bomb (or perhaps several bombs) since you were too busy fighting for your own life against the merciless agents shooting at you. All your ears could pick up was the raining of bullets, hectic voices through your earpiece and the loud thumping of your heart.

What you do remember when you blinked your eyes in trying to regain your vision was how you got separated from your colleagues; the building was quiet, too quiet as you slowly walked down he corridors with your gun raised. Nat had secured the IT room with Steve, their next target of an archive room to be checked once you and Bucky had given the green light.

He looked at you warily, knowing how uneasy it felt as he continued the path with you. The flickering lights added an ominous feel of this whole mission, which only added to your apprehension. Every swift sound made the hairs at your back stand, every step of your boots to the floor had you holding your gun all the more tighter.

Straight ahead, you could see two pathways going opposite each other. Bucky stood next to you when you halted, scanning over your right before looking up at him and nodding for him to go left. You knew it was a reckless move to be separated by your only back-up, but you wanted this ordeal to end as fast as it could. Bucky was hesitant but when you gave him a stern look, he obliged. He too wanted this to be over.

The silence was heavy, and you forced yourself to pick up any disturbances. So when you heard the echo of guns fired, all of your senses were heightened. You turned just in time to see people clad in black with heavy armories charging at you, switching your defenses on. You fought, shot and slammed them out of your way, ignoring the injuries they left as adrenaline (and fear) ran wildly in your veins.

You tried to voice out your situation, but found it hard to even breathe as the pain shocked your body. You felt the crushing concrete on your leg and a stinging jab in your abdomen. It was with horror when you looked down at yourself, finding a jagged piece of industrial wire sticking out of you. The blood pumping out of you was enough to know that you weren’t going to make it out –not this time.

The piercing pain was excruciating, but it was the distant screams of your team mates that pained you the most.

Natasha was the first person to be next to you, and the terror splayed in her expression shook you to your core; she was always the best in hiding emotions and feelings, well-known to always be collected. You always admired how she would always be unreadable unless she wanted to be otherwise. So for her eyes to be bulged with fear, it affirmed you how fucked up you were.

Steve and Bucky set on to remove the block off of you before figuring out how to save you. You heard their panicked voices vaguely when they argued how to help you.

“Pulling it out will only make her bleed more” one of them argued. You could hear them call out for emergency evacuation, your situation made clear. You were shaking uncontrollably as the block was lifted, the breeze of cold air adding to your discomfort.

“Stay with me, (y/n)” you heard the soft voice of Nat as she placed both her hands on your shoulder, looking at your hazy eyes. With great strength, you managed to place your hand to her forearm and hoped the squeeze of your palm to her was real and not your imagination. You tugged your lips upwards slightly before mumbling an ‘it’s okay’.

“She’s turning blue. WHERE IS EVAC?” you heard Bucky yell before he was at your side. Nat moved to your leg, assessing the extent of the injury. You felt her prodding uselessly around.

You can’t salvage any of me” you croaked, feeling the scratch of your throat before spluttering warm liquid out of you. You tasted fresh blood on your tongue, your blood and knew the end was near.

They all looked up in alarm when another powerful shook of the building happened. You wanted them to go, wanted them to save themselves. But as if reading your mind, Steve interrupted your thought and said “We’re not leaving you behind. There’s got to be a way out for all of us” as he moved around.

You could only shake your head in protest when a heaviness settled on you. You felt like you were sinking down into the floor, your eyelids threatening to close your eyes permanently. Bucky wrapped an arm underneath your neck, pulling you closer to him.

“No. Don’t give into that, (y/n)” he shouted, though to you he may have simply whispered.

A hand had place itself on the crown of your head, so warm and gentle you knew it was Nat’s before her renowned hair came into view. She was stroking your head, a loving action that made you feel safe (however ironic it was). You still felt it ghosting over your hair even when she stopped, backing away from you to escape from witnessing a close friend be taken away, another friend lost once more.

Steve was panting, his helmet long ago discarded to show you his ruffled hair and furrowed eyebrows. He was standing close to your body, not wanting to touch your weakening form, not wanting to feel you slowly disappear.

Another violent jerk of the building forced them to come to terms with what was happening; the building was going to be in ruins and you, sadly, were going to be in it. Wordlessly Steve and Nat communicated this harsh truth, and agonizingly plucked out their emotions out of their way.

This somehow enlightened you. At least they would be safe. Steve placed a hand of Bucky’s shoulder, signaling it was time to move but Bucky was adamant.
“I’m not leaving without (y/n)” he spoke.

“Buck” you breathed, hoping he would listen to you just this once, “you’ve got to let me go” you continued.

You saw his eyes dilate in both shock and fear, the hold he has on you tightening before he made to argue, but Nat too was urging him to let you go. You didn’t dare look at Nat (not wanting her to spectate your last moments) as she pulled Bucky away from you.

You felt his arm place you ever so gently on the ground, and it was in that moment that you closed your eyes, finally giving into the weight that won’t open them again. You didn’t feel anymore stinging, piercing or jabbing as the lead-feel coated your body. With a last set of inhale and exhale, you didn’t even sense the building crumbling away.

And with it; you.

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It might actually be canon, but I think Harold's favorite color is purple. Or it was until he met John -- and then it became steely-blue like John's piercing eyes. What DON'T I love about Person of Interest? (Well, actually, the last couple of seasons were not my cup of tea, but that was more production issues than not...) My favorite part is the adoring way Harold and John look at each other when they think the other one isn't looking... :::flailing::: Rinch Forever!


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Or was it this one????? (x)

John honey what are you doing we get it he’s the most precious thing in your life…

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(Send me the thing you love most about POI and your headcanon for your fav character’s fav colour!)

The Treehouse

Request: Can you do #4 with Wonho? I just loooove your writing ❤❤❤

4) “I might be annoying, but at least my lock screen isn’t a selfie.”

Member: Monsta X’s Wonho x Y/N

Type: Fluff/angstish?

I set my chin against my palm as I gazed down at what had to have been my favorite view. I felt like a bird as my eyes glided over treetops and houses, pictures of fields and mountains in the distance. It was simultaneously calming and terrifying being this high in the air, but I trusted my father’s hands, his wood work and effort. My childhood treehouse hadn’t aged a day, when I had aged too many. 

