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what do you think your favorite red vs blue character and your favorite undertale character would look like combined?

OHHOHHH DUDE I always wanted to make a little RVB/UT crossover I had a list somewhere where I was comparing characters… SABBY WHERE ARE YOU?! I mean I answered an ask a while ago that involved UT and RVB BUT AHH you mean like Steven Universe Fusion Style?! Oh man that’s gonna be messed up! But here goes nothing: 

I present you… Mettarge?!?! SHOTGUNS EVERYWHERE BABY!!!

I hope Sarge is happy to finally fuse with a robot XD OMG a ghost robot, Church and Mettaton have more in common than we think. 

And YES Sarge is my favorite, it’s super tight between him and Simmons but really, I love all the red and blues, like Doc once said, 

LET’S ALL BE PURPLE <3 or I’m probably just paraphrasing hmmm


It aint officially award season until sekai show up looking like if they expect to take home ‘Best Couple’. 

[Quick Recap] Jikook/Kookmin in Run ep.19

Guyssssssssssss, it’s really really so difficult to do this for Run because the kids are getting funnier and funnier, they’re so cute it’s hard for me to focus TT_TT

So I’ll jut go over some memorable moments for me.

Ah, I don’t play bowling so please forgive me if I use any wrong term.

Jungkook, again, is always the 1st to react when it comes to Jimin hyung. He laughs so hard when Jimin’s bowl didn’t go the right way xD

Ji…Jimin ah~, this is not your team…

And you said you weren’t happy because of Jimin… right, Jungkook ah, you’re very right…

How did they end up from this

to this?

Jimin sure likes patting his baby’s head  🐥🐰🐥🐰

*whisper* thigh…👀👀

Please see around 14:44

I think Jungkook wanted to do something (hold hands???) with Jimin to comfort him when Jimin is disappointed that he didn’t score a strike. Like he moved his arm as soon as Jimin reached his hand out.
Jungkook ah, he’s not in your team, is he? Such a caring bunny ♥

Of course we didn’t see it clearly, thanks to it being cut and also the angle 😅

They are together again, and what is personal space? 🐥🐰

(is it just me or is Jimin glowing here tho? TT_TT)

to the point Hobi has to pull Jimin closer to his side with his teammates xD

Jimin ah, are you a little too happy seeing Jungkook being spanked?

And back together in the end~

Btw did you all hear how Yoongi spoke to Namjoon, trying not to make him feel pressure by saying hyung is not looking, it’s fine etc.? Omg my heart melted, seriously. Yoongi is so sweet, his tone kinda sounds like talking to a baby 💜

You can ignore me from here and skip this part, imma talk about the other babies too because they’re so cute!!! 

Lol, Hobi, I’m sorry, but really, noona loves you 😂😂

You too, Jimin, you know noona loves you the most, right? I’m sorry  😂😂

Today’s star no.1, Kim Namjoon ♥

Today’s star no.2, Jung Hoseok ♥

Min Yoongi tho ♥. He’s like a child today. The way he runs to throw the bowl and makes weird noise, I guess he did hang out with Hobi a lot haha

Min Yoongi’s wtf-just-happened face and the celebrating squad


Happy-winning-squad, Hobi and his lost shoe haha

Today’s unlucky guy no.1 (2 bows to all dongsaeng, plus being spanked)

Today’s unlucky guy no.2 ( 2 bows to at least only 1 dongsaeng, plus being spanked)

The end~~~

Btw, I don’t play bowling so I dunno about things. But from the way Jimin talks (he said that Taehyungie just used strength to throw the bowl and etc.), he sounds like he plays well? But his performance doesn’t show that xD. I dunno if he really has “shitty” hands or he’s just not that competitive against Jungkook. Anyhow, it’s been a while since I saw him wining, I’m touched 🌸🌺😂


tho it’s nothing new, I guess we all know they do things together. But thanks to Jungkook for confirming it kkkkk. He’s taking over the role of the captain of this ship 😊🐥🐰

Okay thank you so much for reading my boring recap. See you next time~ 🖐️🍀

So.. I watched Rogue One and yeah here's how it went.

I had my phone on throughout and I kept pausing the movie to write down what I felt and I’m posting the original note so no edits (you can feel my feels if you know what I mean)

•Alright but how beautiful are these names? Jyn? Cassian? Galen?
•K-2SO is already my favorite character
•Diego Luna looks like a lil baby, he’s so small and adorable
•"I’m taking them to imprison them in prison"
• lmao this blind guy I love him
•"Are you kidding me? I’m blind"
•OMG DARTH VADER so nice to see a familiar face or err mask
•"Be careful not to choke on your aspirations, Director" AHAHAHAH shit well played
•"I’ll be there for you. Cassian said I had to" lmao I love this guy
•I paused the movie and my mom asked if I was watching Jurassic Park bc of the scenery
•AHHH R2D2 AND C3PO I’m so happy
•BAZE???? N O
•Okay my bad cassian is alive BUT EVERYONE ELSE IS DEAD SHIT
•I was wrong. He died again. Everyone is dead
•Oh shit! This is the prequel to A New Hope! My mind is blown. Just like everyone in this movie.
•Ah feels good to hear that theme song.

Also can I say, thank you to everyone in the Star Wars fandom for welcoming me with open arms and being so nice on the previous post.

May the force be with you.

NCT 127 + Ten reaction to their s/o being a huge fan of the Vroom Vroom Talk Show

Ok ngl i’m weak as hell for Doyoung and the vroom vroom talk show has given me many precious moments of him so i will forever be grateful 🙏🏼🙏🏼 


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(I love this gif so much lmao)

Taeil would just be super happy and soft when he sees you laughing and genuinely having a good time. He’d put his hand on your leg or around your shoulder and rub it gently bc he’s so whipped for you and when he sees you smiling his whole world lights up and he’s just in a very happy place. He’d try to join in on the fun by yelling random things (like he usually does), and when he sees you laughing at those he’s just be a shy happy bean.


