look at my handwriting it is so great

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@academiix - nice studyspo pix. minimalistic theme. elite graphics + icons ~~

@academla - the most amazing #random ramblings as well as masterposts


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@tbhstudying - literally stole my handwriting from her. love u, seo <3</p>

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@you-had-me-at-e-flat-major - if you like memes, (pt 2)

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a look at this week’s spread; this might actually be one of the nicest spreads i’ve ever worked on ;v;“”“ (and lol i know my lettering ain’t great, but with some practice i’m sure it’ll get better) school is so near for me!! i’m both nervous and excited for sophomore year!!

this spread was a little inspired by @moonshinestudies’s beautiful spreads, cynthia’s spreads are just sooo nice to look at!!

🎶 currently listening to : #Drive - DinDin ft. Yeon Jung (of WJSN)


Finals week went well! I’m glad I decided to do six week courses because there’s still summer left! And, Theresa and I are officially rising seniors now. I’m more excited for my last year than I thought I would be. There is the fact that I’m just ready to be done with Pitt, but I’m also kind of excited for all the last times. After I had that meeting with my advisor a few weeks ago and we discussed what I should do after I graduate it became more real. I was scared for a few weeks (I mean, I still am) about how after this year I’m supposed to be an active independent member of society, or at least that’s my goal. Now that my classes are over and I’m purely focused on my final year, it just hit me harder.

I went to Ohio last weekend for Cleveland pride and it was awesome. I also went to my friend Anthony’s Fam Fest, which is a type of family reunion. It was fun, and I was happy that I didn’t have to worry about doing homework when I came back for the week. I went up on Saturday and I was supposed to return on Sunday, but my bus got cancelled. So, I ended up having an extra day to spend with another one of my friends who lives in Ohio. It was annoying that my bus was cancelled, but I think the universe was working in my favor. Theresa left Saturday night for the whole week because she’s doing a program in Erie. I basically got an extra day with friends, and one less day of being alone. 

Last time Theresa left for a few days it was impromptu and I wasn’t ready to be alone in our apartment for the first time. I knew about this particular trip beforehand so I took it a lot better. Instead of being sad and nonproductive, I’ve just been nonproductive. I’ve been binge watching Orange is the New Black (I had never watched it before now) and it’s awesome. I’ve been cooking, trying new recipes, to keep myself busy. And I have spent some time with our friend Anna since she lives close by. Next week I start volunteering. I’m looking forward to having structure in my schedule again. 

Yesterday, Anna and I got together and went for a walk down by the marina. Then we went to one of my favorite cafes and I finally finished writing the first chapter of my novel for my summer research project. After that we spontaneously decided to go to the Cheesecake Factory for dinner. It was my first time going and we ended up having a really great time. 

So far, life post-finals has been going well! 

anonymous asked:

hey adrienne i really love all your comics, and it makes me wanna make more of my own. do you have any tips on staying motivated and structuring the overall comic (story/pages/etc) ? thank you !

Thank you so much!!!

And hmmmm, I guess my way of staying motivated is… giving myself strict deadlines? hmmmm ill just go over how I write a comic and maybe you’ll pick a tip or two hopefully


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You have terrible handwriting

Valentine’s Day at Hogwarts

Newt x reader



Originally posted by forever-proud-nerd

Meandering into the great hall, you were greeted with a sea of giggling girls and apprehensive looking boys, clutching envelopes, ranging in colours from, red to pink to delicately decorated, to plain white. A little confused you made your way to your table, plopping yourself down, and grabbing a slice of toast as the rack floated by, adding a generous spread of marmalade.

You were just about to bite into the delicious breakfast, when an owl dropped a piece of parchment on your plate. That was odd, you had already written to your parents this week.

Beginning to panic, you hurriedly picked up the letter, only for your worry to ebb away as you realised that the parchment was folded extremely neatly, into the shape of a swan.

On the swans neck in cramped handwriting, was written, ‘open me, please.’ Still utterly bewildered, you had drawn the attention of a handful of younger girls. It seemed a shame to spoil such a lovely piece of craftsmanship, nevertheless you did as the swan asked, and began to unfurl it with cautious fingers.

you recognised that spidery handwriting, the owner of it sat next to you in potions, a faint smile tugging at your lips at the thought of newt spending hours poring over this piece of parchment. Your smile only grew wider as you read,  the beautiful words.

