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Why does Isak have a meme face as his facebook pic? They’re even on his walls. Like, I’m just. Major secondhand embarrassment lol

jkvjkvh leave the kid olooooone 

(but also. even sort of agrees with you. one afternoon, they’re chilling on isak’s bed, their backs to the wall and isak wants to show him this funny viral video he’s seen on facebook. and even sees it, that tobey maguire meme isak uses as his profile picture. and he asks him “is this your profile picture for real?” like he’s almost outraged. and isak just shrugs, like who cares anyway. “i’m really not a fan of tobey maguire as spider-man, like…how old was he when the first movie came out? thirty? grown adults playing teenagers is lame” and isak raises an eyebrow at him “are we really doing this right now?” 

and then even sits with his legs under him, facing isak and he looks at him for a second “your face is my favorite face. honestly this is totally a wasted opportunity” and isak just sighs and shakes his head a little and says “fine, fine, i’ll change it eventually” and now even’s the one raising an eyebrow at him before he reaches for his right pocket and grabs his phone. “just to be sure” 

“eveeeeen” isak kind of pouts at him as even points his phone in his direction. “baby, loosen up” isak can’t help the smile that reaches his eyes when he hears the word. even says  “let me take, like, five. tops” and isak replies “okay, five is fine” and he puts his computer on the floor next to the bed. and then even leans in and kisses him, gentle and slow. when he pulls away, isak’s eyes are half-closed and he whispers “why’d you do that?” and even puts a hand on his cheek and the corner of his lips form a little smile before he says “i love your face after i kiss you. it’s beautiful”  

so even takes five pictures, from different angles. he lifts isak’s chin up at some point, gives him a quick kiss on the jaw. and when he’s done, he hands out his phone to isak. “which one do you like best?” and isak looks at the pictures, pondering. “hmmm, i don’t know” and then he looks at even and says “wait. come here” and even goes to sit next to isak, and isak says “i think i know which one i want”. he opens the camera app, and both he and even appear on the screen. isak leans his head toward even and even understands, does the same 

later, when isak uploads the picture, jonas is the first one to “love” it, and he comments looking good :) and mahdi also likes the picture. and then an hour later, magnus leaves a comment and it says evak <3 . isak and even don’t notice it immediately, because they’re cuddling up and watching a movie. but when isak sees it, a couple of hours later, he shakes his head and lets out a little laugh. the truth is that it actually feels nice to not have that random and meaningless meme he’s had for over a year as his profile picture, it feels nice to want to share this. and when he takes a look at the picture again, and then glances over at even, he thinks to himself yeah, this feels nice)


I looked at him—dark suit, sitting very straight with his legs now crossed at the knee. He was the picture of respectability except that his feet were bare. All of a sudden I found myself able to see him as the world saw him, as I myself had seen him when I first met him—cool, well-mannered, rich, absolutely beyond reproach. It was such a convincing illusion that even I, who knew the essential falseness of it, felt oddly comforted.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt


The signs as Christmas cookies that I fucked up

Aries: That says “star”

Taurus: “MY LEG!”

Gemini: I know what you’re thinking, but no, this is not a nipple.

Cancer: This one is a nipple.

Leo: I had to apologize for at least one of these atrocities, right?

Virgo: i don’t even know with this one. Make of it what you will

Libra: the first cookie I decorated. I fucked up.

Scorpio: Does this look like blood to you?

Sagittarius: ………….

Capricorn: it broke but I decorated it anyway. You can’t tell me I’m not determined

Aquarius: he’s frowning because I’m a disgrace

Pisces: This is a picture of burnt cookies in my trash can.

