look at my oversized sweater

a list of things that everyone should consider

  • percy with an undercut
  • percy platonically kissing all of his friends on their foreheads
  • percy always introducing his school friends from Goode to his camp friends and both groups are always like “you hang out with this loser too?”
  • re: when his hs friends meet annabeth they think it’s some kind of joke because holy shit she is gorgeous percy wtf
  • percy with an undercut
  • percy swimming for his high school and life guarding in the summer months at the local pool when he has time
  • buying excess amounts of skinny jeans because annabeth they make my butt look great
  • she doesn’t disagree
  • also he finds out that oversized sweaters are really fucking comfortable so that’s all he begins to wear during the winter
  • and beanies, don’t forget beanies
  • percy with an u n d e r c u t

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what are your favorite parts of h&l? Like your favorite features, mannerisms, styles (hair, fashions etc.)? When they look soft and cuddly or when they look like they need to drag each other into the neatest closet? Hip pudge and soft tummies? Sharp cheekbones and prominent jawlines? Long hair or shaved sides?

Oh gosh. What a sweet ask. 

Um, I love Harry’s preggo-tummy and his little love handles and the way he says “us” like “uhz” and the way he never ever ever really answers questions and sort of meanders around saying “erm” a lot and dodging like a master unless he’s offering some weird non-sequitur he has to repeat six times because everyone is talking over him, (metal Mario, wiggly, and the Robbie ravage scarf are prime examples.) I love his dimples and when he used to break out by his hairline and his weird Bambi legs and his mermaid tattoo and everything he’s ever said about her. I love his pink pink pink mouth and when he paints his nails and when he grows that pubescent 12 year amount of stubble.  I love his silly sweetness and what an absolute goof he is.  My fave looks are his oversize soft sweaters and his fancy Gucci shirts. I Especially love when he mixes and matches, the 20$ randy’s donut hoodie with a 7k YSL jacket, for example. I love that on the first day of 2017 after the Hell Year ended he told us “be nice, be good.” 

I love Louis’s laugh lines around his twinkly blue eyes. I love how low his center of gravity is and what an amazingly sharp an snappy dancer he is, I love his jazz squares and his hip thrusts an his intense devotion to Grease (The movie). I love his voice, his speaking voice for one, I could listen to him draw out certain words into crystal filaments forever, I love when he says “aaaaauuuuhhh” leading into answer he’s not sure about, I love how he says “thank you, thank you” and “massive,” and of course I love his singing voice so much I can hardly listen to it without clutching my chest and making a wordless and muted shrieking sound in the back of my throat. I love his tummy and his thick powerful thighs and delicate ankles and wrists, like he’s so fine-boned but so strong and I love how he takes up SPACE with that strength, how he stands with his legs spread and his arms crossed like he’s daring people to say he’s not worth it. I love the way he holds his cigarettes, and I love his new haircut. I love that he’s so remarkably kind and charitable and gives so much, that he calls his fans “babe” and “love” and offers them “cuddles.” 

Together: I love the way Louis gently guides Harry by his elbow, with a hand on his waist, always watching where he’s going, leading him and guiding him. I love how Harry’s eyes get soft and hooded when he looks at Louis, like in a sexy way but also in a soft way, the way his gaze flits from Louis’s eyes to his mouth and back again. I love how flustered Harry gets when Louis gives him a hard time, the way he does whatever he says (lyric changes, “is it as low as your voice?” “anything else, Harry?”) and I love how Louis always checks in and tracks these responses, how fucking smug he looks whenever he gets what he wants. I love when they mirror each other, when they fix their fringes at the exact same time or fold their hands at the exact same time. I love how Louis always looked at Harry when he sang his part of 18, and I love that time Harry waltzed across the stage to sing the last bit right back to him that one time. I love how they’re tender with each other and domestic with each other. I love them!!!! I love their love!!!! 

THIS GOT AWAY FROM ME!!! did I even answer your question?? oh my god 

While I sit in the darkness because the hecking lights are broken, please imagine this:

Sportacus wearing one of Robbie’s clothes. Maybe it’s one of his sweaters or shirts but it’s the long sleeved kind. He’s just at awe at how comfy it felt. It was definitely big on him. His hands didn’t even make it past the sleeves. Sportacus buries his nose into the sleeve, commenting that it smells comforting. It reminds him of Robbie, which makes him feel warm inside. 