You were positively beaming as you searched the hufflepuff table, looking for a particular mess of auburn curls.

You couldn’t find that curly mop anywhere in the great hall. Disappointment filled your chest, as you checked your watch, there wasn’t time to look for him elsewhere, as you hurried your way to charms.

Words from the beautiful letter floating through your mind, as you impatiently drummed your fingers on the desk, the clock seemingly standing still, as you waited for your potions class, at the end of the school day.

Eventually potions came around. As you headed down to the chilled dungeons, nerves began to build in your stomach. The beautiful letter, might not have even been from newt, after all the person hadn’t signed their name, you only had the handwriting to go on. Could it possibly be that your besotted brain was playing tricks on you?

You warily made your way to your stool beside newt , taking several deep calming breaths. “Are you alright? You look a bit pale’ his brow furrowed with concern, ‘I’m alright, just a long day.’ You reassured him, as the professor began the lesson. You however were far more interested in the handwriting of the boy by your side.

Butterflies began to flutter in your stomach, as you checked the curve of each and every letter that he scribbled down. Newt must have felt your starring, as he looked up from his work, a slight smile at the corner of his full lips. A twinkle in his eyes, as he saw your own giddy smile.

“you have terrible handwriting you know.’ You teased a little flirtatiously, “not so bad that you couldn’t read my letter. I hope you liked the swan.’ He teased back. Both of your smiles wider than they had been before, as newt’s cheeks flushed.

You gently placed your hand on his, where it sat on your shared desk, before he intertwined your fingers together.


Have a great day and be safe

General positivity about studying/note taking

So on this website there are a lot of blogs dedicated to studying that share tips and beautiful, beautiful notes. I think that this is great, but I was thinking that seeing all these well put together things can be a bit stressful for those of us whose notes look nothing like that at all (I know it is for me.) I’m going to share a few of my own notes in case anyone out there is feeling shitty because their notes don’t look amazing.

As you can see here, my handwriting is a mess, I couldn’t make up my mind about what to write and I doodled a whole bunch at the top of the paper.

Here are some more notes. Can you even read these? It doesn’t matter, becuease I can read them and they’re my notes. I crossed stuff out here too, and added a whole bunch of other information in the margins. Is it neat? No. But it works for me.

This diagram isn’t aestetically pleasing at all. But that’s ok! As long I understand it, it’s fine.

Most of these notes are from science class and science is my best subject. Pretty much all my notes look like this, and I have a 4.0 gpa.

My point is, it doesn’t matter what your notes look like, as long as they work for you. I think it’s really awaesome that there’s this culture of sharing pretty notes and tips on here, but I know that a lot of people can’t take notes like those. I just want people to know that that’s ok! 

Some people work better when their notes look good and this is ok too! Whatever works best for you is what you should do.

Everyone is diffrent, and everyone has a diffrent learning style. And this is a good thing!

mumblefox  asked:

Microfic! Pidge and Hunk and a scavenger hunt!

“I can’t read this list at all!” Hunk yelps, waving the scrap of paper anxiously. “How are we even supposed to start doing this?”

“That’s part of the training,” Shiro says. He looks calm, but Hunk is sure he’s smiling behind that leader mask, the jerk. “If you’re on a foreign planet you need to figure out what to do, right?”

Hunk grumbles. When Shiro had mentioned they were doing a new kind of ‘team building exercise’ today, Hunk had assumed it would be some kind of new combat exercise. Shiro was big on those. He hadn’t expected it to be a scavenger hunt of all things. Clearly, Shiro has more of a wicked sense of humor than anyone had anticipated.

“Hand it over,” Pidge says, reaching up for the scrap of paper in Hunk’s hand. She’s on tiptoes just trying to get it, and Hunk obligingly hands it down to his partner. For today’s exercise, Shiro had divided them into the right and left quadrants of Voltron, insisting that it was important to have good coordination between each other to literally coordinate the massive robot down the line.

Pidge snatches the paper as soon as it’s within reach, and glances over briefly at the opposing team, hunching over their assignments protectively. Hunk doesn’t think she has to bother. Lance and Keith are, from the sounds of it, already too busy bickering over their own inability to read their instructions. Hunk barely makes out any of it (“You’re the alien, you read it!” “I’m not an alien, I can’t read it any better than you!”) before Pidge taps him on the arm.

