look at my legs in the first picture

They made him kill his horse.

(long story. TL;DR at the end)

This is a story that my grandfather liked to tell. It’s kind of long, and I can’t say if it’s true, but it seems to fit the very old and cantankerous guy I knew, who never, ever let a grudge go. I mean, in the 1980s and 90s, he would sometimes go and yell at Democratic candidates for office, because Woodrow Wilson had made him fight in WW1.

The story actually starts with that, kind of. You see, Grampa immigrated to the US early enough that the first election he could vote in, he voted for Teddy Roosevelt. Wilson won, though, and then he ran for reelection under the slogan “He Kept Us Out of the War.” Which seemed like a good platform, so my grandfather voted for Wilson. Few months after that, he got us into the war, and a few months after that, my grandfather was in the trenches somewhere in France.

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The other day one of my friends whipped out his camera and we went around town taking pictures. And they’re beautiful!!!! They make me feel like a badass. But my first reaction to seeing these was “wow my arms look weird”. My arms are way way stronger than they’ve ever been in my entire life from pushing myself in my chair, and my über hyperextended joints can make for a kinda funky look. And they’re long, like wow long. I never noticed before because my legs are long too, but now they’re so atrophied that they look tiny and twiggy and my arms stand out even more. But why does it bother me?? These arms can lift me up to transfer, can push me through life even with legs that don’t cooperate. They can lift my favorite cousin onto my lap and push us around the house so fast that she screeches with joy. They sublux and dislocate and keep on going. So why should I care that they don’t look like what I’ve been told they should my entire life. My search for the “perfect” body nearly killed me, why in the world would I want arms that can’t work a drill press or throw my cousins in the air or take me through life? My arms are badass, and so am I.

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Why does Isak have a meme face as his facebook pic? They’re even on his walls. Like, I’m just. Major secondhand embarrassment lol

jkvjkvh leave the kid olooooone 

(but also. even sort of agrees with you. one afternoon, they’re chilling on isak’s bed, their backs to the wall and isak wants to show him this funny viral video he’s seen on facebook. and even sees it, that tobey maguire meme isak uses as his profile picture. and he asks him “is this your profile picture for real?” like he’s almost outraged. and isak just shrugs, like who cares anyway. “i’m really not a fan of tobey maguire as spider-man, like…how old was he when the first movie came out? thirty? grown adults playing teenagers is lame” and isak raises an eyebrow at him “are we really doing this right now?” 

and then even sits with his legs under him, facing isak and he looks at him for a second “your face is my favorite face. honestly this is totally a wasted opportunity” and isak just sighs and shakes his head a little and says “fine, fine, i’ll change it eventually” and now even’s the one raising an eyebrow at him before he reaches for his right pocket and grabs his phone. “just to be sure” 

“eveeeeen” isak kind of pouts at him as even points his phone in his direction. “baby, loosen up” isak can’t help the smile that reaches his eyes when he hears the word. even says  “let me take, like, five. tops” and isak replies “okay, five is fine” and he puts his computer on the floor next to the bed. and then even leans in and kisses him, gentle and slow. when he pulls away, isak’s eyes are half-closed and he whispers “why’d you do that?” and even puts a hand on his cheek and the corner of his lips form a little smile before he says “i love your face after i kiss you. it’s beautiful”  

so even takes five pictures, from different angles. he lifts isak’s chin up at some point, gives him a quick kiss on the jaw. and when he’s done, he hands out his phone to isak. “which one do you like best?” and isak looks at the pictures, pondering. “hmmm, i don’t know” and then he looks at even and says “wait. come here” and even goes to sit next to isak, and isak says “i think i know which one i want”. he opens the camera app, and both he and even appear on the screen. isak leans his head toward even and even understands, does the same 

later, when isak uploads the picture, jonas is the first one to “love” it, and he comments looking good :) and mahdi also likes the picture. and then an hour later, magnus leaves a comment and it says evak <3 . isak and even don’t notice it immediately, because they’re cuddling up and watching a movie. but when isak sees it, a couple of hours later, he shakes his head and lets out a little laugh. the truth is that it actually feels nice to not have that random and meaningless meme he’s had for over a year as his profile picture, it feels nice to want to share this. and when he takes a look at the picture again, and then glances over at even, he thinks to himself yeah, this feels nice)

😊Prank Gone Wrong (Grayson x Reader)

Summary: Hey I love your blog!! Could you perhaps write an imagine where Grayson pranks the reader and takes it too far so she gets upset? Thank you so much sweetie💖

Warnings: None

A/N: I hope you enjoy this! Such a cute idea and Grayson is too cute! Requests are open!

