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Do you think you could write about an awkward first date or day at the beach?

“Hey, wanna put some sunscreen on me before I turn into one of those Coronado hot dogs? I’ll do you next, hehe…”

Pinch him Tapu Bulu, he must have been dreaming.

You waggled SPF 50 in Guzma’s face, a large smile slowly spreading as he took it from your hands. Your string bikini had to be for him, it was too much of a coincidence for you to come out on this date and not have something more in mind. While Guzma had agreed to take you out on a first date at the beach, the rest of the Skull goons and Plumeria were ceasing operations and hiding out in the Shady House for the day. He’d even made his excuses to Lusamine for this date, though in his heart of hearts he knew he would pay for it dearly later. But maybe it would be for the best. You were a simple college girl after all. Guzma had to make a good first impression and keep his work life away from personal.

“All over?” he asked, though he knew the answer.

“Yeah. I mean this damn thing doesn’t cover much, does it? And I cannot reach all the way down my back, so won’t you please help me?”

A “hmmmm” followed by a very Persian-esque purr emanated from Guzma’s throat as he squirted out a rather large dollop of sunscreen into his hand, enjoying the sensuality it produced and relishing in the touch of your slightly damp skin as he rubbed the product into it. He made sure to get every last inch of your back, relishing the touch and his ability to go further and further down to your lower back. He could count the beauty marks on your back for days, could barely contain his desire to pull slowly at the little bow at your back in order to give Hau’oli Beachfront a show.

“Make sure you get my ears and back of my neck as well.” You told him. “Last time I burned them so badly I got these really evil looking blisters on my lobes that looked like fucking bug Pokémon eggs! It was naaaasty!”

“Ewwww… You just ruined my fuckin’ sexy fantasy babe. Now I ain’t gonna be able to think about them big jugs a yours without thinkin’ of yer gotdamn fuckin’ ear blister!”

“You can’t spell fantasy without N-A-S-T-Y.” you cackled. “Besides, if no one else is gonna be the killjoy around here I gotta pick up the slack.”

“Hey!” Guzma exclaimed, “I ain’t never thought of it like that afore! That’s really how you spell it uh? F-A-N-A-S-T-Y right?”

“Fa-NASTY?” you howled. You doubled over with laughter, making Guzma look at you in confusion until you had to explain to him that no, you can’t actually spell fantasy that way.

“Boy, I think you ought to go into the bursar’s office with me on Monday and sign up for those remedial classes ‘cuz you can’t spell for shit!” you laughed, slapping him on the shoulder while he smiled like a moron.

“Ey! Just ‘cuz I ain’t about that spelling life doesn’t mean I gotta go back to that shithole.” He responded, “Ain’t about that schoolgirl life babe. But this, this I could get used to.”

Guzma’s arms wrapped around your waist tightly, his squishy, furry belly pressing against your back and his chin resting on your shoulder. Chapped lips explored your neck as you picked up the slack and rubbed more sunscreen on yourself, lathering thickly and evenly even on your toes. The afternoon sun’s intense heat was already burning through the shade of your umbrella, and one didn’t just go to the beach to shade. Well, maybe you did, but hell the ocean is just right there. Besides, Guzma still had to pass the boyfriend material test consisting of an irate albeit well placed Pyukumuku.

“You want me to put some on you too?” you ask, just the slightest hint of flirt in your voice. His eyebrow cocks, you feel optimistic about the remainder of the day. There’s still the untouched basket of food you made personally for the occasion. Sandwiches from campus, lemonade, plenty of those delicious baked chips, and various other goodies to quell Guzma’s ravenous appetite.

At your offer, Guzma grins. He lays facing down on the beach towel, a leg raising in the air.

“Great. Gonna write ‘Kick me’ on your back now!” you said.