Boxing/Kickboxing for Beginners

One of my followers (@wickedlyhealthy) is trying out Boxing as part of her workout (YAY!) and asked for some tips/good workout for beginners. Be forewarned that this whole post is righty-centric. Sorry, lefties :(

First, in Boxing/Kickboxing you always have something called your “fight stance”. It’s what gives you balance, allows you to stay planted when defending an attack, and gives your hits/kicks the most power. When you’re first starting, your stance is something you’re going to want to be hyper aware of because it will likely take you some practice to get down and remember to do. Here’s a good picture of what a fight stance looks like:

The way my trainers taught me to do this was first, stand your legs shoulder width apart. Then slide your right foot back, keeping your left foot at the front. There, easy! Now, the difficult part is keeping that stance throughout the entirety of your workout. But after some practice, it’ll be second nature to you. 

In boxing and kickboxing, your “front” and “rear” will be mentioned a lot. That is, in terms of a “front kick”, “rear kick”, etc. Your front is always your left, and should pretty much always be the foot forwards, and your rear is your right. Same with your hands. 

With that being said, here are some of your most basic moves, and the ones I suggest you nail down before moving onto anything else. A “jab” is your left hand and your “cross” is your right. Your jab should always come first! Unless you’ve been training for a while, don’t switch it up. It’ll only confuse you. The reason your jab is always first is because it’s weaker than your cross. So, if you were in a fight your jab would disorient your opponent and then your cross would do the real damage after they were disoriented. Makes sense, yeah?

When hitting, and not hitting, there a few things you always want to be doing and remember. Working with a partner is helpful with this because they can help call you on your shit and help your improve by reminding you of these things…

  • Always keep your hands up and at your face, protecting your face. If you are hitting with one hand, the other hand not extended should be right up close to your face ready to be on the defensive. After you deliver a punch that hand should immediately snap back up next to your face. This takes some time to truly get down, so don’t beat yourself up if you’re having trouble remembering to do so.
  • There is something called pivoting in boxing. If you notice in the picture above, the guy is slightly up on his toes on his right leg, this is basically pivoting. It’s how you put your whole body into your hits and kicks. So, when you’re hitting with your left, you should be pivoting with your left. And when you’re hitting with your right, you should be pivoting with your right. It’s the opposite with kicks but I’ll get into that in a separate post if anybody shows interest in it. 
  • Always full extend your arms when hitting! This can be difficult if your partner isn’t holding pads the way you need them to, but if that’s the case, just gently let them know and they will likely be happy to fix it for you. When you’re hitting, extend your punch all the way. Your arm shouldn’t be at all bent when delivering a punch. 

On the other side of things, if you’re choosing to work with a partner, is the pad holder. This person should also always have their fight stance engaged. Additionally, the are “catching” your punches. In order to not hurt their wrists, and for you to be able to deliver clean hits, they need to meet you a bit with the pads. Essentially, they’re patting each one of your punches. With every person, the extent that they meet you is going to be different. If the hitter hits softly, you will be tapping their punches lightly. If the hitter is a hard hitter, you’re going to want to meet them with more resistance to make sure you don’t get hurt and they can deliver their punches smoothly. This takes some time to develop a rythym, but with practice you’ll get there.

Here’s an easy workout for beginners trying to nail down these steps:

Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross, then do a boxer sprawl. This is similar to a burpee, but without the pushup. You want to make sure your knees or hips do not touch the ground, then pop back up and Jab, Cross, Jab, Cross again. Here is an okay example of a sprawl, except your hips shouldn’t be touching the ground.

Originally posted by wrestlingisbest

Do this (jab, cross, jab, cross, sprawl) for 1 min 30 seconds and then once time is up immediately transition into a “burn out” for 30 seconds: jab, cross, over and over again as fast as you can until that 30 seconds are up. Sounds easy, right? Two minute workout? It’s gnarly. But awesome. Repeat as many times as you can. Eventually, you can build up to more moves, bigger and faster combos, and longer intervals. I recommend downloading an interval timer on your phone so you don’t have to reset your timer for the last 30 seconds, otherwise it defeats the purpose of it being a “burn out”. 

