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Indecisive - ( Pt. 2 )

Yoongi Angst | Taehyung x Reader

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 (coming soon)

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader | Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Angst, fluff, BTS x Reader, series

Author’s note:  Woo second part! I was so excited I finished it a couple days after i published the first part bc there was actually people enjoying what i wrote?? crazy?? LOL. I have a lot of work coming up so I’m not sure if I’ll have part 3 ready by next weekend, but i’ll try my best to update!! Enjoy!

It’s been weeks since the heartbreak you recieved from Yoongi and it would’ve sucked if you didn’t have Taehyung by your side to help you recover. Ever since then, he’s been coming by your apartment more than usual, bringing snacks and movies with him.

Taehyung even surprised you with little dates he set up for the two of you. The dates varried from sightseeing in the big cities to visits to the park, (not like you minded it though). Taehyung was doing his best to cure your heart the best way he knew how, and it was working. It was working so well that he made you forget about ever liking Yoongi.

There was a problem though:

you were falling for your best friend.

Taehyung took you to a fancy resturant based on a boat. It was nighttime but the ship was anything but dark; the shiny hardwood floors reflected back the fairylights that were rolled onto the rails of the boat, complimenting the white-clothed furniture with lit candles in the center. At the corner of the open dock, jazz musicians played their smooth tunes to fill the air.

You recalled the events before your best friend took you out for a fancy dinner. He made sure to call you to tell you to wear a ‘fancy but casual’ attire so that’s what you did. You wore a white t-shirt tucked into tan slacks, with a tan coat matching your pants and wore white tennis shoes (they were all white so you couldn’t even see the designs on it anyways). When Taehyung went to pick you up from your apartment, he showed up wearing the same outfit as you, which made you die with laughter, “oh my god. What the hell is this?” you tried to say through your laughter. “I knew you were gonna wear that so I thought we could match~!” The male twin flashed his box smile.

“Hellooooo~? Earth to dumb-dumb.” Taehyung cooed and waved his hand in front of your face, snapping your focus back to the present. “You’re going to catch flies if you keep your mouth open like that.” He flashed his signature box smile with a light chuckle before going back to his food.

“Ah, sorry. I was just thinking,” clearing your throat, you looked down at your half eaten plate of shrimp and pasta and twisted your fork into the long and pale strings.

“Something on your mind?” your date asked with an eyebrow raised.

A giggle escaped through your nose, “you,” without realizing what you said, you looked back up at him almost in terror.


“Nothing!” you shoved a forkful of pasta into your mouth.

Cocking an eyebrow once again, the burnette only shook his head, “anyways… what do you want to do afterwards?” he asked.

Swallowing your food, you covered your mouth before speaking, “I’m not sure… maybe we can walk around and see if something pops up.”

“Sounds great.” he smiled.

After the two of you finished dinner, the walk from the pier into the city wasn’t long. The lights from the shops were bright which lit up the night and the streets were just as lively as they are during the day.

Among the many shops and stores, an arcade stood out to Taehyung the most. “Hey, why don’t we go in there?” he suggested.

The aura and lights of the arcade gave off a completely different vibe from the surrounding stores. “What? Are you crazy? We’re adults… We’re gonna look weird–” you tried to protest.

“Pffft–When has adulthood ever stopped you from doing anything?” He cocked an eyebrow at you, “c'mon. We’re doing this.” Taehyung took your hand and began walking.

Pretending to argue, you lightly hit his back, “hey now..!” you laughed, but two blobs caught your attention from the corner of your eye, making you look twice. It was Yoongi. Although you couldn’t see his face, you recognized his eyes. He wore a black hat and a black face mask, covering his mouth. His hair poked under the snapback and you noticed it was dyed a light blue. He wore a black hoodie and black pants to complete his dark theme. And the figure standing next to him was Suran, wearing a similar outfit to his.

Taehyung stopped pulling and turned his attention to the things that caught your focus. “oh, hyung!” He called out to his elder and bowed, letting go of your hand. Then he turned his attention to the shorter figure, “hey, Suran.” She greeted back with a wave and a slight bow. You did the same.

Only a chuckle left Yoongi’s lips after moving the mask under his chin, “Thing 1 and Thing 2?” he made a remark about your matching attire with Taehyung.

