look at my face and tell me im cute

{Special} College!AU Johnny
  • major: film & television 
  • minor: business 
  • clubs: rather than clubs, johnny always has some part in other classmates movies/set productions so,,,he has no time for clubs LOL
  • sports: was humbly signed up for track and field by ten but the only good thing about his long legs is jumping over hurdles,,,otherwise he’s slower than a turtle much to everyone’s surprise 
  • goes through what his friends call “phases” every other week,,,,,and it usually has to do with whatever project he’s most immersed in
  • and that means one week,,,,when he was helping out the french exchange students he walked around campus in a beret and refused to eat bagels - only croissants. then he was working on an action scene and signed up for martial arts on the the quad,,,,,,or that one time they were trying to do a historical bit and johnny almost bought a hanbok on amazon for fifty bucks and taeyong had to physically remove the laptop from his dorm in order to stop him
  • no one is surprised that he’s a film major,,,,,tbh he’s always been creative and outspoken so the industry fits him
  • the shocking part is his minor,,,,because is business really something???? johnny has any interest in
  • and johnny always dramatically puts his hand over his forehead and is like “in THIS day and age all that matters is MONEY no one cares for the ART-”
  • everyone is like ok we get it but johnny just siGHS like the whole world is over and slumps in his chair and is like i know ill never make it,,,,,,,ill have to be a slave to the system a COG in the machine another worker bee - but wait did i tell you guys about this GREAT idea i had last night for a movie so basically the main character is a zombie alien and-
  • talks a mile a minute,,,,,seriously even when his opinion or comment is unneeded,,,, but he’s trying his best and he’s always trying to lift the mood and make people more confident
  • like he IS the person in the friend group whose there for anyone when they need him,,,,, is the person who makes ten smile when he’s down, helps cheer up doyoung about the future,,,,, and even gets taeil out of the dumps (which is a rarity, but,,,,,,,wow is it harD to cheer him up - tbh only johnny is capable)
  • tells people to have a super-duper fantastic great day after seeing them in the coffee shop,,,,,and the person will be like do i//?? even know him??? probably not but johnny is trying to spread that positivity
  • and it works !!! because when he’s smiling and laughing he looks so soft and approachable 
  • but at the same time,,,,when he’s really working on a scene or on a plan for filming,,,, he adopts an entirely different aura 
  • ten calls it the ‘youngho effect’ meaning that silly johnny is gone and now it’s down-to-business youngho and during finals week,,,,,,is when it’s the WORST
  • like people don’t even recognize him and thats hard considering his fashion and height stand out ,,,, but seriously the stern, concentrated look on his face makes his whole appearance seem different
  • yuta is always like “youngho is sexy and johnny is cute” and johnny is just like ?????? are you- flirting with me??? or are you just commenting and yuta is like ;) it’s hard to tell i know but no im just saying my dude
  • johnny is also super charitable ,,,, like find him helping every last single person in his studio effects class or dramatic writing
  • which is why he barely gets sleep because he’ll be up with a group of writers or on film location for work that isn’t EVEN HIS but,,,, he really likes film and he really likes seeing and testing out new things so his ability to say no is down the drain
  • unless it’s doyoung asking for extra change to get coffee then johnny is like lol no jokes jokes
  • oh also him and ten are practically inseparable and they sometimes do what taeyong refers to as “comedy acting” on the quad which is really just them arguing over something dumb like is trump REALLY an overgrown cheeto but also everyone on campus loves it
  • minus their ACTUAL friends who are like can you two please be quiet for like a minute and ten and johnny are both like excuse me no and taeil is like rip my ears
  • but they’re best buddies,,,,,,,it’s very adorable 
  • ten’s dad even calls johnny to ask if ten is doing well in uni and johnny always try to make something up before ten steals the phone and has to explain in rushed thai that NO he didn’t get a tattoo on his forehead
  • accidentally got confused for being a part of the uni mens volleyball team because of his height
  • misses chicago and has pictures up of it and his family in his dorm and everyone is like wow johnny you’re such a sentimental guy but like LMAO HE REALLY IS HE CRIED DURING THE LION KING anyway
  • you’re not a film student at all,,,,,you’re actually pretty camera shy and so you think watching movies is cool and all but you’d like,,,,,,never dream of being an actor or something like that
  • which is ok because your major has nothing to do with that line of work and your part-time job is as a dog walker in the city on weekends
  • and one weekend you’re doing your job,,,,,the last dog you’re walking for the day is a cute corgi named mr. squiggles 
  • when suddenly someone taps you on the shoulder and to your shock you turn around and see ???? johnny
  • who you know just because a friend of yours is in a class with him and he’s kinda hard to miss ,,,,,,, he’s basically a walking skyscraper 
  • but you’re like “oh h-hi?” assuming he might have recognized you from uni but johnny isn’t looking at you
  • he’s looking at mr. squiggles and then at you and going 
  • “you two would be perfect for my project! have you ever wanted to do acting???”
  • for a second you think you might just be making this up in your mind but you blink a couple of times and johnny is STILL standing in front of you
