look at my legs in the first picture


Please read this before downloading: 

This is my first mesh ever, created on Marvelous Designer, it’s pretty basic, but I’m still learning how to make new meshes, so of course it’s not going to be perfect. Especially being a super skin tight mesh and below the knee. It won’t look good with most poses which involve complex leg crossing and things like that. The morphs are not 100% perfect, but they work! Sorry and I hope you all can understand!


If you use please tag #simpliciaty in your pictures!

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(title suggested by @poketto-monsta!)

here we go: the pattern for the Gaster Blaster socks! I’m gonna leave it as a google doc for the moment so it’ll be easier to fix things as necessary; if you’d like it as a pdf, you can go to file->download as (or print). c:

if you find the inline chart images too small, a link to the full-size images –1121x1442 for the legs, 1111x600 for the foot – is included. (the numbers are a little wonky-looking because I sized the chart template up, sorry! they should still be legible enough :x)

this is my first attempt at writing out a full pattern for other people, so if you find any errors or have any other problems, please let me know!

(and of course, if you make these socks, I would love to see a picture :D)

PATTERN: [ link ]

thank you!! 💙

bird of the day!!

okay loads of ppl are doing (animal) of the day so im doing BIRD of the day first up is the black-throated magpie jay!! we’re starting off BIG okay are you ready for the best birb of all time

innocent. soft. curious. look at the vibrant blue and the contrasting black and white, and those frills! that mohawk!

look at the length of that tail!!! thats the longest tail possible. maybe. take my word for it (but dont actually)


one final picture.. look at that grace, that slender curves, those legs, that tail, that crest!!!!! this is truly the perfect star for the first bird of the day


The first pictures of my newest cosplay that I just finished! It’s my interpretation of the hooded figures of the dog park of Night Vale. I’m really happy with the design but I’m not sure if I’m happy with how it looks hmmmrggg pst theres tattoo sleeves on my legs aswel but u can’t rlly tell 

Apologies for my hilariously bad editing and offensively bad face in these pictures ^^’

Doesn’t look like much of a difference, but my legs are three times as strong as they were last year, at least. I couldn’t be happier with my progress! It’s slow, but considering I’ve still progressed even through my first year of uni, I’d say it’s pretty good.

And even though I can’t take progress pictures of my brain, I promise it’s better this year than it was last year.

THIS GIRL THO!!! @vanemtz_6 is KILLING IT on her custom plan from yours truly! That’s 32.5lbs in just over 4 months! Holy shit! Here is what she has to say, “This is crazy for me to see! Everyday I look at myself in the mirror and I don’t see any change and then I put them all together like this and it’s insane!
I wish I would’ve taken more pictures of my arms and legs before everything. I’m starting to see baby biceps, and for the first time in EVER I feel my triceps lol
My legs are amazing!! They’re still huge bt they don’t jiggle anymore, I can touch them and feel muscle now :D

I’m so happy I found you on tumblr bc idk if I would’ve been able to go at it on my own!” Keep up the amazing work, girl! I am so proud!! Want results like this? Email me at makethatchangefitness@gmail.com! A 4 week custom plan is just $45 and my 6 week Kickstart plan is only $60! #weightloss #weightlossjourney #fitness #personaltrainer #personaltraining #myclients #inspiration #motivation #weightlosssuccess #weightlosstransformation

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Hi! My cat Matrix looks exactly like the cat you last posted. I tried taking pictures of him where you can really notice the similarities. I tried to take a photo of the black patch he has around the start of his front right leg. But you know cats… He just wasn’t feeling it. When I first saw the post I freaked out and thought it was my cat. I had a good LOL and showed the post to my family. They were also surprised, haha. Anyways. Thank you for your time, and good night

For all of you who wanna quit cosplaying because you feel like you aren’t good enough.

Look at some of my old cosplays.

My first John, first cosplay ever (Besides L that one time)

My Vriska cosplay. Didn’t even have horns or grey!

My Condy.

My Terezi, even!

And I didn’t even include the worst, which I had erased my pictures of. The worst was Anime Expo 2013 Feferi. I couldn’t find my grey leggings, so I wore black ones. I was stupid and tried to mix a darker grey, which just made me look weird. My symbol was splotchy along with my grey facepaint!

But, let’s see how far I’ve come in three short years.

My John improved!

My Terezi NOW.

Look at me! that hot little tater tot!

Cosplaying my own Fantroll, Viodra Fanova! Quite gorgeous!

Seriously, I love how it turned out.

Not to mention Stanford Filbrick Pines!

The cutest little Ford around!

In conclusion:

Do NOT give up! You WILL improve!

A Harry Styles Masterpost: Starring Harry's Legs

I just want to start off by saying I made this under the influence of Harry’s legs. I was not and am not sane.

Exhibit A of Harry and his nice legs:

You cannot see them, but you know they ARE FUCKING THERE.

(being able to see the tiniest bit of his bum also helps.)