“Are you going to throw the ladder down or do I have to stand here all day?” a familiar voice called from the ground. 

I heaved a sigh as I shuffled in the small space. Crossing the approximately six feet of floor, I leaned out of the opposite window and looked down at my next door neighbor, Hoseok. 

Or Wonho as the kids called him these days. 

“Password!” I shouted, trying to hide my smile. 

He crossed his arms. “You know how annoying you are right now?”

“I might be annoying, but at least my lock screen isn’t a selfie!” I called down to him, my smile growing by the minute. 

“I value art,” he smiled back up at me. “Now throw down the damn ladder!”

“Fine!” I groaned. “You big old baby.”

I leaned over, taking the aged rope ladder into my hands and throwing it over the side. The wind caught it, aiding me in my toss. Hoseok waited for it to quit jumping before he caught it with his own fingers, steadying the rocking before he hoisted himself up. 

I slid across the planks of wood and leaned against the wall. After a few minutes, Hoseok’s head appeared in the small entryway of the treehouse and he winced as he glanced at me. 

“I’m out of shape,” he groaned, making the final push into the small building and collapsing onto the floor. He heaved a deep breath, one after the next, closing his eyes. 

“The man, the myth, the abs had a hard time climbing into my treehouse?” I chuckled, looking at the man before me. Hoseok and I had grown up beside each other since his parents moved into the neighborhood when we were five. We became quick friends, both interested in singing and dancing. When Hoseok was a teenager, he decided he wanted to become a trainee for an entertainment company. He wanted to become an idol. 

I remember being so angry at him. We had plans to go to college together, to get an apartment together in Seoul. I thought he was selfish. 

I would see him once a year after that until he debuted, and even then I wouldn’t see him as much as I used to. 

His looks had completely changed even since the last time we had been together. His hair was a greyish blond, the tips drowning in a dark blue. His ears were covered in piercings and a loose sweater hung limply from his body. He had always been handsome, but I didn’t have to tell him that. He already knew. 

My eyes moved up his body, drinking in his figure. My breath caught in my throat as I finally looked to his face. He had been carefully watching me as I openly stared at him. I rolled my eyes, looking out of one of the many windows to avoid his cocky smile. 

“You don’t think this thing is going to fall, do you?” Hoseok hummed, leaning up from his laying position and almost hitting his head on the rafters. 

“Ye of little faith,” I chuckled, still not daring to look at him. My face was submerged in the heat of embaressment. 

“Hey, I know your dad was good at building stuff, but it’s been like…over fifteen years,” Wonho sighed. He gently rolled around, placing his knee against the floorboard and crawling over to where I sat. He angled his back against the open tree going through the middle of the house and directed his gaze out of the same window I was looking out of. 

“How have you been?” I said quietly. This whole thing was bizarre. A man I grew up with, I now mostly saw on the television or internet. 

“Good,” he nodded, a small smile on his face. “We won an award at MAMA 2016. Did you watch?”

Of course I had. “I caught bits and pieces,” I lied, biting my lip. “I didn’t see you’re win though, I apologize.” 

Hoseok nodded, looking down at his hands with a sad smile. “I saw you graduated in your top ten at university.”

“Really?” I whispered, a shiver going down my spine. 

“Yeah, I saw it in the newspaper,” he said, his eyes meeting mine. “Plus my mom called and told me. She keeps me updated on all things Y/N.”

“That’s very sweet of her,” I nodded. Hoseok nodded as well. An awkward silence covered us like a scratchy blanket in summer. Eventually Hoseok cleared his throat, his nervous fingers pulling at the holes in his jeans. 

“You don’t really respond to my texts anymore,” he whispered. I couldn’t help it as my neck snapped up at attention, immediately searching his face. I could see the hurt hidden behind his kind eyes and placid smile. My heart ached. 

“I just thought…you were always busy,” I mumbled. “I figured I’d save you the time…I didn’t want you to feel obligated to keep up with your nosy neighbor.”

“If I didn’t want to talk to you, I wouldn’t have texted in the first place,” he laughed, his eyes wide. 

I nodded, biting at my lip again. I’ll admit that I actively ignored Hoseok’s texts. I was scared he had changed into someone I wouldn’t recognize anymore. I was scared of getting rejected, of getting hurt. 

I guess that was what happened when you harbored a love for your childhood friend for ten years. 

“Why don’t you want to talk to me?” he sighed, scrubbing a hand through his multicolored hair. 

“Why do you want to?” I chuckled, trying to lighten the heavy mood that had infiltrated my humble treehouse. 

“Because I miss you,” he said simply. “I thought…maybe you missed me too. I know you’re out being this amazing student and super successful, but don’t you have time for old Hosoek?”

“I’m being amazing and super successful?” I croaked. “Are you joking? You’re Wonho. THE Wonho of Monsta X.”

He shook his head quickly, a shy smile on his lips. “I’m Shin Hoseok. The same old guy I’ve always been.”

I was glad for that. I was scared that the fame would change him. I was scared that he had grown into a man I didn’t know. 

“I think about you a lot,” he continued, pulling his phone from his jeans. He quickly unlocked it (with his lock screen a very handsome selfie) and threw it toward me. I looked down to his background, my breath stuttering out of my mouth. Before my eyes glowed a photo of Hoseok and I, not much older than seven or eight, with our arms wrapped around each other. I looked up at him, swallowing the lump that had appeared in my throat. 

“I think about you more than a lot,” he admitted, looking up. His eyes were glassed over with thought. “When I think about home…I think about you…”

“Hoseok-” I whispered, unsure if I could finish my thought. He slid over, scooting his back into the small area of wall next to me. He drew his knees up to knock against mine, setting a casual hand on my thigh. 

“I’m not saying I want you to run off into the sunset with me,” he said, his voice barely louder than a breath. “I’m just saying…that I hope you miss me as much. And I hope you start talking to me again.”

“I’m sorry,” I whimpered, shaking my head. “I’m sorry I haven’t been there.”

I looked up just in time to see a smile tug on the corner of his lips. “Life isn’t easy Y/N. I don’t blame you for losing touch. I just want to find you again.”