  • looking more excited than mr. squiggles whose small stubby legs are pawing at johnny’s jeans and asking for him to bend down and pet him
  • and you’re like “uh,,,,,,n-no?”
  • johnny does bend down,,,,giving the corgi a couple of pats on the head only to look up at you again and go “but i think this dog has!!!! do you think you could be in my film?”
  • johnny’s eyes turn up as he smiles,,,looking at you almost expectingly,,,,,
  • until you scoop up mr. squiggles in your hands and shake your head explaining that for one,,,,,the dog isn’t yours,,,,,,this is your job and two,,,,,being filmed is a bit-
  • johnny’s smile drops into a childish pout and he reaches out to scratch the pups ear going “but you guys are perfect for the scene,,,,,and it’ll be short!!!! can you ask his owner??”
  • and you wanna be like excuse me i gotta go im getting a call but then u know,,, johnny goes to uni with you so maybe not making a fool of yourself is the right call so you just shrug and mumble that you’ll ask 
  • johnny’s grin returns and he quickly takes something out of his back pocket,,,,,which you realize is a scrap of notebook paper with a number scrawled on it
  • and he’s like i make this in case i find people on the street i want to cast,,,,,text me if the owner says yes!!! ill keep the spot open for you and -
  • he motions to mr.squiggles in your hands and you go “oh his name is mr. squiggles” and johnny bursts into cheerful laughter like “that’s PERFECT!! ill be waiting for your message”
  • and with that he’s off,,,,,you left holding the dog and the paper with his number and thinking to yourself that,,,,maybe johnny will just,,,,,,,,,,forget?
  • i mean he probably doesnt even know you go to the same uni,,,,,you reason as you put mr.squiggles down and go back to your walk
  • ,,,,,,out of curiosity though when you return him to his owners you ask ,,,,, would they let him be in a movie some time and the owner claps their hands together and is like ofc!!!! mr.squiggles is a born STAR!!!!! why is a friend of yours looking -
  • and you’re like nope no im just asking see you next saturday
  • come monday you’ve basically forgot about the whole thing,,,convinced johnny is popular enough to find other people to act for him
  • when you’re waiting in line to get coffee at the cafe and someone goes “hey!!!! what did mr.squiggle’s parents say?”
  • and it’s,,,,loud so everyone turns to look at you because mr.squiggles-?
  • and you’re like,,,what who??? only to see johnny standing behind you in line and you’re like oh myGOD
  • and he’s like “i knew id seen you before!!! cool that we go to the same school, so can you guys do it-?”
  • and you’re like “o,,,oh they said n-no so im sorry but-”
  • johnny clicks his tongue but waves his hand and is like nO SWEAT we can find another dog you walk dogs right????? do you think anyone else would be cool with it??
  • and you’re like dogs? what are dogs? idk any dogs? ahahahah
  • but johnny is like you told me you walk dogs,,,,,right??? im sure someone is ok with having their pup on screen plus it’s for a class so really-
  • your turn to order comes up and you quickly spout it out just to be like “oh, im sorry i have to go-” to johnny
  • rushing over to the pick up counter and thankfully,,,,a small black coffee is fast to make,,,,so you grab it and johnny makes a point to try and call out to you but you’re like class!!!! gtg!!!!
  • and with that you’re gone,,,,,looking solemnly down at the coffee in your hand and crinkling your nose because the last time you drank coffee was the last time you had a math final in high school
  • but also,,,,,why did johnny have to remember??? why did you have to bump into him???? what kind of weird coincidence???
  • but also you’re sure you’re off the hook this time,,,,like you told him mr.squiggles was unavailable and it wasnt like your classes ever clashed with film majors so you were home free
  • but,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you weren’t
  • a couple of days later johnny saw you in the library,,, asking again if you were up for the part
  • unenthusiastically you explained that all the dog owners said no so,,,,,,and johnny said it was fine again that he knew some people with dogs so-
  • but you ducked out of there again saying you had a study group to meet up with
  • another time you were on the quad and johnny sat down next to you,,,,asking how you were and if you weren’t busy to talk
  • once again you checked your phone and pretended to take a call
  • and honestly,,,,,,you don’t know WHY you can’t just tell him you can’t act- or more like you don’t want to act
  • because you’re convinced he can find someone else so easily that the pursuant asking you ,,,,, you just didn’t get it
  • not until you overhear a couple of people talking about how they’ve never seen johnny hold out for this long,,,,,usually he’s the first one to start filming ,,,,, but something is taking him so long this time
  • and with a slightly guilty conscious you take out your phone,,,the paper with johnny’s number is still tucked in your wallet and you fish it out too,,,inputting it and typing out a text
  • ‘im sorry ive avoided you about this, but im not a,,,,,,,im not an actor. i dont want to mess up your movie so i hope someone else can be the better fit’.
  • you send it,,,,,hoping you weren’t being to blunt but an hour later your phone lights up and johnny’s reply is ‘that’s ok! im sorry for bothering you, it was really uncool of me to keep chasing you - i didn’t know you were uncomfortable and i was being a douche. tell mr.sqiggles i still think he’s a star in the making!’
  • smiling down at the cute response and the line of dog emojis and stars you go back to your homework,,,,,but it’s a little hard because,,,,,,why’s johnny so much cuter to you all of a sudden
  • a couple of weeks go by and you stumble across what looks like a film set near the dog park you frequent on your job
