look at my face and tell me im cute

y’all i got astory to tell. Remember the Kylie Jenner challenge, course y’all do, because us black people were laughing they asses off cause white people was ruining they lips, so anyways, i was in 8th grade, wasnt that long ago, only a year ago, ain’t nobody noticed my lips before fam, so i go into first period, let me tell y’all i was the only black girl their in that class and like 2 other black boys in their, and im sitting in a group with 3 white girls and 1 black boy, we doing some language arts shit reading and what not, and i have this habit of resting bitch face, and my lips get all pouty plump and they be looking REAL cute. Like i kind of got them baby lips, so while I’m trying to get work done, because i wanna get it done fast and all i hear is 

and im just sitting like, “The fuck going on?” and the two other white girls just looked excited for some reason, and im just so confused. And they got big ole smiles on they fucking face and they ask me, “OMG your lips are so big, how did you get them like that, did you do the Kylie Jenner Challenge.” AND Y’ALL, i just sit there silent, i look at the black boy at the group and we just stare at them

and we just talking with our eyes like, “Is they serious my nigga.” “I think they are, just play along with them.” “But they stupid” “Just do it” “Aight”

So I look them straight in they eyes despite me being shy and having social anxiety smiling and tell them..

“Actually, no, I was actually born with these lips, so why would I need to do a challenge like that when my lips are natural.”

And they just got this awkward smile on they faces and they drop the conversation, and it got all quiet at the table and I felt so proud of myself y’all.

Im supposed to be writing but im going out soon and had to put makeup on to look like a somewhat decent person and ended up taking selfies so hi

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ok gay storytime is here: i got sent on a service project with a really lovely girl (with a really cute accent, her family's from spain) and she kept holding my hand and brushing my hair out of my face and on the bus ride home she fell asleep on my shoulder with the sun lighting up her face and i still blush whenever i see her, she's kind and sweet and when she talks to me sometimes she looks me in the eye and rests her hand on my leg and OOF girls are good

that is….beyond a doubt….the gayest and most beautiful story ive ever heard!!! what the FONK that is honestly a dream sunlight and girls???? SUNSETS AND GIRLS??? THAT GLOW???????!!!! omg when they have eyelash shadows on the apples of their cheeks…PLEASE

Thank you anon!! its just over 200 now and im like crying this is amazing ;-; ive combined these bc theyre pretty similar i hope thats okay!! (also lev finally woop! now someone ask me about bokuto bc he is the bae of my heart)

Daichi wouldn’t be one to make fun of their height or comment on it at all, he’d just think they were really cute. He’d feel more inclined to protect them, despite their protests in telling him they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves. He’d love the feeling of them burying their face in his chest when they hug.

Suga would be inclined to hug them a lot and call them cute, as long as he knew they didn’t mind him doing so. He’d like to pet their head a lot too, it would become a habit with him. He’d also like to give them nose boops. 

Asahi would cuddle them a lot. To him they would fit perfectly in his arms. He’d love the feeling of their small hand in his own. It overwhelms him with affection and he’d want nothing more than to hold them tight and keep them safe forever.

Noya would think they are the absolute perfect height for him. He could easily kiss and hug them and he got to see someone look up at him, what more could he ask for. But If someone so much as says a word about their height (in comparison to his own or just in general) he will flip out.

Tanaka finds it so adorable when they go on their tiptoes and tug on his shirt to make him lean down to kiss them. If they are watching a film or playing games he will always make them sit on his lap because they fit there so well. He’d also let them stand on his feet when they get tired and walk the both of them around.

Ennoshita would always be there to get things from high shelves for them. He’d love to stand behind them and have them tilt their head up to kiss him. He’d also try to make sure no one bumps into them and that they are safe, he won’t tell them in case it annoys them but he’d be looking out for them.

Hinata would be chuffed that he was able to rest his head on theirs, and take full advantage of it. He’d also like to try and pick them, he’d wrap his arms around their waist and hoist them up against him, pecking them on the lips. 

Kageyama would probably say things like “You should eat this to grow taller” without realising that it would upset or annoy them, he was just trying to be helpful. But he wouldn’t mind their height at all. He’ll admit, the way they have tilt their whole head to look up at him was adorable.

Tsukishima would definitely call them his ‘strawberry short cake’. He would tease them about their height a lot, but woe to the person that dares make single comment. Tsukki won’t tolerate anyone but himself teasing them and would become very defensive. He likes to rest his elbow on their shoulder or head to annoy them.