So I probably should have studied more for my psych exam tomorrow but as we know, cramming will only let me remember the first and last thing I read (primacy and recency effect) and after all, all that information is in my LTM (long term memory), which I can access through the help of mnemonics, like the strange method of loci or easier to remember acronyms. And maybe I’m not studying because of cognitive dissonance, where I have conflicting thoughts about being completely ready and performing well on a practice exam, but also that I should be studying because that’s what you do before a test. Or maybe I’m just conforming to that idea because my internal beliefs are changing, as opposed to obedience or compliance? And speaking of conformity, didn’t someone run an experiment where a man was made to believe that lines of the same size were actually different sizes? And Stanley Milgram ran the infamous shocking experiment that crossed so many ethical boundaries and remember, 65 percent! Look, it’s the frontal lobe of my brain remembering! But i should probably go to sleep now because god help me if my alarm goes off during stage 4 of my sleep cycle because lord help me if I want to wake up during it. And maybe my REM cycle will help me process all this information, like the information process theory suggests. It’s kind of a boring theory, that dreams don’t mean anything at all. At least it’s not kooky, like the thought that hypnosis is another state of consciousness. Good luck to whoever believe that.

Keep in mind that I’m a sore eye with blurry vision
But I can see it has to be you love, that I’ve been dreaming of  //

In regards to my tattoos, facial piercings and stretched ears

Honestly I’m so fucking sick of people coming up to me and telling me “why did you do that to yourself, you’d be so much prettier without all that shit”
It’s rude and just flat out unnecessary.
Frankly, if it bothers you that fucking much, you need to get a life. If you don’t like it, that’s fine but it is not up to you to tell me you hate it. I didn’t do it for you I do it for myself. So take you judgment as far away from me as possible. I AM beautiful and you have not right to tell me otherwise

Sweet, Not Lasting.

luke hemmings smut.

for hamlet and the trifling of his favor,

hold it a fashion and a toy in blood, 

a violet in the youth of primy nature,

forward, not permanent, sweet, not lasting, 

the perfume and suppliance of a minute.

no more.

“you look hot” luke muttered. his teeth chewed delicately on the lobe of my ear.

“is that what i am to you?” i momentarily shut my eyes, afraid of his response.

“no no of course not,” he kissed along my jaw, inching his way closer to my lips, “beautiful”

“hmm” i moaned as he started kissing down my neck.

his teeth broke the sensitive skin on my neck. he pulled away, blowing cool air on the fresh hickey. his strong hands took a hold of my shoulders, keeping me from shaking in the frigid outdoors, “i meant to say beautiful” his tongue darted out and traced along his bottom lip before pulling his lip ring back into his mouth.

my eyes searched his for a moment. it was too dark to see anything. the street light in the small, narrow alleyway flickered, illuminating his harsh features. 

i pulled my hand away from his. his grip was much too tight, leaving light pink marks on my wrist. as soon as my hand left his, he slid his arm around the small of my back.

“baby girl, lets get you somewhere warm.”

his comment alone left shivers up and down my spine.

“luke,” i stopped walking but his hand on my back urged me to continue forward. he didn’t even look over his shoulder, he kept walking at the same firm pace.

“my place or yours?”

“i don’t really want to..”

once again, luke didn’t let me finish what i was going to say. he creased his brow. “you’re right. mine is better. i’ve got a king bed”


he continued shoving me down the alley, “i’ll pay for your cab home, don’t worry babe”

as we got on the main street, buzzing full of people, he pulled me closer. his tall height leaned down and whispered in my ear, “sweetheart, you better take those off if you plan on keeping up with me” he nudged his head to my shoes. i was wearing a pair of black pumps which were making my feet sore and ache. the shoes were making me trip more than the alcohol in my blood.

he pulled me to the side of the side walk and i removed my shoes, carrying them in my hand.

“there you go darling” and he started off again. his place was a well 5 or 6 blocks from the bar we were at.

acting gentleman-like, luke held the door open to his apartment building. i mumbled under my breath a ‘thanks’.

going as fast as he could, he dragged me to his apartment, shoving me inside. he didn’t bother with turning the lights on but i knew he had a nice place. it was fairly large but practically empty. as he made his way around the place, i could hear the echoes of his foot steps.