“I got it, let’s go,” she says, gesturing for the door.

“Wait, you know what it says?” Hunk asks incredulously, as he follows.

“It’s Altean, and I can recognize Coran’s handwriting,” Pidge says, grinning competitively. “Shiro must have asked him for help on the instructions. But I’ve been learning Altean, so I can decode it. I’m even used to Coran’s chicken-scratch.” She glances over her shoulder to make sure Keith and Lance aren’t following, and adds in a whisper, “The first item we’re looking for is a five and three-quarters lightwell wrench.”

Hunk lights up. “I’ve got one of those in my work station!” he says, trying to keep his enthusiasm relatively low-volume.

“Great, let’s go then!”

Two vargas later, the two of them stand proudly before Shiro, unloading the assorted items and requirements on their scavenger list. Some of them had actually been quite tricky—like getting Allura’s autograph (while she had been deliberately instructed to avoid them), or a photo of Shiro himself without being noticed (which had taken a team effort of Hunk distracting and Pidge sneaking close enough to get the shot). Other tasks had involved riddles that were a piece of cake to pull apart between their brains, or getting into difficult spaces (the trickiest of which was letting Pidge stand on his shoulders to unscrew an air duct vent, so she could crawl into it and retrieve a worn out filter they’d needed). In retrospect, Shiro had actually designed the challenges really well—the game had been silly, but Hunk can see how these sorts of stealth and problem-solving skills could be applied to actual missions.

“I’d say that’s a solid win, wouldn’t you say?” Pidge says, smug. Hunk glances over at Keith and Lance, and has to agree. Even if they hadn’t gotten every item on the list, they’d certainly beaten the opposing team’s whole three items, and the two of them were still bickering.

“You did a good job,” Shiro says, looking through the spoils. He glances at the perfect profile shot of himself on Pidge’s wrist computer, and nods, clearly impressed. “I didn’t even notice that. Left Team wins—you can be excused from the last exercise today.”

Pidge and Hunk grin in delight, and exchange a truly victorious high five.

Got a microprompt for me? Share it and I’ll see what I can do!


✧ ✧ ✧  HELLO!  ✧ ✧ ✧

I’ve been in the community for quite some time, but i never introduced myself and before i felt like i need something to post in order to be fully in the community but i guess not? hehe. 


  • i go by the name Ninta, but call me nin for short. she/her
  • i was born in january 28 so now i’m 19 and i’m from Indonesia 
  • i’m an aquarius and an ENFJ (idk if its accurate but i feel that my personality is different everytime i take the test? lol)
  • i’m in my 2nd year of uni and i take psychology as my major (i used to dislike biology so much but now that i take psych i think it grew on me)
  • currently working on my bujo and hand-lettering!
  • and also making pretty notes with nice handwriting


  • i watch(ed) tv shows such as gossip girl, which i finished all seasons and was so obsessed; 13 reasons why; teen wolf; the originals; supergirl; the fosters; grey’s anatomy; and pretty little liars. p.s i never continue all of em
  • i’m into pop music, basically
  • i love stationery, ugh please give me
  • i love to read books, preferably young adults but i’m not obsessed
  • i’m in the choir community in my uni which i’m very proud to be a part of


I’ve had this blog for 2 years now, I started in 2015 to find some inspiration and motivation in studying and it did help me but i never really apply anything in real life. I haven’t had a really satisfying grades since ages so I’m here to help back myself up and realize that there will be tough times ahead and that my grades matter. and really, i just wanna be productive with great time management. (and also bc i love looking at super nice, aesthetic, and pretty notes, handwriting, and bujo!!)


@journalsanctuary @eintsein @natastudies @eruditekid @studyrose @studylustre @stvdybuddies @obsidianstudy @emmastudies @elkstudies @studywithinspo @rhubarbstudies @studyquill @apricot-studies @etudiance @scholarly @mochi-studies @studypetals @athenus @intellectys @highlighteurs @focusign @brainiakk @bookmrk

and i guess that’s all! If you read it this long then i love you already :) Thank you!