The rest of this is exhibit B, AKA Harry’s legs.

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Update on Experimental Study Involving A Second SA Profile & Comparison Between My Two profiles

                                 Problem & Purpose:

The reason why I decided to do this experiment was because after creating my Seeking Arrangement profile, I was just not receiving enough messages and profile visits like i wanted to. Then I got the idea of creating a second profile from another sugar baby on here, which I decided to go along with and do an experiment where i document what i found and sharing it with other sugar babies. I really just wanted to investigate whether or not my second profile is able to get responses after making few changes that differ from my first profile. And my second task was to see if I can learn something from the second profile - assuming that everything went well.  

So basically, my hypothesis was that if i create a second profile and make changes that are different compared to my first profile, then I will get enough views and messages.

                                       The Comparisons:  

Bellow are the details which i listed on my two profiles.

First profile/main:

                        Basic info: 

       Height:  5′3

      Body type: Average 

      Ethnicity: Black

     Eye color:  Brown

     Hair color: Dark Brown 

      Age:  23

    Lifestyle budget:  Negotiable



Two pictures.  One revealing my luscious legs & sec is full mirror body shot with my face cropped.  

                           Location: small town

                           Description & Personality:

Profile is a bit lengthy, starting by first describing my personality type(Intelligent, caring, beautiful, goal-oriented and very driven) then I go on to state what my interests are(traveling, arts, nature,  movies, dining, long and stimulating conversations, etc.) And in the what i’m seeking section, i mention how i’m looking for a successful, intelligent older benefactor who can help invest in my dreams and whatnot.  

Second profile/experiment:

                      Basic info:  

      Height:  5′4

     Body type: average 

     Ethnicity: mixed

    Eye color: Brown

  Hair color: Dark Brown

     Age: 19

   Lifestyle budget:  Moderate


2 photos. First one is a pic where my upper face is cropped, but my chest is revealing, while the second is a full mirror body shot that shows my curves except my face.

                            Location: nearest big city to my town

                          Description & Personality:

Profile description is quite short compared to my first profile.  I starter off by describing my personality as intelligent, seductive, sweet, sassy, witty, and having an awesome sense of fashion style. I included my interests as traveling, dining, and just love going to exclusive VIP lounges, and i say i can easily hold conversations and can serve as your travel companionship. So basically, i’m the confiendent, high maintenance queen type.  And I end the whole thing by bluntly saying that can you handle what i’m seeking.  I don’t even bother talking about a benefactor or the type of man or arrangement i’m seeking. 


First profile/main:

           Average profile visits: 5 more or less in a day 

           Messages: 2 or less in a week 

Second profile/experiment:

         Average profile visits since creating profile(its been 2 days) : more than 10 per day

       Messages: 6 messages so far in two days 

                                      Discussions and Results

As the finding shows, it seems the changes i made to my second profile such as switching my location, changing age, profile description, and pictures, made a significant difference which resulted in an increase profile views and messages compared to my main profile.  However, it is difficult to pin point exactly which changes contributed to the most greatest result due to the fact that i made a number of changes all at once(i.e age, location, pictures, profile description, etc.). But i will say, the one change i believe made the most difference is location.  By switching my location from my current, small city to a larger city - it exposed me a variety of sugar daddies on the bowl, which otherwise i would not be able to(My town has a small number of sugar daddies registered on SA). 

Now i’m not saying by following what i did, you will be able to get better results - but however, this is something to consider especially if you are experiencing little to no luck in the sugar bowl. 

Let me know if this works for you :) 


Ok i think i solved the whole game 
Here is my major theory 
ok my first evidence is this 
This check was in 1987
 remember the bite of  87 
this check means it was before that 
and as you  can  fucking see
the new animatronics were scrapped  
so they gone , and the “old animatronics” were kept for hopes of the future
this is where it gets interesting the  first game phone guy talked about the bite meaning i t was pass that 
it’s 1987 now 
and now let me drop my  bomb 
look up the pictures on  ALL THE OLD ANIMATRONICS  Then  them from the first game 
 bonnie is fat   ,different bow tie and buttons 
Freddy is taller , buttons , deeper eyes  
chica has a new  head , legs 
foxy a  more realistic snout and shorter 
I mean  the first game  animatronics looked kid friendly right 
and the 2nd game  they looked scary as hell 
so   this means that  this is the prequel of  the first game and if there is going to  be a 3rd game it;s going to be the origin of five nights 
because why would they work hard on improving the old ones  
look at the first game  ones again 

External image

External image

External image

External image

External image

Both bonnies color scheme is different and the whole jaw and face is different and  a new bow tie 
Chica seems to be  brighter than the original and few teeth and more child like beak 
Foxy  seems less animal and cartoonish  and few teeth as well  hidden pair of  2nd teeth  and less red 
Freddy has his freckles  and different head and mouth  and new mic

