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I miss harry's looooooong hair. 😢

i’ve sat on replying to this until i could form a coherent thought about his hair, and as much as I agree with you, because we get looks like this

and look at those curls

my god his hair is beautiful

and his long hair with a beanie killed me

the beauty of his hair



so in my second playthrough of DA:I I sided with the templars and right when you start look who’s there with the group

This is before the Inquisitor or anyone has ever met, seen, or heard Cole. No one has any idea that he exists.

…Do you think he’s been following the Inquisition around?

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What about the mental image of the past Avatars arguing like Mulan's ancestors over Aang's choose on running away?

Kyoshi: I knew it, I knew it, that Aang was a flake from the start!

Yangchen: Don’t look at me, he gets it from Kuruk’s side of the reincarnation!

Kuruk: He’s just trying to have a childhood.

Roku: If he isn’t found, he will eventually die, in the Avatar State! Our line will be forever broken, resistance to the Fire Nation will disintegrate!

Wan: Not to mention Vaatu will destroy the world.

Yangchen’s Predecessor With The Cool Hat: My reincarnation never caused such trouble, she became an Air nun.

Roku: Well we can’t all be Air nuns!

Kyoshi: No, somebody’s next reincarnation had to get himself frozen in an iceberg!

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Request by anon <3

You were sitting beside him, a lovely smile playing on your face as the camera finally beeped on.

“Top of the morning to you laddies, my name is Jacksepticeye and welcome to Ho-Ho-Happy Wheels!” He exclaimed happily, and you had to stop yourself from jumping due to the loudness of his voice “Today, by my side “He motioned to you with his hands “I have my lovely girlfriend (Name)!” He looked at you “C’mon now, introduce yourself!”

You gave him a look, unable to hold your grin you leaned in so you’d be a bit closer to the camera.

“Ello lads, I’m the girlfriend.” You chirped.  Sitting back normally you watched as he rolled his eyes, fixing his Santa hat he had on for the holiday special. You snorted when the white beard covered his eyes.

“I can’t see shit.” He fixed his Santa look and you giggled.

“See lads, that’s why Santa need Ms. Claus” You told matter-o-factly, taking the mouse and clicking ‘Play’ “He’s helpless without me.”

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Daily McBride #15

I love the little hipster side of her, and I love how creative she could be with it. I’ve seen pictures of hats or scarfs that she’s made. Before she took a step back from Twitter, she used to tweet all these pics of the clothes she owns or has made, like that rack full of hats. She’s got so many different hats! 

Her attempts at creating designs in her coffee is cute but can also be impressive. My own attempts at creating something as simple as a heart has always ended in disaster, so she makes it look easy.

She has this hippie side to her that’s lovely to see, whether that’d be actually making or designing things, or just dressing herself up in a certain way. She just looks like an adorable gypsy.


[ HAND IN HAND ] aka the au where magic and science/aliens exist side by side and tsuna doesn’t want to be here anymore

i’m dyin captain, my wrist can’t take no more

some quick coolbean drawings of the main cast bc i wanted to draw sparkly edritch horrors. i just realized reborn’s hat is all wonky in one of them but i already screwed up the file so i can’t edit it no more lmao sob

does anyone else think verde’s hair looks a lot like tsuna’s sometimes?? he’s like some tsuna-harry potter sinchild

A hat

Anne turns the thing over and over in her hands. It’s a hat and an old and shabby one at that; floppy on one side and the edges of the other rolling up. She likes the way it feels in her hands - the worn leather, the weight that is just right. Resisting the urge to jam it on her head immediately she lifts it up in the air for the merchant to see.

“How much?”

The man names a price far too high and she frowns. Fingering the rough leather again she looks up, cocking her head slightly and fixing the seller with her gaze.

“How much?” she asks again.

More stammering than truly talking the merchant offers her a price that’s almost too low and she nods, paying what he wants without any further debate. The money has barely slipped into the dealer’s purse when she has put the hat on already. It sits on her head as if it was always meant to be there, just the right weight and the right size.

“Anne! Where’d you get that old thing from?”