Saudade: Ch5

There was no use in arguing, it was pretty clear you couldn’t stay away from Brendon. When you woke up in his arms the following day, you both agreed it would be best for you to just give in and stay at his place until Josh came home. You were tearing yourself apart being alone in that apartment and it was doing you absolutely no favors. Brendon helped you pack up a couple things, reassuring you that he’d always be more than willing to drive you back over if you ever wanted or needed it, and then took you over to his place. As much as you tried, you couldn’t keep your hands off of him. It seemed like almost every conversation led to his lips on your neck or your arms around his waist or the two of you, no clothes, fucking relentlessly on the sofa or in the shower or on the bed. It hadn’t even been twenty four hours in his house and you already felt the chemistry between the two of you strengthen. There was something about Brendon that you craved. Being with him made you feel like being on a constant high, inhaling a reckless happiness, swallowing some sort of euphoric drug.

So naturally, staying at his house felt like being on vacation in paradise. You had only been there for a day but you were already not wanting to leave. Unlike your tiny apartment, Brendon owned a house. A whole house, all to himself. There was a pool, a giant painting of Frank Sinatra, a wine fridge, and two dogs, Penny and Bogart. You learned a lot of things about him too. Almost at every hour of the day, he either had a glass of beer in his hand or a joint. He smoked weed often, and drank, something you rarely ever saw from Josh. However, there were some similarities. You saw the same snapback sporting, goofy grinning, ripped jean wearing, passionate drummer in Brendon that you saw in Josh. In fact, Brendon didn’t only play drums, but he played a lot of other instruments too, and sang. “Geez,” you laughed when you found out. “You’re practically a legend.”

“I guess so,” Brendon shrugged, taking a long drag. He had decided to take you to the studio the next day, just a small shack looking thing outside his house by the pool. There was a glowing sign that read Urielectric, a bit cheesy but definitely a masterpiece, several guitars, a drum set, a couple awards, a synth pad, a computer, and ripped out notebook paper scattered on the floor.

“What’s this?” you wondered, picking up a piece of paper. Your eyes scanned across the words, the phrases blended into what sounded like poetry, gorgeous metaphors and clever puns intertwined and scrawled onto the page in what you assumed to be his handwriting. “It’s amazing.”

“I write songs,” he explained. “I have a band actually, Panic! at the Disco. I used to do it with some other guys, but uh, it didn’t really work out.” There’s a pause and something in his eyes that looks like nostalgia mixed with heartbreak. “But uh, it’s great now.” He clears his throat. “Just me, and it’s been better than ever. My last album hit the top of the charts, and it’s pretty awesome.”

“Josh has a band too,” you nodded, the words falling out of your mouth so naturally you didn’t even notice until it was too late. You mentally cursed yourself. For all the times you would brag about your boyfriend, now it was finally coming back to get revenge.

“Who?” he did a doubletake. It’s then that you realize you’ve never actually spoken his name before to Brendon.

“Josh,” you repeated. “Uh, my boyfriend.”

Brendon stared at you, almost in shock. “His name’s Josh?”

“Yeah,” you replied.

“And he has a band?” he recalled.

“That’s what I said,” you eyed him strangely. “Why?”

“And uh, earlier, you said he left for tour or something?” Brendon cleared his throat.

“Why are you acting so weird?” you raised an eyebrow. “Do you know him?”

“It’s not like, Josh Dun, right? From Twenty One Pilots?” he wondered.

“That’s him,” you answered. “Why? Is that going to be a problem or something?”

“No, no, I uh, um…” Brendon looked uneasy. “He’s just, a really nice guy. We’re friends, kind of, sort of. I mean, we hang out sometimes. We grab drinks, skateboard, that sort of stuff.”

“I knew you looked familiar,” you nodded. “Josh listens to your music, he likes it.”

“Yeah,” he nodded slowly. He looks uncomfortable.

“Something wrong?” you inquired.

“Look,” he sighed, running a hand through his hair. “Josh is just, he’s a super great guy. Honest. And he’s lucky as hell to have you, I mean, you guys are perfect for each other. I just feel bad I guess.”

“And you think I don’t?” you interjected.

“You’re the one who called me,” Brendon narrowed his eyes. “Don’t you dare start to throw a pity party, y/n. Don’t blame this on me. I didn’t do anything.”

“You’re the one being a huge dick going around with that relentless ego of yours,” you argued.

“Huge dick, huh?” he challenged, taking you and pinning you to the wall, tight grip on your wrists, his face dangerously close to yours. “How about we see how this huge dick looks getting shoved down your throat, huh?”

