look at my cool sticker!

I hope I will live long enough to see a Sailor Moon live-action movie.

some manami sticker ideas for AX i was thinking about giving out when i cosplay him but i’m not sure if my jersey is gonna come in on time plus i’ll probably be super embarassed to hand them out in the first place ///

theseprejudicedillusions-deacti  asked:

Once you get this, you're supposed to answer five things you love about yourself PUBLICLY, and then pass it on to your 10 favourite followers.

aww okay i dont normally do these, but i will for you (and thank u for choosing to send me this!!):

1. im really creative

2. i can edit videos okay

3. i have a pretty neat music taste

4. my laptop looks cool - i decorated it with stickers

5. im alright at philosophy 

Sixth time’s the charm.

After much color trial and error, and printing on the WRONG SIDE of the paper, my cool Greg stickers finally look pretty okay. The colors still aren’t as vivid as they are on the computer, but they look good enough to get a passing grade from me.