If you have any questions, please ask! I’m more than happy to answer them. I’m truly passionate about boxing and kickboxing and it’s my absolute favorite workout. I’ve been training for eight months in it and have become relatively knowledgeable on the subject and love teaching and talking about it.


This is the difference that 3 years, a loving relationship and a renewed dedication to my health looks like! In the first picture I was 21, and weighed 248 pounds. I am 5 foot 2, and while my blood pressure/sugar was abnormally normal for my size and weight I was dangerously close to hypertension and open-sore lesions on my feet and legs due to diminished circulation.

The second picture I took just now, at 25 years old and 188 pounds. I have extra skin, and I will never have a tight tummy, but I know that this body is healthier and I can love it no matter what it looks like, because it is me. The only me I have.

(title suggested by @poketto-monsta!)

here we go: the pattern for the Gaster Blaster socks! I’m gonna leave it as a google doc for the moment so it’ll be easier to fix things as necessary; if you’d like it as a pdf, you can go to file->download as (or print). c:

if you find the inline chart images too small, a link to the full-size images –1121x1442 for the legs, 1111x600 for the foot – is included. (the numbers are a little wonky-looking because I sized the chart template up, sorry! they should still be legible enough :x)

this is my first attempt at writing out a full pattern for other people, so if you find any errors or have any other problems, please let me know!

(and of course, if you make these socks, I would love to see a picture :D)

PATTERN: [ link ]

thank you!! 💙

For all of you who wanna quit cosplaying because you feel like you aren’t good enough.

Look at some of my old cosplays.

My first John, first cosplay ever (Besides L that one time)

My Vriska cosplay. Didn’t even have horns or grey!

My Condy.

My Terezi, even!

And I didn’t even include the worst, which I had erased my pictures of. The worst was Anime Expo 2013 Feferi. I couldn’t find my grey leggings, so I wore black ones. I was stupid and tried to mix a darker grey, which just made me look weird. My symbol was splotchy along with my grey facepaint!

But, let’s see how far I’ve come in three short years.

My John improved!

My Terezi NOW.

Look at me! that hot little tater tot!

Cosplaying my own Fantroll, Viodra Fanova! Quite gorgeous!

Seriously, I love how it turned out.

Not to mention Stanford Filbrick Pines!

The cutest little Ford around!

In conclusion:

Do NOT give up! You WILL improve!

Kitty Tutorial

Since daily life is full of boooring moments that need to be liven up, I have brought this to you…

So, get your art supply and let’s beggin! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

First, draw some brackets like in the picture above..

Then add the eyes and a mouth~

After that, draw the ears and close the head..

Oh! And don’t forget the whiskers!! (=^-ω-^=)

Now let’s draw some kind of triangle-shape body for our cat pls,don’t mind the ink excess of my pen ´ v `;;

Add some legs, the tail and… Tadaa! You have finished your little cat O(≧∇≦)O

Feel free to decorate it as you like~

And play with shapes and lines for getting interesting results d(=^・ω・^=)b They will look puntastic in your notes!

Have fun drawing kittens everywhere (。’▽’。)♡

bird of the day!!

okay loads of ppl are doing (animal) of the day so im doing BIRD of the day first up is the black-throated magpie jay!! we’re starting off BIG okay are you ready for the best birb of all time

innocent. soft. curious. look at the vibrant blue and the contrasting black and white, and those frills! that mohawk!

look at the length of that tail!!! thats the longest tail possible. maybe. take my word for it (but dont actually)


one final picture.. look at that grace, that slender curves, those legs, that tail, that crest!!!!! this is truly the perfect star for the first bird of the day


Mar 20
I don’t know how fitblr girls take these amazing butt selfies but my attempt is pretty moot considering my butt makes an appearance in all possible pictures so it is what it is.  Today I was low key hating on the way my legs and butt looked, so I decided to make them work.  I really should be grateful for what they can do, but you know, it would be nice if I could slim them down a bit so they looked less like tree trunks.  I decided to keep a pair of older sneakers at work, so I literally have no excuse not to work out.  I forgot how much I liked these Nikes though, they’re the ones I ran my first half in!