Jack laughs when he sees her, giving the floppy edge of the hat a little snip with his fingers. Anne frowns at him and steps aside so it’s out of Jack’s reach for now.

“It’s a hat,” she murmurs protectively. Jack barks out another laugh.

“I can see that.” He pats her head a few times with a big grin. “It suits you.”

Anne simply glares.

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малышка Part 2

Hello! Here’s Part 2! I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Friday! 

Warnings for the overall series: Fluff, angst, violence, enemy death,

Summary: You worked at HYDRA under your father for most of your life. You met the Winter Soldier when you were young. This story takes place 17 years later.

малышка Masterlist

Word Count: 498


The name made all the air leave your body. Like his voice sucked it out of you and forbade you to take in another breath.

You rushed to look away, down, anywhere but at him. You let your hair fall in your face, anything to keep him from recognizing you. You ignored the feeling of his hands crushing your arms.

“малышка?” This time he whispered.

“No.” You took his forearms and placed them at his sides and bent down to grab your hat lying on the ground.

“малышка, wait-”

“Stop saying that! That’s not my name! Just-just stay away from me!” You spun on your toes, never looking at him and started off down the street.

He stayed on your tail yelling the nickname. “ “малышка, my малышка, please, wait! How did you-”

You turned around and ended up face to face with the James Barnes for the first time in three years. His eyes were just as you remembered them. Brilliant and bright. Smart. Kind.

“Don’t follow me. Don’t try to look for me. I’m leaving. I-I’m sorry.”

You put your hat back on your head and rounded the corner taking off for anywhere except home. You knew he would follow you and you couldn’t risk him knowing where you were staying. It was too dangerous.

The wind whipped your hair around your ears and stung your face. The tears falling down your cheeks felt hot against your skin. But your shoulders stayed back and your strides never faltered. This wasn’t the first time you left him.

After circling the city for a couple hours, you finally stepped foot in your apartment after you knew the coast was clear. You started packing the things you would take with you. The sleeping bag, some of your clothes, the journal and the picture. Time to find a new place to live where no one would find you. You couldn’t make that mistake again.

By the time you slipped into your sleeping bag you had decided Austria would be a good place to go next. Graz was a small enough city, not a tourist area, far from Bucharest. You would take a train to Vienna and then a bus. You would find a small room in an abandoned building like this one and find a market that was cheap and live your little life until you had to move again.

When you closed your eyes that night, all you saw were his. Digging into you to understand. You knew you hurt him today. You knew he had looked for you. And today he finally found you right under his nose and you ran away.

It’s not that you didn’t care. He had questions that you couldn’t answer. If your father ever found you, if you ever led him right to James, you would never forgive yourself. It was just too dangerous.

You let the tears fall for one more night in Bucharest before you would leave in the morning.



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Insecure - M.C

So, I had an anon request for an imagine where y/n feels insecure and I wanted to make it different. Usually, it’s about a thicker girl that wants to feel thinner, so I did it the other way around. I hope this is okay anon and enjoy.

“Guys, nine o’clock,” Calum says discreetly, siping out of his straw, Luke looking confused, furrowing his brows together.

“My nine or your nine?”

“God damn it, Luke. Just look to your right,” Ashton groaned, Luke snapping his head to the side to see the girl Calum pointed out as she stood at the counter, y/n looking as well taking in the curves of the girl, her wide hips, nice rack, and tight waist that all four boys fawned over.

“God. Damn,” he muttered, looking down to his food as he adjusted his hat so he wouldn’t get caught. Y/n looked down to herself, noting how her A-cup boobs weren’t busting out like the  other girl’s and were fine at the moment without a bra under the tank top she wore, suddenly wanting to hide in one of the boys’ baggy sweatshirts.

“Nice tits,” Michael muttered popping a fry in his mouth as Ashton hummed in agreement.

“And ass,” Luke added, the girl walking away with a soda in hand out of the McDonalds that happened to be across the street from the hotel they were staying in. Y/n sighed wrapping up her empty wrappers ready to toss them out, grabbing her milkshake as well. This had been a thing the boys were doing lately, pointing out girls they thought had the right curves and thickness to their body as y/n sat and thought about how she could look like those girls. She wanted to feel wanted, even in the slightest.