  • and your entire pack starts tugging on their leashes in excitement and barking because of all the new people and cool looking cameras and you’re like “guys!!! calm down” 
  • and you notice someone turn around and it’s johnny??? he waves at you and you’re like “he-hey?? are you filming here??” and johnny nods and is like “it’s a little film im doing about a dog and their owner and they can like,,,,,,,talk to each other and the dog gossips about other dogs it’s kind of a comedy??? romance i guess”
  • and you’re like oo a romance featuring cute dogs cant go wrong with that and johnny is like exactly,,,,101 dalmatians,,,,,airbud - not romantic but dogs so
  • you giggle and you’re like well!! ill try to keep the kids from barking too much but!!
  • johnny grins and squats down,,, mr.squiggles running toward him like johnny’s been his owner for yEARS and licking his face and johnny is like it’s still a shame i couldn’t cast this lil guy
  • you smile,,,and johnny says he’s going to be filming for a bit but that it was nice talking
  • and you know,,, you go to the dog park and play a bit not noticing johnny whose struggling with the actors on set and some of the crew and usually johnny is really good with people 
  • but the way the lead isn’t getting along with the dog is stressing him out and at some point johnny is like “it’s fine, ill scrape this idea” and someone mentions that the deadline to hand it in is three days away and johnny is like “it doesn’t matter, i don’t think it’s going to work out and im not giving unfinished garbage to the professor.”
  • you look up seeing that most of the people are gone except for johnny and you pick up mr.squiggles and go over to him and you’re like “you look down,,,,,so i brought this guy to maybe help you smile?” 
  • johnny looks up from his head in his hands and gives a sad chuckle that you’ve never seen from him and you’re like whats wrong
  • and he’s like “i think,,,,im not going to be able to finish this.” and you’re like why not??? you had people here and stuff and he’s like sometimes things don’t work out
  • and you’re like do you have time?? and johnny mumbles that three days isn’t enough, even if the whole thing is fifteen minutes long
  • you see the defeat in his eyes,,,,which is hard to imagine since this is the johnny that never seems to give up
  • so with a tiny swallow you go “i,,,,,,,,,ill help. mr. squiggles too.”
  • johnny raise an eyebrow and shakes his head,,,,,saying that he can’t force you to help him, that’d be fucked up of him and you’re like you’re not!!!! consider it a change of heart
  • johnny motions to mr.squiggles and goes “didn’t their owners refuse-?” and you’re like “hahahah abOUT THAT,,,,,anyway what do we have to do??”
  • johnny explains the jist of the plot,,,,,you and mr.squiggles can understand each other and talk about the other dogs but you meet another owner who can speak to his dog too and you,,,,,basically fall in love
  • and you’re like giggling because ok,,,, a bit corny but u like it
  • and you’re like whose going to play the love interest?? and johnny looks around and is like i,,,, think im gonna have to do it because all the other footage is unusable. the dog tried to pee on the leads so -
  • and you’re like oh my gosh,,, well ok,,,,,,let’s try
  • to your surprise you’re not AS nervous in front of the camera as you thought
  • maybe because holding mr. squiggles calms you down or maybe it’s the way johnny is patient and encouraging 
  • but when all your individual cuts are done johnny is like “ok we have on thing left, where we meet and,,,,,well,,,,,,,mr. squiggles is supposed to tell you to ask me out” and you’re like oh,,, Oh,,, ok ,,,, well,, ahem
  • and johnny sets the camera to record and rushes over to sit beside you on the bench,,,pretending to look over at the other side of the park
  • and you’re like “oh,,,,shh ,,,, shh what? h- he isn’t cute???? i- what??? you want me to ask for his number???”
  • johnny turns around,,,putting his arm over the bench and going “are you talking to your dog?” and you jump a little almost forgetting the line and you’re like 
  • “i,,,,im not,,,,,” and johnny, effortlessly slides closer to you on the bench and is like “well, whoever told you to ask for my number is right - do you want it?”
  • feeling your cheeks glow red you nod and johnny is supposed to lean in closer but you’re kinda like !!! so you lift mr. squiggles up and he licks at johnny’s face and ,,,, after a moment you’re like im sorry!!!!! that wasn’t in the script
  • but johnny bursts into laughter and is like you know what,,,i think it’s a great ending shot 
  • you realize you’re close to having to drop the pups off so you gather mr. squiggles and tell johnny it was,,,,fun and that you hope he gets a good grade
  • johnny seems to want to say something,,, but you’re like im not avoiding you this time - i actually really need to go
  • and as you’re running back to get the rest of the dogs you hear him call out your name and he’s like “let me repay you with dinner sometime???” and you’re like “sounds good!!!”
  • after getting back to campus from work, you drop your things off in your dorm and you check your phone to see a text from johnny
  • ‘are you free tomorrow night?’ you smile,,,,thinking for a second and your roommate is like why do you look so happy - is it a date????? and you’re like WHAT,,,,,,NO,,,,,,,SHUTUP
  • but you say you are and the next night you meet up with johnny off campus and he’s telling you about this restaurant a friend of his opened and then you notice it,,,, the slight darkness under his eyes and you’re like johnny did you sleep??
  • and he’s like oh no i stayed up editing,,,, also this afternoon i had to help hyungsik with his shooting so 
  • and you’re like oh my god go home and sleep but he’s like no!! i gotta take you out and pay you for your help,,,,,and since i don’t have actual money please consider this food as payment
