look at my face and tell me im cute


i cant stop crying over this gif please look at how happy they both are,,, they really make each other So Happy and full of joy i am.. so.. SOFT !!! like look how scrunched up jinyoungs face is and he goes to cover his face but he’s like nvm the love of my life is coming towards me so im gonna pull him over!!!! and marks smile is so wide too like i just !!!! love markjin!!!!! if u couldnt tell!!!!! jinyoung puts his arm around him to hug nd mark falls instead n Its just so. cute. and truly so pure i feel cleansed

they’re dating and nobody can tell me otherwise

and can i just say, im tired of women feeling like they always need to conceal their flaws. what you hate about the way you look may be the very thing that so many people find beautiful. i used to hate my nose, its curved and crooked and unapologetic. i dont have a cute little button nose that every hollywood bombshell seems to have these days, but im okay with that. my nose is the nose my ancestors have, its the nose my grandmother had, its proud and strong just like me. and i there are still days where i hate it, but its part of what gives my face character and i still think im pretty with it. loving the way you look is a radical notion in a world that tells you the way you are is never enough. 

Poofy Hayor (Hair) ft. Hoseok (Jhope)

“hobi can you come home now? you’ve been gone since this morning and now it’s almost nine o'clock.” you pouted, while sitting alone in your empty house.

he let out a huge sigh of relief. this was the sixth time you called him today and everytime you called him he would tell you that he couldn’t come home because he was trying to get a choreography right but now, he could.

“im on my way after i take a quick shower, i love you.”

“bring food!..and i love you too.” you stopped yourself from almost hanging up without telling him you loved him back.

you were hungry and bored. the only resolution to this problem was hoseok of course. he was the most cute, energetic, warm, positive and caring boyfriend that you had ever had.

he would kiss you any chance he got, cuddle with you, tell you how beautiful you are on a daily basis, ask cute little questions about your culture, buy you whatever you want, and overall be the best, most influential person that you had in your life.

“y/n im home!” hoseok yelled out into the quite home.

“hobi!” you were in the bathroom, moisturizing your hair and singing songs to kill time.

you rushed to the living room, forgetting about the other side of your head. hoseok was home and that’s all that mattered at the moment. you quickly found your boyfriend and jumped into his arms, wrapping your legs around his small waist.

“somebody missed me a lot.” he chuckled, wrapping his arms around you to keep you up after placing the take-out box on the table.

he planted a few random kisses all over your face before actually kissing your lips and plopping down on the couch.

you straddled him, examining his facial features. he looked tired and that worried you, so you crawled off of him. that only made him frown, but you didn’t notice it.

“why’d you get off?” he asked.

“you seem tired.” you replied, sitting on the floor and opening up the food.

“well, you’re right…i am but that doesn’t mean that i don’t want you…” he didn’t know how to finish the sentence, which made you admire his cuteness even more.

“you’re not eating?” you asked.

“mmm, no i’m alright.” he gave you a reassuring smile, still thinking about how embarrassing his little moment was.

you hid your urge to laugh and started eating. for the whole ten minutes, hoseok stared at you. smiling a little here and there while watching your hair plop down when you leaned over into the plate. he also smiled when you’d lick your fingers, he loved watching you enjoy your food. he loved feeding you.

“you’re full now aren’t you?” he asked, while laughing a little at how your stomach had grew a little bigger due to the meal.

“duh look at me hobi! im-” you were interrupted by a sudden burp that made you cover your face in embarrassment and hoseok laugh his ass off, dramatically hopping around in the chair.

“you’re cute y/n.” he tugged on your hair. “your hair is so cool.”

“i know, you tell me everyday.” you sat down beside him.

he pulled you closer, and wrapped his arm around your shoulder. “i know you’re tired, so how about you lay your head in my lap? i’ll play with your hair.”

“you just wanna play in it don’t you? all you have to do is ask me hobi.” you squinted your eyes, making him pucker his lips and look away.

“okay you caught me…i…want to play in your hair. it’s so pretty, i love it.” he smiled.

you nodded and got up to go back to the bathroom to get the hair moisturizer. might as well make him do it.

“here, put some of this on the right side. then you can do whatever you want.” you handed him the pink bottle and sat on the floor between his legs.

you felt like a little girl getting her hair done again. the way he softly finger combed through your hair, reminded you of those days where you could just sit and fall asleep because it felt so good.

“you know one of the pros that i have of dating you?” hoseok asked, breaking the comfortable silence.

“ooh what?” you were curious to know if it was gonna be serious or funny. because he was so unpredictable.