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“Hey Y/N can you come in here? I need help setting up the camera!” Grayson shouts down the hall. I was currently helping Ethan edit a video for this week and Grayson wanted to start filming next week’s video.

“Go. I can finish this by myself. I’ll be in there after I finish this.” Ethan says referring to the fact all three of us were going to do the best friend tag. I walked down the hall trying to find Grayson.

“Gray? Where are you?” I hollered back as I checked the bedrooms.

“In here!” Grayson shouts which I follow his hollering into his bedroom.

“Gr–” Before I can finish my sentence I am covered in a cold, sticky substance as a bucket hits my shoulder. The room erupts with Grayson’s obnoxious laughing. I look down to see my arms and shoulders are completely soaked. I looked up at Grayson who was holding a camera filming me.

“Oh man Y/N I can’t believe you fell for that.” Grayson cackles while I look at him dumbfounded.

“Did you seriously prank me?” I asked confused as to why he did. I looked back at the wet sticky substance and then back to Grayson. “What is this?”

“That is water, soy sauce, mayonnaise, milk, and some egg yolks. A nasty concoction for the overdone bucket prank.” He says sounding proud of himself. I stare at him in complete shock. “Hey Y/N are you okay?” He asks me, but I can’t even think of words to form what I’m thinking.

“You pranked me.” I looked back to my clothes. “You actually pranked me.”

“What was that? Oh my God Y/N what happened?” Ethan chimes and looks between Grayson and I. “Did you do this?” Ethan asks Grayson as he’s pointing to me. Before Grayson could answer I pushed past Ethan to go out of the room. I hear the boys holler at me, but I walked right out the front door and walked straight to my house which was three houses down.

Thankfully nobody was home when I walked up the stairs. I stripped my clothes off and I looked at myself in the mirror. My hair looked extremely greasy. I could see some yolk in the ends of my hair. I could smell the bitterness of the soy sauce and I gagged at the sight of chunky mayo in my hair. I could feel a bump growing right above and behind my right ear where the bucket had striked me. I played Perfect by Selena Gomez and I stepped into the shower as I squirted shampoo directly in my hair and scrubbed my body with my peaches and cream body wash. I then felt an utter sadness come over my body. Why did Grayson prank me? Was there a reason or was it all just for the channel?” I washed the mix up of condiments out of my hair. I turned my music off and wrapped a towel around my body and wrapped one around my head to dry my hair.

“Y/N?” I recognized that voice.

“Go home Grayson!” I hollered back. “I have nothing to say to you!”

“Y/N please I’m sorry okay?” He apologizes but I just groaned. I could hear him walking up the stairs. “Can we just talk please? I feel I need to explain myself or something.” Grayson says as he stops at the top of the stairwell.

“Fine. Go to my room. Let me put some clothes on and I’ll be there in a minute.” I coldly told him which he scurried off to my room. I threw on a big gray sweater and some black leggings. I dried my hair out as much as I could before I brushed it back and slid on a headband. I walked out into my bedroom and I saw Grayson looking around my room. He was looking at my wall full of polaroids with my friends including him, E, Cam, and I. I could see a smile forming on his face.

“I can’t believe you still have these pictures.” He giggles. “These are from when we all first met and started to become friends.” He sighs peacefully. He then looks to me and pulls me into a hug. My face was smushed into his chest as he held me tightly into him. “I’m so sorry Y/N. The prank was stupid. I shouldn’t have done it. I can’t stand the thought of you crying or being upset because of me. I love you so much just–” Grayson stops blabbering and I pull away and I look up at him.

“You what?” I asked completely thrown off from what he said. His mouth just hangs open not knowing what to say. “You love me? If you love me then why did you prank me Grayson. If you like a girl you don’t prank her! What the hell Grayson?” I started feeling agitated, but was more confused.

