look at my boo!!!

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Heya! I'd like to know; is Baby Behr randomly created by the game or did you edit her to make her look to your liking? Because she's so cute! My in-game born sims always look like shit :'( Thank you, I love you, you're wonderful!!! ❤️

my baby boo was born in-game and i aged her up to see what she’d look like - she wasn’t like Ugly as an adult but she wasn’t exactly nice-looking either and i did admittedly tweak her a little!!! just a little!!! she looks mostly the same as before i edited her :’-) i’d say it’s honey’s wonderful genetics. that sim is a BLESSING

thank u sm,, ur such a sweetheart!!! i lov u!!! 💓

i found it -- my favorite screenshot from newsies live

i mean look at them . everyones face is gold


06.09.17 - Lee Hyeri, the 10 billion won girl, big laugh, food fighter, hyericules, Jamsil Goddess, and cutie maknae of Girl’s Day. You have shown so many strengths and sides of you in your 22nd year, from winning 6 awards through your leading roles in ‘Reply 1988′ and ‘Entertainer,’ making it to 3rd place on Forbes Korea Power Celebrity list, to becoming the face of over 30 endorsements. You have proven that you don’t back down from a challenge and everyday you surprise me with your endurance and humility. I say this so often, but I will forever be proud to call you my role model. I wish even more success and above all happiness in your 23rd year.

Happy Hyeri Day to my one and only boo ♥


“we can track anything that’s happening in the city.”