She stood from the table without another word, none of the boys noticing as their eyes found a new victim to gawk at. She quickly sped off in the direction of the hotel, making her way up to her single hotel room, sighing contently at how alone she was. She stripped almost completely, leaving herself in her underwear as she stared at herself in the mirror over by the bathroom: the thigh gap she suddenly hated, her almost non existent chest, the ass she wished was just a bit bigger. She sighed once again before tugging on the shirt she stole from Michael, letting it fall to her mid thigh before climbing onto the bed with her laptop, quickly looking up different ways to grow her assets. $4,000…that’s all it would take for a new pair mounted on her chest and she knew she had more than enough in the bank.

She had fallen asleep, only to wake up to the sound of knocking, opening it to find Michael there holding a bag from Forever 21. “What’s this?”

“We want to go out. So, I took the liberty of buying you a new dress. So, go change,” he said pushing her back into the room as he followed her in. “Can I borrow your laptop for a second? Calum’s using mine to facetime his mum because he lost his.”

“Why not,” she said making her way into the bathroom, instantly regretting saying yes, convinced she hadn’t closed out of the tabs from before, but being reassured when she came out of the bathroom and he hadn’t said anything, just clicking away at her computer.


“Guys, I need to talk to you,” y/n said walking into Calum’s hotel room a few days later. They all stopped what they were doing, Michael pausing the fifa game he and Calum were in the middle of, Luke putting down his guitar and Ashton hanging up on  the facetime call he was in the middle of with his mum. She tugged on the sleeves of the sweater she wore in nervousness as she tried to psych herself up to speak.

“Is everything alright, y/n? You aren’t pregnant, are you?” Calum questioned, fearing she may be telling him he was going to become uncle Calum in a matter of months.

“No, I’m not pregnant you shit,” she muttered looking at him shaking her head. “I want to get my boobs done.” It was silent in the room as they tried to register what she had just said and come up with a response that wouldn’t sound rude.

“You want to get what done to them, exactly?” Ashton asked after a few minutes of silence, his stomach dropping just looking at the expression on her face.

“I want to make them bigger, and I want you all to go with me when I do it, for support, you know?” she questioned looking at all of their faces.

“You aren’t serious, y/n…” Luke muttered out in disbelief that she was even considering that.

“It’s only about four grand. I have more than that saved up, and I can get them done in LA. I’ve done some research on it an-,” she started before being cut off by Michael holding up his hand stopping her.

“Meet me in your room. We need to talk,” he said simply as she bit on her bottom lip, nodding her head before retreating out of the room. He waited to hear the click of the door before even attempting to say anything to the other three boys.

“She’s joking, right?” Calum asked finally speaking up as Michael shook his head. “What do you know that we don’t?”

“When I went to use her laptop the other night, she had a few tabs open. One was how to get bigger boobs and the other about how to get a bigger butt, as well as the cost for boob implants. I didn’t think it was serious, so I didn’t say anything.”

“Do you think that’s why she’s been wearing huge clothes lately?” Luke asked, Michael shrugging as he stood up from his place on the floor.

“We’ll see.” Michael’s bare feet padded out of the hotel room across the hall to his female friend’s, twisting the knob opening it quietly, gazing at her as she sat on her bed, legs crossed in front of her. He stepped into the room silently closing the door behind him and locking it with a quick flick of his wrist. She didn’t even bother to look up at him, knowing who it was already just waiting for him to start yelling. He made his way towards her, quietly climbing behind her, pulling her into his chest as he ran his fingers through her hair. “Want to tell me where this whole boob job thing came from?” She shrugged her shoulders, conforming into his body hoping he would leave it at that, but knowing it wouldn’t be that easy. “Babe, I’m serious.” She sighed heavily, squirming in his grasp trying to get comfortable.

“You guys are just always talking about how hot some girls are and constantly point out that they have nice tits or a nice ass and I just feel disgusting because my boobs are barely an A cup and that I have an almost non existent ass,” she let out quickly hoping she wouldn’t have to repeat her statement. He turned her head to face his, brows furrowed as he cocked his head to the side.