I sat quietly, staring at the boy I had known so long ago and the man I was really only just getting to know now. He smile grew by the moment as his face leaned toward me. His lips hovered over mine before pressing softly against them. Hoseok’s hand slid up, cupping my jaw gently as his mouth remained pressed in place. I felt my body fill completely with warmth and the butterflies in my stomach turned vicious. Years of waiting had released emotions I never knew I had. Just when I thought I could die in the moment, he pulled away, lids heavy and breathing ragged. 

“So are you going to start texting me back?” he whispered, his cocky grin reappearing on his face. 

I smiled, lacing my fingers in his. “I guess if I have to.”

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For anyone going through a hard time right now:

Music has the power to help, or so I believe, it picks you up in ways that people sometimes can’t. I recently made a playlist of songs, and if people want I can make it into a Spotify playlist. But here is the songs:


Therapy//All Time Low
Never Too Late//Three Days Grace
Hospital For Souls//Bring Me the Horizon
Friend, Please//Twenty One Pilots
Crash//You Me At Six
Missing You//All Time Low
Never Give In//Black Veil Brides
Hold On Til May// Pierce The Veil
Astronaught//Simple Plan
Kitchen Sink//Twenty One Pilots
Saviour//Black Veil Brides
If I have too, then I have too (Acoustic)//One Last Look.
The Light Behind Your Eyes//My Chemical Romance
Goner//Twenty One Pilots
No One Does It Better// You Me At Six
Satellites// Sleeping With Sirens
Hearts and Flowers// Say We Can Fly
Nothern Downpour// Panic! At The Disco
What a Catch Donnie//Fall Out Boy
I’m A Mess// Ed Sheeran.

Here’s a few other things:

Good Songs that help calm you down or fall asleep:
Behind the Sea (Live in Chicago version) //Panic! At The Disco
Therapy// All Time Low
Fireworks//You Me At Six
Hey There Delilah//Plain White T’s
Oh Ms Believer// TØP
Never Seen Anything (Quite Like You)//The Script
Kiss me//Ed Sheeran

If You Have Lost Someone:
If You Could See Me Now//The Script
Match Into Water// Pierce The Veil
Cancer//My Chemical Romance
Lullabies//All Time Low
Wake Me Up When September Ends// Green Day
This Isn’t The End// Owl City
All Done For You// Black Veil Brides

Remember When/ Dissappear//Issues

When You’re Feeling Misunderstood:
I’m Not Okay//My Chemical Romance.
King For A Day// Pierce The Veil ft Kellin Quinn
Kids In The Dark// All Time Low
Wretched And Divine// Black Veil Brides
Boulevard Of Broken Dreams// Green Day

In a Really Bad Mood? Start A Riot: [X]
Misery Buisiness//Paramore

Bite My Tongue// You Me At Six ft Oli Sykes

You Make Me Sick//Of Mice And Men
Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing//Set It Off
Antivist//Bring Me The Horizon
Save It For The Bedroom//You Me At Six
Heroes// All Time Low
Desolation Row//My Chemical Romance
Juarez//Gerard Way
Fuck You//Sleeping With Sirens (Cee Lo Green Cover)


Compromising Me//William Beckett

Gives You Hell// The All-American Rejects

Some cool extras:
Princeton Ave// Issues (Abuse)
Never Lose Your Flames//Issues (Homophobia/Rejection because of Sexuality)
Mama//My Chemical Romance (Gender Identity)
99% Soul//Matty Mullins (Christian music?)(most of his album is Christian music so if you’re looking for good Christian pop I would recommend Matty Mullins or Owl City :))
Migraine//TØP (Schizophrenia)
That Green Gentleman (Things Have Changed For Me)//Panic! At The Disco (For people going through major changes)
Sleepwalking//Bring Me The Horizon (Depression)
A Trophy Father’s, Trophy Son (Broken Family/Home)

That’s all for now but that’s all for now, I might update more? I was just looking at all these cool songs with cool messages so…

[The Crow]

Series: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: KageHina.
AU: bodyguard AU.

A/N: I am waaayyy behind with Haikyuu!! Like, a full season behind, lmao. Buuuttt @kkumri​ has inspired me again. So this is a little something to honour her improvement and dedication in the HQ fandom. You rock, Ally! I’m totally smitten with your bodyguard au.

;So I’m puttin’ my defenses up ‘cause I don’t wanna fall in love. If I ever did that, I think I’d have a heart attack.

Small. That was the best way Tobio could describe Hinata Shouyou to anyone who hadn’t met him. His charge had an attitude larger than life, but a body that left him vulnerable, like a child being tossed overboard during a storm. It didn’t matter how much he struggled, how much he fought, the waves would surely take him. That’s where Tobio came in, tasked with the grueling job of keeping Hinata safe.

And yet, here he was, scrapes and bruises branding his face, standing taller than anyone Tobio had ever met. Orange hair stood out in disarray on top of his head, as unruly as the man himself. Tobio thought it unwise to let a person of his esteem walk around like that, disheveled hair and muddied suit, but his job was to guard Hinata’s life, not his reputation. 

‘Did you see that, Tobio? It hit right in the centre!’

‘I told you not to call me that.’ 

The admonition was received with a pout. ‘But, Kageyama,’ he paused, testing the weight of the name on his lips, ‘we’ve been together for over a year now.’

Tobio wanted to smack him, but that, too, would go against the rules of his job. Escorting the Mafia’s heir was one thing, tolerating his offers of friendship was another entirely. Tobio had promised to keep a distance. He didn’t have time for friends, not when his life could be compromised at any given moment. 

‘Hinata,’ Tobio said, cursing himself as the name slipped out. ‘Your tie is crooked again.’

Hinata lowered the gun – a toy Tobio had brought to the manor that day – and turned to face his bodyguard. His brown eyes filled with warmth when they looked upon Tobio’s face. 

Clearing his throat, Tobio reached down to straighten the crooked tie. Hinata didn’t blink. In fact, for a moment, the small man didn’t even breathe. He just stared up into his soul. His presence sluiced through Tobio’s body, making him shiver when a chill passed through the courtyard. Tobio had to stifle a laugh when he noticed Hinata was standing on his tiptoes. The young lord did never did cease to amuse him.

‘Did you see?’ Hinata pressed, easing back onto the soles of his feet.  