“Do it then,” you teased. “Or are you too pussy to face fuck me in this fancy little studio of yours anyways?”

“Oh I can shut you up real quick, princess,” Brendon growled, pushing you to your knees and unbuttoning and unzipping his jeans, shoving down his boxers and pulling his erection up to your lips, grabbing a fistful of your hair and shoving his cock into your mouth. “Better show me what else that mouth of yours can do, baby.” You looked up at him with a playful gaze and his lust filled eyes stared down at you, gripping your hair tighter and pushing another inch down your throat. Your eyes started to water as he tugged your head back and forth, pumping his dick in and out of your mouth, moans escaping his lips. “And to think that just seconds ago you were trying to defend your precious boyfriend, huh? Josh?” He started to go faster, using his other hand to clamp down on your hair, slamming his cock between your lips. “Of course he’d be the kind to baby you. I bet the thought of calling you a slut wouldn’t even cross his mind.” Brendon began to force you to deepthroat him and you’re choking on his cock, staring up at him pleadingly, but he just drags his lower lip between his teeth and laughs softly. “You’re such a fucking whore.” He starts to go faster and faster and you’re barely able to breathe when he cums, the warm liquid sliding down your throat and filling up your mouth, and he’s gasping and cursing and moaning your name, tugging so tight on your hair. When Brendon pulls out he takes a deep breath, wiping the dribble of cum from your lips, tugging his jeans back up and fixing himself before pulling you up to your feet and kissing you.

“Holy fuck Brendon,” you moaned into his mouth.

“Yeah,” he chuckled when pulled away. “Josh can’t work you in the ways that I can, huh?”

“Brendon,” you stared at him, knees growing weak.

“Goddammit, I bet you’re soaked,” he smirked. “Aren’t you?”

“Bren-” you began to protest again but he pulled you towards him, kissing your lips and then trailing them down your neck, sucking at the skin for a moment before withdrawing himself.

“You’re so sexy. So distracting,” he clicked his tongue. “And to think that I actually thought for a second I might get any work done with you in this studio.” He wrapped you in his arms and kissed the top of your head. “God, I love you y/n.”

You froze and that’s when he realized what he had said. You fixed your eyes on him, several moments passing before you dared to speak. “Y-you love me?” you wondered, pulling back and staring at him.

“Well I uh, um, I just…” he was at a loss for words, staring down at his shoes before glancing at you. “Yeah. I do.”

“Oh,” you bit down on your lower lip.

“Is that, uh, is that okay?” Brendon’s eyes softened. “Look I didn’t want to-”

“It’s okay,” you interrupted. “I mean, um, I love you too. Or at least I think I do. I don’t know.” You took a deep breath. “I don’t want to admit it, but I’m pretty sure I do.” You glanced up at Brendon. “Uh, if that even makes any sense.”

“Yeah,” he reassured awkwardly. “It does.”

“I just um, I don’t want this to be, well…” you took a deep breath. “This has to be our secret, okay?”

“Of course,” Brendon nodded.

“We’re not telling Josh, we’re not telling anybody,” you stated. “Got it?”

“Would never cross my mind,” he insisted.

“Okay,” you closed your eyes tight. You stepped back towards him and gave him a kiss on the lips. “I’m going to leave you alone for a bit. You get some work done, yeah? No distractions.”

“Yeah, okay,” he gives a soft laugh.

When you exit the studio, you walk back towards his house replaying all that had been said and done in your head. You were crazy, absolutely fucking crazy. You tried to clear your mind, walking back into the house and sitting on the couch, switching on the television, Bogart hopping into your lap. “What the fuck am I going to do?” you sighed. “It’s not like I can just leave Brendon, and it’s not like I’m going to leave Josh either.” You stared at the puppy. “And now I’m fucking talking to a dog. I must really be out of my mind now.” Your phone rang on the armrest beside you and you instantly perked up. You hadn’t heard your phone ring in days. Even more surprisingly, it was Josh. You instantly picked it up. “Hey!”

“Hey baby,” he greeted. “How are you doing?”

“I’m great,” you responded, the words being said before you could even think. You were doing pretty great, you couldn’t deny that. “How about you?”

“I’m fine,” he sighed. “I just miss you.”

“Yeah, I miss you too,” you frowned. “A lot.”