  • and you’re like shdlfkjds johnny and he’s like it’s good food,,,,,so???
  • even though he’s obviously tired,,, johnny still manages to keep up an exciting conversation and you try to get him to split the bill but he’s like nooooooo i am a respectful chicago gentleman 
  • and ur like ,,, does a respectful chicago gentleman try to mimic a parrot in a resturant and he’s like i see your point but let me live?
  • and johnny is ,,,, someone you never thought you’d hang out with one on one just because he’s bright and attracts attention 
  • and he’s a silly, handsome guy??? like???? getting near him seems like a feat but here you are,,, after diner walking to the arcade and johnny winning you a stuffed animal in one of those crane games but also completely losing to you in tekken 5
  • and you’re like,,,,, it’s nice to be like this with him and it’d be nice,,,,,,, to get to know him more
  • so you’re sad when the night ends and you guys are on your way back to uni on a crowded train and johnny keeps moving his body so no one is squishing up against you and it’s ,,,,,,,,, it is like a date but you refuse to let yourself cave to that mentality
  • but then as you get off at your stop, johnny’s hand slides into yours and it’s ,,,,, natural almost
  • and you get to campus and he’s like thanks for letting me take you out,,,and for being in my film
  • and you’re like haha,,, to quote you - no sweat!!! 
  • and it’s silent,,,but you’re still holding hands and you’re not quite sure what that means
  • until johnny goes “i don’t want to be awkward but - this was a date, right? can i call it a date?”
  • and you’re like OH WELL,,,,,,,,,um,,,,,,,,, and you’re like “i’d like if it was a date,,,,”
  • and johnny is like me too because then that means there can be more,,,,,dates,,,,,,,,for us,,,,,,,for me to take you on,,,,,,,,,am i making sense i feel like im not making sense
  • but you’re like!!!!! you are,,,,making sense,,,,,,
  • johnny grins and even in the nights dark light you can see the cute expression on his face and you’re like hey can you bend forward a little bit and he’s like oh?
  • and you lean up, kissing his cheek quickly before letting go of his hand and saying that you’ll see him ,,,, on the second date???
  • and you’re halfway across the quad to your dorm when you hear someone running behind you and you turn just to be tackled into a hug
  • and it’s johnny,,, you can tell by the way his hair tickles your cheeks and his frame is wide and he smells,,,,so distinct 
  • and he’s like “sorry,,i couldn’t wait till the second date,,,” and you’re like fldkjsde please,,,,
  • but it’s cute haha when he lets you go you guys wave goodbye and when you get home your roommate is like “ah, so how was the date?” and you’re like IT WASNT —- ok it was and it was amazing
  • dating johnny,,, is exactly what you all expect it to be
  • he’s an affection moNSTER and i mean that in the BEST way possible like he is FULL of love to give at ALL TIMES
  • forehead kisser extraordinaire 
  • showers you in compliments and talks about you to everyone he meets honestly the night after your first date ten,,,,,,in his pajamas half awake had to listen to johnny talk for exactly one hour and forty three minutes about everything that happened between you two and at the end of the night ten was like “i got it,,,,they sparkle like the stars in the sky ok can i go sleep- yes you told me about how they remind you of the best days of summer ok im going to sleep now jOHNNY SHUT UP”
  • for someone whose confident in their skills,,,, johnny got shy about showing you the end project of his film but when he did he was like “did you like it??” and you’re like yes!! im sorry for my bad acting also mr.squiggles says hi
  • and johnny is like tbh i love that dog and ur like more than me and he’s like yeah and ur like thats cool i love him more than i love you too
  • johnny: WHAT
  • you: dogs > boys, a cardinal rule
  • also you learned from jaehyun that the reason johnny stayed up all night to edit was because he was apparently watching the clips of you over and over again and being like they’re so cute,,,,
  • and you’re like no way
  • and jaehyun was like you don’t have to believe me but ten has a video and ten is like i do wanna see
  • and it’s true,,,,,johnny literally was sitting at his computer with the goofiest grin on his face looking at you like they’re adorable,,,, ft. ten’s snickering in the bg
  • johnny doesnt know ten took the video,,,, but when he found out he chased him across campus but tbh you just thought it was super cute of your boyfriend 
  • is tall and therefore whenever it rains he does this thing where he puts his hands over your head and is like “im ur umbrella” and you’re like ,,,,, im still getting wet and he’s like “,,,,,,,,,,listen im not a GOOD umbrella, but im YOUR umbrella” and you’re like oh my god you’re a dork that’s what you are and you’re my dork so it’s ok
  • johnny calls you love unironically and you’re like are you british or and he’s like WOW LET ME BE CUTE WITH YOU PLEASE 
  • once mark drew a flower on your wrist or something and johnny was like draw one on me too and mark was like why and johnny was like because we’re a couple mark and i want to match
  • im just saying johnny seo is a corny couple items guy like look at the man
  • thinks the most useless things are cute and buys them for you and you’re like johnny i didn’t really need this mickey mouse ice cream scooper and he’s like ok but it’s cute tho??? and ur like saVE YOUR MONEY YOUR MINOR IS BUSINESS And johnny is like IM TRYING IM AN IMPULSE SPENDER 
  • also everything cute just seemingly reminds him of you like the boy is heart eyes for you ok
  • probably a really loose-lipped drunk,,,,, honestly texts you like paragraphs about how he’s going to make a movie dedicated to you but the typing is l1k3 th*$ 