“if you ever got lost, i could find you fast because your hair stands out. it’s the prettiest out of them all. it’s black and poofy and curly and just unique!” he leaned over and kissed your forehead.

although he would always compliment you and your hair, it never got old hearing it. everytime, you were a blushing mess for him. but you pretended to be annoyed.

“baby you’re seriously more in love with my hair than me!” you nudged his leg.

he dramatically gasped, with his hand on his chest and everything. “that’s a lie! how can i not be more in love with you? you’re so cute and intelligent, you take care of me and you’re my number one fan. and lastly, did i mention that your skin is the sexiest thing to ever be created? you’re my girlfriend, my beautiful girlfriend with daebak* hair.”

“thanks but did you really have be to add that hair part in it?” you giggled as you got up to your feet.

“yes, now…for the last time, i know that we’re both tired so let’s cuddle.” hoseok suggested.

you playfully sighed, climbing into his open arms and kissing his cheek. a few seconds later, you felt a hand roam around in your hair. you decided to say nothing and see how long he would do this.

eventually, you fell asleep due to the satisfaction. hoseok though, was still wide awake and he was definitely tired but he stared at you a little while longer before forcing himself to sleep.

“ahh i love you y/n.” he kissed your head and closed his eyes.


jhope playing w/ his (poc) significant other’s black poofy/curly hair.

*daebak (대박) literally means awesome or anything along those lines.

Raughy Appreciation Post

First date…. peep Ross’s hand on John…. RIP in peace

“lush” according to ross…. yeah okay bye they’re in love


“Naaaaaaaawww” is right bitch this is cute as hell and i’m Emo thx

…..I’m literally speechless… when i saw this video my face cleared up,, the sun started shining,,, i found $20 in my pocket,, this video saved my life bye

first of all bitch… who gave u the RIght to stick your tongue out hoe… who gave u the RIhgt to be sunburnt John????????? oh and btw raughy is on a date in this pic too and nobody can tell me otherwise

i mean… we all knew ross was daddy but… why they gotta share all they private business like this… :/// JK IM LIVINGGGG THANK YOU GOD

this…is so fucking pure…… so beautiful…. they are on another date… being in love… 

in conclusion… raughy is so real and pure and beautiful and i’m crying and so are you *mic drop*


i just started reading part 4 and im deep into josuyasu hell

all the body positivity being about “you’re fat AND beautiful”/“you can have facial hair and be beautiful”/“acne doesnt mean you’re ugly” is nice and true but you know what id like to see more, and probably other people, too? that it’s okay to be ugly

i dont care about this “we’re all beautiful” stuff. some people are ugly, and telling us we’re still cute is useless? im an ugly kind of fat, i have an awful goatee that i cant always shave, and when my face is neutral i look like i eat babies for breakfast

i dont want people to tell me im beautiful bc i know its bs and they say this bc its what you say to people to be nice or to be positive. and i am pretty sure other people feel like this too. find something else to say or dont say anything.

if these posts help you it’s fine! i dont mean to say that they’re awful! i just mean that people shouldnt have to be seen as beautiful to be respected!

so: it’s okay to be ugly.

its okay to not care what you look like, & its okay to care a lot and still not manage to be anything but ugly.

you dont need to be beautiful to be allowed to be happy or loved or important, and you’re not worthless because you’re not beautiful!

y’all i got astory to tell. Remember the Kylie Jenner challenge, course y’all do, because us black people were laughing they asses off cause white people was ruining they lips, so anyways, i was in 8th grade, wasnt that long ago, only a year ago, ain’t nobody noticed my lips before fam, so i go into first period, let me tell y’all i was the only black girl their in that class and like 2 other black boys in their, and im sitting in a group with 3 white girls and 1 black boy, we doing some language arts shit reading and what not, and i have this habit of resting bitch face, and my lips get all pouty plump and they be looking REAL cute. Like i kind of got them baby lips, so while I’m trying to get work done, because i wanna get it done fast and all i hear is 

and im just sitting like, “The fuck going on?” and the two other white girls just looked excited for some reason, and im just so confused. And they got big ole smiles on they fucking face and they ask me, “OMG your lips are so big, how did you get them like that, did you do the Kylie Jenner Challenge.” AND Y’ALL, i just sit there silent, i look at the black boy at the group and we just stare at them

and we just talking with our eyes like, “Is they serious my nigga.” “I think they are, just play along with them.” “But they stupid” “Just do it” “Aight”

So I look them straight in they eyes despite me being shy and having social anxiety smiling and tell them..