“Ty said maybe when we get back to the states, uh, we can fly you out,” he suggested. “You can come with us on the road for a couple days. He’s letting Jenna, for some of the east coast dates.”

“Oh,” an unintentional flat toned response slips out of your mouth.

“W-well you don’t have to, um, if you don’t want to,” he quickly reassured. “I just thought that uh, maybe you know, since I haven’t seen you in forever, you might want to spend some time with me, see one of our shows…” There’s a pause like he’s waiting for you to say something but you’re too busy contemplating whether to stay with Brendon or fly out to Josh that you forget to actually respond to him. “You know what, it’s fine, forget it.”

“No, no,” you instantly break out of your daze. “Uh, I’d love to. I’m just kind of shocked. That sounds great.”

“Yeah?” his voice instantly sounds so much more enthusiastic. “You’d really do that?”

“Sure,” you nodded. “I mean, Jenna’s coming, so Tyler’s cool with it, right?”

“Definitely,” he answered. “Dang, I miss you so much y/n.”

“I miss you too,” you murmured.

“It must be lonely in that apartment without me,” he mumbled and you blinked twice, trying to remember that’s where you’re supposed to be.

“It is,” you drew out the words slowly.

“I’m watching a movie right now with Tyler,” he explained. “I wish you were here beside me on this couch, wrapped up in my arms, your lips on my neck, just the way you know I like it. I miss being able to kiss you, to hug you, to have you beside me.” He lets out a breath and you envision him closing his eyes. “I really do miss you.”

“So do I baby,” you replied.

“But we’ll see each other again soon,” Josh insisted. “Don’t worry.”

“I know,” you swallowed uncomfortably.

“I’ve got to go, Tyler’s giving me rude glares,” he laughed. “I love you.”

“Love you,” you chuckled, waiting to hear the beep, signaling you that he had hung up. When it came, you closed your eyes tight, taking a deep breath and then setting your phone down.

“That was cute,” the voice behind you made you jump in your seat, Bogart barking in your lap at the sudden jostle of your legs.

“Holy fucking shit, Brendon,” you clenched your chest, turning around and gasping for breath. “You almost gave me a heart attack.”

“Yeah whatever,” he teased, flopping down on the couch beside you. There was a pause. “You really miss him?”

“Of course I do,” you narrowed your eyes. “I mean, yeah, staying at your place makes things a lot better, but you’re not him. You know?”

“Oh believe me, I know,” Brendon smirked. “I know I’m a thousand times better.”

“There’s that ego again,” you rolled your eyes.

“You love it,” he insisted. “I know you do.”

“You don’t know shit,” you playfully jabbed his side.

“I know that you can’t resist a little bit of this,” he chuckled, kissing your lips and starting to climb on top of you, your legs parting and letting his waist delve between them, slowly grinding down on your center. You moaned into his mouth softly and he hummed with delight. When you pulled away, you both laughed.

“Why does every single thing we talk about always end up with us having sex?” you complained.

“Like I said,” Brendon shrugged. “I’m just so irresistible.”

“Oh shut up,” you scoffed. “I think you need a lesson in humility.”

“Yeah?” he raised an eyebrow, amused. “And how might you accomplish that?”

“I might have a few ideas,” a naughty smirk tugged at the sides of your lips.

“I’m all for it then,” he grinned. “Care to show me?”

“I’d love to,” you bit down on your lower lip for a moment before leaning down to kiss him again, tugging at his shirt, legs wrapped around his waist, ready to finally switch things up for a change and be the one in charge.


30 Day Back to School Challenge
☆ Day 1: Goals for the semester

I wish I had come across this challenge a few days ago, because it’s actually 26 days until I go back to uni! But that’s okay, I’ll still do all 30 days! I was actually planning on writing some semester goals into my journal soon, so when I saw that it was the first challenge, I thought it would be a great idea to start! I absolutely love the Pilot juice pens, they’re so nice to write with! I just wish my handwriting was nicer in general lol. 

But anyway, I put little check-boxes next to each goal, so that way I can come back at the end of the semester and see what I achieved! I’m really looking forward to going back to college, I’m so determined to do well! 