Tobio shook his head. ‘What do you want? My approval?’

‘Kinda,’ Hinata said, scratching the tip of his nose. ‘Shall I do it again?’

‘If you think you can,’ Tobio coaxed. Hinata’s aim wasn’t perfect, but his stamina was off the charts. He could outrun an entire mob with those stumpy legs of his and live to tell the tale. ‘Go ahead,’ he urged. ‘Shoot the target in the far distance.’

Hinata cocked his toy gun, filled with plastic bullets, and aimed it at one of the targets across the yard: A wooden circle no bigger than his head, painted to look like a bulls-eye. It hung from a tree against the wired fencing. It wasn’t a shot just anyone could make. Tobio could, he knew. He could make it with his eyes closed. But Hinata? Not a chance.

‘Watch this, Tobio,’ Hinata pleaded. ‘I’m about to play my ace!’

His ace? Tobio snorted back a laugh. 

Hinata was the last one laughing. The bullet soared as if propelled by invisible hands that carried it through the air. It pierced the target with enough force to splinter chunks of wood in a multitude of directions, along with Tobio’s composure. He stared down at his small charge, and at the fiery determination in his eyes. His heart skipped a beat.

‘All right!’ Hinata called. He pumped the air with a bruised fist. 

‘You got lucky, Ace,’ he teased.

‘I’m starting to realise why they call you The Crow,’ Hinata mumbled.

‘I highly doubt that, Little Lord.’

Hinata crossed his arms defiantly. ‘Why are you making that face?’

Tobio was scowling. The name haunted him. It was his scar now. His brand. That, and the memories of death that came with it. 

‘You scowl when people mention your size,’ Tobio asserted. ‘It’s no different.’

Hinata waved a finger at him. ‘Crows are intelligent creatures, you know.’

Tobio raised a brow. ‘And how would you know that?’

‘I…’ Hinata’s cheeks were red. ‘I looked them up when father told me The Crow would be joining my security.’ 

Tobio could only stare at him.

‘Crows are pretty cool, you know. There are stories that talk of crows guiding people into the afterlife. And they can be spiritual blessings too. I guess that’s why I made my shot just now. You’re my spiritual blessing. With you by my side, there’s nothing I can’t do.’

Tobio stiffened. The hairs on his neck lifted. He wanted to mask the embarrassment, but the heat came much too quickly. His cheeks thumped with the blood that gathered there. 

‘It suits you, Tobio,’ Hinata said with finality. 

Kageyama,’ Tobio stressed.

‘What’s wrong with your face, Kageyama?’ Hinata leaned forward on his toes. ‘You look like you’re burning up.’

‘Shut up and pay attention to your shooting,’ he argued.

The sun felt obnoxiously warm on the back of his neck. Tobio wanted desperately to get out of his suit and collapse somewhere in a dark hole where no one could find him. But he didn’t. He just stood there, eyes trained on Hinata’s face, watching the little lord take fire on helpless targets across the yard.

He could hear the echo of fountain water hitting the lower basin behind him. The sound drummed against the dull beating of his heart. He wondered if Hinata was feeling the same quiet exhilaration. If, behind the composure and the smiles, there was a nervous pang of uncertainty creeping into his heart.

A crow burst free of its nest in the trees, mocking him in its wake. If Tobio had to be The Crow for the rest of his cruel life, then Hinata would be The Sun, blazing brightly in the sky. And Tobio would continue to fly too close to that sun, where his wings would surely burn and his feathers would turn to ash. 

He supposed, if he had to be grounded anywhere, Tobio was content to do it here.

Trapped - Pietro x Reader - Oneshot

Heyo, my potatoes! ♥ Since my first Pietro x Reader seemed to be such a hit, I got another request and decided to write it :D I hope you enjoy! ♥

Request - [x]

Words - 2,058

Warnings - language you like to swear don’t you?, panic attack, hyperventilating, hurt!Pietro, FLUFF ♥

Originally posted by imaginingbucky

“Need any more help?”


“Okay, Tony, but be careful with this. Or you might short out the whole tower.” “Don’t worry. F.R.I.D.A.Y. already seperated this and secured the tower’s system”, Tony reassured you, fumbling around in his newest project.

“Okay, I’ll get going then. Take care!” “See you at dinner”, he mumbles mindlessly, his complete concentration on his project.

Before you leave his lab, you add with a smug smile, “I’m guessing candlelight dinner”.

Tony throws you playful smile, shaking his head about your joke. “Cut it, little girl.”

Shortly flashing your tongue in his direction, you’re outside the lab and stroll down the hallway to the elevators. Natasha comes down the hallway to you, a sweet smile on her.

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A Howler Filled with Jealousy

Requested: Yes

Anon: jealous and fluffy newt imagine pls? I crave it lol

Word Count: 1 044

A/N: Yay! I finally updated! I’m so sorry for the wait!
In this story, lets just pretend that Theseus is a year older than Newt (I don’t know his actual age), Newt isn’t expelled (yet??) and that Leta is not infatuated with Newt or dark magic or something. Aha sorry, that’s a lot. Thanks so much for waiting, enjoy!


“Talk. To. Her.” Leta mutters in my ear for the hundredth time this morning. I furiously shake my head and she sighs.

I look longingly over at the Gryffindor table only to come eye to eye with (Y/N), the beautiful and kind girl who was sitting right beside my brother. I see her laugh and place her hand on his arm and I frown.
Theseus was a year older than both of us, for he was in his Seventh Year and (Y/N), Leta and I were all in our Sixth Year. Not that it really mattered, Gryffindors of all ages got along well with Theseus; the perfect person.

Out of the corner of my eye I see a few Second Years look at Leta and I strangely, however they quickly run away after Leta gave them a look of irritation.

“Talk to-”

“No, I can’t.” I spat at my only friend, cutting her off. She looks at me, appearing slightly taken back at my sudden outburst.

“I can’t.” I repeat, a little softer. “There’s no way I can compete with my brother, she’s clearly fallen for him.”

“Like every other girl ever.” Leta mutters under her breath and I smile, a sad defeat. “And besides, everyone can all see that you are jealous of your brother and all the attention from (Y/N) he’s getting.”