  • he’s late to dates a lot but not because he doesn’t care or something but because he’s always busy helping someone film and you don’t mind but you’re like johnny take a break and he’s like i will but also hyuk was telling me about this sci-fi animation he’s gonna do and he might need me-
  • and you just motion for him to open his mouth so you can put some food in it and you’re like shhh just eat first talk later (this is hard since johnny loves to talk,,,,,,,,,)
  • is dramatic about anniversaries and holidays but it’s romantic and cheesy like yes he bought you bear the same size as him for valentines day and YES he recited a monologue from ‘the notebook’ to you on your birthday because that’s who johnny is 
  • texts you about what outfit to wear and you’re like huh what is that and johnny is like im going though a hippie phase should i wear this tie-dye t-shirt OR this tie-dye t-shirt
  • and you’re like wear a white t-shirt right now johnny and put the tie-die away
  • him: but baby i-
  • you: right now. away.
  • asks you for updates on mr. squiggles and you once told the owner your boyfriend really likes their dog and the owner was DELIGHTED she invited johnny and you to dinner and it was,,,,,,the most funny thing
  • to see johnny get tipsy on wine and gush over movies from the thirties with this little old lady????? priceless 
  • johnny: you know she’s much older now but bettie davis was a hottie,,,,,
  • you: oh my god
  • johnny: i won’t lie,,,,,im still into john travolta the man hasn’t aged-
  • you: put the drink down
  • when you guys talk on the phone,,,,you’ve noticed that johnny’s voice gets lower at night and it’s really nice and you’ll never tell him because you know he’ll tease you but,,,,,,wow
  • speaking of other really nice things johnny had invited you over to his dorm while ten was away with family and you guys were supposed to use the blank wall and project some movies on it and cuddle
  • but at some point the movie was the last thing on your mind because johnny’s half-lidded eyes and lips spread apart are PRETTY hard to ignore
  • also johnny is such a,,,,,physical person that he knows what to do with his hands and his mouth and long story short you ended up tangled in mr seo
  • and only after did you realize that the movie was over and you were like ,,,,,, should i play another one
  • and johnny pulling you right back ontop of him was like no no there’s more important things to do
  • johnny is a show off when it comes to relationships so the next day doyoung was eating and was like whats that on your neck - you got a rash?
  • and johnny was like nah my s/o stayed the night and doyoung was like oh and mark choked on his rice
  • does this thing that when he’s thinking to fast he’ll switch from korean to english and then backtrack and translate what he said and sometime’s he’ll stutter over this or that
  • and you’re like johnny you’re so cute but gather your thougths you don’t alWAYS have to be talking
  • and he’s just like,,,,,,,,,,you’re right but tbh if im not talking what can my mouth be doing and you’re like rolling your eyes but you’re like “kissing me?”
  • and he grins like eXACTLY come here
  • you guys kiss a lot just so you know like wanna know something about johnny? he’d kiss you till you were breathless jot that down
  • you asked him where his backpack was once and johnny was like i dont carry one everythings in my head
  • and you’re like what about that test in finance that you’re gonna have and his eyes got wide and he’s like i,,,,,,,,,,gtg get the notes off of someone see you later
  • told you his dream vacation isn’t chicago anymore,,,,like he wants to see his family so bad but he also wants to take a roadtrip with you and see you under all those stars beside him
  • and you were like we should do it sometime but i have a feeling we’d open the trunk and ten would be there
  • also you know this conversation has happened like one too many times
  • ten: you know, if you two have kids i want to be the godfather
  • you: what if we don’t, what if we adopt a cat or something
  • ten: then i want to be the godfather of the cat duh
  • you:
  • johnny: you know it ten, we’re brothers for life come and hug me
  • as silly and as romantic and fun as johnny is,,,,,he’s still got some reservations about himself and sometimes he jokingly,,,,mentions that it must be hard to love someone like him - always making mistakes or saying something embarrassing
  • but you always assure him that people aren’t supposed to be perfect, that you think he’s damn near close to it and you wouldn’t stop loving him over things that are only human
  • but if he does call you banana pumpkin angel in front of your friends again- and johnny is like fine fine ill stop using fruits for petnames,,,,,,,,,,,,my cherry sunshine universe and you’re like WHY do you INSIST ON BEING SO CORNY
  • and he’s like dont’ you love it though???? secretly??? just a little
  • and you’re like,,,,,,,,,,,fine yes i do god no wonder you’re a film major your brain is TOO Creative for it’s own good
  • johnny kissing up your arms to tickle you and make you feel better when you’re sad
  • also johnny would completely 100% let you borrow his sweaters and even if you’re wearing one just because it’s comfy and you have study hall 
  • he’d lean over to the person beside you two and be like “they’re wearing my clothes, don’t they look cute?” and the person is like ???? and you’re pulling johnny back over to you by the ear and you’re like boy
  • calls up the uni radio and requests that they play your favorite song every weekend without failure
  • and you’ll hear it and even if you’re not with johnny you can feel your heart burst because he’s the kind of boyfriend that remembers the smallest little details and shows you his love whenever he can
  • and there’s nothing better than having someone adore you like johnny seo adores you 