For my workout, I warmed up with a few minutes uphill on the treadmill, then focused on butt and legs.  I was sweating up a storm, and this pic was even taken before my 1.75 miles to finish out the day.  At the end of my last circuit, my squats felt kind of weak and like not in an exhaustion way - something behind my right knee kept popping (it wasn’t painful, I could just feel it and I was really nervous).  My form was correct, so I wonder what that was exactly…

My recovery miles from yesterday’s long run were a little rough at first, but I settled in as usual after about a mile.  I forgot how boring running on a treadmill is.  I was legitimately so tired after this session, which is probably the first time I’ve been completely wiped in a while so that’s good.

I was starving afterwards and forgot I had some pomegranate vanilla cashews in my lunch box, so I inhaled them immediately.  I was still craving some serious carbs, but instead opted to make my favorite salad, featuring spinach, strawberries, cucumbers, onions, goat cheese, sliced almonds, and poppyseed dressing.  Yuuuuuuum.  Finished the day with some peanut butter cup Halo Top with bananas and chocolate chips, and preparing apple cinnamon overnight oats in a cutie mason jar.  Hooray for meal prep.

Workout: Legs & Butt

3x each
Donkey kicks x15 alt. sides
Side lunge to curtsy squats x15 alt. sides
Single-leg deadlifts w/ 6lb weights x15 alt. sides
Dumbbell swings x20
Fire hydrant to booty squeeze x15 alt. sides
Glute bridges x15
Sumo squat to calf raises x15 alt. sides
Plié squats x15
30s wall sit

1.75 mi
9′48″ min / mi


I really love the animation in Svtfoe. The only thing that sorta bothers me sometimes is the varying proportions of the characters. Like in the first picture, the legs and arms look way too short and thin to me. It makes them look way younger. (ignoring the beard). But in the second picture, the characters look a bit taller and more fleshed out. The new animation companies do a good job of combining the two styles. I know it’s probably just the different styles of different companies and they do it for comedy, but idk. I guess I like the more “tall” designs. But overall I adore the animation in this show.

So I said I would share more before and after shots from the front. So here it is, the first image was end of June, I believe I was 7 weeks in and only lost 5lbs down by this point. The picture on the right is me today, 20 weeks in and 20lbs down.

I mentioned my weight loss does look very minimal from the front but there is some minor differences. Bless my fiancé, he actually had to point out to me where he can see differences because I just couldn’t 🙈.


so this is my fitness journal! it’s a regular black notebook that i wanted to do something with so i created a bullet journal knockoff/adaptation where i can log my fitness!

first, a title page with my name so if I lose it, it can be returned.

then, an index. whenever you start a new page, number it and add it. kind of like a table of contents.

after the index i actually start with my exercise pages. i turn the journal sideways and create 8 vertical columns for each day of the week, and one for notes. you could also draw them the same and use it horizontally but i like vertical lists better.

after labeling each column with the day of the week and the day of the month, i write a goal for each day. usually monday is ab day, wednesday is legs & butt, and friday is arms. then i fill in the rest of them with yoga or swimming.

the first two weeks in my pictures are what it looks like after the week is over and after everything is filled out. the third one is this week so only monday is done and the rest are blank.

anyway, i hope somebody found this helpful! peace

Update on Experimental Study Involving A Second SA Profile & Comparison Between My Two profiles

                                 Problem & Purpose:

The reason why I decided to do this experiment was because after creating my Seeking Arrangement profile, I was just not receiving enough messages and profile visits like i wanted to. Then I got the idea of creating a second profile from another sugar baby on here, which I decided to go along with and do an experiment where i document what i found and sharing it with other sugar babies. I really just wanted to investigate whether or not my second profile is able to get responses after making few changes that differ from my first profile. And my second task was to see if I can learn something from the second profile - assuming that everything went well.  

