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BTS Theory – The Most Beautiful Moment In Life = the Evolution of youth (+ Pt. 2 Concept photos)

BTS made it clear that The Most Beautiful Moment In Life represents Youth.

Suga’s first intro song of the album (titled blooming youth), deals with the worries of a young boy, anxious about his future. In the music video/ animation, we see what it seems like to be a high school student (We can deduce that from the classroom set in the beginning, and the boy’s uniform) playing basketball.

« Instead of the ball, I throw my future »
« The horoscope that others paint
Disqualified from the criteria of success »

A commun scenario of a teenager worried about his future and having disagreements with what society tells him to be like.

« The dribble that quickens, a heart that becomes happier
I think this moment will be eternity »

This is the beginning of adulthood when you start realizing that life is harder than you thought, and you suddenly feel like you caught the peter pan syndrom. The boy doesn’t want to grow up. And he escapes his responsabilites, he escapes real life by playing basketball. He’s running away (from his problems).

« But the night which came from the sunset
If it comes again then this reality becomes a bit worn away
If I come to my senses again I become more terrified »


This also goes with the storyline they created with the I Need U MV. It could definitely symbolize what the members felt when V died. Or maybe what just JIN felt, when all of the members died, except him.
« Others have ran ahead of me but
Why am I still here »

I think the intro sums up the feel and the meaning of the album quite well.

Just a confuse young person going through ups and downs, going through tough moments, having to make tough decisions and feeling abandonned and alone. Hopeless. Wondering why life is the way it is. What’s his purpose on earth.
The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1 is also about showing the beauty of innocence. Youth is also about not worrying, having fun with your friends and playing like children. But in parallel, we have those tough moments and serious problems. (The I Need U MV is a great example that illustrates this opposition)

The different types of songs in the album also express that diversity : I Need U, Hold Me Tight/ Dope, Fun boys/ Rain etc …

This is why I think pt.1 symbolize the beginning of youth (blooming youth) were you feel lost and confuse. You’re not a child, not an adult yet. Life doesn’t seem to go your way. But we still have that innocence left in ourselves.

Love Is Not Over, the outro.  
It could possibly be a hint that it isn’t over. Meaning the fact that we saw them dying in the first part doesn’t mean it’s over.
They didn’t actually die ? They’ll go back in time ? It was all a dream ?

Which leads us to Pt. 2!

Indeed, with an intro like Nevermind (from suga again), it surely feels like a come back from the dead. No it isn’t over, we’re not gonna let this bring us down. It has this feeling, like they’re gonna fight for their lives.
Nevermind, we’re not going to give up.
Never mind about the troubles.
« I don’t give a shit, I don’t give a fuck »
A confuse and lost Suga, asking « why ? » became confident and determined. He will not let people walk over him.

In the animation, we see a guy running again. In the beginning he’s playing basketball. Feels like we’re still in pt.1 Comeback Trailer BUT THEN he sits and sees a butterfly. This time instead of running away from his problems, he runs towards the butterfly. He runs towards hope.

The intro sets the theme for the album. And it looks like it’s a re-born.

Butterfly = symbole of hope.

Follow the butterfly and don’t give up, keep chasing it. Keep chasing your freedom. When you’ll catch the butterfly, you’ll be free.
When V jumped in the prologue, and the song butterfly started playing, it felt like he finally succeeded in freeing himself. He became a butterfly.
But it wasn’t the right way. There’s other ways to catch the butterfly. There is other ways to find freedom. Maybe pt.2 is about exploring those other ways.

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life Pt.2 album cover has a butterfly on it, unlike Pt.1. The colors are also different.

You may have seen this picture on twitter, and as you might have notice, when you put all of the album covers next to each other, it goes together like the pieces of a puzzle.

It looks like the butterfly in the pt.2 album cover is flying towards the sun. Again, a symbole of hope (you should never give up, it isn’t over yet)

When I first saw this image, the 4 seasons immediatly came to my mind.

If I’m not wrong :
White : winter
Pink : spring
Blue : summer
Peach : autumn

It even goes in the right order, that’s amazing.

Now we know winter is the first season of the year. It is cold, dark, bitter, you feel somehow more lonely and sad this time of the year.
The color white = no colors, monotone. Life is just about living the same routine everyday.
Spring, the season that comes after winter. Flowers are starting to bloom, we’re making good and happy memories. The idea of innocence and having fun without worrying is coming back to mind. This is like an introduction of youth. The beauty of youth.
The color pink = reminds me of love. Which is the theme of most of their songs, and also a big part of youth. First loves, One-sided love, heart breaks etc...

