look at my legs in the first picture

Louis: Harry, when we go on hiatus I’m going to be a full-time dad so I probably won’t see you very much. Larry isn’t real, I’m sorry

Harry: Ok, but will you look at this picture of Doris & Ernest first? Is that my leg?

Louis: No, that’s not your leg

Harry: I didn’t think so either, but look closer

Louis: Is that a thigh tattoo? Holy fuck that IS your leg

Harry: Oh and I forgot to tell you it’s our turn to host Christmas at one of our eight co-owned properties

Louis: Goddammit

VIXX LR Outstanding ‘Great looks’ in behind stills

VIXX LR shows off their great looks in suits

VIXX LR, who released their first mini album ‘Beautiful Liar’ on August 17, revealed the behind stills from shooting set.

In the picture, VIXX LR shows great suit looks with manly and dreamlike feeling.

Especailly, their hot bodies turn on the charm as sexy guys even though the pictures were not photoshopped. Leo and Ravi show different figures – pure guy in a white suit and tough guy in a black suit.

The netizens who saw the pictures commented, “Perfect body although it is not photoshopped”, “Both of them have long legs”. “They attack my heart”, and “Great body”

Meanwhile, VIXX LR has been doing unique performances with their first mini album title ‘Beautiful Liar’ on music

Source: 10asia
Trans: Get it K

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Ok what's everything you know about the whole neck deep situation

ok basically this person accused fil (bassist) and lloyd (lead guitarist) of sexually harassing people who are underaged, sending them nudes, things of the like. 

in retaliation, lloyd has said these and then deactivated his twitter and instagram (i dont have direct links because of this im sorry) and the neck deep official twitter said this.

now onto the proof and my views on it:

lets go with lloyd first. 

so this and this were provided as evidence. the first picture contains a nude and a conversation. the nude seems to be fake because 1. the furniture comparison is completely different 2. doesnt lloyd have leg tattoo? and the conversation has already been proven to be photoshopped (theres fuzziness and discoloration around the messages) and recieving messages aren’t blue (nor were they 2 years ago; here’s what the looked like then). 

now onto fil!

the op deleted the screenshot (x x) but basically it was a facebook conversation of fil saying things like “lol this underwear is so cute id love to see it on you” and “lol ill find a way to slip out” or something like that idk. what was weird was that the person talking to fil censored their messages to him. plus theres a lot of fake fil profile on facebook bc, you know, its facebook

also other notable things: x x x x x x x x x and heres a pupfresh article

After work I got home and sat on the couch in the dark and worried about money and about myself and my happiness and finally (four hours later) I committed to going outside and feeling like a more productive human and not a crusty basement lizard. I’ve had the day and the night to myself to think, and after those first four crusty hours I’ve been trying to remind myself of little things I like about myself. 

I like my enthusiasm for getting in tourists’ pictures with them.  I like when a runner who looks like the real deal acknowledges my presence with a nod or smile, which secretly makes me feel like I am also the real deal. I like that having silky shaved legs and hairy armpits makes me feel like both a lady and a gentleman. I like that I can make strangers laugh. I like that I am an exceptional parallel parker. I like that my eyes are pale and my teeth are dorky. I like that my hands are strong and look like they work hard, because they do. 

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Fav tayvin moment

ooh, toughie. 

my favourite tayvin candids are still the may 12 dinner at gjelina because they look so goddamn happy i can’t deal with it. that’s why i’ve kept my icon as these for so long when everyone else has changed icons a dozen times since then lol

my favourite individual pictures are the ones from inside the troubadour because SHE’S!! SITTING!!! BETWEEN!!! HIS!! LEGS!!! WITH!! HIS!! ARMS!! AROUND HER!!! that’s when i fell in love with them together.

my favourite social media moment (which i still think is underrated and not talked about enough) was when taylor called him one of her favourite people. that was a pretty massive move for her imo and the first glimpse of the tayvin pictures on taylor’s instagram that were yet to come

my favourite personal picture either of them have posted is them on the thames or the july 3rd piggyback. and there’s a special place in my heart for those LQ af polaroids from july 3rd and i hold out hope that one day we might see them in all their glory rather than grainy ass PDA 

also the BBMAs are the gift that never stops giving tbh so that too

A year ago, a song came out that has given me the best memories. Motivated me after the worst days and helped a room of struggling students get back to work after a much needed dance break.

A year ago, I got to meet Taylor after 8 long years of dreaming for the moment and thousands of contests and hundreds of dollars on crazy signs and costumes for tours.