“Actually, no, I was actually born with these lips, so why would I need to do a challenge like that when my lips are natural.”

And they just got this awkward smile on they faces and they drop the conversation, and it got all quiet at the table and I felt so proud of myself y’all.

Callout for @smoltinypumpkinchild

- like my favorite person ever
- too cute its illegal
- is the personification of the >: 3c face
-cute art!!! Way too cute!!!! Soft and round and good!!
- g ood writing omg
- always hypes me up??? Like i could probably be wearing a garbage bag and shed tell me im beautiful
- looks amazing in bright lipstick like wth
- she sends me animal pictures and flower pictures and says they reminded her of me and i cry on a daily basis bc of it
- i love her so much wth

Thank you anon!! its just over 200 now and im like crying this is amazing ;-; ive combined these bc theyre pretty similar i hope thats okay!! (also lev finally woop! now someone ask me about bokuto bc he is the bae of my heart)

Daichi wouldn’t be one to make fun of their height or comment on it at all, he’d just think they were really cute. He’d feel more inclined to protect them, despite their protests in telling him they are perfectly capable of looking after themselves. He’d love the feeling of them burying their face in his chest when they hug.

Suga would be inclined to hug them a lot and call them cute, as long as he knew they didn’t mind him doing so. He’d like to pet their head a lot too, it would become a habit with him. He’d also like to give them nose boops. 

Asahi would cuddle them a lot. To him they would fit perfectly in his arms. He’d love the feeling of their small hand in his own. It overwhelms him with affection and he’d want nothing more than to hold them tight and keep them safe forever.

Noya would think they are the absolute perfect height for him. He could easily kiss and hug them and he got to see someone look up at him, what more could he ask for. But If someone so much as says a word about their height (in comparison to his own or just in general) he will flip out.

Tanaka finds it so adorable when they go on their tiptoes and tug on his shirt to make him lean down to kiss them. If they are watching a film or playing games he will always make them sit on his lap because they fit there so well. He’d also let them stand on his feet when they get tired and walk the both of them around.

Ennoshita would always be there to get things from high shelves for them. He’d love to stand behind them and have them tilt their head up to kiss him. He’d also try to make sure no one bumps into them and that they are safe, he won’t tell them in case it annoys them but he’d be looking out for them.

Hinata would be chuffed that he was able to rest his head on theirs, and take full advantage of it. He’d also like to try and pick them, he’d wrap his arms around their waist and hoist them up against him, pecking them on the lips. 

Kageyama would probably say things like “You should eat this to grow taller” without realising that it would upset or annoy them, he was just trying to be helpful. But he wouldn’t mind their height at all. He’ll admit, the way they have tilt their whole head to look up at him was adorable.

Tsukishima would definitely call them his ‘strawberry short cake’. He would tease them about their height a lot, but woe to the person that dares make single comment. Tsukki won’t tolerate anyone but himself teasing them and would become very defensive. He likes to rest his elbow on their shoulder or head to annoy them.

Yamaguchi would love running his hands through their hair or just holding a hand to their head as they pressed their face into his chest. He thought it was so cute when they rested their chin on his chest to look up at him. He’d like to hold them close to him by their waist or hand when they are out so that no one will knock into them.

Kenma wouldn’t treat them any differently than he would a taller s/o. To him it just means he’d have to look down at them to speak rather than up, which he quite likes. He also likes that he can easily go in for eskimo kisses and then hide his face in their hair.

Lev would squeeze their cheeks like a baby when he teases them, and laugh at every little glare they send his way. He’d like to loosly wrap his arms around their neck from behind and lean his head on top of theirs, it gives him great comfort. He’d also try to pick them up a lot, saying that bending down when he wants to kiss them is a bother. If they don’t like that he’ll go on his knees to kiss them instead.

Onkey where Jinki is an artist and is always sketching something, and one of his favorite things to doodle are his boyfriend’s hands. Holding a teacup, laying on his leg, curled up by his face, cooking something. They’re just so pleasing to look at to him and sketching the long fingers he loves holding just makes him happy. Kibum doesn’t notice all the time right away, but once he does he’s always blushing and moving to stop him, but then Jinki is like yah im not done yet, and he stays still until he’s done and then he goes over and leans over Jinki, like excuse me did I tell you that you could draw me? 

And Jinki just smiles and kisses his nose all cutely like it’s not my fault you have pretty hands… you have pretty everything but I dont have a lot of big paper to draw all of you all the time.

Kibum groans and Jinki smiles because he’s pretty with the blush on his cheeks.