Instagram: sensiblestudy

All Challenge Posts

Original Challenge

Honeymoon Night | WinWin

Group: Nct
Member: WinWin/Sicheng
Genre:smut, marriage, first-time, mutal masturbation, kissing,
Requested: Yes
A/n: I really edited this so I hope you noticed. I’m human so I do make mistake I do make mistakes. This osn’t super smutty it’s more of a awkward first time lovers. I normally write super smutty but it was nice showing more emotional side to it.

Closing your eyes you recalled the last 4 hours. It was stressful time planning a whole wedding. It was all worth it for one of the best days of your life.

You’ll always remember taking those steps walking down the aisle looking at Sicheng beaming smile.

Realizing that you may be the luckiest person alive at be marrying Dong Sicheng. He was a perfect human in your opinion.
A great boyfriend that you were lucky enough to snag. He was affectionate, kind and also understood you.

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Hello Studyblr! 

My name is Avery and I’ve had this blog for quite some time now, but I am so excited to finally start using it to make my own posts. I am really looking forward to all of the motivation and support this community has to offer, but first some things about me.

  • I am 16 and a rising Junior in high school
  • I’m from the Northeast, USA
  • I’m obsessed with science
  • I love love love reading
  • I’m *attempting* to self-learn German
  • I’m super fascinated by astronomy (RIP me because there aren’t any courses at my school)
  • This year I will be taking AP Environmental Science, AP Gov, AP Lit, Chemistry, Latin III, and Economics (Feel free to ask me about any and all of these courses)
  • My handwriting is sub-par, so I’ll probably spare you from looking at my notes
  • I’ll be taking the SAT this year, so that’ll be fun [cries internally]

Some Studyblrs that have inspired me are:

@rhubarbstudies , @studypride@studyign , @studyign , @elkstudies , @gradespiration, @studyingboba, @cmstudy, and many, many more…

Have a great day!


Interruptions (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Word Count: 1675

Genre: Mostly fluff…humor?

Request/Summary: “[{(MODERN AU)}] Can you plz do a tjeff x reader where you’re Washington’s niece and you invite Washington and everyone from the offices to a festival that you are helping out with. Then, Thomas starts to flirt with you, but Washington gets really protective.”- @winniepoohffg​ (this request was originally sent into @daveeddiggsit​ (check out her blog if you haven’t already, look you can just click on it right there. go homies. I belive in you. k I’ll shut up now) but I stole it because her requests are closed (: )

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

AU: Modern

Warnings: One or two dirty pick up lines, probably cussing

A/N- Thank you so much for letting me steal this @winniepoohffg​ sorry this probably kinda sucks, I tried my best, I just loved the idea so much, I couldn’t help commandeering it. Also sorry this took forever.

Standard TJeffs a/n: Yes, I do write Jefferson but keep in mind that I think historical Jefferson was an evil dick. I write for Jefferson from the play

“What do you need me to do?” You asked your uncle.

“Thanks for helping, (Y/N), can you put these on that table over there?” He requested, piling several boxes into your arms so you could barely peek over them to see where you were going. After you set them down on the table, you opened the top of one of them to see several holiday decorated cookies stacked on display inside.

“Hey uncle George? You want me to set these out?” You called across the room.

“That would be great!” He responded. You set out each cardboard box one by one on the table, tearing off the lids to put the various sweets inside on display. Afterward, you went back to your uncle, who was now hanging up a cluster of fake mistletoe in the doorway.

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Times Have Changed

SasuSaku Month 2017

Day 30: Their Little Girl


FFnet link :D



Sarada hugged her father tightly. Sasuke returned the gesture and smiled softly as she looked up to him happily. “You’re just in time, papa.” Her smile turned into a frown. “Mama’s sick.”

He stiffened. “What happened to your mama, Sarada?”

She released her hold on him and led the way to her parent’s room. “Mama got the flu. I think she got it from one of her patients. She’s been working hard too much lately too.” Sarada opened the door, and both saw the sleeping form on the bed. Sasuke immediately rushed towards his wife and laid his palm on her forehead.

“I already gave mama her breakfast and medicine, papa. I was about to call aunt Ino to take care of mama today, since I have a mission.”

“Would it be long?” he asked.

She shook her head. “No, papa. Just a simple one. I’ll try to come home early.” Sarada then took a piece of paper and wrote things down. “Here’s the medications mama should take and when she would have it. Also, I made soup for lunch. Makes sure she eats lots of it, okay papa? Mama also needs lots of water. And papa, when mama says she’s fine, don’t believe her. She can be very stubborn and will go back to work again. Tell her to just rest and don’t worry a thing. I’ll do some grocery shopping later for dinner. Did you get it all, papa?”