“Because I don’t know Y/N! We’ve been friends for so long that I didn’t think you would like me! I don’t know why I do half the things I do but Y/N you drive me absolutely crazy. You’re all I think about anymore. You’re all I want Y/N.” Grayson mildly shouts and now I’m the quiet one. Before I could say anything, Grayson’s lips were on mine as he kissed me hard. I’ve liked Grayson since I could remember and now he was kissing me. Maybe this prank wasn’t just a bad thing. We both slowly stop to pull away from each other. His hands rest on both sides of my face while he rests his forehead on mine. “I’m sorry Y/N. Can you ever forgive me?” He says centimeters from my lips which his warm breath brushes against.

“Yes, only if you kiss me like that again you idiot.” He chuckles as he presses his lips back to mine as he gently pushes me against the wall.

“God you don’t know how long I’ve wanted to do this.” He mumbles against my lips which makes me start to laugh.

“Same.” I said which made him laugh now.

“Do you want to go film that video now or should we just keep doing this?” He asks referring to our current situation.

“As much as I would love to continue, Ethan’s probably wondering where we are of if I killed you for coming over.” I laughed. He gives my forehead a soft kiss before lacing his fingers with mine.

“Fine. Afterwards we should continue though and maybe with a movie on in the background.” He shrugs. I chuckled at him and pressed my lips to his cheek.

“We’ll see.” I chuckled as we walked back to Gray’s house.

That  I Had Hoped

Pairing : Bucky Barnes x Reader (female pronoun)

Genre : Angst, tiny bit of fluff

Warning : Major angst, I shed a tear while writing and also cursing

Word Count : 4884 words

A/N : This is the part 2 of ‘That I Have Regretted’, I was really hoping that the part 1 pulled your heartstrings to the point of almost snapping and judging by the comments some of you left me, I kinda did it??? loll anywho I’m also currently writing a romcom for Steve Rogers so make sure to look out for it! for those who wants to be on my taglist, dm me, I might accidentally skip it if you leave a comment on a story so just dm me and tell me that you want to be tagged for my upcoming stories. Btw I might make this into 3 or 4 parts ?? Let me know what you guys think about this story! Your input helps me write even better and if y’all hate looking at my face pls let me know so that I won’t make you guys feel uncomfortable while reading whatever it is I wrote and change my picture to a picture of someone or something else loll. - Nana 🌸

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That I Have Regretted ( Part 1 of the series )

17 hours, 27 minutes and 48 seconds…

He waited that long for her.

He wouldn’t budge from his kneeling position he was in at the first 7 hours of the operation, no matter how his legs hurt from the awkward position and angle, no matter how his brain told him that he’s tired from all the fighting and that he needed rest, no matter how his stomach cried out for food and his throat croaked for water, he ignored it all so that he would be the first to know about (Y/N)’s condition.

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A Place to Call Home pt. 4


Pairing: Dylan O'Brien x Reader

Wordcount: 4,717

Warnings: Language

A/N: This is one of the shorter parts but there is still quite a bit that happens. Once again, huge thank you to Chloe ( @writing-obrien) for letting me run an idea past her. As always, I hope you guys like it, let me know what you think. ENJOY! 

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For the requests that I asked before? I wanted to say 28 instead of 27, haha, silly me. Anyway, if you prefer the other requests that I asked for (26 or 8) I would prefer Marichat or Ladynoir for any of those. Thank you for answering me!

Sorry for taking so long to reply to this! It wound up a little longer than I expected. I decided to do 26 (Tending an Injury) with Marichat. Hope you enjoy, and thanks for the suggestion! :)

“Ow…” Marinette winced, glancing down at her ankle. “Tikki, I think it’s sprained.”

Tikki flew down to examine it. “It looks swollen.”

Marinette grimaced and leaned back against the wall. “How am I supposed to patrol on this?”

“Maybe you should call-” Tikki paused and flew into Marinette’s purse seconds before Chat Noir landed beside Marinette.

Marinette jumped and looked up at him. “Chat Noir? What are you doing out here?” Of course, she knew exactly what he was doing out there. He was on his way to their patrol, just like Marinette. Of course, she’d managed to twist her ankle on the way, rushing to get somewhere quiet to transform after a study session with Alya ran too long.

“I could ask you the same thing.” He raised a brow.

“I…” Marinette sighed, going for the easiest lie possible. “I was on my way home. I was studying with a friend, and it went a little late. I think I hurt myself, though.”