“Is that why you’ve been wearing my clothes lately, trying to hide your body?” he questioned, her head nodding slowly as he cursed. “Fuck, I thought you were trying to hint at something.” She giggled lightly, her head nuzzling into his neck as he just held her.

“I know it’s stupid…but I just don’t feel sexy, Mikey.”  He pressed his lips to the top of her head, holding her tightly to him.

“Well, that’s nonsense. You should feel sexy. You don’t need to look like those other girls to feel that way. You’ve got your own factors that make you sexy.”

“Like what?” she questioned, a devilish smirk appearing on Michael’s face as she gave him permission to say everything that turns him on.

“Like when you don’t wear a bra with those tight shirts you have and your nipples get hard, which is literally almost all the time. And I know this is weird, but like the fact your collarbone is so prominent makes me want to just suck on it all the time a-,”


“What? I’m just saying, thicker girls don’t necessarily have those qualities. Everyone has something that should make them feel good. And boob jobs aren’t sexy. Besides, personally, I think they look awful and don’t feel like the real thing,” he said explaining himself. “I love you for you. Ashton loves you for you. Luke loves you for you, and Calum loves you for you. We’d all feel awfully upset and guilty if we were the reason you went to get fake boobs. So promise you won’t?” She nodded her head, thinking to herself for a second before turning to face him again.

“How about a fake butt?”

“How about no, and we go get ice cream instead? Ice cream sounds like a great idea right about now.”

Shit the Squad says -sentence starters-

~Random stuff that myself or my friends have said in group chats or in crack threads~

“I just noticed my cat has eyebrows.”
“Butt hat.”
“His gay side comes out when make-up is involved.”
“Like man honestly if my hair wasn’t so difficult i too, would be ready to roll in dirt and mud all the time.”
“___ looks super gay when the lights are off.”
“Like he/she looks like he/she just came out of a gay bar.”
“I call it the grandma move tbh.”
“Why am I the one that always has to clean the wall?”
“I think I’ve completely sidetracked from you in that FAB sweater vest to you as a superhero.”
“They have a term for people like you: nerdy nerds.”
“I didn’t have any pics of aquaman. A magikarp is the next best thing.”
“Cat phone holder.”
“Oh my god ‘fifty sheds damper’.”
“I must have a weird shaped ass or something because no belt will save me.”
“I feel like my eyelids are gonna drop off.”
“I’m sorry you’re in the bin. But you can blame ___ and ___.”
“It feels like a damn alien is about to burst from my chest.”
“I will spam the fuck out of you.”
'Well, she/he’s bending for Satan now.”
"You don’t even wear lipstick?”
“And I don’t need to, to know whether or not it looks like shit.”
“The first name sounds like it’d be ___’s porn name.”
“I don’t wanna be a pie either. I may be delicious but I refuse to be literally edible.”
“Just contemplating life and Broadway.”



Airport style has always been fascinating to me; I love seeing how my favorite style stars put together comfy yet chic looks for traveling. I fly occasionally and I always feel the urge to just look 100% sloppy to achieve maximum comfort, but trust me: it’s possible to be very cozy and still look awesome! I’ve put together these outfits / collected some of my favorite celeb airport looks to prove it. Enjoy!

THE ESSENTIALS (click the title of each to shop my picks!)

simple tees + pullovers: these look really great layered underneath a moto jacket or bomber jacket. Of course they’re extra comfy too!

distressed denim: these jeans are so badass and comfy. I love how they look paired with leather boots and a top handle bag.

ankle boots: flat / low heel boots are a must period, but they’re even more important when it comes to airport style! They add a sophisticated side to the look without letting go of comfort.

baseball caps: these hats are a trend i’ve gotten into recently, they’re great for hiding messy hair and give your outfit a sporty-chic vibe.

oversized sunglasses: these are definitely a necessity if you’re stuck taking an early morning flight! I love this style of sunnies because they flatter anyone.

carry-all bag: having a bag that holds all your airport necessities is vital for a good trip.. I love the look of a structured top handle bag with a casual outfit.

sneakers: sneakers are always my go-to for casual outfits, they are the ultimate comfy shoe and can look super stylish too!

long coats + biker / bomber jackets: these outerwear pieces will take any airport outfit to the next level. long coats look amazing paired with an all black outfit, and a jacket draped over a tee + denim combination is perfection.

joggers: if you’re on an extra long flight, i’d opt for joggers. they’re the closest thing to pajamas without wearing pajamas! all comfort, all style.

sweaters: substitute a sweatshirt with one of these knits to make the look a little more polished. I love the combination of a cowl-neck sweater with a moto jacket or bomber.