A small, amused smile formed on his face. “Yes, Sarada.”

“Well then, I’m off! Take care of mama, papa!” She slowly closed the door, hurriedly wore her sandals, and ran off. Sasuke was left staring at the piece of paper his daughter gave him.

She sounds just like Sakura, he mused.

He sat down on the bed, removing the stray hairs that fell on her face. She stirred a little, her eyes slowly opening.


Sakura tried to sit up but Sasuke held her shoulder to stop her. “Don’t force yourself. You need to rest.”

The medic obliged, too tired to argue. “Okaeri, anata.”

He gave her a soft smile and kissed her forehead. “Tadaima, Sakura.”

“Have you… have you eaten? I think Sarada prepared something…”

Sasuke shook his head. “No need. Besides, I’m here to take care of you.”

His wife smiled up to him. “Arigatou, anata.” She noticed the piece of paper in his hand. “What’s that?”

He held it up for her to see. “A list of medicines you have to take, as well as when to take it. This also came with a reminder to make you drink lots of water, eat the soup she made for lunch, let you get a good rest, and she’ll go to the grocery later.” Mismatched orbs looked at his daughter’s handwriting. “It’s still hard to believe she’s grown.”

Sakura giggled. “It seems like only yesterday when we held her in our arms, ne Sasuke-kun? Now she’s a genin, and a great one I might add.” She reached out to hold her husband’s hand. “Our little girl is not so little anymore.”

The pinkette squeezed his hand and he returned the gesture. “Time flies so fast these days,” he added. “One day, she’s holding my hand while trying to walk. Now, she’s running off to do missions like we used to.” Sasuke then decided to lay beside his wife, holding her close to him.

“I feel old,” Sakura said with a laugh. “One day, she’ll reach her dreams, have her own family… then we’ll be grandparents, anata.”

“I’m not yet ready to be a grandpa,” he admitted. His wife chuckled, content with hearing the steady rhythm of his heart.

“It’s my dream, you know. Growing old with you, Sasuke-kun.” Her husband the caressed her hair. “That future… with you…”

Sakura felt her eyes getting heavy. Sasuke sensed this, and planted a kiss on her head. “Go back to sleep, Sakura. I’m here.”

She closed her eyes, falling asleep to the beat of his heart and warmth. No matter how much time passed, the love they shared never wavered.

The Will Roland master class, pt. 2

Part 1 is here!: [x]

A bunch of people asked me for more info, so here’s the extended cut of my post-Will Roland freak-out :D I’m so glad you guys found my post interesting–thank you so much for all the Asks!!! I thought it’d just be one of those rambly personal posts that sits there gathering virtual dust with a grand total of three notes, haha.

Y’all asked to hear about the more nitty-gritty details, so here’s stuff I pulled from the notes I took during the class and from the initial draft of the first post. These are mostly technical things and stuff about how he approaches song interpretation, and as someone on the other end of it (I’m trying to learn songwriting), I find it absolutely FASCINATING. I learned a lot from that one class, and I hope you guys enjoy it, too!

~~Will Roland freak-out, extended cut:~~

  • How Will describes his career: The founder/director of the program went to NYU Steinhardt with Will. She was talking about how he graduated seven years ago and how amazing it is that now, he’s on Broadway. His reply:
    • “This was my Broadway debut, so it’s all going downhill from here!” –Will Roland

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|| 5 april 17 ||
Hi-hi! I guess this is my first proper post of my bujo. I’m still quite new to this whole thing (I only started my bujo in late December), but I really love planning and doodling and attempting to get my life sorted lol. I’m currently on holidays, but trying to stay productive and keep up to date with some assignments (although you can probably see from my bujo I’m failing terribly). This week’s spread was v pastel blue and purple inspired with some tear-outs from a LUSH booklet (I love them they’re so great for collages etc.), and the ‘April holidays’ title was inspired by a bujo spread I saw but I don’t remember who posted it (but creds to them). The pens I used to create this week’s spread are in the last pic. I look forward to posting more soon, happy studying/holidays!
// “In a dark corner of the universe, I’ve found a star for my own.” - D-Day //