“leave those there, you don’t wanna forget them when you leave” luke stood in the large kitchen, pouring himself a glass of water, “would the pretty girl like anything?”

i shook my head, the lump in my throat growing more and more as the seconds ticked by. unexpectedly, i lost the grip on my shoes and they fell on the hardwood floor.

his head flinched up and squinted his eyes at me as his mouth turned up into a smirk, “ready to play, babe?”

i was not ready. i looked at him, and then averted my eyes to the doorway. it wasn’t too late to back out. i knew he wasn’t going to do anything crazy to me but i didn’t know if i was really ready to do this for the first time.

he set the glass down and walked through one of the hallways. i’m not sure why, but i followed. he sat on the end of the large bed and started taking his shoes and socks off. 

i stayed at the entrance of his room and held my arm in one hand, drawing small patterns and figures to calm my nerves.

“are you okay, baby, you seem a little pale” i didn’t know he could see the color in my face, it was much too dark. the only thing i could see was the outline of his body. he must have sensed my insecurities and reluctance. 

i choked out, “yes”

“come over here” he waved his hand at me.

“okay” my hands dropped to my sides and i started playing with the hem of my tight dress, pulling at a loose thread.

“its a fucking hot dress, but i wanna see your beautiful body." 

after many small steps, i finally made it to him. i stood between his legs. his large hands instantly finding their way to my hips, sliding up to my waist and squeezing gently.

"shit. you’re so hot” he hissed at me. his grip tighten and he pulled me onto his lap so that i was now straddling him.

it was all so new to me. i had no idea what to do or where to put my hands.

“c'mon. touch me sweetheart. don’t be afraid. guys don’t like nervous girls” his hands took hands and put them on his broad shoulders.

i dug my nails into his skin, “luke”

“moaning already?”

i went to shake my head but he mouth attached once again to my neck, finding the hickey he left earlier. he sucked on the same spot for a little bit. his hands went to the back of my dress and i could feel him beginning to undo the zip. ever so slowly, he pulled it down.

“if you don’t want to do anything, just say no”

for some reason i couldn’t just say no. no guy has ever said the things he said to me. no one ever paied any attention to me. no one has ever called me 'hot’. no one has ever called me 'beautiful’.

if i was going to do this with anyone for the first time, it had to be with him.

his jaw tensed, “say it," and he gritted his teeth together, "just say you don’t want it, and i’ll stop baby girl”

i didn’t say anything. instead, i started trailing my own kissed down his rough, stubbly jaw.

“tell me you want it”

“i need this luke”

“there we go.” he ripped my dress down my shoulders. and threw me out of our position of the bed. frantically he tried to undo his belt and pants. i took the rest of my dress off, leaving my panties and bra on. he took everything off, even his boxers.

“get on the bed” he demanded. it scared me a little but turned me on at the same time, “but take that bra of yours off first”

i reached behind me and unclasped my bra, letting it fall to the floor. i climbed onto the bed and leaned back on my elbows. he joined shortly after and leaned over me.

“fuck, you’re so perfect” his words made me blush more than ever before. he peppered kisses along my breasts and down my stomach to my hip bones which stood out prominently as if i had never eaten in my life.

he hooked his teeth onto my panties and dragged them down my legs, watching my eyes. once they came off my feet, he came back up to meet my lips with his. he lightly kissed my lips and then dug his head into the crook of my neck.

just as he started biting down on my shoulder, i could feel his tip at my entrance. he inched himself inside of my tight walls.

he groaned into my neck as i squeezed my eyes shut and clenched onto the sheet.

“you feel so good baby, you’re doing so good” he thrust his length in and out of me, grazing the tip over my g spot.

he felt so big inside of me, i couldn’t quite understand how he was able to fit. he stretched my walls completely but i ignored the fraught.

his steady rhythm starting picking up and it was all too much for me. i involuntarily clenched my muscles around him. he groaned out a few profanities as i did so.