A year ago, I walked into her apartment expecting to tell my story but she looked me in the eyes and said to me before I could even say hi, “oh my gosh I know you! You post the best pictures on Instagram.”

A year ago, I casually sat cross legged on her kitchen floor playing with Olivia and had a conversation about the best time and way to adopt a new kitten.

A year ago, one of my first friends that I got because of Taylor turned sixteen. I told Taylor that because of her and her music, I have so many friends - and now a year later, so many more. I told her that my first friend, Chelsea ( neverevergettingbacktogether) had a birthday and that she was a big fan. And Taylor looked me in the eyes and said “Tell her I love her and happy birthday.”

A year ago, I got to hug Taylor and tell her thank you for eight long years of music, for the album Red and for getting me through my first devastating heartbreak. And for helping me be the happiest I had ever been in my whole life.

A year ago, I got to say I love you to someone who’s always felt most like a friend than an international singer/songwriter and hear “I love you more, see you soon!” right back to me.

A year ago, a dream came true that I almost gave up on. Never give up, if you’re reading this and think you’ll never get to say thank you to our girl - never give up.

Happy Birthday Shake It Off.


This year has been just awful for me finding time to get nice pictures of my flock(s)!! I apologize! I’m expecting my first kid in just about three weeks and I’ve been obnoxiously busy.

Anyway, here’s a few photos I managed to grab the other day! Up top is Nugget, the (I hope) bantam Silkie hen. She’s still very young and is super adorable. She was adopted by my super broody white silkie, Cashmere, who is now attempting to brood a FOURTH time this year.

Next up is two pictures of Satin (the hen) and her brother (who doesn’t have a fitting name, yet). They are Cashmere’s first brood and are half white bantam Silkie and half Black Dutch Bantam. They turned out GORGEOUS with their fuzzy feets, puffy crests, and black legs, and I will most likely be trying to breed the all-black look some more. :)

Lastly is an old lady, Queen Elizabeth the Buff Orpington hen. She’s been with the flock almost as long as we’ve had it. She’s a good hen and very sassy.


We were waiting outside the Ottawa Humane Society. We had arrived  early and we were going look for a new kitten. I saw this raccoon in the bushes so I grabbed my camera. As I was taking pictures I started to get concerned because at first i just thought he was friendly but as I watched he was acting weird and it didn’t look like he could move his back legs. So we knocked on the door and asked them to come take a look.

They came out and said it looked like he may have been hit buy a car. They suspected someone hit the poor guy and then dropped him off in front of their building. It was very sad. They got him inside to take a look. I suspect they had to put him down.

I debated if I should post these or not. It seems insensitive but I also thought that these are probably the only photos of the raccoon. Not all photos can be pretty and fun


Project 004: Music-Time

I didn’t have a real connection with her at first, but now I can barely contain my excitement :) Look at my pretty ponyyyy~

Ahem. The first change you will notice is that Music-Time is now proudly standing by herself. She may need a follow-up treatment, but her legs are fine for now.

She may actually be the most minty pony I own. I mean look at her! Her tail hasn’t been cut, her mane has probably only been cut a little. The conditioner has done wonders for her hair, it’s just so shiny now! Her symbol has no visible rubs, only her left eye has lost color in a little spot. There’s also a tiny dark spot above her right eyebrow that wouldn’t come off, but that’s all I could notice.

I’ve learned a few things about myself while I restored this pony, as well. Firstly, I’m a complete sucker for a curled tail. They look cute and elegant and are just perfect. Secondly, tail ribbons? Yes please! They just do so much to finish a pony’s look off. And last but not least, I love freckled ponies. I don’t think there’s anything more adorable than pony freckles. Fight me on this!

This is my - it’s a Friday night and I am perfectly content sitting in my room writing - mirror picture. The first week of my junior year of college is over and I’m already tired.

Side note - my legs look so long. It scares me.

Another side note - there’s a dog in my bed but when I kicked the sheets off to take this picture she got buried under the blankets somewhere.

