look at my nails!

yesterday i was in the store trying to wrangle my partner and his brother away from the candy to get through the checkout and the dude ringing me up looked me dead in the eyes and sighed “men are all children” and i have been thinking about it since. he looked so tired. chris from the dollar tree if you’re reading this….. who hurt you

neil josten paints his nails bright orange and uses a white nail pen to draw on everyone’s jersey numbers - he does the monsters on one hand himself: #8 on his thumb, #2 on his pointer finger, #5 on his pinky to piss Aaron off, #3 on his middle finger obviously because that’s Andrew’s response when he sees it and “no #10 isn’t on the ring finger because I’m basically married to Andrew stfu Nicky”

he gets Allison to do his other hand with the upperclassman starting with #4 on his thumb “because Matt is literally ‘thumbs up’ as a human being”, #1 goes on his pointer finger, #6 on the pinky in memory, Allison rightly draws #7 on his middle finger and puts #9 on his ring finger in no way copying exactly what Neil’s left hand means “stop being in denial Josten”