“what the hell. how are you so tight”

i didn’t tell him. how could i tell him that he was my first.

“can i..” he lifted his head from my shoulder to look me in the eyes. his eyebrows were raised in question, “can i cum inside?”

my head swayed back and forth and he pulled out as fast as he could. he pumped his length a few more times before releasing a hot load all over my stomach.

he rolled off of me to the other side of the bed, which was quite far actually. the bed was enormous. his hand ruffled through his sweaty hair and he turned to face me. his hand lazily pointed a head of him, to a door, “the bathroom’s in there. you should probably clean up”

i lifted myself from the bed, exhausted from what had just occurred. i shuffled myself to the bathroom and went inside, shutting the door right behind me. i flicked the light on, which blinded me momentarily.

the bathroom was as big as i was expecting. clean white tiles everywhere and a large, unframed mirror. i glanced up to look at myself. my hair was a ratted mess and there was a large bruise forming on my neck. i looked awful.

as i was finished in the bathroom, i shut the light off and re-entered the bedroom. luke was leaning on his side, scrolling through his phone.

he looked up at me, “i called for a cab”

“uh..thank you”

i started gathering and putting my clothes back on silently. he was the first one to break the silence.

“have you been a fan for a long time?”

“yeah, you guys write really good songs”

he nodded in agreement and said nothing, not wanting to pester the subject “don’t forget your heels”

“i won’t”

he said all those nice, sweet things. but he didn’t even ask for my number. i don’t even recall if he ever asked for my name.

ps. don’t let anyone make you believe you’re something you’re not

Movie Awards

Meaningless chatter echoed through the modern marble ballroom as the priceless grand piano hummed ancient classical pieces that seemed to last forever. Standing next to Jeremy and Robert eased my nerves, but without Chris I still felt like I was in a room full of strangers.

Everyone here made a huge contribution to his career and I was more than grateful for it all, but I didn’t feel like myself. Vera Wang couture gowns and Christian Louboutins stilettos were fabulous and unbelievably gorgeous, but I didn’t feel right wearing them. The people around me were a million bucks and I felt like a ten dollar girl disguised in a thousand dollar suit.

“Melanie, are you alright?” I looked up warily from my bubbling champagne glass and met Robert’s largely concerned eyes. From my peripheral vision, I could tell Jeremy was giving me the same look but refrained from talking in the hopes of not upsetting me.

Sucking in a brave breath through my pursed, pink lips, I plastered a grin onto my face and nodded. “I’m fine.” Lies. I just wished that Chris would hurry up and save me from this nightmare. I was desperate for an escape. “I think I’m just going to sit out on the balcony for a bit. Just need a little fresh air.”

“We can sit with you.” This time Jeremy didn’t bother holding it back.

“No.” After a second, I realized I may have said it to quickly. “I’m fine alone.”

With sympathetic smiles, they gave me delicate hugs, careful not to wrinkle my dress the slightest, and took my drink. People glanced at me judgingly as I strided through the wide French Doors and hid behind the concrete wall. The view was gorgeous from the railing. A simple sliver of moonlight slipped through the thin night clouds and graced the tallest the skyscrapers that were all hidden behind the coastline.

Seeing it made me think of our condo. It made me wish I was there with Chris, cuddling in the television room right now.

“Someone told me you were looking for me.”

Me being the easily frightful person I am, I would’ve thought to jump. But I could sense his presence, so instead, I smiled. “Baby.” I turned to him and settled myself into his welcoming embrace. Inhaling the sweet, masculine scent of his cologne, I sighed in relief feeling the familiar goosebumps I felt whenever I touched him prick my skin.

