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Haechan Does Your Makeup Vlog’s Voiceover

Author: Admin Kay 

Artist: Haechan (NCT)

Genre: fluff, humor 

Length: Long enough to call it long

Requested by @gingerbreadhyuckie / @gxddammit (aka the person who motivated me to start this blog bc we would just spill our feels about donghyuck and i needed to write that ish down)

Based off: My Boyfriend Does My Voiceover Challenge (Rap Monster of BTS) 

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A/N: i live for this look i’m crying

  • ok so no one one requested for donghyuck to do this
  • he asked to do it
  • you filmed a really versatile look so you could wear it on a normal day or a fancy day 
  • he cant fuck it up right???
  • you were so wrong
  • ‘ok guys its me haechan and im gonna be telling u how this cutie uses magic to somehow get cuter’
  • *mimicking your voice* ‘hi guys this is y/n and im gonna show u how to be as cute as me’
  • ‘ok we’re gonna start with whatever it is that im holding up to the camera’
  • *normal voiced* ‘ok shes spreading the clear stuff all around her face’
  • ‘her face is squishy’

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♡ M A G C O N B O Y S ♡

Jack Gilinsky is a babe that can sing

Jack Johnson is a blond cutie

Aaron Carpenter ’s hair

Shawn Mendes has a voice of angel asdfghjk

Carter Reynolds is a part korean hottie omg

Mathew Espinosa looks like Dylan Sprouse but hotter

Taylor Canniff has the most attractive accent 

Nash Grier is a blue eyed babe

Cameron Dallas is my king and i love him too much

Picture He Tweets Of You

Hayes- @y/t/n doing the duck face. She’s a cutie tho!

Jack G- How hot is my girl?

Jack J- @y/t/n likes the water. Love ya babe.

Carter- My bae is rocking her red hair!

Sam- Me and @y/t/n getting ready to turn up!! Y’all ain’t ready!

Matt- @y/t/n hates her dimples, but look how cute she is with them!

Cam- Baby girl is too hot for me!

Nash- @y/t/n got her braces off today! She’s been smiling non-stop ever since!

Taylor- @y/t/n is looking hot af for our Anniversary dinner! Can’t wait til we get home ;) 

Jacob- She was kinda mad at me when I took this, but we’re all good now!

Shawn- Lmao at Y/N mean muggin the camera!

Dillon- Y/N and I are heading to the beach! Who wants to come?

Aaron- Science is not my thing so it’s good I have y/n to help me out.

(not my pictures)

(credit picture owners)

request: “You steal a piece of his clothing and he tweets a pic of you..? (I love you blurbs by the way!) xx”

awe! thank you so much <3 that makes me very happy :D


@ calum5sos: i was wondering where this shirt was…. woke up to this cutie wearing it. xx its okay babe, i’ll forgive you this time.


@ luke5sos: @Y/T/N/ always looks better in my clothes than i do :—(((


@ ashton5sos: i was gonna wear that one today :(


@ michael5sos: woah woah woah WHO SAID YOU COULD WEAR MY SHIRT. you look sexy in it tho lol

side note: sorry i have to make a complete new post it wouldnt work lol so this took a long timemememe

none of these phtotos are mine xx

i’ll do more blurbs tomorrow morning :)