“It’s like my own portable Robbie hug!” Sportacus says happily, hugging himself. Robbie is like dying from the cute. 

Extra #1: Sportacus plays with the sleeves, waving his arms around and making flap flap flap noises.

Extra #2: Robbie thinking proudly, my boyfriend looks so cute in my clothes

Extra #3: Sportacus wears one of his really oversized sweaters where he can tuck himself into a ball and disappears in the sweater. Robbie finds a ball of fluff with golden tufts peeking out. Robbie snapping pics, keeping some to himself and then sends some to Ithro and Glanni. Robbie gets a whole fish in the mail as thanks from Ithro.

Red Lipstick Smears

Pairing: You / Minhyuk

Rating: PG-13

Word Count: 3,054

Genre: Soulmate!AU // Non-Idol!AU

Summary: Lee Minhyuk has always seen in shades of gray, though his soulmate can see all the colors he can’t. Spite fuels him to be better without them, but when they find each other, not only is the world in color, he can’t stop thinking one thing. What does red lipstick look like, smeared on someone’s lips?

{Third Person POV}

Minhyuk has spent his whole life seeing in black, white, and gray. When he was younger, probably around five, he never understood why some of his friends saw the world like him, while others would go on and on about colors he couldn’t see. Sometimes, those kids would upset him, and he’d find himself getting in fights with them over it. It wasn’t fair they got to see all of that. It wasn’t fair that he didn’t know what periwinkle looked like. What was red, other than a word? Around that time, the teachers at school taught their students about soulmates, and how the world consisted of all varying kinds.

“Everyone has a soulmate. Someone who they’re going to spend the rest of their life with, and you will all find your soulmate someday with your soul connection.”

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I thought I’d been forgetting to upload sketches lately… sorry, things have been a little hectic around here!

The second row down are human versions of my Neopets! I just can’t help but feel like human Pharazon would have curly red hair and freckles, and like to wear oversized sweaters. Hyren turned out looking a little like my dad, but his personality resembles my dad’s somewhat as well, so this doesn’t surprise me.

Down at the bottom are re-imaginings of a quintet of magical girls that I made up ages ago. If I were ever to do anything with them now, I think I’d turn them into a motley group of magic users from various different cultures across a fantasy world, each having their own type of magic. I think they’d make fun video game protagonists.

Chat (Request)

harry has been gone on tour for a few weeks. y/n and harry are video chatting and he’s telling you how much he misses you and how he wishes he was there to hold to you and kiss you.


Why had you bought such a large bed?

Normally, when two people were sleeping in it, the size was perfect. But now that you were alone, the bed seemed overly massive. Plus, even with all the blankets, you were cold. You were so used to have two, giant, lanky arms wrapped around you, or feet sticking through your legs, or a pile of messy hair right beside your head or on your chest. Now it was just you and the bed.

Was the room always this big? It seemed so empty and eerily quiet. Also, you were just now noticing that the window didn’t close all the way and the wind was making an annoying whistle sound, which was keeping you awake. You had cleaned up the bedroom this afternoon; laundry, vacuuming and general dusting. It was weird only having one person to do laundry for. All of Harry’s dirty laundry that remained when he had left for tour had been washed and folded and put away the first time you had done a load. Now all the clothes were yours, other than one sweater of Harry’s that you insisted on wearing around the house every day. Even that was starting to lose the scent of Harry that had clung to it for a few weeks; now it just smelled like you.

You were missing Harry more than you would like to admit. This wasn’t the first time that he had gone away and left you alone for an extended period of time but you were feeling especially lonely and vulnerable this time around.

You knew why. Before Harry had left, your stress level was through the roof. You were trying to deal with school and work which was putting your anxiety at an all time high. Normally, Harry was the one who was able to get you to calm down when you started getting overwhelmed. Now that he was gone though, you had to take care of yourself.

Laying in bed by yourself was a dangerous thing. Your mind was not going to let you sleep or focus on anything at all. The only thing running through your mind was the amount of work you had to accomplish by the end of the week. There was no way you were going to be able to get it all finished in time. You would probably run out of time and then fail your course and then flunk out of your program and be forced to work a dead end job for the rest of your life. If that happened, Harry would probably break up with you because who wants to date a girl who can’t even get a decent job?