His arms slid down from my waist slowly until his hands settled on my hips as I looked up to see his breathtaking face. He’d shaved earlier, but his stubble was starting to make itself known and his lips were pinker and thicker than ever. A gentle breeze misplaced a few of the hairs in his quiff but I personally preferred for his smooth, brown tresses to be mussed. “Why did Rob and Jer tell me that you were sick?”

I wasn’t by any means sick, but I was embarrassed to tell him that I, a twenty year old woman, was afraid to be alone with so many rich people. However, by the blush on my face, he knew. “I don’t know.” I whispered quietly, and rested my head on his muscular, toned chest.

I could feel his intense cobalt stare locked on me, but he was sweet about it and didn’t push me further. Instead, he kissed my me through my hair. The feeling sent a wave of chills through my body and I yearned to have his lips on mine. I pulled my head back and gazed longingly at his lips, hoping that he’d get the hint. He licked them slowly, as if teasing me, and lowered his voice as he began to talk. “Did I tell you how incredibly beautiful you look tonight?”

Nibbling gently on my bottom lip, I shook my head and fisted the lapels of his suit.

He let out a hefty chuckle and kissed my forehead. Tease. My lips were swelling with desire by the second and I felt like they would explode if he didn’t kiss me. “Well, Mel, you do.” He pulled me closer to him and kissed the lobe of my ear. “You look beautiful,” he squeezed my hips, “and gorgeous,” my waist, “and sexy,” my ass. A gasp of pleasure flew through my mouth and before I could even process it, his lips were pressed tight against mine.

They tingled as the kiss grew more explicit. His mint laced teeth were clinging onto my lip and his sweet flavored tongue was wrestling with mine. I’m sure we put on a show for everyone inside, but I didn’t care. I felt comfortable – with him.

His lips parted and he worked his way down my face, my neck, my shoulder, and my chest. “Damn it baby,” I knew he was aroused because it was the only thing that compelled him to swear other than anger. “I need to get you home and show you how beautiful you are.”

I moaned softly as he ran his fingers through my hair and rolled my eyes in ecstasy. “You still have to accept your reward.”

“Screw the damn award.” he asserted. “I am taking you home.”

With that, we left.

Gilmore Girls Sentence Pack! S3-S4
  • “Will you two stop talking about my butt?" 
  • "Do not eat chips out of a communal bowl. You might as well stick your hand in a toilet.”
  • “Keep in mind that getting up on a table and performing a song of any kind will haunt you for the rest of your life.”
  • “Do you want an aspirin? I probably have a—tic…tac. Sorry, I shouldn’t have teased you with that aspirin thing.”
  • “Glad to make your dining dreams come true.”
  • “We’ll put it in the apartment we’re sharing in hell.”
  • “I found that if I focus too much on one subject, I start to get a little punchy.”
  • “Never underestimate the power of a good shirt.”
  • “You need to relax. You need to stop worrying. You need to stop obsessing. You need to stop looking at my boobs.”
  • “Be a little less lovable, would you? Cause it’s costing me a fortune.”
  • “All you need is 6 dancing penguins and Mary Poppins floating in the corner to bring back two of the worst hours of my childhood.”
  • “I don’t think you had a childhood. I think you came out a bitter, surly killjoy.”
  • “By gum, if it was good enough for Rick and Dick, it’s good enough for me.”
  • “Every sad story needs nuns.”
  • “Maybe he just needs to get out of the house, and since I’m currently one of the women sitting home thinking ‘if I could only find a man like Aragorn’, he picked me.”
  • “It smells like guilt and Chanel No. 5." 
  • "I can’t go back, I’ve got hummus in there! God knows what I’ll do with it.”
  • “I am going to have color coming out of my yin-yang.”
  • “You can show me your sweet tuchus, as long as I can keep jiggling.”
  • “Ah! I’m being attacked by green things!" 
  • "It’s Avril Lavigne’s world and we’re just livin’ in it.”
  • “You are certainly not going to Google me!”
  • “We are the Witches of Eastwick.”
  • “You drink time-released coffee?" 
  • "I’m not gonna help you Barbie-Band-Aid our window.”
  • “Don’t wear those pantyhose with the seams up the back, you look like 10 cents a dance.”
  • “Have you ever noticed my girlfriend’s lobes?" 
  • "If I was a girl, I wouldn’t kick him out of bed.”
  • “He’s a grown man with an Etch-a-Sketch!”
  • “Yes, here I am, at my job. Will wonders never cease?”
  • “I’m going to make out in the coat room. Don’t eat my chicken.”
  • “Are you remotely aware that you’re not 12?”
  • “She bought me four cocktail dresses, two evening gowns, and if I’m not mistaken, eight maids a-milking.”
  • “Do not disturb, I’m eating.”
  • “Food should not have pronouns!”
Turned On In Public (4/4 blurb)