I’ll have to listen to the album and watch the mvs to get an idea of summer and autumn. But it is definitely warmer colors. Peach(autumn) unlike spring (light pink) seems like a more mature and bold color (they have matured now?). And summer = warm-blooded ? They’re no longer afraid of anything.

The concept photos came out today. Before even analysing the pictures in detail, we can immediatly notice the contrast within the colors between the concept photos for Pt.1 and Pt.2.

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1 concept photos (white and light pink) :

The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.2 concept photos (blue and orange).

I’m not going to get deeper into this but I found some similarities between those photos and the I NEED U MV (I’m sure there’s more than what I just noticed for now).

Suga’s position.

Jin sitting down.

J-hope walking on/next to the road and “sleeping”.

And Jungkook is being pushed towards the road.

And by who? …Taehyung, of course. Because he’s the origine of the members deaths. The fact that Jungkook’s in the shopping cart could symbolize the fact that he’s the youngest, and has to be carried by the members.

But this could also mean that Taehyung is actually protecting him. He’s holding the cart tight, he will not let Jungkook die this time.

Taehyung is standing in a high place again. But this time there are bars in front of him. He can’t jump.

I also noticed something weird in the group picture. The crossing light is actually red. But they keep walking.

They don’t care now and they won’t let anything stop'em. They are free. Or at least they risking their lives for their freedom. And they look quite happy in the picture too.

(side note : something futile that I also observed : for the The Most Beautiful Moment In Life pt.1, the concept was wet hair. But right now, it seems like it is the opposite. They all seem to have dry hair. I don’t know if it’s something important but anyway)

The settings are different too. They moved from natural settings (fields, grass, flowers, the ocean) to a more urbain setting. This could be a big metaphor for evolution (how men went from living in the nature to building cities etc…).And that is, how I said in the beginning, the theme of The Most Beautiful Moments In Life mini-albums. The evolution, of youth

I’m River Song

Assumptions on Snoke

I got a few messages asking for further discussion of the comments I made last night.  

Guys, there are literally 100 things the makers of TFA could have done to convey (or even just hint) that Kylo was being abused/manipulated by Snoke.  They did zero of them.

- they could have shown Snoke verbally berating Kylo

- they could have shown Snoke being intensely judgemental of Kylo

- they could have shown Snoke giving a direct order, then cut to Kylo’s face as he struggles, agitated and reluctant to carry it out.  The only thing resembling an order we get to see is “bring me the girl,” which is presented in context as an answer to Kylo’s plea for guidance.  As in:  "supreme leader, I need your guidance opening this pickle jar…“ "ok yes bring it to me.”

- they could have shown Kylo receiving some kind of punishment, on Snoke’s orders (doesn’t even have to be a physical punishment, as long as they made it clear that it was intended to punish him)

- they could have shown Snoke giving Kylo orders in a way that was more coercive than the typical military commander / soldier.  For example, Snoke could have threatened Kylo with punishment if he failed, or offered him some kind of sad reward if he succeeded.

- they could have shown Snoke disrespecting / deriding Kylo to another character

- they could have shown Snoke enforcing some kind of isolation on Kylo, or  convincing Kylo that contact with the outside world was either forbidden or undesirable

- they could have shown Snoke telling Kylo how to feel about someone/something, with Kylo obeying.  As I understand it, there was ALMOST a scene like this in the movie, and they straight up CUT IT.  That’s…telling, to me.  Why not rewrite, or edit out the bits that were too revealing?  Why not replace it with an equivalent scene to communicate the conflict?

- they could have taken the “you know it’s true” conversation and inserted it into the mouth of an omniscient character. A Force Ghost would work.  Actually, literally any character but Han Solo would’ve worked, because Han doesn’t know what’s TRUE.  Han doesn’t know anything about Kylo’s relationship with Snoke–and we know that, because we saw Han Solo find out everything he knows about Snoke’s role in Kylo’s life from Leia *on screen.*  Prior to that conversation, he’d been under the impression that Kylo went dark because of “too much Vader” or some such thing.  So HOW does Han KNOW that Snoke only wants to use, exploit, and destroy Kylo?  …He doesn’t.  He can’t possibly.  Either this is something he’s saying to manipulate Kylo into coming home, or it’s just a guess.  

So let’s look at the assumptions under that guess.  Either Han just doesn’t believe that anyone (Snoke) could actually care for Kylo - and because he does not believe that someone could care for his son, and has never believed that, Kylo also thinks that’s the truth.  OR Han doesn’t believe that Snoke is capable of caring about anyone, because Snoke is a Dark Side spook.  This is equally perverse, because Kylo *also* thinks of himself as a Dark Side spook.  So Han’s assumptions have been broadcasted to Kylo as either “you can’t be loved” or “you cannot love.”  Kids pick up on their parents biases!  Kylo’s been absorbing those assumptions his whole life.  When the script says “Kylo does know…”  Of course Kylo “knows.”  What else has he been exposed to except a mountain of evidence that no one could possibly love him?  WHY HAS NO ONE COME FOR HIM IN 15 YEARS?!