Before Harry left, he had told you to call him any time you needed him. He knew how you were if you got too far into your own head and, because he knew you were extra stressed out around this time of year, he made sure to reiterate that point many, many times before leaving.

“Call me.” He had whispered, pressing kiss after kiss to your face in the airport. “Please, call me if you need anythin’. Don’t let it get bad, okay? Call me; don’ care what time it is or wha’ I’m doin’.”

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This is Josh - Josh Peiters Imagine (Requested)

Requests: OPEN

Request:  i don’t know if the requests are open so sorry if the are not but i have this current obsession with josh pieters and i was wondering if you could an imagine?Like i am a good friend of olis and he tries to set us up <3 thank you soo much for your time xx

“Hey guys! As you can see, I’m vlogging today as I am taking the train to visit my buddy, Oli and go to his book launch for Generation Next! I haven’t seen that cactus since last time he came down to see his family and myself, which has been awhile.  Anyways, I’ll talk to you guys when I get to Oli’s flat!” I say into my vlogging camera before putting it into my bag and getting onto the train to London to go to his book launch.  

—skip to Oli’s apartment/flat—

“BUUUUDDDDDYYYYYYYYYYY” Oli yelled as he opened his door with his vlogging camera in hand.

“Hey cactus boy! How have you been?!” I ask as I hug him, making sure to get the hug on camera. After I got the hug, I turned off the camera and put it back in my bag.

“I’ve been good! I’m glad you could come today, there is someone I want to introduce you to! He may or may not have a bit of a crush on you since he found your channel a few months ago after we posted our collab videos.”

“Let me guess, its one of the guy friends you’re always with on snapchat?”

“Yeah, and I think you’ll like him.  He is actually coming over soon to get his camera that he left here when we filmed a video together, so you’ll get to meet him before the party.”

“OLI! Why didn’t you tell me I’d be meeting one of your hot friends?! I would have worn something different to my leggings and oversized sweaters!”

“I think you look great” I heard a different voice to Oli say.  I turn around and it is none other than Josh Pieters! Oli’s best looking friend.

“Thanks, you must be Josh, Oli here, was just telling me you were on your way up”

“Yeah, I am, and you are Y/N, I am a big fan of your channel, and I think you are absolutely gorgeous, whether you are dressed up, or dressed down, like you are right now.”

“Well thanks.” I smile to the ground so he doesn’t see me blush, however, Oli caught it.

“Well, I’ll go get your camera, Josh, you guys keep talking, and I better be invited to the wedding.”

BTS reacting to you being genderfluid

I am so sorry that it took me so long to do the reaction, hope you like it:3




“Okay, so you actually feel more like a boy sometimes? So…you also dress more tomboyish sometimes, I noticed that, is it because of you being genderfluid?” He asks curiously.

“Yes, sometimes I just feel like it and am more comfortable with wearing other clothes, you know?”

“That’s great so then we can share clothes! Oh…but the sizes…mine will be way too big for you but you would still look super cool in my oversized sweater though!”

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“Hmm, okay, so just to understand, you sometimes you feel more like a girl and sometimes like a boy, right?” Yoongi asks, his interested eyes following you.

“Yeah…I hope that’s alright for you…I used to get bullied somehow in school for wearing rather feminine clothes and wearing makeup. They always told me that this was only for girls but when I got out of school, I finally had the courage to be who I wanted to be, whenever and wherever I want…” You explain and he nods in an understanding way.

“There is nothing wrong for a man to wear makeup, I do it all the time for work. I prefer my no makeup face, though, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot enjoy what you love. Trust me, when I am with you, you can wear and be whoever you want, at the end of the day you are still the man I fell in love with so just be yourself…”

“Thanks Yoongi, that means a lot…”

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“Why didn’t you tell me earlier? I mean I kind of was expecting something like that because you sometime wore more ‘boyish’ clothes to our dates if you know what I mean but you could have told me from the beginning. Jagi, there is nothing that you cannot tell me, just be yourself with me, I want you to feel comfortable when being with me, yeah? Plus, I am slightly jealous because even as a boy you look so much better than me, it is so unfair…” He chuckles, causing you to laugh with him.