doyoung | jaehyuntaeyong | yuta | bangtan | vixx | monsta x | got7 + kard + amber | seventeen


my dream is to look like a fashionable eighties dad as a teenager at all times

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you're so cute <3 can i get scenarios where Bakugou and Todoroki (seperate) s/o is late to school, and they're never late. They won't reply to their texts, Half way through class, everybody looks over as the door slowly opens and s/o walks in covered in head to toe with blood and bruises, tries to take a step into the classroom before passing out? (By a villian) Reactions? Angst possibly eeee. Maybe floof You write characters so in character I wish I could too!! I'm always SO ooc ): thank you!!

*hides my flustered face* ahhh…tysm but I-Im not c-cute, you are <3

btw, I only accept one character per scenario request. So, I’m sorry, my bby, Todorki.

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I was tagged by @heonseoks for the selfie bias thing and here it is weeks later 💖

Do I even have a real bias?? Who knows?? Taehyung has just been ruining my life a lot lately 💞💖

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Have a good look because I’m deleting this later~!!💞💖

they’re dating and nobody can tell me otherwise


The most beautiful girl ive ever met gave me flowers on our date today and i swooned

moon-stars-galaxies-deactivated  asked:

RFA(+V and Saeran) go with MC to get a new piercing/tattoo. Discovers they are a regular AND they have multiple tattoos (considering that most MC art has long sleeves and such, I could believe their shock XD)

A/N: I really want tattoos, I just need to actually go and talk to people for them aaa ^^;; ~Admin 404


           -You were such a gamer nerd, just like him!!!

           -That’s why you two bond so well!!! (Well besides personality wise, of course)

           -He wanted to solidify his love for his LOLOL character with a small tattoo! Since he was so nervous about it, you decided to go with him!

           -The moment you walked into the parlor, all of the artists call out to you and say hello

           - ????? Cue confused Yoosung

           -“MC? Are they old friends of yours?”

           -“Oh, yeah! They’re the ones who did my tattoos! That’s how I know you can trust them!”

           -?????????? CUE MORE CONFUSED YOOSUNG

           -Begs you to show him your tattoos before he gets his own so he can really trust that they’ll do a good job totally not just because he wants to see them all So you roll up your sleeves and show him the two tattoos you have on your upper forearms- One of which was a small health potion, and the other a small mana potion

           -!!!!!!!!!!!!! “MC!!!!!! THEY’RE SO CUTE!!!! I’M SO READY TO GET MINE!!! Should we get matching ones???” maybe some other time yoosungie lmao


           -Tattoos are really hard for him to get because he’s an actor and does nude scenes, wink wonk

           -So! He decides to go for double ear piercings!

           -He knows a guy who does them from his old days as a part of a biker gang, so he decided to go there!

           -Wanted to surprise you, so he had you meet him at the parlor!!

           -The moment you walked in, his friend greeted you???

           -Like, he knows he talks a lot about you but??? How did he know what you looked like?? He didn’t take out his phone to show him any selfies of the two of you yet!

           -His friend explained that he knew you because he’s done a few piercings on you

           -???? You have piercINGS YOU DIDN’T TELL HIM ABOUT???

           -“Yeah! I’ve got my nose pierced! I’ve also got my belly button, and tongue done, too! I just haven’t worn any jewelry lately”

           -“…When… we get home can… can you show them to me? I just want to see how they look, you know, to decide if I want them as well” totally not because it’lL MAKE HIM RELEASE THE BEAST, OH SHIT WADDUP MC


           -She’d always wanted to rebel and get a tattoo

           -They aren’t part of the dress code….but if she gets one where Jumin can’t see…it can’t hurt, right??

           -So she asks you to help her find a parlor!

           -You take her to one you’ve been to for your three tattoos, though, you didn’t….tell her that part.

           -So when you walked in and talked to the workers like old friends, she was extremely confused???

           -She kept quiet about it though, and decided to ask you about it in private ‘cause if she was reading too much into it, she didn’t want to offend you or anything!!

           -You helped her so much during her aftercare! You knew exactly what to do!

           -………..why did you know exactly what to do? JAEHEE.EXE HAS UNEXPECTEDLY STOPPED WORKING

           -You noticed her confusion, and decided to show her your tattoos- one of the Deathly Hallows symbol on your wrist, the simplistic stack of books on your hip, and a small arrow on the back of your neck

           -“MC these… are very expressive of your interests. I really like them. I wish you would have shown me them before! I think I’d like to get a similar one..” baehee and matching tattoos omg


           -Why did you talk him into this

           -HOW did you talk him into this?

           -Now he’s on his way to a tattoo parlor you had suggested and he wants to turn right around and go back home

           -Though, you did have a point. Getting a tattoo in honor of Elizabeth the Third would be nice..