HI! :D



Ashton sat next to me, with his hand absentmindedly drawing circles on my thigh over my dress. We were at dinner with the band and despite all the commotion, I could only focus on how close Ashton’s fingers were to me.
“Fuck this” I thought, leaning towards Ashton, drawing his attention to me. “How’s dinner, babe?” he asked, squeezing my thigh, then smirking at me. Oh my god, he knew exactly what he was doing and two could play at this game.

“It’s okay. But I want something else” I whispered, smiling sweetly. “What is it, princess?” “You” I said, then leaned in closer, “Daddy” And I pecked Ashton’s cheeks when his grip on my thigh got harder. 

“Guys, excuse us” Ashton said, holding my hand and standing us up, hurriedly walking us towards the restrooms, pushing me against a wall so no one could see us anymore. Ashton pressed his lips to mine, his fingers holding my sides as he pressed his hips against mine.

“Kitten” he breathed out, and I nodded, “What happens to bad girls?” he asked. “Bad girls get punished, daddy” I answered, and Ashton groaned, kissing my neck. “So you know what to do when we get home, don’t you baby?” Ashton asked as I felt his hard on pressing against me now, and I bit my lip, trying to stifle a moan.

“I do” I answered, “You do what, princess?” “I do, daddy” I said, and Ashton placed a hard kiss on my collarbone. “Good. Shall we go back?” he asked, and I shook my head, “I don’t want to..” “Neither do I, baby. We’ll leave in 10 minutes, okay?” I pouted, but gave in and Ashton pecked my lips. “I love you, Y/N” he said, smiling at me. “I love you too” I paused, and Ashton narrowed his eyes, “ASHTON!” I said, giggling as he walked us back out.



I groaned, trying desperately to wrap my sarong to cover myself but nothing looked okay. “Whatever” I mumbled and decided to leave the room. I was on holiday with Calum and his family and they decided to go on a beach holiday, which meant bikinis and I wasn’t all that comfortable.

“Hey! You look great!” Mali said, beaming at me, “Thank you! Where’s Calum?” I asked, setting my stuff down. She glanced around and then pointed at the pool, “Riiiiiight there! You might need to ask him to blink!” She joked, causing her parents to laugh softly. 

I waved at Calum to call him over, still trying to hide myself with my sarong. “Babe” Calum whispered, pecking my lips and placed a strong hold on my bare waist, guiding me away from his family. “Calum, I’m not-” “You look so fucking hot” he murmured, his wet, cold fingers rubbing my skin. 

“What are you saying? This thing is bothering me” I said, looking down at my sarong. “Good, then take it off..” he said, his hand reaching for the cloth. “Your family, Calum” I whispered, as he pressed his lips to my collarbone, softly sucking on it and his other hand pressed me closer to him, he traced faint patterns on my back. 

He peppered my neck with sloppy kisses, sucking gently and I leaned my head back, holding the waistband of his swimming shorts, pressing myself to his chest. I leaned forward, kissing the side of his neck, running my fingertips up his side and tangled my hands into his wet hair, making Calum moan softly, as his fingers tugged on my bikini. 

