look at my camel toe


I’ll just leave this here and let ya’ll catch on when you do.


It took a few hours but I made the most sexually confusing outfit I could assemble and reasonably wear, it’s a muscle tee from Walmart that says “dad bod”, the biggest hot pink sequined push-up bra in my possession, short shorts that are like “hey do you enjoy denim camel toe” but makes my tush look great, and then topped off with a plaid sweater around my waist so no one can see my great looking tush anyway. I had thigh high stockings and heels but swapped them up out for wholesome white socks and sneakers because I didn’t get this dad bod by not being able to sprint away from danger at any given moment. My legs look fucking great. This is perhaps not the focus I was hoping these sample adhd meds would give me.

You know what, guys?

I woke up today feeling shitty, anxious and over all bad, but when I was changing from pj’s and saw my half naked body from the mirror, I felt good.

It’s a good body that I’m in, even if wrong gender and I want to change it as soon as I can, but it’s still my body. I haven’t been able to love it for a while, but since it’s one of the rare things I can love about myself today, dang I’m gonna love it hard and share you the story of the development of my body image and thus my growth as a trans*gender male.

Buckle your pants, this is gonna take a while, but right under the cut is a picture of me in my undies, you might wanna take a look.

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#scrub #I haven’t worn this sweater in like 2-3 years bro