Five nights at freddy’s 2 is  the prequel to the first game   
the old freddy , chica , foxy , bonnie  were the first ones they are the ORIGINALS
five nights at freddy’s the first game  was a combo of the   main characters but  made kid friendly 
and  as they said in the new game mostly malfunctions  but in  the  first game children possessing  the bodies 
so  if scott announces a 3rd game it should be about the  originals and maybe the   story of golden freddy  
So this is my theory the  new  fnaf is   just  their test of kid friendly designs with the  REAL  ORIGiNAL CREW not form the first game long  before that
Theory made by darkkrystal100/Me

tatertotharry submitted:

5 months later…

height 5’7”

sw 205

cw 170

gw 130ish?

i chose to go with a leg photo because you can really see the difference and until i took this picture 10 minutes ago i did not even know that my legs look like this.

my diet is as carbless as it gets. i eat mostly chicken and fish and a lot of broccoli and some fruit. i ran on the the track team for my first 3 months 6 days a week and now i go on the treadmill as often as i can with my busy schedule. i haven’t felt this good about my body in a long time and im not stopping yet!!!

      —- SUBMIT your own Before and After weight-loss photos HERE. 

This picture was taken 1 year and 100 pounds apart. Don’t mind the fact that I look like a peg leg pirate in the second picture hahaha my legs were crossed which I might add there is no way my legs could have done that in the first picture! I really think one of the best NSV’s is no more chaffing of the thighs! Being able to walk without my thighs rubbing is amazing! Never give up or lose sight of those goals! Break it into mini goals every 2-3 weeks or so! Make your goals exciting and NEVER reward yourself with food! #fitmom #tsfl #takeshapeforlife #healthcoach #anthropologie #dress #ootd #healthy #fitness #transformationtuesday #weightlossjourney #weightloss #beforeandafter #100poundsdown #weightlosstransformation #medifast #ww #keto #iifym #doyouevenlift #movenourishbelieve #messyroom #iwillwhatiwant #eflrealchicks #flexitpink #nevergiveup by prettyforafatgirl https://www.instagram.com/p/_UdabrPhzg/

Sheinside is an online store that sells a wide range of clothes that are trendy, cute and affordable! Shopping online may be stressful whether it be you not being able to afford the outfit or if they don’t have appropriate clothing for where you live right now. However, I recently came across Sheinside who offer FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE and have clothes for ALL SEASONS

My first pick is this cute Black White Long Sleeve Plaid Pockets Knitting Coat which is perfect paired with some jeans or leggings! My next pick are these Black Asymmetrical Geometric Print Shorts which can be worn for casual events paired with a denim shirt (as the picture shows) or a formal event with some neon heels! My third pick is this adorable White Short Sleeve Hollow Floral Crochet Pleated Dress which is cheap, super cute and perfect for those warmer months! And finally this Blue Hooded Long Sleeve Drawstring Denim Outerwear looks very comfortable and great for everyday wear!

Have a lovely day & enjoy!~Miaღ 


so this is my fitness journal! it’s a regular black notebook that i wanted to do something with so i created a bullet journal knockoff/adaptation where i can log my fitness!

first, a title page with my name so if I lose it, it can be returned.

then, an index. whenever you start a new page, number it and add it. kind of like a table of contents.

after the index i actually start with my exercise pages. i turn the journal sideways and create 8 vertical columns for each day of the week, and one for notes. you could also draw them the same and use it horizontally but i like vertical lists better.

after labeling each column with the day of the week and the day of the month, i write a goal for each day. usually monday is ab day, wednesday is legs & butt, and friday is arms. then i fill in the rest of them with yoga or swimming.

the first two weeks in my pictures are what it looks like after the week is over and after everything is filled out. the third one is this week so only monday is done and the rest are blank.

anyway, i hope somebody found this helpful! peace


WTW Maddie is wonderful c: However she has some serious issues. For starters she has mirror beach hair syndrome, caked full of nasty glue at doesn’t make it look good at all (my very original Maddie is there to compare, from back when the dolls were first released to Justice; her hair has relaxed some over all this time, but I haven’t recurled it at all) Mine also has a leg issue from how she was posed in box, her left leg doesn’t straighten all the way. Regardless I love her, and will shoot fun pictures once I fix her hair.

VIXX LR Outstanding ‘Great looks’ in behind stills

VIXX LR shows off their great looks in suits

VIXX LR, who released their first mini album ‘Beautiful Liar’ on August 17, revealed the behind stills from shooting set.

In the picture, VIXX LR shows great suit looks with manly and dreamlike feeling.

Especailly, their hot bodies turn on the charm as sexy guys even though the pictures were not photoshopped. Leo and Ravi show different figures – pure guy in a white suit and tough guy in a black suit.

The netizens who saw the pictures commented, “Perfect body although it is not photoshopped”, “Both of them have long legs”. “They attack my heart”, and “Great body”

Meanwhile, VIXX LR has been doing unique performances with their first mini album title ‘Beautiful Liar’ on music

Source: 10asia
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