He frowned. “What happened?”

She gestured towards her left foot. “I tripped over my own two feet and twisted my ankle.”

He knelt beside her, examining it for a moment. “It looks pretty swollen. You’re sure it’s not broken?”

“Yeah.” She grimaced. “Trust me. I know the difference.”

He stood. “Well, either way, you shouldn’t be walking anywhere. How about I help you home?”

She wanted to argue, but in all honesty, this was probably the safest option she had, so instead, she nodded. “Thank you. That’s really nice of you.”

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Okay picture this; Phoenix looking for a ring to use to propose to Maya with but being too picky and indecisive about what to pick for her and Trucy ends up being forced to help him.

He has so many thoughts in his head:
“I want to get her the most amazing looking ring, but she wouldn’t like too gaudy but if I get too plain she’ll hate that too rip”
“OH but this one is pretty yet modest oh look I would have to sell my legs for that one”
First time in years he starts crying in defeat and Trucy just finds him OTL on the floor
Pearls and Trucy join forces to help their stupid Dad find a perfect ring for their picky Mom

I got to wander around on the bed today.

It wasn’t for too long, as the humans here keep their bedroom pretty cold, but it was still fun to explore.

I apologize for my dull colors, I’m going into shed again!

First, my glamor shot! I was sitting on my keeper’s legs. For a change, I was pretty calm and didn’t immediately try to bolt! I did eventually realize I was on a person and tried to run away. Once I was down onto the bed itself, I relaxed again.

I don’t look so big when pictures are taken from a distance, though.

I had some fun crawling around on the sheets, though; they’re still using winter fleece sheets, so it wasn’t slippery at all and was easy for me to climb around.

I noticed, after awhile, that my keeper was just sitting there taking pictures of me.

Ugh, really? You’re just gonna sit there and take pictures?

I only got to stay out for about five minutes, because their bedroom was only around 50F, and that’s far, far too cold for me, but it’s also the safest place to let me run where I can’t get under or fall off of anything high. When it’s warmer outside, I can spend more time there.

My keeper also says he plans to set up a safe area outside using chicken wire so I can go outside on the grass once it’s warmer.

I’m still not very good about wanting to be handled, I’m very wiggly and screamy despite daily handling, and my keeper is trying to see if maybe just letting me be out and wandering around people instead of being actually held or made to be crawling or climbing ON people will help me relax a little more.

I was not handled at all, really, for the first two years of my life, so this is all still very new and scary to me, even after 5 months.

Please keep in mind that my keeper is not looking for advice on how to tame me; he is taking my personality and my comfort level into consideration while working with me and does not subscribe to ‘flooding’ methods (i.e. holding me until I’m just so ‘flooded’ with fear or stress that I stop struggling and appear relaxed) for taming me.

We’re working with what my comfort levels are, and he is not interested in pushing me to behave how he wants or thinks I should behave, and is letting me go at my own pace.

If I decide I’m just not comfortable with regular handling, he does not plan to force it beyond making sure I’m handleable enough for vet exams.

Lost Series // Part Nine

Part One  Part Two  Part Three  Part Four  Part Five  Part Six  Part Seven  Part Eight

Pairing : Jerome x Fem. Reader

Requests are closed. xx

Sorry if it’s kind of confusing.. I wanted it to be a little more interesting with Y/N getting her memories back and regular flashbacks just didn’t seem right. Lol. Oh and still not rewatching the episode so it’s not word for word. xx

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Italics are memories ..

My breath was heavy and I couldn’t move my eyes away from the chair in front of me. It felt as if I just woke up from a coma. Different memories came back in flashes. At first it all came back, different pictures moving around my mind so fast I couldn’t make sense of it. It didn’t feel like memories. It felt like a movie that I’ve seen one too many times.

For the first time after being revived, I turned to look at Jerome. A gasp leaving me as I saw his face. I quickly pulled my hand up to cover my gaping mouth. Jerome noticed this and frowned slightly before allowing a haunting grin to overtake his features.

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Ninette Week, Day 1: Serenity

“Where are we going?”

“I told you it’s a surprise.”

Marinette frowned. “Yeah, but is the blindfold really necessary?”