“Hyung, like you should be talking.” Taehyung snapped back with a chuckle.

Yoongi clicked his tounge and stepped towards Taehyung, lifting his arm as a thret to hit him. Taehyung flinched while laughing, “I’m kidding, I’m kidding~” The bickering boys made you and Suran laugh.

“Where’s your mouth piece? Why are you out in the open where everyone can see you? At least have some decency to not stand out.” Yoongi scolded his group member, “you’ll get caught and scandals will start.”

“Hyung, everyone knows we’re best friends,” the brunette refered to you, “nothing more.” Hearing him say that himself tugged on your heartstrings. “Plus, ARMY loves us! It’s hard not to, we’re so cute.” Taehyung flattered you and himself.

“Anyways… what are you guys up to?” Suran spoke up.

“Oh us?” Taehyung looked at you then back at the other two, “we’re on a date.” he wrapped his arm around your shoulder and pulled you closer, “can’t you tell by our outfits?” He winked.

“Goddamnit.” Yoongi facepalmed.

“Ohmygod.” you covered your face.

“You totally just contradicted yourself.” Yoongi finished.

“Oh, a date?” Suran ignored both you and Yoongi, “Actually, us too!” Suran laughed as she clinged onto Yoongi’s arm, “we were gonna go to the arcade.”

Hearing that didn’t make you as upset as you thought you’d be. Immidiately uncovering your eyes, you accidently made eye contact with Yoongi. His eyebrows were knitted together with a slight frown before looking away from you.

“Oh, that sounds like fun. I was just about to take this little miss home-”, Taehyung then turned his attention to Yoongi, “I’ll see you at the dorms later.” he began walking with you, arm still in place, “and be careful not to get caught, hyung.” He warned his elder as the two of you walked by.

“Yeah, you too.” the blue haired boy replied before covering his mouth with his face mask again.

The walk back was full of silence, which worried your friend. “Hey.. Are you okay?” Taehyung broke the stillness with his husky whisper.

“Honestly, yes. I’m fine, actually.” You answered bluntly, “I thought seeing him with Suran would break me to pieces but.. it didn’t.” you looked up at your tall friend, “and totally saw that coming.”

Taehyung cocked his head, looking at you, “saw what coming..? Those two?”

“Pffft, duh.” You confirmed, “when I was on my one-sided date with Yoongi, he ditched me because Suran called him.” Sympathy began to fill Taehyung’s eyes. “Yeah, I mean, I guess I don’t blame him. I would’ve done the same for you.”

Seeing Taehyung’s expression change from sympathetic to bashful made you realize what you said. Blush krept onto your cheeks and quickly turned your gaze to the pavement of the sidewalk you two were walking on.

As Taehyung’s arm was limp and resting on your shoulder, he pulled you closer to his body and tilted his head onto yours for a few moments, “..Cute.” he said before letting you go altogether.

You raised an eyebrow at him and playfully pushed him, “wow~”

He looked at you, almost offended, “Oh my, did–did you think I was calling you cute? Pfft. Not even in your dreams.” He teased with a smile plastered on his face.

His statement made you roll your eyes, “haha,” you said dryly, “very funny.” you couldn’t help but smile back at your childish friend.

The rest of the walk to your apartment was filled with laughter and uncertainty of flirting from you and your best friend. No point of the walk did it feel awkward or uncomfortable, which was nice and calming for once. You didn’t feel like you had to put up a front or pretend to be someone you weren’t when you were with Taehyung, and you appreciated that he could make you feel this way with him.

The two of you walked your final steps to your apartment as you pulled out your keys and unlocked the door.

“Well, this was a lot more fun than our other… dates.” the brunette emphasized.

You cocked your head a little, one corner of your lips curling upwards, “it.. kinda was…” you agreed but didn’t want to admit it.

The tall boy pulled you into a hug, “see you at work tomorrow, ya dork.” he said as he ruffled your hair.

“See ya, dingus.” you replied as he let you go.

As he began to walk away, you raised your voice a little higher than usual, trying not to disturb your neighbors. “Get home safely..!” You waved goodbye.

The boy you shouted to only turned his head and waved back then continued to walk down the hallway, watching his broad shoulders and wide back get smaller before turning into a new hallway.