  • Amy Rose: I just feel like a lot of people think my design doesn't match up to what Sonic would want in a girlfriend.
  • Sega: -feet kicked up on his desk, drinking out of a mug, tilts hat up- Darlin', what are you talkin' about!? Your design is FLAWLESS. ... I should know, I designed it. -takes a drink-
  • Amy Rose: Ooohhh... -looks away, sad-
  • Sega: -looks over his mug he's drinking and has a fatherly look of concern cross his face.- -he lowers drink- Have you ever wondered about your height before?
  • Amy Rose: -head perks up-
  • Sega: -sighs, looks down and away, placing mug to the side- It's so that your muzzle is in line with his mouth, makes you at a 'kissable' level. So he can look down into your eyes. -puts hands together and sits more upright in his chair- And your nose? Well, we had to change that. What if he DID want to kiss you? We wouldn't want him having to 'duel your nose' to get to it, haha!
  • Amy Rose: -slightly begins to smile-
  • Sega: And why do you think we gave you an open back? Well, I won't get too far into that, but I will say that we cut off your spikes so he could hug you anytime he wanted too and wouldn't have to worry about getting spiked.
  • Amy Rose: -puts hand over mouth, giggling- R-really? You thought of all that... for him?
  • Sega: -smiles sweetly to her- Oh, hon. -picks up a newspaper, and flips it out so it holds up straight, leaning back in chair- We think of EVERYTHING.
Antigravity AU

“And for the last time, stop loitering around my shop!”

With a swift toss, the young, messy haired, tomboyish redhead and her cubby companion were thrown onto the stone pathway in front of the Mystery Shack. The man who tossed them out smiled in satisfaction, fixed the fez on his head, and turned back into his establishment, dusting the dirt off his suit and grumbling about how children get in the way of business.

“Stupid stick-in-the-mud Stan,” The tomboy complained, getting up and then looked behind herself and stuck her tongue out at the closed door of the tourist trap.

“We did knock over a postcard rack and it landed on a pregnant lady.” Her friend acknowledged, straightening his gamer’s t-shirt and adjusting his tan baseball hat.

“Are you on my side or his?” she accused, poking him in the chest.

“Uh- uh… Your side, of course! Isn’t that what best friends have to do, stick together? We’re the p-terodactyl bros!” Her loyal comrade stated proudly.

“I told you a million times, Soos, you don’t pronounce the ‘p’! The pterodactyl’s ‘p’ is silent!” It took a moment for the pair to realize what exactly she said, but when they did, they burst out laughing.

A third laugh soon joined them, and the duo turned to be greeted by the sight of a brightly colored teenage girl. “Nice one, Wendy!” She complimented, her smile exposing a crooked teeth with braces in a failed attempt to straighten them.

“Mabel!” the twosome cheered, and said teenager skipped over and grabbed both of them, giving them both noogies. “How are my two favorite pals of Gravity Falls?”

“Ack!” Wendy and Soos struggled to escape from Mabel’s grip.

“C’mon, Mabel, leave ‘em alone, they’ve receive enough from Grunkle Stan already.”

Wendy pushed Mabel away, her cheeks flushing into a dark shade of pink at the sight of her crush, Mabel’s twin brother, Dipper Pines, leaning against the doorway. “H-hey, Dipper! How’s it going?”

“Pretty good, Wendy. Haven’t seen you since last year! Did you get taller?” Dipper asked, taking the lumberjack hat off of Wendy’s head and messing up her already chaotic red hair, the color matching that of her face.  