“Calum, we need to stop, babe” I breathed out, pulling away from him & noticing how flushed he looked. “It’s too late for that. Room. Now.” he whispered & I looked down at his shorts. “This is your fault!” he said, laughing softly, “You’re welcome” I answered and Calum held my hand, “We aren’t doing family beach holidays anymore” he said. “Why not?” I asked, smirking at him. “I just have a really hot girlfriend ” he replied, quickly kissing my neck again.


Michael: (there will be an extended version of this posted in the next week or so!)

I heard Michael grumbling from the other side of the door, as I locked it. “We were supposed to be window shopping” he murmured and I replied with a quick, “Just 2 minutes, Michael” as I pulled my tshirt off, and then unbuttoned my jeans. ‘How could I ever have just window shopped with you around?’ I thought, holding the dress I’d picked out and admiring it for a few seconds.
I took my jeans off and set my clothes aside, smirking a little when I saw I had matching underwear on, then my smirk turned into a frown when I noticed that the dress had a zipper on it. 'Who the fuck decided that zippers had to be on the back of-’ And then it hit me. Michael needn’t be bored anymore, I thought, giggling a little.

I held the dress up to my boobs, showing off just enough of them to tempt Michael and opened the door, peeking through it. “Mikey?” I called out, sticking my head out of the door and distracting him from his phone. He looked up and narrowed his eyes, “Do you need another size or-” “I need your help, babe” i said, raising my eyebrows. 

“With what?” he asked, standing up. I gestured for him to come closer, and he listened, and I watched his eyes widen as he got a glimpse of me through the tiny hole in the door. “D-do you need me to zip you up?” he asked, shaking himself out of the tiny daze he was in. 

“Yes, please” I responded, letting him inside, and he quickly pecked my lips, as I turned away from him, one of his hands holding my waist and the other ran down my back. “You’re wearing the black bra that I like” he whispered, kissing my shoulder and I nodded, “I match today” I replied, and felt Michael’s grip on my side get tighter. 

“How quiet can you be, babe?” he asked, softly sucking on my neck, “Depends on how good you are” I said, feeling Michael groan softly as he pulled my dress down…



Luke patted his legs and I raised my eyebrows at him, then looked at his brothers. “We don’t mind! We know Luke is fucking whipped for you!” Jack said, laughing. “You aren’t wrong” I replied and walked to Luke, sitting on him, one of hands wrapping around my waist as he quickly kissed my upper back.
We were spending the day at his parents place and just because I knew how much he loved it, I decided to wear one of Luke’s shirts. Ben and Jack got carried away talking about something that I had no clue about so I leaned back towards Luke’s chest, and he let out a soft moan that was barely audible to me, and his hand moved off my waist and rested on my lower back.

I felt his fingers hook on to the top of my jeans and Luke pulled me closer to him, “You did this on purpose, didn’t you, princess?” Luke whispered, placing a quick kiss behind my ear. “Did what, Lukey?” I asked, innocently, looking over my shoulder and noticed how dark his eyes got. I knew I’d got him.

“You know how I feel when you wear my clothes” he said, resting his chin on my shoulder, pecking the side of my neck, his holiday stubble pricking my skin, making me squirm a little. Luke’s hand immediately slipped under my shirt and tightly gripped my side. 

“You look so hot, babe” Luke whispered, softly tugging my ear lobe. Oh, he knew exactly what he was doing to me, “And you’ve got me so horny right now” he said, kissing the back of my neck, lingering on a little too long, making me move around in his lap.

“You’re turned on too, aren’t you?” Luke asked, his fingers rubbing my sides, holding my waist to his and I nodded, feeling him softly sucking my neck, letting out a low moan as I felt him getting harder under me.

“Umm, guys. Y/N and I will be back in a bit okay?” Luke said, still holding my waist and his brothers acknowledged us, then got back to talking. Luke helped me up and held me in front of him, walking us inside. “You’ll have to be really quiet, princess” he whispered as we stumbled into his room, Luke immediately pushing me into the wall.


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