           -But why did the workers know your name? Why are they talking to you like they’re familiar with you?

           -??? MC, explain

           -He also kept quiet until the two of you got home, when he decided to confront you

           -You showed him the heart tattoo over your actual heart, the few snowflakes dancing along your collar bone, and told him about the two bows on your thighs

           -Wasn’t really into tattoos before but holy shiT!! He had to loosen his tie and take a few deep breaths

           -“I see. I cannot believe you hid these from me until now. Well. It looks like I’ll have to find those bows on my own…”


           -Can you imagine how happy this guy would be to get a tattoo!!

           -He’s finally gotten out of his old agency, so he can finally get something that counts as “distinctive”!

           - no saeyoung you cant get a ufo on your ass LMAO OKAY BUT I TOLD ADMIN 626 I WAS GONNA GET ONE AND GOT SHUT DOWN

           -“MC! Go with me and hold my hand, I’m scared <3”

           -wow okay, weenie

           -Okay but MC all these people know you, whY?

           -One guy tells him about doing your tongue piercing

           -Another talks about the extremely detail line of moon phases he did between your shoulders

           -!!!! Immediately makes you show him at home!! Likes your piercing and likes to play with it when he french kisses you stop you’re gonna rip it

           -“MC, I think one of my favourite things to do is kiss every single one of those moons until I can convey how much I love you to the moon and back hA okay sorry”


           -Gotta get a cartilage ear piercing

           -For the Aesthetic TM

           -Please accompany me and document the moment for me??“

           -okay but how can you say no to the cinnamon roll? you can’t

           -One of the artists at the parlor strikes up a conversation with you while you’re waiting for his turn and asks how your tattoo’s been

           -“Your tattoo? MC? You have a tattoo?”

           -Sheepishly tell him you have a large dragon down your whole side

           - 404, V not found

           -Asks if you can show him at home! Don’t pull your shirt up in public! He love love loves the intricate detail and vivid colours! IMMEDIATELY SETS UP A SHIRTLESS PHOTOSHOOT but only if you’re comfortable

           -Loves tracing every line of it when you two are laying together, won’t stop until he’s touched every part


           -Baby already has a tattoo and hates it

           -So, you recommend a parlor that can cover up tattoos really well!

           -Ooooookay but why do you know that MC

           -You have to drag him to the parlor because??? People???

           -“Ayo, MC! Haven’t seen you for a while! How’s the recent tat been holdin’ up?”

           -MC, your recent whAT


           -Honestly pouts until you show him! Really, he doesn’t talk to you the whole time and won’t talk at home until you show him

           -So, you show him a cute little compass you have on your wrist, the cute half wolf- half tribal one on your shoulder buT HOLY SHIT THE ONE ON YOUR HIP MAKES YOU LOOK LIKE THERE’S INTRICATE CARVINGS IN YOU??? HOW its called an illusion sweetheart, its okay

           -“You… didn’t tell me. MC. What else have you been hiding? Looks like I’m going to have to find out myself. Though, I’m going to have to deal with these first…” lenny face, wiggles eyebrows, bow chicka wow wow okay i’ll go now

Poofy Hayor (Hair) ft. Hoseok (Jhope)

“hobi can you come home now? you’ve been gone since this morning and now it’s almost nine o'clock.” you pouted, while sitting alone in your empty house.

he let out a huge sigh of relief. this was the sixth time you called him today and everytime you called him he would tell you that he couldn’t come home because he was trying to get a choreography right but now, he could.

“im on my way after i take a quick shower, i love you.”

“bring food!..and i love you too.” you stopped yourself from almost hanging up without telling him you loved him back.

you were hungry and bored. the only resolution to this problem was hoseok of course. he was the most cute, energetic, warm, positive and caring boyfriend that you had ever had.

he would kiss you any chance he got, cuddle with you, tell you how beautiful you are on a daily basis, ask cute little questions about your culture, buy you whatever you want, and overall be the best, most influential person that you had in your life.

“y/n im home!” hoseok yelled out into the quite home.

“hobi!” you were in the bathroom, moisturizing your hair and singing songs to kill time.

you rushed to the living room, forgetting about the other side of your head. hoseok was home and that’s all that mattered at the moment. you quickly found your boyfriend and jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his small waist.

“somebody missed me a lot.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around you to keep you up after placing the take-out box on the table.

he planted a few random kisses all over your face before actually kissing your lips and plopping down on the couch.

you straddled him, examining his facial features. he looked tired and that worried you, so you crawled off of him. that only made him frown, but you didn’t notice it.

“why’d you get off?” he asked.

“you seem tired.” you replied, sitting on the floor and opening up the food.

“well, you’re right…i am but that doesn’t mean that i don’t want you…” he didn’t know how to finish the sentence, which made you admire his cuteness even more.

“you’re not eating?” you asked.

“mmm, no i’m alright.” he gave you a reassuring smile, still thinking about how embarrassing his little moment was.

you hid your urge to laugh and started eating. for the whole ten minutes, hoseok stared at you. smiling a little here and there while watching your hair plop down when you leaned over into the plate. he also smiled when you’d lick your fingers, he loved watching you enjoy your food. he loved feeding you.