Mabel indiscreetly winked at Wendy, and Soos was giving her a thumbs up, but Dipper didn’t notice his immature sister and best bro’s big gestures toward Wendy as Dipper yanked his hand out of her hair, which now was hopelessly tangled.  Wendy then jumped up and snatched her lumberjack hat out of Dipper’s hand and hid her crazy red mane underneath her trusty hat. “Thanks a lot, dork.”

“Anything for you, Wendy.” Dipper smirked.

“Kids! Stop slacking off! I’m not paying to talk to bratty twelve-year-olds!” Their Grunkle Stan shouted from the Shack.

Mabel and Dipper groaned in unison. “You don’t even pay us!”

“Well, I guess we’ll see you later. Don’t destroy the town,” Dipper said, and the twins headed back to work.

“What now?” Soos asked.

“Hmm… Let’s explore the forest!” Wendy decided, pointing dramatically towards the woods.

“Dude, c’mon! There’s something weird about that place!” Soos complained.

“You think the mailman’s a werewolf!” Wendy retorted.

“Who else has that much hair?”

“My dad.”

“He’s a lumberjack. If he was weird, he’d be like, Bigfoot or something.”

Wendy just gaped at him for a moment and shot her hands up in frustration against her friend, walking off. “I swear, you’re so boring sometimes!”

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Omg have u seen Upgaytion's My Strange Addiction vid I'm laughing so hard rn

Honestly that video is so wild and so funny I can’t handle it

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I originally said Hufflepuff for Momo, but I am still not sure. The hardworking is definitely a good fit, but I think her creativity and dance would lump her into Ravenclaw, I mean look at her dance with Mina on Sixteen. Though her boldness to put on such a dance is very Gryffindor and to risk it is also Gryffindor. That is my logical as to why I originally said she’d be a Hufflepuff for not fitting any or too many of each house. Felt it was a cop out and decided to maybe reason a house for her.

Momo is so hard to sort for. She’d definitely be a Hat stall I think. Either side has a really good argument, it really just boils down to personal opinion I think. I might be more partial to saying Hufflepuff though so I still don’t know

Anonymous said to incorrecttwicequotes: I looked at some pics and Chaeng has the softest lips istg

Beautiful soft lips, I want to kiss her lips, WHAT, WHO SAID THAT

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I love your Taako cosplay so much? It's such a pretty design I love it!!! Can I ask how you made your hat?

Thank you so much omg!! That hat is really something else and I’m realizing now that I didn’t take any pictures of my process and I probably should have. I used the HEAVIEST possible double sided interfacing that is on the market for the brim (this stuff was wayyy sturdier than craft foam and VERY expensive), and I had to cut two half circles out of it, so the sections where the seams come together are a little less stable (still looking for a solution to that if anyone has suggestions). I used a very thin knit/jersey fabric to cover it becuase idk the look of felt just didn’t look right to me? I wanted it to be smooth, but also not shiny like a satin would have given me or something. 

I cut the outside fabric into two circles (these ones didn’t have seams, they were a full circle, kind of like a circle skirt) too and sewed them together, then slipped them over the interfacing like a pillow. I shold mention that there was a hole in the middle of all of the pieces for my head btw, it was more a doughnut shape than a circle. I then ironed the whole thing so the interfacing was stuck to the fabric and ta da! A brim. 

The top of the hat was just a triangle that I cut from my outer and lining fabrics, and attached some leftover interfacing to the bottom half of the triangle to give it shape and also give me a place to wrap my accent “sash” thing around. I then gave it some shape with wire so the tip can be adjusted or turned up however I like.

It was a lot of fun but after a week or so of making it the brim is starting to droop QUITE a bit so i’m definitely not done with it ! I’m also planning on adding more beading to the brim, probably some tassles, and i’m going to paint/embroider a design on the underside so its not just solid purple (bc tbh thats the only part of the hat you see from straight on. 

Heres the top of the hat with my little sash and that gr9 big feather:

and there it is with my huge base umbrella i have no idea how I’m going to function with such large pieces on my body at all times (which sadly meansi ‘ll have the close the unbrella at all times )

Hope this helps!!!!