“I am not jealous!” I yelp, face turning red. “Me? Jealous of Theseus? No!”

She crosses her arms, looking unconvinced.

“Okay, sure he is brave, good looking, smart, cunning and the list can continue for eons. Alright, I am jealous, but I’m not going to let that stop me!”

“Great! Say it again.”


“You need to come to terms with this. Say. It. Again. Let all your feelings loose.” she says sternly and I chuckle at her childish stubbornness. Well, if it made her happy.

“I, Newt Scamander, am jealous of my brother Theseus because he is so perfect in every way. How I’ve always longed for people to look at me the same way they look at him.” I rant dramatically, pausing to catch my breath. I can hear Leta snickering lightly beside me but ignore it. If she wanted true feelings she was going to get true feelings. I only really felt comfortable around Leta, my feelings flowed freely when I was around her.

“However, that has never bugged me until now, for I am in love with (Y/N) (L/N), since the day I laid eyes on her, and I have no chance with her for I know that I have already lost the battle before it even started. But I can always hope…”

“Perfect!” Leta says, snatching a piece of paper off of the desk. A quill is floating daintily in the air and my heart is suddenly in my throat.

“Is that…?” I can’t finish my sentence and I stare in horror as she placed the folded paper into a bright red envelope.

“Yep, a Self-Writing Quill. And this,” she taunts, flicking the red envelope right under my nose. I desperately try to snatch it out of her hands but she’s too quick. “Is a Howler.”

With that, she throws the fiery red envelope into the air and it flies over to the Gryffindor table, landing right in front of (Y/N).

Before I know it, my voice is booming through the Grand Hall and all I can hear through the blood pumping in my head is laughter; Theseus and Leta’s the loudest. Theseus wrapped his arms around a blushing (Y/N).

I don’t even remember standing up and running to the door, the laughs chasing me and my feelings exposed. I know that Leta was trying to help, but this? It was going too far. And now everyone really knew that I was merely Theseus’s shadow.

I run out of the hall, my thoughts and anger creating a storm in my head that I didn’t notice (Y/N) push my brother away and follow me out, her light footsteps soothing my loud, heavy ones.


“Newt, wait!” she calls and I turn, however refusing to meet her eyes.

“There is no need to tell me that the feeling is not mutual, I already know.” I say to the ground, tears fighting to fall. This was almost as bad as when I had to let one of my creatures return to its home in the Forbidden Forest. No, it was worse.

“Do you…do you really think Theseus is better than you? Do you really think you’re nothing but his shadow?” her big beautiful eyes are trying to pierce through me, searching for an answer.

“How could I not when there are two ways to say the name Scamander? There’s the voice filled with admiration and pride while the other screams disappointment. I don’t even bother to look up anymore whenever someone says my last name with delight, because I know it’s not meant for me.”

She shakes her head, approaching me and softly stroking some of my messy hair out my face, forcing my eyes to stare into hers.

“Yes, its true. You are nothing like your brother; you’re better and I’m not going to stop proving it to you until you see what I see in you.”

“Stop trying to feel pity, I-”

“Dammit Newt! I like you too!” she bursts out.

Our eyes search each other’s trying to find the answers to the million questions bubbling in our heads.

“I actually became closer to Theseus in order to get closer to you, though that totally backfired.” she says softly, chuckling and shaking her head. “Please, give me a chance Scamander, be mine.”

And that’s the first time I have ever heard someone say my last name like that, to me.

“Please let me prove to you that I love you and that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Nothing to be jealous of.” she pulls me into an embrace and I melt into it, wanting to escape my body and attach my soul to hers.


She kisses me on the cheek and I make a note to thank Leta later. Sure she just caused me public humiliation, but I know she was doing it because she cared. I think.


Thanks for reading!

A drunk heart speaks a sober mind

Pairing:T’Challa x Reader.

A/N: (Y/N) is your name. Swearing, drinking (guys, be careful when you drink), fluff. HUMONGOUS THANK YOU TO MY LOVELY CUPCAKE @imaginedaily FOR GIVING IT A READ AND GIVING ME HER ALWAYS APPRECIATED OPINION. LOVE YOU BABE!

@hav-savage:  Fic request: T'ChallaxReader T'Challa and reader have hidden feelings for each other which come to light when reader gets drunk at a party in Stark Tower and T'Challa has to take her home.