Anyway, continuing on:

- they could have made Kylo less…chipper?  In the beginning of the movie?  Maybe chipper isn’t the right word.  Maybe the word is “comfortable.”  He’s relaxed and sarcastic–cracking jokes–even in “the droid stole a freighter?” scene, when he’s about charge up the old anger tank with a “tantrum” or two.  He’s a bit anxious about his work, but he doesn’t become legitimately distressed and moody until after it’s revealed that he may have to cross paths with Han Solo.

- they could have given Kylo any kind of pathos at all that is not directly CAUSED BY the call to the Light / Han Solo

They didn’t do those things.  Yes, they presented Kylo very clearly as a trauma/abuse victim (low self-worth, very expressive of emotions, desperate to connect, acts younger than his age.)  But they didn’t present any evidence of Snoke abusing Kylo.

Instead, they gave us this:

That’s Kylo backing the fuck up when he sees Han Solo.  The man is terrified.  And as I mentioned, the on screen dynamic presented between Han/Leia and Kylo smacks of abuse and neglect.  There’s the whole “I abandoned my child ‘cause I didn’t know how to deal” thing, the “drag him back here whether he wants to come or not” thing, and the whole “Snoke couldn’t possibly legitimately value you” thing.

Look, I’m not dense.  I know the authorial intent was to depict Snoke as the scary ol’ crippled MONSTER with an ugly scarred face who carried Kylo off and brainwashed him.  I also know that the intent was to depict Han Solo as charmingly “morally ambiguous,” despite all the people he unnecessarily murders on screen.  I know that there’s a 99% chance we WILL see Snoke do something abusive in Episode 8, and that any reading of Snoke as an abuser will probably be validated.  However.  It’s important to compare authorial intent with what is actually being communicated.  It would have been so easy for them to present evidence of abuse in the relationship between Snoke and Kylo…and they didn’t.

They didn’t have to.  Because they knew that everyone would assume that anyone who looks like Snoke is a child molestor.

That’s my problem.  The beauty equals goodness language problem.  Or maybe it’s just “parents always know what’s best” morality problem.

And honestly?  It feels weird that there’s so much discourse about whether the violent relationship between Rey and Kylo is or isn’t “abuse” while everyone just accepts that the relationship between Snoke and Kylo is inherently abusive.  So I intend to keep presenting readings based on the assumption that this is a supportive relationship and that Kylo is actually receiving support from Snoke.  Unless I’ve missed some really obvious indicator to the contrary????  I might have!  Please feel free to point out something I’m missing.**

**from the movie!  There’s no need to send me anything from the novelizations, interviews, etc, because I’m not contesting authorial intent.  I’m only looking at characterization as it’s represented in the text of the film.

Please.. Don’t Go | Part 3 |

Genre- Angst 

Plot- He watched you leave, and he so badly wanted you back, but he just couldn’t register the movements in his head. He wanted you back where you belonged, right in his arms, but as things get more complicated, neither of you knew what to do. 

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“Strike two.” You hissed, pushing him back in frustration, too many tears already shed to release anymore. A frustrated sigh escaped from your lips as he extended a hand out to you, wanting to feel your touch before you exploded at him again. 

“Jagi, let me-”

“Let you explain? Explain how you lied to me about how you were going to go help Hoseok out all day, only for me to find out you were out with her? Jimin, don’t you understand how that makes me seem? How that makes me feel? I look like an idiot Jimin, YOU make me feel like an idiot.” You hissed, glaring at him when he opened his mouth to speak. 

“No, you listen and you listen good, Park Jimin.” You hissed, pushing him back further against the wall, his face desperate for you to hear him out. “One more time, one more god damn time I find out you’re with her, and we’re done. For good.” You hissed, walking away to the bedroom and slamming the door behind you. 

“To the newly-weds!” Jimin’s new father-in-law exclaimed happily, gesturing his cup to Jimin and his new bride at the head of the table, a fake smile plastered onto his face as he continuously glanced at the venue entrance. A small sliver over hope that you would enter, 

He jumped when he felt a hand on his shoulder, letting out a sigh when he saw Jin. “What’s gotten you so sad? You were kind of looking forward to this earlier.” Jin said softly, his mouth forming a small ‘o’ when he saw Jimin’s distressed face. 