So basically, my hypothesis was that if i create a second profile and make changes that are different compared to my first profile, then I will get enough views and messages.

                                       The Comparisons:  

Bellow are the details which i listed on my two profiles.

First profile/main:

                        Basic info: 

       Height:  5′3

      Body type: Average 

      Ethnicity: Black

     Eye color:  Brown

     Hair color: Dark Brown 

      Age:  23

    Lifestyle budget:  Negotiable



Two pictures.  One revealing my luscious legs & sec is full mirror body shot with my face cropped.  

                           Location: small town

                           Description & Personality:

Profile is a bit lengthy, starting by first describing my personality type(Intelligent, caring, beautiful, goal-oriented and very driven) then I go on to state what my interests are(traveling, arts, nature,  movies, dining, long and stimulating conversations, etc.) And in the what i’m seeking section, i mention how i’m looking for a successful, intelligent older benefactor who can help invest in my dreams and whatnot.  

Second profile/experiment:

                      Basic info:  

      Height:  5′4

     Body type: average 

     Ethnicity: mixed

    Eye color: Brown

  Hair color: Dark Brown

     Age: 19

   Lifestyle budget:  Moderate


2 photos. First one is a pic where my upper face is cropped, but my chest is revealing, while the second is a full mirror body shot that shows my curves except my face.

                            Location: nearest big city to my town

                          Description & Personality:

Profile description is quite short compared to my first profile.  I starter off by describing my personality as intelligent, seductive, sweet, sassy, witty, and having an awesome sense of fashion style. I included my interests as traveling, dining, and just love going to exclusive VIP lounges, and i say i can easily hold conversations and can serve as your travel companionship. So basically, i’m the confiendent, high maintenance queen type.  And I end the whole thing by bluntly saying that can you handle what i’m seeking.  I don’t even bother talking about a benefactor or the type of man or arrangement i’m seeking. 


First profile/main:

           Average profile visits: 5 more or less in a day 

           Messages: 2 or less in a week 

Second profile/experiment:

         Average profile visits since creating profile(its been 2 days) : more than 10 per day

       Messages: 6 messages so far in two days 

                                      Discussions and Results

As the finding shows, it seems the changes i made to my second profile such as switching my location, changing age, profile description, and pictures, made a significant difference which resulted in an increase profile views and messages compared to my main profile.  However, it is difficult to pin point exactly which changes contributed to the most greatest result due to the fact that i made a number of changes all at once(i.e age, location, pictures, profile description, etc.). But i will say, the one change i believe made the most difference is location.  By switching my location from my current, small city to a larger city - it exposed me a variety of sugar daddies on the bowl, which otherwise i would not be able to(My town has a small number of sugar daddies registered on SA). 

Now i’m not saying by following what i did, you will be able to get better results - but however, this is something to consider especially if you are experiencing little to no luck in the sugar bowl. 

Let me know if this works for you :) 


Some pictures with my old harpy character Pticenoga, I’ve already posted an art with her :)
She first appeared on the 8th of March, 2011 in one of my usual weid dreams, and looked a bit different from her current state. But the main purpose is still the same x)


Voice comparison update. 😍 I didn’t think from 150-190 there was much change but people kept telling me there was a huge change. Side by side now I can hear it and I’m so excited. I can feel it’s still really raspy and rumbling so it’s still in the process of another drop soon. Any day now.. Or at least I’m hoping. 😂
A friend lent me a phone cord to charge my old phone with so I can grab my first video and pictures for comparisons as well and I couldn’t be more excited!! 6.5 months and I never would have thought how a little liquid could change so much inside and outside of me. I’m so amped for the changes that are now happening. I’m getting some darker peach fuzz on my face and my legs look like mammoths 😂 my stature is changing as I stand more tall, more confident as the man I am. I feel more at home in my body than I did this time last year or any day before today. And I’ll say the same thing tomorrow. 😊
… .
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