@justcallmecinammon@sexyvixen7@that1awkwardfangirl@muffinz323 @sammiesamness

Originally posted by thewinterbeefcake

A soft knock on the door shook you out of your daily cooking. You were making lunch for the day and for some further days. You were in your comfy apartment in which you had been for a few weeks now. Since there was a new guest at the Stark Tower in which you used to spend nights, you decided to go back to your old place because seeing Tony’s new guest was unbearable.
You wiped your hands on your apron and opened the door to find Iron Man himself on the other side. He kissed your cheek and went to sit on your living room.
“Wanna have some lunch?” You asked, going back to the pot.
“No, thanks” He smiled “I’ll be meeting Pepper for lunch like in an hour. What I do have is an invitation for you, actually”
“For lunch? I am already-”
“This has nothing to do with lunch, you idiot” He laughed as he interrupted “The thing is that I miss the old days when we all got together and drank until we ran out of both booze and sanity, and since we have made a new friend I thought that a welcoming party would be a great excuse to put on our best attitude and all that welcoming spirit that has been our characteristic… What’cha say?” Tony pouted like a little kid.
“You can’t possibly think that that Queen’s kid is allowed to drink. You know how long since I ever drank with a kid?” You untied the cute apron and left it on the hanger on the wall that split your kitchen from the living room “Since I was his age, when I drank with my friends!” You said loudly as you sat on the ottoman in front of him.
“Peter’s not going, chill out (Y/N). He said something about having homework or having to go out with his hot aunt. Is someone else that we’re talking about, someone who actually wants to see you there” You looked at him with a confused frown “T’Challa wants you there”
Since King T’Challa arrived to New York and whenever you went to visit the fantastic people you called friends, he was there with his piercing eyes and the gentleman manner. He had been around for about a year and he managed to make its way into your head and you couldn’t get him out.
You became the unusual clumsy person around him, and as if it was designed by the gods, he was always there to either catch you or whatever you were about to drop. He had found you wandering alone in the humongous building and he joined you whenever time allowed him. What you didn’t knew was that he was getting the same feeling as you did; you were like a song stuck in his mind, but one of those song you don’t want to get rid of.
You ended up saying yes because there was no use in saying no anyway. The invitation said nothing about a dress code, which you thanked with all your heart because you were not in the mood for dressing up, let alone for getting drunk with him.
Throughout the night, not a single drop of alcohol touched those beautifully plump lips, in opposition to you, that drank everything you encountered; funny enough, it was you who seemed like a teenage girl. You spent almost the whole evening talking to Natasha who assured you he had set his eyes on you and that he had feelings for you, but between alcohol and the sense of impossibility, you didn’t buy her words.
“If you could just stop embarrassing yourself, (Y/N)” The redhead scolded you “You’d notice he’s been looking at you since the moment you said hi”
“Shut it” You hissed and glared at her “He has been looking at me because I don’t know how to behave in public and near people I like… I am a mess”
You decided to call it quits for the night at around 3 am but in your state it was completely reckless and dangerous to even walk to the parking lot. T’Challa kindly offered himself to drive you there in one of Tony’s cars that had the location of your apartment in the GPS memory. You curled your arm in his and walked with difficulty.
“Y’know” You groggily said with a slight smile spread across your lips. They felt numb and your tongue was way too clumsy inside your mouth “When you hold me like this, so close and tightly to that amazing and godly sculpted body of yours” Your fingers roamed down his ridiculously tight shirt he wore that evening until you felt his leather belt in the way. By then, T’Challa was far from being just amused, he hadn’t been to a party with friends since forever, and the Avengers were as welcoming as alcohol could be, but his amusement was because of how inhibited you were with a few drinks on your body “I swear I wanna do the nasty with ya’” You whispered to the king’s ear and then, you giggled in your own drunken state.
“Oh, is that true?” T’Challa couldn’t help to laugh with you “Come on (Y/N), you are beyond drunk tonight” He conceded.
In a split second, as T’Challa was taking you back to your place, your feet tangled on the floor and you fell on your knees. You looked up to see a pair of eyes that looked you in surprise and concern, but after looking at your hands propped on the tile floor and realizing you were in all fours, a soft titter escaped from your lips until you felt it turning into a loud guffaw, making you fall to your side like dog showing its belly. You shut your eyes as the uncontrollable sound filled the small hallway before the parking lot and the Wakandian kneeled next to you to try to help you; the smile on his face was inerasable.
“What a cute smile you have, kitty cat” You giggled like a little child as you cupped his cheek in your hand “You’re so handsome… I wish you were mine…” You yawned.
He lifted you bridal style until he secured you in one of the big cars Tony had handed him so he could get you home safely. The soothing buzz of the car and the warm air soothed you to the point in which you were fast asleep.
Your head stung and the small portion of sunlight hurt your eyes. You were in the comfort and safety of your bed and when you rolled to the side to hide yourself with the pillows, you noticed your clothes were perfectly folded at the foot of your bed. You looked under the covers and saw yourself wearing an oversized shirt you kept you wept in your wardrobe.
Holy fucking shit…” You muttered.
Then, a strong smell of coffee and music coming from the living room made you get up and find out what happened. Before confronting the stranger, you took a pit stop to the bathroom to wash your face and tie your hair in a high pony tail. You found some shorts under your pillow and went outside.
You saw a blanket neatly folded on your couch and the smell of coffee was now combined with something cooking. Pancakes. You turned to the kitchen and saw T’Challa placing the little cakes on two plates and dancing around to the rhythm of the music. He hummed in a low voice as he searched in the upper counters for some jam.
“T’Challa?” You asked in a raspy voice. He turned around and smiled widely “I’m sorry to ask like this, but what the fuck are you doing here?”
“I brought you home safely last night” He rose his dark eyebrow, half insulted and half confused. He looked incredibly handsome with your apron and a pan on his hand “You were impossibly drunk and nobody wanted you to drive and you didn’t want to stay in either” He turned around again to serve breakfast and place it on the counter that separated the kitchen and the living room “Now, eat something. You got really wasted last night”
He placed a mug of coffee, a plate with pancakes and a glass of orange juice in front of you and a little bowl of jam and syrup in between you two. Everything smelled and tasted delicious.
“You… changed my clothes?” You sheepishly asked, feeling the heat rise up to your cheeks.
“No, I asked if I could, but you refused and did it yourself” He smiled “I did help you with putting your arms through the sleeves, you fell asleep sitting in your bed; then, when you were barely conscious you asked me to sleep with you because you were… Impossibly cold” He mocked you “but I couldn’t, so I apologize for going through your stuff and finding myself a blanket”
“After all you did for me, the least thing I can do is thank you for bringing me here and even making breakfast… I haven’t had one of these in ages. Thank you, T’Challa” You looked at him and met his piercing look. You bit your bottom lip “Hey… I kinda wanna ask you something… And I swear to god I shouldn’t, but… Did I do or say something inappropriate last night?”
“I think that’s gonna be my favorite part to tell” He said after sipping from his coffee.
“Fuck” You rolled your eyes.
“When we got to the elevator you started saying something about my godly body and how you loved when I held you close, then you said you wanted to do… The nasty? I think that’s how you called it” A soft giggle escaped his lips “Then, you fell on the floor and I’ll stop it there, cause you might get even more embarrassed…”
“No, tell me everything” You bit your lip again.
“You said I had a pretty smile and that I was… Gorgeous and that you wanted me to be yours…”
“Shit, I’m so sorry…” You rested your head on your hands “I was incredibly and unbearably drunk last night and I barely remember anything you just said”
“Don’t worry (Y/N)” You bit your lip again at the sound of your name in his lips “There is a very known saying that says that a drunk heart speaks a sober mind, and I hope this was the case” Your face couldn’t be more red even if you wanted to “And by the way, if you haven’t noticed… I feel the same way” He said carelessly and reached out his hand; you doubted if to believe his words “I have feelings for you, and last night I wanted to tell you, but considering the circumstances… It wasn’t the best moment. So I will ask this… After breakfast, can I kiss you?”
“Y-you can kiss me right now if you want to” You timidly smiled.
T’Challa stepped down from the stool he was sitting on and the small walk around the counter gave you the time to turn around and wait for him. Now that he was in front of you, he looked way taller and majestic than his usual self. He stood firmly in between your open legs and cupped your face with his huge hands; lovingly caressing your cheek with his thumb, he leaned forward to press his plump lips against yours.
If this was the result of a drunk night, you’d sure as hell get drunk more often.