Locking the door behind you, you quickly went to your room and stripped and dressed into shorts and a t-shirt. Finishing your day off, you did your nightly routine: washed your face, brushed your teeth, tied your hair up and gave a peace sign in the mirror while saying “duces” and turned off the light.

It was relieving when you climbed into bed and under the comforter. The day was filled with fun activities but it was exhausting. Once your head hit the pillow, you began to drift into sleep… until your phone buzzed.

Picking up your phone from your nightstand, the screen lit up.

You received a text from Yoongi.

You’ve Forgotten Something

Teuvo Teravainen x Reader

Team: Carolina Hurricanes

Warnings: Implied sexual themes

POV: First Person/Reader’s

Summary: Reader and Teuvo chill out before the morning skate

NOTE: I made this in a way that I hope @ministromer would enjoy lmao ily

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It was a lazy morning, just before the morning skate for tonight’s game. I was currently curled up with Teuvo. We had both gotten up and ready for the day and then immediately crawled back into bed. Could you blame us? 

“What time do you have to leave?” I asked looking up at him, patting him to get his attention. 

He looked at the bedside table and checked the time. “An hour maybe,” He slightly shrugged. “I have to drive back to my place to grab Sepe.”

“Right,” I giggled. “The two Finns are inseparable.” 

“It’s just nice to have him on the team,” Teuvo said nonchalantly. “Another young, Finnish player.”

“I bet if we weren’t dating, you’d be all over him.” I laughed, kissing his jaw. 

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Forbidden | 2 |

Arkham Asylum escape / Chemical Vat

Word count - 2150

The next chapter will focus on the readers adjustment to their new life and the creation of their ‘look’ and smut? :o The reader will also experience the chaos of being a super villan. And I’d like to thank those of you who have been reading, it means a lot. I hope you guys like it, enjoy! -gothamfairy

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A machine gun. A fucking machine gun. How the hell am I going to get a machine gun? I fall to the floor dropping all my patient records and files of the Joker. A guard runs up to me to help, I ignore him though trying to gather my papers together. Then a paper caught my eye, it was a something the Joker said to me that I wrote down. 

 ’ Ya know doll, your charm and good looks are deadly weapons. ’ 

 I put the notes away and look up to see the guard still trying to fix the mess I made. Maybe Mister J is right, I guess it can’t hurt to try. I place my hand on the guards hand as he tries to give me the last paper on the floor. I stare into his eyes and give him a devious grin.

   "Thank you, Mr?“

   “Uh- Uhm just call me Alex. You’re welcome Dr.(Y/N)” He knew my name and I had no clue who he was, this will be easy.

   “ Okay Alex, thank you again. I’m soo clumsy.” I purposely lose balance and fall towards him and he catches me. I look up at him and smile. “See? Hahaha!" 

  “Haha no worries Doctor.” I touch his chest and moved my hand over to his arms.

   “Wow, you’re very strong? Do you work out?" 

   “Yeah, every morning then I head over to the shooting range then start my night shift at this dump.”

  “Shooting range? Are ya any good?” I tease.

  “Of course I am! I can shoot a nice shot with any gun.” Liar. I can tell by his body movements.

  “Can you shoot with uh… Uhm oh a machine gun?“ "Of course sweetheart!” “I find that really hot.” I bite my lip making him squirm.

  “There’s tons back in the guard locker room, wanna check it out?”

  “I’d love that.”

 I follow the guard towards the locker room and with every step I made I feel my heart pound louder and louder. I can do this, I can help him escape. Maybe he will want to take me with him. Maybe Ethan is right, I do crave danger. Danger is the Joker. He is what I want but can’t have, he’s what was missing in my life. I immediately lose my train of thought as I see all the guns in a caged room. I stay put as the guard walks toward it unlocking it with his keys. He takes out a machine gun and shows me it hoping I’d fall for him. 

   “Wow ha, I was right after all. You look incredibly hot holding it.” He smirks and places the gun on the bench of the locker room. He leans over to me and I back up a step or two.   

   ‘Officer Wade. There seems to be an issue between two patients, we need you here at unit C immediately.‘ 

   “Ugh, Sorry Doc but I gotta go. I’ll see you later and maybe tomorrow we can get some lunch?”

