look at my fantroll

*:’~,*~ did you all know kary’s favorite color is pink?  ~*,~’:*

i saw a post saying you should imagine your oc’s in a princess dress, and this image popped clear as day into my head. kary really likes pretty clothes, but he’s a troll. where would he ever find anything so fashionable(?)–certainly if he did it would be rare indeed for it to come in such a luscious shade of cotton candy.

it has been literal years since i’ve done something this shiny and sparkly in my drawings. i feel so in touch with myself right now lmao <3

i added ears to my troll sprites

here, have a base just in case you happen to share my headcanon:

External image

  • vriska: is a highblood with a mutated eye who used a psionic ability, which is EXTREMELY RARE for her caste, to mind control a troll into mind-controlling a dragon into mind-controlling another troll from all the way across the planet in order to force them to sleepwalk and blind themselves
  • fandom: lol cool
  • someone: hey look at my lowblood fantroll she has mutated claws and she can summon fire by snapping her fingers
  • fandom: wow dude that's way too OP!! that's not even scientifically possible?!??!??? what a mary sue fantroll!!