BTS reaction to their GF being harassed by her ex

BTS reactions to their girlfriend’s ex harassing her at the party? Thank you c:

Firstly I would like to start by saying that no one should tolerate any kind of harassment, no matter what.

Jungkook: He would be walking back to the spot he left you at, with two drinks in his hands, only to see your ex towering over you. I think his first reaction would be to freeze on the spot, breaths growing heavy with jealousy, but the second he saw your terrified expression, anger and worry would wash upon him. He would hand the drinks over to Jimin, and he would rush over, putting his hand upon the guy’s shoulder, turning him away from you.

“Y/N I think it’s time to go home now” He would say, but his eyes would be fixed on your ex, dark and threatening. You would rush to his side in a second, avoiding any eye contact with your ex, as Jungkook grabbed your hand, and pulled you away.

I don’t think he would be one to make much of a scene, and you’d be thankful for it, wanting to get away from there as fast as you could, before all the terrible memories of your ex came rushing back into your brain.

Jin: I think Jin would be the most civilized, too much of a kind person to just straight out punch the guy, even if the angry beast inside him begged him to. The moment he saw you, walking towards him, with your ex on your heels, and a plea in your eyes, he felt his insides churn. He took a couple of strides towards you, a serious expression plastered on his face, as he glared at your ex. You wrapped your arms around his waist, and dug your face into his chest.

“He won’t leave me alone” You told him, voice quivering. You felt his chest rise with an angry breath.

“Are you deaf? Otherwise I do not understand how you didn’t understand MY GIRLFRIEND when she asked you to leave her alone.” Jin said, in the roughest voice you had ever heard him produce. It sent shivers down your spine. Your ex scoffed. “Did your parents not teach you manners? The lady asked you to leave. I won’t ask again. Next time you will regret it, so I suggest you leave NOW” He finished, without a hint of doubt in his voice. Your ex mumbled something, but quickly shuffled away.

“Thank you so much Jin…” You whispered, hugging him tighter.

“Anything for my princess” He whispered onto your hair.

Suga: Before you could even produce a scream, a fist had sent your ex flying onto the floor. In his place, Suga stood holding his fist, shoulders moving aggressively with every breath he took. His body shook with blind rage, as his eyes were narrow and threatening. If this fury had been aimed at you, you’d be terrified, but instead a wave of relief washed over you.

“Is she YOUR slut now?” Your ex defied him, rubbing the spot on his chin where Suga’s fist had collided with it. This sent Suga into a complete frenzy, he straddled your ex, throwing punches repeatedly at his face, not even hesitating. You screamed in fear, as you watched your ex’s face start to become covered in blood, and you tried to pull Suga back as hard as you could.

“Stop! STOP SUGA! He’s not worth it! You’re going to get into trouble for nothing!” You screamed at him, finally being able to pull him off your ex. Suga brushed himself off, and looked at the guy one last time.
“You better not tell anyone about this, or I will be rougher on you. Oh, and don’t you EVER dare to go anywhere near Y/N again” He spat at him. You pulled him away from the crowd, and out through a back door, calling a taxi.

“I’m sorry Y/N. I lost it there. I just can’t stand the sight of anyone touching you like that, especially not him. Not after everything he did to you” Suga apologized, brushing a strand of hair from your face, and kissing your forehead delicately.

“It’s okay, I understand. Thank you” You whispered, as you held him close.

Jhope: He’d hear you before he saw you, your voice almost as loud as the music around, he would recognize it anywhere. V pointed him in your direction, a look of worry and confusion flashed across his eyes as he looked at J-Hope, who pushed through the crowd. The moment he saw you, he had to suppress a smile. You were standing there, hand on your hips, violently screaming at your ex, and he swore he had heard the words “Awesome” and “boyfriend” somewhere in there.

However, when he saw your ex grab onto your raised wrist, and pull you towards him, he couldn’t stand back. He rushed to your aid, and yanked your ex’s hand away from you with so much strength you were surprised it had not snapped. You were surprised to see your current boyfriend stripped from the usual goofiness he sported, a threatening stare replacing it.

“Touch her again, and I will end you” He hissed. Your ex stumbled back in fear, his eyes wide open, and you couldn’t suppress a giggle of satisfaction at seeing him like that. He stuttered an apology, and quickly disappeared in the sea of people. J-Hope took the opportunity to wrap his arms around you.

“You always look so sexy when you are mad” He complimented you with a grin, which you returned.

“So do you! I’d never seen you like that before, but I must admit it was kind of hot” You admitted with a giggle, but ending it with a suggestive smirk, making him growl, and kiss you deeply.

Jimin: When he first sees you with another guy, he feels his stomach sink. It isn’t until he gets a closer look that he notices it is your drunk ex, touching his terrified girlfriend innapropriately until he realizes the gravity of the situation. He would push his way through the crowd, eyes fixated on that guy’s hand on your waist, ignoring the calls from his friends.

Before you could even react, he would have peeled the guy off you, and thrown him to the floor, a string of curses rolling off his tongue in the process. He would raise his fist at your ex, but before he can get a blow, your body would collide against his, shaking with every sob. The look in his eyes would soften, as he turns around and wraps himself around you.

“Let’s go home” You’d beg, and he would nod, sending the guy on the floor one last look, before pushing his way back to where Jin and the boys were, asking for a ride back home.

Rap Monster: Namjoon would probably use his height as an advantage, simply walking over to where you and your ex were, and tapping on his shoulder. As soon as your ex turns around, his face would meet namjoon’s collarbones. Your ex had always been a coward, and now that he was being faced by RapMon’s piercing stare, you could see his eyes widen in horror.

“What exactly do you think you are doing to MY girl, you piece of trash?” He would whisper in a low, threatening voice. Your ex would be shocked speechless.

