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ThreeA / Ashley Wood is Awesome!

Here’s a few of the ThreeA Ashley Wood pieces that my husband and I own.

We first came across these toys at the local trade show. My husband’s first purchase was one of the smaller 1/12 scale robots. Mainly we collect 1/6 scale figures now (pictured).

The figures are extremely articulated, made with vinyl and hard plastics.

On most of the robots, even every finger is articulated.

If you are into fashion dolls, you might LOVE these girls! Most of their clothes (and sometimes shoes) are removable. Their gloves are always molded, but you can easily switch hands/feet on them if you wish. They are easily customizable, and I may be working on a custom girl for the future. ;) They are however extremely tall for 1/6 scale. Even taller than the male dolls 3A makes. Also my older girl (Red head) seems to be of better quality than my new girl (pinkie). I still love the newer doll, but she feels lighter and one of her wrist joints snapped pretty much immediately (however, they always come with extra joint pieces!).

They have a very stylized and angular look (that I personally LOVE).

Not to mention even their accessories are super detailed. All of the buckles work, and the bag even has separate compartments inside!

These toys aren’t cheap, but in my opinion are worth every penny. The prices for them on Ebay can be fair at times, but try to snag them straight from retailers who carry 3A!

They even come with cats! (meow!) - Nico


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summary: I don’t know why I invited Michael into my home, he was just some guy asking me to help him out but I was hooked

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