“It wouldn’t be if you didn’t keep trying to peek,” Nino answered, lacing his fingers between hers.

“I only did that because we were going in circles.”

“And I only went in circles so you wouldn’t keep track of where we were going.”

“You’re sure you know where we are?”

He nodded. “Positive.”

“Which is…?”

“Part of the surprise.”

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Even more ho tips

Read more of my Ho tips here.

If you’re meeting him for dinner, he’s made a reservation and you have his name call the restaurant to ‘check it, cause I’m so forgetful and I didn’t want him to realise what a scatter brain I am’

Same with hotels. Don’t go getting your time wasted.

Use latex free condoms. I find them much gentler on my coochie. Avoid Durex Extra Safe like the plague.

Get exfoliating gloves. Use them before and after shaving on all areas you shave. No more ingrown hairs. If you do get, apply tea tree oil.

Shave your legs and underarms with coconut oil instead of shaving cream. Feels like heaven. Don’t use it on your cooch.

Always keep medication for thrush, cystitis and BV in your medicine cabinet. You have got to look after that little rainbow pot.

Wash your face with oil. No really. Goodbye, waterproof mascara, matte lipstick… Be gone!

When a pot sends a picture for the first time, be nice. I know, he looks like his face melted. Compliment his friendly smile, his inviting eyes…. Be creative.

If you’re a cam girl or someone who plays with toys often, use sterilising tablets (the ones parents use on baby bottles) to clean your toys. Rinse properly, let them air dry, and go fuck yourself. Ha!

The Place I Love You Best

One of many fics I started for the 4x12 coda challenge and never finished.  I sent @agentcalliope some really sad headcanons last night, though, and felt obligated to finish something a bit more cheerful

She doesn’t think there’s anything different about the way she holds herself that night.  Fitz is propped up against his pillow, half dozing, half watching some bad  late night comedy.  Jemma’s curled against his chest, dragging her fingers across his chest in a pattern she can’t describe.  It comes only as a slight surprise when Fitz suddenly rests his hand on hers, tangling their fingers together, lifting their hands to his lips, and kissing their entwined knuckles.

“What are you thinking about?”

She says nothing, pressing her face into his chest.  


She presses a kiss through the cotton of his shirt.  "A conversation for another time,“ she says.  

He laughs and it sends a wave of vibration though her.  She squeezes him tighter.  

"When has waiting ever been our best idea?” he asks, stroking her hair with the hand that’s not intertwined with hers.

She can’t help but smile at that.  "I was thinking about your father,“ she says quietly.  She can tell by the way his hand momentarily stills in her hair that he’s surprised, but he moves quickly past it.  

"Yeah?  What about him?”

“I was thinking about my brother, too.”

Again, he kisses her knuckles.  That’s always been how things are between them.  It was always so much easier to defeat their own self-doubt by trading sources, by reminding the other how wrong people were about them, until they realized that they had no choice but to trust each other.  

“Are you about to acknowledge how awful men are?” He asks teasingly because sometimes that is the only way to make it through a conversation. “Because even if it weren’t for your dad and other brothers, you know that we’re not all bad.  I mean, look at Mack!”

Jemma smiles.  "It sucked, though, didn’t it?  When they’re technically family, but you hate them?“

The silent "because they make you hate yourself” hangs heavily in the air around them.  His hand leaves her hair to cup her cheek, rubbing away an escaped tear with he thumb.  

“Yeah,” he says.  "It really, really sucked.“

"I always thought that was that,” she says softly.  "I never thought I’d ever really find someone I’d care enough about.  And then there was you and that was enough.  It still is!“  She lifts her head, looking directly at him.  "I just never considered anything beyond that because that wasn’t us and I knew there’d never be anyone else like you.   So I never really thought about it.  And then I realized just how much I love you and I started considering it and then today I realized just how much…” she trails off, dropping her gaze.  "I love my family, Fitz. But I never realized before how much I want a family with you.“

His hand stills on her cheek and, panicked, she rushes forward.

“We can’t stay here forever, Fitz,” she says.  “We could keep working here forever, if we want.  But we’ve got the flat.  We could start living there.  We could leave the field.”  She surprises them both by letting out a little sob.  “I can’t continue each day of my life worried that you might not be here when I go to sleep again.”