Yamaguchi would love running his hands through their hair or just holding a hand to their head as they pressed their face into his chest. He thought it was so cute when they rested their chin on his chest to look up at him. He’d like to hold them close to him by their waist or hand when they are out so that no one will knock into them.

Kenma wouldn’t treat them any differently than he would a taller s/o. To him it just means he’d have to look down at them to speak rather than up, which he quite likes. He also likes that he can easily go in for eskimo kisses and then hide his face in their hair.

Lev would squeeze their cheeks like a baby when he teases them, and laugh at every little glare they send his way. He’d like to loosly wrap his arms around their neck from behind and lean his head on top of theirs, it gives him great comfort. He’d also try to pick them up a lot, saying that bending down when he wants to kiss them is a bother. If they don’t like that he’ll go on his knees to kiss them instead.

I'll Pay You For Cuddles

Request: IM HAVING SO MUCH MICHAEL FEELS SO can you make one where He’s like in that cuddle mood and he’s just super clingy it’s adorable !

“You look cute today,” Michael said as he layed on the bed next to me. I could tell his eyes were on me, but I didn’t turn my face to look at him.

“Thanks,” I mumbled as I went on Instagram. Michael sighed, but I ignored him.

“You won’t ask how my day went?” He muttered as I liked my friend’s picture.

“How was your day?” I replied, still looking at my phone. It only earned me a sigh from Michael. He kept his eyes on me for a few minutes and I went on another app.

“Hey,” I said with an high-pitched voice when Michael poked my side with his finger. I moved away from him a little bit, but it didn’t stop him from poking my cheek this time. “Please stop,” I whined, looking at him for a second.

“I want cuddles,” he stated as he tried to wrap his arm around my waist but I moved as far away from him as I could.

I concentrated on my phone but it was hard to do so with Michael constantly poking me.

“Stop,” I whined.

“I’ll pay you for cuddles,” he suggested and I rolled my eyes.

“I’ll pay you to stop poking me,” I replied, clearly annoyed.

He stayed silent for a while and he even stopped poking me. After a good ten minutes, I glanced at him. His eyes were still on me after all this time and he had a small pout on his face. Without even thinking about it, I locked my phone and put it on my night table.

“What?” I asked as I turned on my side to look at him.

“I had a long day and I was excited to get back home so that I could be with you, but…” He mumbled as he looked into my eyes, looking disappointed. His eyes made me feel guilty, creating a weird feeling in my stomach. I thought about giving him a sad smile, but that wasn’t what Michael needed.

“So how much will you pay me for cuddles?” I asked and he chuckled. His arm finally wrapped around my waist, my face nuzzled in his neck. “I might be a bad girlfriend, but I do love you,” I whispered before I left a light kiss on his skin.

He sigh laughed, tightening his embrace, “You’re not a bad girlfriend at all,” he replied with a soft voice. “And I love you too.”


the signs as stuff my friends texted me
  • Taurus: My senior quote should just be "ass"
  • Gemini: Welp ha i gootchu
  • Cancer: (605) 475-6968 when a fuckboy calls you tell them to call this number
  • Virgo: The weeknd๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
  • Libra: when u realize u have to wake up at 5:45am for 9 more months
  • Scorpio: cute or am i being creepy
  • Sagittarius: i went on vine and all i saw was kats revines of leo d and river
  • Capricorn: i saw a guy in lunch and he looked like young corey feldman
  • Aquarius: ur winky face is scaring me
  • Pisces: damn hit me up with that
  • (I was bored oops sorry)
Exo Reacting to flirting with you, but you being a Lesbian and dating one of the F(x) Girls.

This is for Annonymous. Thank you for requesting :) Hope all of you like it :)


“Oh Okay. Thank you for telling me honestly.” *bowing*

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“Oh, really.” *pounty baby*

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“So youre the Girl Amber always talks about!” *shy laughing*

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“Luna is better than me? How?” *angry and sassy suho*

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“Now that I look at it, you two are a cute couple.” *lay approves*

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“Okay Sulli, me and you, outside. Now!” *ready to fight*

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“Thats okay, thats okay. No its not!”

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*fells like he was hit in the face*

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“Oh my, thats so emberessing.”

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“Does Victoria have a lollipop for you?” *trying to get you with candy*

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“I guess Im not as pretty as Krystal.”


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*laying head on seungris chest* “Yeah she was so mean to me.”