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this JUST happened

so u kno how i’m talking about how POC in the graphic design industry have it tough? we force representation because otherwise everyone would be white all the time.

my designer friend put an asian man in one of the images (he creates facebook graphics for a major company) this is the exchange that went down between him and his art director:

AD: “ummmmm…do we ever use people looking directly at the camera? something is off….can we crop his head off…?

(keep in mind she is talking about cropping the head off of an asian man in a picture to advertise their products that requires human interaction)

AD: ” and the way he’s holding the basket looks weird"

My friend: “ okay, i will rethink this one”

AD: “great!!”

(friend swaps out image of asian man for white man)

AD: “ omg looks so good, love this beard, it goes with fall”

if ya’ll had ANY idea how often this happens…

this is why whenever white ppl say shit like “make ur own” i always flip shit. it’s not like we dont try—it’s that when we DO put it out there ya’ll get all uncomfortable like one second out of the spotlight is the end of the world.

watch—i’ll create a tag just for these instances so u guys can see for urselves how fucking racist the advertising industry is.