The moment the words leave her mouth, Fitz sits up fully, one hand wrapped around her middle, the other reaching for her legs to pull her fully into his lap.  He kisses her and she melts into it, holding him tight.

“May I tell you something?” he murmurs into her mouth.  She nods.  “Before, when I was looking at that picture of me and mum, I kept forgetting how angry I was at dad.  For the first time, I looked at this picture of me as a baby and my first thought was ‘what will our children look like?’”

Jemma giggles against him, tears leaking out of her eyes.  She runs her fingers through his hair.  “They’ll have your curls,” she whispers, and Fitz laughs.

“Your nose.”

“You eyes.”  She laughs again.  “You said children,” she says.

“Suppose I did.”

She smiles.  “Will you love them,” she asks, “when they’re English majors to spite us?”

He nods.  “Will you love them when they leave school to join the circus?”

She nods frantically and kisses him with the knowledge of the rest of their world.

Hours later, she’s curled up on her side, eyes heavy with sleep as he presses up behind her, fingers tracing over her abdomen with the hope of the child they don’t yet have.  Suddenly, he gasps.

“Jemma!”   He pokes her arm.  “Jemma, are you up?”

She turns her head, rolling her eyes slightly.  “Yes?”

“I was gonna do this Friday,” he says.  “But I don’t want you to think it’s just because we want a baby.”


He rolls them both so she’s facing him fully.  She smiles up at him through heavy eyes.  “I’ll be quick,” he says.  “So you can go back to sleep.”

She smiles.  “Good.”

“Will you marry me?”

Her eyes open fully.  “What?”

“Will you marry me?”

She presses herself into him, kissing him hard.  He smiles against her.

“Is that a yes?”

She lets her teeth drag across his lip as she pulls back.

“No,” she says softly, her grin betraying her excitement.  “Ask me Friday, ask me properly.”

“I love you best here.”

“I know,” she says.  “So ask me again at dinner on Friday.  And then, when I say yes, you can bring me back here and love me and we can start talking about our family.”

He holds her close, kissing the top of her head and loving the family they’ll one day have.

Bangtan is growing so much I’m crying

I’m feeling nostalgic af today forgive me for the spam

DEBUTED 13/06/2013

1st ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2014

Look at their first anniversary picture omg 2014 bangtan was so young…jungkook was still a baby here



and this picture where I’m 100% sure tae was trying to twerk + namjoon being scared at yoongi’s unusual antics

this picture where namjoon seemed like he doesn’t give a shit and don’t know why he even did this lmao

namjoon be creepin at the back

and this picture in which I don’t know wtf is going on here but it’s cool but namjoon can you cooperate pls lmao

and this party at their old dorm (i swear i’m not crying rn) I’m that cheetah

2nd ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2015

And then, we stepped into the year 2015, their 2nd anniversary + the iconic awkward family picture

just look at this cuties


so cute

looking fine as hell but still cute and dorky


yoongi doe

fluffy af + yoongi’s slim legs wtf so beautiful

look at the smiles of angels

and this lmao

I just have to include this here because it’s cute (♥ω♥ ) ~♪ 

Bangtan in America aka the day Jayhope appeared (AHL was fun lmao)

Sailors? Fuck yes

3rd ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2016

Now, into the year of 2016, last year’s festa. Yoongi looks like a proud dad with 6 children I ain’t kidding that’s my first thought when I saw this lol

and this

This cute outdoor pictures with the colorful t-shirts and shorts

do you see how high they jumped like holy shit

get this out from my face CUTE AF ahhhhh help me

this is the reason for my death


and again, I’m really curious what’s the context behind this picture. 2 orange human with superpowers with their leader, Jin which apparently is a chef who can cook hella delicious food that’ll save the world, with 4 handsome sidekicks??? lmao idk what I’m typing wtf but this pic i swear it’s weird and funny, but still aesthetically pleasing


don’t attack me pls that stare

Chef Jin aka handsome world leader that spreads happiness and love with his cooking + magical rice spatula (it looks normal but it holds such power that can beats Gordon Ramsay’s cooking)

this is probably the most normal hobi can be and the mildest yoongi can be (we all know yoongi is secretly as crazy as hobi tbh lol) SOPE FTW