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Y’all know how in NCT life Taeyong tried to take over the Vroom Vroom talk show and Doyoung gave him the eye-roll of the century™, and then Johnny completely ignored him and started talking to Ten?? Yes well I see Taeyong as being kinda whiny like “Babe I’m so much better”, and he would be lowkey jealous that you laughed so much at Doyoung’s jokes. I see him being super clingy and I see him trying to one up Doyoung and trying to get you to laugh at him. If you do laugh at his jokes, you can be sure to see him go and do that thing where he dances and makes weird noises to tease Doyoung like “did ya see that they laughed at my jokes I’m better than you suck on that”.


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Johnny would just be happy that you’re happy and he’s just gonna enjoy watching you laugh and enjoy yourself. Bc he’s an actual meme he’ll be like “we all know my fashion evaluation is much better right Y/N?” for jokes, but he’s just glad to see you smile this softie. He’d also lowkey have a full on conversation w/ Ten and would just ignore Doyoung (which makes DY hella salty).


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Yuta this lil shit is the person who hates on the show the most. He loves getting a reaction out of Doyoung so he keeps interrupting him and teasing him and when he sees Doyoung getting irritated it’s like his life’s goal has been achieved. 

When he sees that you’re really enjoying Doyoung’s show, this teasing only intensifies bc he’s highkey jealous that Doyoung is making you laugh like “nah fam my s/o can only laugh at my jokes”. He tries to make you laugh by teasing Doyoung basically, and when you laugh he does that thing where he smiles like an angel (basically just him smiling normally but it still does things to my smol heart) and he’s just happy that you’re happy and you’re having a good time. 


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DOYOUNG this boy makes me weak I can feel my bias list crashing down as I look at this gif 

Doyoung is highkey salty bc everyone is ganging up on him and not letting him do what he wants and his show is failing bc no one is cooperating and he’s just salty af.

When he sees that you’re really enjoying it though, this lil bunny’s confidence gets boosted x100000 and he just gets really smiley and bashful bc you’re so cute !!!! and you’re laughing at his jokes !!!!! and he’s just super happy that he can make you laugh so much and he just wants you to keep laughing so he tries a little harder and it’s just rlly cute and my heart cannot take kim doyoung someone save me pls


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I think Ten would just be happy to see you having a good time and seeing you laughing would make him giggle too bc you’re so cute and he loves you. He’d lowkey be talking to Johnny the whole time though and the two of them would be in their own little world (just like in the NCT life episode lmao).


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(This boy will be the death of me)

Jaehyun seemed like he wasn’t the biggest fan of the vroom vroom talk show - not that he had anything against it, he just kinda went along with it to entertain Doyoung. I feel like Jaehyun would just kinda be sat there with you, occasionally laughing at somethings, but not really laughing super hard or anything. You, on the other hand, were laughing super hard, and you kept folding yourself into a ball into Jaehyun’s side as your eyes crinkled as you gasped for air between your giggles, and I think jaehyun would just love to see you like that. He would look at you with the most adoring look and he would just want to squish your cheeks and hug you because he thought you were super cute. 


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(Look at this lil squish what a cutie)

Ok so with WinWin, his Korean is still a little lacking so I don’t think he’d be very engaged in what was going on in the talk show. BUT, seeing you laugh and genuinely enjoy yourself would make his lil heart flip in his chest and he’d just wrap his arms around you and smile at you and just be really cute because he’s just happy that you’re happy and can you tell that this boy makes me fckn soft


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THIS BOI ok I don’t think Mark would really care whether you liked the talk show or not tbh he’d be too busy losing his marbles from laughing too much. Mark has the cutest giggle (don’t fight me on this we all know it’s true) and he would just be dying at the whole situation of how everyone is ganging up on Doyoung and how Doyoung is highkey salty. I think he’d be super happy though, because the two of you could sit together and be in a fit of giggles and just be happy and cute and aw


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(omg i love this gif so much look at my baby how cute i love this outfit he looks so soft and squishy i just want to hug him)

Ok so we all know Donghyuck is the king of sass and he’s a funny lil squish. I think he’d find it cute that you found Doyoung’s show so funny, but he’d be lowkey jealous and would constantly spout sassy comments about everything. Ofc his comments are hilarious so you burst out laughing at them, and when he sees that you’re laughing more at his jokes than Doyoung’s, this lil bean will just swell with pride and confidence like “hell yeah my s/o thinks i’m funny what a great thing” and he’d just be a happy lil bby.

What We Created (9)

Sebastian Stan x Reader (pregnancy series)

Summary: A one nightstand with the one and only Sebastian Stan changes your life and his forever

Word count: 1,308 (short because sadly the storyy is coming to an end)

Warning: fluff, gender reveal

A/N: Seriously so sorry for taking this long to update. I started real estate classes and my first day i took so many notes my hand started swelling. Life is really draining me right now, on top of keeping my Instagram and YouTube updated and getting ready for college. I hope you understand. Hopefully part 10 comes faster than this part did. Also lets pretend Anthony Mackie has social media, okay?

What We Created Masterlist

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‘’Why was Aoi Asahina even in this game, she was probably just the fanservice’’

‘’Why didn’t they keep Teruteru’s old design, he was so good looking unlike now :/’’

‘’I was so happy when Hifumi died, pointless character’’

‘’Touko and Genocider is the same person -.-’’

‘’Yasuhiro and Akane did nothing in the whole game, and they survived, wth?’’