   "Maybe! Bye!“ I let out a big sigh of relief. Whatever disturbance that was just saved my ass. I sit down on the bench and look over to see the machine gun Alex forgot to put back away. I adjust the strap of the gun and put it on my shoulder. I take off my heels and put them on top of my files and run to my office.

   I make it to my office seeing no one in sight. I lock the door and lock my files in a drawer, I can’t have Dr.Leland see my files or anyone in that matter. I leave my hair loose and put my heels back on and grab the gun. I quietly walk towards the Jokers cell. I decide to take the shortcut avoiding all the guards and doctors. A drop of sweat rolls down my face. I was beyond nervous, but I enjoy the rush of adrenaline. I missed the thrill of life. 

   Cell 13. This is it. I knock on the glass and open his cell with my card. He turns around to face me and smiles. My heart feels heavy at the sight of his bare upper body. His tattoos were memorizing and his abs, my god his abs. 

  "That’s my girl” his raspy voice sends shivers down my spine. I hand him the gun and wait for his response as he takes a look at the gun. He looks back at me with the same smile as before. “You’ve done a great job Doctor." 


  I look over to see all the other cells opening and patients running out. Gun shots begin to echo through the whole asylum. I look over to Mister J and see no sign of surprise on his face. 

   "My friends are here. It’s showtime.” He slowly and carefully kisses my forehead as I close my eyes. “Run.” He whispers.

  I open my eyes and see him already shooting guards laughing loudly. I do the only thing to do, run. I run towards the stairwell and go down the stairs. I peek out to the corridor seeing Mister J’s men shooting the guards and fighting them. They must not know who I am, I can’t let them see me. I hide behind a door for a while until the floor clears. A group of his men walk by giggling and chanting. Once the close was clear I run down the hall bumping into a very tall muscular man in a suit. 

   “Dr. (Y/N)?” I nod in fear. “Come with me the boss wants you.” A small smile appears on my face and immediately fades away when two more large men in masks grab me. I try fighting them off me but they were too strong. 

   “GET OFF ME!” I yell in fear, what were they doing?! What did I do? I scream and fight while they roughly escort me to one of the operation rooms. They lay me on a restraint chair that was completely laid out. I scream some more as they cuff my wrists. As one of the men try to cuff my ankle I kick him. He raises his fist ready to punch me. 

   "NO! Boss said not to hurt her!“ The tall guy in the suit yells out. 

  I stare up at the ceiling with tears running down each side of my face. Faint bare footsteps grow louder as they approach the room. There it was. The laugh I was very familiar with, it was him. 

   "Well what do we have here?” He smiles and pushes the light closer to my face causing me to flinch. He nods at his men and they bring out the machine used for electroshock therapy. My eyes widen in fear.

   "What’s going on? Let me go! I didn’t do anything wrong, I did what you said!“ He growls in anger. 

   "Didn’t do anything wrong? Oh babydoll don’t lie to me.”

   "I have no idea what you’re talking about!“ 

   "Really? I thought you saw the world the way I did and shared the same views as me. But you weren’t treating me, you just kept prescribing me the same bullshit as the other doctors. I thought you didn’t believe in medication hun" 

   "I had to it was my job, they made me. I don’t believe in it. I’m sorry.”

   "Then why do you happen to be on medications yourself? I knew there was darkness in all that beauty. Now I’m your doctor, don’t worry I’m going to make you better doll, make you see what I see.“ The one tall guy in the suit hands him the electrodes. 

   "What are you going to do? You gonna kill me Mister J?” I tell him holding back my tears looking into his eyes.

   "What? Oh I’m not going to kill ya, I’m just going to hurt ya. Really really bad.“  

  "You think so? Well I can take it.” His men begin to put a thick belt in between my teeth for me to bite on.

   “All the way up Frost.” Joker hisses. 

  There it was. The intense piercing pain shooting down my neck. The world seemed to be in hyperdrive as adrenaline pulsates through my veins like loud booms, every sound is magnified to a countless number. My sight turns into a blur. I clench my teeth tight on the belt. If it weren’t there I would have chipped my teeth from all the pain rushing through my head and body. I start to get used to the pain wanting more. My eyes roll back and my world becomes dark.