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“For whom did you buy that skirt? It is pretty…” Namjoon absently asks you while being on his phone.

You gulp. You never told him about you being genderfluid and therefore, sometimes wearing ‘girl’ clothes and just being your feminine self. You were together for just a month and you tried to act like a normal boyfriend would so you hadn’t told him yet.

“Umm..well, that’s for…me, actually.”

He looks up from his phone. “Oh that’s nice, it will fit your other shirts and the shoes you recently bought.”

“…aren’t you asking why I am wearing skirts?”

“Uhh…why? It is a nice skirt, I would also wear it if I could pull that look off, haha. No, for real if you like to live out both, feminine and masculine, sides that’s totally fine with me, did you think that I had a problem with that?”

“No, not really, I was just too shy to tell you.”

“There is no reason to be shy, at all. How about you put on that new skirt and we take pictures for a new Kim Daily together, we’d look great to be honest, even our colors match today.” He smiles and you just have to return the smile because of the suggestion your boyfriend has made.

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“Oh that’s really cool…people used to tell me I have a feminine side as well because of my face features but I actually never felt it. Tell me more, when did you start to feel like that?” Jimin asks as you and him started to have a conversation about your child and teenage years and you let it slip that were genderfluid for 5 years.

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“Woah, that is really cool! And thinking of it, we also have a similar style when you dress more ‘boyish’, to be honest. (Y/N), we are just perfect for each other.” He smiles at you.

“Don’t you think this is weird somehow?” You ask worried.

“No. Why should I? My girl likes to be a boy at some days but you are still the same person so why should I find that weird? It is not that it would change something about my love to you.”

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“Okay…we have to get couple clothes then.” Jungkook simply states.

“But…we already have couple shirts?” You ask confused.

“No but yours are the ‘girl version’. We should really get a couple shirt that is the same then. It is actually really cool…I wasn’t expecting it, to be honest, you hid it quite well. Why did you do that?”

“I don’t know…I was scared you would leave me for a cute and sweet girl who was also acting like one…”

He cups your face with his hands. “Jagi…I would never do that, you are perfect the way you are, girl or boy, boy or girl, I don’t care if it is just you.”

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Hope you liked it:)

None of the gifs are mine, credit to owner. <3

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Can you rank which members of the gang would like my style most to least?I always have my makeup done up. its inspired by china dolls, but its still natural looking. My dressing style is casual: it includes oversized t-shirts, sweaters, hoodies and cardigans, cotton skirts, flowy ankle length dresses, sneakers, and sometimes sandals with a low heel. I have thick blunt bangs and i style my hair into a loose ponytail or a poofy bob. thank you! i hope you get my ask this time!

This is really interesting! I love it! Thanks for sending it in!

1. Ponyboy
2. Sodapop
3. Johnny
4. Two Bit
5. Darry
6. Steve
7. Dallas

Hot Coco

Summary: You’re in a christmas mood, despite how early it is, and Dean catches you having festive fun in the kitchen.

Warnings: None. Is fluff a warning?

Pairing: Dean x Reader … Sorta? I mean, kinda, not really, but- oh just read it! 

Words: 791

A/N: This is just something that kinda happened, after someone told me I should write more. I was listening to christmas music and my fingers just started going. So, if this is as terrible as everything else I write, I sincerely apologise! It’s as unedited as all my other stuff, just straight from what I typed up, no added bits or anything! Anyway, I hope at least one person enjoys this, it was cute writing it! 


“What are you doing?”

I jump at the sudden voice from behind me, my heart racing at the scare, and I spin to see Dean leaning against the doorway with a look on his face I haven’t seen before. 

He looks amused, but there’s a softness in his eyes I can’t place, the green apple eyes of his are sparkling in a way I can’t put my finger on, a mix of a smile and smirk on his lips. He looks… Amused, and happy. And warm. His eyes are warm. My heart flutters into my chest under his stare, but a smile grows big on my face, and I can’t stop the giggle that tumbles out of my lips, and that only makes the tall, devilishly handsome Winchester chuckle, and the low rumbling sound travels through my body, making my skin tingle and my heart rate speed up. I know my cheeks are for sure probably bright pink, from how hot they feel.