“you’re full now aren’t you?” he asked, while laughing a little at how your stomach had grew a little bigger due to the meal.

“duh look at me hobi! im-” you were interrupted by a sudden burp that made you cover your face in embarrassment and hoseok laugh his ass off, dramatically hopping around in the chair.

“you’re cute y/n.” he tugged on your hair. “your hair is so cool.”

“i know, you tell me everyday.” you sat down beside him.

he pulled you closer, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “i know you’re tired, so how about you lay your head in my lap? i’ll play with your hair.”

“you just wanna play in it don’t you? all you have to do is ask me hobi.” you squinted your eyes, making him pucker his lips and look away.

“okay you caught me…i…want to play in your hair. it’s so pretty, i love it.” he smiled.

you nodded and got up to go back to the bathroom to get the hair moisturizer. might as well make him do it.

“here, put some of this on the right side. then you can do whatever you want.” you handed him the pink bottle and sat on the floor between his legs.

you felt like a little girl getting her hair done again. the way he softly finger combed through your hair, reminded you of those days where you could just sit and fall asleep because it felt so good.

“you know one of the pros that i have of dating you?” hoseok asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

“ooh what?” you were curious to know if it was gonna be serious or funny. because he was so unpredictable.

“if you ever got lost, i could find you fast because your hair stands out. it’s the prettiest out of them all. it’s black and poofy and curly and just unique!” he leaned over and kissed your forehead.

although he would always compliment you and your hair, it never got old hearing it. everytime, you were a blushing mess for him. but you pretended to be annoyed.

“baby you’re seriously more in love with my hair than me!” you nudged his leg.

he dramatically gasped, with his hand on his chest and everything. “that’s a lie! how can i not be more in love with you? you’re so cute and intelligent, you take care of me and you’re my number one fan. and lastly, did i mention that your skin is the sexiest thing to ever be created? you’re my girlfriend, my beautiful girlfriend with daebak* hair.”

“thanks but did you really have be to add that hair part in it?” you giggled as you got up to your feet.

“yes, now…for the last time, i know that we’re both tired so let’s cuddle.” hoseok suggested.

you playfully sighed, climbing into his open arms and kissing his cheek. a few seconds later, you felt a hand roam around in your hair. you decided to say nothing and see how long he would do this.

eventually, you fell asleep due to the satisfaction. hoseok though, was still wide awake and he was definitely tired but he stared at you a little while longer before forcing himself to sleep.

“ahh i love you y/n.” he kissed your head and closed his eyes.


jhope playing w/ his (poc) significant other’s black poofy/curly hair.

*daebak (대박) literally means awesome or anything along those lines.


i just started reading part 4 and im deep into josuyasu hell

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I saw something about tim with a gap tooth(i never noticed i had one untill i saw my friend’s smiles compared to mine an im 21 xD also made this realization when i had just woke up lmao) an what if he never noticed it until one day he’s looking through family photos an sees it. And the first thing he does is run into the room with the others an is just like “IM THE ONLY ONE WHO DOESNT HAVE PERFECT TEETH WHY DIDNT YOU TELL ME”

Cass, gently holding Tim’s face: your teeth ARE perfect and very very cute don’t forget that

and can i just say, im tired of women feeling like they always need to conceal their flaws. what you hate about the way you look may be the very thing that so many people find beautiful. i used to hate my nose, its curved and crooked and unapologetic. i dont have a cute little button nose that every hollywood bombshell seems to have these days, but im okay with that. my nose is the nose my ancestors have, its the nose my grandmother had, its proud and strong just like me. and i there are still days where i hate it, but its part of what gives my face character and i still think im pretty with it. loving the way you look is a radical notion in a world that tells you the way you are is never enough. 

Raughy Appreciation Post

First date…. peep Ross’s hand on John…. RIP in peace

“lush” according to ross…. yeah okay bye they’re in love


“Naaaaaaaawww” is right bitch this is cute as hell and i’m Emo thx

…..I’m literally speechless… when i saw this video my face cleared up,, the sun started shining,,, i found $20 in my pocket,, this video saved my life bye

first of all bitch… who gave u the RIght to stick your tongue out hoe… who gave u the RIhgt to be sunburnt John????????? oh and btw raughy is on a date in this pic too and nobody can tell me otherwise

i mean… we all knew ross was daddy but… why they gotta share all they private business like this… :/// JK IM LIVINGGGG THANK YOU GOD

this…is so fucking pure…… so beautiful…. they are on another date… being in love… 

in conclusion… raughy is so real and pure and beautiful and i’m crying and so are you *mic drop*

nintendozombie  asked:

thespian!jeremy and art student!michael meeting because one of them accidentally tripped on michael's art supplies (lets be real. hes not a guy who keeps his stuff in order) and got paint all over themselves and/or the other one in the process and oh man this is awkward but you look kinda cute with paint smudges on your face but i'd never actually tell you because im a NERD who doesnt like DEALING with my FEELINGS

fUCK do you guys just like sending me cute scenarios to make my aus actual Things

but yeah michael def does not have his paints organized or anything,, jeremy’s pacing back and forth trying to memorize lines and accidentally walks a lil bit too far and trips all over michael’s paint set