4th ANNIVERSARY 13/06/2017

And this year, the 2017 BTS Festa (do you see the schedules omg they spoil us way too much i love it) THEY GROWN UP WELL

back with the school boy looks and wow that shorts…dem smooth legs ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) can i have that giraffe with abnormally long legs at the back pls it kinda stole the whole spotlight jk bangtan still caught my eyes with the beautiful legs

Can i join them pls that looks so fluffy

YNWA photoshoot is just amazing…tae and namjoon in bandana wow i love death (and namjoon’s pose why it looks like a kawaii high school girl pose the sailor moon effect I guess)



I expected a picture where namjoon’s face is full with icing and cake,but nevermind this is still cute okay bighit is a tease

when they win big awards (●♡∀♡))ヾ☆*。look how proud they are

yoongi is crying my heart cannot take this


The family pictures for this year are on 10/06 but I’m not sure if I’ll have internet access by that time T.T why this kind of things happen to me so idc i’ll do this appreciation today lmao

Be Careful What You Wish For

Be Careful What You Wish For by evansrogerskitten

Dean x OFC Ash (me!)

The night before her 34th birthday, OFC Ash wishes her life was different. Suddenly she and the Winchester brothers are sent back in time as she figures out what, and who, she wants.

Warnings: Angst, Feels, Implied Smut, Promiscuity, Binge drinking, saying fuck a lot, Fluff, mentions of drug use, time travel. WC: 5704 On AO3

A/N: Why am I writing about myself? I’ve been going through a lot of shit lately, plus I was bummed about my birthday. So I decided to channel my stressors into this fanfic. I’m sharing this with a sensitive heart, so be nice. It’s my birthday anyways LOL This is for @jalove-wecallhimdean‘s Ghostbusters Challenge and this is my first attempt at crack fic for @trexrambling & @wheresthekillswitch Crack Challenge. Prompts are in bold.

I sighed as my elbows spread out across the shiny wood table in the middle of the library. Half a bottle of whiskey down, and I was getting sadder with each drink. I looked up as a whistle sounded from the bunker’s kitchen. Dean came around the corner, a beer in each hand. He stopped short when he saw me with the tall green bottle front of me.

With a tilt of his head, Dean walked up the short stairs to me.

“You okay?” He asked as he handed me a beer, and then moved the whiskey bottle to the other end of the table.

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I looked at him—dark suit, sitting very straight with his legs now crossed at the knee. He was the picture of respectability except that his feet were bare. All of a sudden I found myself able to see him as the world saw him, as I myself had seen him when I first met him—cool, well-mannered, rich, absolutely beyond reproach. It was such a convincing illusion that even I, who knew the essential falseness of it, felt oddly comforted.

The Secret History by Donna Tartt


At Last (part 6)

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word count: 1200

Summary: Reader is captured by HYDRA until the Avengers rescue her

Part 5

Buckys POV

As I dry off and don my thankfully dry pants, I can’t help but think about what she must have been through. How long has it been since she has had any kindness shown toward her? Since she felt safe? Comfortable?  These thoughts almost make me physically ill.  I grip the counter and take some deep cleansing breaths.  I hear the water shut off; I spare a glance toward the curtain to see her peek around looking for a towel. Handing her one, “I’m going to head up for dinner, are you going to come up?” Casting her eyes to the ground, I see her shoulders shrug.  "That’s ok.  I’ll bring you a plate if not" I offer, shooting her what I hope is a comforting grin. Her mouth ticks up and she nods. Exiting her room, I make a quick stop at my room to get a new shirt, and then make my way toward the elevator.

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Kitty Tutorial

Since daily life is full of boooring moments that need to be liven up, I have brought this to you…

So, get your art supply and let’s beggin! (ノ^ヮ^)ノ*:・゚✧

First, draw some brackets like in the picture above..

Then add the eyes and a mouth~

After that, draw the ears and close the head..

Oh! And don’t forget the whiskers!! (=^-ω-^=)

Now let’s draw some kind of triangle-shape body for our cat pls,don’t mind the ink excess of my pen ´ v `;;

Add some legs, the tail and… Tadaa! You have finished your little cat O(≧∇≦)O

Feel free to decorate it as you like~

And play with shapes and lines for getting interesting results d(=^・ω・^=)b They will look puntastic in your notes!

Have fun drawing kittens everywhere (。’▽’。)♡