“This about (Y/N)-ah.” 

“This is about (Y/N). Isn’t it?” Jin said in exhaustion, having been woken up from his sleep by a sulking Jimin. He let out a small nod, his head down in shame as Jin let him into the room, careful not to wake Yoongi. 

“What happened now?” The eldest spoke to him, a sympathetic tone being spoke to him. He shrugged, running his hands through his hair as he bit his lip to stop from crying. “She wouldn’t listen. S-Someone told her that I snuck out to see Eun-Gi.” He said softly, fiddling with his thumbs as Jin let out a groan. 

“You said you would stop.” Jin mumbled, rubbing his forehead as he disapprovingly looked at his dongsaeng. “It’s just so hard, especially when (Y/N) and I keep fighting.” He confessed, clutching his hands in anger. “Eun-Gi actuall gives me attention.” 

Jin sighed and shook his head. “I don’t know what to tell you Jimin. You should stop now, otherwise things will get worse.”

Oh, if only he listened. 

You walked as quick as you can, stumbling after a couple blocks and falling to your knees, thankful the streets were empty, no one being able to witness your breakdown. “God damn you Park.” You whimpered, clutching your, now slightly tattered, dress and watching small splotches of water fall onto the smooth fabric, dampening it.

You couldn’t believe it was happening. Jimin was married, to someone that wasn’t you. He was having a kid that wasn’t born from you, you wouldn’t be the one who woke up to his delicate face. It was all her. You angrily hit your fist against the concrete, ignoring the searing pain that shot through your arm, your emotional pain taking over your body. 

You struggled to stand up, your knees scraped from the fall you took. “(Y/N)!” You heard from behind you, a whimper leaving your lips as you took off, hearing Taehyung’s voice holler from behind you. He was one of the last people, besides Jimin, that you wanted to see. You panted softly, not stopping until you got inside your house, locking the door behind you and quickly ripping off the dress, throwing it in the laundry in anger and turning on the shower, wanting to rid yourself of everything that just happened.

You looked at yourself in the mirror, a gasp escaping your lips at your reflection. Your hair was no longer in soft curls, only a bundle of tangles that you struggled to come your hands through, your make up smeared by your eyes and your cheeks puffy. You didn’t know this person, this person in front of you was completely different. 

“Stop, you look beautiful.” Jimin whispered in your ear, placing a small kiss on your cheek before taking your make up bag from next to you. “Chim, stop. You know I need that.” You huffed, jumping to reach the bag that he held above your head.

“Jagi, look at me.” He whispered, tugging at your chin softly to look into his. You fought back the urge to smile as he pecked your nose, a giggle leaving the both of you as he hid the bag behind his back. “You look beautiful, and if anyone thinks otherwise, they can kiss my-”

“Language.” You said and squeezed his cheeks, watching as his eyes squinted together as he gave you one of his famous smiles. “But fine, just this once.” You placed a small kiss on his lips before turning back to the mirror to fix your hair, momentarily forgetting that you had to put make up on, letting Jimin have his victory for once. 

“Love you Jagi.”  He said, shooting you another smile before leaving the room, leaving you alone with a giant smile on your face as you watched his retreating figure from the bathroom. 

“I love you too ChimChim.” 

He excused himself from the venue, making up an excuse that he needed air. His bride reluctantly agreed, placing a gentle kiss on his cheek before leaving. He felt bad in a way, taking away the girl’s innocence and one of the best days of her life. She was baring his kid, at first he didn’t want it, determined to make her get rid of it before (Y/N) found out, but after their break-up, he found no reason to.

He sat down on the steps, messing up his groomed hair as he tugged at his locks. “Why am I an idiot?” He mumbled to himself, groaning in frustration. 

“I could ask you the same thing.” A voice said from behind him, causing him to scoff. “If you’re here to lecture and patronize me, do it some other time. I’m not in the mood hyung.” He snapped at Yoongi, an eyeroll being sent her way. “You did this to yourself, you know that right? Jin-hyung told you before to stop.”

His head perked up, a confused glance being shot Yoongi’s way. “You knew about that?”

“You guys didn’t exactly whisper about it.” The older male retorted with a scoff. “So what’s your next move?” Yoongi asked, taking a seat next to the distressed boy.

“What makes you think I even have a plan?”

“You never gave up on her before, what makes now any different?” 

peggysrogers  asked:

fine. since you asked... SO NICELY. steggy + zucchini.

“Did you just beat a man with a zucchini?”

Peggy looked at the green vegetable in her hand, smeared with a little blood, then back to Steve. 

“We call them courgettes in England,” she answered with a shrug. 

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