This is the first ‘before’ decent picture that I like.
Like, you can’t really see that my hammies are slowly but surely growing, but look at that belly! I’ve been feelin myself so much lately! You can see my fetus-abs lol don’t worry, my legs are not that tiny, the mirror it’s in a weird position lol
But yeah, I wanted to post this since I realize that I’m not that far away from my so-longed-for flat tummy+abs. Maybe a couple months doing cardio and my trainer killer-routines will do:L

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For the first day of school (which is also picture day) I feel like I'm going to curl my hair and wear a nice shirt, jeans and my converse and I might also curl my hair. School starts in like September though so I don't have to worry as of now. Libra sun, Sagittarius venus. I'd honestly show up with natural hair wearing a hoodie and leggings with my birks but my sister is making me dress up bc I'm going to high school, therefore I can't wear half my wardrobe which consists jogging pants ๐Ÿ’

As a high school senior I can tell you that everyone just wears leggings and sweatshirts after the first month or so, but you’re going to look so cute for picture day omg! And it’s nice to start the year off looking fancy


Many people look at the desert and Grand Canyon as seen in my first picture and only see that face value beauty. However, nature is such a beautiful thing, as long as you are willing to put in some leg work you can find breathtaking things anywhere. Even in the desert. These are my photos from Havasupai Falls trail in order of how I saw them, it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever had the pleasure to experience. BTW the water is the powder blue color due to the limestone deposits in the water.


Just pictures of me in 2015 for body positivity!

1.) at my favorite coffee shop
2.) riding the sky lift at the state fair
3.) what I usually look like when blogging
4.) with my chalk pastel portrait of Heath Ledger’s Joker
5.) showing off my cat leggings
6.) first time doing makeup in over a year (aside from prom)
7.) in front of Mr. Gold’s Shop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios
8.) me and my date at prom
9.) riding a speeder from Star Wars at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

my mom looks like neapolitan ice cream.
she’s wearing a bikini for the first time of the season.
so from chest up she’s super super dark.
legs are still dark, but not as tanned & her undertones are very warm so they’re on the redder side
& her belly is just so light.

she doesn’t find it as hilarious as i do so she won’t let me take a picture to show everyone ever. & apparently i care about respecting people’s wishes now? so cry.

Excuse the pasty-ness 😂 I’ve always had some pretty good legs, thanks to my parents genetics. Truth is, I barely do legs 😮 lmaoo anymore, that is. I used to love doing legs until my dad told me I was starting to look like a t-Rex (picture it 😉 lmao) so I stopped doing legs so frequently. I now only do legs every other week (quads and glutes) and hammies everyday cause I ain’t got none lmao. I’ve gone a whole month without legs and they looked the same. If anything, my legs blow up when I do legs for like two weeks lol what I’m trying to get at is there is no cookie cutter recipe to a great physique. You gotta know your body first and go from there. Anyways, just gotta lean these puppies out and grow some hammies. Can’t wait to see what’s underneath 😩👏 #fitblr #fitfam #fitspo #legs #quads #wheels #strongissexy #bodybuilding #figureprep #figuredebut #npc #npcfigure #npcphysique #npccompetitor #womensphysique #wpd #sexysaturday #hnsupps #hnathletesearch #hardcorenutrition #gohard #inspiration #motivation #legmotivation #fitspiration #igfit #igfitfam #igfitness

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the first FIVE multiples of SEVEN (if u want)

7. What shirt are you wearing?


14. What is your current desktop picture?

My dorm building in a few weeks

21. If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do?

Assuming this question means that I can turn into someone of the opposite sex instead of genderbending myself, I will hope to whatever celestial being out there that I would be a blond with blue eyes and long legs. That is my only requirement. 

As for what I would do, I don’t know. Strut and hang around and be relaxed in my own body. 

28. You discover a beautiful island upon which you may build your own society. You make the rules. What is the first rule you put into place? 

First Rule: Don’t mess up the trees. 

35. Are you a good….[insert anything you’d like here]?

Since you have not given me anything, I will insert something for you.


The answer is no. 

A Girl Got A Clever Tattoo To Get The Conversation Going About Depression

A great way to get the conversation started.

Bekah Miles, a 20-year-old student at George Fox University in Newberg, Oregon, has made a big splash by helping to bring attention to a pressing mental health issue.

Facebook: bekahbearrr

After being diagnosed with depression last year, Miles decided she wanted to do something to get a conversation started about the condition.


Last week, she got a tattoo that at first appears to read “I’m fine.” But when you look at it from her perspective from above, it reads “Save me.” The picture was accompanied by some of her thoughts on depression.

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Facebook: bekahbearrr

Last year, I was diagnosed with depression. And in all honesty, I believe it was a problem for quite a while before that, but I think it just got worse to the point of hardly functioning.

So today, I got this tattoo. I feel that my leg was the best place for the meaning behind it. When everyone else sees it, they see “I’m fine,” but from my viewpoint, it reads “save me.” To me, it means that others see this person that seems okay, but, in reality, is not okay at all. It reminds me that people who may appear happy, may be at battle with themselves.

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