“Get out of here before I lose my patience and decide to become a little less friendly. I’m already struggling not to punch your face until not even your mom could recognize you.” He whispers a little harshly. Your ex scurries off like the rat he is, avoiding eye contact with your menacing boyfriend.

“Thank you Namjoon” you’d whisper, pulling your arms around him, and staring into his eyes, which had grown warmer for you.

“No one messes with my baby” He replied, brushing a strand of hair off your face.

V: He would be livid. It had been five seconds, just five seconds he had turned away from you, and when he turned back, you were no longer beside him. He navigated through the crowd forcefully, desperate to find you. He managed to squeeze in between a couple dancing, and that’s when he saw you, backed against a wall, eyes closed tightly in fear, with your ex hovering over you, both of his arms on either side of you, his mouth just inches from yours.

He had no idea how he did it, but in less than ten seconds, he was right behind your ex, ripping him away from you, tossing him aside, breathing heavily. You saw the worried look in his eyes, wordlessly asking you if you were okay. Your ex stood up, and threw a punch in V’s direction, which he skillfully avoided, responding with a punch of his own, hitting the guy square on the mouth. You gasped.

“Don’t ever go near her again” V threatened, grabbing onto your wrist, and pulling you away. As soon as you were somewhere safe, he would pepper your face with kisses, eyes sparkling with the ghost of tears that threatened to fall, hinting at his biggest fear, to watch you get hurt. You held him tightly, breathing in the scent of his cologne, the smell of home.

Pierced - [NCT] Boyfie!Chittaphon

[A/N] His piercings are so sexy.

You know what you don’t get tired of? The sight of him.

The sight of him waking up. The sight of him making his own breakfast. When he leaves for work. When he puts on his hat or shoes. Or anything for that matter. How he glanced at himself in the mirror knowing that he didn’t need reassurance that he looked good, he knew he did.

But a compliment from you brings another sight you can’t get enough of. His smile.

That’s the best thing about him.

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I’m Falling For You {Oh Sehun}

Note: Is this what you wanted? I’m not really sure what you meant by ‘borderline smut’ so this is is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it anon, and anyone else reading!~

Trigger Warning: Kind of angsty and borderline smut themes!

Disclaimer:  I don’t own the gifs/images used. 

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You seeked warmth from Sehun’s body, shuffling closer into his side as you churned up, your head resting against his chest that felt soft from the softness of his hoodie. The smell was all him, washing over you and sticking to you like perfume, but you didn’t mind.

Your mind wanted to be mad at him, he was part of the reason your boyfriend left you less than twelve hours ago, but you could never be mad at him, not really.

Your boyfriend was a liar and a cheater, but because he was so twisted, he often assumed you were the same, and it didn’t help that you constantly came home with Sehun’s smell, one of his large hoodies and a smile only Sehun can bring to your face.

You were just best friends of course, and that’s all it’s ever been.

Sehun sighed from above you, in a content sort of way. Maybe a little tired, he had been with you since yesterday after all and hadn’t slept once.

You had texted him immediately after finding your boyfriend lying naked next to another woman after getting home from a very stressful day at work. It felt like everything was crumbling around you, like you had seriously pissed off some higher power.

You cried on the way home in the car, but once Sehun arrived, the tears had long dried.

In his hands he held a tub of chocolate ice cream, knowing it’s your favorite. He was also smiling, like he was holding the strength for both of you. He always knew the right things to say.

“This film is so cheesy.” Sehun spoke gently, perhaps he was wondering if you were sleeping.

You laughed softly, “Yeah, it is. And it creates an unrealistic standard for relationships.”

“Not necessarily,” Sehun continued, “I mean, the song and dancing is a little bizarre. But the love is real. Because I’ve felt all of it falling in love, you know. All that cheesy firework feeling crap and only wanting the best for the person you love even if it brings yourself sadness.”

You pulled away from him and sat up straight, looking at him in the eye. What he had just said was possibly the most intelligent thing he’d ever said in his life, and you were a little taken aback by it.

“You’re in love?”

He hummed, nodding. “Isn’t it obvious?”

You frowned, “No.”

He laughed, “Sometimes love makes you blind {y/n}, you probably don’t notice it because you’re in love too.”

You shook your head. “Who am I in love with, Sehun? Last time I checked my ex boyfriend was a complete asshole. And I checked very recently.”

Sehun laughed when he saw your smile. “Not him, me.”

Your insides clenched at the statement, “You what?”

Sehun looked at you, straight in the eye in that piercing way. He wore a confident sort of smile, as if it was something he was sure of. “You love me {y/n}, I know you do. If you didn’t. You wouldn’t have called me when you found out about your boyfriend. Don’t lie, when you’re drunk, I’m the one in your head. I know it, because I’ve seen it. Plus, your boyfriend only started hating me when he found out I was a threat. He was fine with me until he heard you confess you love me.”

You shook your head adamantly, however true he really was. “I never confessed that!”

“You don’t remember it, because you weren’t thinking, you were drunk. Your boyfriend might have been a jealous bastard, but he never hated the other guys as much as he hated me. You can’t deny that.”

You swallowed hard, not knowing what to say, not knowing what to think.

“If you’re so sure of my feelings, then why didn’t you say something sooner?”

He shrugged, “I didn’t want you to hate me. Confessing to you while you’re with someone else would have been a dick move.”

You looked away, but he was fast to place a hand on your cheek and turn it to face him again. Then, he leaned in, pressing his lips softly against yours.

Fireworks… feelings… you felt it all like a rush of realisation.

He was kissing you, your best friend. It was incomprehensible, but it was happening.

Then, your arms were around his neck as his lowered to your waist. You should be grieving your ex, you should be eating the ice cream with tears streaming down your face, but you didn’t have room for the sadness when you had Sehun in your arms.

His tongue worked expertly, as if he’d wanted this for so long he was almost desperate. You felt yourself feeling the same way.

He pulled away, and you groaned as he did, not liking the lack of contact. But he didn’t wait long for his lips to find yours, this time his arms pulling you onto his lap, straddling his thighs. The action made you both groan, but he didn’t  pull away this time, only deepening the kiss and letting his hands run under your shirt, making circular motions in your sides.

You moaned against his lips, and he pulled away.

“Should I take you upstairs jagi?”

You didn’t need telling twice.