“I-I was, uh, um, I was just, I have a c-christmas playlist and I, it, I was feeling, christmassy, and I, I was making hot coco and I-”
I stumble over my words like a quivering child, a mess under that gaze, that look in his eyes I can’t place. 

I always get so flustered when he looks at me too long, I start forgetting how to speak and breath and act. Like some 10 year old meeting her dream boy band crush for the first time. And he knows. He knows, the gorgeous smug bastard, so he always purposely looks longer at me, pays me extra attention when he knows I’m losing my train of thought,  and he just grins, smirks, and thoroughly enjoys watching me make a fool of myself around him. I suppose he’s used to women getting so flustered around him, and he obviously enjoys the effect he has on the female polulation.

He chuckles, shaking his head, a grin on his lips now. Those lips, jesus. He looks at me, walking over till we’re only a few feet apart, his hands in his front pockets as he looks down at me in my oversized sweater, shorts, and fuzzy socks. My hair is in a messy bun and I know I look like a mess. But his eyes soften, his gaze even warmer now, that strange look on his face again… It’s like… Affection? Tenderness? No, never. I’m just a little sister to him, like I am with Sam. A hunting buddy. Nothing more. I freeze as his long fingers reach up to brush some stray hairs out of my face, and my breath catches when his fingers linger for a moment, almost brushing my cheek. I feel myself blush even more, my heart almost jumping out my chest, and I focus my gaze on anywhere but him. After a second his hand falls, and his whiskey voice fills my ears again over the christmas music still playing from my laptop.

“It’s a bit early, ain’t it? It’s just the begginin’ of november… But… You’re cute when you’re all ‘christmassy’.Though, I gotta say, your singing ain’t the best, sweetheart, maybe stick to humming from now on”
 He bursts into soft, low laughter, and my scandalised face just makes him laugh even more. 

“Uh, excuse you, Winchester! I’m an excellent singer! I do an amazing cover of Santa Baby!” I can’t help but laugh and giggle along with him, a big smile on my face as I admire how perfect he looks when he’s smiling and laughing. He looks so young and innocent. The sound of his laughter is one of my favourite sounds. It warms me inside and out. 

Okay, so, perhaps there are certain… Feelings. Reserved for the older Winchester brother. But, he’s too good for me. I’m just a friend. Nothing more. And I would much rather have a friendship with Dean than ruin it with my feelings and end up with nothing. So, I accept what I can get. And I’m grateful.

“Y/N? You’re always spacing out. God knows where that christmas brain of yours wonders off to. I said, you gonna make me some hot chocolate too? Or do I gotta steal yours?”
He chuckles, his eyes sparkling as he lightly teases, and looks down at me with a smile that no one can resist.

 I melt on the inside, giving him a smile.
“One christmas hot coco coming right up!”


So, I started to doodle… (。-`ω´-);;

But then it ended up with me draw-doodle-sketching some weird AU thing where I really wanted Jean to have an huge ass oversized sweater, is kind of banged up and everything they wear is sorta fluffy. And Marco lost a leg somewhere along the way, oops. BUT NO WORRY! IT WILL BE A CUTE GOOD LUCK CHARM THING? MAYBE? YES? no more suffering, I swear…. *shifty eyes*… whenJeanstopsgettinghurtit'llbefine…*hides*….

I actually wrote a story thing to this, but I’m scared of sharing because uhh… yeah. I’m not confident in my writing haha. haaahhh…. ANYWAY! I like this. yes. big fluffy clothing and cute things is my jam. One legged Marco who loves wiggle dancing on walks to music, and Jean being a big grump butt dork who keeps getting hu– TRIPPING. he… trips alot. yesss….. BOTH OF THEM LOVE MUSIC SO OKAY.

I just want someone who will understand that some days I’ll be down, and they’ll be patient and loving instead of blameful and rude.
Someone who will understand that I might not talk much because my insecurities have sewn my mouth shut, but they’ll be able to hear what I have to say by just looking into my eyes.
Someone who will understand why I wear oversized sweaters instead of tight, revealing clothes because they’ll know my secrets and my comfort zones.
Someone who will understand that even though I don’t love myself, I can love them with all my heart.