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   I slowly open my eyes slightly looking at a spinning world. All I can see are blurs and all I can hear are faint talking. I couldn’t tell what was being said. Everything sounds muffled, then I can feel once again that piercing pain followed by a high pitched noise. 

   “I think she’s waking up boss.” I’ve heard that voice before, but from where? 

  “Wakey wakey my sweetness haha!” I blink my eyes a few times gaining back my sight and my hearing. I look around confused seeing that I’m in a luxurious car with Mister J and his tall henchman from before.

   "Where are we? Who are you?“ I ask concerned. 

   "Doll we are at the place of new beginnings and that’s Frost, you don’t have to worry about him. Come with me." 

  He opens the door of he car and grabs my hand leading me to a tall building. All I could focus on was his hand holding mine. His strong grip helped make me feel secure. I could barely remember anything prior to the electroshock therapy from Mister J. Everything is a blur and I didn’t care that it was. All that mattered in that very moment was being with him. He stops in place and looks down into my eyes. I look around and take up my surroundings. He lead me upstairs in the Ace Chemicals warehouse. I look down seeing rows of huge vats of chemicals. I turn around to look back at him.   

  "What is this?” I ask walking up closer to him.  

   “Oh darling don’t you know? It’s your birthday!”  

   "My birthday?“ I look up at him slightly confused.   

  "The thing you want but you can’t have will be yours after tonight. Nothing will be missing." 

  His raspy voice cause my knees to feel weak. I walk back up towards the edge of the railing looking down at the chemicals bubbling and start to think about the decision I will have to make.  

  "Question.” I look back at Mister J. “Would you die for me?”   

  “Yes.” I say immediately. 

   "That’s too easy. Would you….? Would you live for me?“

  Would I? Would I live for him? Would I turn back on my past and start a present with him? Would I chase after what I crave for? Would I take the risk and be with the person I want? Would I deal with his psychotic mind and his psychopathic ways and stick by him no matter what? If I do this I can have him. If I do this I can become something bigger. 

   "Yes.” He points his finger at me trailing it down my lips.   

   "Careful. Do not say this oath thoughtlessly.“ He covers my mouth with his hand mocking the famous joker smile he has tattooed. "Desire becomes surrender. Surrender becomes…power.” He purrs. “Do you want this?" 

    "I do.”  

   "Say it. Say it, say it.“ He growls making me want him. "Pretty pretty pretty”     


   "God, you’re so … good.” He smiles big and it quickly fades away as he puts a strand of my hair behind my ear.    

 I walk away from him and go back to the edge looking down at where I will fall. I turn around seeing him fixated on me. As I let my arms out I fall back feeling the air pressure from my fall blow my hair away from my face. I close my eyes and hold my breath as I enter the chemical vat. A stinging sensation was felt all through out my body. I felt like my skin was slowly burning off, as if the chemicals were destroying the old me. As soon as my back hits the bottom of the vat I feel strong arms grab me and lift me up. I open my eyes and gasp for air meeting Mister J’s eyes. He smirks at me and I grab his neck pulling him closer to me as our lips crashed together. We kissed passionately and it seemed like sparks were flying out of us like we were fireworks. When our lips part he leans his head back letting out his loud infamous laugh which echoed in the building. This was the beginning of something beautiful and the beginning of something deranged.

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The Signs Scrolling Through Their Dash
  • Aries: "WHERE are all of my damn VINES"
  • Taurus: "Nope, nope, nope, NOPE. YOU ARE WRONG. now lemme TELL YOU HOW FUCKING WRONG YOU ARE YOU ASSHAT"
  • Gemini: "Porn... Porn... Porn... Oh, look, more porn... THERES SOMETHING, Oh wait, nevermind... Porn..."
  • Cancer: "THE FEELS" *praying mantis arms*
  • Leo: "Haha wow, that's not even funny" *reblogs*
  • Virgo: *on mobile* "omg... fucKING LOAD YOU LITTLE BITCH"
  • Libra: *DIY everywhere* "and I'm gonna try this... And dis... AND THIS"
  • Scorpio: "Fuck this, I hate you all"
  • Sagittarius: "I wanna GO THERE also she's hot... And so is he"
  • Capricorn: *looks up giraffes and ends up somehow reading about how to improve their studying habits*
  • Pisces: *relatable posts and sarcasm*